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How to pay with a card

Hey, the form wants some CSC card code and I have no goddamn idea what that is. I cannot find it anywhere. And when I picked the card up in my bank,
they told me that online transactions are turned off. How can I turn it on or what should I do with this?

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Re: How to pay with a card - Jonáš ZT

This code is sometimes also called CVV or CVN and you will find it on the back side of your card. When you turn over the card, you will see a stripe
for the signature and to the right of it there will be three digits. That is the security code.
If you see more numbers, use only the three last ones. If you don't have any numbers there, unfortunately your card cannot be used to pay online.

Some banks also have online transactions turned off by default. Sometimes you just have to login to your online banking and when you're there,
activate online card payments. If you still have with that, they will help you at the closest branch.

Fortunately there are multiple deposit options and if you don't want to use a card, you can try out e.g. Skrill. Skrill works always and reliably. :-)

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fees how much    Stockpair

Are there any fees for deposit or withdrawal?? I don't want to pay any thing extra and where is the best place to trade???

  (49.50.245.*) wrote

Re: fees how much - richard

Dobrý den,

na místech která doporučuju jsou vklady i výběr samozřejmě bezplatné. Vkládat
můžete jak často jen chcete, výběr je vždy minimálně jeden měsíčně zdarma. Pokud byste chtěl vybírat třeba padesátkrát měsíčně, asi by tam
nějaké poplatky byly. Takže doporučuji prostě jednou za měsíc ty vydělané peníze vybrat. Můžete vybírat přímo na bankovní účet nebo na
Skrill. Ještě něco může účtovat banka za příchozí platbu, ale to většinou teď už bývá vždycky zdarma. :-)

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money withdrawal

hi, what would you recommend as a withdrawal method? Bank account or a credit card or some Paypal? How can I withdraw money to a credit card?
That doesn't make sense. thanks a lot Berger Lutz

  (49.50.245.*) wrote

Re: money withdrawal - Lutz Berger


withdrawing money every day is nonsense. You must realize that at any time you must have some money in your trading account so that you're actually able to trade.
You cannot trade with nothing.

So I would recommend to withdraw your winnings once per month, for example you deposit 500€ and once every month you withdraw the amount over 500€ (so that
you have at least 500€ will always remain to trade with).

When you trade, the money in your trading account will make you more money. When you withdraw it to your bank account, it will not make any more money.

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Re: Re: money withdrawal - Lutz Berger    Binomo

Just a quick tip on this :-) When you're creating the trading account, it is better to choose EUROS (not dollars) and then you can withdraw money
to a bank account in euros. You will save the currency conversion fees which are usually 1-2%.

  (114.21.19.*) wrote

Re: money withdrawal - Lutz Berger    AnyOption

Hi, I usually withdraw simply to my bank account and it takes 3-4 days before the bank processes the transfer. When I need money immediately, I have it sent
to my credit card.

This is a bit unusually but the amount is first added to the card (so you can pay with it) and after about 2 days it appears on the bank account as well.
When you withdraw money to a card, the only difference is that basically you can use the money on your
card a bit earlier before they are "validated" and added to your account.

Paypal or Skrill are usually not necessary but of course they are still a possibility.


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