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Everyone who is new to the world of cryptocurrencies hears the name Bitcoin even before they can understand the entire concept of digital currency trading. Bitcoin’s popularity has reached the point where it is considered synonymous with cryptocurrency – almost every layman believes bitcoins is cryptocurrency. This is not true!

There are hundreds of different kinds of cryptocurrencies in the digital money market. Each of these currencies has its own value and benefits; the traders choose the one they think will fetch them the most profits. So, despite having so many options to choose from, why is it that bitcoin is the most popular digital currency in the world?

The popularity of bitcoins depends on a number of reasons; let’s have a look at a few of them;

Bitcoin was the first ever cryptocurrency in the market

One of the reasons for its popularity is the fact that bitcoin was the first digital currency in the market. Back in 2009 the creator of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto made peer-to-peer electronic cash public, which later became known as bitcoin. It allowed traders to carry out completely safe and anonymous transactions; these; two factors immediately made it a favorite among traders.

Bitcoin’s history and its success as a profit generator have earned it its reputation and place in the market.

It is more accessible

Things are changing fast in the digital currency market; despite so many trading options available now, bitcoin still remains one of the most accessible cryptocurrencies. It has more supporting hardware, software and quite a good number of exchanges. It also has a healthy pool of traders and its developer ecosystem is bigger than other currencies.

Bitcoin has a strong network

This is one of the biggest benefits of bitcoin trading; it has a large network, which keeps growing as more and more traders are being pulled in. The newcomers are more comfortable in trying their luck with something that has been around for years instead of the newer versions of digital money. Bitcoin’s security, availability, authenticity, and anonymity have been tested over time that is why it is, perhaps, the most trusted digital currency in the market; therefore, this trust keeps adding new traders to the network.

This huge network makes bitcoin the most powerful digital currency available today.

Bitcoin is decentralized

In simple words, bitcoin has no choking point! Other currencies are usually owned by an individual entity (person or company), which gives the owner more influence over the currency. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is decentralized, which means it does not have a bank or any third party that regulates the transactions. Therefore, bitcoin depends on its own value, which protects its owners from external economic factors. Moreover, bitcoin transactions are not subjected to any bank or third party fee or policies.

Since its inception, bitcoin has seen many new types of digital currencies sprout, most of which simply replicate bitcoin’s properties. However, despite all the efforts of the owners of these new currencies, the privacy and security bitcoin has offered, is still unrivaled.

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The ability to earn extra money attracts many people, but sometimes it happens that the effort simply does not pay off, or the earnings are too low, so it's worthwhile to sacrifice your leisure time. While there is certainly no shortage of various additional earnings opportunities, binary options are becoming more and more commonplace. The reasons why it's worth trying is not so small, so what are the most important ones?

The 10 most important advantages of binary options

Binary options offer unlimited earnings opportunities. If you choose other solutions, you are usually expected to earn money, and if you are bothered to try binary options, earnings opportunities can be much higher; This earnings option allows you to do extra work whenever you have some free time. You can do this at any time of the day, so you will have the opportunity to use the time resources properly;

Although it may seem that the principle of such trading is very similar to the casino, it is safe to say that this is not true. The principle of this opportunity is not based solely on success - if you have some knowledge, you can be sure that the transactions will be successful;

It is not very difficult to learn the binary options of trading, and useful information can be found just by browsing the web (information is available in various languages); Transactions are made very quickly, and the time it takes to find results can be very diverse. If you are eager, you can always choose such deals, which are completed in just a few minutes; This is one of the most exciting ways to earn money, which can help you not only make money, but also provide you with an exciting free time. Trading with binary options will help you gain new knowledge, develop logical thinking, etc., which will positively respond to other areas;

Investments that will require trading in binary options may be small, but it is important to estimate that the amount of money you will receive in the event of success will depend on that; You can choose from four binary options types. They differ not only in complexity, but also in the percentage of money invested in you in the event of success. Although it always attracts the greatest amount of money paid, it is advisable to start with the simplest types of binary options, and then, once you become skilled, you can try other binary options types;

Although trading binary options (as well as any other activity) may be somewhat risky, you will be able to expect a really profitable profit by being able to do certain things. Selling binary options will not require much of your precious time, and the amount of money you earn can be really impressive;

To start trading, you simply have to find a trusted broker (for example, you can use the online search, and IQoption reviews for keywords, etc. Find broker information), learn how binary options are traded, and you'll be able to do this soon. So, if you're considering the opportunity to try out additional forms of earnings, selling binary options can be a really good choice. You do not need a lot of time or very large investments to try out this form of earnings, and the results can be really good. Trading will be much more successful if you have enough knowledge about binary options before, you find a trusted broker, and do not hurry to invest a large amount of money immediately - let things go on a gradual basis.

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Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
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You may be new to cryptocurrency trading or you could be a seasoned trader, with so many attractive and irresistible trading options and opportunities it is quite common to make mistakes. Some mistakes could be the result of poor decision making, while others could make you a victim of cryptocurrency scams and frauds.

No matter how careful you are, mistakes are bound to happen. So the question is how do you stay safe? The trick is to be aware and stay alert.

To help you spot the mistakes before you make them here are a few DON’Ts of cryptocurrency trading that you must not ignore.

Never invest too big at the beginning

Seasoned traders know better but investing big is a common mistake that many new traders make. It is very important for new traders to proceed carefully; invest small amounts and get the lay of the land. There will be many occasions when an opportunity may seem too good to pass but remember, cryptocurrency is still a volatile market, which requires you to invest carefully and not put all your assets in one place in one go.

Don’t fall for the good old Pump and Dump

The basic instinct of any trader is to invest in an asset that starts to go up in value; in cryptocurrency, this may become a bad investment move. When a relatively unknown coin suddenly starts to see a drastic increase in value it could very well be a Pump and Dump, which is a coordinated effort to drive a coin’s value high by using fake and false reviews and forecasts and then sell it to those who are looking to make some fast money. This is mainly done to sell coins, which were bought cheaply, at an inflated price.

A group decides to inflate a cheap coin’s value and the members start to purchase that coin from each other; meanwhile, the same group starts to spread false news about the coin’s value. The outside traders read these statements and rush to invest in the coin and end up buying them from the Pump and Dump group. That is why you should never invest in an asset without careful research; especially the one that rises from the ashes.

Not staying informed

A trader needs to stay updated with the latest trends in the market; otherwise, you may end up making uninformed decisions that could cost you money. You must do your homework even when the investment option is an obvious one. You must study the past and future trends of the asset you want to invest in so you can get an idea about how it reacts each time it goes up or down in value. The cryptocurrency market is very volatile; therefore, you need to keep yourself informed of each new development in the sector.

Don’t fall for brokers that promise unprecedented profits

You may come across many brokers who promise to offer opportunities that could help you earn a fortune overnight. Your job is to stay away from them!

As a seasoned trader you may feel this is your big break but insanely high and instant profits with minimum or bigger investments may only be just a marketing gimmick or fraud. You need to proceed carefully and invest with caution.

These are a few very common mistakes that many traders, even the experienced ones, make. Remember, trading requires patience, information gathering and experience; you need to weigh your options, do your homework and then make an informed decision.

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Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
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A digital wallet is a place where you store your digital money and other relevant important information and identification. These wallets help you manage and organize your transactions. It is very important to keep digital wallets safe because if you lose them you will have no way to access your wealth. This clearly means that your money is as safe as your wallet.

There are two types of wallets in cryptocurrency, hot wallets and cold wallets. In the simplest of words, hot wallet is the one that is connected to the internet whereas the cold wallet is offline. You could also say that hot wallets work like checking accounts and cold wallets are more like your savings account.

Pros and cons of hot and cold wallets

Hot wallets – pros

  1. Hot wallets are easier to set up and access; however, they cannot be accessed if you do not have an internet connection.
  2. These wallets can be used to pay for online purchases.
  3. Hot wallets allow faster transactions, which makes them ideal for short-term wealth storage.
  4. Setting up a hot wallet is usually free of cost.
  5. Hot wallets are easier to use.
  6. Hot wallets – cons

    1. Since they are online, therefore, they present a certain security threat because it is relatively easier to hack an online wallet.
    2. Any technical glitches or malfunction in technology could damage your online wallet.
    3. Type of hot wallets

      Mobile wallets

      These wallets are portable and are in the form of an app that you have to download on your mobile phones. However, if you lose your phone not only do you lose your money but your identification information becomes accessible to anyone who gets the hold of your device.

      Online wallets

      These wallets are stored in clouds, which means, you can access them from any device and location. However, these present a security risk as they are easier to crack for hackers and may get damaged due to other tech failures.

      Cold wallets – pros

      1. These wallets are kept online and therefore are more secure as compared to hot wallets.
      2. Cold wallets are ideal for long-term storage of wealth as they are more secure.
      3. Cold wallets – cons

        1. These wallets are not free to set up. You will probably have to buy a device that may cost as much as $80 or even more.
        2. If your device gets stolen or lost, you will lose all your wealth and identification information.
        3. They do not allow quick transactions; most of the cold wallets have to be stored in a safe place such as a bank vault or a home safe, which means it takes times to fetch cold wallets and this prevents you from carrying out swift transactions.
        4. Cold wallets do not allow you to make online transactions.
        5. Types of cold wallets

          Paper wallets

          As the name suggests these wallets allow you to store your information on a piece of paper that you can keep in your own wallet. You can either print the information out on a paper or manually write it down.

          Hardware devices

          You will have to buy a hardware device to store your information on them. These devices usually have a USB port that allows you to connect them and transfer information.

          The type of wallet you should use completely depends on your requirements. If you are on the go and want fast transactions then hot wallets are more suited. However, if you need to keep a large wealth in one place for a longer period of time you may need to store it on a more secured location such as a cold wallet.

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There are about 1,500 cryptocurrencies and assets in the world with new ones being added frequently; however not all of them make headlines or are popular among new and seasoned traders. Every cryptocurrency offers something different in terms of function and makeup.

After a little stumble, the cryptocurrency market is picking up again and the bulls expect it to continue to perform well for the rest of the year. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that this is the time to look for good investment options and think of some profits.

To help you decide where your money should go here is a list of five of the most popular cryptocurrencies in 2018.


This was a given; bitcoin was the first ever cryptocurrency and since then it has been the most popular and powerful digital currency in the world. The interesting fact is that the creator of the currency is still unknown. With the market cap close to $200 billion, about 16.8 million bitcoins are circulating worldwide. The currency is not unlimited and no new bitcoins will be generated after it hits its limit of 21 million tokens. The currency calls for big investments and seasoned traders; it is not for the faint-hearted.

Zcash (ZEC)

Even though Zcash is new in town but it has already made its mark. The long-term expansion and growth plans by the CEO of the company, Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn play a key in keeping the traders interested. With around 21 million coins in circulation, each transaction is added to the blockchain. And there is more, you can get full details of every transaction you carry out, which makes it easier for you to study trends and see where the profits are coming from.


It is only second to bitcoin in popularity and is more than just digital money. It is a platform based on blockchain technology, which is used for creating smart contracts and decentralized apps. If you have an idea then you do not need to create a blockchain for it, you can just start developing using Ethereum’s blockchain. New blocks are continuously added to the public blockchain and three ether are awarded to the computer that generates the block.

Steem or STEEM

Steem is the brainchild of the social media and blogging platform Steemit. The users who write comments on different blogs, create their own blogs or participate in other activities on the platform get rewarded with Steem token. These tokens can be used to buy other features that the platform offers. The rules are simple, to get more tokens you need to use Steemit more; moreover, this digital currency can be exchanged for real money.

Dash or DASH

Dash was originally known as darkcoin and quite rightly so because it can be called the secretive version of its more popular counterpart bitcoin. Why secretive? The currency works on a mastercode network that is decentralized and transactions carried out using this platform are almost impossible to trace.

Almost all these digital currencies present good investment opportunities for new and seasoned traders alike. The key is to be patient and proceed with caution as the overall cryptocurrency is quite volatile.

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Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
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We all have heard about the kind of wealth cryptocurrency can bring in; moreover, the idea of investing in digital money is rapidly becoming popular among investors and in the financial industry. Therefore, it is only natural to try out luck. However, you need to understand the concept better before you take the plunge; you need to know reality from wishful thinking and adjust your expectations accordingly. This will help you make the right investment and trading choices.

Here are a few things you should understand before investing your money in cryptocurrency.

Know what you want and set goals

Before you start, you need to be clear about why you want to invest in the cryptocurrency market. Are you looking for short-term gains, long-term investment options or do you just want to see what’s out there? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you begin. The answer to these questions will give you clarity and help you strategize better and efficient investment plans.

You need to understand the concept before you begin

It is very crucial for you to understand what you are getting into. You need guidance and a bit of training before you start investing big money. Get familiar with different digital currencies available and concepts such as blockchain, mining, wallets, cryptocurrency brokerage and other important factors that will have a strong impact on your profits and security of your wealth. Simply put, do your homework before you start investing.

Don’t try to become a millionaire overnight

We keep hearing stories about how a trader hit it big with just one trade or how digital money is going to take over the world. The trust is slightly different; once you start investing you will see that it requires patience and a careful investment plan to start making profits. This ambition to become rich overnight may lead to wrong and hasty decisions; you could also end up becoming a scam victim. Do not try to take any shortcuts; play by the rules and don’t fall for websites or brokerage platforms that promise stupendous rewards and profits in a short period of time.

Cryptocurrency trading is not the same as stock market trading

Many stock market investors make the rookie mistake of thinking that cryptocurrency trading works the same way; it is not true! The first thing you need to remember is that cryptocurrency is not a stock so you can’t weigh it as one. The overall market is a lot more volatile than the stock market, which means your investment strategy has to be built around the market’s rapidly changing trends. You cannot apply the same techniques and strategies to digital currency trading

Try virtual trading first

Before you start making real investments, you should get the hang of the market through virtual trading. There are many brokerage platforms and websites that offer free virtual trading. These platforms allow you to trade and invest using virtual wealth, which means a bad decision or a rookie mistake will not cost you anything. However, you should only try these demo trading tutorials offered by a reputable platform.

Do not go all in

It is true that fortune favors the bold but it is also true that you should never put all your eggs in one basket. If you think by investing big in cryptocurrency will give you big rewards every time, you are wrong. The cryptocurrency market is quite volatile; therefore, with rapidly changing trends it is not a smart decision to invest all your money and savings at once. Start slow and proceed with caution.

These are just a few of the things you need to take into account before you get ready to make the big move. Remember, the cryptocurrency market has a future; it is a good investment option but it needs you to be careful and calculate your every move.

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Just like you need a wallet to keep your money, you need a digital wallet to keep your digital money; terms have changed but the concept hasn’t. Your digital wallet is what protects your digital money, which means the safety of your money depends on how secure your wallet is.

What exactly is a digital wallet?

I will keep the explanation simple; it is a place where you not only keep your payment but also your identification information. These wallets are important to organize your payments and purchases. If you lose your digital wallet, you will lose all your money and there is virtually no way to retrieve it.

With so many options available, you need to find the wallet that offers the right combination of security, ease of use and performance.

To help you make the right decision here is an overview of all five different types of digital wallets you can use.

Mobile Wallets

As the name suggests, these wallets are with you wherever you go; this is basically an app that is downloaded and stored on your phone. Even though these wallets are extremely handy but this advantage comes with a few security risks.

If you lose your phone or it gets stolen, you will lose all your money. It is highly possible that your identification information and other passwords and keys will be accessible to the person who gets a hold of your mobile phone.

Online Wallets

These are present in the cloud and that makes them accessible from different locations, using a web browser, as long as you have an internet connection. The biggest concern with online wallets is the security. Since these exist in the cloud and your information is stored in a third-party location, therefore, they are a prime target for hackers. Plus you also have to be careful while choosing your wallet provider because there are many scammers fishing for wealth.

Desktop Wallet

This kind of a wallet is installed on your laptop or any other personal computer and can only be accessed from the device it is installed on. Desktop wallets are considered safer than its online counterparts. The biggest pitfall is that if your personal computer gets hacked or breaks down you will lose all your data. Moreover, the desktop wallet is not as portable as you would like.

Paper Wallet

This involves the good old paper where you can save all your information and keep it with you. This is perhaps the safest wallet unless you lose your paper or it gets stolen. You can save your private and public key information on a paper instead of using the cloud or any other third party for storage. You may need to put in a little more time and effort into entering the required information to access your money and make transactions.

Hardware Wallets

As the name suggests these wallets require hardware for storing your identification information and private and public keys. The most commonly used hardware is a wallet compatible USB that can be accessed through any device that has a USB port. The data, for the most part, remains offline, which makes it secure than online wallets. This type of wallet is great if you have a generous amount of cryptocurrency and need to keep it mobile.

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Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
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You all must have heard about bitcoins and how everyone is trying to find them and how it has made a few folks unbelievably rich. This ambition to find wealth and invest in the “future of the finance industry” has encouraged many newcomers to take the plunge.

Yes, we are looking at a new trend in the finance industry and yes, people have become rich by accumulating bitcoins and the fact that one bitcoin is worth a fortune is also true. But how many of you new traders know the ways you can win bitcoins?

Let’s have a look at 5 sure ways that can change your fortune.

Mine your way to fortune

Mining is perhaps the most commonly known way to earn bitcoins but it is certainly not the easiest one. You are required to solve a very complex computational problem, which is generated after the mining computers gather a block. If solved successfully, you are rewarded with a bitcoin. However, the problem with this is that if you are using a mining calculator, your electricity bill alone will be way more than what you will get. Therefore, mining may give you bitcoins but because of the small amount you get, it is not considered very profitable these days.

Good old trading

You can offer to sell something in exchange for bitcoins. If you are a cryptocurrency trader with a business and an online presence then you can accept payment in bitcoins using your bitcoin address. For this method, you will need to do a little more research and reach the right target audience because not everyone will have bitcoins for you.

Help people and get tipped in bitcoins

For this very unique way of earning bitcoins, you will have to visit a website called bitfortip. The users or members of this website ask other members for help; they may have questions for you or may need some information. If you provide them with some value they may just tip you in bitcoins.

Work for your fortune

You could offer services or products and ask people to pay you in bitcoins; however, this may require you to work a little hard as you would have to find the right platform where people are looking to hire your services for bitcoins. There are some websites that function like a normal job board site where it brings contractors and employers together on one platform. However, you need to be sure that the website you choose is authentic.

Get paid per click

This concept was true for conventional money and it true for cryptocurrency; the only difference is you need to post content on ad websites that are bitcoin-based. If your content can rope in clicks these bitcoin ad networks will pay you in bitcoins. The rules are still the same, the more clicks you can get, the more bitcoins you can bag.

Remember, these are just basic beginner-friendly ways to earn bitcoins with almost no investment; these will not make you a millionaire overnight. The reward for beginners may not be substantial but it won’t require any major investment from you. Remember, once you have enough wealth you could opt for more ambitious ways that offer greater fortune.

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Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
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Binary options trading can only give you profits if you know the field. A novice who does not know the art of the trade is likely to be scammed and stripped of his/her wealth. Remember, from traders to brokers, scammers are busy devising new ways to con you.

As for online binary options brokers, thanks to digital currency, they have sprung out everywhere on the internet. This has made spotting scams more difficult even for the most seasoned traders.

So the question is how do we tell the cons from the real ones?

Luckily, there are a few very useful tips and telltale signs that can help you protect yourself from scammers; here they are;

Look for a license

You must make sure the broker you choose is registered with a reputable and authentic international regulatory body. You should talk to them ask your questions; an authentic broker does not shy away from sharing its registrations and licenses.

If a broker claims to have a license then you must check the authenticity of the regulator; make sure it offers full trader protection, has the right to take action against offenders and offers a complete history of its operations.

Do your research

Before you sign up with a broker you must do your research; check the internet for articles, user reviews and other details, which will give you an idea about the broker’s authenticity. You should also see the broker’s website in detail; check for its contact information, physical addresses and their signup requirements.

Even the smallest of details such as bad typo errors, mismatched font and unprofessionally designed website etc. can give you a clue.

Beware of signup bonuses

If the broker you selected offers an irresistible signup bonus then you should resist it!

There is a great chance that the bonus you have been promised would never be deposited, or would have other hidden conditions or even if deposited may be impossible to withdraw.

Withdrawal Conditions

This is one of the biggest telltale signs of a scammer; if the withdrawal conditions make it difficult for you get your money then it is best to not choose the broker. However, one drawback is that you find out about these conditions only when you withdraw.

You must always check the terms and conditions section to find out their policies on withdrawals; brokers that do not allow withdrawals until you make a certain number of trades are never a good option.

Be careful when the profits offered are too high

If a broker promises profits that seem too good to be true, the chances are they are not real. Your common sense will tell you when a good promise is too good. When a broker has no history, licenses or stats to make you interested, they use false promises to lure you in.

Beware of signup deposits

When a broker asks for an outrageous sign-up deposit, you should just say no. The chances are, once you deposit the money, you will not see it again. The higher the amount, the more careful you need to be.

Hard-to-reach customer service

This is a huge red flag! When you are unable to contact their customer service, you must part ways with your broker. Authentic brokers have a very supportive staff that is always available and willing to help and guide you.

Cold contacts

If a broker contacts you by phone or email and invites you to sign up then you need to be careful; do not share your confidential details or accept any signup offers.

These few tips can prove to be invaluable in protecting you against scams. It is best to see references and go for high-profile brokers.

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Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
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Binary options trading has gained tremendous popularity over the last few years and it has become a source of stable and sustainable income for many traders. As a result of this ever-increasing popularity, many online brokers have surfaced that promise to offer maximum rewards on minimum investments with an affordable fee structure.

Binomo is one such platform that offers binary options trading. The company is registered with EU and the website has been an active broker in Russia since 2014.

Here is an easy-to-understand step-by-step guide to Binomo trading for the beginners who wish to explore the opportunities the platform has to offer.

Sign up and Registration

The first step is, of course, the signup process. For this, you need to visit the official website and click on the “sign up” button.

You will be then taken to the basic registration form that will require you to fill out a few mandatory fields. Once you complete the form you should click on the “open account for free” button.

The next step will take you to another verification page where you will have to provide the website with a few more personal details. Completion of this form will take you to the button “open a real account”. You need to click this in order to start properly.

After choosing to open a real account you will be given access to special instructions related to binary options trading. This stage needs to be followed carefully as it will help you understand the technical parts of binary options trading.

Demo Trading

Before you start real-time trading it is ideal to go for Binomo’s demo trading. This will help you use a demo/virtual account to train for real trading. It is an important step because your mistakes will not cost you a real fortune, allowing you to learn before you earn.

Real Trading

This will require you to make a real deposit to start trading on the binary market. The following steps will help you get started;

  1. Choose the “cashier” tab at the top of the page; this is where all the broker-investor transactions will take place.
  2. You then need to select the deposit amount and click on the selected button.
  3. After selecting the amount you will have to pick a payment method.
  4. After submitting the required information your amount will be deposited.
  5. Get Set Trade

    After clicking on the “trading” tab at the top of the page you will be given an option to choose an asset. This will be your options trading valuation.

    Next, you should use the analysis tool to analyze the market and create your forecast.

    After setting an expiration date you will have to click on the trading button.

    Once your option hits its expiration date your profit will be transferred to your account and available for withdrawal.

    Funds Withdrawal

    You will have to click on the “cashier” tab and then select “withdraw funds” from the menu on the left side of your screen.

    The withdrawal process may take a little time to complete; however, during this period, you will still be able to continue to trade using the platform.

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What is Binatex

Binatex is a binary options broker that was established in 2015 and is owned by Binatex Group of Companies. It offers trading on its own web platform and allows users to trade indices, currencies, commodities and shares.

Regulated by the FMRRC, Binatex has headquarters in Moscow, United Kingdom, Republic of Marshall Island and Scotland. Since the FMRRC a non-commercial organization, therefore, it is not regulated by any government or other major financial regulatory authorities.

The website offers information in 15 different languages and has only one certification.

How does it work?

Binatex claims to be a reliable partner for binary trading options and the platform has been designed to help traders earn profits on their transactions. According to Binatex, even your minimum investments can help you make money.

This is how you can start using Binatex;

After registering with your email you get access to a demo account that has a virtual value of $1000, which can be used to train for real-time trading. After getting a demo account you are all set to get a real account that requires a minimum deposit of $10. Deposits can be made by using an electronic payment method.

The official website has a “how it works” video that can help the new members understand how trading options work. Moreover, you can also find a “strategies” tab that contains all the trading information that you need to know to make maximum profits.

Binatex Features

Some of the main features of Binatex include;

  1. Bonus - The website offers a 100% bonus to the investors however this bonus cannot be withdrawn unconditionally. Once the request for withdrawal is approved you need to have a turnover that is 25 times the value of your bonus.
  2. Assets - Like all other binary options traders, Binatex also has assets; however, they are not as many as featured by the competitors. The website has only 50 assets available for trading including 39 currency pairs, 2 commodities and 22 stocks.
  3. Tickers - This allows you to see and monitor the number of traders who are active on the platform. It also lets you track the number of open transactions.
  4. Withdrawal - The platform offers the withdrawal options, which requires the same method that was used to make the deposit.
  5. Mobile App - Users can also download the mobile app which allows them to access the platform on their cellular devices.
  6. Tutorials - Binatex offers tutorial videos that allow beginners to understand how binary options trading works.
  7. Trading Levels - Traders can go from level 1 to 10. You can better trading opportunities as your level increases.
  8. Binatex Pros

    1. The platform offers tutorial videos.
    2. It has a demo account that allows the users to learn the trading tricks.
    3. The minimum deposit requirment is quite low.
    4. Binatex Cons

      1. There is an absence of any major financial regulatory body.
      2. There are many conditions for withdrawals.
      3. Customer service may not be up to the mark and may not be available in real-time trading.
      4. The website needs to be more comprehensive and better organized.
      5. Is Binatex a scam?

        The platform has been around since 2015 but to this day, its authenticity has raised questions. User reviews are a mix of both satisfied customers and people who call it a scam. It is true the platform is relatively new and has a lot of room for improvement but it does seem to offer many useful features.

        However, the absence of a major financial regulatory body creates doubts about the platform’s authenticity. Moreover, most users have complaints about the withdrawal system, which have not really been addressed by the broker.


        Since the platform has been around for a few years now, therefore, it could be considered as an option; however, it is extremely important that you must try to get in touch with a trader who has not only used the platform but has successfully withdrawn funds. It is always a good advice to proceed with caution!

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Cryptocurrency is making headlines and it has become a significant part of our financial industry. With a fairly bullish last year and its ever-increasing value, it has become more important than ever to study more about how to protect your digital money against cybercrime and fraud.

Although the entire transaction and record keeping process is quite transparent and safe, there are still a few risks associated with this form of currency. These risks should never be ignored especially if you plan to hold your cryptocurrency holdings for a long-term.

Here are some of the security measures you can take to protect your cryptocurrency holdings.

Use two factor authentication

The idea is to make it as difficult as possible for hackers to hack into your digital wallet. A great way to ensure that is to use a two factor authentication system. By using this method, you basically add two layers of protection, which, for a common hacker, may not be possible to crack.

Use cold storage

It may sound like a warehouse term but cold storage is an extremely potent way to secure your digital wallet.

The method of storing your wallet information offline is called as cold storage. You can keep your information on a USB, a hard drive or it can even be printed out on a piece of paper (paper wallets) and kept it in a secure location. This form of storage is extremely important for cryptocurrency traders who fail to keep a traceable record of their private keys and other related details. And, as we know, when you lose your private keys you pretty much lose your digital wallet.

Private keys contain information that allows you to send your money to others; this key should only be known to you otherwise your wealth can be transferred by anyone who gets access to your private key.

Scatter your wealth

It is wise not to keep your digital money in one place especially if you have large holdings. It is highly recommended that you store your cryptocurrency with multiple and certified exchanges. This means if any of the location gets hacked, only a fraction of your wealth will sustain damage.

Use secure devices

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to access your wallet from a public computer. You should always use your own trusted device that is not on any network; yes, not even on your home network.

The ideal solution is to have a separate device that will be used for cryptocurrency only.

Manage your own wallet

If you are an individual who runs a small or a home-based business with relatively larger cryptocurrency holdings, you may be tempted to hire someone to manage your wallet for you. Avoid doing that!

Managing the wallet on your own may add to your burden but it can protect you from being robbed. Remember, keeping your private key confidential is the key to keeping your digital wealth safe.

Avoid using phone wallets

Phone wallets are convenient but they are also not that safe. Phone devices can be lost or stolen easily, which would give complete access to the person who gets a hold of your phone.

Never click on random cryptocurrency links

Many cryptocurrency links with irresistible offers may pop up on your screen; never click on those. These could be links designed to steal your details that could lead to your digital wallet. Only use the most trusted websites.

You must also stay away from random cryptocurrency platforms or discussion groups.

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Cryptocurrency is real and it is here to stay. What seemed like a strange concept about a decade ago has now made its mark on all the major financial institutions. The sector has started to realize the potential digital currency holds and how it can give the boost to our financial industry.

Even though all the major financial entities realize its importance, the concept is somewhat ambiguous to many individual users. Understanding how digital money works and what it can do for you is extremely important for those who wish to enter the sector or get involved in cryptocurrency trade.

To give you an idea about the potential cryptocurrency holds here are some of the major benefits it can offer.

Major benefits of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is decentralized

The blockchain technology that is used to maintain a blockchain or a digital ledger is decentralized, which means the information contained in the blockchain is not stored in a central hub. This decentralization makes cryptocurrency safe.

Since the information is kept on multiple servers and hard drives across the world, therefore, any major hack or robbery attempt will cause minimum damage. How? The information stolen will only be a fraction of the entire database, which will not cause the entire database to collapse.


Blockchain or the digital ledger that stores the information of all the transactions can be accessed by anyone, which makes the entire process transparent.

All the cryptocurrency traders can see and keep a track of how much wealth gets transferred on a daily basis from user to user. This limits the chances of fraud or theft.

Swift transfer

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for a large transaction to be completed. From calling the back or depositing the check to the number of days it takes for the money to become available for withdrawal, the entire process can be taxing. Cryptocurrency does not cause any such delays; the wealth can be transferred directly from one digital wallet to another in a matter of a few clicks. This swiftness is extremely useful for making large digital payments.


With the power the internet and social media now holds, you leave your digital footprints almost every time you log on to a website or any other online platform. This makes it extremely easy for servers and developers to track your information. Cryptocurrency works differently!

Even though blockchain can be publically accessed and the transactions can be tracked but not everyone gets all your information; your wallet remains private. The receiver of wealth only gets the information you choose to share with him/her, this gives you control over your own privacy.

No huge transaction fees

One of the biggest disadvantages of conventional monetary transactions is the fee the banks or other institutions charge. Cryptocurrency transactions, on the other hand, do not charge any gigantic transaction fee. Whatever little fee there is, is usually paid by the buyer.

Secure against identity theft

With the help of a proxy ID you can secure your identity against theft or cyber bullying. Even though your transactions will be added to the public digital ledger but your identity will remain anonymous. You do not have to provide any social or credit card numbers; all your transactions are protected by cryptography.

No third party owners

When you put your money in a bank or other organizations, you indirectly hand over the ownership to a third party. If your bank or account gets closed due to any legal reason, you will have to go through an intricate legal process to get your wealth back. With cryptocurrency, you remain the sole owner of your own wallet, unless you willingly get a third party involved for wallet management.

Due to the above mentioned and many other benefits, cryptocurrency has caught the eyes of investors and financial experts all over the world. The entire sector is now trying to explore new avenues to use the power of digital currency to strengthen the financial industry.

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Cryptocurrency or digital currency has become a very widely known market; however, despite its popularity, surprisingly, the concept of cryptocurrency is still not properly understood by many of us. Digital currency is surrounded by countless misconceptions and myths that have caused problems, even monetary ones, for the new beginners.

To help you understand the concept better this article will clarify some of the most common misconceptions about digital money.

Cryptocurrency is a sham

No, it is not! Cryptocurrency is real and it is making people rich. In fact, many experts in the finance industry believe that digital money has the potential to change how the finance sector works. It is true that just like with our conventional currencies, digital money has also attracted scammers who lure traders, especially beginners, to invest in their scam investment programs, but the cryptocurrency industry itself is not a sham.

Bitcoin is the only Cryptocurrency

No, bitcoins are one of the different types of cryptocurrencies that are generated for digital money traders. It is the most powerful and the first of its kind, but it certainly is not the only one.

Bitcoins are gold coins

Bitcoins are not gold coins, in fact, they do not have any physical form. Bitcoin, like other cryptocurrencies, is digital money.

Cryptocurrency is a cryptic program trying to devalue fiat money

Yes, it is uses cryptic technology but no it will not replace or devalue our conventional currencies. A few digital assets even collaborate with banks; one such example is XRP, which has been created to offer business solutions that financial institutions face. Other similar digital currencies have also been created to solve similar problems. Digital currency will actually aid our existing financial industry and make it more powerful.

It is too late to invest

We keep hearing how the value of digital money has skyrocketed over the past few years, which leads us to believe that it may be too late to invest now. To put all rumors to rest, it is not too late to make a move. The technology is still relatively new and its full potential is yet to be realized. Cryptocurrency market still offers a massive room for growth.

Bitcoin is a stock

Bitcoin is not a stock; it is a currency, which means you cannot predict its value like you do of a stock.

Cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous

This could not be farther from the truth; all transactions are recorded in a public ledger known as blockchain, which can be accessed by the public. It allows you to see how much value was moved from one trader to another.

Bitcoin mining is similar to redeeming vouchers

Mining is not a process where you collect a certain number of bitcoins or other digital currencies and then exchange them for money. Miners have to compete with each other to solve complex mathematical problems or puzzles that are derived from cryptic hash algorithms. Upon solving the problem successfully, miners are given rewards which could be transaction fee or new bitcoins.

Bitcoins are unlimited

The number of bitcoins generated goes down every four years. By the year 2140 the world will be out of new bitcoins; by this time we will have 21 million bitcoins and new coins will not be issued.

Bitcoins are for criminals

It is a common misconception that bitcoins are ideal for criminals since it cannot be traced. True due to its decentralization and anonymity the currency attracts criminals but it is also a great asset for law-abiding citizens for the exact same features. Bitcoins can be ideal if you live in a country with an unstable economy or when you fear banks and other financial institutions are corrupted.

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Cryptocurrency or digital currency has become quite a popular term; the industry itself has become valuable and attracted the attention of financial institutions and individuals across the globe. Many experts believe cryptocurrency has the potential to change the dynamics of the finance sector in the future.

However, the concept is not as simple as many of us think. If you are a beginner and do not understand how this type of currency works then there is absolutely no way you can benefit from it.

It is highly recommended that you consult an expert before you invest your time and fortune in cryptocurrency trading. But to get you started and have an idea about what digital currency is we have explained some of the most important terms in the simplest of words.


It is a digital ledger that is maintained publically, which means anyone can access it from any device. This ledger keeps a track of all the transactions between cryptocurrency users. This allows you to see how much value has been transferred and from where did it originate. Thanks to the blockchain technology everyone knows about each transaction that takes place, which makes the entire system quite secure.

Information distributed using blockchain technology can be accessed but cannot be copied.


These are websites that allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrency. You must always use a legitimate website for your transactions.

Bearish and Bullish

You will hear these terms quite frequently. When the market trend is favorable and appears to be profitable it is called Bullish. When the market goes down and the trends are not considered favorable it is called Bearish.


Cryptography is the coding and decoding which is used to encrypt all information. Cryptography is the foundation on which the entire system is built.

Cryptographic Key

Since blockchain can be accessed publically, therefore, to ensure security, secret values using a complex algorithm are encrypted and decrypted. Cryptocurrency uses two types of keys; the public key can be used by anyone to encrypt a message, which is then received by you. You then use a private key, which cannot be accessed by anyone but you, to decode that information.


These quite literally are your digital wallets. You can send, store and receive your digital currency using your cryptocurrency wallet. These wallets store your private and public keys. If you lose your digital wallet, you end up losing all your cryptocurrency and information related to it.


You use computing hardware to solve cryptographic problems or puzzles and as a reward, more cryptocurrency is generated. Each solved puzzle adds a transaction to the digital ledger or the blockchain.


We use the term Fork when a single blockchain splits into two different chains. This split usually happens when some new regulations are added to the coding of the blockchain.

Cold storage

You can move your digital currency offline by using a number of methods; this process is called cold storage. It does not mean that you are physically moving your cryptocurrency offline; it only means that you can print out your digital wallet’s QR code or move the files onto some storage hardware such as USB.

These were some of the most commonly used terms and will help you understand the process better.

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You must have read many definitions of cryptocurrency online, but those definitions are difficult to crack for a beginner. The purpose of this article is to provide you with information that can be understood by those who have no idea about the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, we will keep things easy, simple and interesting!

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency or digital money is a “medium of trade” similar to regular money such as USD. It uses cryptography to track and verify transfers and purchases. Cryptography is the process that converts readable information into codes that are impossible to crack.

There are many cryptocurrencies in the market but the most known ones are;

  1. Bitcoin - the first of its kind and the most famous
  2. Ethereum
  3. Litecoin

The concept seems intriguing and cryptocurrency’s growing popularity has created great interest in the masses. You must have been told by many of your peers to “get into the game and take advantage of its increasing value”. But before you decide to dabble in the market there are a few facts you must know about cryptocurrencies.

The concept is a bit complex than you think

Many beginners fail to grasp the mining process and how to get maximum rewards from it and this is just one of the many things you need to know about digital money. It is quite impossible to get into the market and succeed without the proper knowledge of what cryptocurrency is and how it works. You need to understand the entire process and know where the profits lie.

The owner of Bitcoin remains anonymous

Even though the creation of bitcoin is credited to Satoshi Nakamoto but the true identity of the owner is still a mystery. You can say that Bitcoin, to this day, has no known owner. The interesting thing is that even Nakamoto (whoever he/she is) has not come forward to claim the code’s ownership.

There are over 1,500 cryptocurrencies

It is not uncommon for beginners to think that cryptocurrency is synonymous with bitcoin. You will be surprised to know that there are about 1,500 or more cryptocurrencies available; however, bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency traded and to this day remains the most popular and powerful. It holds more than 50% of the current cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrency is extremely volatile

The value of cryptocurrency fluctuates faster than your conventional stocks. Take bitcoin as an example; back in 2009, bitcoin was valued at $0.003; the value shot up to $17900 by December last year and these days it is hovering around $6000. Bitcoin went through at least four corrections of 20% within the time period of six months last year.

Bitcoin is not infinite

You may think since it is produced digitally so we may never be short on bitcoin; this concept is absolutely wrong. Mining is done according to a pre-defined schedule. There are only 21 million units of bitcoins out there and by the year 2140, all bitcoins are going to be mined.

The real value of cryptocurrency is in the blockchain

The blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger that keeps a record of all payments and transactions. The records are publically kept and maintained in a chronological order. This means, even though the identity of people involved in a transaction remains hidden, everyone can see how much value was moved.

Decentralization makes cryptocurrency safe

Blockchain technology does not have a central hub for storing information; it is decentralized. Why does decentralization make it secure? There is no central point that can be accessed to steal all the information related to cryptocurrency. The information is distributed among hard drives and servers across the globe, which means even if one of these locations came under cyber-attack the damage would be minimal and would not disable the entire system.

No Wallet, no currency

Rules are simple, you want your money? You keep your wallet safe! In case you lose access to your wallet, you lose access to your money. Since there is no central point that generates codes, therefore, the codes cannot be regenerated. So if you lose your code, you cannot get another one.

FBI believes in bitcoins

A few years ago FBI shut down the online drug market Silk Road and seized bitcoins that belonged to the operators of the marketplace. And today they are among the biggest wallets in the world, which is believed to be worth $120 million.

There are more than 600 wallets

In case you were wondering how popular cryptocurrency is, there are more than 600 wallets active across the globe. To make the process of transactions easier, these wallets can be linked to your credit cards.

With the cryptocurrency market on the rise, investors and businesses are closely watching the progress. As new coins surface, the market will expand and present many new opportunities. It will not be wrong to say, cryptocurrency has the potential to change the finance industry and how it operates today.

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When a new cryptocurrency has its ICO (initial coin offering) it is a big gamble; they are like stocks and nobody knows if the value is going to go up and down. Cryptocurrencies have the potential to create huge returns on your investment, but they are also volatile and come with a very large risk.

Although many people have been talking about the risks associated with cryptocurrency for some time, major financial institutions such as JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs are beginning to seriously consider investing in them.

Whether you have a huge amount of cash or a little amount of cash, cryptocurrency is certainly work looking into as a possible investment. There are some pros and cons associated with cryptocurrencies, and we are going to consider them here.

Pro #1 – Massive Potential for RoI

One of the market’s biggest success stories has been Bitcoin. If you bought $1,000 worth of Bitcoin in 2013, it would be worth over $400,000 today! Recent ICOs have created a massive return on investment in a short amount of time. For example, Stratis raised $600,000 with their June 2016 ICO and the price has since risen by over 50%. Spectrecoin raised $15,000 in January of 2017 and its value has since risen over 10,000%!

Pro #2 – Increased Liquidity

When an ICO is released, a cryptocurrency can build a solid enough network and therefore investors immediately have a huge amount of liquidity and can sell their coins for dollars almost instantly. Compared to equity in a business, in-order to release equity and earn money you need to find a wilful buyer or wait for an IPO to occur.

Pro #3 – Clear Directions

The biggest advantage in investing in cryptocurrency as opposed to traditional means is that business start-ups often lack a crystal clear direction and need to overcome initial speedbumps; the company will change drastically before going public. With cryptocurrency, when you invest you know exactly what you are getting and, as such, you can better evaluate the product market and help determine your investment.

Con #1 – Volatility

When compared with traditional investments such as in the stock market, cryptocurrency ICOs are far more volatile. Because of the potential of hacking or other incidents, investors have a risk of losing all of their investment immediately if one of these incidents occur. Although these are rare, major drops in a cryptocurrency’s value are not uncommon and they fluctuate rapidly.

Con #2 – Resource Shortages

If a cryptocurrency does not raise enough money at their ICO, the doors to that cryptocurrency immediately slam shut and can be fatal. Many ICOs begin with a pre-ICO funding round so that they have the resources in place and can create a demand for the currency.

Con #3 – Potential for Mismanagement

Every cryptocurrency is a start-up and has a team of founders running it. But, in-order for the currency to mature from ICO to mass-market, it needs a team behind it who are solid and know how to manage it. Before choosing to invest, make sure you look at the founding team’s background and decide for yourself whether or not they can be trusted with your money!

Although cryptocurrency can be a powerful investment strategy, it can also be disastrous if you do not do it properly. Before investing in any cryptocurrency, do your research and ensure that it is something worth investing in which is safe, properly managed and looks like it is destined to be a strong player in the market.

ICOs are confusing and – like IPOs – they are unpredictable. Many cryptocurrencies find great success after their ICOs and see their value increase by huge amounts, but this is not guaranteed and you should act with a degree of caution.

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Cryptocurrency is an electronic or e-currency which is created with technology, which wholly controls its creation and protects the transactions, whilst hiding the identities of its users.

Crypto is short for cryptography, which is a computer technology used commonly for security, hiding information, hiding identities and more, so it is easy to see why they are known as cryptocurrency due to their anonymous nature.

Cryptocurrencies are digital cash which are quicker, cheaper and more reliable than traditional government-backed currency. Instead of using government organizations to create your money and banks to store it, cryptocurrencies transact directly with each other and store their own money. Money can be sent directly without a middleman, so transactions are more affordable and usually instant.

To create transparency and fight fraud, every user of a cryptocurrency can record and verify their own transactions and see the transactions of everyone else. These transactions are called ‘ledgers’ and it is available to anyone. With this, transactions are more transparent, efficient and permanent. With public records available, these cryptocurrencies do not require you to entrust a bank to keep your money safe. Also, they do not require you to tryst the person you are doing business with, because you can easily see the money being sent and received, and recorded by thousands of people. This is known as a ‘trustless’ system and it is very unique.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency which was created in 2009. Unfortunately, the creator of Bitcoin is unknown and he or they use the pseudonym ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’. What makes Bitcoin unique is that it does not rely on any government or bank-created currencies and, in addition, transactions occur directly between anonymous people; there are no banks or middlemen involved as we mentioned earlier.

With Bitcoin, each transaction is recorded on a public record known as the ‘blockchain’ and the data here is stored on many computers worldwide. Because there are so many copies of blockchain being made and stored, the transaction data is super safe and cannot be manipulated.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is the clever technology used for creating secure digital recordings which do not rely on a single entity to keep them safe. Blockchains record any information but they were first used to record Bitcoin transactions.

The blockchain is like a record book where each page is a block, and it can record anything. Blocks are created simultaneously – one after the other – and are chained to each other which then creates the blockchain. Multiple of these records are maintained by many individuals on their computers around the world. Updates are seen immediately and this makes manipulation virtually impossible, and it is not known to have ever happened.

What is Mining?

Bitcoin is created through ‘mining’, which requires huge computer power. People complete mining in return for money, and each computer which fulfils the mining process can earn a reward in digital money and brand new coins. Mining is basically the process of recording and verifying information on the blockchain.

Only one block can be created on the blockchain at a time to keep the network running smoothly. To do this, there are two different ways. The first is ‘proof of work’ and requires computers to solve difficult math problems. The second is ‘proof of stake’ and people who own a large number of coins are selected by the software to create new blocks. People are selected on a lottery-based system.

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Lack of information about some businesses in which you are attended to invest is a flaw. Especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies, where we all know how volatile the cryptocurrencies market is. The cryptocurrencies boom is in full swing, interest for cryptocurrencies are rising and people without much knowledge about this sphere are investing theirs money. Before you consider investment in cryptocurrencies, do the research about platform and cryptocurrencies you are investing in.

What we have noticed so far

When it comes to new traders on market, people are divided into two groups. First group are people that spent their time into research about which cryptocurrencies are good investments and which should be avoided. Second group of traders are avoiding research and they just dive head first into the market. This is almost every time ended by buying a scam cryptocurrencies from unreliable sources, which leading to loosing all the investors money.

The Problem with a Lack of Knowledge

For example the situation with Bitconnect is the best example when people doesn\'t listen warnings. People keep investing their money into the system, these people belong to the second group of above mentioned. Now, when Bitconnect has closed down these traders lose all of its assets.

Prevention, Education, and Good Services

To avoid above mentioned and became the trader from the first group, the only solution for you is to educate and research about cryptocurrencies from reliable sources. There are plenty of websites that can teach you almost everything about cryptocurrencies trading like BullMarketz. Of course the knowledge about some currency doesn\'t mean that you will surely profit from it, you also need to use only reputable services and wallets for your investment.

Protect Yourself and the Industry

By educating yourself before even think about the investment and while investing as well, you will ensure that you always know what is happening on the volatile market like cryptocurrencies market is.

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When it comes to exchanging Bitcoin people are looking for the reliable exchanges with low fees of course. Besides these two factor the key factor of the good exchange is the exchange that have daily volume above the thousand of Bitcoin. The best exchanges with above mentioned characteristics (low fees and high daily volume) are: BitStamp, Poloniex, Coinbase, GDAX.

The best question is what you consider as a large quantity of money. Maybe the best choice for you is OTC exchanges (OTC - over the counter). OTC exchanges refer to companies or individuals to sell you Bitcoin directly and not through a regulated and automated platform.

Here are some characteristics of good OTC exchange and its benefits

High liquidity- OTC companies are specialized in supplying high volumes of Bitcoin for the buyers that are buying large amount of Bitcoin, for example institutional investors. Using this companies for buying Bitcoin means that you will be able to get your order faster than through traditional exchanges.

Fixer price - with the traditional exchanges the price is not fixed and the reason is that you are finished buying Bitcoin from cheap sellers, you gradually move to the expensive sellers. The price is rising as your order is being executed. The opposite is with the OTC, when you are buying Bitcoin through the OTC companies you can negotiate a fixed price and this is a pretty good benefit. Some of the most popular OTC exchanges are: Genesis, ItBit (mainly for companies), Richfund, etc.

Buying or selling larger amount of Bitcoin can disturb the market and drive the price up or down. If you want to avoid this, the best advice is to use multiple regular exchanges and buy a smaller amount for example up to 50 Bitcoins.

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Cardano is hot new topic on the cryptocurrencies market. It is very similar to Ethereum because it is allowing smart contracts for its users where they can develop decentralized applications. The only difference between Cardano and Ethereum is that Cardano is first blockchain built on Haskell code. Cardano have its own algorithm called Ouroboros and developers of Cardano are saying that this kind of protocol is proven to be totally secure. The blockchain platform has a multilevel control mechanism that includes settlement layer for the cryptocurrency called ADA and control layer for smart contracts.

The Team behind Cardano

The team behind this cryptocurrency is not just the group of talented people, but it is entire community considering three organization. Cardano foundation, based in Switzerland, serves as a supervisory and educational body, with the main purpose to standardize, protect and promote Cardano technology. IOHK is a technology company founded in 2015, the goal of this company is directly related to the technological development of the Cardano platform. One of the founder of this company was co founder of Ethereum before it was launched. Emurgo is the company located on the Isle of Man, with the main idea for development of decentralized application based of Cardano.

ADA - the token of Cardano

ADA is Cardano\'s token and it is currently placed into the first 5 cryptocurrencies with the impressive evolution. When it comes to mining ADA, it is based on Proof of Stake algorithm which means that block reward is randomly accrued among coin holders and the users that have more coins in the account enjoy higher chances of getting a reward. When it comes to the security question, Cardano is being compared to the Bitcoin because the latter has never been hacked. Cardano also had its own ADA wallet called Daedalus, which is pretty secured wallet.

General Predictions for ADA

Many people are predicting the rise of this cryptocurrencies and placing it into the top 3 largest cryptocurrencies. The project is now just at intermediate stage of development, so the very big boom of this cryptocurrencies is behind the corner.

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Stellar is pretty hot new thing on cryptocurrencies market and many people are sure that it have potential to became something big. It is a distributed cryptocurrency based on hybrid blockchain, fully opened-sourced, developed with the main idea to improve the cross asset transfers of value, including payments and to provide low-cost financial services to a global base of individuals. Stellar is the network and it is backed by the non-profit foundation known as Stellar Development Foundation. So, let\'s make the things clear, Stellar is network, its cryptocurrency is called Lumen and it is represented as XLM.

What is the principle behind Stellar Lumen?

Just like almost every cryptocurrencies, Stellar Lumens is based on blockchain technology. This means that it runs on a connection of decentralized servers, which is supported by the consensus between entities and individuals within the network. These servers are responsible for supporting distributed ledger with the recorded transactions and data. Many people are comparing Stellar to PayPal because you need to upload funds to an anchor on the network and only then you are able to use Stellar initially.

The Multi-Currency Transaction nature of the Stellar Lumen

Making transfers across the border is the main Stellar purpose. The network carries one of the following when a currency transfer request is done.

  • Stellar have its own order book which is used to changes the funds and accelerates the exchange
  • Stellar is using its cryptocurrency XLM as a arbitrator for the exchange which means that it exchanges the funds from the currency into its coin and then the coin into another currency.
  • When there is situation that there are no trading pairs exist for the two currencies, stellar looks for offers within the network to exchange a chain conversion into the choice currencies, for example EUR to GBR, USD to EUR, AUD to JPY, BGP to AUD.
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Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency beside Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is arguably a long time investment, but should you hold the coin for a long time? Just like every investment have own risks, same with this kind of business. In the next text you will see the real potential risks of this cryptocurrency that will help you to make a real decision. Here are some of the risks of holding Ethereum:

Accidental bug

This is probably the worst security issues to hit Ethereum, it was discovered on Parity. SSo called \"vulnerability\" enabling the users to change code and take ownership of someone\'s wallet. One person did this just with wiping the code and ethers valued at over $280 million were locked. Many people after this attack moves their digital coins out of the wallet.

Price volatility

It is not only with Ethereum. Cryptocurrencies market is very volatile and I\'m pretty sure that nobody can predict the future of any cryptocurrency, especially because the price of some cryptocurrency is changing from minute to minute.

Cyber attack

We all know how cryptocurrencies are popular these days mainly due to its high prices, so it is logical that cyber hackers are doing everything to get into someone wallet and stole his asset. Even almost all wallet services claim to be safe, you must be aware that no wallet is giving you 100% security. Answer to this problem is offline hardware wallet. There were situation where hacker steal over $31 million worth Ether from three wallets within some minutes. The white-hat hackers from the Ethereum community immediately hacked remaining accounts and prevent the hacker from stealing more money.

Quantum Computer Attack

Quantum computers are the fastest supercomputers in the word. Not only Ethereum, other cryptocurrencies should be aware of this kind of attack, even quantum computers are just in developing mode.

The DAO attack

Everyone probably know what DAO attack is. Unknown attacker exploited a vulnerability in the system and drain more than 3.6 million Ether into a Child DAO, and this lead to failing in Ether price.

Just to make a resume, Ethereum is great investment, but you need to be aware of this above mentioned risks.

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We all know the fact that Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency ever. Ethereum is these days second most popular cryptocurrency beside Bitcoin. Almost every new cryptocurrency is developed as a improvement in the features of Bitcoin. Qtum (pronounced \"Quantum\") is a cryptocurrency and a blockchain technology intended to became ease of the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and others, which include some improvement in the features like security of smart contracts, reducing difficulty in them and so on. Qtum was developed by the Qtum Foundation with the Patrick Dain in the head. Cryptocurrency was developed with the main idea to assist businesses in building decentralized applications, precise applications for mobile devices. Qtum users are making their applications reliable, with putting together Ethereum Virtual Machine and an altered Bitcoin Core infrastructure with some changes of course. In the end we are getting trustworthy Bitcoin blockchain added together with smart contracts technology which are the Ethereum\'s main idea.

Qtum\'s market value

Qtum is currently ranked in the top 20 cryptocurrencies according to CoinMarketCap table and the investments in this cryptocurrencies are growing from minute to minute, which means that people are sure that this cryptocurrencies have potential. Qtum is currently listed on the major exchange and it has been added at IQ option recently.

Qtum to develop its x86 virtual machine and expanded Network

Qtum recently make partnership with Baofeng in order to commence the running of its 50000 full Qtum nodes and develop the x86 Virtual Machine that will have the main purpose to provide multiple languages for smart contracts. This is just a plan, so the time will show to us how reliable will this cryptocurrency became.

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NEO is a China - originated blockchain platform that aims to support smart economy and this is the reason why many people are calling this cryptocurrency the Ethereum of China. When we said that this platform supports smart economy we are thinking about digital assets, digital identity and smart contracts namely. This platform has been launched in 2014 as Antshares and in 2015 it has been launched on GitHub as a open source rival of Ethereum. The founder of NEO is Da Hongfei and he was several times pronouncing the importance of regulatory compliance, because we know that blockchain industry is facing regulatory these days.

We mentioned in the text above that NEO is Ethereum of tomorrow so it is logically that its have some improvements over Ethereum. Ethereum is using Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism in areas such as forking, speed and scaling. It can process 15 transaction per second, while NEO\'s Proof of Stake (Pos) Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) consensus mechanism can process 1000 transaction per second.

Another NEO\'s characteristic is that can be ported to any blockchain through its InteopService feature. While Ethereum\'s developers must use the native Solidity language, NEO supports mainstream programming language such as C#, VB.Net, F#, Java and Kotlin and this is the characteristic that many people believe will make a great success of NEO.

The year of 2017 was the year of NEO. It was renamed from Antshares to NEO, released Smart Contracts 2.0 and the NEO Virtual Machine. The first ICO (initial coin offering), Red Pulse was completed successfully and several partnerships were announced, for example the partnership with Microsoft, where the company started competition for developers, distributing $490000 worth of prizes to 16 winners.

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We all know how cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular and adopted these days, mainly because of its increasing of price, so people are using it for gaining some profit. Bitcoin is fist successful cryptocurrency ever made, released in 2009 by the Satoshi Nakamoto with the main idea to became regular payment method and alternative to traditional currencies, but you probably know all of this above mentioned. Here are some data that are showing us adoption rate of the most popular cryptocurrency and knowledge that people have about it. According to a joint Global Blockchain Business Council and SurveyMonkey poll of almost 6000 adults conducted this month, about 60% of Americans have heard or read about the leading cryptocurrency at the market but only 5% of them, own the digital currency. Demographic statistic of Bitcoin investors are giving data that almost 71% of Bitcoin investors are male. 58% have between 18 and 34 years and half of them are minorities.

When the people in the poll were asked why they are own digital currency, here is what they answered. The main reason why they bought bitcoin is the combination of a lack of trust and an opportunity to gain some profit. 33% of Bitcoin owners answered that they only want to avoid government regulation and remember that this is the main idea of BItcoin. Incredible data said that 24% said that they trust Bitcoin more than American government. 20% saw it as a hedge against crashes in traditional assets. Still, more than 60% said that buying cryptocurrencies was only because they expecting to gain some profit, waiting for the price to go up and then sell the cryptocurrency.

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If you think that world largest cryptocurrencies only exist for people to maintain big profit you are wrong. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is developed to became alternative to physical money and to make digital transactions between users directly, without third party easier and cheaper. Beside these above mentioned characteristics of Bitcoin, there are also some ways how can you earn Bitcoin, have fun, without paying a large amount of money for one Bitcoin. Here are some alternatives.

Play games and earn Bitcoin

Tremor Games - has many different flash games where you are earning Tremor coins and when you earn large amount of these coins, you can exchange it for Bitcoin, make withdrawal and earn a pretty solid profit, or you can keep it and waiting for price to go even higher and then withdraw your money.

SatoshiQuiz - If you don\'t know here is explanation. Satoshi is a one hundred millionth part of a single Bitcoin. SatoshiQuiz is fun little quiz game with a prize of 1000 Satoshis for every question. Based on difficulty of the question there are challenges with the price of 1 million Satoshis.

Bitcoin Riddles - with solving some mystery on YouTube videos, if you have correct answer you can win a prize in Bitcoin.

Mobile Games - There are more than one Bitcoin games for Android and iOS as well. Some of the most popular are Takara and Bitjoy.


Streamium - Players can play their favorite games and stream for a potential earning of cryptocurrencies. Viewers can sat challenges for gamers and offer rewards if the challenge is done.

Binary Options

Bitcoin binary options is like a gambling game where you are basically predicting the future of some cryptocurrencies, observing a market and putting your bet if some price is going to increase or decrease. If you\'re correct you get a payout (40 percent is usually for Bitcoin), but if you are wrong you will lose all your investment.

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When someone says \"Blockchain Simulator\" he is probably thinking about a test environment where you can test different methods prior to executing them on a live blockchain, where some errors and effects are huge. This is what you need to try out.

IBM Hyperledger: The IBM hyperledger is eliminating the miners by providing an interface where the consensus within the network is derived by 51% majority of independently run servers. It is a program that is pretty simple to use and makes use of Chain-code to deliver and execute contracts. It is providing the service of using the free developer version prior to developing one.

Ethereum Test Net: If some application created by some user on Ethereum has long term change effects on usage, Ethereum provides test net where the users could test their application to make sure it is functional just like the developer want to be. This is pretty important because directly deploying contracts on the blockchain could have irreversibly effects.

Bitcoin Testnet: Just like Ethereum\'s testnet, Bitcoin is also providing service for its users to test their application and make sure that are functional and behaving as developer expected.

Multichain: It is probably the cheapest method for developing a live blockchain. It is so cheap that you could develop two blockchain on you own machine, one as a test and the second one as a live version. Multichain is using method called streams that have ability to execute smart contracts.

Addendum: Almost every blockchain testing simulator employs a different protocol that is differing from others. There are surely more than ten methods by which one could feature a fully fledged testing scenario.

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Decentralized system like cryptocurrencies means that no one have authority and control of it, this is the fact why are counties afraid of cryptocurrencies, because cryptocurrencies are threat to traditional financial system, some official stated that cryptocurrencies could be banned entirely or at the very least it would be regulated.

South Korea is not the first country that have banned cryptocurrencies. Last year country like Vietnam, China, Bolivia, Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh and North Korea also banned trading cryptocurrencies. There are few reason why counties are banning cryptocurrencies, just like above mentioned. As we already said, cryptocurrencies have being banned for security issues. The other reason is it decentralization which means that people are trading with the cryptocurrencies without the third party (intermediate) which traditionally is a bank.

Security and protection

The fact that cryptocurrencies are anonymous nature means that cryptocurrencies could be used for illegal transaction, for example police in South Korea find out that the two of the country\'s largest cryptocurrency exchange are avoiding taxes. Also cryptocurrencies could be used for money laundering or terrorism.

Banks and governments

As you probably know, bank will charge you fees for doing absolutely anything that includes money like transaction, deposit, even when they just hold your money. After the financial crisis in 2008 the trust in bank is decreasing. Using blockchain technology where every single transaction is securely linked together which is making transaction verifiable is more immune to attack than traditional banks. As we already said no one have control of cryptocurrencies which means that the monitoring of transaction is almost impossible, this is for example reason why China banned cryptocurrencies. Also, cryptocurrencies are threat to the stability of the nation currency for example Indonesia.

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The blockchain technology is a decentralized system. Decentralization means that there are no institution, government or any single entity that have control of blockchain. This way, private information in blockchain are secured and no one can abuse the information. So blockchain is actually secure, cheaper and faster alternative to traditional system. The whole concept was developed by Bitcoin\'s developers and it is first time implement to a Bitcoin network. These days there are some blockchain that are using smart contracts, here is something interesting about them.

Smart contracts or as many people these days is calling them self-executing contracts are computer programs that can automatically execute the terms of contracts without intermediate, third party such as lawyers or banks. One of the most popular altcoin that is based on smart contracts is Ethereum. It is a cryptocurrency developed in 2013 and these days is number one competition to Bitcoin. It is mainly developed to facilitate and execute smart contracts. Ethereum is a platform, Ether (ETH) is cryptocurrency, this platform is using different programming language than Bitcoin. Platform is not without negative characteristic and the biggest issue of this platform is that bugs can be fixed only if the core script is changed. There are also others cryptocurrencies that are based on smart contracts such as IOTA, LISK, Stellar and Crown coin. They are considered cheaper and faster than Bitcoin, but the explanation of these facts lays down in the fact that Bitcoin was first cryptocurrency ever and other are developing as an answer to some Bitcoin\'s problems.

Using smart contracts is a smart move because of its robustness and its resistance to pampering. Altcoin that are using smart contracts are being more and more popular these days, and will grow even more. Ethereum is the first cryptocurrency that have started using smart contracts where people in the network could get funded for their ideas and project through Ether, official currency on platform.

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As we already know, we are living in the world of cryptocurrency. We are seeing how adoption rate are growing from day to day and we must consider fact that alternative payment method called cryptocurrency or digital currency are going to be everyday payment method in close future just like the traditional physical currencies are. There are many factors that are influence adoption rate like government regulation, price, trust and the big companies. It is pretty logical that adoption rate is rising when some big business start to use cryptocurrency as a regular payment method. The big company that recently started to use Bitcoin as a payment method is KFC from Canada. Customers now have opportunity to pay for their chicken with Bitcoin but only for a limited period and only when purchasing a special cryptocurrency-themed basket. Using Bitcoin as a payment method is still out of the question, so customers have to go to the online check-out page and order a delivery.

People are pretty sure that this is a initiative of mass adoption of Bitcoin, but it is also a good marketing trick, using the most popular thing these days, cryptocurrency as a marketing weapon. But we already know how KFC is known for its creative approach to marketing and PR. The most important thing is that Brands Inc, the company behind KFC are not demonstrated any market gain or losses following the announcement.

As we already said in the text above, this will be close future so we could now just wait to see what intercontinental business will do it next, adopt Bitcoin as a regular payment method.

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Let\'s define term incorrect address. Incorrect address is the address that you type in accidentally or with the purpose, it is not important if someone is using that address or not. Addresses could be valid or invalid. If you are lucky and you accidentally send your asset to some invalid address, some part of the network so called nodes or miners won\'t let you to proceed with the transaction or simpler your transaction will not be verified and this transaction will be rejected and refunded to you.

When sending some cryptocurrencies to someone, the best advice is to double check the address, because there are some cryptocurrencies which may not have safety checks so you can lose your refund. Another scenario different from the above mentioned is when you sent your Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency to incorrect but valid address. In this way, your asset is gone forever. Cryptocurrencies protocols are irreversible and transaction can\'t be cancelled.

The better scenario is when you accidentally send your coins to some address and you know who it is, you can ask them to give your money back. This scenario could happen when you send Bitcoins to someone with who you were recently trading.

It is also happening that people are accidentally sending coins to their previous addresses. You don\'t have to worry if something like this happen to you, if you know the private key of your previous address, addresses can be used multiple times.

As you can see, there are some scenarios when your cryptocurrencies could be returned to you, but there are also scenarios when you lose your cryptocurrencies, so the best advice is to bee extra careful and focus when you are sending your digital currencies to someone.

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Many people are comparing cryptocurrencies to internet and they are saying that cryptocurrencies maybe the next big revolution after internet. We all know how internet change our lives, the way we work, talk to people and many others benefits, same with the cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency are developed as an alternative to the traditional financial system, where monetary authority are determining the value of money in circulation. Cryptocurrencies have decentralizes system which means that there are no institution or government or any other entity that have control of value and number of token in circulation.

Cryptocurrency market is very volatile, unstable, with the minute to minute changes in price. The best way of how can you buy yourself some cryptocurrency is to do that through the certified broker such as IQ option. Many similar platform are very complicated but IQ option is pretty simple to use and user friendly platform. All you need to do is to pick the cryptocurrency that you want to buy and enter the amount of the money. Also you can set a stop loss/take profit order in order to automate your trading activities. This is a good way when you are trading because if the price action reaches a certain level your trade will close automatically.

Deposit Money To Your IQ option Account

New users have to practice and test their skills with the practice account first and only then when they feel ready, they are switching to account to trade with real money. Putting the deposit into your IQ option account is also pretty easy with the simple interface, so you don\'t really need some knowledge to do it. Follow these steps, click on the deposit and choose the desired payment method and that is pretty much it.

How To Withdraw Bitcoin From Your IQ option Account

You can do this directly from the IQ option platform but you need the Bitcoin Wallet setted up first and of course you need to have Bitcoin. If you have Bitcoin and Bitcoin wallets you are choosing option to withdraw, entering the Bitcoin wallet address and place a withdrawal request. Once, the request is approved you will receive the Bitcoin in your wallet.

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Traditional mining of leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin is these days almost impossible without the special equipment for mining. There are some cryptocurrencies on the market that can be mined with the PC and regular CPU or GPU, but if you want to your system is mining with the incredible speed, you need some better hardware for mining, simpler more expensive, faster mining.

These days there are many alternatives to home mining, like mining pools where you really don\'t need hardware, place to set up rigs, don\'t have noise and risk of overheating. All you need is just to invest in someone else\'s equipment. But if you still want to mine by your own here are things that you need, and it is great that everything you need you can purchase on Amazon. Here is everything you need.

  • 1 Power Supply - it is required for strong power supply. 1200w is required to run the mining rig
  • 1 Motherboard with CPU - it is important to have a perfect match between the graphic cards and motherboard
  • 6 Graphic Cards (GPUs) - this is the very important factor for mining operation. Some of the most popular graphic cards for mining are these: Sapphire Radeon Rx 480, Sapphire Radeon Rx 470, Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070
  • 1 RAM stick - for example 4GB of DDR3 RAM should be enough, honestly RAM memory is not that important in the mining rig
  • 6 packs of Powered Riser Cables 1x to 16x - used for the connecting the graphic cards and motherboard with some space leaved between for better air flow
  • 1 Hard Drive - SSD (solid state drive) is needed to keep everything running at the decent speed
  • Cooling - used for the keeping the temperature on the graphic cards low
  • Operating System - Windows 10 supports 6 GPUs together, but also Linux could be used.

After buying above mentioned equipment you need to download the mining software. It is open sourced so it\'s free to download and use. Software does all the heavy work and you also need a wallet. Hardware wallet or online wallet, the choice depends on you. When you start mining you can use mining calculator to calculate your mining profitability.

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When it comes to the cryptocurrencies there are many differences between, from adoption rate and technology that cryptocurrency is based on to services that some cryptocurrency is providing to its users. There are more than one differences between Ripple and Bitcoin, let\'s start with the most important one.

Bitcoin is decentralized network which mean that there are no government, institution or any entity that have full control of network. Ripple is complete opposite from Bitcoin when it comes to the control, it is owned by the company with the same name, which means that Ripple company have full control of Ripple cryptocurrency and they can end it when they want. Another difference, Bitcoins are dispersed worldwide. The biggest Bitcoin wallet holds almost 1% of all Bitcoins, while Ripple the company owns almost 60% of XRP tokens.

The main purposes are also different between these two digital currencies. Bitcoin was created as a storing value, alternative to traditional financial system, where government and central banks are determining amount of money in circulation. Ripple is created to make transactions between banks within the system easier, simpler and digital.

Transaction speed for some users may be the biggest difference between Bitcoin and Ripple, especially because high transaction speed is one of the biggest problem of Bitcoin. Average Bitcoin transaction confirmations take 10 minutes, while Ripple transaction confirmations take 5 seconds.

Getting the new tokens is also different between these two. While Bitcoin need to be mined, Ripple doesn\'t need to. All the Ripple tokens are transaction fees are burned.

The number of tokens in circulation. 100 Billion XRP have been initially pre-mined. At this moment there are about 38 Billions, while the rest of it are stored somewhere in Ripple labs. Bitcoin is not pre-mined. It has limited supply of 21 million Bitcoins, while there are in circulation above 16 million of its.

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We all know how volatile cryptocurrencies market is and that there are more than one factors that are influence the price and adoption rate of some cryptocurrency. Some countries just don\'t want to believe in digital currencies and they are banning them, because they think that cryptocurrencies are threat to the financial system, because no one have control of cryptocurrencies, no one is determining the amount coins in circulation and its value, which is complete opposite from traditional financial system and payment method.

The best explanation of above text is Indonesia. Indonesia has banned Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies from their payment systems. Now they are investigating the use of Bitcoin in the island of Bali and Causa lman Karana, head of Bank Indonesia\'s representative office in Bali said that they have found some posting on social media that Bali appeared to have become a heaven for Bitcoin transactions. Three weeks ago Indonesian police went undercover to investigate scores of businesses in Bali advertising online that they are still offering Bitcoin payment services. They found a couple stores still using Bitcoin as a regular payment method, but 44 businesses now had stopped to use Bitcoin.

The next step is law regulation of cryptocurrencies. Indonesia is asking their people not to use cryptocurrencies anymore. Along with the Directorate of Special Crime Investigation unit, Indonesia will enforce the rule that all transactions in Indonesia must use rupiah, traditional, physical, official currency.

This is pretty big step for the Indonesia and we just need to wait to see what effect will it have to other countries and mainly for cryptocurrencies and its prices and adoption rates.

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Interest in the cryptocurrency is not decreasing, even if there has been a small drop in the value of the same on the market. Large number of companies invest in creating their own cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions. The most recent company that has shown interest in the crypto world is Alibaba, a large Chinese e-commerce company.

As it is heard, this e-commerce company is launching its own crypto mining platform called P2P Nodes. This coincided with China\'s commitment to action on crypt mining, peer-to-peer trade, and local and international trading platforms, services and groups.

Cloud Mining

P2P Nodes were registered in October last year, only month after the government made trade with cryptocurrency forbidden in country. It is not sure what is Alibaba\'s intention, but there are some rumors about using the system to provide cloud mining services for its customers. In the future blockchain technology and cryptocurrency could be incorporated also into the company’s e-commerce platform.

No Alibaba Coin

The Alibaba chief Jack Ma said that he was very little informed about the world of cryptocurrency and was not familiar with their functioning, he also said that he thinks the world is not ready for such a thing and that this will lead to major changes in the international rules of trade and finance. It is for this reason that Alibaba\'s decision to enter the world of the cryptocurrency is very bold especially considering the decision of China to ban crypto exchanges.

Although the company does not show for now that it wants to develop its cryptocurrency, researching the crypto world shows that it is not indifferent and that there is a dose of interest in crypto technology to improve business. This certainly represents a positive sign, especially with a view of the circumstances and abandonment of country by the large crypto mining operations ViaBTC.

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After almost a decade from launching Bitcoin, adoption rate of all cryptocurrencies are rising with the incredible trend and everyone want to buy some cryptocurrency, to trade it or keep it and wait for the price to rise up. Mining cryptocurrencies is still very popular but the truth is if you want to mine cryptocurrencies you need to invest huge amount of money into the equipment. Many people believe that they could profit from the cryptocurrencies with the investing in hot new cryptocurrencies that are waiting for its boom. IQ option is a popular and reliable cryptocurrencies broker and now it is offering to its users opportunity to trade with these three altcoins: NEO, Stellar and Qtum. Each of these mentioned altcoin have some characteristic, so let\'s see what kind of services these cryptocurrencies are offering to users.

NEO is China-based project since 2014. It is based on blockchain technology and it is cryptocurrency. It is one of the altcoins that are using smart contract like Ethereum so many people are saying that NEO is trying to be Ethereum on steroids, better, faster, stronger. By the market capitalisation NEO is in first 10 largest cryptocurrencies. Many people are saying that NEO is pretty promising cryptocurrency.

Stellar is distributed, hybrid blockchain developed with an idea of facilitating cross-asset transfer of value, or in other words, make transfer of money easier, safer and faster. The company has some plans beyond business. To simplify, Stellar is also promising cryptocurrency that promises to fight poverty and maximize personal potential.

Qtum is based on blockchain technology and it is also cryptocurrency that are using smart contracts like Ethereum. It is designed with the main idea to facilitate cooperation between major cryptocurrencies. Team behind this project is very focused on stability, interoperability and modularity.

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In November 2017 – throughout a matter of weeks – Bitcoin surged from being an obscure fringe investment to a global, viral tending sensation which everybody wanted to be a part of. Between mid-November and early-December, the price of Bitcoin went from $3,000USD for a single coin to over $19,000USD. Bitcoin was having its moment in the spotlight, and cryptocurrency is now the topic on everyone’s mind.

No matter if you think Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general is a bubble which is destined to burst and come crashing down, or if you think your investments will pay off to over one-hundred times the Bitcoin peak in the long-run, there is one clear message: Cryptocurrency is shaping the future of finance and there is no escaping it.

What is Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency which is anonymous and secure, detached from financial institutions such as banks. Think of a cryptocurrency as an exchangeable currency, like the United States Dollar, but is instead intended to exchange digital information through cryptography – the process which converts readable data into code which is untraceable and uncrackable, to track purchases and transfers. But, is it the future?

There have been hot debates on this topic which many people are divided on. There are both pros and cons to cryptocurrency, but the most important thing to consider is that, in the modern world, every second counts. Everybody is always looking for new and exciting ways to become more efficient, which is why digital currency has become so popular. When you use cryptocurrency to purchase something, the transaction is confirmed instantly. When you use cryptocurrency to send money – whether it is to your neighbour or to somebody halfway across the world – it gets to them instantly. There are no waiting periods, no time wasted waiting for authorization or for it to be cleared and no delays due to weekends or holidays.

Also, what makes cryptocurrencies so great, is that anybody can access it. You do not require permission to use it, you do not need to open a bank account, it doesn’t matter what your status is, where you live or what you do for a living. It is a simple software which anybody can use for free which, after you install it, you can use it to send and receive money. Nobody can stop you from doing it. This is what makes cryptocurrency so different to traditional banks who can turn you down from opening an account for any reason.

Is Bitcoin the Future?

The important thing to remember about cryptocurrency – particularly Bitcoin – is that it was created to operate outside national currencies and appeal to people who do not trust banking institutions.

In countries such as Venezuela, Bitcoin has become very popular where it is used in place of government-issued currencies which have suffered due to hyper-inflation. These currencies have become so popular here because transactions can be performed from a phone and Bitcoin’s value is much more stable than currencies which have failed due to hyper-inflation.

But, Bitcoin cannot be used on a national scale… at least not yet. Bitcoin supports a much fewer amount of transactions per-minute; Bitcoin’s framework itself can only support seven transactions per second. Now, if we look at how many global transactions take place per second, Bitcoin falls far below that mark; VISA’s credit card network can handle 65,000 transactions per-second. Plus, the privacy considerations are also a problem. There is a great paradox inherent in Bitcoin that it creates too much privacy and not enough privacy at the same time. Too much in that it allows criminals to trade anonymously within the drugs market, but not enough privacy that these transactions are still traceable.

Bitcoin is also very volatile; it fluctuates too much to be used as a global currency which needs to be stable and functional. A traditional currency has its value set by a central bank – the Euro has its value set by the European Central Bank – but Bitcoin’s value is driven by speculation and trend, which makes it very volatile and unsuitable for use as a national or global currency. One whole Bitcoin could have the power to buy you a car one day and then only be able to buy you a can of soda on the next day. This is an extreme example, but it is not impossible; that’s the problem with Bitcoin and why it couldn’t – in its current state – be implemented on a large scale.

What About Other Cryptocurrencies?

Just because Bitcoin is unlikely to be the future of finance, that doesn’t mean that the future of finance won’t be a different cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin – for the minute – is at the forefront of blockchain currency and is the face of cryptocurrency. However, due to its nature, it is unlikely to be the future of finance. There remains great scope for another cryptocurrency which is inherently different to Bitcoin and other volatile cryptocurrencies to come in and change the face of the game. The Federal Reserve and other large national banks are already interested in utilizing blockchain technology to bring to life a centralized national cryptocurrency and, many experts agree that, in the future, many countries will turn to cryptocurrency as we rely more and more on digital technologies. Traditional currency is already largely moving from being a physical commodity to digital ones – just look at PayPal or the huge rise of contactless technology for examples – so there is definitely the need for a method which secures digital transactions; blockchain technology is a top contender for providing this method.

When we are thinking about the future of finance, cryptocurrency has a great influence – its ability to better avoid hacking and exploitation – and based on the looming issues of cybersecurity, blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency are in a brilliant place to transform the future of finance.

In fact, some countries are already trying it. For example, Estonia are working to create an e-Residency program and part of their program includes the creation of ‘estcoin’, and they hope that it will be the world’s first national cryptocurrency. Additionally, the Bank of England are hard at work creating their own cryptocurrency and have even introduced its first experimental crypto framework – RSCoin – and the Bank of England will create digital money just like it creates its physical notes and coins.

To do this, the British economy – with 73.2 billion Great British Pounds in circulation – would have the same fixed number of cryptocurrency in circulation represented by a digital coin, instead of a physical one. People could then trade their physical pounds for digital ones, and there would be no economic effect since the pound is still a pound, it is just being exchanged for a digital one instead.

The Verdict

As countries such as Britain and Estonia begin to experiment with cryptocurrency, the possibility of it being the future of finance is real. As countries come closer and closer to their own cryptocurrency, it is becoming increasingly possible that in 50 years’ time, we could see nationally backed cryptocurrencies replacing their physical counterparts.

Given the reliance that we already have in contactless technology and online currency trading platforms, paper money is becoming less and less relevant. Transactions are now primarily made using credit and debit cards, contactless technology or sent online. We as a race no longer primarily rely on paper money, and it is entirely possible that we will see a cryptocurrency one day replace national currencies as we currently know them.

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Cryptocurrencies seems to become the number one topic these days and many people are starting to invest in it, to gain some profit. Bitcoin and Ethereum are two best cryptocurrencies these days and the best way to earn some profit from it is to wait for the price to rise up and then sell it, but according to some experts these two digital currencies are not the most promising ones when it comes to an expected return.

Cryptocurrencies market are very volatile and there are many factors that are including the price of some cryptocurrencies. Many experts are predicting that Bitcoin could rise to the $500.000 by 2020, but what are chances that this will come true. If you really want to invest in cryptocurrencies you should consider investment in altcoin that are just waiting for its boom. As a example we could observe Ripple (XRP). If someone invest $100 at the beginning of the 2017, he could get over $350.000 on December 31. If you are looking for the safety investment than Bitcoin and Ethereum are digital currencies for you, but do not expect some astronomical return. First reason why you should invest in altcoins is that have room for growth and its market capitalisation is still small compared to the Bitcoin and Ethereum. But the huge return also mean that risk is pretty huge. You should prepare yourself that you may lose. The best advice is not to rely on some altcoin but get the portfolio of different altcoins. You can include Ripple, Cardano, Ton, EOS, Monero, Litecoin, Dogecoin and so on.

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The word \"big\" in the title could be confusing, especially because there are thousand different opinions, some people only called Bitcoin big cryptocurrency, some people think of first 5 or 10 cryptocurrencies when said big. Confusing could also be the point of view, what big really means, does it mean high price, or functionality that some digital currency is providing to its users or some other factor are included?

So it is very difficult to answer to the question what cryptocurrency is next Bitcoin. It could be Ethereum. Ethereum is very good platform, based on smart contracts, it is used in most ICOs (initial coin offering). Another cryptocurrency that is based on smart contracts is Cardano, and people thing that Cardano might be able to reach Bitcoin level. Bitcoin is now crypto star, everyone is talking about it, so if we are going to find the Bitcoin rival, we must focus on other altcoins, not only Bitcoin.

Let\'s go back to our next \"big\" cryptocurrency. If you use the term big for the top 5, then next big cryptocurrency should be somewhere in the top 10-15 for example Cardano, Tron and Stellar. If you use the term big for the top 10 than the next Bitcoin is somewhere in the top 20. Monero and EOS are potential candidates.

To make a resume here, it is very hard to predict future, especially when it comes to the cryptocurrencies, its market is very volatile and it is almost impossible to predict which cryptocurrency are going to explode next. The best advice is to spend few hours daily researching about cryptocurrencies, what functionality they are providing to its users and adoption rate of the cryptocurrency and so on.

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Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency ever. This fact is implicating to the fact that it has some negative characteristics, or to be specific, other cryptocurrencies are made as a solution to this negative characteristics. Some of the most negative characteristics is transaction speed. Average Bitcoin\'s transaction speed is about 10 minutes, some other cryptocurrencies have transaction speed about few seconds. In comparison to the Ethereum, Bitcoin is losing this battle due to Ethereum\'s smart contracts, but basically the difference in the way of use, Bitcoin is made as a alternative to traditional payment method. Ethereum is made to provide smart contracts where users can be funded for theirs projects and ideas. As a third problem we could mention scalability. We are seeing many Bitcoin forks because developers are trying to solve some problems.

The question that we are hearing every day more and more is about decentralization. Is Bitcoin really decentralized? I assume that everyone know what is 51% attack. For the people that don\'t know, it is a very possible situation that the biggest Bitcoin miners could unite together, which means that Bitcoin becoming centralized. The fact is that top 5 miners have almost 70% of hash power, so decentralization is under question mark.

So, to make a resume, it is pretty hard to answer the above question. There are better cryptocurrencies these days but Bitcoin is keeping its reputation as number one cryptocurrency. I think that time will show us answer to the question in title, so we need to wait to see which cryptocurrency is going to explode and replace the Bitcoin.

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TRON (TRX) is a new hot altcoin, with the trend of rise in couple of weeks. With this rise this altcoin get market capitalization of $12.4 billion which makes it in top 10 lists of largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Just like most of the others altcoin, so the Tron. It is blockchain based decentralized protocol, created with the main idea of making digital finance world easier with the blockchain and distributed storage technology. Many experts are just waiting for its boom.

Just like every single cryptocurrencies, Tron is developed to help people to reduce some fees that are some companies acquire. In this situation it means that digital media creators who use Tron have total control and ownership over the all the data they create, which is cutting third party or so called intermediaries like Google Play and Apple Store.

We all know that all the cryptocurrencies have their own advantages and disadvantages. Tron\'s biggest advantage is great team of developers, investors and advisers. Tron\'s CEO is Justin Sun and he is a person who is guided and supported by Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba group. Another great advantage is already above mentioned, users have full control and central ownership of their data. Tron is operating as a non-profit organisation and its main idea is to administer free public services. Probably it is too soon to talk about the disadvantages of this altcoin because it is too small, but the main disadvantage could be the number of coins in supply. is the number of the coins in supply.

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We all know how volatile cryptocurrencies market is, so there are more than one factors that are influence the price of digital currency. Ethereum is decentralized software platform, based on smart contracts with the main idea that users of this platform could be funded for their ideas and projects with the Ether, officially currency on platform. It is a second most popular cryptocurrency with the market cap of $41.4 billion.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency ever so all other cryptocurrencies are very similar to Bitcoin, they are all distributed public blockchain networks. But we are more interested in what differs these two best cryptocurrencies. The most important difference is their purpose, Bitcoin is created as a online payment method, as alternative to physical money. Bitcoin\'s blockchain enables online Bitcoin payments while Ethereum blockchain focuses on running the programming code. The more applications are built the more valuable Ether becomes. The second difference is way to get the coin. While Bitcoin users are mining Bitcoin, Ethereum users are working to earn Ether.

Here are three factors that are influence the price. First is Ethereum supply, 96 million units, although there is expectation of increasing the supply. Second factor are decentralized applications, and the third but no less important factor is demand.

To predict future is pretty hard, especially when it comes into predicting the future price of cryptocurrencies due to its volatile market.

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Bill Gates adopted Bitcoin in 2014, when people barely know what Bitcoin is. According to some employees, Microsoft doesn\'t want to accept Bitcoin as a payment method any more. There are several reason for this but the main reason is volatility of the cryptocurrencies market. We all know how volatile market is and that can influence to corporate profit in no time and Microsoft is not ready to deal with it. This is the Microsoft\'s problem, there are also customers problems like transaction fees. Transaction fee were on average 100 time lower, now it is $20 per transaction.

We all know how can this influence to the Bitcoin price. This is the factor that can lower the price in no time, just like other factor that are influence the price and adoption rate, like government regulation, media and many many other factors. People are very sensitive on this subject, especially people who want to invest their money into cryptocurrencies. Few bad words about some cryptocurrencies and people change their mind of investing, especially when it comes to the Microsoft, the world\'s leading innovators. Same with the government regulation. Some country ban cryptocurrencies, adoption rate goes down instantly.

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There are more than one way how can you gain pretty huge profit from the Bitcoin, especially these days when adoption rate of Bitcoin is rising enormously. Of course, one way differs from other and they are conditioned by the amount of money that you are investing. These investment also differs by the level of the risk and the risk is related to the profit. In all of these investments there are some kind of risk, especially for the reason how volatile the cryptocurrencies market is, so no, there is no safety investment in this world. Some of them also could be deadly, which means that you could loose all of your investment.

Bitcoin mining is way to earn Bitcoins without buying any. It is a good way to gain some profit from the Bitcoin but it also requires investment in hardware and huge electricity costs. Bitcoin is becoming more and more difficult due to more competition within the network but it is still pretty sure way how can you profit.

Trading Bitcoins is an easier way but also requires some knowledge and skills. It is based on the simple economic law, buy when the price is low, sell when price goes up. The positive side is that you don\'t need to invest in hardware like in firs scenario, you only need to pick exchange site, set up an account and deposit fund into the account.

These two ways above mentioned are so called traditional way of how can people profit from Bitcoin, but these days there are some other ways, for example vidybit is platform that enables to its users to earn free Bitcoin only by watching videos.

Bitcoin can also be earned through playing dice or with offer programs but these methods can\'t lead to enormous profit. Losing money happen really often because people are buying Bitcoin and losing them in the stock market, or people are investing in hardware and electricity but mining doesn\'t pay off, so the first thing you need to do if you are looking for opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies is to do the research and calculations first.

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We are living in the cryptocurrencies world. There are more then 700 different altcoins besides the most popular one, Bitcoin. For example E-coin is Blockchain project, with the main idea as rest of the cryptocurrencies to make financial transaction easier and better for the industries in the corporative world similarly to how Bitcoin has made an evolution in this sector. E-coin X platform is an idea very similar to Ethereum, platform where businesses and end users could deal directly without the third party and business companies could directly reduce cost and create safe environment for its transactions using business to business and business to consumer environments by peer to peer transaction with the E-coin cryptocurrency (ECC).

The best recommendation if you want to buy altcoins is to do it through buying Bitcoin first and then change it for altcoin you want, because in this situation you are going to reduce fees and broker costs. Coinbase is the most reliable Bitcoin broker, but its have limitations just like others brokers. You can buy Bitcoin in worth of $150 or €150 per week with you credit or debit card, and this broker works in the next countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, Australia and Singapore. Beside Coinbase there are others Bitcoin brokers like Coinmama and BitPanda, but also they have their own limitations and countries in which they are operating. Coinmama for example only operate in some US states and has fee of 6% but have best purchasing limit where you can buy up to $5000 per day or $20000 per month. BitPanda is also reliable broker with the fees between 3% and 4%, but the negative fact of this broker is that fees are not shown openly on the site but instead included in the buying price. After you get your Bitcoin, the next step is to trade them for E-coin or some other altcoin you want.

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Mining any cryptocurrencies is a pretty big investment that require lot of money for hardware, electricity bills and so on, if miner want to mine using their own mining rig. Especially when we are talking about Bitcoin, where so called traditional mining or mining from home is impossible so you need to buy specially hardware made for the purposes of the mining, and it costs, a lot. But of course, there are other option how you can get cryptocurrencies without buying you own mining machines. Cloud mining is that option. The only thing you need is home computer for communications and bitcoin wallet. Mining machines are property of mining company and the customer simply needs to register and purchase mining contracts or shares.

If you are thinking about investment in the cloud mining, you should know that there are 3 types of cloud mining. Hosted mining where mining machine is hosted by the provider. There is a form of cloud mining based on a virtual hosted mining with the virtual private server and mining software. The third type of cloud mining most popular is mining that refers to leasing hashing power.

When it comes to advantages and disadvantages of the cloud mining you should know this. Mining machines could warm up pretty much and they are using lot of electricity, so advantage are home without noise, you don\'t need to invest in ventilation system and there are no huge electricity bills. If mining fails, you don\'t have lot of hardware to sell. Disadvantages of this kind of mining including frauds, there are many mining clouds that are nothing but scam. It is less profitable than using your own machines for mining and there are some additional costs.

Here an advice. Before choosing any kind of above mentioned mining type you need to do research by your own, from reliable sources, to minimize risk and to get knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

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Year 2017 was the year where we were witnesses of huge increase of adoption rate and the price of almost all the cryptocurrencies. Many people said that 2018 will be decisive year, especially because institutional fund will start to invest in cryptocurrencies and that will change our traditional economy.

First cryptocurrency that feel change in price and adoption rate was Bitcoin. Bitcoin was first cryptocurrency ever developed as alternative to the traditional payment method. With Bitcoin and its network, people could make internet transaction directly without intermediate. It took years before this technology started to grow.

Many people said that developing Ethereum was the causes of the general public interest in cryptocurrencies at all. Ethereum is a protocol based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. With smart contracts, users could get funded for their ideas and project through Ether, official currency of Ethereum.

There are many protocols just like Ethereum that are based on blockchain technology. For example EOS is decentralized operating system designed to support the creation of commercial-scale applications. Neo or originally named AntShares was born in 2014. It is like Asian version of Ethereum with many similarities. Stellar (XLM), developed with the main idea to allow transaction of various asset to be quick, reliably and cheaply. Liks is project that is allowing creation of applications using JavaScript. Stratis is blockchain platform that are providing financial solution for institutional clients wishing to exploit blockchain technology. Russian physicist created Waves, open sourced platform that allows creation of custom cryptotoken according to different needs.

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Cryptocurrencies are based on decentralized network. Decentralization means that no institution, government, or any other third party has control on the cryptocurrencies market, value and its volume. The most popular cryptocurrency with the incredible rise in 2017, with more than 10 times, is also the first successful cryptocurrency ever, Bitcoin. The fact that Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency ever make a lot sense when someone say that Bitcoin adoption rate is rising every minute.

Technology is increasing its progress every day, which mean that cryptocurrencies are getting better every day, involving individuals and institutions into the financial world of cryptocurrencies, making this world easier. Another fact that is increasing adoption rate and the trust in Bitcoin is its security. When we said in the text above that Bitcoin is first successful cryptocurrency, it means that it is first cryptocurrency where coins can\'t be stolen or copied (spent more than once), thanks to cryptographic protocols that are impossible to be cracked, with the technology that we have today. But future quantum computers could be a danger for cryptocurrencies.

There are some possible answers to these issues, for example some of the public-key schemes are resistant to the attack of quantum computers. But for now Bitcoin is not planning on revising security protocols most for the reason that quantum computers are still not a threat in reality, but for 10 maybe even 20 years, quantum computers could become reality which will increase the pressure on Bitcoin to change its security protocols. There is a question of how secure everything would be with the threat of quantum computers. Guess we have to wait for the answers.

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More than two decades, we are witnesses of how internet changer our lives, from everyday habits like talking and chatting to each other, to business where we today very often have situation that people are working from their home, without going to theirs company. Internet and technology are making our lives easier. In the past all of countries currency was backgrounded in gold. As everything is improving their level, people expected something that will make their financial lives easier. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are made with that idea, making financial businesses easier without third party. Very often Bitcoin is compared to gold and that is only one fact why people are still believe in Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies are the future and that is the fact.

Digital currencies are threat to the traditional financial system. Here is explanation why. Every national currency is controlled by the central bank, government and other institution. Bitcoin is complete opposite to this, there is no institution or central bank that have control over the value, volume and the number of coins in the circulation. Bitcoin is decentralized network developed with the idea to make financial transaction easier and deflationary. Besides these facts price and the way how people can earn good profit makes people to have faith in Bitcoin.

Those people how invested or still investing in Bitcoin, are people who believe in Bitcoin, but they are mostly people without technology knowledge and they are not professional investors. There are also people from the other side, experts who have knowledge about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and security protocols. These people are giving to the other\'s people sense of legitimacy.

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As adoption rate of Bitcoin is rising and Bitcoin is becoming more and more regular payment method in everyday life, lot of companies are created with the main idea to help people to easier get their coins. While choosing your Bitcoin broker, buyer must be careful, because there are some companies that only want to abuse credit card information and other private information. Also, some brokers are available only in certain countries so do the research before decision.

Coinbase is world largest Bitcoin broker, with the limitation of $150 or €150 of Bitcoin per week, with the 3.99% fee, paid with credit or debit card in United States, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and Singapore. Coinmama is Bitcoin broker that works only in some US states with the fee of 6% and limitation of purchase $5000 per day or $20000 per month. Europe\'s most reliable and trusted broker is BitPanda with the fee between 3% and 4%, but the one bad characteristic of this broker is that purchase fees are not shown openly on the site, but fee is included in buying price.

All of these brokers are mostly the same, with the idea to make buying Bitcoin easy, mostly differs with the purchase fee, limitation, and the countries where they are operating. To use any of these brokers, if you are buying Bitcoin, first thing you need is Bitcoin wallet, online or hardware wallet, that is up to your preference. After getting the wallet, you need to create account on the broker\'s site, choose a payment method, connect your account to your credit or debit card and after all connect account with the Bitcoin wallet and that is pretty much it.

People need to choose payment method that is best for their needs, for example many buyers are using credit card as a payment method because bank transfers offer cheaper rates. Exchanges needs your private information and location, so getting this information ready could speed up the time needed to validate a buyer\'s account.

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Blockchain is made from a two words, blocks and chains. It would be more clear if this technology were named chains of blocks which are essentially represented. Let\'s start with the simple explanation. Blockchain is a huge database of recorded blocks. Whenever the blockchain database gets update, new block is recorded into system and all the database replications within the network display this new block in the same way.

Basically, it is a technology where database of transactions or any other data is distributed and shared among the different computers and servers and no one is controlling it. Every time when blockchain is updated, all the replication within the network get updated.

Blockchain is called revolutionary technology because of these facts:


With the today\'s technology it is impossible to attack this database. Here\'s answer why. Imagine situation when hacker attacks one server or computer, the rest of the computers in this distributed network will still have the same, valid version of database and the blockchain technology can easily compensate the damage. There is no possibility for hackers to attack all the servers at once.

Blockchain destroys monopoly

As we already said, there is no entity that is controlling the whole system, blockchain is self-sufficient, based on consensus among the community members.


There is no possibility of faking transaction. The transaction is confirmed when all the servers shows the same transactions and occurrences, which means that everyone can see all the transactions ever made.

No intermediaries

This technology doesn\'t need any bank, government, regulators, etc. The injection of new coins are based as a reward for solving mathematical issues within the network.

These are just core benefits of this technology and there are plenty of them not mentioned. For example Ethereum is a good example of blockchain potential. Ethereum is platform based on smart contracts where people can negotiate contracts without third party.

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Bitcoin is a digital currency, developed with the idea to make financial transaction easy, tax-free, without third party. Buying Bitcoin and waiting for the price to rise up is option of how you can profit from the Bitcoin, but there is risk of price falling. The second option of how can you profit from Bitcoin is mining. Mining is a process of solving mathematical problems within the network and as a reward miners are getting Bitcoins.

So, if you still interested in making some profit through cryptocurrencies, mining is the best option for you. First step you need to do is buying hardware. In the past this buying was not necessary because everyone were allowed to mine from home with the regular PC. This time is behind us and today you need special hardware developed for the purposes of mining. When you are picking hardware very important thing is hash rate, bigger hash rate solving transaction block quickly. While mining, your hardware will use a lot of electricity so hardware energy consumption level is also important thing to observe.

On the internet there are special sites that will calculate your investment, you just need to input the amount, you want to invest and how much profit you are expecting. This application is called Bitcoin mining calculator.

As you probably know, there is finite amount of Bitcoins, 21million of them, and many of them are already mined. Also there are more and more miners every day so mining is becoming more and more difficult, so the luck is also needed. So let\'s make a resume here. Mining can make you a great profit, but also you need to invest lot of money, and have a luck. Important thing is also to do all the research before you invest. Trust no one and read only reliable sources.

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Even you probably know, mining Bitcoin from home is literally impossible, but there are some altcoins beside bitcoin that can be mined through traditional way of mining, with your own GPU or CPU.

Bitcoin is the first successful cryptocurrency ever, so it is pretty logically that it is most popular, but many others cryptocurrencies are developed as a result of Bitcoin\'s issues, these cryptocurrencies are called altcoins and there are many of them. They are arriving the market through new funding mechanism called initial coin offerings (ICOs).

The most popular cryptocurrency beside bitcoin is Ethereum, which is decentralized platform based on smart contracts where people can negotiate with the contracts without third party and get funded for their idea, projects and applications through ether, official currency of Ethereum. Ethereum is the second large cryptocurrency due to market capitalisation which is around $41 billion.

Another good cryptocurrency is Litecoin. Many people compare Bitcoin to gold, so if Bitcoin is gold, Litecoin is silver. It has market capitalisation around $17 billion, which means that it is smaller than Bitcoin and Ethereum but it has one good characteristic, the speed of transaction process.

All the cryptocurrencies mentioned above are based on blockchain technology. IOTa is new cryptocurrency based on directed acyclic graph (DAG) technology. This system enables free transaction.

Monero (XMR) has one characteristic that differ from other cryptocurrencies. It is privacy, where transaction is completely private and untraceable, so no one can link some transaction to a particular user.

Ripple (XRP) is also popular cryptocurrency and it differs from other cryptocurrencies with the fact that it doesn\'t require mining. Released in 2012, with the main idea to make international payments low cost and easier.

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As you probably know, these days many people want to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well, but they simply don\'t know when is the right time to enter the cryptocurrencies market. First, let\'s answer to the question above, Yes, you should definitely invest in Bitcoin when the value is down. According to some expert, the best situation if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies is next. When the value is falling down, get your money ready and wait for the currency to start rising again. When cryptocurrency is showing the trend of rising its value again, that is the best moment when you can invest in.

We are all acquaint to fact how volatile cryptocurrencies market is and the fact that there are more than one factors that is influence the price of digital currency. The best example for this claim could be year of 2017, where we see rise of the Bitcoin value more than ever, so that year was unique because everyone could make a profit no matter when they entry the market.

Before the Christmas of 2017, probably all the investors were taking their profits and suddenly all the cryptocurrencies, not only Bitcoin started to collapse. As we already said in the text above, this was the right moment for the new investors to take action and get on the market. Be ready for long term investment and prepare for high volatility of your cryptocurrency.

Even it might generate you a big profit, it is not the best decision to buy Bitcoin during its fall, mostly because the fall could continue, you must be prepared for this also, hold your currency and wait for the growth of its value again.

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This is a very serious question mostly because the amount of money that people are investing in cryptocurrencies. We all know how volatile is cryptocurrencies market and that is the reason why many factors are included into the decision in what cryptocurrency to invest. If you are looking for cryptocurrency to invest in, here are some fundamental points that you need to observe before decision.

Rule number one, the older, the better. For example Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin are good options from this perspective. Rule number two, always seek for the cryptocurrency that are investment for a long term. Always check what are problems and main ideas with the cryptocurrency and would that problem be solved in the recent future. For example Bitcoin is created as a alternative for a fiat money. Litecoin is created to solve some Bitcoin\'s problems. Ethereum is platform where people can be funded for their ideas and projects. Reputation and adoption rate are also key factors. Always do the research by yourself from the relative sites, never believe anyone about anything until you find out by yourself.

The main question in the decision in which digital currency to invest in may be the rate of usage, for example Ripple is used for the transaction between banks, including JPMorgan, which is a pretty huge bank. Technical aspect should also be taken into account. And of course price, always check the price moving in last week, month, years.

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We all know how digital currencies are hot topic these days between all the people, experts and the amateurs. We were the witnesses how internet change our everyday lives, the way we are chatting to someone, even our business world where we have people that are working from their homes. Today we are witnesses how cryptocurrencies are changing financial world, but the real question is how big impact these changes possess at the moment?

Let\'s try to answer the above mentioned question. Bitcoin can\'t make a necessary impact for a financial crisis because it is still not integrated with the traditional banking, that\'s the first reason. The second reason is that there is no many people that own some cryptocurrency, not everyone have Bitcoin so it can be threat to financial system. But, the main threat form cryptocurrencies could be the fact that cryptocurrencies could be used to facilitate financial crimes and launder money.

Most economics said that cryptocurrencies are too small and too detached from other financial market and cryptocurrencies don\'t have enough power to start a new financial crisis. Another people thinks that another financial crisis could only contributed to cryptocurrencies to became more important and rise its adoption rate, because cryptocurrencies are developed as a decentralized and deflationary system.

Let\'s make a resume here. Cryptocurrencies are not too powerful yet to make financial crisis, they could trigger the next one but all the experts agree that they won\'t. Cryptocurrencies aren\'t still systematic risk for financial systems. As more people are getting their own cryptocurrencies, the risk is rising.

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As you probably know, there is more than one way how you can buy Bitcoin these days, but in the incoming text you will see the advantages why it is better to purchase your Bitcoin with the cash. First advantage is privacy. Cash purchases are private, Bitcoin exchange is requiring personal information to verify your identity. The second advantage is speed. If you are buying Bitcoin for the first time you don\'t need to wait 1 to 3 business days for deposit and 1 to 3 weeks for verification.

4 Methods for buying Bitcoin with Cash

Cash purchases in person

Traditional face to face trade. Finding the owner who want to sell the Bitcoin and that is pretty much it. Set up meeting with the seller, get the cash ready and don\'t forget to bring laptop or mobile device with installed Bitcoin wallet. There is service called escrow and it is our recommendation to trade with it. Don\'t give money to the seller until escrow verify the transaction.

Buying Bitcoin with cash from a Bitcoin ATM (BTM)

If you can\'t set up meeting with the seller due to tight schedule or some other reason, Bitcoin ATMs are the answer for you. These ATMs are available 24/7. Using the CoinATMRadar will help you find a nearby BTM, and when you find it, this application will show you exactly location, fees, limits and ID requirements if they are needed.

Cash Deposits at a Bank

Seller of the cryptocurrency will give you a detail of the bank. You go to the bank, and fill in a deposit form and make a cash deposit to the seller\'s account. It is pretty reliable method, more secure than meeting with a stranger.

Cash in the Mail (not recommended)

LocalBitcoin and Paxful offer services for finding sellers who accept cash through the mail. It is not recommended because you never know with who you are trading and choosing a reliable seller is pretty though job.

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In the whole business of cryptocurrencies, wallet represents the most important tool you have for securing and protecting you coins. Let continue with the explanation what Litecoin wallets is. Wallet is something where you keep you coins, just like physical wallet. We have more than one kind of wallets, let\'s start with digital or so called e-wallet. You can observe e-wallet as e-mail address but instead of sending and receiving messages, you are sending and receiving Litecoins. It is not most recommended option because you are literally keeping your assets on some external server and someone can hack the companies servers and steal your coins. Second type of the wallet are Desktop/mobile wallet, your coins are stored on your devices for example laptop. This kind of wallets are safer than e-wallet because someone need to physical access your computer to steal your coins. The best choices if you are considering buying wallets is Hardware wallet, a small piece of hardware that connects to your computer via USB portal and allowing you to send and receive coins.

Top 5 Litecoin wallets available

  • Trezor is a hardware wallet and Bitcoin, Dash and Litecoin and others cryptocurrencies can be stored on it.
  • Ledger Nano S is probably the best wallets around. It is a hardware wallet, and on this wallet you can secure your Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Dash and Ethereum. It is very similar to the Trezor.
  • Litecoin-QT is a free desktop wallet for Litecoin. If you are using desktop wallets, please don\'t forgot that all of your asset are now stored on your Laptop or PC.
  • Jaxx is a desktop and mobile wallet developed for Bitcoin and altcoin as well.
  • Exodus - the main characteristic of this wallet is design. On Exodus you can protect your Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Liteaddress.org is kind of service that will generate a Litecoin key and address for you. It is a offline wallet.

Before selecting your Litecoin wallet, or any cryptocurrency wallet, first need to get knowledge about concept of wallets at all. Do the research from a reliable resources.

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14.01. 2018 23:18  | 

The best news of mining cryptocurrencies is that there are still cryptocurrencies that can be mined through traditional way, from your home, with your PC. Zcash is one of it. You can mine Zcash directly to an exchange or to a hardware wallet. Another good characteristic of mining Zcash is that you don\'t need to download whole Zcash blockchain. In the incoming text we are getting you some others great characteristic of this cryptocurrency:

  • Mining is a good way to earn some profit and expend your mining with some new GPUs
  • Zcash is cryptocurrency which can easily been traded for Bitcoin and Bitcoin is easily traded for money
  • ZEC can also be easily traded for money on some major exchanges
  • ZEC are battling with Ethereum for the highest priced altcoin so it is a good investment

There are many optimist that are mining this cryptocurrency and holding it, waiting for the price to go up to the some level, where they would sell it and earn pretty good profit, it is old school business knows as buy low sell high. Some people that are investing in the gear for mining, mined to the some level and than they are selling the gear which means that all the mined cryptocurrencies are profit to these people.

How Zcash\'s Blockchain Differs from Bitcoin\'s

Zcash using different hashing algorithm than Bitcoin\'s which is making it incompatible with the ASICs, specially hardware developed for the mining purpose. It\'s called Equihash - memory hard algorithm best suited for the GPU mining. Privacy protocol are also differs from the Bitcoin\'s. Zcash privacy protocol is called zk-SNARKS and privacy is one of the good advantage in comparison Zcash to other altcoins. Zcash has a 2.5 minute block time compared to Bitcoin\'s 10 minutes, producing a block reward of 10 coins per solved block.

If you are interested in mining ZEC, here are few steps that you need to do:

  1. Install your video card
  2. Get a wallet
  3. Download the EWBF Zcash Miner
  4. Set right Windows Settings before Mining
  5. Join a Mining Pool
  6. Start the Miner
Zcash, Bitcoin, altcoins, cryptocurrency, mining
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Scott Evans
14.01. 2018 23:17  | 

As you probably know, there are more than one options how can you mine Bitcoin these days. First option is to invest and buy hardware, specially developed for the purpose of the mining Bitcoin and the other option is to invest in mining pool. There are few steps that you need to follow: get the right hardware, get the best software that matches your need and start mining. If you don\'t have so much technological knowledge, it\'s time to research which software is the best for you. Here are some software that you should consider in decision.

1. CGminer

It is most popular software, written in C language and can be used on Windows, Linux and OS X. CGminer is open source GPU miner which is including overclocking, monitoring, fans peed control and remote interface capabilities. Another characteristics of this software are multi GPU and CPU mining support, self detection of new block with a mini database and so on.

2. BFGminer

BFGminer also has some characteristics same as CGminer. The reason is that BFGminer is derivative of the CGminer, developed specifically for FGPA and ASICs, without central focus on GPUs. It represents pretty good software for mining with some advanced characteristics like vector support, integrated overclocking and fan control, crypt mining support fort CPU and GPU.

3. BitMinter

It is surely not most popular mining software but it is very user friendly. the software\'s official website is complete and straightforward. It is developed for the users and it\'s all about making Bitcoin mining Easy and winning high rewards. Some fact that differs BitMinter from other software is that software belong to the mining pool so first you need to register on the pool. BitMinter is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

4. BTCMiner

Open source software, available for Windows and Linux operative systems, still Windows users need to install the libusb driver firs. The software features a ready to use Bitstream and BTCMiner automatically chooses the frequency with the highest rate of valid hashes.

5. Poclbm

GPU Bitcoin mining software written in python based on OpenCL framework allowing programmers to write code that will work across a big variety of hardware. Users said that works perfectly with Nvidia and AMD video cards and it is great for experimentation.

6. DiabloMiner

It is also GPU bitcoin miner that are using same framework as Poclbm but it is written in Java. DiabloMiner allowing unlimited pools, must be opened through the terminal like cmd.exe Terminal.app

Bitcoin, mining, software, open sourced, framework
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First, let\'s start with the explanation what is a Bitcoin mining pool. Mining pools are group of miners that are pooling their resources together in order to generate blocks more quickly. It is pretty simple way of investing in Bitcoin, because all you need is money, you don\'t need to buy hardware, don\'t need to have a place where you put your cards, don\'t have to pay electricity bills and so on. For different cryptocurrencies there are different polls, there are bigger pools which offering smaller payout because reward is shared among more members. Smaller pools offers less frequent but larger payments. There are also different with the types of reward where you have next kind of rewarding methods:

  • Pay per Share (PPS) - rewarding user with a fixed amount, every time when share is submitted
  • Proportional - The user is paid based on the proportion of shares they found
  • Score based - A proportional method weighed by the time a share is submitted
  • Pay per Last N Shares (PPLNS) - Rewarding each shares on multiple rounds
  • Some of the mining pools, using fees as rewards. Fees can be something above 0% and go through 3%

Top 5 Bitcoin Mining Pools

Slush Pool

It was first bitcoin mining pool ever and it seems that this pool lead to creation of many other pools, it was created by Satoshi Labs in the Czech Republic. It is a medium mining pool which means that this pool maintains something above 7% of the network hash rate. There is a fee fixed on 2% and its shared through the miners. This pool provides a services to mine Zcash.


Chinese Bitcoin mining pool with the 22% of the network hash rate. The best characteristic of this mining pool is that user can choose between PPLNS and PPS reward types and we described same in the text above.

Kano CKPool

Also known as KanoPool, has around 3% network hash rate, rewarding 0.9% fixed fee per transaction. Regular payments, good support and friendly interface.


Is also Chinese Bitcoin mining pool, but its smaller then Antpool, has about 14% of network hash rate, operating with the PPS reward system and can also be used for mining Litecoin, Ethereum and Zcash.


Bitcoin mining pool settled in United States, has about 1% of network hash power, founded in 2011. The main advantages is that there are no fees. Eligius is operating with the PPS reward system with the minimum payment of 0.04 BTC.

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The answer to the question above is pretty debatable. Bitcoin mining under some condition yes, it is possible, but generally no. So called traditional mining where you can mine from your home with the standard GPU is almost completely forgotten even if you are living in the place where electricity is cheap. It would take incredibly long period of time to mine one Bitcoin. The positive thing is that If you really want to mine Bitcoin you can, you just need to invest in ASIC. It is completely new technology developed for the purpose of the mining. The negative side of this investment is the amount of the money you would need for the one ASIC. They are pretty expensive and not simple to maintain, so you need a technology knowledge as well.

Still, there are some possibility to profit from mining when you don\'t need expensive hardware and even technology knowledge, it\'s the cloud mining. Cloud mining is situation where you are literally investing in someone else\'s mining rig. When someone have a huge number of computers that are mining some cryptocurrency and it is settled somewhere where electricity is cheap, even for free it is called mining farm. So the whole concept of the cloud mining is pretty simple, you are investing your money in some mining farm and get some profit in return. In this case some of the advance that you are getting are that there is no high electricity bill, no hardware to buy, no noise around your house. The negative side of cloud mining is that you can\'t know if the cloud mining platform is profitable.

There are more than 700 others cryptocurrencies that are profitable and many of them can still be mined from the home. First option is Ethereum, well established platform. There is also Litecoin, which has similar structure to Bitcoin. And there are also Monero, Ripple, Zcash and others cryptocurrencies that only expect to grow in the future.

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14.01. 2018 23:15  | 

It is pretty simple to mine Monero (shortened XMR) just like mining Zcash or Ethereum. The very good news is that Monero still can be traditionally mined from your PC with your GPU, CPU or both of them (dual-mining). You can use the mining programs on Windows and Mac. If you are user of the AMD cards, the best way to profit from mining cryptocurrencies is to mine Ethereum. Monero is cryptocurrency focused on privacy.

Here are some of the reason why you should mine Monero if you are thinking what cryptocurrency you should mine:

  • Mining is a great way to get some profit and subsidize the purchase of even more GPUs.
  • Many people are mining Monero because it is easily traded for Bitcoin and Bitcoin is easily traded for Cash
  • Mining Monero could be entry ticket to the Monero market, which is high volatility market
  • XMR is one of the highest priced altcoins in the market

To be exact, mining Monero may allow you to take advantage of price in the future, hows that? Here is explanation: Mining some cryptocurrency is literally same as buying something, waiting for the price to rise and then sell it. There are some people that don\'t understand this concept and they are buying high and selling low. Buying gear and mining Monero allows you to have an income producing asset. Many of GPUs bought in 2015 were sold for the good profit in 2017 due to high demand in the market.

How Monero\'s Blockchain Differs from Bitcoin\'s

ASIC is special hardware developed for the purpose of mining Bitcoin, but Monero is based on different algorithm than Bitcoin is it is impossible to mine XMR through the ASICs. As we already said at the text above, the main advantage is that Monero could still be mined from home using your own CPU or GPU. Also there is difference in the privacy protocol, Monero is using so called ring signatures protocol.

To make a resume, here is the steps that you need to do to start mining Monero on your PC:

  1. Install drivers for you video cards
  2. Register free account at Minergate
  3. Download its software
  4. Tweak Windows Settings
  5. un the Miner
  6. See your progress with your Dashboard
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Let\'s start with the explanation what Ethereum is. Ethereum is cryptocurrency like Bitcoin based on smart contract. It is a decentralized network developed in 2013 by the Vitalik Buterin. On this platform, users can codify, secure and trade with almost anything like voting, crowdfunding, contract and agreement and so on. Now, let\'s explain its currency. Just like we said in the text above, Ethereum is platform, Ether is currency. It is currency like Bitcoin with the main purpose to make financial transaction easier. Ether can also be mined just like Bitcoin.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency ever, so it is logically that Ethereum is more technological advanced and easier to use. The founders of Ethereum claims that Ether is not currency as much as it is Crypto-fuel which means that Ether has main purpose and it is to pay for Ethereum platform and not buying stuff with Ether online.

Ethereum (ETH) vs Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ethereum Classic is a so called hard fork from original Ethereum. The main reason for creating new currency was hacker who find a way to steal $60m worth of Ethereum coins. So now entire network is separated to the two division.

How to buy Ethereum (credit card, wire transfer and cash)

Ethereum exchange is surely the best way to buy Ether, because it is Ethereum official exchange. There are some other ways to get your Ethers. For example Coinbase is also Ethereum exchange and literally anyone can buy Ethers there because you don\'t really need some technological knowledge, you just need to have Coinbase account, choose payment method how are you paying and click buy Ethereum. It is almost same thing with the different exchanges, but there can be a difference between exchange rate, for example on CEX.io exchange rate can be around 7% higher than on Coinbase. Besides Ethereum exchange and CEX.io same functionality has exchange like Coinmama, Changelly, Coinhouse, Bitfinex and others.

Another solutions how to get Ethereum are to buy it with cash from some individual. You can find this individual on LocalEthereum, which is a marketplace that are connecting people that are buying and people that are selling Ethereums. The other solution is to get yourself mining rig and start mining Ethereum.

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14.01. 2018 23:12  | 

First at all, let\'s explain what trezor is. Trezor is offline Bitcoin wallet, which are holding your private key and know how to sign a transaction without the connection to the internet. It is pretty small device that works offline but it giving you ability to spend you coins anywhere. You are accessing to your wallet, connecting it with some device for example laptop or PC through the USB connection. The only thing you need to do when you are installing Trezor is to install a bridge, which is allowing the Trezor to communicate with the computer and follow your instructions. Choosing a PIN code is pretty difficult, because all of your asset is stored behind that password and you surely don\'t let someone to get you cryptocurrencies. The PIN code will be needed every time when you are connecting device with the computer. Besides password there is also so called master private key - your recovery seed. The device will show list of 12 words which you will need to write down and keep in a self place.

After setting your password and your master private key you are ready to connect trezor to any computer, access the client for the Bitcoin Trezor, and send Bitcoin to whoever you like. Many people are wondering if Trezor can be hacked. There is no username or password for your account, your credentials are your device. Literally if someone physically doesn\'t steal your device, there is no chance for someone to get your assets. Even, there is one situation called Evil Maid, and this is a situation when attack is made physically on a computer that is left unattended. So, attacker have ability to physically access the computer multiple times without the owner\'s knowledge. Basically, nothing is 100% safe, same with the Trezor.

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Ethereum is platform which are offering smart contracts is becoming more and more popular in world of cryptocurrencies. It has advanced technology even from Bitcoin, but the reason for this is the fact that Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency ever, so any other cryptocurrency is developed as a solution to some troubles that effect Bitcoin. As you probably know, online wallets are not recommended and the best option where you can safe store your coins is hardware wallets. But of course they are not for free, costs about $50-$100.

The simplest option for you is Coinbase\'s Ethereum Wallet, which is pretty much as same as Bitcoin wallet. It is very user friendly and simply to use but there are some limitations that you need to be aware of. First and probably most important limitation is about private key. Company is holding private key of your wallet, which means that you don\'t have full control of your coins. Another limitation is about supporting ETC. Namely, this wallet doesn\'t not supporting Ethereum Classic.

Exodus wallet is a Bitcoin and altcoin desktop wallet, simply to use with beautiful design but also have some kind of limitations. First limitation is that the wallet is not 100% open sourced, which means that users within the network can\'t reviewed the full code. Another limitation is that there is no mobile version for this wallet, only desktop one. But the advantage in comparison to the Coinbase wallet is that private key is safe, not stored on any external server.

Very similar to the Exodus, Jaxx Wallet for desktop and mobile seems to be pretty good wallet for Bitcoin and altcoin. It has pretty good characteristics, support both ETH and ETC, private key is stored on your machine, but the wallet is not open sourced even there is possibility to found the entire code on the wallet\'s website.

ETHAdress is the option for someone who want to print out their passwords. ETHAdress is creating both, public and private key and one of the good characteristics of this wallet is that if someone want to use the coins they will need to know the password to decrypt it. Some negative characteristics of this wallet is that it\'s not supporting ETC only ETH.

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There was some tries to create digital currency, but the Bitcoin is first successful cryptocurrency launched in 2009. The rapid market expansion, explosion in trading volume and price of the Bitcoin has given cause to Bitcoin opposer to consider if Bitcoin is a bubble. Here are 5 reason that are proving that Bitcoin is not a bubble.

1) Transparency

Blockchain technology is the answer to the question why is Bitcoin so special. Every single transaction is recorded in the blockchain system and linked to the previous transaction and next transaction so it is free from manipulation and hacking. It is also visible to all users.

2) Robust cryptographic system

All of the transaction using Bitcoin that are once recorded in blockchain are irreversible and permanent. It is because the entire system is based on cryptographic principles - underpinned by mathematical proof, system is considered to the hackers attack and others kind of manipulation. Although there were a handful instances in which Bitcoin exchange have been hacked, overall the cryptocurrency has became unable to hack.

3) Decentralised and Distributed

The key factor of any cryptocurrency is decentralization. This means that no institution or government has control of the currency, there is no third party involved in transaction. But, there are some question that being raised that governments may step in to regulate cryptocurrency trading.

4) Volumes trending upward consistently

Trading volumes have exploded and the main reason of that is the number of users within the network. If number of users is rising that means that less and less people are believing that Bitcoin is a bubble. The opposer of the Bitcoin have argued for the years that it will fail and disappear, but the true is next, the larger Bitcoin become the less likely it is to fail.

5) Expansion of the sector

The key expansion of the cryptocurrencies sector could be observed from the number of cryptocurrencies these days. There have more than 700 digital currencies been traded every day. But, there are still many people than think the cryptocurrency is not a \"real thing\".

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Warren Buffett is according to Forbes list second most richest men in the world. He is well known American business man and we all should know that Warren only invest in assets that he understand very well, he heard about Bitcoin and know a lot about it but he doesn\'t deep understand it, this is the reason why he was critical about Bitcoin.

As we already said in the text above this guy has a simple rule which is saying if you don\'t understand a business, don\'t invest in it. \"If you understand a business, or a sector, you could have the upper hand when it comes to buying its stock.\" If you are guy that invest in everything knowledge can be your advance when it comes to the stock market.

When we are looking for the answer to the question above mentioned, we must consider the fact that Warren Buffett is a value investor, looking for companies that have value, looking for undervalued stocks based on P/E ration and other indicators. He only invest in long term if he understand the main concept of the business. He claimed that he hasn\'t invested in the Bitcoin because he think that Bitcoin doesn\'t has value at all, he said that you can\'t value Bitcoin because it\'s not value-producing asset. In his view, statement about the intrinsic value of Bitcoin is just a joke. He also earlier in 2014 order to people to stay away form Bitcoin because it is mirage and nothing more. What do you thing, what Warren Buffett think about Bitcoin now, when cryptocurrency adoption rate and price is going up extremely?

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Scott Evans
14.01. 2018 23:08  | 

The difference is in the purpose of the each cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was made with the main purpose to became globally accepted payment method, where people will be using Bitcoin in order to buy goods and services. Bitcoin was first cryptocurrency ever so it is more widely popular than Ethereum. Ethereum can be observe as a platform very similar to a supercomputer.

Also, probably the most important difference is the way how people are using the blockchain technology. In Bitcoin case it is strictly using blockchain through exchanges like Coinbase, Ethereum have some features which Bitcoin does not have. Ethereum offering to its users to develop their own ideas, projects, applications and get funded through Ethereum\'s currency Ether. Another difference is Initial Coin Offering or shortened ICO. Again there is opposite effect to Bitcoin and Ethereum. As we already said, Bitcoin was first cryptocurrency ever, so every new cryptocurrency can be traded for fiat money or for Bitcoin and this is the effect how ICOs influence to the value of Bitcoin. Ethereum is a ledger technology more advanced than Bitcoin\'s.

Ethereum is well known through its smart contracts. Smart contracts are method of automating complex business applications which are much safer and more profitable than those which are based on Bitcoin. Some of the biggest companies had a mutual agreement through the Ethereum\'s smart contracts, it is an alliance called Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Ethereum\'s transaction time is lower, this is making its practical to use and it is another advance in comparison to the Bitcoin\'s very high transaction time.

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There are two possible scenarios after the 21 Millionth Bitcoin is mined. Would it be good scenarios or bad scenarios mainly depend on the hardware that the network relies on. The only reason why people are mining is profit, and when we mined all of the Bitcoin miners will disappear that is sure.

The most reasonable situation after all of the Bitcoin have been mined is to charge a small fees for each transaction as a reward for the miners because they are providing computational power to the network. But reality is not that simple when it comes to the proposition above mentioned, let\'s see why. First at all, Bitcoin have been developed as a decentralized currency where people will be able to exchange Bitcoin for good and services online. There must be someone or something that will pay of this small fees to the users, so it mean that Bitcoin is no longer decentralized system, it will become centralized than. Also, there are many people including miners that are investing in this cryptocurrency hoping for it do became globally adopted and more valuable.

We all know that story where Bitcoin is being compared to the gold, when all of the Bitcoins is mined, this comparison would be even more accurate. The fact that supply of the BItcoin is finite is increasing demand and price as well, it is just question, when will miners mined all of the Bitcoins. When it comes to the future of Bitcoin after all 21 Million will be in circulation there are two possible scenarios, even the price and demand of Bitcoin will fell down permanently or the price and demand will go up and Bitcoin will became the most influential method of payment in the world.

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at all have very volatile market, price is rising and falling all the time and there are many factor that are indicate this changes. It is pretty difficult to determine is something different would cause a crash, rising or falling the price. Bitcoin\'s market is like every other market with the simply economic low. The price is determined by the rules of the supply and demand. When supply is high there are more coins in the circulation and the price will be lower. Otherwise when demand is high, people are crazy for buying Bitcoin and they are ready to pay higher price just to get it. We can also observe this example in this way, price is high, more people want to invest which means that price will be even higher. Price will be rising to the moment when people start selling their Bitcoins in order to profit from rise, so the supply goes up, and we said in the text above what happen when supply is going up.

As we already said there is more than one factor that influence the price in the Bitcoin market, but the most important factor of all is adoption rate. And again there are also many factors that influence the adoption rate, for example media, governments and hard forks. Let\'s start with media. Adoption rates are affected by media hype that occurs when there are big changes in the Bitcoin market. Governments are observing cryptocurrencies as a threat to the financial system and some countries are banning its. When something is illegal people will avoid it. Hard fork is process of creating different cryptocurrencies from the original cryptocurrency and this is literally spreading people on the two sides. Best example is Bitcoin Cash, hard fork form the Bitcoin is one of the reason of current price drop.

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14.01. 2018 23:05  | 

Cryptocurrencies are creating as a decentralized system and that means that no institution, central bank or government has full control of the supply of the coins in the circulation and the price of coins too. Each day more and more cryptocurrencies are being created and thanks to its open source, everyone can create their own cryptocurrency. The main purpose why cryptocurrencies are made is to make payments faster and simpler without participation of the third party.

First steps

First at all you must keep your code correct, find the community of the people that will use your cryptocurrency and signify what features will your cryptocurrency offer to the users. As many people you manage to get on board the higher will be chances of your cryptocurrency success. Also, building trust with the community must be your primary goal.

Getting the code done

Most of the altcoins are open source code from Litecoin and Bitcoin, which mean that everyone on the network can alter the code. To get your code done, you will be needed some engineering and programming experience. There are more than 1300 cryptocurrencies, so people must have trust in your cryptocurrency and be sure that it\'s long term project.

Engaging miners

In order to success with the project, you need as much miners as possible to mine your cryptocurrency. With the mining, miners are allocating their computational power to the system which is creating new block on your cryptocurrency blockchain. This is the point where you really need to be open minded and thinking about long term project.

Winning merchants

The main purpose of cryptocurrencies are being forgotten, for example many people these days are using Bitcoin to make profit with mining and day trading and the main purpose of making financial transaction between two sides faster and simpler is forgotten. So in this stage of developing your cryptocurrency you will need to promote your platform to the masses. Remember the fact that people are not in your network to support your project, there are here to make some profit.

Aiming for more

Always be prepared to overcame the issues of your cryptocurrency. Of course you will need as much luck as possible to even enter the top 20 cryptocurrencies, so good luck!

cryptocurrency, open source, decentralization, network, profit
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There are still many doubts but one fact is proving that Bitcoin is not a bubble. That fact is time. Bitcoin was developed almost 10 years ago, and we all know that no bubble lasts for 10 years. There have been also doubts is Bitcoin mining a Ponzi Scheme? Cryptocurrencies are offering legitimate service to the users and the core activity are differs from Ponzi Scheme, so answer is no. Cryptocurrencies are the future of the online payment method and they are becoming more and more popular from day to day. Before Bitcoin, which was first cryptocurrency, there were some tries of creating digital currency but the main problems was to stop users to spent same money more than once, or so called double spending issue. This problem was solved with Bitcoin\'s blockchain technology which relies on the mutual consensus of the users within a block, which is base of the entire crypto community today.

Cryptocurrencies are developed as a decentralized currencies and that is number one reason why governments are not accepting, there is no way that governments or any other institution can control and monitor market. Adoption rate, demand and of course price will go up if governments accept Bitcoin as a payment method, because conservative people will now have more trust to this online payment method since the government accepted it. Governments are still not accepting Bitcoin and others cryptocurrencies so they are still in the grey area. But things are changing and we can see that some countries are considering to accept Bitcoin. For example Russia announced that they would accept Bitcoin, Japan is the first country that recognized cryptocurrencies as asset which could be a big step forward. To make a resume, governments are not accepting cryptocurrencies because they are threat to the fiat currencies, not because cryptocurrencies are not legitimate.

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Hard forks is process of creating completely different cryptocurrency based on original cryptocurrency, splitting the original blockchain in two separate blockchains. This process tends to decrease the price of the cryptocurrency, but collective fear is not the key factor but investors capable of moving market with enormous trades are. Some of Bitcoin\'s hard forks are Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG). Hard forks like this are mainly created to solve some issues, for example Bitcoin Cash was developed in order to solve problem with the low transaction speed and Bitcoin Gold is aimed at miners to make mining easier, decentralize the network even further. As we already said, hard forks are influence the price of the original blockchain and that is Bitcoin. Both of the hard forks resulted with the rise of the Bitcoin price in the day following the fork. Here are some factors why. After the hard fork holders of original Bitcoin get an equal number of Bitcoin Cash which can later be sold for an additional profit.

Blockchain which are product of the hard fork, can\'t usually boast long term growth potential, its price depreciate rapidly due to sell of. It happen with the Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold. Demand for the original Bitcoin goes down as opportunities associated with the hard fork diminish. As a result, price of the Bitcoin is returning to the \'normal\' level.

Those people who are good informed and professionally engaged in cryptocurrency activities don\'t miss their chance to profit from this simple, yet highly effective move.

Hard fork, Bitcoin, blockchain, BCH, BTG
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14.01. 2018 23:02  | 

Bitcoin is decentralized network but when we are talking about how Bitcoin work, we can compare its to the centralized monetary institution, but of course it is just a comparison. There are more than one difference and first main differ is that no one is controlling the coins in circulation, no one has control of cryptocurrency and no central authority is verifying transaction. Transaction are being verified by the consensus of the people within the network. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency ever, before Bitcoin there was several tries of creating digital currency, but the main problem was how to stop people from thefts and frauds of the cryptocurrency. This problem was solved by blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is a revolutionary invention, and many people surely know that this technology is thankful to the great popularity of the cryptocurrencies these days. It works through the simple way of recording transactions to the block, when the block is complete another begins which creates a chain, without possibility to alter previous transaction in the first block. If someone want to change this transaction he will need the consensus of the block for all of the transaction until that transaction. Blockchain is having some trouble with the speed of the network.

For the Blockchain is very important to stay decentralized. Many people thinks that Bitcoin is more and more centralized because of the fact that traditional mining, also called mining from home is these days impossible. Let\'s first explain what mining is. Mining Bitcoin is releasing new coins into the circulation in exchange for the miners computational power and hardware which is providing the network. Computational power is important because it is needed for the calculation of the algorithm that is used for the transaction. Still, miners are here because of the profit, so the real question is what is going to happen when the last coin is mined? For the Bitcoin network it is important not to lose any of the power, so there must be another way how to compensate the miners and there are some suggestions about installing a small fee per transaction in order to keep miners and their computational power within the network.

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Bitcoin is the first successful cryptocurrency ever, developed in the 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a decentralized currency and the main idea of Bitcoin is to make online payment easier without third side. The main factor of Bitcoin price is adoption rate and even there are more than 2000 cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin lead the sector. By the study released in April 2017 by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative finance, we could see that there is approximately 5,8 million active users of cryptocurrencies in the world and Bitcoin holding 72% of market. There are more than one factor that influence level of adoption rate but as a number one factor we can suggest governments and its regulation. These days more and more countries are banning cryptocurrencies because cryptocurrencies are threat for traditional financial system and when something is illegal, people will avoid it. The UK is one of the most Bitcoin friendly country and UK\'s government\'s stance on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has been generally one of support.

How to Buy Bitcoin in UK

Some of the most popular exchanges to buy Bitcoin are:

  • Coinbase - The most popular and largest exchanges for the Bitcoin trading started operating with the UK in 2015.
  • Blockchain - It is revolutionary technology and platform easy to use, with more than 8 million wallets
  • IQ option - award winning trading platform now available
  • Revolut - more than 400000 customers in the UK allowing to trade BItcoin for more than 35 currencies
  • Coinfloor - London exchange and broker with the accent on security

There are also many providers of Bitcoin credit cards:

  • CryptoPay - Allows spending Bitcoin is physical shops and online
  • BitPay - Allows you to accept Bitcoin payments from friends or client
  • SpectroCoin - VISA debit car which can be used in any ATM globally

How to Spend Bitcoin in UK

TakeAway.com is website with the over 7500 restaurants where you can get your food to your home and pay with the Bitcoin. Makers Academy is providing educational services, 3 month computer programming courses could be paid with Bitcoin and also more than 350 physical stores are accepting Bitcoin as a regular payment method.

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First of all this is very important new, first time in the history of the Bitcoin, future contract can now be exchanged on the regulated market on Chicago Stock Exchange. So, let\'s see how would this influence Bitcoin and entire cryptocurrencies market.

How do futures contract work

Future contract are financial instrument that allows you to put some kind of bet on the performance of any sort of value and try to predict its future trend. It can be used on any kind of title and the eventual winnings of the \'bet\' allows to speculate the effect on a given market. Future contract, of course are giving you some kind of reward or benefits when the bet is won and mitigating losses when the bet is lost. The main characteristic of futures is that you don\'t really need to posses Bitcoin if you want to bet on their value. But also if investor possesses Bitcoin but want to mitigate the losses of a possible crash in the value of Bitcoin he can bet against the trend of Bitcoin, avoiding any losses caused by a decrease in market value and the price of Bitcoin.

The fist future contracts gave Bitcoin value between $15000 and $18000 which means that investor who bought futures contract expect the price to remain stable or to grow. The value taken into the consideration by the Chicago Stock Exchange is take form the most important cryptocurrencies exchanged Gemini, which also includes Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash among other digital currencies.

Not only Chicago Stock Exchange is interested in this kind of business. Moscow Stock Exchange is also building a cryptocurrency trading infrastructure. This could not mean anything serious because the relation between Russian governments and cryptocurrencies at all is very fluctuating. The interest by governments and stock exchanges around the world is beginning to be seriously taken into consideration but first at all, all of these governments need to regulate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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There have been many instances of stealing coins but no one have ever hacked the Bitcoin, these thefts has just been lack of the precaution by the owners, some problems with two-way authentication and other similar issues. No one can hack Bitcoin thanks to advanced blockchain technology. Every block is linked to another block, so basically if you want to alter some transaction there must be approval from the individual within the block and every transaction that followed it.

Blockchain has been mainly developed for the Bitcoin network, because in the past there were several tries to create cryptocurrency but there were no mechanism that would stop double spending (situation when people are spending their assets more than once). Blockchain was the first technology that overcame this problem since your private key that lead you to your cryptocurrency is not enough to allow spending. Also, this technology seems to be useful in other field of technology and other cryptocurrency as well, not only Bitcoin.

As we already said, there must be a consensus from the large number of people within a block to validate transaction, so if hacker want to hack a person, he must hack an entire network and all of the assets owned by many people within the block. Of course there are some negative sides of the blockchain technology especially when it comes to the Bitcoin. In comparison to some other cryptocurrencies Bitcoin has really high transaction time and block time also. For example Ethereum, there is a big difference in transaction times and block times.

To make a resume, there is no way to get your cryptocurrency stolen by hackers. Recommendation is to keep you coins in hardware wallet, keep your private key to yourself and don\'t leave your coins on the exchange.

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It is not very simple to answer to the question above mainly because there are more the 700 alternative cryptocurrencies. Of course many of them can\'t be perceived as a good profitable investment and only few of them are worthy of considering. How can we know if some of the alternative cryptocurrencies is a good investment? There are many factor that need to be included. First, we need to observe all kind of services that some platform are providing to its users, and we can mark this as a number one factor. Developers of the platform and project could also be key element, but the very first characteristic of good cryptocurrency is adoption rate. Anonymity and security are also becoming the most seeking factors, and we all know that security of coins is the main reason if some cryptocurrency is good or bad. Besides all this factors, transaction time can also be a characteristic, lower transaction time higher adoption of digital currency.

Transaction time is one of the biggest issue when we are talking about Bitcoin. The advantage, in comparison Bitcoin to all others cryptocurrencies is getting Ethereum. Some people are calling Bitcoin crypto version of gold. If Bitcoin is gold than Ethereum is silver. The reason why Ethereum is second place comes to the fact that Bitcoin was first cryptocurrency ever. For that reason it is more globally adopted, even Ethereum has lower transaction time and block time is better and it has more advanced algorithm.

Traditional mining of Bitcoin is overcome, you need big investment in hardware if you want to mine Bitcoin. With Ethereum, thing are opposite. Ethereum is still mineable through the standard mining rig, GPUs. Another great characteristic of Ethereum are smart contract and the fact that on platform you can develop your software and get funded through network. Another great cryptocurrencies are Litecoin, Zcash and Monero, with the great future ahead of them.

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Bitcoin cash has been placed into circulation on August 1st 2017. as a hard fork from the original Bitcoin. At this time all holders of Bitcoin were awarded an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash which has been recorded into the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. To understand text above there are some questions that need to be answered:

What is a fork?

It is a situation when the same technology on which is Bitcoin based has been applied to the Bitcoin Cash. Simply reason for that is that Bitcoin Cash wouldn\'t have to start its development from the beginning, it can just use well known technology especially blockchain technology which is considered as number one factor in Bitcoin success.

Why has it been created?

In July of 2017, 97% of miners voted for the BItcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP). All of this members agreed that system requires an expansion of blocksize capacity to increase transaction time and block size time. In this case Bitcoin will be used for the transaction which is its main purpose and not for investment purposes.


It is one of the leading cryptocurrency trading provider and they announced that it would not support Bitcoin Cash as it failed with its purported merits and value, but later they announced that they will start supporting Bitcoin Cash by January 1st 2018.

What can be expect going forward for Bitcoin Cash?

Ethereum Classic was a hard fork from Ethereum in 2015 and this is recorded as a successful hard fork in cryptocurrencies history. The value of this hard forked currency is very volatile but it has value in its own right. This could also be similar trend to the Bitcoin Cash but the popularity of the original Bitcoin could be crucial for the Bitcoin Cash popularity.

What has been the response so far?

Many owners of Bitcoin Cash are just waiting for the price to increase so they could sell their coins, there are no many people that are expecting the rise of the adoption rate and popularity of Bitcoin Cash which will increase its demand and price.

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First big limitation of Bitcoin is surely high transaction time, but it is not the worst problem. Second big problem is adoption rate and issues about regulation. Governments simply are not ready to adopt Bitcoin in a regular economic system and the explanation is in the decentralization. Without any central institution that have full control of Bitcoins, government can\'t control fluctuation of Bitcoins value and the price as well. Another big limitation of Bitcoin is limitation of supply. There are finite number of Bitcoin and that is the reason why people are comparing Bitcoin to the gold. The value of Bitcoin is rising all the time, which can create some difficulties to actually buy something with Bitcoin.

For Bitcoin, which is developed as idea to became globally everyday payment method it\'s very important to be globally adopted and every negative statement by government is influencing inversely by decreasing the rate of adoption. Bitcoin has became everyday word in peoples language and we can surely said that Bitcoin is completely adopted by innovators and early adopters which are mostly people with good technologically knowledge. Much larger portion of global population is conservative one and they are just now accepting Bitcoin due to lack of knowledge or lack of thrust in technology.

The main problem is transaction time and block time that are high, and the reason can be the amount of computational power behind the network and all the miners within it. People will not use Bitcoin as a payment method if the payment process will last for more than a few hours. The protocol need to be upgraded. When we are talking about computational power, we can be sure that it will decrease once when all the Bitcoin are mined. There are some suggestions that are including small fees per transaction to the miners, so they can continue making a profit from the mining.

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Bitcoin is created for the public as a decentralized method of payment which means that no institution, no bank and no government has full control of the coins supply and coins value. Without control Bitcoin and others cryptocurrencies seems to be threat to the traditional financial system and this mean that this is going to force authorities to introduce stricter legislation to the cryptocurrencies.

Steve Keen, economic professor in London\'s Kingston University said that this pressure of buying Bitcoins and market imbalance is surely sings that Bitcoin need global regulation. Also, appearance of service that is barely connected to blockchain or the cryptocurrency revolution and launching Bitcoin futures on CBEO could also be alarm signs for the regulation.

The amazing thing that is happening with the Bitcoin these day is there is no much sellers Bitcoins, because selling means gaining profit with the current price of one Bitcoin and every one want to hold their Bitcoins and wait for price to escalate even more. The opposite side of this situation is happening with Bitcoin buyers, everyone want to buy Bitcoin these days.

Professor also said that the regulation could be only future for the Bitcoin because people will find a way to hack peoples accounts and there will also be another criminal attacks.

Now it is very important for the investors and owners of cryptocurrencies to follow the news about the regulation of digital currencies, because this will directly influence the exchange rate of Bitcoin and others cryptocurrencies as well. Government regulations and statements are negative for the adoption rate of cryptocurrencies. We can explain this statement with the simply example, if some big country/economy ban Bitcoin the fall of the adoption rate is only thing that can be expected.

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Bitcoin price is keep rising from minute to minute and Bitcoin is reaching adoption rate higher than ever, because investor are wondering how can price go high. Governments around the world are also discussed about cryptocurrencies so there are some countries like U.S which is classifying Bitcoin as a convertible decentralized virtual currency, some countries make Bitcoin and others cryptocurrencies legal like Nepal and Ecuador and in most countries cryptocurrencies still exist in a legal vacuum. All government now realize that cryptocurrencies are not something that will pass but it can be permanent hurt traditional financial system. Because of this reason, many countries these days are about to create so called national cryptocurrencies with the main reason to replace fiat currencies.

Here are some examples of new trend called national cryptocurrencies:

  • Russia has developed cryptocurrency called CryptoRuble, but it is not classic cryptocurrency because it can\'t be mined and it is under full control of Russian government.
  • China has banned Bitcoin in September 2016 and government have plans to create national cryptocurrencies.
  • India is also creating digital currency that will replace the Indian rupee in online transactions.
  • Using a Ethereum\'s blockchain Singapore is in the first phase in tokenizing the Singaporean Dollar.
  • Venezuela is pretty interesting example of tokenization because they are creating cryptocurrency called \"Petro\" which is going to be backed by country\'s oil, gold and gas reserves.
  • Estonia has proposed to launch a Estcoin as a national cryptocurrency.
  • Kyrgyzstan is also developing gold backed national cryptocurrency called \"GoldenRock\"
  • Even Catalonia is integral part of Spain, this autonomous region is about to introduce its own digital currency which will be based on Estonia\'s \"Estcoin\" project.

Introducing the national currency is advantageous for both individuals and governments: Cryptocurrencies are naturally deflationary currency so Hedging inflation is sure. As all the cryptocurrency, national cryptocurrencies are also reducing transaction costs. Improving tax collection efforts, government would now be able to supervise all payment in the private sector.

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Bitcoin was first successful cryptocurrency ever, so when it comes to the question about number one position on the market, no other digital currency will ever replace Bitcoin at the top of the market. Steady in second place behind Bitcoin is Ethereum which is basically same cryptocurrency as Bitcoin with some fundamental differences. Predicting any kind of future is pretty difficult especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies due to theirs market volatility. So, it is hard to predict will Litecoin ever reach level near Bitcoin, but we can be pretty sure that Litecoin has a bright future.

There are two very good characteristic about Litecoin. First one is called \"atomic swaps\" and it is a useful characteristic that are allowing users of the network to switch without having to exchange. This characteristic could be important for the adoption of the Litecoin because involvement of third party is the recent future with the digital currencies payment. Another characteristic of Litecoin is its developers. Namely, Litecoin has a team of great developer and their are constantly solving the main issues of the network\'s development.

Litecoin is a good choice if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies and the explanation we could observe in fact that the price is on constant rise. When we compare Litecoin to the Bitcoin, second one is more oriented to the store of value, so if Litecoin want to reach the level of Bitcoin, it must focus more on storing value. Bitcoin is also more widely adopted, limited amount of supply is making currency very deflationary. Beside this fact mentioned, there are many other that influence to the price of some cryptocurrency. Litecoin is great concept by itself and as we already said we can just expect the rise of this currency, so it is a great coin to invest.

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Bitcoin was developed in 2009, so it is still pretty young concept and that is the first reason why Bitcoin\'s market is very volatile, people are still adopting this concept, most of people still don\'t understand the main reason of creating Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Volatility of the Bitcoin\'s market can also be explained by demand and supply of bitcoin. It is pretty simple economic rule, if demand is rising price is rising too, people are ready to pay much more for 1 Bitcoin then before. This supply demand example can be the cause why Bitcoin is constantly reaching peaks and then crashes. As we already said as demand is rising, the price is rising too, but at the some point, when price hit high level, some people are ready to sell their Bitcoins and make a decent profit. Example of the crashes of Bitcoin market can be explained with the situation when people are selling their Bitcoins, supply is rising and the effect is opposite then above mentioned with the demand, in this scenario price of Bitcoin is falling down.

When it comes to supply and demand, there are more then one factors that influence whole market. First factor is adoption rate, as we said Bitcoin is young concept, more people know about concept the price is rising. Second factor is the fact that there is finite amount of Bitcoins, there are only 21 million of its. The questions with regulation and government are the third factor, because every single negative statement of governments over the world are decreasing adoption rate of cryptocurrencies and the adoption is key factor. Improvement of technology could also be another factor that affect market and the key factor of improvement is blockchain technology.

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First at all let\'s define what crash actually mean. It is a situation with the specific cryptocurrency when demand is decreasing to the bottom level, when demand is decreasing price is falling down too and the value of people\'s assets drop down dramatically. Between two or more cryptocurrencies there can be positive and negative correlation, which means that the price of first currency can change price of the second currency. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency ever and for now have higher adoption rate. This factors mentioned and many others factors could mean that every other cryptocurrencies are connected to the Bitcoin, so we can not even imagine what impact on the market will completely crash of the Bitcoin have.

In a short period of time, this could be devastating effect for all the people who own Bitcoin, the demand for the coin will dramatically fall down, supply will rise extremely and price of course will fell down. As we already said in the text above every currency is connected to the Bitcoin so crash of the number one cryptocurrency can also lead to decreasing price and adoption rate of all the cryptocurrencies as well.

These days price of the Bitcoin is rising extremely and people are using this increasing to make some profit with day trading or they just bought some Bitcoin at the lower price and now they are selling it, basically the main purpose of the Bitcoin is forgotten and that is regular payment method. Bitcoin is greatest cryptocurrency today so crash of its market would actually means that the market will stop growing and people will start using Bitcoin for its main purpose, for the transactions.

There are some prediction which are saying that Bitcoin would not be able for using as everyday payment method due to high transaction time, so the market could once again become oriented to the value transfer and all others features that blockchain technology and concept of Bitcoin itself are offering to the users.

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Trading Ethereum with IQ option is giving you to choose between two distinctive instruments: cryptocurrency purchase and a contract for difference (CFD). Both of these options can be used separately but usually investors tailors each of them depending on the market conditions and trading strategy.

Ethereum is cryptocurrency based on same named blockchain technology and it was developed by 21 years old Vitalik Buterin. Ethereum is second world\'s largest cryptocurrency and its characteristic are smart contracts.

Let\'s back to the trading options. If you are looking for medium and long-term opportunities Ethereum purchase is better choice for you. Buy and Hold and short-selling are probably most popular trading techniques at the moment. Even cryptocurrency purchase are not giving to its users opportunity to trade on margin using borrowed capital it has lower risk where it is literally impossible for the trader to lose all of his money, only if cryptocurrency is traded at $0.

Contract for difference are short-term operations, and it seems to be like a prediction game where traders are not spending theirs money they are buying rights to receive the difference between the current and the future asset prices, if prediction is wrong, trader will make a loss. Contract for difference or shortened CFD allow traders to use multiplier. It is a risky move but it can increase your profit or loss up to x20. Here is explanation, if you invest $100 and use the x20 multiplier, all of your profits or losses will be calculated as though you are controlling a $2000 position.

We are getting to the conclusion that both of the instruments can be profitable if they are used correctly.

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They are all just talking about Bitcoin right now (yes, dear BTC has long since cracked the $ 10,000 mark!), Forgetting that the biggest competitor is close behind.

Well, "tight" would be exaggerated: While 1 Bitcoin today is worth 9,615 euros, an ether costs "only" 402 euros. It is very clear that Bitcoin was first there and the masses since the beginning of this year, immeasurably enthusiastic. Bitcoin is much better known, more widely used and more widely accepted. But Ethereum has also made a phenomenal development and offers some key advantages over Bitcoin. This is often forgotten with all the BTC hype. So let's take a look at what is really behind Ethereum.

These are the differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum

The Bitcoin price has risen by about 1,170% since the beginning of the year - really admirable. But let's have a look at Ethereum: the cryptocurrency invented by Vitalik Buterin was just under 10 euros a year ago and has since climbed by as much as 5,543%. Well, let's imitate one!

While the amount of bitcoins is limited to 21 million (over 16 million BTCs are already in circulation today, much of it is in the hands of early miners), up to 18 million ethers are distributed each year.

In addition, Ethereum arouses great interest among newcomers and micro-investors, to whom the Bitcoin is now simply too expensive. Sure - you can also buy 0.0005 BTC instead of 1 BTC so you do not have to dig that deep, but it just feels better to have a whole coin in your pocket. At Ethereum this is still possible for normal consumers.

In addition, Ethereum is more than just a cryptocurrency. In fact, it's a whole platform, yes, an online community where two parties can sign up for Smart Contracts , paying for Ether in their own designed currency. In contrast to Bitcoin, the Ethereum network is based on a more advanced concept and offers far more functions and advantages for the user. On the platform, so to speak everyone can realize his own idea, develop projects, set up applications and launch programs.

Ether is popular not least because of the increasing popularity of ICO crowdfunding. Many startups offer tokens to investors who can pay for them with ethers. It is not just about the digital currency, but also about membership certificates, virtual shares and other types of assets. In addition to the funds, the StartUps also collect ideas and advice from their supporters.

But let's move on: You've heard of the fun fact that daily Bitcoin transactions consume as much energy as Nigeria? That's no joke - a single transaction takes an average of ten minutes to complete. The underlying accounting power is enormous. By contrast, Ethereum only takes twelve seconds. A decisive advantage that many investors want to savor and therefore switch to Ethereum.

Bitcoin or Ethereum: who wins the fight for supremacy?

Looking at the price, there are absolutely no chances in the near future that Ethereum will beat Bitcoin. There are so many reasons for this. It's hard to be second, especially in terms of mainstream acceptance . People are just getting warm with Bitcoin, so you can not expect them to embrace a second cryptocurrency kid right now. In addition, Ethereum is repeatedly hit by hacker attacks in the headlines, which spoils the cheerfulness a little. There are also frequent hard forks. And if you consider that Ethereum was already over 300 euros in June, but then dropped again and since then only slowly increased, everything does not seem so rosy.

Finally, Ethereum is just as volatile as any other cryptocurrency. Ethereum should not be seen as a pure investment anyway: if you only want to increase your wealth, you should still use Bitcoin. But it is clear that the Ethereum concept is much more advanced and will play a bigger role than Bitcoin in the near or distant future. Ethereum therefore has great potential to replace number one in a few years.

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The main reason of succeed of cryptocurrencies at all, not just Bitcoin is adoption, and the main goal for Bitcoin and all others cryptocurrencies is to become globally adopted. In that way of becoming globally adopted Bitcoin has come through a long way. Adoption is rising every moment but there are also some negative factors that are decreasing adoption rate. Number one factor are conservative members of society that are still not familiar to technology and cryptocurrency power. At the second place, government could be really opposed to the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, because digital money can be observed as a threat to traditional financial system. Just to remind you, cryptocurrency is created as a decentralized system and no institution or company or government have control of. Because government can\'t control the fluctuation of value they are often banning cryptocurrencies which is decreasing adoption rate of course.

One of the main Bitcoin problems can be transaction time which is very high, and this is the problem that need to be solved because there are networks like Ethereum that have much lower transaction and block time. But we hardly believe that network will rise with the level of adoption. This high transaction time can be compared to traditional financial system, like credit cards which are creating small debt and instantly verify a transaction and later confirming it completely.

There are many physically stores where you can pay for your goods and services with Bitcoin and this kind of payment is going to be valid method of payment in recent future. With the rising of the adoption rate, demand will rise too which is implicating price rising. As we already know supply of Bitcoin is limited, so supply will remain the same and Bitcoin could become very similar to what gold used to represent.

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There were several attempts to create a digital currency before Bitcoin but the main reason why it has not succeeded is problem with duplicating digital money and spending same money more than once. Technology called Blockchain came as a solution to these problems and Bitcoin was the first project of creating digital currency that succeed and the main factor is blockchain technology.

The definition of Blockchain can be really tough. We can observe blockchain as a large data base. This technology is based on the consensus of people within the block and some transaction can go through the block only if all people in the block verify this transaction. Only when the block is completed, the next one is beginning. Blockchain technology is evolving every day more and more and as we already said in the text above it is main reason why Bitcoin which is based on this technology is the first digital currency that has succeeded.

As we said, transaction can be recorded in blockchain only if all people verify this transaction, so definition of blockchain is now a bit easier. Blockchains are lists of verified transaction and it keeps data safe. How? If you want to alter previous transaction you need to complete all transactions after the one that you want to change, and this is the way how spending same money more than once is prevented. Blockchain also guarantee security and safety as well.

Blockchain is great concept by itself, but can be also a platform for developing your own ideas and application, and the example of this is Ethereum. Network where you can trade goods and coins but also developing ideas, projects and other kind of investment.

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Even there are more than one similarity, there are some key differs that making Bitcoin and Ethereum completely different cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum is more than just a cryptocurrency. It is high developed platform where beside transfer value users could develop their own projects, applications and ideas. Bitcoin is more oriented on storing value and we can explain this comparative with the fact that Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and all other newer cryptocurrencies are developed to be better than previous ones. Ethereum and its currency ether had reached the second place behind Bitcoin. Just like Bitcoin Ethereum is also decentralized system which its making it safer from fraud.

As we already said in the text above, Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency ever, so it is logically that it is more adopted and has greater value and bigger market cap. Ethereum runs on the principle of so called Ghost protocol and we can see advantages in the in block times. Bitcoin block time is about 10 minutes, while Ethereum block time is 10 to 12 seconds. There are some negative parts of Ethereum, first negative fact is that Ethereum has more orphaned blocks. Second one is regarding transactions. Ethereum calculated every transaction based on its complexity while with Bitcoin every transaction is regarded pretty much the same.

The sole concept of developing these two cryptocurrencies was completely different. Most of the value stored in Bitcoin community is owned by the early miners, when traditional mining was still able. While developing Ethereum, huge number of people funded it and there is some prediction that miners will own 50% of Ethereum coins until fifth year.

But just like all other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum and Bitcoin are very volatile, under the constant influence of the market.

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Here is some quick explanation what fork really is. Fork is a change in the cryptocurrency software that leads to the creation of two separate different versions of the blockchain with a shared history. There are two kinds of forks, the hard fork and soft fork. The division can last a few minutes or they can be permanent which means creating second digital currencies different from the first one.

One of the most popular hard fork of the Bitcoin was creating Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Before the fork happen everyone who owned Bitcoin, have the same amount of the BItcoin Cash immediately after the fork. Forks could be pretty tough for the people that have lack of technologically knowledge about it. Anyway, forks can make some division in the cryptocurrency community. Therefore, after the fork of the Bitcoin we have supporters of the Bitcoin, originally Bitcoin before the fork, and we have on the other side advocates of the Bitcoin Cash, they are claiming that fork was necessary, because the huge amount of transactions on Bitcoin increased waiting times for the transactions and the relative fees.

In this case, we can have a scenario where Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash win, or we could consider the situation of creating different digital currencies like Bitcoin Cash with some different purposes.

Bitcoin Cash is not the first Bitcoin\'s hard fork ever, there are several versions of Bitcoin like Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Platinum, etc. Bitcoin Cash was developed to solve the problem of high fees and long time for transaction, so it has some value, but there are forks that are just trying to steal Bitcoin name since everyone could create a new version of Bitcoin thanks to open source system.

Ethereum also have some forks, and the famous one is leading us to creation of Ethereum Classic following a hack against DAO, organization created on the basis of Ethereum smart contract. This hack wasn\'t very pleasant and it creates many splits within the network.

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When it comes to Bitcoin, mining is difficult these days because mining with the home rig, also called traditional way of mining would take too much time to mine Bitcoin. People are starting to invest in cloud mining. How it works? Here is pretty simple explanation, people without much knowledge and skills, or anyone else is investing in other people mining farms, which are located somewhere where the cost of electricity is low.

Cloud mining have more than one advantages. There is no over heated mining rig in your house, no laud, no need for investing in hardware, no need for investing in repairs and so on. But of course there is always a negative side. Negative side of the cloud mining is that cloud mining could be a fraud. Beside fraud, bad management of mining farms can also be risky for the investors, there is always a possibility for losing all assets. Investing in ASIC can be profitable option. ASIC is hardware designed specially for the purpose of mining, but the negative side of this hardware is the price which is pretty high.

There are also cryptocurrencies beside Bitcoin that can be profitable. The cryptocurrency with the most potential is Ethereum. Ethereum could still be mined from home thanks to advanced blockchain technology, and also it is offering great service to its user. There is definitely bright future of the Ethereum, so investing in the Ethereum mining cloud can be a good long term investment.

Beside Ethereum and Bitcoin if you still want to mine, these are cryptocurrencies that are similar: Litecoin, Dogecoin, Zcash, Monero. They are pretty easy to mine, so you just need decide which one to mine, and you should be considering service that they provide to users, is it offering something new and useful to people and so on.

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Official and pretty much easiest definition of Ethereum is next: Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts. Bitcoin was very first cryptocurrency ever, with the largest market capitalization, so many people are familiarize with concept of Bitcoin, so if you want to learn about Ethereum, advice is to compare these two cryptocurrencies. Ethereum is similar to Bitcoin where it comes to purpose. Both of these cryptocurrencies are used for financial transaction and as a store of value. One of the difference between these two is so called smart contract.

Smart contracts

The main purpose of smart contracts are avoiding third side mediators. Ethereum is decentralized platform as we already said and it means that can decrease transaction costs and eliminate single point of failure. Also, with the smart contracts you don\'t need to rely on social media to store personal information. Another advantage of decentralized platform is that they are not using centralized servers so they can not be hacked or manipulated.

More opportunities

Advantage of decentralized platform is also fact that no single entity can overtake entire network. For example if Facebook or Twitter have been based on Ethereum there is no way that they would be criticized for politically motivated censorship, what recently happen. Decentralized funding and distribution of funds among several users are also tasks that Ethereum platform is doing well.


As we can see from the text above, smart contracts are making so many things easier to use and even cheaper, and it is bringing Ethereum network to the top of the market as well.

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First reason why we can be assure that Bitcoin is not a bubble is the reason that it\'s lasted for almost ten years now, and we all know when something is bubble its escalated very quickly but the collapses even more quickly. The truth is that Bitcoin\'s market can be and it is pretty volatile, but it is also growing all the time. As we already know, adoption of Bitcoin is pretty tough because Bitcoin was developed as the newest technology, with the newest concept and ideas that are offering people to transact globally without third side and control by any institution or government.

Bitcoin is first project that is based on blockchain technology, which offered entire tech currency revolution, and that is the point where Bitcoins inherent value is coming up to the view. This inherent value is rising independently of Bitcoin price, because of the fact that adoption rate of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at all is constantly rising. With the rise of adoption rate we can just wait for the day when will Bitcoin become valid payment method everywhere, reaching its main purpose.

Let\'s face with the true, Bitcoin is a risky investment, but all the investment are risky. There are some ways how can you minimize the risk, if you learn enough how entire network is working and everything about the blockchain technology there are some possibilities to minimize the risk. Bitcoin concept is developing all the time so Bitcoin will become less volatile. But as we already said, every kind of investment is risky, even the fiat currencies, we all know how recession and hyperinflation could damage entire financial system. When we consider the fact that adoption rate of all cryptocurrencies is rising, there is no reason why you should not invest in it.

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11.12. 2017 12:02  | 

Litecoin was developed as a fork of the Bitcoin core setup, developer name is Charlie Lee in October 2011 on GitHub. There is no such a difference between Bitcoin and Litecoin, they are almost identical, but this former Google employee, developed Litecoin as an improved flaws of the Bitcoin, so Litecoin have almost zero payment costs a faster facilitating payments. This fact of faster facilitating payments is the core difference between Litecoin and Bitcoin, also called block generation time, Bitcoin time is almost 10 minutes, while Litecoin reduce approximately 2,5 minutes. Also, there is difference with the hashing algorithm and graphical user interface that have been developed differently compared to Bitcoin.


Traditional financial system is centralized and we can observe this in a fact that banks and government are controlling the flow of the value. On the other side Litecoin is completely independent from any institution and central authority, which means that there is no third party in creation and transfer of Litecoin. Security of the system is guaranteed by cryptographic protocols.

What is it worth?

The price has been volatile from the launch in 2011. Some historically point came during the November 2013, when Litecoin market capitalisation increase to over 1 billion USD. Since the adoption of the any cryptocurrency is rising, so it is rising demand for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and with the rise of demand, the price is also rising. Litecoin market cap is over 2.4USD billion which is making it the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation. There are currently 52,5 million LTC in circulation and supply is limited to 84 million LTC.

Enhanced Security

Security has also been innovated compared to Bitcoin. Litecoin security is using a scrypt algorithm in its processing. This offers improved resistance to double spending coins but also need greater memory.

Lighting Network

Technology called Lighting network technology has been tested in May 2017, and the transfer of 0.00000001 LTC from Zurich to San Francisco was done in less than one second. This technology is also advantage to the Bitcoin because it is reducing bottleneck and allow a greater number of transaction to be processed per unit time.

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Blockchain is surely technology that keep Bitcoin adoption at high level. To record some transaction into the Blockchain, everyone on the network need to verify that transaction, so basically Blockchain is a list of verified transaction by miners. Blockchain is composed of blocks where each block is attached to previous block adding the hash of the previous block in the current and so on.

Blockchain we can observe as a large data base, or ledger where all the miners have a copy of that ledger, so no one can change transactions. So blockchain is immutable, and its guarantee a security and its prevents malpractice because if someone wants to alter some transaction, he need high computational power, because he need to change all of the transaction that ever happen. To make a resume, once recorded transaction can not be changed, and this is affecting the amount of trust towards this project.

The real question here is comparison democracy to some centralized power. What makes democracy so trustworthy? The good known fact is that everything in Bitcoin protocol is open source like programs for mining, majority of the source code, which means that everyone can go through, inspect and modify the source code. As everyone can do anything, we can see that the wrong intention in this project are discarded. Of course that there were some tries to implement malware but it depends on the protocols and standards which are deciding if it is indeed processed or not.

Nevertheless, consensus between Bitcoin community is making the Bitcoin such great and trustworthy.

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When some market is volatile just like Bitcoin market is, that means there is always possibility to invest, so no it is not too late to invest in Bitcoin, but the real question is how profitable the investment will be. The price can\'t go up indefinitely, there must be some crash occasionally. Price goes down, everyone want to buy Bitcoin, demand is rising, price is rising again. It is pretty simply economy, so if you know everything about market and have a bit of luck, go ahead.

There is still more than one way how to make money from Bitcoin. Day-trading is a process of buying Bitcoins at the lowest price and then selling it for higher price. As you can see, predicting future is key factor in day-trading and some of the best investors or market specialist can\'t predict future of price well. Mining and cloud mining are still promising way to make money, even traditional mining can be profitable only if you first invest in expensive hardware and you have place where electricity is cheap. When it comes to cheap electricity people are often avoiding Europe and North America as a solution.

Cloud mining therefore could be a great investment, it is risky investment so people must be careful. Beside Bitcoin there are about seven hundred alternatives, know as altcoins. Some of the most popular is Ethereum, which have better technology and many useful features, but it is not globally adopted yet, which means the price is lower compared to Bitcoin, but it is a great investment because rise of the price is predicted for 2018.

Beside Bitcoin and Ethereum there are more examples of cryptocurrencies which are established currencies and a good way to invest. Litecoin, Zcash, Monero still could be mined from home and could be profitable. So as you can see, there are plenty of way to invest in cryptocurrencies, because you never know which one and when will reach enormous price.

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August 1st was the date when Bitcoin blockchain had been forked, and the Bitcoin Cash was announced as a separated cryptocurrency. Before the August 1st both of these coins shared the Blockchain, so anyone who have a certain number of Bitcoins before the fork, will have identical number of Bitcoin Cash after it.

BCH comes into being

Every cryptocurrency somehow is different to other, so the question about Bitcoin Cash, it is identical to the Bitcoin, the answer is no. There are some different, in other way it would be useless creating currency without the differs. Bitcoin appeared in 2009, it was the first cryptocurrency so people had know nothing about digital currencies, blockchains and decentralization. So before the year of 2013, Bitcoin were not such demanded currency. So the fact is, whole system works slow. Bitcoin Cash is developed like some kind of solution of the problem of how much operation could be calculated simultaneously. It can take hours to complete the transaction in the rush hour. So the Bitcoin Cash is invented with the increased blockchain size from 1 to 8MB which will increase transaction speed as well.

Is it worth anything?

It is fourth largest cryptocurrency with the market cap $4 700 000 000, and the highest price of the one Bitcoin Cash at the first day was around $900, and no cryptocurrency was valued this much on first day. The Bitcoin Cash problem is that on the traditional online exchanges it is pretty hard to buy or sell this cryptocurrency due to large number of this tokens are stored on cold wallets where the owners of the tokens simply don\'t have the possibility to sell them. Right now Bitcoin Cash is overvalued cryptocurrency and everyone would sell them and cash out ass soon as possible. It is probably too soon but it seems that Bitcoin Cash would have similar outcome like Ethereum Classic, which price is way lower then the Ethereum. So right now people are trying to get rid of Bitcoin Cash which is decreasing the value of token, but if demand of this currency suddenly goes up, this could increase the price. But it is too early to predict the future of this token.

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Bitcoin is a digital currency launched in 2009, with the market capitalisation of over 42USD billion it has become the dominant currency in the world of digital currencies. Adoption and usage of cryptocurrencies these day, many people are begin to wonder how secure Bitcoin is?

Bitcoin Security

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which mean that is based on cryptography to relieve anonymous transaction within the network. When it come to question what is making Bitcoin secure, the answer is blockchain and encryption.


Bitcoin is using SHA-256 encryption techniques for its Proof or work system and for the transaction verifications same.


The whole security of BItcoin is based on a blockchain system that contains blocks in which every transaction that have ever happen in the network are recorded in a chronological order. The blockchain is basically making the peer to peer system easier. It is a system in which there is no third side in transaction. The transaction is happening between two users and every transaction is verified by a network of nodes and after the verification the transaction is being recorded in a public distributed ledger - blockchain.

Storage Security - Wallets

Bitcoin are stored in wallet, unlike the typical bank account, Bitcoin wallets contain two keys. First is the public key that is used to receive the bitcoin in the correct wallet, it can be observed like some kind of address, the second one is the private key which is used to verify the ownership of the origin of the bitcoins that are transferred in the transaction. Online wallets are exposed to online risk, especially when someone else know your private key.

Double Spending

It is proven that is it possible to avoid the security and double spend the same Bitcoins. This could happen if someone is not waiting for transaction confirmation and the same bitcoins are spent twice, but this type of fraud is rare because the huge amount of computing power is needed to succeed.

To make a resume: Bitcoin is very secure, the insecure sides of this business are storage and exchanges, so Bitcoin owner must be clever when they are choosing them

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Technology is changing constantly. Every year, every month, every day there is something new that technology is offering to us. It is changing our everyday habits but one of the most noticeable areas that technology are affecting are finance. Just compare traditional way of personal finances and the way of finance that he have today.

Some of the innovations that surely changes our lives:

Cash to Cards

In the recent past, if you want to buy something you must have physical money like paper and coins with you. Technology innovations that changes this way of finances ware cards. Credit and debit cards offering people completely new way of transaction in which you don\'t need to have physical money with you to make a shopping.

Digital Currencies

Internet make some changes with the finance when it was invented. People which were using internet have been introduced to many new forms of payment that did not exist before. These days people could use currencies that does not ever exist in the real world. Best example of digital currencies or so called cryptocurrencies is surely Bitcoin. It can be used by everyone since it is separated from specific country.

Online Platforms

Withdraw your funds just with the single click of the button seems to be unimaginable in the past, today there are plenty of online platforms and application that allowing people to manage their money form the home. Anyone, anywhere can monitor and control their finances.


It is a two way street. It have positive and negative side as well. Allowing people to control their finance is the positive side, if problem comes up users could take action immediately. Negative side is that online platforms making hackers easier to access the funds.

Financial innovation in the Future

As online financing is increasing it is logically that some new form of financing will appear to make our lives even easier.

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Even the Ethereum is the name of blockchain, it is very often used as the name of the digital currency as well. Ether is the name of the cryptocurrency which runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Vitalik Buterin is the name of the Ethereum developed. He was inspired by Bitcoin so he launched the token with the similar qualities in the middle of 2015. Basic idea of the Ethereum are smart contracts. It is application that automatically execute the terms of contract when certain conditions are met and it seems to be interesting for investors.

Here are 5 thing you may want to learn about Ether\'s evolvement:

It is not an overnight success

Ether is the second largest cryptocurrency by the market cup, below Bitcoin. The market cap of the Ether is around $36 billion and all thanks to first quart of 2017 where market cap increase over $7 billions. From the beginning Ether\'s price increase more then 2800%.

It\'s volume has varied greatly

There was a couple of opposite situations. There was time when trading volume fell below $100 000 within 24 hours, but there was time when activity increased within 24 hours near $600m. In the long time view, market has seen a gradual bullish trending.

Search interest is at its highs

It is not directly price related, but according to Google Trends searching of the Ethereum has rising sharply in the last several years, Slovenia, Netherlands and Singapore are the most popular areas of the searches over the last five years.

Bitcoin exchanges offer trading it

Kraken, Bitfinex, Coinbase, Gemini had started offering ether trading to customers, but it\'s all started with the Poloniex, the biggest exchange terms of Ether/Bitcoin.

Ethereum has its own tokens

Two facts about Ethereum tokens and theirs value. Supply and demand and trust. Just like on every market, the higher demand and lower supply is, the price will be larger. When it comes to trust it is very important for the cryptocurrency to earn trust to make a stable growth.

Ethereum has already been named a Bitcoin killer, but we all know that the Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, so it have already earn trust from the users.

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There have been many discussion about the role of the specific cryptocurrency, for example Bitcoin is compared to the gold as a store of value, alternative to fiat currencies. There are some cryptocurrency that cover each characteristic and privacy protection is undoubtedly one of these. Here are some currencies that are giving more privacy than others.

Monero (XMR)

Monero was created in 2014, when the group of developer want to create a digital currency that will be focused on accessibility, security and privacy. When we are talking about privacy and security, Monero is the famous currency, and this lead to the next explanation. Monero have all the benefits of a decentralized cryptocurrency, but when it comes to privacy, Monero is using ring signatures and ring confidential transactions of hide the amounts, origins and destinations of all transactions.

Dash (DASH)

It has been originally launched in 2014 with the name XCoin, later changed in DarkCoin and finally in Dash which is a shortened from digital cash. One of the specific characteristic that this coin had is the ability to send instant transactions and private transactions.

Zcash (ZEC)

The differ between ZEC and Bitcoin is that on the Bitcoin network transactions is visible on the blockchain with the participants and the amount, but Zcash blockchain only records that the transactions has taken place, without knowing more details about the participants, amount and other private informations. High degree of privacy and anonymity guarantee higher rate of adoption of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash is cryptocurrency that forked from the original Bitcoin with the main purpose to ensure greater fluidity and more scalable transactions possibilities.

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First logical question is how to get more Bitcoins in the circulation. The answer is Bitcoin mining. It is a process that is using computing power to solve mathematical problems and besides that it is adding the transactions to the blockchain and unlocks new Bitcoins into the network.

What is a Mining Pool?

We explained what is mining in the text above. Now when the group of the people that mine Bitcoins join together it is called Mining Pool. It is a huge warehouse with large number of mining hardware. Basically, the group of miners are mining Bitcoins together, under the agreement to share block rewards when they are unlocked. The rewards are allocated in proportion to the contributed has power of each miner of the pool.

Which countries have the most Bitcoin miners?

In these day, mining requires the newest technology for mining and the low cost of electricity which can really be the main factor when it comes to mining. So, the answer to the above question is that the miners can be found where the energy resources is available and the new technology is highly prevalent. Here are some countries with these characteristics.


BitFury is the name of the company which it seems to be one of the greatest player in the world of cryptocurrencies. BitFury is a blockchain technology company which is developing and selling efficiency streaming hardware to Bitcoin users. Some data are saying that this company have mined about 15% of all Bitcoins.


Some of the largest mining pools are located in the China, and the main reason is the fact that the electricity in the China is cheap, so Bitcoin miners in China have advantage compared to others miners by capturing a large percentage of Bitcoins hash power.


The company named 21 Inc., one of the largest mining companies in the world is making United States on the list of the highest bitcoin mining countries. The majority of this company hash power is pointed to the mining pool and the pool in the 2016 mined about 3% of all bitcoins.

There are of course many smaller mining pools over the world which cumulatively make up smaller part of Bitcoin mining network, so about 20% of all bitcoin mined taking place outside of the countries that are mentioned in the text above.

Bitcoin, mining, pools, electricity, hardware
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It is a cryptocurrency that have change name a couple times from the January 2014, when it was developed by the Evan Duffield. It was released behind the name XCoin, in February 2014 renamed to DarkCoin, and in March 2015 finally renamed to Dash, as a shortened from Digital Cash. It is open source, decentralized, peer to peer cryptocurrency that is aims to become the most user friendly cryptocurrency in the world.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency in the world so it have some flaws. The main flaw is that transaction can be traced in the public ledger. Duffield had ideas how to solve this problems but he have some difficulties of convincing the Bitcoin core developers to solve the problems. After he did not succeed to convince them he decided to fork the Bitcoin code and create Dash.

There are some notable characteristics of Dash, like operating a two-tier network. First-tier handles mining, the second tier consisting of masternodes that handles functions like Private send which is a coin mixing service which adds privacy by adding multiple inputs form users and Instant send which is a service that allows instant transaction.

By the market capitalisation, Dash is fifth cryptocurrency in the world with $5.7 billion. Dash network since launched in 2014 has grown to 4,100 masternodes which is making this peer to peer network even more secure, maybe most secure and largest network in the world.

Dash it seems to became an alternative for traditional money, it surely has potential to do it due to better privacy and faster transaction. These days Dash is growing and have 30 full time employees, 20 part-time employees and many volunteers. The fact that Dash is growing we can justify with the examples of Dash\'s partnerships. Gift card operator BitCart started accepting Dash. BitCart offers 20 percent discount on Amazon purchases. Dash has also became the fourth cryptocurrency accepted on CryptoWoo. Another example is Venezuela based exchange Cryptobuyer is allowing Venezuelans to use Dash like regular payment method.

With partnerships like these, the adoption and usage of this cryptocurrency could only goes up, which is bringing pretty future for this currency.

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We are all know that today is so called digital time. Popularity of digital currencies is at the top level, adoption of the same is increasing every minute, using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is growing at an accelerating rate. One of the factor of huge adoption is the amount of merchant acceptance.

Why do wee need a Crypto Debit Card?

As we already said digital currencies are about to became our everyday payment method, so it is logically that the adoption of the cryptocurrencies depends of how easily can people use it. Cryptocurrency debit cards seems to be the answer of how easy could people spent their cryptocurrencies in everyday life. Many of the technology companies are about to make this mark in the cryptocurrency area.

Who are the Providers?

Year of 2017 is increasing adoption and demand of cryptocurrency transactions so it is spurring the companies of the financial technology to provide these debit card platforms. These days we have more than 30 cryptocurrency debit cards in circulation with some differs between them of course such as different fee structures, different process of transactions between two cryptocurrencies, etc.

Coinbase launched first Bitcoin debit card in 2015, another big name in this space is TenX who are about to integrate Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash for payment across the Visa and MasterCard network. Monaco is popular name which is supporting Bitcoin and Ethereum spending and offering to users interbank exchange rates without additional mark-up fees. Ocash is the latest cryptocurrency that got the debit card.

How does it work?

It is pretty much working just like regular debit cards. Cryptocurrency debit cards are currently operating within the Visa and MasterCard infrastructure. Customers are paying with the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and the merchant, the other side of the transactions is receiving fiat currency such as US dollar.

What are the Benefits?

One of the biggest benefit is freedom, when users have option to spend their digital currencies in everyday transaction is restaurants and shops for example. But of course there are some other benefits like increasing the number of users and adoption of digital currencies as well.

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It seems that term cryptocurrencies we are hearing more and more, from day to day it is becoming quite ordinary word in our lives and in the financial world too.

What is a Cryptocurrency?

Let\'s start with this explanation first. It is a digital currency, virtual is quite good synonym. It is completely new way of payment method, the alternative for physical currency that we are using. The name crypto is defining the fact how these currencies are using principles of cryptography to secure transactions made in digital systems.

Decentralized Ledger System

Bitcoin is decentralized system, which means that no one have full control and power of it. no one can control currency, and it is gain with the decentralized ledger system of encryption and verification for all transaction between users in the network. That is the fact that is advantage of cryptocurrencies compared to the traditional currencies.

Preventing Fraud

The whole system is based on blockchain system. For each transaction there is unique digital signature from the both side of the transaction. These digital signature are including public key and private key. Public key creates the signature and designates who to send money, and private key is applied to verify the legitimacy of the transaction.


Once the transaction is saved into the blockchain it can\'t be changed. Another advantage over the traditional currencies. This is situation where Blockchain is taking apart. Entire transaction process is undertaken with time stamping to maintain the chronological order of the steps in the transaction. Each transaction is placed in a block witch is added to the ledger and it is visible to the other users.


It was launched in the 2009 by the Satoshi Nakamoto, individual or group of individuals who remains anonymous. Anyway Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that reached top of the cryptocurrencies market. It is first digital peer to peer currency without any authority of third party.

Other Major Cryptocurrencies - Altcoins

All the altocins are considered to be alternative to the Bitcoin. The most popular are Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, etc. All of these currencies are applying the secure blockchain technology to prevent fraud.

Legality - Variations

Legality differ from one country to another. Even cryptocurrency is becoming regular payment method in the US and parts of Euro there are some country which are banning the use of the cryptocurrencies such as China.

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Even the price and the adoption of Bitcoin is rising every moment, there are some risks that holders should consider:


Not only Bitcoin, but all others cryptocurrencies are very volatile. There was some examples where Bitcoin rise up in day or two more than 10% and that is not small amount. Besides this facts Bitcoin is pretty stable when we are talking about long term uptrend. What is the risk in all of this? The history of Bitcoin shown that the sharper uptrend is the deeper correction would happen, so be careful holders!


There was some kind of hackers attacks, so holding your Bitcoins on the online exchanges that offers in house wallet services is not smartest thing, because of virtual insecurity. Anyway it is risky using online wallets, you should be consider using hardware wallet.

Attack from quantum computers

There are some predictions that with quantum computers hackers will be able to hack blockchains and transactions. Many Bitcoin accounts and all the new transactions will be at risk within ten years from now, so people should start thinking about the solution already.

51% attack

51% attack is the situation in which one user gets 51% of the mining power. In this scenario whole network could fail because this user will have full control over blockchain and he could block transactions or double spendings Bitcoins. And this situation is not only theoretically one because five of the largest mining pools have 70% of the total has power.

Once Bitcoin is lost it can never be recovered, same with the transactions once they are confirmed, they cannot be reversed. 23% of the total supply of Bitcoin are lost forever, which is around 3.8 million Bitcoins. We all know the story about IT specialist and his laptop. He mined about 7500 Bitcoins in 2009, he did not predicted how would Bitcoin became valuable and he threw away his laptop.

Bitcoin vs. USD

  • Inflation - Bitcoins supply is limited, there is 21 million coins and that\'s it. US dollar is prone to inflation. Printing more dollars just devalues the value of dollar from the year to year. Interesting fact is that from 1913 to these days dollar lost 96% of its purchasing power.
  • USD is dependent on banks - Some of the largest bank in the world accounted for around 66% of overall Forex trading volume. These banks control the money flow. Bitcoin have blockchain and no one control it.
  • USD can go through devaluation - Bitcoin does not have this kind of risk, but USD can be hit by hyperinflation if it loses its petrodollar status, long story short, it could happen if number of oil producers refuse to sell their commodity for the USD.

Bitcoin vs. Gold

  • Gold is physical - Bitcoin is not. Gold is physical and this mean that gold need place where you can keep it.
  • Inconvenience - trading with gold is difficult, trading with Bitcoin is not.
  • Gold depends on centralized systems - even it seems to be decentralized it is not. Bitcoin is still the winner.
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User of IQ option demanded system that can deposit Bitcoins. Now they are available to do that with the easy process. The provider of process is Cubits. For now, this feature is not available for the Europe Ltd countries (Europe countries).

Here are the explanation how the system works:

  1. First step is opening Deposit tab, choosing the amount of deposit you want and then pick the Bitcoin in the list of payment.
  2. Then you will be forwarded to the CUBITS payment page.
  3. Here you can see the invoice amount and its equivalent in Bitcoins. You have 15 minutes to confirm the transaction in the other way if you don\'t take action within these 15 minutes, the invoice will simply expire.
  4. In the approximately 80% of cases Cubits verifies the payment right after your confirmation and then IQ option add funds to your balance.

Important thing is that all suspicious transaction/addresses are saved in the history of your account payments, or if the commision you have set is too small, transaction will be confirmed in a way longer time than usually. Small commision is the commision below 0.003/byte.

If you are having any kind of trouble with the payment, and discrepancies in the invoice you can always contact the IQ option support team.

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When it comes to the investment in the cryptocurrencies, many factors need to be included. First at all you should seek for the cryptocurrency that in a long term investment. Find a cryptocurrency that is focused on the users, not the product. In the world of cryptocurrency there is about 700 currencies that are short term investments, so be careful. Characteristics of successful cryptocurrency is huge number of users which implies wide spread network, huge cash flow, good platform, etc.

Golem is based on Ethereum platform and it has all the characteristics mentioned above. The price of GNT is rising and there haven\'t been any crashes so, it has a good chance to be consistent in a longer period of time.

As we already said in the text above, one of the characteristics of good cryptocurrency is platform. Platform need to be useful for its users. Golem platform possess this characteristic. Golem offers to the client all different services, from rendering a video, to more complex graphic tasks. GNT is focused on users, not the product. But Golem is still in develop, so if you are looking for some quick cash, you should better invest in something else.

Golem is a good investment and it is still not late. Golem has good team behind the project and the market cap is constantly increasing GOlem\'s value. The best time to invest in GNT is today, second best time to invest in GNT was yesterday.

Of course if you want to invest in Golem, or any other cryptocurrency, do the research by your own, do not trust anyone, or anything you read online.

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People are most likely to invest in the cryptocurrencies that have low market caps but have great potential in the world of cryptocurrencies. Here are some cryptocurrencies that are not in top 15 by market cap:

  • Steem
  • Steem is cryptocurrencies that is used on the platform called Steemlt, which have very interesting concept. Every single interaction between the users of this platform is backed with the transfer of the cryptocurrency. Try to understand this through this example, if one user hit the like to the other users post, a little amount is transfer from the users account that hit the like to the other user that shared the post. The price of the Steep is going up at the moment.

  • DigiByte
  • It is a gaming cryptocurrency with the strong developers team, and they have partnership with the major gaming companies such as Blizzard. This cryptocurrency was undervalued from the time when it was developed, but now the value is rising and currently it is worth about 100 Satoshis.

  • Synereo AMP
  • Coin has some rising and falling of the price. But the price started to rice when they announced creating something similar to Steemlt called Qrator. Qrator is going to be launched in June, so many people expecting huge increase of value then.

  • NAV coin
  • The very specific characteristic of this coin is completely anonymous which is very rare. Beside this coin is traded on all major exchanges and have large daily trading volumes, so the increase of the price is imminent.

There are also some other coins with the same potential as this in the text above:

  • Dogecoin
  • BitShares
  • BitCrystals
  • GameCredits
  • Ardor
  • Lisk
  • Potcoin
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The opposite of the statement of the JPMorgan executive Jamie Dimon who said that the Bitcoin is the biggest fraud ever, Revolut CEO Nikolay Storonsky said that the Bitcoin is commodities similar to gold and oil. Nikolay said that Bitcoin is definitely not a fraud. He exampled his statement with the explanation that though people will not use Bitcoin as a everyday payment method, just like they are not using other commodities like gold.

Nikolay Storonsky has compared Bitcoin with the gold. The amount of gold is also limited, gold also have huge market, huge volumes that are being traded in the market, and these volumes are determining the price of gold. The real question that Revolut CEO are asking is, where is the real gold price? No one know. These facts Nikolay are comparing with Bitcoin, and there are pretty much same. Amount of Bitcoins is limited, Bitcoin have huge market, huge volumes that are defining the price of Bitcoin, the only flaw is that Bitcoin is not implicated in the real world.

Nikolay was also comparing Bitcoin with the oil saying that the 90% of volume on the oil market is speculation, 10 percent is real use case. Same happening with Bitcoin, with some lower percentage. Nikolay is claiming that 99% of transaction volumes are speculation-driven and only one percent involving everyday applications.

Bitcoin, fraud, gold, oil, amount
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Scott Evans
30.11. 2017 15:15  | 

A large number of IQ option traders ask the same question, which is why the number of OTN tokens decreases during a week. You surely think of it as something wrong, but we will prove that you are mistaken.

First thing first: how can you mine OTN tokens?

Go to the IQ option platform and find a Crypto of CFD property, select an asset, determine the amount of the investment, and agree with the amount of commission you will pay. When the trade is done, and additional number of tokens is added to your OTN balance sheet.

How to locate them?

Go to the OTN image, scroll down to the Expected OTN amount section, here you can check how much commission you have paid this week and how many OTN tokens will it bring to you. Here you can also see how the expected amount of OTN is calculated. There are calculated by using this formula: your OTN = (your commissions/total commissions)*OTN amount to be released at the end of the current week.

So if you for example trade on Monday, you pay little commissions but the expected OTN amount is 100,931 tokens, but with the growth of total commissions, yours share will be falling down so it could happen that you only get 150 OTN instead of 100,931.

Here is an example:

  • The total amount of commissions charged to traders on the Crypto instruments on the IQ option platform was $100,000 for the calculated week.
  • The amount of commissions paid by you on the Crypto instruments for the same week amounted to $200.
  • According to the emission schedule, 35,000 OTN tokens are being released this week.
  • The number of OTN tokens you receive = (200/100,000)* 35,000=70

What’s next?

  • Withdraw OTN tokens to your wallet and sell them on exchanges (Livecoin exchange)
  • Pay commissions for trading on the IQ option platform
  • Wait for the OTN to launch and exchange OTN tokens to OTN coins at 1 to 1 ratio.
OTN token, mining, trading, withdrawing
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30.11. 2017 15:15  | 

Bitcoin is compared to gold because of its price. Bitcoin remains gold with the highest price for one coin. Litecoin is still in use by many users but there are currencies like Ethereum that could match for silver.

In the world of cryptocurrencies there are more than one excellent currencies that could became a change for alternative paper money. Just like we have different paper money like Euro, Dollar, we have different kind of cryptocurrencies. Here are some list of the cryptocurrencies sorted by popularity in the world of cryptocurrency.

1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency so it is logical that have the highest adoption rate. It is a payment method and you can buy almost anything with Bitcoin, so it is becoming good alternative to the fiat currencies, and it is completely legal.


One thing that is rising the internal value of Ethereum are smart contracts. Using the platform anyone can build projects, ideas, applications. This characteristic increase the users of Ethereum on daily level. Ethereum also have pretty strong community which is taking level up adoption rate of this platform.

3. Ripple

One of the main characteristic of this cryptocurrency is that you can ensure cheap financial transaction in every possible ways. Ripple can considered replacement for fiat currency, very often it is used by the banks.

4. Monero, Dash, Zcash, Shadow coin...

This types of cryptocurrencies have high volume of exchanges and the adoption rates are so high that we could consider to pay for our groceries with these. But the most important factor is anonymity. These days where is everything tracked by government people called the Big Brother era, people learned to appreciate their privacy, and these three coins above mentioned are still the number one of anonymity providing.

5. Steem

Steem has very interesting concept in which every interaction between the two users for example likes, comments, posts are awarded. Network is rising, adoption rate is higher, who knows maybe in the recent future this would be alternative to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

To make a resume, there is more than a couple currencies that can be alternative to the fiat currencies. The only thing we can do is to wait and see which one will prevail.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, alternative, cryptocurrencies
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Scott Evans
30.11. 2017 15:14  | 

Although the blockchain is already considered to be the greatest innovation of the 21st century, it is clear that it still does not function completely perfectly, especially in the sphere of technology used between chain operations. Operating blocks do not cooperate as foreseen and this creates problems. These problems are going to be solved by the OTN (Open Trading Network) which is going to unite individual blocks to a global network just like the internet did with the separate computer networks (WWW). OTN is for sure going to get big, and all traders that are out there have a chance to lay their hands on OTN tokens, to do that they only have to use IQ option trading platform for trading crypto assets.

Why not ICO?

ICO (Initial coin offerings) in the community of cryptocurrency is very quickly linked to fraud, as it has been established despite a good project, it functions without any working prototype, collecting resources solely on the basis of white paper and various promises, and in return yielding no results. There is a large number of those who regard the ICO as a fraud, including the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a U.S. government agency that oversees securities transactions. Jordan Belfort (known as a \"Wolf of Wall Street\") even think s that ICO is the biggest scam. OTN, of course, does not want to be associated with something that is considered fraud and has therefore developed an original token distribution system.

How to Get

There are two ways to get an OTN token.

The first way is through the trade of crypto-assets on the platform IQ option. On a weekly basis a certain number of tokens will be allocated to all crypto trade participants, the number of tokens an individual will receive will depend on the success of his trading. The number of tokens released on a week bases will gradually be reduced and this will affect the rise in the price of tokens. For those who do not want to trade, a different way is available for getting a token, they can buy it directly on livecoin.net or in exchange. In this way, they do not have the chance to make additional profit as traders who use the first mode.

It is up to you to decide whether you will sell the received tokens immediately or you will wait to increase their price to earn some money on them.

Reasons to Mine

As already mentioned, the OTN system introduces a revolution it he cryptocurrency trading industry, creating a global network by converting individual blocks into one big. The OTN tokens can also be used to pay a commission when trading on the IQ-platform.

IQ Option platform does not provide tokens to customers, it is a brokerage firm. All tokens are provided by OTN, which claims to be not selling them, but that its activities are non-commercial.

OTN, token, blockchain, ICO
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First at all, if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, you should know that profit is not guaranteed. This kind of business is pretty much different from the traditional investing and the only thing you need to have if you to profit from this business is ability yo estimate when to sell or when to buy some cryptocurrency.

Only people who are informed about global trends of investments and has knowledge of finance should invest in the cryptocurrencies, other people which are satisfied with the current global financial system should go for traditional method of investments.

From the moment when Bitcoin escalated quickly, everyone is trying to predict which cryptocurrency will escalate next. There are some factors that affected if some cryptocurrency is going to be successful or not.

  • Does merchants use this currency, if they does in which level
  • Small changes of greater oscillations
  • Number of network users, larger is always better
  • Adoption of currency by users globally
  • Security for users
  • Simplified to use
  • People must see potential in it

Even it is very hard, it is important to predicted the goal that some business has. It is a huge difference if you use platform that are offering product, and using a platform who tend to expand.

For the investor it is important to look for platform-based project which need to be long term useful. Bitcoin and Ethereum have a strongest background and all the characteristic from the above. Exodus is less familiar platform that is future oriented platform with a couple of characteristics within they can compete in an open market.

When choosing cryptocurrency to invest in, the network can be decisive factor. Always look for the network that have good flow of value. ShadowCash Umbra Wallet is a good example. This wallet is avoiding expensive mining and offers a good profit, about 2 to 4 percent annually.

Security is also important factor. And as we already said currency background too. If you choose cryptocurrency that is matching these criteria you will surely success in the world of cryptocurrencies.

characteristics, investments, network, security, potential
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30.11. 2017 15:11  | 

If you think that in the world of cryptocurrencies there is no people that will try to screw you for your money, you are wrong. There are people called Scam coin creators that are making money by adding value to their coin, wait for the increase of demand and then they can do whatever they want.

Scam coin creators can cheat you in two ways:

  • They can established fork to an pre-existing cryptocurrency or can create their own blockchain.
  • They can established the notion of the cryptocurrency that have been released

In the first scenario there is pretty long time cap before users realized that there is something wrong. Scam creators release tokens initially. They literally obtain token for free, then they are adding some value to these tokens and wait for the demand to increase. When the demand increase, price go up too, and the scam coin creator, make money by the price increasing.

The second scenario has a little shorter time cap before people realised that this is not genuine blockchain. Experienced blockchainers will realize at the start that this blockchain is a scam, but inexperienced users will probably try out different cryptocurrencies with the wish to get rich really quick.

People can trade with any currency that are existing through the scam coin creators own exchange. They can project anything they want through the website. A scam creator from the second scenario will not only modify the notion of your coin, but he will modify everything from an exchange to the notion of a whole economic scenario.

In the both scenarios scam coin creators are making money by adding value to some coin and then waiting for demand and price goes up. So be careful, unless there is genuine value and trading using this currency it is probably scam coin.

Scam coin, demand, price, blockchain, trading
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Scott Evans
30.11. 2017 15:10  | 

We all know the fact that for mining you need special technology, witch cost a lot of money. When it comes to the question of profitability here you have some suggestion for cryptocurrency mining.

  1. Zclassic (ZCL)
  2. Zcash (ZEC)
  3. Nicehas-Equihas

Above mentioned cryptocurrencies currently have the highest percent of profitability. If you want to calculate the profitability of cryptocurrency mining you can use these two web sites Whattomine and Coinwarz.

Ethereum and Decred are at the moment also profitable cryptocurrency for mining, but also mining Ethereum could not be really profitability for the reason that Ethereum is likely to increase value during the next couple of months.

There is certainly a huge number of ways how can you profit from the cryptocurrency, but when it comes to mining, you have only few options. First option is to sell immediately coins that you mine and earn some cash from the selling. Second option is to keep the coins that you mined and wait for the price go up in the future. All of the cryptocurrencies now have incredibly rise of the value, so the second option is surely gets you more profit than the option number one, but it is more risky of course. Before you make a decision what coin would you mine, it is very important to do the research first. Do not trust anyone, safety option is to research by yourself, find the reliable sources to get information about cryptocurrency that you want to mine.

If you want to know which coins are profitable, again you can use the website like CoinChoose which is giving you informations about every breakdown of the each altcoin. The website is also giving you information about difficulty of mining, where can you exchange your coins and what are the chances to profit in Bitcoin by mining other coins.

Basically the most important thing is not to rush, mining is risky and if some coin mining is profitable at the moment it doesn\'t mean that it will be profitable in the future, so do the research first.

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Let\'s start with two facts. Market these days is inconsistent, that is the first and the second fact is that there are many factors that are affected trend of the price either we are talking about rise or fall all currencies on market. Same thing is with the fiat currency, they come in pair which means there is a strong connection between two currencies. Correlation is the measure of connection between two currencies.

Correlation is the measure of mutual effect of the two phenomena. It is shows the strength of the connection between two currencies in this example. Correlation can be positive and negative and it can go from -1 to +1. It is pretty simple, if the price of Bitcoin is on the rise, people will sell alternative cryptocurrencies and buy Bitcoin. Supply of altcoins are rising, price of the same is dropping.

How Negative Correlation Works

If the demand of Bitcoin is rising, more people want to buy more Bitcoins and people will be ready to pay a price that is higher just to get some Bitcoins, so they can earn money from day-trading or some other methods of earning money from Bitcoins.

How Positive Correlation Works

The example between the government and cryptocurrencies. If government regulations are placed or when a government official makes anti-cryptocurrency statement, demand of Bitcoin is falling down. The government regulations in this situation are mutual influence factor.

In the text above we mentioned the basic understanding of mutual involvement of relationship between two currencies. As we said there are some other factors influence. Correlation is only showing connection between two variables, but if we use factor analysis, which is way more complex we could see more useful information like factor saturation per currencies and we could see which phenomenon influence other.

Correlation, positive, negative, Bitcoin, supply, demand
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Let\'s start with the story of pizza boy. I am pretty sure that you are know situation when developer form Florida supply 10000 of his Bitcoin for two pizzas. He asked at Bitcointalk is someone want that number of Bitcoins in the exchange of paying pizzas. Some guy from the UK accepted this offer and order two pizzas for developer\'s name, paid 25 dollars and got 10000 Bitcoins. In the time of happening Bitcoin this number of Bitcoins worth around $30, think about how much is the amount of Bitcoins is worth today. That was the mentality of the Bitcoins in the past, and people such as this developer and many others couldn\'t know the future of cryptocurrency.

For example we can\'t be sure that the guy from UK who bought 10000 Bitcoins for $30 is multimillionaire today. It is pretty simple explanation why the guy from UK is not multimillionaire today. Let\'s explain. He bought decent number of Bitcoins for $30 and for the simplicity of the example, let\'s say that Bitcoin suddenly peaked at over $1100. Our guy is for sure amazed by the price rice of the Bitcoin, and it is a great opportunity for him to cash out now and became a millionaire. Or the other way, he can just ignore this rise and wait for other price rise of Bitcoin. But it is not happening, opposite thing happen, the price suddenly fall for about $500, I can assure you that many people in this situation would cash out their Bitcoins, because they are not sure what kind of future for Bitcoin is coming, their are afraid for their stakes.

But of course there are few entities that could predicted how will Bitcoin\'s price grow. This people can be big insiders, people from the banking industry, different ventures, exchanges, etc. One thing is sure, only kind of people that could be Millionaires today are the people who had not sold any coin, either the price go up suddenly, either the price is falling down.

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Investing in the long terms in the cryptocurrency businesses is always a good idea. Most common way to get a decent profit from the cryptocurrency is to keep your coins and wait for the price growing. Still, there are some things that you should know if you are considering investment in cryptocurrency. Never keep your coins on the exchange, it is risky because someone can steal your assets. Best way to keep you coins safe is using hardware wallets, where has not been recorded any kind of stealing Bitcoin.

Today, simply storing cryptocurrencies could be a waste of time if we perceive the risk that is involved in the process of generating profit. It is really hard to predict in which direction will the price of certain cryptocurrency be going, so day-trading and automated systems are not good investments.

If you want to invest in cryptocurrency market these days, the best advice you can find is to invest you money in network and platforms that are providing good, constant and useful service to the users. Finding a great idea or concept you can invest in through the network is pretty popular these days. Of course there are some things you should consider while investing in these kind of businesses, you should consider the individuals in the team, team of the project need to be creative and experienced.

Ethereum for example is legitimate and it is based on advanced blockchain technology than Bitcoin, which is surely attracting many people worldwide. The price is stable, on the constant rise at the moment and cheaper than Bitcoin, which makes the Ethereum simpler cryptocurrency for investing than Bitcoin.

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Everything has started in November 2008. Satoshi Nakamoto individual or the group of individuals who invented Bitcoin published the first paper about cryptocurrency called: Bitcoin: A Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System which he continued to develop until the end of 2010. On April 23rd, 2011 Nakamoto published that he moved on to some other thing. Bitcoin is in good hands with Gavin and everyone. This was the last appearance of Satoshi Nakamoto.

The real question is who is this man, or who are these people? Even Satoshi Nakamoto stated that he or they are Asia it is pretty unsure because the meaning of Satoshi is \"bright\" or \"clever\", Naka means \"medium\", \"inside\" or \"relationship\" and Moto means \"foundation\" or \"origin\" so the name Satoshi Nakamoto can be some kind of pseudonym.

There are some prediction who can be the real founder of Bitcoin:

  • Dorian Nakamoto from California whose birth name is Satoshi Nakamoto was clearly first target of the question about the founder of Bitcoin. First man who involve him in these question was journalist of Newsweek Leah McGrath Goodman. Nakamoto seemed to confirm as a founder of Bitcoin, but then he said that he is no longer involved and that it has been turned to other people.
  • Hall Finney cryptographer was the neighbour of Dorian Nakamoto. So journalist Andy Greenberg said that it is possible that FInney worked on behalf of Nakamoto. Later, Finney showed Greenberg email list between him and Nakamoto were we can see that he bought first Bitcoins.
  • Craig Steven Wright was claiming that he is the founder of Bitcoin on his blog. But later it is became clear that this was all fake.

Basically we can\'t be assure who is the founder of Bitcoin. All the possible people who could be founders were disputed.

Bitcoin, founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, cryptocurrency
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We are all regretting for not buying Bitcoins when the price was reasonable, like 2$ per coin or less. But there are some mind-blowing facts about the number one cryptocurrency:

  • May 22, 2010, 10,000 Bitcoins worth around $25 dollars at that time. Guy from Florida bought two pizzas for 10000 Bitcoins, the pizza guy made the order and take that huge amount of Bitcoins. If pizza guy keep Bitcoins for himself today he have around $78 million worth Bitcoins.
  • 90% of Bitcoin addresses doesn\'t hold even 1% of all Bitcoins.
  • 2 Bitcoin addresses hold $2 billion worth of Bitcoins (about 1,65% of all Bitcoins)
  • Random student from the Norway had bought the Bitcoins for $27 and forgot about his transactions. After a couple of years he found out that his Bitcoins worth $886,000
  • James Howells, IT developer, had mined 7500 Bitcoins in 2009. In that moment he did not realised the significance of BItcoins and threw away the hard drive with the wallet. So somewhere in the trash in a Wales landfill there is a laptop with almost $60 million dollars worth Bitcoins.
  • Around 1800 Bitcoins are mined everyday.
  • Top 5 Bitcoin miners has 70% of the total hash power.
  • There are calculations that the last, 21st million Bitcoin will be mined in 2140.
  • There are about 25% of 16 million Bitcoins are lost and their will never be used.
  • Bitcoin reached the parity with the US dollar in 2011, in February.
  • here are some calculations from the experts that Bitcoins will reach $100,000. If Bitcoin reach this value the market cap of Bitcoin will be measured in trillions.
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There is a few similarity between these two above mentioned. For example amount of Bitcoins is limited, there is 21 million of Bitcoins, no single Bitcoin more, Gold is also limited, there is a fixed amount of gold. Gold was used as a payment method for goods and services in the past, we can be sure that Bitcoin would become official payment method in recent future. So, basically there are some similarity between Gold and Bitcoin but it is arguable to compare these two.

There were some difficulties with the Gold as a payment method. Here are some examples, as we said the amount of Gold is limited, that is the fact number one, fact number two refer to difficulties with the gold transactions, it is very hard to return change in the gold. These two facts was the reason why countries all over the world had stopped using Gold as a payment method and started to print money, with the gold background at first. What exactly gold background means? It is a situation in which every single currency in value had background in gold, so basically one country can print as many amount of currencies as many gold that country has gold. In the 1971. things has changed and countries has started to print money without gold background, so there is no more limited amount of currency in the flow. This is the reason why prices are going up every year.

To make a resume, we will be able to compare Gold and Bitcoin only if Bitcoin make the position of Gold as a universal payment method, until then we can only compare their characteristics. One of the reason for creating Bitcoin was the way to again have a currency that is not under control of any institution or government. But it is pretty hard to determine the future of Bitcoin, because there are others cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is not the only one, so it is a question will Bitcoin replace the Gold?

Bitcoin, Gold, currency, payment method, comparation
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Just like another kind of assets, cryptocurrency can\'t enjoy eternal growth. Cryptocurrency was developed not only to stay, but to get more bigger and bigger from day to day. Financial market is crucial here and we know that downturn coming when you least expect it. Some of the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are not using the most popular technology and there are concern within the users about low transaction speed.

Bitcoin Cash, designed by Li Ang could be the answer of the above mentioned problem because it is developed in the main goal to solve the problem and it is increasing Bitcoin block from 1 to 8 MB. There are some speculations that Bitcoin Cash could replace Bitcoin as a world\'s number one cryptocurrency, but future will define that.

There is huge number of people that still don\'t believe in the concept of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as well. They are calling Bitcoin fraud that will sooner or later collapse, what will really affect all the investors. Jordan Belfort, the original Wolf of Wall Street fraudster once told that Initial Coins Offering are biggest scam ever.

It is not clear how will introduction of Bitcoin as a regular method of payment influence the industry. Some of the government have already expressed their concern with money laundering and illegal financial operations, in which cryptocurrencies play a key role. Country around the world like China, South Korea and Russia have already ban all ICO activities in their countries. If some of the major economies ban Bitcoin that will take the price down and it will induced other country to do the same.

All of these factors can contribute downfall of any cryptocurrency. These factors should be considered by the investors when they are thinking about investment.

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30.11. 2017 15:02  | 

The answer to the above question is straight no. Mining Bitcoin providing you a service and you are getting the value as a return for mining which is not the situation with Ponzi Scheme.

Let\'s start with the explanation what is Ponzi Scheme. It is a fraud which creator is Charles Ponzi. In the one of the novels by Charles Dickens, similar scheme was described so there is some presumptions that Ponzi got the idea from novel. Ponzi Scheme is working with attracting investor through the great profit, paying them revenue gained by newer investors.

Ponzi Scheme is not doing any activity or business that are making profit. It worked through attracting new investors and it is judged to fail it is just matter of time. There are some possible ways how these kind of fraud is stopped, or the authorities stop the fraud, or the organizers (investors) run away with money. Even if no one stop the scam it will not last long because further progress requires more resources and investors, and at the some point investments stopped. Ponzi scheme will not last more then ten years. Bitcoin market survived global economy crisis and some kind of crashes several times.

Anyway, the concept of Bitcoin mining is completely different, it is based on computational power. The biggest differ between Ponzi Scheme and the Bitcoin is that there is a real service and real profit in the mining. People that are mining or miners are sharing their hardware to the network and gets Bitcoin or any other coin that they are mining in the return. Computational power is the foundation of the network. It is used for solving mathematical problems and for making transactions too.

In the text above we highlighted the differs between Ponzi Scheme and the Bitcoin mining. The most important differ is existence of actual service, actual profit, actual activity - mining.

Bitcoin, mining, Ponzi Scheme, profit, investors
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30.11. 2017 15:01  | 

Satoshi Nakamoto is the founder of Bitcoin. This information would not be problem if we could know who is Satoshi Nakamoto. There are some prediction that Satoshi Nakamoto is just a pseudonym in front of an individual or group of individual, literally it can be anyone in the world.

It is pretty hard to determine accurately how much did founder of Bitcoin made money through the fluctuation of Bitcoin\'s price, but we can be assure that amount of money is not small. The fact is that Satoshi Nakamoto have mined from the first day of Bitcoins, but network was pretty small back than, so basically he mined a majority of Bitcoin for himself, and we all know that the worth of Bitcoins is higher than it was back than. There were some data from beginning of 2017 that Satoshi Nakamoto own about one million Bitcoins. Satoshi had probably mined from his computer\'s CPU until he switched to more effective way of mining and it is GPU. But as we said in the text above we don\'t really know who Satoshi Nakamoto is so we can\'t know how much Bitcoins he currently owns.

We can\'t be sure how Satoshi Nakamoto mined. And the assumption of his wealth can\'t be realistic because as we don\'t know who Satoshi is, we also don\'t know what have he done with mined Bitcoin. Does he sell all Bitcoin or he did not sell any coin. We can\'t know did he use one, two or many more systems for mining. So there is many facts that need to be known if we want to talk how money is Satoshi Nakamoto making.

Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin, founder, mining, wealth
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30.11. 2017 15:00  | 

As a result from Bitcoin fork from the August 2017, is Bitcoin Cash which was created to solve the problems of Bitcoin network. The problems were commissions paid during transactions and the time that is needed to confirm a transaction. Solution was to increase maximum size of block from 1MB as Bitcoin have to 8MB Bitcoin Cash\'s block size and altering the value of EDA - Emergency Difficulty Adjustment which adjust the algorithm of difficulty faster than Bitcoin. Creation of Bitcoin created division into the Bitcoin community where people have divergent opinion of how can problem with scalability be solved.

Some of the most popular miner and entrepreneurs supported Bitcoin Cash like Antpool the largest company for mining Bitcoin in the world and Roger Ver, CEO of Bitcoin.com who is known as a promoter of Bitcoins since the beginning. These changes of Bitcoin certainly affected the market which investors can confirm.

There was a software implementation called Segwit2, which main goal was increasing the size of Bitcoin block, but it was cancelled and this had effects on the fluctuation of Bitcoin market. Investors who support Segwit2 or simpler 2X, just transferred fund and mining power to Bitcoin Cash, resulting in big growth of transaction volume and restoration in Bitcoin market value.

There is still a debate between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. As we said users of the network are divided to the people that advocate Bitcoin Cash and they are mentioning white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto, which says that Bitcoin is not a simple store of value, it is a global payment system. On the other side supporter of the Bitcoin are considering Bitcoin Cash as a alternative coin. Bitcoin Cash has more potential to become the leader, but for now, Bitcoin is still the market leader, so we can\'t know which of them will prevail.

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, transaction, block size
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23.11. 2017 00:00  | 

Trading online gives you a lot of opportunities, much more if you have started trading when the first ever cryptocurrency was introduced in the market. The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has not gained much attention to traders online not until it’s value has reached a dashing 4-digit figure. Yes, a Bitcoin now cost $$$$, imagine how much it’s value way back then that you’ve wished you’ve invested more and have gained a lot lot more today. Let me guide you on the basic og Cryptocurrency and how it works.

What is cryptocurrency mining and how it all started? Cryptocurrency mining is the process by which transactions are being verified and added to a public ledger—which is the primary means of releasing cryptocurrency as a decentralized form of money. A technique called cryptography which uses elements of mathematical theory and computer science that evolved during World War II to secure data tightly is being used. To date, cryptography is used to secure communications, information and money online—without having to go through tight and waste of time processes in banks.

With the start of the first decentralized cryptocurrency which is Bitcoin in 2009, a lot of cryptocurrencies are now emerging in the market such as Ripple, Dash, Ethereum, ZCash, Monero and the recently added Litecoin and Dogecoin. Introduced in 2009, Bitcoin has been distinguished as the first cryptocurrency. Since then, these cryptocurrencies burgeoned in use and popularity. Do you know that there are more than 900 known active forms?

Mining cryptocoins has rewarded its early adopters. Nowadays, there is a ‘digital gold rush’ where cryptocurrency miners can make a small profit through equipment investment, and then spend months mining for cryptocoins to recuperate one’s investment. A person can retrieve $1000 in hardware costs in about 18-24 months.

For beginners, Litecoins, Dogecoins, and Feathercoins are three Scrypt-based cryptocurrencies that provide the best cost-benefit ratio for beginners. Bitcoins are not a good choice for beginners because it is more complicated to process, which makes it unprofitable for consumer-level hardware. However, if you are diligent and have the capacity to learn and invest, Bitcoin would be the best choice to go with.

Litecoins, Dogecoins, and Feathercoins, which are all highly accessible for beginning miners, can make people 50 cents to 10 dollars a day with just consumer-level mining hardware. Think of cryptocurrency mining as gathering ‘digital gold dust’ instead of ‘collecting actual gold nuggets.’

Cryptocurrency mining aims to accomplish three things, namely: (1) addin transactions to the blockchain for security and verification; (2) releasing new currency; and (3) keeping miner’s personal cost down, including electricity and hardware. POW (Proof of Work) should contain the individual blocks added by miners.

What’s needed to for mining cryptocoins? Here are some:

  • Coin wallet. This is a free private database that stores miner’s earning and keeps a network-wide ledger of transactions.
  • Mining software. This package should be made of cgminer and stratum.
  • Online mining pool. This is an online community of miners who combine their computers to increase profitability and income stability.
  • Online currency exchange. This is online website where miners can exchange their cryptocoins for conventional cash, vice-versa.
  • Reliable full-time internet connection. Ideally, 2 MPS or faster.
  • Hardware setup location. Miners can situate their hardware in the basement or in any other cool and/or air-conditioned space.
  • Desktop or custom-built computer. Miners can use their own desktop, but having a space desktop is recommend. Laptops, gaming consoles, and handheld devices are not ideal to use in mining for it is not effective enough to generate income.
  • ATI graphics processing unit (GPU). This will cost anywhere from $90 (used) to $3000 (brand news). The GPU will be the mainstay for accounting services and mining work.
  • House fan. Mining generates substantial heat, and using house fans can greatly help in cooling your hardware during the mining process.
  • Personal curiosity. Miners should be adequate readers and learners, as there are dynamic technology changes and new technique for optimizing cryptocoin mining results.
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Bitcoin2x is cryptocoin that should be made after the radical change of protocol in Bitcoin, which ultimate goal is to get bigger the space in a block, get better speed in processing and to low costs. This radical change is known as Segwit2x. Bitcoin2x made a price explosion even before it came out, which only happened to some cryptocurrencies.

What could happen after the radical change of protocol (which is going to happen until the end of November 2017) is still unknown for us, but we can assert with great certainty that the mentioned event will have a big impact. If it does not have a big impact main actors of the world of cryptocurrency will not support it.

In the article of Forbs in July Bitcoin core developer Eric Lombrozo said that the moment that comes in November is deciding whether to remain a single network or will split into two, indicating that all Markets must agree that the Bitcoin is not what it used to be. This article also contained comment from Hoffman who said that this is not a hundred percent sure thing to happen, and that this will be a long difficult controversial time period.

Why November Will Be The Real Test For Bitcoin

New coins will be certainly supported by various exchangers, and if the media involves in this it will definitely attract new investors due to better transactions at its disposal, low payments, tons of news, etc. In this way, a quite understandable excitement about Bitcoin2x will be created. Next what can happen is that Bitcoin2x can substitute Bitcoin.

As stated in a recent article in Fortune, no one can predict with certainty which of them will hold the leading position, but:

If most miners get behind the proposed split-and stay behind it-that will likely make the big block version the de facto official version of Bitcoin.

One thing is sure, if exists currency that should explode next it is most certainly Bitcoin2x.

Bitcoin2x, Segwit2x, Bitcoin, changes
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Simplest, blockchain ledger we can observe as a huge database with the continuous list of records called block. Every block is linked to the previous block, and this is how blocks come in chain. The list of record are secured by the method of cryptography. Blocks or as we called them records is the private ledger that contains information about previous transactions between two parties. It works through peer to peer network and the protocols for validation of new records. If some user want to change the ledger it has to change the entire database. Simpler, that user who want to change data need consent of everyone involved in the blockchain.

Satoshi Nakamoto, individual or group of people behind this name published in 2008 Bitcoin\'s core was the blockchain ledger, it was the first usage of blockchain technology and the great problem of digital currency called double - spending was solved. Double spending is the situation where one token can be spent more than one time, which is leading to the inflation of currency. The issue of inflation is solved with the blind signatures and secret splitting. Interest fact is that blockchain technology solved all of these problems without using any central authority or server so the ledger stayed decentralized. Digital information through the ledger are distributed, but not copied.

Blockchain technology became a part of the Internet societies. Blockchain can record not only the transactions, it can record anything else. The best example is the Ethereum platform that are using Blockchain in the way that individual can develop their ideas and get funded in ether, the currency of Ethereum platform.

Blockchain, ledger, Bitcoin, transactions, records
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To make something clear. Bitcoin does not exist in physical form, like dollar or euro or other currency, you don\'t keep your Bitcoins in your Bitcoin wallet, you are keeping the keys and addresses. But here are some really interesting facts about Bitcoins.

People are printing logo of Bitcoin on cardboard and trying to convince people with zero knowledge about cryptocurrency that this is Bitcoin that is worth more than $6500 these days. We are all agreed that this is ridiculous, but we also know popular phrase that is saying if it works it isn\'t stupid. And believe me it is working. In the time when price of the Bitcoin was about $2000, scams was selling above mentioned piece of cardboard called Bitcoin for $17 telling people that it will reach enormous value. We can also see this kind of pseudo cryptocurrency trading on Aliexpress. Facebook or other social media were also a place where people, concrete some Russians were trying to sell \"physical\" Bitcoins.

And now, when we mentioned all of the insane ways to make money from selling fakes Bitcoins. Let\'s talk about the truth. It is impossible to fake Bitcoins, because Bitcoins doesn\'t really exist. Bitcoins are so called virtual space that are located in huge database called Blockchain moving from the one place of the network to another, thanks to transactions.

Theoretically, there is some possibility to fake Bitcoin with the fake transactions, but it is only possible if so called 51% attack had happened. What is 51% attack? It is a situation when a group of miners get access to over 50% of the total network mining power. So basically if this happen than we can talking about scams, because this group can control the entire system by approving or rejecting the transactions. It is not that unrealistic scenario, the top 5 miners today have about 70% hash power.

Scams, fake bitcoins, blockchain, transactions, miners
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A smart contract is a promise technology both in the financial world and outside it. In its application blockchain technology is used and unlike ordinary contracts, it functions completely autonomously.

The World of Smart Contract Is Here

Bitcoin and smart contracts can significantly increase the scope of one company\'s business opportunities both in term of day-to-day activities and their increased efficiency, as well as in terms of cost reduction.

Bitcoin as a means transferring value technology will certainly enable the transformation of our lives as no other technology has done so far. But in order for this to happen, people have to determine their own opinion about it. It is shared at this point, for ones it seems extremely meaningful, while on the other hand for others it seems absolutely meaningless.

Smart contract will enable automation of employee payouts, dividends, making payments without any contact. Their concept covers various aspects of business and finance and is therefore considered technological miracle.

Today is still impossible for consumers to automatically complete all transactions without any intermediaries and without contact. The current transfer of value is facilitated by bank that is a broker between the store and the end user. Also, transactions are not possible without typing the PIN code, or without swiping the card. The foregoing is acceptable for now but in the future we need to strive for improvement, the improvement will lead to benefits for all involved parties. With the help of smart contracts an ecosystem will be created in which payments will be made automatically when the user scans the code, and in the short term the funds will be settled, the fees will be small or none, and all of these will lead to the advancement of the economy. This idea can became real only if companies get the possibility to bring smart contract to the masses. At this moment only the Ethereum project is working on smart contracts, which are linked to a public blockchain. Bitcoin blockchain does not prefer the Ethereum blockchain as it has been subject of difference security concerns.

Private Blockchains Are Not All Bad

The best way to test the reliability of smart contracts in a financial environment is a private blockchain, but this advantage is currently clear to a very small number of people working in this environment, but certainly some of them would give a chance to this technology.

Is it understandable that people need time to accept new technology and become aware that private blockchains can lead to development of innovations in smart contracts, but at the moment when this happens there must be a ready/made working solutions so that idea does not break down.

smart contract, Ethereum, blockchain, transactions, Bitcoin
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Device of trading bots has not proved its effectiveness in using. With Bitcoin and Ether there is price stability at this moment, but predicting their future movement (growth or decline) no one is able to determine, not even an automated Bitcoin trading system. The desired aim could be accomplished only if program reacts in the right time.

What is the working principle of these bots? They use an automated trading system to trade in a foreign name through direct connections with online exchange. In the mentioned trade they certainly do business by adhering to certain rules and monitoring the movement of prices. The question that arises is whether these systems can be profitable? In response we can not be quite sure since it is confirmed from the early rich Bitcoiners.

Trading in different exchanges is one of the way of making these systems profitable. Buying all the bitcoins on tertiary Markets and re-placing them on new Markets where there was none has opened the possibility to create new and not to follow existing trends, and that is exactly what one of the first user of trading bot technology did.

The development of technology has created a new opportunity to make profits through automated trading, so the inability of inter-exchange trade does not mean impossibility of making a profit. Through new technology the profit making relies on the use of computers, which unlike people are not intuitive and they do not rely on rumours, but they do sophisticated analysis that can be the starting point for automatic online trade.

The basis for the trade of bots is often exponential moving average. Given systems are based on monitoring of price movements and setting of certain criteria for prices and setting of commands buy or sell when the price meets the set criteria. Big lack of trading bots is that it never responds in time but always too late, and therefore some improvements were included. With EMA there was improvement with double and triple exponential movement averages.

At this moment it is not possible to answer whether this is profitable or not. It\'s probably not unless you are able to develop your own algorithms needed for the operation of trading bots. Still, as there is evidence of successful functioning, many traders set up different online store programs, for example: Butter Bot which offers you simple plug-in on your Chrome browser, or CryptoTrader through which you can get new opportunities to optimize your trading bot.

Bitcoin, trading systems, exchanges, profitability
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Blockchain is a technology that has appeared and shocked a large number of entrepreneurs and seller who are trying to achieve financial security in an unorganized market. As the Bitcoin is the most widespread cryptocurrency today, the emergence of BitConnect has certainly led to the excitement of passion.

So what exactly is BitConnect?

BitConnect is an open source all in one Bitcoin and crypto community platform designed to provide multiple investment opportunities with cryptocurrency education. It provides multiple investments and guarantees RoI to its investors. This platform is based on a system in which each investor needs to withdraw more investors and for every one investor he bring he receives a certain commision, as well as a chip with cold money for an initial investment.

The promotion of this platform was done through social networks (spam mail, facebook, youtube, etc.) and it is possible that you already met somewhere with it. Since the advertisement lists big results with minimal investments, we consider it necessary to drain a little deeper into the basis of the BitConnect.

Here’s what we found

BitConnect’s Primary Selling Point is its Trading Bot Tech

BitConnect claims that with its design of a new bot it can be realized 1% RoI daily. This is absolutely unrealistic because it would mean 365% of the return on assets is realized annually, and real investors know that the real achievement is between 25 and 30% of return for year. What is the worse is that all the information about their new trading bot are extremely secret, so if this kind of bot really exists its technology could be applied to all kind of traditional financial Markets.

Their Referral Program Guarantees Paid Commissions for All New Lenders/Affiliates Who Join/Invest

On their website you can find an information that all affiliate commisions will be paid to your wallet on BitConnect, but what is suspicious to every potential investors is that their commision scale is based on the level you have achieved inside their system of older and newer investor. The worst part of the statement which is given on their site is that they can at any time stop the affiliate and the associated user. This statement certainly leads to a loss of confidence.

The Affiliate Base/Demographic is Massive and Expanding

Every affiliate is claiming that they have made huge profits from their investment, you can not find any affiliate on their base that tells you the opposite, so this does not seem to be real at all.

In the end we would not suggest anyone to take investment on BitConnect right now, because it really looks suspicious because it really looks like a Ponzi scheme, whereby in the first years of investing, small investors make profits and their eyes are bothered by that fact, but in the end as a result of all the big scams the small investor who make the base of the pyramid were hurt by loosing all what they invested, while those who were on top pyramid get away with money.

BitConnect, investors, affiliate, pyramid scheme, scam
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When we are talking about every technology adoption process, about any progress it seems pretty logical that people with a decent technology knowledge and open - mined people, or as we called them early adopters are accepting something new, in this situation we are talking about new way of financial transaction and payment method. But number of these people is relatively small compared to more conservative population, that need to be reached in the recent future.

The fact is that people will not accept Bitcoin until they find out what kind of benefit can it give and how can make our lives easier. When Bitcoin became accepted as a valid payment method, and it will become in a very close future the adoption will rise enormously. We are talking about very close future, as we can see there are many online businesses that invented Bitcoin as a valid payment method for their customers.

Every government can be a problem in the adoption of the Bitcoin. Here is reason why. Governments all over the world are feared that Bitcoin is a threat for traditional fiat currencies that are centralized, Bitcoin is not. That mean that no institution, and no government have full control of the Bitcoin and the fluctuation within the network. Example of government fear is China. China banned Bitcoin in the country, and that is not helping in the globally adoption of Bitcoin, opposite it is decreasing the rate of adoption.

Bitcoin and its network generally are unstoppable. Sooner government realized this fact, the sooner will Bitcoin became widely adopted.

progress, adoption, Bitcoin, government, threat
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We are all know that financial institutions can\'t wait to charge us a fee to almost every single action that we are taking such as transferring money, assets, goods, rendering a service there is always a fee by the standard of economic scenario.

When you are transferring money from your account to another account that is placed in other bank, your bank will charge you a pretty high fee because you are reducing the amount of the cash that you were holding in specific bank.

Even Bitcoin is a decentralized economy, miners record transaction based on fees paid when transferring, basically we are saying that transferring Bitcoin from one wallet to another with no fee would end at the bottom priority for being recorded in the blockchain and the transaction with the high fee would end with the high priority for recording into the blockchain. Literally, the network is trying to convince you to pay some fee, and the fee in the Bitcoin transaction can only be Bitcoin, so basically the amount of sent Bitcoins is not equal to amount of received Bitcoins.

So, theoretically the answer is yes. Moving Bitcoins between wallets are resulting in a money loss in the form of the transaction fee, but this fee only providing uphold of the network.

The transaction fee that are most Bitcoin processed are below 0.001% so if you move certain amount of Bitcoins several times, your loss will be extremely small.

Transferring, transaction, blockchain, Bitcoin, network
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There is certainly more than one difference between these two cryptocurrencies. Form the view of the layperson whose one and only intention is to transfer value in the form of cryptocurrencies within ecosystems PayTM and Bitcoin are just a little different, but from the technical side the difference is huge.

Some of the main differences between PayTM and Bitcoin:

  • Both cryptocurrencies PayTM and Bitcoin are using for transferring funds in the for of rupees and Bitcoin.
  • Centralization versus decentralization. PayTM is a centralized cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is decentralized.
  • PayTM is a company, Bitcoin is a network composed of many individuals.
  • When there is a problem with transfers Bitcoin are solving problem with consensus while PayTM have to be contacted to look into payment procedure.
  • Bitcoin is completely anonymous, PayTM required to document all transactions to pay taxes.
  • Ledger are maintained by PayTM within their ecosystems while Bitcoin transaction are public on their blockchain.
  • PayTM is based of primitive tech stack while Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology.
  • PayTM is a subsidiary company on One97 communications while Bitcoin is Public, it is not owned by any singe company or entity, but by the network.

There are more other differences between PayTM and Bitcoin mainly because both are very different in many aspects excepts their main task, and we know that both of these cryptocurrencies was developed to transfer value.

PayTM, Bitcoin, centralization, decentralization, technology
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The fact is that the Ethereum is based on advanced concept comparing to Bitcoin. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency developed ever, so it is logically that all the new cryptocurrencies has better concept in the foundation. So Ethereum is beating Bitcoin in their intrinsic values.

To make something clear in the start, Ethereum is not just a currency, it is a platform on which anyone can do the realization of their ideas. This is the reason why it is said that Ethereum is providing to its users more than Bitcoin will ever do. People with Ethereum platform can develop their projects, programs, applications. How is this working? Every kind of this project, programs or something similar can be funded within an Ethereum network with the Ethereum\'s currency called Ether. Many people are saying that Ethereum is a way more than a method of payment, it is a community, community that are helping people with ideas and without funds to develop ideas.

The numbers are also on the Ethereum\'s side. Making transaction with Ethereum is lower than making transaction with Bitcoin, especially when we take the computational power in the comparison.

When it comes to the actual price, there is more fact that are affecting besides the advantages that we mentioned above. It is not about the technology, it is pretty simpler. Bitcoin was first cryptocurrency, even that is directly implicating the fact that all newer cryptocurrencies have better concept in foundation, it is also implicating the fact that the amount of money is a way higher invested in Bitcoin in comparison to other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin gained the popularity globally, that is also advantage.

When it comes to long terms, Ethereum has capacity to became world\'s number one digital money. It has safety protocol that are more advanced and their smart contracts are safe and fair. Because of these facts and the facts that we mentioned in the text above, many people are believing in Ethereum.

Ethereum, Bitcoin, concept, platform, smart contracts
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You will never find simpler answer to the above question that this. It is a software that you are using to communicate with the Bitcoin network to tell other users that you want to send and receive transactions. For example you can compare wallet with your e-mail. When you get your e-mail address you need some software to use the address, without software you can\'t send or receive mails. It doesn\'t matter if this software is on your phone, laptop, MacPC it is important that you are online. You have your username and private password, and that is how internet know this is your e-mail. If you tell someone your e-mail address he can send e-mail to you but can\'t send e-mails from your address. Someone will be able to send e-mails from your address only if he knows your password.

It is similar with the Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin account have two elements, it is public address just like your e-mail address and the second one is private key, just like password with the e-mail example. You can give anyone public address so they can send money to you. Your private key is named private key for a reason, you should never reveal it to anyone.

If someone gets your email password it is a problem, because they can send e-mails from your account, but it is not bad as someone gets your Bitcoin private key, they can send all of your Bitcoin to someone and that is big problem for you.

Just like with e-mail, once you sent the message there is no return only if the user from the other side of the transactions want to send you your coins back. It\'s like digital cash, once you give someone amounts of cash for some product at the store it\'s no longer yours. But all of this let\'s call it steals could happen only if you give your private information to someone, so keep your private key to yourself.

Bitcoin, wallet, private key, public address, stealing
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Just like in others scenarios we have constants and variables. Same thing with Bitcoin:

  • Constant amount. Bitcoins supply is fixed and the number of Bitcoins is 21 Million Bitcoins, not single coin more.
  • Demand represents variable.
  • Death of the person is certainly a constant.

To make a resume. If person that posses a certain amount of Bitcoins dies, without revealing private key to anyone, no one can access person\'s wallet, to make long story short no one will ever be using these coins if don\'t have private key of the person\'s wallet.

As the demand is the only variable in this situation, if demand increases, the value will definitely increase too.

From a Security Standpoint:

Anyone\'s wallet can be accessed only with private key and public key together, it can be obtained using brute force but this process need time, and by the time we are talking about years and years. And using a brute force to get private key from person who dies without giving private key to anyone can take longer than person lifetime, so basically there is no way to get the private key.

Simple example, let\'s imagine a situation in which the person A and person B are two sides of the transaction. If person A want to spend the bitcoins form person\'s B wallet, he need person\'s B private key to sing the transaction otherwise he will not be able to spend anything from person\'s B wallet.

Wallets are secure with the special AES 256 CBC encryption, let\'s take another example here: If we assume that every person on the planet owns 10 computers and there are 7 billion people on the earth, Each of the computer can test 1 Billion key combinations per second and the average of cracking the key is 50% of the possibilities. The earth\'s population can crack one encryption key in years.

So the answer is yes, all bitcoins without the private key are unusable.

Bitcoin, private key, death, Bitcoin wallet, encryption
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SegWit2x was almost there to became a Bitcoin hard fork, but it has been cancelled by the members of network behind the original initiative. It should have happened on November 16th. Why is cancelled? The answer is pretty simple, it failed to convince enough people to join SegWit2x and make this blockchain the new mainstream Bitcoin blockchain. The idea with SegWit2x was to improve the scalability of Bitcoin and to increase the block size to 2MB.

It is way important to keep the community united than to introduce some technical innovations. Although they strongly believe that a larger blocksize is something they are need, the team behind the cancelled upgrade consider that is more important to keep the community together. They are aware of problem that they did not successfully built consensus for upgrading blocksize this time, and they know that this could be problem for the community. Dividing the community and disturb Bitcoin\'s growth can be consequences for continuing on the current path.


Competing to a leading mean of exchange with the new, younger, technically better and advanced coins could be harder for Bitcoin. But Bitcoin\'s position as a number one cryptocurrency these days is stable and more important it is not threatened. Speculators could capitalize newly created coins but they did not use an opportunity to do this, but it is not a major importance for the market. Bitcoin reacted with the big increase of price but it was corrected later.

Bitcoin, community, hard fork, SegWit2x, blocksize
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The answer is no. The fact is that the number of Bitcoin is limited, there is 21 million Bitcoins. It can all be mined, but even we mined all the Bitcoin it doesn\'t mean that they are going to disappear. Also, the difficulty of mining is adjusted to the power invested in mining so if there is more mining power it is higher difficulty to mine Bitcoins.

Here is some facts that can danger Bitcoins:

  1. As we already said, number of Bitcoins is limited to 21 million ( we are somewhere at the number of 17 million at the moment)
  2. People forgetting private keys of their wallet, dying without telling someone about their private keys, etc. This is the reason how certain numbers of Bitcoins being lost everyday.

So, the number of Bitcoins in circulations when we mined all of 21 million Bitcoins will start to drop. But simply economic law will take the part of this situation. If the supply is decreasing, the price is increasing.

It is pretty simple, if most people want something, certain number of these people will pay more to get it. Than the sellers of wanted products or in this situation coins are starting to realise that they can sell their Bitcoins for more money.

So, besides constants that number of Bitcoin is limited, we have two variables:

  1. Bitcoin adoption grow every year so, more people using it, demand start to growing
  2. As we said there are some examples of why the number of Bitcoin in circulations is dropping (again it is a prediction what will happen when we mine all Bitcoins) which decreasing the supply.

Again, simply economic rule is in power. When everyone wants something that only a few have, the price of the thing is going way up.

If we consider the fact of high adoption and growth number of Bitcoin transactions that will lower rewards for people that are mining, lost coins, and other factor that we mention in the text, which lower supply, opposite happening with price, it goes up.

Basically we will not run out of Bitcoin any time soon, but the higher price for one coin is pretty sure thing to happen in recent future.

Bitcoin, demand, supply, price, mining
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If you think that investing in cryptocurrencies guarantee you a profit, you are wrong. It is not that simple as it is in the traditional way of investing, where you invest decent amount of money, and waiting for your profit to come. Investing in cryptocurrencies implies first at all to have knowledge about specified cryptocurrency that you are investing to. And the other side is that investing in cryptocurrencies is a way to exchange value. As value of cryptocurrencies varies day to day, you must have ability to estimate when it\'s right moment to sell or buy some cryptocurrency.

As we said without the knowledge of finance and global trends of investment in online networks, the person should invest in traditional investments.

After the incredible rise of Bitcoin everybody is trying to figure out, which cryptocurrency has potential to grow like Bitcoin. Here is some factors that influence to a successful cryptocurrency:

  • How it\'s currency used by tradespeople
  • Low predictability implies low chance of great oscillations
  • More people using the networks, greater chances to success
  • It is important how users adopted cryptocurrency
  • Security
  • Simply usage for users
  • The cryptocurrency must be observe as big potential

Here is some characteristics that investor must consider while choosing cryptocurrency to invest in.

Even it is hard for everyone to predict a future, it is not that hard to see the goal that some business has, are they just offering some product, or they have intended to expand the market. So one of the key factor for a long time success is developing a wide users of network.

It is very important to look for project that has a strong background, just like Bitcoin and Ethereum has, not to look for the project that will be useful in the short run. Basically investing in the cryptocurrencies means that in every moment, investors need to look the long term side of the investment, not short one.

When it comes to decision to chose network it is very important factor that network need to be widespread with a circulation of high amount of values.

Let\'s take a summary of the text above, if you are considering invest to cryptocurrency, explore its background, research the security that platform offers. With these the factors in mind, you can choose a long term investment in cryptocurrency.

cryptocurrency, network, investment, security
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Bitcoin blockchain is based on a pretty simple concept. It is a distributed ledger, we can observe this ledger as big database distributed in multiple places at the same time. Basically if someone wants to hack Bitcoin, he had to attack all the ledger at the same time, which in real life impossible.

So, hackers can\'t hack the blockchain, but this doesn\'t mean that their are not stealing Bitcoin. They do. They are stealing Bitcoin and not hacking the blockchain, how is this possible? Simple explanation, if hackers hack website, this doesn\'t mean their hacked the whole internet. Long story short, hackers are attacking other player that operate with bitcoins such as exchanges, wallets not the blockchain.

Above 30% of cryptocurrencies exchanges was the target of the cyber attacks. Mt.Gox is a perfect example how can exchange be victim from an attack. Still, it is not about attacking Bitcoin. The Bitcoin blockchain is staying stable at the moment, and we have seen the reason in the text above, why this blockchain can\'t be hacked or destroyed by hackers.

Still, there is a three possibilities how can Bitcoin protection be disturb:

  • 51% attack - theoretically if a group of miners got access to above this percentage of the total network mining power, security of the number one cryptocurrency can be disturbed. The group of miners that theoretically own a 51% of mining power, can block any transaction or permit double spending of coins. It would be really irrelevant security, miners still will not have possibility to generate free Bitcoin for them, but there will be panic within the users for sure. Again, is it realistic? The answer is yes, and we can see this in the fact that five largest pools for mining have 70% of the mining power. If there unit their power, they would be decisive for Bitcoin future.
  • Hard fork - it can be organized by the group of miners and Bitcoin users if they have some plan to split Bitcoin and took it to another way. Creating some new coin can be tipping point, because demand for old coin will fall down such as price and everyone would like to have the new coin.
  • Attack from Quantum computers - experts says that transaction can only be hacked by the quantum computers attack, but we are about 10 years ago before these computers, so we can be pretty sure that someone will develop a protection from these attack by that time.
Bitcoin, hacking, blockchain, miners, quantum computers
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Bitcoin as a decentralized currency can be in many ways good for African people, especially if it will change traditional way of trading to a trading in a higher level with other countries and encourage people to invest in cryptocurrency networks.

There are more ways how it Bitcoin used in Africa, for example South Africa is most developed country, Nigeria and Kenya also established network of users and in mentioned countries users can trade their Bitcoin for a local currencies through online exchanges like Luno, ICE3X, BitPesa etc.

Besides the fact that African people are using cryptocurrency as a online payment method, they are using it for creating online wallets and transfer money by central banks of their countries. M-Pesa, mobile service that offers payment in cryptocurrencies via standard devices, and other cryptocurrency mobile application are on the rise. Africans very often use Bitcoin to place bets via online sport bet websites.

Biggest online marketplace that accepted cryptocurrencies as a valid payment method is Bidorbuy. As the number of users of this marketplace is increasing the number of miners are also increasing. Ghana Dot Com or shortened GDC is first African Bitcoin mining recently established.

As always, every new thing that appear, especially when we are talking about technological progress, are showing insecurity among people. People don\'t believe in security and anonymity of cryptocurrencies, still don\'t have confidence in digital currencies.

World Bank had relieved data that Africans who lives and work outside their continent, sending back to native continent about 32 billion dollars per year. Kipochi and M-Pesa have already developed programs (between M-Pesa and Western Union) for the people that are sending money back home.

To resume, Bitcoin becoming reality and taking part of Africans financial management just like in other countries. There are some pretty useful methods of using Bitcoin in Africa, and we can be sure that more of this method, new platforms and exchanges are about to come in Africa in recent future.

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Traditional fiat currency is centralized and digital currencies like Bitcoin are decentralized. Without a decent knowledge of this two terms, you wont be able to see the benefits of either option.

The Downfall of Centralized Currency

While people think that printed on - demand currency is overrated, it\'s really not. Every governing body around the world can print more fiat money, by increasing total supply of fiat money all money in circulation become less valuable.

Backing a fiat currency is the past. US dollar has not been tied to asset for some time, in fact every US dollar in circulation today is backed only by \"the full faith and credit of the United States\". New money is sending to one of the twelve Federal Reserve Banks. There are two privates - owned Federal Reserve Banks, which mean that group of people are determining the wealth of nation.

Also Federal Reserve can \"inject\" new money by purchasing Treasury Bond, or they can just purchase loan to finance the debt of entire United States.

How Decentralized Currency is Different

The most popular cryptocurrency today is Bitcoin. It has a fixed supply of 21 million coins and no coin over that. With increasing value of Bitcoin and making mining even harder it will take until 2140 to mine all bitcoins.

Mining is the only way how circulation of Bitcoin can increase, there is no option of printing additional funds. As a reward for mining additional coins Bitcoin miner receive the privilege to spend these coins first.

Bitcoin is a decentralized system which mean that no one have control of the network, all fund are controlled by the people in network. Anyone can mine Bitcoins, until the 21st million Bitcoin is mined.

Unlike fiat currency that is under control of one institution, that are controlling money supply, Bitcoin is driven by the consumers. It has no point of failure, which is making the network more secure.

When you spent one Bitcoin it is directly putted back in the system. When you spend certain amount of cash, it is kept outside of the system until it is brought to the bank and the bank put it again in the circulation which can last specific time.

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It is not important what kind of business is company engage in, the fact is that marketing is one of the greatest weapon to attract new people to the company, or product, or service. Marketing in the world of cryptocurrencies have some different kind of role. Marketing effort are aimed to people who are already a part of the network. It is a difficult task to create a good marketing campaign but it doesn\'t need to cost a million dollars to do it.

Revamping The Marketing Campaign Idea

We are living in the world with the huge numbers of professions, so it is a completely natural for a business people to know absolutely nothing about marketing and how to sell their product to the people. If you have this kind of problem, you simply hire marketers, people that are specialized in marketing, have creative ideas and know everything about market and marketing.

Billboards are one kind of ideas, they can draw a glance from people passing by, but in most ways billboards or video walls are trying to sell to the consumers things that they don\'t even need or wand. So this kind of marketing is pretty outdated.

Social marketing is the weapon you need in today\'s world of business. People all over the world had to be connected with each other and the brand that they are using and this is possible only with social marketing. For example company such as Apple and GoPro have employed their customers to share the pictures and the videos with the other people.

The main idea in the world of the marketing is to wake up some kind of emotional reaction from the target audience, once consumers stopped caring about your design, advertising fail.

Marketing should evolve just like the business is evolving. It takes a lot of work and effort to make a successful marketing campaign. It is pretty exciting to look how is marketing evolving and it is even more exciting to be part of the marketing sector there days.

Use The Material Provided By The Bitcoin Community

The main concept of Bitcoin is differ from any kind of product or service, so putting the above kinds of marketing in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general is very hard task for marketers. It would be a lot easier to make marketing campaign for Bitcoin if Bitcoin became globally adopted.

Users of the Bitcoin are more than happy to participate with the marketing efforts. Spreading the word through the social media, creating videos and other content can be outsourced to Bitcoin users and company need to accept this opportunity before it\'s too late.

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Bitcoin is evolving, that is the fact. It is evolving from the day to day, from minute to minute. So, doubtless, straight answer to above question is yes. Evolving of Bitcoin is advanced, so if you are not using network for a while, you need to update.

Updating network works in next steps. First at all, changing network can offer anyone, every user can start update then next step depend on miners. If there is a big number of miners who accepted this changes, entire network will be updated.

The system behind the network is very simply. Everything depends on miners. Miners have some kind of votes, and the power of votes depend on the power that is certain miner bringing to the network. The votes can\'t be faked. This is probably the best way better to make a decision, without any problems and discussions.

Progress is based on competition and even the forks are happening in this way. Fork can be created on purpose or without purpose. Fork is situation when blockchain gets an opportunity to evolve in two different ways. So basically, every users have a chance to choose the way of evolving. There are two kinds of forks:

  • Hard consensus fork is situation where invalid block are becoming valid, and every user have to upgrade to remain compatible with the network and other users.
  • Soft consensus fork have opposite way of ongoing. It is a situation where invalid block are becoming valid and again every user have to upgrade to remain compatible with the network.

Even most people say that divisions between users are not good for a network, actually it is a great way to introduce competition between Blockchain, because it is important for progress of network. In every few months or years hard fork can be useful in bringing the best decision for Bitcoin\'s future.

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Zcash is a cryptocurrency which was developed by team of the scientist, advisers and engineers behind it. It offer complete privacy. Some of the great names such as Roger Ver, Barry Seibert and Pantera Capital took a part in collecting venture capital for the currency.

h>Decentralization is something that is common for all currencies, same thing with Zcash, it is decentralized and open source currency. On of the differ between Zcash and others cryptocurrencies is enhanced privacy or so called \"Shielded transaction\". The concept of Shielded transaction is the users of the transaction such as sender, recipient, and information about value can remain unknown to others if users wish that.

How does Z-Cash differ from other Cryptocurrencies?

As we mentioned in the text above, completely anonymity is the thing that differs Zcash from other currencies. Bitcoin and Ethereum\'s blockchains showing the value of each transaction and the parties which participate transaction. Z-Cash has a special proof to secure the network called zk-snark or it is also called proof of construction. Proof of construction is pretty effective way to protect transaction information.

Not every transaction need to be in shadow, the technology called selective disclosure allows user to reveal specified transactions, for example users can reveal their transactions of voluntarily and conveniently anti money laundering laws, or transactions for tax regulation purposes.

Zcash supply is limited, there will be 21 million coins and currently 2 million of them are in circulation. Bitcoin mining have so called 10 minute blocks, Zcash mining operates with 4 time bigger blocks with 2.5 block on average. All coins in the circulation are taxed which mean that a part of the value is distributed to company stakeholders.

Another differs between Zcash and other cryptocurrencies is that Zcash is a company it isn\'t open source community. This kind of organization has certain consequences. Whenever coin is mined so called Founders reward which is a reward for investor and workers it company, is distributed to them.

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First of many reasons why you should avoid trollboxes are the often trying to make people sell their coins, doubt their decision by spreading Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt or so called FUD. Someone who want to buy certain coins, probably will make some incorrect and false information about that cryptocurrency, just to persuade you to sell your coins. But of course there is a simply solution to this problem, don\'t trust anyone and research information online.

There are also people who are doing the opposite thing from the above text. They are spreading the information how is some currency going to rise to the moon and such thing. This is a strategy to persuade you to buy some of the coins, and you are falling to the trap, so called FOMO - fear of missing out. Again, that one user who are persuading others just want to sell his coins, so don\'t trust everyone and do the research before a decision.

So to be clear, many people are using trollboxes just to spread a fake news and try to trick other people of the community to sell or buy certain coin.

The point of Troll box is that everyone has some kind of agendum. There are a few users that actually want to help you, but the odd of bumping into them are really small.

If you are making a decision about investment or if you are new in the world of cryptocurrency and you want to learn about digital currencies, do not use trollboxes or any kind of unreliable source.

Of course, there is always a good side of the every story. Sometimes you could find a really useful information from other trades on the troll box. Some of the exchange are not the same without its trollboxes, the example is Poloniex, the famous trollbox in the entire cryptocurrency world.

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By the market capitalization, Ripple is in the top 3 cryptocurrencies together with Bitcoin and Ethereum, and the price of the Ripple are all positive so far, so Ripple can rise to something big.

There is really big profit, the price is increasing from day to day, of course price had some falls, but mostly the price is rising. The difference between Ripple and others cryptocurrencies may be the key factor why you should invest in Ripple. Namely, the Ripple is owned by the company that created it, which lowering risk and bring stability for investors that no one can manipulate the market. Another great fact is the high number of transactions that can be processed about 70000 per minute. More than 30 platforms already listed Ripple.

Another interesting fact, big banks like Bank of America Corp, the Royal Bank of Canada and Westpac Banking Corp are participated in the project of developing first interbank global payments group. It is a big move, banks will use the internal network for transfers and transactions to other banks. This will surely push the price upward.

That is all reason why is buy and hold strategy a best way if you are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies.

Assumption is that Ripple will not ever reach the price of Ethereum or Bitcoin, because there is a large number of coins supply, concrete there is about 38 billion coins in the circulation right now which is really high number compared to 94.8 million of Ethereum and 16.5 million for Bitcoin.

Even the Ripple will not reach the price of Ethereum or Bitcoin, it can reach the success achieved by these two most popular cryptocurrencies, and maybe sooner than everyone think. Main reason for that is the project with banks. If bank start using Ripple for their transactions and the majority of Ripple starts selling it, mass adoption and lot of different Markets are the future of Ripple.

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When we are talking about Blockchain we are talking about reducing the intercessor and the value of transfers that intercessors are taking to them. But there is some new level of project, it is the tokenization of the real economy which has similarity to the phenomenon called Initial coin Offering.


Blockchain is called the Internet of Value. There is a huge number of cryptocurrencies that exist on the of the blockchain, which is a database or so called distributed ledger of ownership and transfers about these cryptocurrencies. These digital currencies, or token, can be used to represent some kind of asset or ownership of the real world object and properties. This is the definition of tokenization of properties and the real economy.

Tokenization Technology

Connecting the tokens and the real objects in the real world can involve a range of insurance companies, law firms, professional entities and many people from the different profession. Performing an individual valuation of assets, the provenance of the assets and many others factors these people are proving that the property can be listed on the blockchain platform, where investors can submit bids on how many shares of the property they want for certain amount of money.

Tokenization can really revolutionize the real economy. Almost everything can be listed on blockchain, like famous art works etc. Tokenization democratizes access to the investment opportunities which is traditionally only to the investors with a huge amount of money.

Tokenization in work

Initial Coin Offering is really focused on tokenization of the real economy. For example Maecenas, it is name after Gaius Maecenas an Ancient Rome artist. Maecenas is a new online art market that gives art lovers a possibility to buy shares in famous paintings. By purchasing the ART tokens, investors can buy and trades shares of masterpieces that are listed on the exchange.

Another example is LATtoke. The token is called LAT. With LAT you can get access to a wide range of tokenized assets which include shares of famous companies like Apple to commodities like silver and gold, real estate and so on.

It will not be long before tokenization take over the real economies Markets.

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People can find private and anonymous cryptocurrency easier than ever before, these days large numbers of this kind of cryptocurrency are among us. The main factor if you want to invest in one of these is researching, always check legitimacy of cryptocurrency before investing, in other way you can lose all of your assets.

One of the relatively new cryptocurrency is Zcash. Zcash was launched in January 2016. The main purpose of creating this cryptocurrency was anonymity and privacy. Except the fact that this crypto is completely private and anonymous, Zcash has more positive features. Start up team developed an encryption called zk-SNARK, so it is untraceable, also it is legitimate and you can trade and invest freely on multiple Markets and exchanges.

Monero is also quite anonymous cryptocurrency. Monero\'s predecessor is altcoin called Bytecoin, difference between these two is speed of the emission. Monero is based on the CryptoNote method, developed by start-up team. CryptoNote is the method that provide you the anonymity by shuffling stealth addresses with some different sets of keys called ring signatures. Ring signatures is something like group signature, but you don\'t really know other member of the group. The number of users rising constantly most because it is very easy to trade with Monero.

Bitcoin became adopted because of its anonymity, so basically the anonymous transaction is the key factor. As we said, there is very large number of anonymous cryptocurrencies on the market. Dash is the cryptocurrency that are known as a safe one. There have been some issues with the volatility, but Dash survived it, and now it is a stable cryptocurrency.

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The answer to the above question is no. Not at all. Besides the fact that Ether is a pretty stable cryptocurrency, it has some features and advantages when we compare Ether and other altcoins. Another reason why not to sold your Ether for Bitcoin Gold is the fact that Bitcoin Gold is not a good investment option at all.

Most people does not have a bright vision of the future of Bitcoin gold since it is a pretty difficult to give prediction about its future. But, we must say that people are selling their cryptocurrencies to buy Bitcoin and get free Bitcoin Gold. Since a huge number of users doing it, the price off other altcoins is falling down. There are many insecurity within people about Bitcoin Gold, is it a scam or not? We can be sure that it is not a scam. Giving a free Bitcoin Gold to anyone who buy Bitcoins with some other cryptocurrencies is a good strategy known as hard fork, so there is a stable background.

There is so many question and concerns about new cryptocurrency like the question is it Bitcoin GOld necessary on today\'s market? The answer is no, it\'s not. Bitcoin gold is still in the process of introduction to the users and it still have some kind of problem that need to be solved. One of this problem is that there is still no wallet for Bitcoin Gold. There is also a cryptocurrency that is based on the same algorithm that Bitcoin Gold will be using. There is also some other solutions, project Bitcoin Segwit 2x is another hard fork created by Bitcoin, and it seems to have some prosperous future.

Bitcoin Gold is developed with purpose to decentralize mining authority of regular Bitcoin. Ethereum has steady growth so selling it for Bitcoin Gold is not the best idea right now. Bitcoin from the other side, is always a good investment idea, it will became adopted worldwide it just a question when it will.

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Together with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies Blockchain is the number one talk these days. Even there are many concerns about Bitcoin is it a bubble or not, almost everyone agrees that the technology behind Bitcoin is disruptive and it will grow until it reach the point and the point is adoption all over the world.

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan who was criticize Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as well agrees that distributed ledger technology (DLT) has great vision and it will change the financial sector. About blockchain everything is pretty much simple. It is a database distributed within a network or as it call distributed ledger. It is shared by all the network users and everyone has the same data, same ledger, even when a new data or transaction is recorded, everyone get updated their ledger, so then everyone in the same tame could have same data. The fact that the ledger is distributed within a network is saying to us that no one has authority and control on network. People who mines cryptocurrencies are responsible for approving transaction. It is a peer to peer system that removes all intermediaries which improve security and stability.

Blockchain and the Internet

The Internet is certainly the technology that changed our lives, the way we communicate, share information, study, work and so forth. People are saying that the modern technology is divided into the period before internet and period after internet. Everything that we are doing that somehow it is connected with internet. Many experts says that blockchain has a possibility to make as great revolution as internet does.

Here are some aspects of blockchain hype:
  • Blockchain could change almost everything
  • Big companies are using blockchain for different kind of jobs
  • People are investing in every project that is related with blockchain
  • People are thinking about blockchain infrastructure at the global level
  • Even people don\'t understand it completely they are sure that it can change our lives

Will the History Repeat Itself?

There are many similarities about the two phenomena but some experts warn us that the hype might reach the top level when it gets widely adopted, just like internet.

Just like internet, after the crisis from 1999, it didn\'t disappear, it continue its direction by shaping whole industries, same thing could happen with Blockchain.

Blockchain can really transform Markets and the whole way of businesses. Just imagine the situation in witch we can get control over every transaction, contract, transfer or any move inside a network. If we adopt Blockchain we can make transaction and peer to peer process to became full transparent, secure and easy to monitor them.

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These days here is a lot of cryptocurrencies start-up to be, but most of it does not reach their target, so it can be pretty hard to find the right one. Many experts offer can help you with the predictions online, but it is not the most trustful method.

Of course there are lot of informations on the internet about current condition and possibilities of development cryptocurrency start-up.

ICO - Initial Coin Offering is the thing that you need. It is made by the number of companies and the main reason is to collect money. There are some websites similar to Initial Coins Offering.


Platform that is based on Ethereum concept that offers financial instruments that can be pretty helpful when it time to choose in what to invest.


Russian platform is developed to give you informations about indicators which can affect the decision about investment, but also ICOrating is providing you with information about blockchain companies and initial coin offering based on analytical information.

Online, ICOrating team are storing information to you about risk assessment, potential of investment, interest of investors and so on.

The Tokener

It is a website that are giving you a chance to always keep in touch with the newest information about ICO exposure. You can subscribe to their newsletter and, in that way you should always know the newest information about announcements and other information that can help you with the decision about investing in cryptocurrencies.

Always do your research before investing, get knowledge about new cryptocurrency by yourself, do not trust to any unreliable web site, ICOs can also be risky, so be careful.

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Crowdfunding is an entire new concept of businesses. In traditional businesses if you have an idea, project or vision of some new business you also need some investors who will fund your idea. Concept of crowdfunding allows any person in the world to raise the money for their idea or project without financial player, this way anyone can became an investor through this platforms. Concept of crowdfunding creating a whole new understanding of businesses.

Incentivizing And Rewarding Participation At The Same Time

How can crowdfunding be such an interesting concept that are rewarding and incetivize participant for pledging money. You can support the project or inventive works you like by putting a small or large contribution, and crowdfunding platforms will reward you with a digital or physical gift.

Video games are excellent example for the success of crowdfunding campaigns. It is all based on the pledges from the individual to the campaign. Having your own in game item in the past wasn\'t possible if you wasn\'t having some investors.

Some people think that this kind of business model could be implement in games, books and platforms in the future. If crowdfunding became a major part of how movies are being filmed in the future, that will allow the fans of the project to say how thing should be directed.

The world most popular digital currency Bitcoin is taking crowdfunding step furtherer and makes it kind a global adopted concept. Bitcoin is cryptocurrency that people are using to operate across the border with transaction and transfers.

Government could became an issue for crowdfunding through regulation and legislation. There is no some clear way of taxation of earning from crowdfunding in any country worldwide. Companies that are creating crowdfunding platforms should be taxed, but there is no any regulation how to do that. But it is only a matter of time until government came up with some laws of taxing the crowdfunding campaigns.

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Just like any other products or currencies, both of the above mentioned cryptocurrencies have their flaws and advantages, so it is very difficult to specified which one of these have more intrinsic value. Still, Bitcoin such as Ethereum have their essential quality on which is the whole concept of the cryptocurrencies based. Besides the fact that Ethereum is great cryptocurrency, also it is very powerful blockchain platform.

One of the main characteristic that differs Ethereum from other platforms and which gives it big value is the fact that everyone in network can develop their ideas or programs, take a risk with their ideas and no one can affect the concept. How is it possible that no one on the network can\'t make influence to this? How does it work? It works like this, everyone who want to try with their own ideas, programs or anything else, are creating contract with the Ethereum, and your smart contract execution is guaranteed by the consensus within the people on the network. When your contract is valid, no one can put it down. If you use Ethereum you don\'t need to use websites to get funding, you can fund your idea with the ether - cryptocurrency witch is the base of the Ethereum platform.

So, one thing that can increase the intrinsic value of Ethereum over the Bitcoin intrinsic value are the smart contract. Bitcoin have also their smart contract, but there are less options that you can do with the Bitcoin smart contract compared to Ethereum smart contracts. But of course we should never forget which of the cryptocurrencies was first developed, and on which cryptocurrency is the whole concept of the digital currencies based. It is Bitcoin.

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Whole network can affected the price of Bitcoin, and every user who owns Bitcoin can affected the price too. Like on the every other market rule simply laws of supply and demand, same with Bitcoin\'s market. When supply overgrown demand price of Bitcoin is falling down. Opposite when the demand overgrown current supply the price goes up.

But people as a market subject that are creating business occasions, that are almost constantly making influence on the supply and demand of the Bitcoin. Here are some key factors that affected the price of Bitcoin.


Media can change the Bitcoin price in both ways. Almost everyone and everything can be reached by media. Media has a considerate power that can easily created influence the price of Bitcoin to increase. The other side of the media power is the negative publicity. Negative publicity will turn people away from Bitcoin, which mean supply will rise, price will fall down. This is the mechanism behind market crash.


All kind of regulations can affect the price of Bitcoin. For Bitcoin it is very important to remain resistant to the power of government. Bitcoin is a threat to the fiat money or as we call it traditional currencies. The biggest threat is that no one has the control of Bitcoin so no one can define the price. Negative politics can affected the price in negative way, turning people away from Bitcoin.

Global Adoption

Even the fact is that Bitcoin is from day to day more and more accepted, but also Bitcoin have a lot of problems with conservative people with are not accepting Bitcoin. People are afraid by negative opinion of government that can compromise the adoption of Bitcoin. Still, conclusion is that when Bitcoin became accepted as a valid payment method, and it will, very soon, the demand will rise and the price will go up.


Besides these three factors in the text above market occasions can also influence the price of coins. Price will go down when main businesses start selling Bitcoin for the traditional currency and the supply will go up. Technological progress can simplify the whole concept of mining Bitcoins and the demand will rise. Price will go up.

Bitcoin, price, supply, demand, government, adoption
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Even the word of mouth isn\'t a reliable marketing weapon, in the world of Bitcoin this is the best way to relay the knowledge to the world, because spreading the news on a social media, publishing articles by media or so called traditional marketing will not do the entire job.

Word of Mouth Is Crucial For Marketing

Sitting in front of computer and spreading the news on social media, online about new venture or product is not the best marketing option. Many people wouldn\'t believe in this, but it\'s true. The greater success with a biggest audience will bring you communication in person with the potential customer.

On the other side, digital and online marketing are valuable in the long run, when the people from all over the world are trying to reach you or your product.

There is something in all of us, like some kind of need to communicate with other people. That is something that making us a human being.

Let\'s explain worth of mouth marketing with a simple example. Looking photos and reading description of the hotel in which you want to stay can be tricky, but if your friend gives you a recommendation about specific hotel, that would give you a security that everything is going to be fine on your trip.

We are making a hundred of decisions at a day, and again we don\'t notice how opinions of others are affecting this decisions. Especially when decisions are about purchasing or feedbacks. All the major Markets are saying that word of mouth double up number of sales compared to other kind of advertising.

Again, we are starting with an example. If you see on the tv advertisement about how can you save money on car insurance, it will be more meaningful for you if someone tell you same story in person. So, as we said, peoples opinions really affect ours decision.

Something that we for sure want to avoid is losing communication with other peoples. Despite the fact that technical industry is the sphere where the human relations are taking the backseats, losing relations with the humans is something we should avoid at all costs.

If you are trying to explain some innovation to someone, it is simpler way to do it in person. Especially when it word of technical innovation, people will not believe you until you show them, and that is where a word of mount powerful weapon.

Bitcoin, innovation, marketing, word of mouth, social media
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Quantum computing is still in the early phase of its development, basically quantum computing need a lot of time until it reach that level, that can disturb a Bitcoin network.

Other important fact is the nature of Bitcoin. Users are adapting to every change, and Bitcoin is constantly evolving. Therefore, we can be sure even if quantum computing evolves, same thing would happen with Bitcoin. From the beginning, the most popular cryptocurrency had a lot of difficulties but network used to overcome all of these.

You certainly want to know what the quantum computing is. Quantum computing is different access of computing. Classical computers that we are using today, are like big calculators. These days with the level of technological progress as it\'s today we can develop more complex kind of computer that will solve mathematical problems even faster and easier, which includes Bitcoin keys. Every Bitcoin transaction use some kind of address, or as we called them, keys. With quantum computing someone could break Bitcoin cryptography and take the information, since they are open within the block.

When Microsoft and Google announced that they are working on development of the quantum codes to secure their networks, the online community started to worry. But Bitcoin is not in danger, since address that it used for sending or spending Bitcoin has a public key. You will not lose any of your funds, anyone who tried to break Bitcoin security walls with quantum codes, will not find anything there, because Bitcoin wallets already stopped using active addresses.

People hardly believe that Bitcoin network, which is decentralized and democratic, have a possibility to change, or we can say possibility to adapt to every change in technology.

Quantum computing, Bitcoin, network, changes
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Many people that are investing in Bitcoins, also people that are mining Bitcoins want to know the answer of these pretty serious question. There is no place for panic, because developers of Bitcoin are thinking about the solution. There are some strategies for transition from mining to some new way of redirection of computational power.

Bitcoins amount is limited, that is the fact. Today there is about 17 million Bitcoins and the gross number of coins is 21 million. By the time in which the miner will mine all the Bitcoin, there must be some kind of solution for the question now what. One of the idea is to create fees per transaction for miners. But there is always a risk that the fee would be inadequate which lead us to centralization of the number one cryptocurrency these days, which is following by many negative side and changes of Bitcoins as we know it today.

Fixed supply is the fact, there are 21 million Bitcoins and we can\'t do nothing about it. Just like the regular money which is based on gold, and we know that there is a limited quantity of gold on the earth. There are suggestions of continuing mining but that could mean the end of the Bitcoin. Transaction fee may be the solution, but if we take a look how fast technology processing, that would bring to us fact that we required less electricity for mining, also investing in hardware are becoming cheaper, which could lead to simpler mining times again.

As bitcoin becoming more and more accepted, the demand for cryptocurrency will rise. By the time when Bitcoin becomes regular payment method there will be numbers of solutions for Bitcoin. Until that it is very important not to hurt network or people who are buying or selling Bitcoins, it is the main goal that needs to be achieved so that the Bitcoin continues the way to become the most important value of internet trading.

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When it\'s time to pick your hardware wallet, you can pick any hardware wallet you seems good, but you need to be very careful while choosing it. The most important function of wallets is to keep your private keys in an offline mode, so if you heard from someone that keys from some wallet has been stolen, ignore that kind of wallets. There you have two hardware wallets in which the bigger robberies were not recorded.

Ledger Nano S

Product was made by French company. Some of the main characteristics of reliable wallet are simple way to use it, using all kind of operative systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) and the most important is that the wallet can store other cryptocurrencies. On Ledger Nano you can store:

  • Bitcoin cash
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Zcash
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Dash
  • Komodo
  • Ark
  • ERG20
  • PoSW


Why is the Trezor a good hardware wallet? There are several answers to this question. Firs at all, if your hardware wallet is stolen, lost or damaged you can be safe. This hardware wallet are offering randomly generated PIN codes of nine digits which are based on up to 24 words. Trezor is also the world\'s first hardware wallet and you can use it with several Android applications.

Hardware wallet called Trezor can store a smaller number of cryptocurrencies comapred to Ledger Nano S. On this hardware wallet you can store Litecoin, Dogecoin, Zcash, Dash, ERG20 and of course two of Bitcoin and Ethereum coins.

Hardware wallet, Cryptocurrencies, Safety, Ledger Nano s, Trezor
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10.11. 2017 00:08  | 

From a large number of cryptocurrencies these days, it seems that the Bitcoins are the most accepted cryptocurrency on the market. Bitcoin is reaching its adoption in different spheres of online businesses. People are considering Bitcoin as a valid payment method through peer to peer transactions and also a great chance of making a pretty profit through trading Bitcoins.

All kind of online businesses are considering the number one cryptocurrency as a valid method of payment. University of Nicosia, known as a one of the Universities that are giving a course in cryptocurrency trading to theirs student, also offered to students way to pay tuition and other fees with Bitcoins, which means that Bitcoin is slowly becomes a part of the world economy.

Some of the most popular online businesses like Amazon, Dell, Purse.io and Micorsoft are considering of including Bitcoin as a payment method. Microsoft already install Bitcoin to some part of their online retail, while Dell have an agreement with Coinbase, which included Bitcoin. Purse.io already develop application of indirect buying of Amazon product with Bitcoins.

Only several global companies accepted Bitcoin, but it will became a regular payment method in close future, a payment method for goods or transact money as well.

There have been a large numbers of Bitcoins fail prediction, but none of them happen. Many of people such as miners or investors are asking when will Bitcoin tipping point come, when will we mine the final 21 millionth coin, but we can be sure that we have at least a couple of years before that moment. There are already some answers to the question how will miners be creating profit after we mine all coins. Fees per transaction seems to be answers to the question above, fees will allow miners to continue creating profit.

Tipping point, Bitcoin, valid method of payment, transaction, profit
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10.11. 2017 00:06  | 

Within Bitcoin network there is made some kind of reward system which was built back in 2010. For some simple task you are need to do online, like clicking or links or something simple like that. As a reward for getting the task done you received one Satoshi. Satoshi is a small part of Bitcoin, just like cent is a part of dollar but in far less proportional to 1 Bitcoin. Other cryptocurrencies also have their own faucets.

These days this is not a very profitable way to get some profit from Bitcoins. Generally the value that you are receiving after getting your task done are pre-calculated by the time you need to spend doing the task. Probably you will spent more time than the reward you receive.

The main reason why the Bitcoin faucets are developed was not to make money only, the purpose of faucets was that people with no experience could try to work with the concept and the sense of cryptocurrencies. Also faucets were there to attract more people to the network, witch is the key factor.

One of the most interesting thing about Bitcoin faucets is the referral system. What is referral system? It is a system very similar to multi-level marketing, the only difference between these two is that in referral system known as pyramid-scheme the value transfer all over to top, which is not case with the referral system. In the Bitcoin referral system, old users are introducing new ones to the network and receive a small amount of currency. This way network is always growing.

If you have a lot of spare times you can try your luck with some other cryptocurrencies. You never know, which one and when will reach the top of the market.

Bitcoin, Faucets, network, referral system, satoshi
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10.11. 2017 00:04  | 

If Bitcoin becomes unprofitable or low profitable source of money, that would just include more mining potential. There will be more space for people to mine coins. More space means that with same resources there is more capacity to mine coins. Bitcoin will never break down. Explanation is in Decentralization. No one have full control of coins.

From 2008, when the white paper was declared, the value of cryptocurrency only remember growth, tendency of constant rise.

The only problems that can affect on Bitcoin value are not the internal ones, they are external flaws. Acceptance is the most crucial factor in this kind of business. Bad publicity can lead to decrease and the situation in which people will sell theirs coins. But if we lean on the economics lows, with the selling of coins, the price of Bitcoin will fall down. With the fell down of price, some people would buy the coins and the price will level up again.

The amount of Bitcoin is fixed, there are around 21 million of Bitcoins. The concept of mining is the base of function, basically there is a capacity for more mining, but when we reach the target amount of Bitcoin, the fall of profitability can be expected. Since the miners are a foundation of the network, the question is what will happen when we mine all the Bitcoins. There are suggestions of introduction transaction fees in order to maintain miners profit.

People are considering Bitcoin as a safe asset. That is some excellent news. It is all based on informations as a key factor, which means that both of the parties that are making transaction must have the same amount of data about Bitcoin value.

Bitcoin, profitability, mining, value, transaction fees
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10.11. 2017 00:02  | 

Different cryptocurrencies have different values. If we take as a example two largest cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum we will notice fact that these cryptocurrencies have a computing power background. All the concept is based on mining.

What is happening when people are mining cryptocurrencies? Individuals or groups that are mining, literally are giving foundation so the network can solve mathematics problem with algorithms witch are in the transactions basis. It was similar with the currency that we are using every day, such as dollar for example. Until the year of 1971, every single dollar was backed in gold, than Richard Nixon eliminated the gold standard for dollar. The reason why Bitcoin was invented is that we are getting a new currency and none of central institutions don\'t have power and control of.

Ethereum still can be mined similar to Bitcoin mining, this is the reason that keep value distribution and decentralization of this cryptocurrency. Later, when the value is generated, it can be exchanged for fiat currencies such as dollar, euro. Also can be stored or spent.

How each market is based on the laws of the economy, same thing is with cryptocurrencies. The rules of supply and demand still govern the values of cryptocurrencies, because people are still changing money to currencies. More coins on demand, more capital for miners. The value will fall in the same moment when supply hit the top on the market and bring a crash. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum already survived one of this crash because of users. The users possess a vision, not only generated value.

Value, mining, Bitcoin, Ethereum, supply, demand
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Blockchain is a data structure that are creating the ledger of transactions and sharing it within a network of computers. Blockchain enable each user on the network to use that ledger in a secure way without any kind of control.

In theory with a time of decades and a supercomputers blockchain can be hacked, in reality it is impossible. It is even impossible to change or remove data that are recorded and placed on ledger. Every user in the network posses identical copies of the algorithm, and when someone wants to make new or change existing transactions, every participants in the network run these algorithms to evaluate and verified the proposed transaction and check if it valid by identifying information that matches previous transaction in Blockchain history. If most of the nodes approve the transaction, and it does not match with the Blockchain history, the new transaction is approved and a new block is added to the chain.

Each computer in network can be involve, and each computer particularly represented one node. Nodes are keeping the ledger\'s consistency by working with each other, and every node have a copy of ledger, something like a local database. This consistency and the fact that every node have a copy of the entire ledger creates fault tolerance. If one node goes down, nothing is lost.

The consensus mechanism is a set of rules that utilized network to verify and confirm each transaction. For the Bitcoin, this consensus mechanism is called proof of work, where all the participants or as we called them nodes running theirs algorithm, mentioned in the text above, to confirm the digital signatures of each transaction.

After a transaction is executed on a node, proposed modification of blockchain\'s data is result. The answer is confirmed locally with other participants in the network. If transaction is approved, it has been placed into a block, and all the nodes in the network receive transaction to verify again, to secure their records match. Typical transaction which going through this process can be executed in milliseconds.

Blockchain, transaction, node, network, ledger
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In the past people use noble material especially gold and silver as a payment method. People came to an idea of printing paper money when they realised that manipulation with gold and silver is pretty hard. Paper money became a way simpler method of paying, but in the end this method was based on gold reserves.

Governments used to manage special financial institution, called central banks, although central banks were presented as a individual institutions. What was their job? When banks started to printing money without gold background, central bank as a kind of governmental institution started to guarantee for other banks. But of course printing money without background has a flaw. The more money you are printing, the more price level is rising.

There was a need of creation some alternative payment method to the regular financial system witch would be used for trading. This need of alternative payment method was met when Satoshi Nakamoto presented to the world peer to peer transaction system called Bitcoin. So today, we have a pretty stable digital currency, witch is accepted as a valid method form the biggest companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, etc. And the most interesting part of these digital currency is that everyone can try to earn money from it with mining, day-trading, or just investing directly.

Decentralization of the number one cryptocurrency helped us to realise that Bitcoin is independent. None government in the world and none central bank have manipulation or any kind of control on it. So, people need alternative, people got alternative payment method without any kind of control, so you can trading or spending your Bitcoins as much as it possible.

Gold, silver, central banks, printing money, alternative payment method
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Creating completely independent currency, a currency thah no one have control on, a currency that don\'t exist in physical forms like dollars or euros or other currencies that we are seeing. Creating a currency that could be transferred between two sides completely electronically and with low transactional costs was a inspirational vision of an anonymous software developer Satoshi Nakamoto, which started up story about cryprocurrencies which people can produce only by running their computers all around the world, just by using software that solves mathematical problems.

What makes Bitcoin/BOScoin Different from Traditional Cureencies?

On the first sight there is no such a difference between Bitcoin and rest of currencies. Just like other currencies Bitcoin can be used for purchasing things online.

Decentralization is the thing that separates other currencies from Bitcoin. No one controls Bitcoins network, or simpler, large banks can\'t get control of your money.

Other difference between Bitcoin and other currencies is that Bitcoin is based on mathematics, not like Dollar or Euro that are based on noble materials, gold and silver.

Important Characteristics

As we touched the differences between Bitcoin and other currencies in the text above, here is some other differences.

1. Decentralization.

As we already said, no one is controlling Bitcoin network. Every single machine that mines Bitcoin becomes a part of network so basically all the machine are working together.

2. Easy to Use

You can get your Bitcoin address almost instantly without asking many questions like conventional banks are doing.

3. Anonymity

Anonymity is guaranteed by the network. Basically one users can have plenty of Bitcoin addresses that aren\'t linked to any name or any kind of personal informations.

4. Transparency

Blockchain, a ledger that contain details of every single transaction that happened in the network.

People can see how many Bitcoins you had stored, if you have public address, but also no one can know more about you.

5. Small costs of transaction

For international transfers your bank will take you responding percentage for the service. Bitcoin will not.

6. Fast transfers

As soon as payment became confirmed by the Bitcoin network, your sent money reach the targeted address in a minute.

7. There is no return

Once you sent Bitcoin to someone, you can\'t take it back untill the other side of transaction sent you your Bitcoin back.

Bitcoin, independent currency, decentralization, anonymity, mining
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People has always been the sceptical ones about new things they didn\'t know about, especially when it is about technology. The only technological product that became more and more globally accepted, is about to win the scepticism of people, everyday more and more people are seeing cryptocurrencies as a valid payment method. It\'s Bitcoin.

Bitcoin network is still unresolved issue, that can be problem for entire network. But as Bitcoin is evolving to something big, the number one cryptocurrency, it have ability to overcome all of issues.


The react of society is important, and we know that the society would accept something only if they are very confident in safety of new product, especially when is issue about technology. Even we know that Bitcoin is going to be present in a few years, even we already can buy something with bitcoin online, and in many stores too, there is still a large number of people that does not approve this concept. But the number of these people is decreasing since Bitcoin is about to became a globally accepted idea.


These days, anyone who owns a solid rig can be bitcoin miner, earning money through peer to peer transaction. Unfortunately, the future of mining will go through some changes. Centralization of the most popular cryptocurrency is just in front of us, and if we want to know what will centralization bring to us, the answer is easy. Centralization will bring to us situation in which only miners with expensive ASIC components will be able to confirm Bitcoin transactions.


In many countries in the world, Bitcoin is a subject of investigation and we can clearly assume that many countries would proclaim Bitcoin as illegal. This can overgrow to a big problem not only for bitcoins but all the cryptocurrencies as well, since the adoption is the main goal in the evolution of cryptocurrencies.

For example China and India already running actions against Bitcoin operators. They said that Bitcoin breaks traditional value system. With decentralized concept of Bitcoin where no one has control and it\'s open for everyone, many parts of elite society is seeing Bitcoin as a threat.

Adoption, Centralization, Regulation, Bitcoin, Threats
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Same as all investment, same with Bitcoin, you can choose safe earnings with a low risk, but they are slow. Or you can choose the risky ones and generate a posible big profit. It is difficult to predict future of the cryptocurrency these days, especially the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Maybe it\'s smarter move to invest in some other cryptocurrencies like Altcoin, Ethereum etc. If you still want to invest in Bitcoin, there are some options for you:

Bitcoin mining

This is one possibly option not the only of course. These days seems to be pretty hard to earn a decent amount of money by traditional mining from home. For example, with a standard GPUs you need a lot of time, Electricity cost are included too, people nowdays invest in equipment that is designed only for mining Bitcoins.

Cloud mining

This is a better option from Bitcoin mining. Why? First at all, you don\'t realy need to have your own mining platform, which is the brightest side, because mining platform cost a lot of money. Second, costs of electricity and the noise that hardware is making are gone. Simply, Cloud mining is a system where, you invest into the mining farm, and you let someone else, from some other place mine for you. The flaws of this kind of investments is risk of fraud, and mismanagement with your own resources.

Day to day trading

The kind of investment that can be profitable if you already posses a knowledge about market. Still, you are gambling with the investment because you can\'t predict the future precisely.

Initial coin offering

Or shortened ICO is also a possible profitable investment. The concept of Initial Coin Offering is that you can trade different types of product, or you can just invest into cryptocurrencies that haven\'t reached the market yet. Of course, this kind of investment is a risky one because, nobody know which cryptocurrency is going to reach the top and when.

Bitcoin, investments, profitability, mining, cryptocurrency
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Even though all the others cryptocurrencies fell down with their value, on the opposite side Bitcoin value rashly rised. The reason why only Bitcoin\'s value is raising from day to day is that investors are pulling their funds from the altcoins, and putting it on Bitcoin.

Key Highlights:

  • $5.8 is the price for one OMG, which is 22.6% depreciation from week to week
  • 33.3% is the ammount of depreciation between OMG and Bitcoin
  • The recovery or support level are not spotted at the moment.

Omise Go suffered a bad downward rally.

The value between OMG and USD suffer a downward rally from $7.5 to $5.8 in only one week. The amount of depreciation in a week is 22.6%. The gradual fall from the beginning of the week, has overgrown to a steep trend.

There was a try to recover the value by buying surge, but this action just induce fell of the price by increasing selling volume.

A good tool for analysis of price forecast, with the short and mid-term length is the alligator tool, which observed clearly bearish downfall.

The value of OmiseGO took a downfall against Bitcoin for more than 33% in a week. The exchange amount OmiseGO against Bitcoin drooped from 0.0012 to 0.0008 which is a decrease of 33,3%. The current value is 0.000848 Bitcoins for one OMG.

Omise Go, Bitcoin, depreciation, value, bearish trend
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There is more than one ways to multiply your Bitcoins:

Buying Bitcoin

he most easiest and accessible way how can you multiply your Bitcoin is buying, converting cash into Bitcoin. Chose your hardware wallet, go to popular exchanges Kraken, Coinbase, and simply buy bitcoin for money.

Important move when you are buying Bitcoin is to secure your cryptocurrencies to a Bitcoin wallet.

The more money you spent, the more Bitcoins you get.


Although the concept of mining hasn\'t changed the fact has changed. In the past assumption was anyone who has a decent computer and video card hardware can mining. Today the process of mining is expensive, if you want to make pretty money you must invest into your equipment. These days, individuals joins into so-called Bitcoin pools, to distribute costs of electrical bill, hardware and other investments that are required if you want to mine. Especially when we talk about hardware, today the big miners use ASIC which is very expensive hardware developed only for mining Bitcoins.

Bitcoin is actually a reward for miners for their effort. Mining is the proces of creating new Bitcoin that are generated in a decent form.

Being ready for Hard Forks

Being ready to take a new coins, especially when it\'s for free. The developers of new coins has just split the blockchain of the original Bitcoin and create Bitcoin GOld. Owners of original Bitcoin can trade their bitcoins into Bitcoin Gold. You only need to store the amount of Bitcoins in some of the exchanges that support Bitcoin Gold. This would be a great way to multiply if the price of Bitcoin Gold is greater thar original Bitcoin price.

Is trading Bitcoin a good way to multiply it?

Trading Bitcoins is not a good way to multiply it. Multiplying the fiat money is the main goal from tradin Bitcoins, so keep the amount of Bitcoin at the same level, and hold it, this is the best strategy to multiply your money.

Bitcoins, mining, asic, hard forks, trading
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07.11. 2017 13:06  | 

There are many factors such as electricity cost, hardware value, etc. that affect the profitability of Bitcoin mining. Online, there are special calculators that are calculating the profitability of mining and how much time you will spend to mine one Bitcoin. Today, if you want to start with GPU mining, you should know that profitability level is low.

ASIC, special hardware that are designed for Bitcoin mining is the thing you need. But of course these chips cost more money, and there is no large number of these in every store. Also GPU mining seems to be a threat for other hardware, because there is always a chance of overheating and destroying other components. Earning easy money through Bitcoin seems to be past, only people with most advanced technology can be behind transaction in Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin was developed to take a monopoly in peer to peer transaction systems. There are other solutions. If you already own a mining rig, you can always try mining some other cryptocurrencies, that have smaller network, because more people mining, lees money you can earn.

There is also solutions to invest in cloud mining. It is a great solution if the cost of electricity is too high or some other reason. Cloud mining is a simple way of outsourcing mining to another place by investing money into data center which is minning for you. It is legitimate method but also have some shortcomings, you can\'t manage your own resources, there is no equipment to sell if minning became unprofitable.

Above mentioned examples can help you if you still want to invest in mining. Or you can take a simpler way and invest your money into the Bitcoin market directly.

GPU mining, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoins, Cloud mining, profitability
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07.11. 2017 13:04  | 

Even the Bitcoin mining is legal, you must be careful if you mining Bitcoin, because from country to country, authorities have a different levels of technology knowledge and many of them can be unfamiliar with the process of mining.

How does Mining Work?

The miners job is to collect all the transactions that was made and wrote it in the list called Blockchain. This kind of job got out from need of caring informations about transactions, because all over the network people are sending Bitcoins all the time, and without this miners we wont be able to track who made the payment with Bitcoins.

What is Hashing?

All the transactions that ever happened on the network are added to the Blockchain.

The real question is how can we be sure that someone hasn\'t changed all these informations about transactions, because all the transactions are keeping there digitaly. At this moment, miners come in.

When the certain number of transactions is made miners take the informations into the block and apply a mathematical formula to it. The Hash is the name of these combination of random letters and figures.

The miners job is not only to made a block with a transactions to create a hash. Miners use some other informations too. For example the hash of the last block is saved in the Blockchain.

So basically, because each block with the hash is produced with the hash of the block before it, this become a type of security. If anyone tried to change some informations, all network would know.

Competiting for Rewards

Using a special software, miner compete each other. Every time someone creates a hash, he gets 12.5 bitcoins.

In these simple way above, all of the Bitcoin would be mined in a few seconds. On the network is to made this harder to achieve. Introducing \"proof of work\" bitcoins protocol is making this a bit harder.

Old hash can\'t be accepted, this is the main reason, why is the protocol designed. And in the other point, you don\'t know how hash is going to look like. You add some new data, the hash became different, and this is happening all the time.

All the miners on the network are doing this, so it can take a many number of attempts to create a working hash. First miner that succeed is going to be rewarded.

mining, hash, blockchain, bitcoin, transactions
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07.11. 2017 13:02  | 

There are many ways how people can take your or other people Bitcoins. First at all, you don\'t really need to be some professional hacker to do this, you don\'t really need some big experience at all. The best advice if you don\'t want to get robbed is to keep your private information such as your private key on your hardware wallet.

It is as easy way as stealing someone e-mail address, especially if owners of the information didn\'t take care to secure their privacy. Thanks to Signaling System no.7 or shortened SS7, the only information that thieves need are phone number and e-mail address. Using this SS7 system, hackers can intercept authentication messages that contain password confirmation, so when thieves do that, they already have needed information.

A greater number of users only increase a risk to the users. From the time when Coinbase reached 10 million users, it became clear that there are many users at risk because SMS authentication is no more the safest method. Using one-time codes which are very similar to Google authenticator is a better way to secure your personal information and your Bitcoins.

Of course, there are other ways how someone can take your coins. Many people there are creating their own Bitcoin wallets, just waiting for customer to start using it and get theirs informations. Advice to a people who are getting started with Bitcoins, people who invested in them or people who trade with them, use only reliable and verified Bitcoin wallets. Many users also complained that they were part of Bitcoin stealing using Bitcoin casinos, where unreliable casinos has just stopped operating and steal peoples Bitcoins. Also, the simple way to lose your money is using ICO- Initial Coin Offering. Many of these don\'t have a bright future, but if you give them all of your money, they would be glad to take it. So, do the research first!

How to be safe from this kind of manipulations? Do the research, learn all the facts about Bitcoin by yourself. If your Bitcoins are in hardware wallet, your privates keys are safe. Online, don\'t use unreliable and unverified sources.

hackers, private information, Bitcoins, security, hardware wallets
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07.11. 2017 13:00  | 

The answer is no. They did not created Bitcoin single-handedly. The individual or group of people that calls themselves with that alias has just contributed to creation of Bitcoin by showing people concept of free digital currency, this was only a starting point of the Bitcoin that we know today.

In 2008, which is Bitcoin\'s year of birth, Satoshi Nakamoto, before he published the concept, he or them wrote entire code on which the Bitcoin is based. 30 years ago, there was also try to create some electronic currency, but it did not stay alive for a long time. Nakamoto observed the flows, learn from them, and describe his cryptocurrency as a system that would allow online transactions without financial institution.

As we said above, this was only start point, creation of Bitcoin was not finished yet. By this day many developers had worked on the network. 2010 was the year when Satoshi Nakamoto stopped his work at Bitcoin development, he just showed up with a post in which he profess the concerns of Bitcoin future and said that the only main factor for Bitcoin development is that everyone\'s opinion is important.

So, we were right, Satoshi Nakamoto did not created Bitcoin single-handedly, he just helped by giving knowledge, and vision of the future to many individuals that will later participate in Bitcoin development. But most important, he gave us a frame. A frame through which people must think while creating.

Satoshi Nakamoto, creating, Bitcoin, frame, development
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02.11. 2017 15:09  | 

Right after Bitcoin and Ethereum we have the Ripple, whose market cap is higher than $7 billions. Ripple though isn\'t taken as just a cryptocurrency - people see it as a payment network. Ripple is helping fighting the world of bank, by allowing transfers and payments to happen via its payment network.

Ripple - A New Payment Framework

Developers started working on creating the Ripple in 2004 and they launched it in 2012 as a decentralized payment framework (real-time payment). It\'s based on an open-source ledger with a token called XRP.

There can only be 100 billion XRPs. Transactions are happening within 3-4 seconds and the fee is 0.001% of an XRP.

Ripple and The Banks - A Growing Partnership

The main difference is that Ripple isn\'t addressed to the consumer market - it\'s addressed to financial institutions.

Right now, there are 75 financial institutions that are using Ripple\'s network, and there are some big players between these.

Growing Investor Interest

At the moment, XRP is trading on 30 exchanges and its price is going higher and higher, just like other cryptocurrencies since 2017. Between Q1 and Q2, the XRP price jumped by 3,977% which made it the best performing cryptocurrency.

Ripple Trading With IQ option

IQ Option offers a Ripple-trading platform. Ripple\'s network tends to become the network through which all of the international transactions will be made. Even though this is what developers of Ripple were hoping for at first, achieving something like this isn\'t easy - the entire community has to accept it. However, if chances for this would increase, the investor interest would go up as well.

Ripple, payment network, cryptocurrency, IQ Option
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Scott Evans
02.11. 2017 15:08  | 

The creation of Bitcoin Gold was the event that investors were very interested in. Everyone hoped that this is going to be the real boom - and it was.

Here\'s the difference between the two forks:

  • Unlike first time, the market isn\'t afraid of anything this time.
  • No matter what, the market is aware that the new coin will be made.

Creation of Bitcoin Cash was quite surprising and there were speculations that the blockchain could vanish completely.

Bitcoin Gold is a hard fork that was created with the goal to solve certain issues that were present at the current moment. They developed the new proof-of-stake algorithm, which represents completely new technology (or way of using the technology). Mining rigs didn\'t have to be made of ASICs anymore - video cards(GPUs) algorithm is what new mining rigs were based on.

The most important thing for investors(traders) was the fork creating a new coin and Bitcoin owners receiving it 1 for 1. This is what they expected and hoped for, and this is what would help Bitcoin holders gain some more wealth. Besides that, cryptocurrency breaking its record is something which we would all benefit from. However, decisions shouldn\'t be made before the split ends.

Before China stepped in, Bitcoin was breaking records. Since September, Bitcoin price managed reaching around $6,200. Even though it was trending quite strongly, there were indicators that could expose weakness which someone would eventually take advantage of.

Since market is shifting into Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies will get ignored a bit meaning that holders of any cryptocurrency that isn\'t Bitcoin won\'t be satisfied.

There were chances that neither stochastic nor MACD would confirm support and that would affect prices a lot.

Bitcoin Gold, fork, Bitcoin Cash, video cards, market
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Scott Evans
02.11. 2017 15:08  | 

Omise is the company that features Stripe-like payment in Japan and Southeast Asia. It\'s based on Ethereum financial technology and it features real-time payments and peer-to-peer exchanges.

Omise also features decentralized exchange at high levels and low costs.

Key Highlights:

  • Omise Go managed raising around $25 millions through token sale.
  • Right now, the price is $7.8 and it\'s not looking that great for now.

ICO Results

Omise capped its ICO at $25 millions through their token sale which lasted until July. Omise now represents one of the official companies for raising money from the ICO pool. Besides that, their VC investors helped them raise $20 millions.

65.1% of the float that OMG had via ICO was sold, with 5% of the tokens being given to Ethereum holders. This event of token giveaway was called airdrop. The amount of tokens that remained was split between funds that are going to be used for financing the OMG.

How traders are taking OMG?

OMG has been experiencing a lot of ups and downs. One of the highest points that the price reached was $13 after being around $6 - and this jump happened within a month. Unfortunately, it didn\'t stay that high for too long.

The weekly chart helps us realize that OMG has experienced a blank week without any valuable movement in any way. Even though the price kept going down at the beginning of week, token is now worth around $7.8 which still represents 17% lower price than the one week ago.

The RSI is somewhere around 45% and MACD and Alligator curves seem to be moving flat.

Even though the OMG showed potential with a successful ICO, traders simply didn\'t feel it so the price remains kinda low.

Omise, OMG, ICO, traders, Ethereum, token
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Scott Evans
02.11. 2017 15:07  | 

At one point, the market experienced huge drop in the value of many tokens - Bitcoin price dropped down by 5%, Ethereum by 10% and Ripple by 12.56%. However, that didn\'t last long and tokens managed recovering from that downer.

Key Highlights:

  • This downer trend lasted for 48 hours and at first it didn\'t seem that it would end, but it did, and the tokens recovered successfully.
  • At $54 mark, the support level was very strong.
  • At one point, LTC got 9.3% against USD and kept achieving 16.8% week by week.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple were going to recover to first places for sure, nobody had any doubts about that. However, the remaining places are what people weren\'t so sure what to expect. Litecoin managed recovering very quickly and it gained 4.63% within 24 hours, becoming the 5th token out of all tokens. Not only that it reached 5th place, but it also showed predispositions towards surpassing Bitcoin Cash or even Ripple!

Weekly charts are the easiest representer of how bullish trend was followed by a bearish trend. However, the strong support level that occurred at $54 mark is what helped the coin recover really good. At current mark of $60, though, coins are experiencing the resistance meaning that the Alligator\'s curves seem to be closing its mouth.

Up-down trend can easily be represented via weekly MACD graphs. The RSI was around 53.3% and the crossover had tendency to follow the 24-hour bullish trend.

Compared to Bitcoin, LTC had a similar trend as well. Because of the bullish trend, the LTC/BTC value went around 0.011 BTC but it didn\'t take long before the value dropped down to 0.01 BTC. This difference represents 9% dip within just 12 hours.

Overall, LTC recovered surprisingly good and now represents quite a reliable coin. Traders and investors are feeling good about it, especially that now they have another reliable coin besides Bitcoin and Ethereum.

market, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin
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Scott Evans
02.11. 2017 15:06  | 

IQOption has recently allowed its users to withdraw Bitcoin from the IQoption trade room. This is the step that keeps IQoption competitive.

If you were wondering how, here\'s how you can withdraw Bitcoin from the IQoption trade room:

  1. Unless you already have a Bitcoin wallet, you need top set up one. You need Bitcoin wallet so that the withdrawn Bitcoin has a place to be settled (check out jaxx.io, blockchain.info and coinbase.com)
  2. Instead of the CFD, you\'re buying a position on the Bitcoin asset in CRYPTO section. Note - the more you deposit, the more you\'ll get.
  3. Go on your portfolio and click the Bitcoin open position in order to see the details.
  4. Click on the withdrawal icon at the right bottom of the details list.
  5. Provide your Bitcoin wallet address and you\'re good to go.

That\'s it. Once the request gets approved, the Bitcoin will be withdrawn. The closed order will have a $0 profit. Rest assured that the amount of Bitcoin you\'ll receive is calculated properly according to the Bitcoin rate, at the moment of the requested withdrawal.

What you ought to know

  • In order to make everything as secured as possible, 3D-Secure password protected transactions are the only ones that matter. This means that in order to withdraw $500 you have to have deposited at least $500 via 3D-Secure password. This is just one of the security measures that are made to protect investors and users.
  • You can\'t withdraw all of the open positions. You need to request a withdrawal for each position that is open.
  • In case you haven\'t already provided copies of your documents (in color), you will need to upload them first, before completing the withdrawal.
  • You can\'t deposit in Bitcoin, yet. Whether or not will this be available someday, we\'ll see.
IQOption, withdrawal, Bitcoin, wallet
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Scott Evans
02.11. 2017 15:05  | 

Ethereum(ETH) represents one of the most popular cryptocurrencies at the moment.

Vitalik Buterin invented ETH in 2013 and launched it in 2014.

Ethereum allows developers to develop smart contracts, which are used for applications with wide usage - new currencies, crowdfunding mechanism, autonomous organizations, etc.

ICO(Initial Public Coin Offering) managed raising around $18,000,000 for the development of Ethereum.

The best thing about Ethereum is that it\'s open-source meaning that the developers can easily contribute.

At the moment of creation, ETH was worth about $0.30 while current price is around $300 and the ROI is around 100000%. This is what makes investors buy this cryptocurrency.

Coinbase represents one of the wallets but unfortunately you still can\'t access it in every country. Coinbase requires you to verify your identity, to activate the two-factor authentication and to opt for a payment method - credit card or bank account. You can store your ETH in Coinbase.

MyEtherWallet is another version of a wallet that features user-friendly interface. After getting your hands on one of the wallets, you can get Ethereum either by buying Bitcoin or by buying Ethereum with a credit card.

ShapeShift is definitely a famous service that allows fastest buying any of the currencies that ShapeShift features. Fact that you\'re not required to make an account proves that you\'re privacy is maintained private.

Changelly is a service like ShapeShift, which allows fast buying of Ethereum, in exchange for dollars. However, keep in mind that you do have to have a wallet, in order for Ethereum to be received and held somewhere.

ICO, Coinbase, ShapeShift, Changelly, Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin
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Scott Evans
02.11. 2017 15:04  | 

Bitcoin exists since 2009 but there are many people who are not quite sure about this entire blockchain thing and they have no idea how to get involved into all of this. Here are some frequently asked questions:

  • How to buy Bitcoin as fast as possible?
  • Can Bitcoin be bought with cash?
  • How to buy Bitcoin safely?

There are couple of ways for buying Bitcoin, and we\'re about to reveal some basic tips. First of all, you need a wallet (personal wallet is the safest).

Independent wallet

Since you\'re the only user and the owner of the wallet, it makes it the safest.

BitcoinCore is one of the most popular independent wallets. However, since you\'re in charge, you have to take care of the security yourself - this means that it\'s only as safe as you make it.

Third Party wallets

CoinBase is one of the popular third-party wallets. It\'s very simple to use but it takes entire control over the Bitcoins.

Multi-sig wallet

Multi-sig wallet is protected by several different access keys (or different owners).

Physical wallets

Besides online wallets, Bitcoins can be held in USB or Trezor, which is piece of equipment designed for holding cryptocurrencies. Due to its nature (being held on a physical device), it\'s very safe.

Which one of these options is best to choose?

For getting great amounts of Bitcoin and keeping them for some time, then Trezor represents the best way. However, frequent usage of Bitcoin and holding smaller amounts works best with services like Coinbase.

How to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase:

  • Choose the bank account after signing up for an account.
  • Verify your bank account as well as phone number and your identity.
  • As soon as you\'re done with these steps, you\'re free to start buying Bitcoins.
Bitcoin, wallet, BitcoinCore, CoinBase, Trezor
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Scott Evans
02.11. 2017 15:02  | 

At first, forks really seem to represent the price-changing event for the Bitcoin. However, the price isn\'t going down due to community\'s fright - it\'s going down due to the investors with great market power. These great investors seem to have forgotten that, with great power comes great responsibility!

As for now, there are 3 different types of Bitcoin at the market - Bitcoin(BTC), Bitcoin Gold(BTG) and Bitcoin Cash(BCH). BTG and BCH showed up as a result of hard fork (the splitting of the original blockchain). BTG is oriented towards miners while BCH is oriented towards increasing the transaction speed. Even though we\'re talking about a decentralized network, developers of Bitcoin Gold are working on decentralizing it even more, and making it approachable to the broader mass.

Two hard forks occurred in July and in October. The result of first fork was Bitcoin Cash, and at one moment it reached price of $914. Right now, the price is around $465. Bitcoin Gold didn\'t experience anything different either - it lost more than 70% of its value. This happened because the community didn\'t support them enough.

Just before the last fork happened, Bitcoin reached its absolute maximum of $6,000 and it even went near $6,200. Here\'s what actually happened - the fork occurred and therefore the holders got the same amount of new coins, which they would eventually sell at a higher price. That\'s why traders are looking to get the Bitcoin the second before the split happens.

Alt blockchains actually represent the result of the hard fork, and they don\'t really promise any long-term growth to happen. Because of that, investors are often avoiding these and that causes the alternative blockchain to drop out quite quickly. That\'s what happened with BTG and BCH. On the other side, speculations are affecting the Bitcoin price a lot, which returns BTC\'s price to the normal.

When it comes to the cryptocurrency market, it\'s too big to be easily shaken, but the fork however did make that market lose more than 3% of its value, within short time.

Latest fork represented the crucial momentum for investors, as most of them made great calls right before the fork occurred. They were just following the pattern which seems to be quite lucrative.

hard fork, Bitcoin, price, cryptocurrency, market
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Scott Evans
02.11. 2017 15:01  | 

3 weeks ago, Bitcoin managed breaking record against USD. Within 12 hours, $5,000 mark went to $5,700 and soon it reached $5,820. This is a huge success for a coin and investors and traders have seen lots of opportunities here.

Key Highlights:

  • BTC/USD hit $5,800 almost within 12 hours and the current price is around $6,900.
  • BTC price kept rising by 13.5% week by week.
  • There has been significant support between marks of $5,350 and $5,400.

Since the absolute beginning of entire blockchain and coin thing, financial institutions were quite negative about it. Ilan Goldfajn, President of Brazil\'s Central Bank, said that people were buying Bitcoin jut because they believed it would appreciate - and he compared it with a pyramid scheme.

However, no matter who says what, nothing seems to be able to stop investors from getting involved with cryptocurrency.

Question is - how is Bitcoin actually growing?

Thanks to investors only, Bitcoin is experiencing constant growth - at least that\'s what charts have been showing. Remember that all of this is happening without any support system!

Because of certain restrictions of ICOs that occurred in China, the price went down quickly.

Even though there\'s resistance around mark of $5,750, the price managed breaking through that mark easily.

At one moment, RSI was around 18.6%.

People were worried about the resistance at the mark of $5,750 but just like Bitcoin broke through resistance at mark of $4,400 and $4,000, it broke the resistance at $5,750 and went far further.

Even though many countries are negatively oriented towards the Bitcoin, there are still countries (and big ones) like Taiwan and Japan that are looking towards making Bitcoin official. Besides that, Russia developed their own CryptoRubble meaning that they are aware of the excitement that Bitcoin brought.

Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency, investors, resistance
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Scott Evans
02.11. 2017 15:00  | 

Bitcoin Gold represents the Bitcoin hard fork, or at least that\'s what investors are thinking. However, Bitcoin Gold is a new coin.

Bitcoin owners are about to receive this new coin called Bitcoin Gold. Bitcoin Gold will differ from the rest by this new mining protocol, which features using video cards instead of ASIC hardware.

Why Do They Create Bitcoin Gold?

They realized that application-specific integrated circuit(ASIC) mining equipment costs too much for the individuals to participate in, and they came up with a more affordable solution. That\'s the main difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Gold.

How Can I Claim It?

Just like when Bitcoin Cash came out, whoever owns Bitcoin can get Bitcoin Gold. The amount of BTC you have in your wallet, will be the same amount of BTG you have.

Here\'s why stock exchanges are not willing to cooperate with Bicoin Gold:

  • Lack of protection,
  • Lack of full code for checkup,
  • Lack of reputable developers,
  • Lack of proof - it could be a huge scam.

Stay Away From Scams!

Since cryptocurrency in global is very popular at the moment, so is the act of scam. Rest assured that many websites will try to scam you by offering you fake tips and asking for confidential information of yours.

Who is behind Bitcoin Gold?

Well, miners are definitely behind Bitcoin Gold. Besides them, there are also manufacturers of video cards that are being used for mining.

How Bitcoin Gold Differs from Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic Forks?

The algorithm that allows mining coins via video cards is what makes Bitcoin Gold better than Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Gold, hard fork, video cards, cryptocurrency
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Scott Evans
01.11. 2017 13:42  | 

You've certainly heard about Bitcoin in recent years: this revolutionary currency that is exchanged electronically and makes people happy all over the world. It is part of what are called cryptocurrencies that are for simple virtual currencies to do just like the usual currencies, transactions. They are based on a principle called cryptography and can be used in a decentralized or peer-to-peer manner. Even if more and more, several types of cryptocurrency are created, it is necessary to know that they are mostly all derivatives of Bitcoin.

Who is the creator of Bitcoin?

The origin of Bitcoin remains to this day surrounded by mysteries, especially that the creators do nothing to lift the veil. The pseudonym of the person who created this cryptocurrency is: Satoshi Nakamoto. He claims to be a 37-year-old Japanese citizen. But to date, this information is still not confirmed. It should be noted that despite speculation, some more improbable than others, the identity of the creators of the currency remains hidden.

How does Bitcoin work?

If you are new to the world of Bitcoin, there is nothing very complicated. The latter is primarily a software and like any software, you will have to install it on your computer or on your laptop. Once this is done, all you have to do is make transactions such as purchases or payments from what is called the "Bitcoin wallet", with the ones you want; people to whom you have previously communicated your addresses. To do this, simply generate a Bitcoin address. This address is not static and is renewed at each operation. For each confirmed transaction that you make, the latter will be validly recorded in the "blockchain" which represents a large account book. This big book for the transparency of the whole system is shared, public, and traces from their origin all the transactions that have been made and confirmed thanks to the mining. Like the known and used currencies, this cryptocurrency is regulated to limit any inflation. This regulation is done in this context automatically by a system that allows to gradually generate money while considering a maximum threshold not to exceed. It is important to note that, to date, there is no legislation governing the use of Bitcoins.

What are the benefits of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has many advantages related to its use. These last make that this currency turns out to be one of the most used cryptocurrency.

  • A democratic currency: this currency has a clear advantage over conventional currencies such as the euro or the dollar: its functioning is not regulated by an entity such as a central bank. It regulates automatically according to the desire of the users. The latter will not be able to be confronted with unpleasant surprises like a sudden and uncontrolled devaluation of the monetary course.
  • A transparent management system: As mentioned above, all transactions made with Bitcoins are carefully recorded in the ledger and made public to everyone. Thus, even if the identity of users of this cryptocurrency remains unknown unless otherwise stated by the latter, transparency reigns supreme.
  • A currency adapted to online transactions: Although the use of traditional currencies on the internet is increasingly practiced, the fact remains that their use can be rather annoying and expensive. The advantage with Bitcoins is that they have not been designed physically, but directly on the Internet. This makes their online use easier and more secure, especially in countries where Internet transactions are not yet developed.
  • A world currency: Physical currencies have the limit of being usable on a limited territory and to be governed by several economic as well as socio-cultural factors. Bitcoins for their part are free of this limit because they are neutral and are not subject to any policy, except that of users. It's a real revolution.
  • A currency that protects its users: The anonymity of transactions offered by this cryptocurrency is a pledge of trust and data security of different users. The cryptography system put in place makes it possible to fight effectively against corruption, counterfeiting and usurpation.
  • A more beneficial system than that of conventional banks: Cryptography allows to concretely solve the lack of confidence of banks towards their customers. It is a system that is made to be as transparent as possible.
  • In short, Bitcoin is the future of virtual money. He has to his credit many advantages that make more and more, its use is noticed. Its strengths are mainly transparency, security and adaptability. Despite all this, it is important to note that it has certain limits that could still be solved as it evolves.

    Bitcoin, cryptomonnaies, explosion
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    Scott Evans
    24.10. 2017 22:26  | 

    A popular financial investment method available to anyone who has a computer with Internet access, ie binary options are a great way to get rich. Currency pairs are the most known of the options instruments, enjoying the uninterrupted interest of many people. Read our brief guide to currency pairs and find out what couples are worth investing in 2017 and 2018.

    Let's start with what the currency pair is. It is a kind of correlation between two currencies, and the difference in their exchange rate allows you to make money on sales or purchases. By tapping on the basis of fundamental factors and technical indicators of the direction of the course, we can make a profit. Investors who know how to earn money choose the most stable and stable pairs, making it easier for them to predict the course and thus minimize the risk of unsuccessful investment. It also means that we can earn both on the growth and decline of such a course and that there is always a possibility of earning, unlike when buying shares in a brokerage office on which we will earn only when their rates increase. That is why it is so important to choose a good currency pair for trading, and the most interesting ones are below.

    If you are a beginner trader, we strongly recommend you trade so called main pairs, ie majors. These are the world's largest currencies, such as the US Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Japanese Yen and several others. For example, the USD / JPY currency pair is one of the most popular pairs in the world and makes it easy to predict exchange rate fluctuations as both currencies are stable - the dollar and yen are stable and conservative, with little fluctuation and volatility. The monetary policy of the Bank of Japan is also influenced by it, which generally seeks to weaken the yen due to the need to stimulate the internal market, which in turn causes the exchange rate of this pair to rise in the long run. If your broker offers you the option to open long-term options, for example 30 days, we suggest you open the position for that pair in which you will earn a boost. This trend should not change in this and next year.

    Another popular pair whose course should not be difficult to foresee is EUR / GBP. Although in recent days the British pound has strengthened somewhat, the overall trend is declining due to the Great Britain's Brexit, which is the process of leaving this insular country from the European Union. Intelligent investor knows how to earn money on these tips and the current political situation in different countries, which in particular also affects monetary policy, and thus affects the rise and fall of the value of money.

    The last indication we would like to give you is to point out the volatility of the market that may be present in all types of instruments, including currency pairs. Currencies are particularly susceptible to current information - market reports. Each currency has several such reports per month, such as US Non-Farm Payrolls, non-farm payroll data, industrial output reports, and export agency data. It is best to stop trading during the hours when these reports are published, as they can temporarily market themselves. On the other hand, if you are an investor who can play the news, you can try your luck. In any case, currency pairs are an ideal tool for beginners because they do not require as much investment knowledge and can serve as a learning tool for everyone.

    investing, binary options, monetization, currency
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    Scott Evans
    24.10. 2017 12:10  | 

    Training Traders is the trading platform that we\'ve heard about not so long ago. Owner of this shady offer is Mike Baghdady and the reason we\'re calling it a shady offer is because of what we found out about it. Allegedly Training Traders is located in Cyprus but we found out that this could be a lie. Keep reading our honest review to find out what our thorough investigation has brought to you.

    Training Traders Review

    Besides other products, Training Traders offers an apprenticeship program for $50,000. Even if ignored the price, which is way too high, we still didn\'t see any evidence that would make us believe that this program is actually useful. We even found out that Mike couldn\'t pay off one of his debts of $600,00 for running Robbins Trading. Because of all of this, we really can\'t trust his claims of being a trading guru, especially with the negative reputation that\'s sticking with him. More of his products are Wealth Generation software, worth $9,997 as well as daily trading lessons, worth $2,500. Day Trading software, however, costs $5,000. The last product he\'s offering is Forex signal generator that costs $99 per month. One hour of Mike\'s lesson costs $150.

    Mr. Baghdady\'s tainted history

    Besides Training Traders, Mike has launched some other websites too, like Spyglass trading which lasted 2 years. New Turtle traders is another trading platform which didn\'t even last a year. All of these platforms seem to be a fraud and that\'s why we have no other choice but to mark Training Traders as a fraud too! We really didn\'t find any trustworthy information that would make us trust this offer. Based on everything that we found out, we hope that people won\'t be wasting their time and money on this fraud.

    trading platform, shady offer, Mike Baghdady, Training Traders
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    24.10. 2017 12:09  | 

    Latest Forex trading system is The Pattern Trader developed by Mark Shawzin. Mark seems to be quite experienced since he claims to have worked with plenty of Wall Street experts. The problem is that Mark represents himself as some kind of Forex investment guru, while the truth is that he has no positive reputation at all. To be honest, we\'re used to encountering fraudsters representing as something that they\'ll never be able to reach, but Mark didn\'t even try providing any evidence for his statements. That\'s why we\'re going to investigate this shady offer and therefore we recommend you to keep reading our review!

    The Pattern Trader Review

    One of the claims that helped Mark lure innocent traders into his trap says that he\'s turned $3,000 account into $1,500,000 account within a year. This claim is unrealistic and there\'s no evidence to prove it. Besides that, we\'ve also found out that Mark has been involved with many other websites that turned out to be a fraud. These are matadortradingsystems.com, fxquantadvisors.com, axxiomtrading.com and others. Because of being involved in other frauds, the owner of this shady offer doesn\'t seem to have anything that could gain our trust.

    The Pattern Trader Website

    The Trading Pattern\'s website isn\'t made in a bad way, but it\'s not what we should be looking for. There are some sentences talking about Mark\'s credibility and some other claims that are supposed to lure innocent investors. Another product that Mark is featuring is called The Master Pattern Trader and it costs $997 per year. Besides that, there\'s a $1200-per-year The Pattern Trader Accelerator. However, all of these \"amazing\" products have no way of proving their quality. No proven user reviews, no track record, nothing. Based on all of this, we\'re marking The Pattern Trader as a fraud and ending this review.

    trading system, Forex, shady offer, fraud, Mark Shawzin, The Pattern Trader
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    Scott Evans
    24.10. 2017 12:08  | 

    Trading industry is experiencing major changes quite often and that\'s why it\'s not easy succeeding at it. Because of that, people have developed something that\'s called a trading robot. Sowelstace Financial is one of these and we\'re going to investigate it in order to provide valuable information for possible users of this software.

    Is Sowelstace Financial Review a Scam?

    Sowelstace Financial is definitely a scam and if you want to find out why, keep reading our honest review.

    Status of the Officials of Sowelstace Financial Review

    Jimmy Rees seems to be the owner of this suspicious offer. First huge turn-off that we encountered is that we couldn\'t verify claims that Jimmy has been saying about himself. We found out that none of the claims about people staying behind this offer are actually valuable - they all seem to be a lie.

    Declaration of Money Back Guarantee

    They are promising that you\'ll be earning money every day, but they \"guarantee\" to give back your money in case of a failure, within 60 days. Why would they need such long time?

    Claim of Loss-free Investment

    Allegedly, they have lost not more than 1 trade within last 4 years. This is way too unrealistic to be talked about anymore.

    UnReal Endorsement Claims

    They tried tricking website visitors by showing signs of \"cooperation\" with certain companies such as McAfee, BBB, etc. However, it didn\'t take us long before we found out that this is not true - it\'s just fabricated.

    Claim of Trading Sessions

    Supposedly, this software has performed more than 1450 trading sessions and yet there are no details that would tell us more about the success rate of this software.

    Claim about Beneficiaries

    Their testimonials seem to be fake and it\'s quite easy to prove that - they used stock pictures and made up characters.


    Based on the evidence that our thorough investigation brought to you, we hope that you\'re now aware that Sowelstace Financial is just a scam. Keep trading carefully!

    trading industry, trading robot, suspicious offer, scam, Jimmy Rees, Sowelstace Financial
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    Scott Evans
    24.10. 2017 12:07  | 

    Binary options industry is filled with trading tools but finding the right trading tool is very very hard. Most of them are actually a scam and that makes our search even harder. Pay My Vacation is one of the trading tools and we\'re definitely going to investigate it. It seems that this offer is suspicious because we\'ve found many negative sides of it even before starting the investigation. Keep reading our honest review to find out what Pay My Vacation is actually about.

    Pay My Vacation: The glaring truth

    Jack James is the owner of Pay My Vacation. First of the problems is that we can\'t verify Jack\'s identity and if we don\'t, we can\'t trust him and his products. Another problem is that their website is really bad. It looks like some newbie made it, it doesn\'t seem to promote some serious business software. Their promo video is the same as their website - lacks that professional note that would make it serious and business-like. One of the worst things that we\'ve encountered so far is that they are promoting fake payouts in order to trick website visitors. Without hard evidence, we really have no reason to trust these \"payouts\". Pay My Vacation\'s trial is very bad as well because it doesn\'t show everything that this software usually features, meaning that you can\'t really get to know how this software works. On top of everything, their customer support is terrible without even having the live chat feature.

    Verdict about Pay My Vacation

    We\'ve tried hard and we believe that we\'ve performed the investigation thoroughly enough to bring up all the details. Based on the evidence, Pay My Vacation is nothing more than a scam. Keep trading carefully!

    binary options industry, trading tool, scam, Jack James, Pay My Vacation
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    Scott Evans
    24.10. 2017 12:06  | 

    We\'re all aware that binary options industry can sometimes be quite cruel. Because of this, people figured out they can develop something that\'s called a trading software that can help you trade more successfully. However, people also realized that this represents a great opportunity to rip people off. All it takes is to promise something unrealistic and you\'ll find naive investors for sure. This is why we\'re investigating every suspicious offer, including OptiBin Robot. Keep reading our honest review to find out what this software is actually about.

    OptiBin Robot: Uncovering the lies

    First of all, OptiBin is completely automated. Not only that you can\'t affect its trading, meaning that if it\'s bad you can\'t do anything about it, but you\'re also not in charge of your balance. Losing money has never been easier, unfortunately. Next thing is that their website is really bad - their promo video is not where it\'s supposed to be and they are just forcing the sign-up process. The only valuable information we\'ve managed to find is that you have to invest at least 250 euros to get started with it. They are offering 3 different trading strategies and these are Classic, Martingale and Fibonacci. They are featuring a demo version of their software but we highly recommend everyone to not use it because it\'s fabricated and its only goal is to trick you into investing into this bogus software.

    Verdict about OptiBin Robot

    Finding a good trading software isn\'t easy and it sure can be lucrative, but opting for a bad one will not increase your monthly income. Our investigation was hopefully enough for you to help you realize what kind of a fraud we\'re dealing with here. Keep reading our reviews to stay tuned with the latest scams!

    binary options industry, trading software, suspicious, fraud, OptiBin Robot
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    24.10. 2017 12:05  | 

    Recently we\'ve encountered another trading software called Nexgen. The owner is called John Novak and his software costs $3,500 per 3 months. However, you can get it forever for $16,500, which is supposed to lure traders to grab this \"amazing\" opportunity. It seems that Novak has been involved in trading systems for more than 20 years and one of his latest softwares, besides Nexgen, is Automated Fibonacci. With all of this experience, a person should have had some good reputation. However, John\'s reputation is quite bad which is why this offer seems very suspicious to us. We even found out that John has ripped off people and got fined for that for $120,000. If you\'d like to find out more details about this suspicious offer made by John Novak, keep reading our honest review!

    Nexgen Software Services Review: The ugly truth that you should know

    Even though John got fined for ripping people off, it seems that he hasn\'t stopped doing the same thing. He\'s asking for $16,500 for his \"magical trading indicator\" inside Nexgen Software services. We received many complaints about this offer and that\'s why we\'re doing this review.

    Even the NFA fined John Novak

    John Novak has ripped off way too many people and the authorities decided to punish him real bad. National Futures Association decided to fine him for $40,000 more.

    Investigating John Novak

    To be honest, investigating John wasn\'t too hard since the Internet is filled with stuff about him - like fines, complaints, etc.

    More complaints stacking up against him

    If you want to find more dirty things about John, feel free to search for his name online. That\'s what we did and that\'s what helped us conclude that Nexgen is just a scam which we should all stay away from.

    trading software, suspicious, scam, John Novak, Nexgen
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    24.10. 2017 12:04  | 

    Binary options industry has been experiencing bogus systems since the beginning. You can easily find some trading system but chances that it is trustworthy are very little. Unfortunately, this also means that most of you have been victims of a scam once in your life. In order to prevent this, we\'re investigating these scams and making reviews for you find out which systems you should stay away from. Keep reading our honest review to find out what Methodox 2.0 is actually about.

    Methodox 2.0: Why this system is so harmful for a trader

    Allegedly, you can earn up to $632 just by using this system. Binary options industry is not easy to succeed at so we\'re having hard time trusting people with claims like these. Trading requires lots of knowledge and experience and this is why we can\'t trust someone who claims that you can earn money almost instantly. Methodox 2.0 supposedly operates with 85% win rate. This win rate is too high to be trusted without some hard evidence. Their story consists of trying to convince us that they\'ve been trying to improve Methodox trading bot for past 2 years, in order to develop the Methodox 2.0. Promises are present, that\'s for sure, but they lack evidence. We\'ve also encountered certain contradictions since they said that their system operates with 75% win rate, and after that, they said that it operates with 85% win rate. Another huge problem which represents a great turn-off is that their testimonials seem to be fake without links to prove their credibility.

    Verdict about Methodox 2.0

    If you\'ve read this review on time then hopefully you stand a chance of not running into this trap. We hope that you\'re now aware that Methodox 2.0 is just a scam which we should all stay away from.

    binary options industry, trading system, bogus, scam, Methodox 2.0
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    24.10. 2017 12:03  | 

    Binary options industry is the real deal. No messing is allowed. You\'re wrong if you think that you can mess something up and not get punished for that. In order to prevent disasters like losing all of your balance, people started developing what\'s called a trading system. Trading systems are supposed to reduce the risk level which is always present, and to increase profit and win rate. However, not only that achieving this isn\'t easy at all, but it\'s also hard finding a trustworthy trading system. People realized that this is the opportunity for them to fraud naive investors. That\'s why there are so many frauds. Our reviews, however, are here for you to realize which are trustworthy and which are unreliable. Keep reading our honest review about Insured Trading to find out the truth behind this shady offer.

    Insured Trading: The detailed insight about the scam

    First of all, Insured Trading is allegedly free of charge. Rest assured that nothing comes for free, especially not money makers. Next thing is that they talk about risk-free trading system. There is no such thing as risk-free because risk has to be present in the trading industry, that\'s the main part of it. One of the biggest problem is that no matter how hard you search their website, you won\'t find out what they are actually featuring because they didn\'t explain anything. The only thing you can find out is that they are promising a $750-per-hour profit and that\'s it. There are testimonials on their website but since there\'s no way of proving them, we can\'t really trust them.

    The investor\'s strategy

    We do realize that you\'re looking for a reliable trading system, but Insured Trading isn\'t the one. Our review hopefully helped you realize that Insured Trading is a fraud which we should all stay away from.

    binary options industry, trading system, shady offer, fraud, Insured Trading
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    24.10. 2017 12:01  | 

    In case you\'ve ever wanted to learn Forex trading from a 21-year old female millionaire, Infinite Prosperity is the right place for you. This is an educational website that teaches people Forex trading, aiming at turning its users into millionaires! Allegedly, the owner of this system, Amy Sangster, will reveal her trading secrets to you. These secrets can be bought for $549. However, we\'re quite suspicious about this offer. Why are they trying to make us believe that we can become millionaires within no time, when we\'re all quite aware that trading requires lots of knowledge and time in order to succeed. To find out what this offer is actually about, we decided to investigate it. Keep reading our honest review to find out what our investigation has brought to us!

    Infinite Prosperity Review

    We\'ve been monitoring Google traffic for certain keywords and we found out that \"FX Trading\" is very popular, meaning that any page that ranks high for this keyword, will succeed for sure. That\'s how Infinite Prosperity got lots of members. This is the main reason we\'re investigating this, to prevent people falling for this possible scam.

    What do they offer?

    Their website is quite bad because they didn\'t talk much about Forex trading, which is supposed to be their main topic. Besides their $549 worth trading course, they are also featuring an advisory service that\'s charged monthly for $60. However, they seem to lack the evidence to prove quality of the service they are offering, and that\'s a huge turn-off.

    The first con job that the owners of Infinite Prosperity executed

    Amy Sangster along with her co-salesman Lewis Mocker have been scamming people for a long time already, just under different names. Far From It is the name of a book which they were selling which turned out to be a failure, just like their affiliate marketing platform called Clickbank. Infinite Prosperity is a scam so make sure to stay away from it!

    Forex trading, educational website, suspicious, scam, Amy Sangster, Infinite Prosperity
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    24.10. 2017 12:00  | 

    There\'s not a chance that a day can pass without some fraud in a form of a trading system is launched into the binary options industry. We wouldn\'t mind fraudsters if they weren\'t trying so hard to trick people, and if people weren\'t so naive. However, since there are many naive investors and fraudsters can sometimes take a step further than we would expect, we\'re investigating any shady offer that we encounter. Big Banks Method is one of the shady offers that we figured out we should investigate. Keep reading our honest review to find out more about this offer.

    Big Banks Method: What makes it such a bad choice?

    Aaron Davis is the owner of Big Banks Method. Aaron is promising many unrealistic things and without any evidence we\'re really not planning on trusting anything that he says. Also, their promo video talks about this and that, but it doesn\'t say anything valuable about Big Banks Method. Allegedly, this system can generate profit for you every 20 seconds. This is yet another unrealistic claim that doesn\'t have any evidence to be proven. Also, you\'re promised to earn up to $250,000 per month, and this is by far the biggest lie Aaron has claimed. Not only that this number is way too high, but there\'s also no way of proving that even Aaron is real, and especially no way of proving that you can earn $250,000 per month using Big Banks Method. Investors who opt for this system will have to invest at least $500 to start trading with this system.

    The final verdict

    Big Banks Method has failed to amaze us with anything. Their promotion consists of bunch of lies and unrealistic promises without any real evidence. We\'re shutting down this review and marking Big Banks Method as a fraud. Keep trading carefully!

    binary options industry, trading system, shady offer, fraud, Aaron Davis, Big Banks Method
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    22.10. 2017 19:09  | 

    Latest trading system that\'s reached binary options industry is the Trader\'s Buddy. The reason we\'re writing a review is that we\'ve noticed that it\'s getting more popular every minute and we don\'t want people to fall for this fraud. Our honest review based on thorough investigation will help you realize what this is all about. Keep reading!

    Trader\'s Buddy: The real deceit

    Even though there are many promises, Trader\'s Buddy fails to prove anything. On top of that, they didn\'t inform us what this software is based on and how it works. Without knowing this information, we really have no reason to trust this shady offer. This system offers automated trading, semi-automated and social trading. Automated trading, however, is not something you should opt for because not only that you don\'t have the control over your account but you also remain clueless of what\'s happening. You won\'t be able to learn anything and you\'ll just end up losing your hard-earned money.

    On the other hand, semi-automated trading isn\'t good either because nobody guarantees that the signals you would receive are trustworthy. That\'s the thing that can bust many frauds. Another problem is that newcomers have no way of exploring this system because there\'s no proper support. The site is filled with some credibility badges and unrealistic promises, but it\'s just bunch of lies. You can\'t click on these badges meaning that you can\'t check out whether the badges are real or not (they are not real since they can\'t prove it).

    Verdict about Trader\'s Buddy

    Based on everything that our thorough investigation brought to you, we believe that it\'s quite clear now that Trader\'s Buddy is just a fraud. Stay away from it!

    trading system, binary options industry, fraud, shady offer, Trader\'s Buddy
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    22.10. 2017 19:08  | 

    Trading binary options isn\'t easy, you\'ll agree with us on this one. This is the reason why people started developing something that\'s called trading system. Richard Branson system is the perfect example. The problem, however, is that there are so many trading systems and most of them seem to be a fraud. That\'s why we\'re here, to help you identify trustworthy systems that can actually change your life in a good way, instead of ruining it. Keep reading our review to find out details about Richard Branson system!

    Richard Branson: Destroying the trader\'s future and here are the reasons why

    One of the first things regarding this shady offer is that you have to invest $250 into it. This isn\'t a big amount of money but it\'s not small amount either, especially if you\'re about to waste it on some unreliable system. Next thing is that they don\'t have good chat support. What are people supposed to do when they encounter any kind of a problem or a question? There\'s also a claim saying that you can get this software for 30 days for free, but that\'s not true. The worst thing we found out about this system is that it\'s launched under several other names as well! These names are Safeguard Trader, GPS Trader and Profit Maker. We could easily stop talking about this software and simply end the review right now, after finding out that there are more frauds launched just under different names! This is horrible.

    Verdict about Richard Branson

    We really have no other words for this fraud. We\'ve brought, hopefully enough, evidence for you and we\'d like to end our review now. We highly recommend you to stay away from the Richard Branson fraud!

    binary options, trading system, unreliable, fraud, Richard Branson
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    22.10. 2017 19:07  | 

    Binary options industry is the place where you can become what you\'ve always wanted. However, that\'s not easy nor cheap. Because of how hard and risky it is, people realized that having a help by their side, like a trading robot for example, can help them achieve what they are aiming for. There are many trading robots out there, but not all of them are helpful. Actually, there are few that can actually help you, and tons of them which you\'ll just waste your money and your time on. In order to help you identify which are good and which are not, we\'re investigating all of these offers. Neuro Trader is a trading robot whose details we\'re about to reveal, so keep reading the review!

    Neuro Trader: Unleashing the loopholes

    As Neuro Trader says, you can earn up to $10,000 using their amazing trading robot. Not only that this number is too high to be real, but there\'s also no evidence to prove such unrealistic claim. They didn\'t explain anything about this trading robot, meaning that we end up having to buy this product without knowing how and what does it do. Only thing we know is that it predicts what\'s going to happen; Yeah right! Nobody can predict market movement, that\'s why it\'s one of the riskiest industries ever. There are more bad things such as no way of contacting them since they don\'t respond to emails and they don\'t have a live chat.

    Scam Personalities behind the system

    Owner of Neuro Trader is Jeff Blumenthal and this is another problem - we didn\'t find any information about this guy. If we can\'t even find out whether this is a real character, how are we supposed to believe that this is some expert trader whose robot we should buy?

    On top of everything, they don\'t have any testimonials! This is too much. We really have no other choice but to mark it as a scam and to recommend you to stay away from Neuro Trader!

    binary options industry, trading robot, scam, Jeff Blumenthal, Neuro Trader
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    22.10. 2017 19:06  | 

    Binary options industry grows so fast and unfortunately, besides number of traders, number of fraudsters is increasing as well. That\'s why can find a fraud anywhere but we can hardly find genuine trading system. Invest.com is a trading system which can allegedly help you increase your monthly income by trading binary options. However, we\'re aware that there are many frauds out there and that\'s why decided to investigate this shady offer. If you\'d like to find out whether Invest.com is trustworthy or phony, keep reading our review.

    Invest.com: What makes it so bad?

    First major problem which we encountered is that there is no promo video on their website. Besides that, they also said that they are offering a demo, but they didn\'t make it clear whether we have to pay to try it out, or if it\'s free. They mentioned a chat support but since it\'s not a live chat support, we don\'t really see how that can be something good. They are also asking for way too much of personal information and we highly recommend you NOT to give it to them. Regarding the technology their system is based on, they just said that it\'s \"ground-breaking\" but they didn\'t explain what it\'s called nor how it works. Allegedly there are 2 services that Invest.com features, and that\'s trading and portfolio management.

    Scam personalities behind Invest.com

    Invest.com remains anonymous since they didn\'t give us any information about the owner. Even if things were going good so far (which they weren\'t), finding out that we don\'t know how the owner is makes things quite different.

    On top of everything, they don\'t even have testimonials. This was the final evidence that we needed. After all of this, we had no trouble concluding that Invest.com is a fraud. Keep trading carefully!

    binary options industry, trading system, shady offer, anonymous, fraud, Invest.com
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    22.10. 2017 19:05  | 

    Forex industry isn\'t easy to handle, and we\'re sure that anyone who tried trading Forex has experienced the same thing. That\'s why people are looking for a promising trading system, to decrease loss rate and to increase their monthly income. One such trading system is FX CHILDS PLAY SIGNALS. However, not all trading systems are promising - it\'s actually very hard finding a good system since most of them are just a scam. In order to find out whether FX CHILDS PLAY SIGNALS is a genuine or unreliable trading system, we recommend reading our entire review.

    FX CHILDS PLAY SIGNALS: Why you have to say no to it?

    It\'s quite pathetic seeing that FX CHILDS PLAY SIGNALS tries to manipulate (hypnotize) traders making them think that this is the only genuine trading system they\'ll ever be able to find. They say that their system can bring you 300-500% profit. Allegedly, this is the story - Farhan, the owner of this system, gets access to your account and places trades based on trades that some expert have made. So, not only that by doing this you\'re not learning anything, but it\'s also based on simple copy trading which is never good.

    Allegedly, you can easily earn up to $12,000 within no time. Besides all unrealistic promises, we actually have no idea how this software works and what technology it\'s based on. They didn\'t give us any valuable information and that represents a huge turn-off.

    Verdict about FX CHILDS PLAY SIGNALS

    Genuine trading system should have positive reviews, owner whose identity and experience we can verify and it should be based on a technology which we\'re introduced to. FX CHILDS PLAY SIGNALS, on the other hand, failed in everything of the above. That\'s why we\'re marking it as a scam and ending this review.

    Forex, trading system, scam, Farhan, FX CHILDS PLAY SIGNALS
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    22.10. 2017 19:04  | 

    Trading binary options was never easy and trading software can really help with that, a lot. However, people realized that many investors and traders are looking for a solution like that one and they came up with an idea to make a phony trading software and rip people off. That\'s why you shouldn\'t just blindly trust any software that you encounter. In order to help people save their hard-earned money, we\'ve decided to investigate Free Profit Code, a trading software, and to show the world what\'s actually going on here. Stay tuned and be one of the first to find out!

    Unwrapping Free Profit Code

    Free Profit Code can, allegedly, help you earn $31,205. Without any evidence, we really have nothing to talk about, since this amount of money is way too high. An advice you can get from us is not to leave your main email address to everyone because your inbox will easily get flooded with all kinds of promotions and scams. Their website is really bad because it doesn\'t show any information about Free Profit Code nor about its services. If you\'d decide to sign up for an account, you\'d get redirected to one of their brokers whose account you\'re supposed to invest into. However, they didn\'t give out the name of the supposed broker, meaning that we can\'t find out whether that broker has a license or not. Dealing with unregulated brokers is very dangerous, keep that in mind!

    Scam Personalities behind Free Profit Code

    Natalie seems to be the owner of Free Profit Code. Unfortunately, Natalie seems to be just a phony character since we couldn\'t verify her identity and we also couldn\'t find any connection between her and Free Profit Code - except for the one mentioned on her website.

    Final thing we\'re about to reveal is that they don\'t even have testimonials. Not only that they didn\'t find ways to prove their statements and promises but they also failed to prove us that there actually are satisfied users of this software. Therefore we\'re labeling Free Profit Code as a scam and we hope that people won\'t be falling for it anymore.

    binary options, trading software, phony, scam, Natalie, Free Profit Code
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    22.10. 2017 19:03  | 

    It\'s quite possible that you\'re either not using any trading system or that you\'re using one of the bad ones. We know how tough binary options industry is and how hard it is finding a trustworthy trading system. This is the main reason why we\'re doing this. Evergreen Commission Machines represents one of these trading systems and we felt the need to reveal its details in order to help people realize what\'s actually going on here. Our main goal is to help people see things clearly! Keep reading our honest review to find out what this shady offer called Evergreen Commission Machines is all about.

    Evergreen Commission Machines: The bitter reality

    Evergreen Commission Machines is NOT a system which will increase your monthly income - in fact, it will decrease it even more! You\'ll agree with us that when a system offers a demo, we\'re able to find out more about the system and see if we are willing to invest into it, or not. However, ECM (Evergreen Commission Machines) doesn\'t offer a demo. Howe are we supposed to know what we\'re dealing with if they are not going to provide us with a demo? Another problem is that ECM remains anonymous and that\'s a huge turn-off. They didn\'t tell us anything about the owner of this shady offer, and yet they expect us to invest into their system. Their support is also terrible and their tricks are simply pathetic.

    Verdict about Evergreen Commission Machines

    At the end of this review we\'re really wondering whether there\'s really need for us to talk any further about this fraud. We\'ve provided enough evidence which will hopefully help you realize that Evergreen Commission Machines is a fraud and we hope that you\'ll avoid it big time!

    binary options industry, trading system, shady offer, anonymous, fraud, Evergreen Commission Machines
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    22.10. 2017 19:02  | 

    Trading industry is not easy to handle, and we\'re aware of that. That\'s why traders often seek for an automated robot which will increase their win rate and their monthly income. Epix Trader represents an automated robot which generates signals for you to follow. We realize that you\'d like to know whether or not these signals are trustworthy, and that\'s why we\'ve decided to investigate this suspicious offer. Keep reading our review to see what we found out about Epix Trader.

    Epix Trader: The reality unleashed

    One of the first things that we noticed is that they have a fake membership counter on their website, which is supposed to trick us into thinking that they have many members and that the number keeps rising. Not only that it doesn\'t represent anything meaningful, but it can also be fabricated. They also mentioned that there\'s nothing to learn - just use their robot and you\'ll be fine. How can anyone promise you any kind of success if you don\'t learn anything? Besides that, they said that they are using some amazing technology but we have no idea what kind of technology is that and how is it supposed to work. On top of everything, they claim that their signals are highly accurate. However, without evidence, we really don\'t have a reason to trust this statement.

    Scam personalities behind the system

    Mark Evans is the owner of Epix Trader. It\'s good that they gave us a name of this system but that doesn\'t mean we should blindly trust anything they say. We couldn\'t find anything valuable enough that would prove Mark\'s reputation nor the connection between him and the Epix Trader.

    There also weren\'t any testimonials to prove their trustworthiness. Based on everything that we\'ve discovered, we conclude that Epix Trader is just a scam which you should stay away from.

    trading industry, automated robot, suspicious offer, scam, Mark Evans, Epix Trader
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    22.10. 2017 19:01  | 

    In case you\'ve been struggling with the binary options industry, we\'re sure that you\'ve desperately searched for a solution. Finding a trustworthy trading software seemed like a good solution but that\'s nowhere near easy finding. There are plenty of trading softwares and almost all of them are a scam, which makes it even harder finding a promising one. This is where we step in to help you! We\'re going to investigate Digital Income Method in order to show you the real deal behind their mask. Keep reading our review to find out more!

    Digital Income Method: This system can in no way make money

    Mack Mills is the owner of this suspicious offer. Allegedly, you can earn up to $500 per day, or even more! However, people fall for these claims without realizing that there\'s no such job where you can just sit and watch your income growing. People keep forgetting that trading requires lots of knowledge and experience, and Digital Income Method acts like you don\'t need any of that. One amongst many problems regarding this scam is that there\'s no trial version, meaning that there\'s no way for you to find out more about this software. How are we supposed to know what we\'re dealing with and what we\'re going to invest into, if we can\'t get access to its trial version? There is simply no reliable information anywhere on the Internet and especially not on their website, that would tell us more about this software.

    Verdict about Digital Income Method

    We believe that our thorough investigation brought enough evidence on the table. Digital Income Method is a scam and we highly recommend you staying away from it!

    binary options industry, trading software, suspicious, scam, Mack Mills, Digital Income Method
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    22.10. 2017 19:00  | 

    Perhaps you\'re one amongst many who are trying to find a trustworthy trading system that will help them trade binary options. Because of people like you, we\'re doing what we\'re doing - investigating offers that could be a fraud. CFDSOCIETY is another trading system which we\'re about to reveal in order to help people realize the truth behind it. Our honest and thorough reviews can sure help you with that, so keep reading!

    Uncovering the CFDSOCIETY Scam

    CFDSOCIETY promises that you can earn more than $60,000 within 20 minutes. First of all, you should know that earning this much money within 20 minutes is impossible, and even if it had any chances of happening, we would still need evidence to prove that. However, CFDSOCIETY has no evidence for us. Also, rest assured that they\'ll be looking for your email address and we highly recommend you not to give it to them because you\'ll soon start getting spammed by tons of marketing emails.

    One of the lame tricks that they are using is showing counter for VIP spots. By showing you that there are only 3 VIP spots left open, they are aiming to trick you into signing up before the number reaches 0 - fun fact, it will never reach 0 because it\'s just a trick. Their promo video is almost the same as every other - similar bogus lies and unrealistic promises.

    Scam Personalities behind CFDSOCIETY

    Chris Chase is the owner of CFDSOCIETY. Unlike for other owners, we were able to find SOMETHING online about Chris Chase, but it were all negative reviews of his system CFDSOCIETY.

    Even though there are some testimonials on their website, they seem to be fake. Without follow links to alleged loyal users, we can\'t tell for sure whether testimonials are trustworthy or not. We\'ve encountered enough problems for us to mark it as a fraud and to recommend you to stay away from the CFDSOCIETY.

    trading system, binary options, fake, fraud, Chris Chase, CFDSOCIETY
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    21.10. 2017 18:09  | 

    Recently we\'ve encountered certain automated trading software that operates with Forex. This software is, allegedly, so good that it doesn\'t place a trade unless it\'s absolutely certain that it will make profit. You\'re promised to earn $8,000 per month. You\'ll agree that all of this seem interesting, but we\'ve decided to investigate this shady offer in order to find out what\'s actually going on behind it.

    Who stays behind Trend Catcher?

    Their website trendcatcher.co didn\'t give us any valuable information. We have no idea who stays behind Trend Catcher and this is a sign that indicates that we could be dealing with a fraud here. We recommend you to be really careful with offers like this one!

    How Trend Catcher Works?

    This is another thing that we remain clueless about. We\'re just being informed that it guarantees money and that it catches small trend indicators thanks to moving averages, but that\'s it.

    Disturbing things found!

    They used fake testimonials and here\'s how we know it - they used the ones that were used for Google Trader, which turned out to be a fraud as well. They even made a mistake leaving 2 different names who were supposed to be owners of this fraud.

    Do you remember any broker names which you\'ve heard during their promo video? No? We don\'t remember either. That\'s because they didn\'t mention any. Trading requires having a broker, and if you\'re messing with unregulated brokers, you\'re practically doomed. Stay aware!

    Trend Catcher Scam Review - Conclusion!

    We hope that we\'ve managed proving you that Trend Catcher is just a fraud and nothing else. We recommend you to stay away from it!

    automated trading software, Forex, shady offer, fraud, Trend Catcher
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    21.10. 2017 18:08  | 

    Trader Insight is another trading school that teaches Forex trading. People would easily wall for any kind of a fraud, as long as it is marketed in a good way. However, Trader Insight is really a bad fraud and we\'re wondering how is it possible that people still keep getting tricked. Keep reading our review to realize what\'s this shady offer actually about.

    Trader Insight Review: A must-read for anyone who is contemplating to use this service

    The owner of Trader Insight, Adrian Manz, seems to be someone who knows what he\'s teaching - he\'s published some informative books that seem to have positive reviews. This tells us that this owner could really be capable of teaching basics of trading. Besides that, Adrian has been featuring trading educational courses since 2006. Trader Insight features live trading and educational courses that can be downloaded. \"Trading Like A Pro\" video course can be bought for $300 and \"Income Trading Academy Course\" can be bought for $7,500. Stock trading 101 and 102 can be bought for $125 and $175, and Adrian\'s books cost between $35 and $59. Live trading services can be bought for, depending on the package you opt for, a price ranging from $97 to $179 per month. You can even get Rapid Retirement System for $1,497 per year.

    How about his track record?

    We believe that you\'ll agree with us that track record is one of the most important things when it comes to proving someone/something and gaining trust. However, Trader Insight fails to prove anything. They have no track record, and yet they expect us to trust the quality of their service.

    Online reputation

    Besides track record, reviews and reputation are as important too! After googling Trader Insight, we\'ve encountered certain negative reviews. However, what made us conclude this review is a report which we found online. One trader decided to try out \"Around The Horn Pattern Scan\" and when he realized he isn\'t satisfied, he asked for his money back (because money-back policy was guaranteed). Guess what happened - Trader Insight completely ignored this trader and that\'s how he and many others lost their money. We believe that you\'re now aware that Trader Insight is a fraud and we hope that you won\'t fall for anything like this!

    trading school, Forex, shady offer, fraud, Adrian Manz, Trader Insight
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    21.10. 2017 18:07  | 

    Latest trading system that we\'ve encountered is Long Vision FX. Allegedly, it promises great earnings on long stages, and that\'s what got our attention. Long Vision FX\'s website is hosted by Feycox.com. It seems that Long Vision FX is all about keeping DD very low and not impeding the growth of the account.

    Long Vision FX Review

    It seems that Long Vision FX is based on a strategy that uses broadening of currency pairs traded. Developer of Long Vision FX is Feycox Development S.L. and they are situated in Pamplona, Spain. There also seem to be some affiliations with Forex VPS called VPSEnry. They did leave an email address, but we don\'t know how long it takes them to reply emails. We\'d like to highlight that Long Vision FX isn\'t an expert advisor. This means that it\'s not necessary for you to buy this, so you can trade Forex successfully.

    The Services offered by Long Vision FX

    Long Vision FX is actually managed Forex account. You can follow them on MyFXBook. In order to join Long Vision FX, you have to invest 10,000 euros. We realize that trading Forex isn\'t easy, but do you really have to invest this much? They wanted to gain our trust by telling us that their recommended broker is STO UK, which is certainly regulated, but still, 10,000 euros is way too much. However, we\'ve encountered more problems. Not only that you\'ll be receiving no more than 30% of profits, but there are also monthly commission fee and 0.2 mark up pip for all trades.

    Break down of product/service features

    Long Vision FX is based on Trend Based High Volatility strategy. However, this strategy brings a lot of risk with itself.

    Trading results

    MyFXBook results seem to be pretty good for Long Vision FX. However, we\'ve been witnesses many times that MyFXBook results can be phony or simply not reliable. On top of everything, asking for this high initial investment is quite suspicious. Even though there are some positive things regarding Long Vision FX, there are still many signs that indicate that we could be dealing with a scam. We recommend you to be careful!

    trading system, managed Forex account, Forex, suspicious, scam, Long Vision FX
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    21.10. 2017 18:06  | 

    Rio Profits represents another binary options trading software that promises great achievements to whomever uses it. Allegedly, you can earn up to $237 per hour using this software. $5,000 can be yours every day! As soon as you sign up for this software, you\'ll get redirected to your own advisor. Keep in mind that this software is automated. Besides that, it\'s also completely free. If you\'re curious, like we were, to find out what this software is actually about, keep reading our honest and thorough review.

    Background of Rio Profits

    Owner of Rio Profits is Andrew Reynolds. However, we can\'t confirm that Andrew is any kind of trading expert because we can\'t find any association between him and anything else, except for Rioprofits.co. This is what makes us suspicious and not without a reason. They expect us to trust some guy without knowing anything about him. That\'s way too ridiculous - a man has to have experience and has to be able to prove that, in order to gain our trust.

    Working of Rio Profits

    As they claim, Rio Profits software is able to learn many things just by analyzing history and since it\'s automated, it will make \"best\" decisions and place trades on its own. However, they just told us \"what\" their software does. They didn\'t explain HOW it does. Not a single strategy nor algorithm was explained in their promo video - we\'re just supposed to blindly trust this \"genuine\" trading software?

    Are these real members of Rio Profits?

    They showed us faces of alleged members of Rio Profits. However, it didn\'t take us long before we found out that the same faces were used to fake members of another binary options trading software (which turned out to be a scam as well). Tesler App is the software whose members seem to be the same as Rio Profits\' members. Hopefully this is enough evidence for you to mark Rio Profits as a scam and to never mess with it.

    trading software, binary options, automated, scam, Andrew Reynolds, Rio Profits
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    21.10. 2017 18:05  | 

    Pro 9 Live represents day trading room that was previously called Smart Money Room. Keep reading this review to realize what Smart Money Room, or Pro 9 Live to be precise, is all about.

    Pro 9 Live Review: Dirty history has tainted the reputation of this website

    This day trading room is owned by Steve DeWitt. Besides Steve\'s name, we\'ve encountered another name, and that\'s lead instructor called Scott Dahlquist. Their service costs $197 per month, or if you subscribe for 6 or 12 months, it\'s $985 and $1,773 (respectively). These packages offer extra months as well. They are even offering a free trial, but in order to sign up for it, you need to provide your credit card details - rest assured that they will charge you as soon as the trial ends. There\'s also a YouTube page where you can access all of their content for free. However, their live trading videos are actually Ninja Trader market replays. There\'s also a claim saying that features cost between $2,000 and $5,000. There\'s a huge problem here, and that is their performance evidence. They claim that they\'ve made $3,435 of profit within 1 month, but allegedly only members can see trading results. This is very bad! If you want more members, show them your results - not force them to pay in order to gain their trust.

    Who is Scott Dahlquist of Pro 9 Live?

    He\'s a trader who started trading in certain fields in 2007 and started trading others in 2014. He\'s using the \"most profitable trading strategies\" - Pro9Trader suite of trading tools. That\'s his story, of course. It\'s not like we have any reason to believe that.

    Taking a closer look to establish whether these claims are true

    Our investigation helped us find out that there\'s connection between Scott and Steve, and other systems that turned out to be a scam as well. Our review ends with our conclusion that Pro 9 Live is just a scam and we highly recommend you to stay away from it.

    day trading room, scam, Steve DeWitt, Scott Dahlquist, Smart Money Room, Pro 9 Live
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    21.10. 2017 18:04  | 

    For some time already, people have been joining the binary options industry more and more. People realized that they can earn a lot of money just by sitting at home. Even though trading is easy in matters of not having to do any physical work, it\'s still not that easy performing it and it definitely isn\'t that easy succeeding at it. Because of that, people often decide to use trading tools in order to increase their win rate. That\'s how people ran into HighLow. However, trading tools aren\'t always genuine - in fact, most of them just represent a fraud that tricked many innocent investors. That\'s why we\'re here - to reveal as many frauds as we can. Therefore, we recommend you to keep reading our honest review to find out what HighLow is actually about.

    Uncovering the truth

    The first suspicious thing which we noticed is that they are promising $50 for free to anyone who signs up for an account on their website - if they are so good, why would they need to lure members like this. Next thing is that they are mentioning 200% return of investment. This number is way too high and, besides that, they have no way of proving that. Another bad thing is that they are talking about \"dedicated support\" and yet we can\'t find any support for unregistered users. There\'s also no way of contacting them. They are offering demo accounts but we recommend not trying them out because those are often made in such way that it shows winning trades only, tricking you into buying their system.

    Scam Personalities behind HighLow

    Testimonials represent one of the most important things when it comes to rating trading tools, and yet HighLow has no testimonials. Unfortunately, we\'ve encountered too many bad things related to HighLow and we have no other choice but to end this review by marking HighLow as a fraud. Keep trading carefully!

    binary options industry, trading tools, suspicious, fraud, HighLow
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    21.10. 2017 18:03  | 

    Not so long ago, we\'ve encountered certain training program that teaches Forex trading, and it\'s called Forever in Profit. Even though this seems interesting at first, they have no trading record to prove their skills and experience. Their website is made in such a pathetic way - they are using pictures of luxury cars and properties in order to trick people into thinking that their program is genuine. Their promo video is not better either. They didn\'t explain anything regarding their program - they just talked about luxury, examples of what you could achieve if you join their training program, etc. This is why we felt the need to investigate this and to help you realize what this is all about.

    Forever in Profit Review

    They put all of their effort towards tricking people and we highly disagree with that kind of effort. They are using the so-called \"Trader porn\" approach. If it was up to us, we\'d forbid this. Trading Forex is a serious thing - they should be able to show us how serious they are, in order to gain our trust. Remember, without trust, nothing can be achieved.

    What they claim to teach

    First of all, they want to teach you the market\'s basics. After that, they\'re going to teach you various trading methods. Allegedly, when you complete their program, you\'ll become successful trader that knows everything about trading, market movement, trading softwares, etc. On top of everything, they said that there is no refund policy.

    Another risk disclaimer

    What made them think that we should listen to trading lessons from someone who has no track record and who is a complete stranger to both market and internet? We went one step further and asked the owner of website to tell us why isn\'t there any track record, and he said that the content was made for educational purposes only. There is not a single thing related to Forever in Profit that would change our mind, and we conclude that Forever in Profit is just a scam. Remain careful!

    training program, Forex trading, Forever in Profit
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    21.10. 2017 18:02  | 

    Ken Calhoun is the alleged owner of a trading platform called Day Trading University. Ken\'s platform has been active for around 15 years now, and this is one of the main things that confuse us. How come fraudsters remain selling their phony services for so long? Anyways, keep reading our honest review in order to find out what Day Trading University is actually about.

    Day Trading University Review

    Ken is one of the guys who think selling bunch of different stuff will help him succeed. The worst thing is that he did manage staying in the game for so long, using this tactic. There are more than 50 websites ran by Ken. Just to help you, here are some names that you should avoid - TradingLife, Forexbreakouts, TradingtheOpen, Traderscash, etc. We remind you to be careful because every Ken\'s fraud is made in quite a professional way - good content and really good training videos. Besides everything that he offers, he also teaches one-minute candle charts, breakouts, gaps, etc. Another trading method sticks around his name, and that is tape reading.

    The Money Show website

    Money Show represents a trading convention that\'s being held in many major cities around the world, every quarter of the year. Biggest problem is that Money Show is being ran by fraudsters. This means that Day Trading University could be one of the topics that Money Show talks about - and there are many traders, both newbies and experts, attending these conventions. What we\'re trying to say is that Day Trading University can easily get tons of users who are going to suffer major money loses.

    So, is Ken of Day Trading University a con?

    Keep in mind that Ken is one of the greatest marketing artists that we\'ve encountered so far. He is capable of selling anything to anyone - that\'s why you need to stay away from anything related to him. Day Trading University is just another fraud made by Ken and we need to raise awareness.

    trading platform, phony, fraud, Ken Calhoun, Day Trading University
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    21.10. 2017 18:01  | 

    Latest trading system that operates with binary options is the Cash 365. Allegedly, you\'ll be able to earn $1,875.39 per day, every day. Apparently, it\'s easy to use and free of charge. Since this seemed suspicious to us, we\'ve decided to investigate it. Stay tuned to find out what\'s this system actually about.

    Who stays behind Cash 365?

    Unfortunately, this system remains anonymous. There wasn\'t any useful information on their website cash365.co and they certainly didn\'t mention who stays behind Cash 365. This is a major turn-off and it hardly indicates that it could be a scam.

    How Cash 365 Works?

    As they claim, it was developed by math geniuses and experienced Wall Street brokers. However, this would mean that the software is genuine but how come nobody has ever heard of it, if it was so good? Also, why would the spots be limited - it makes no sense. There are many things about this system that make no sense, and at the end, we have no idea how it actually works.

    Disturbing things found!

    Their software seems to be providing signals, and that\'s considered as giving financial advice. This is kind of activity that requires a license in order to be legit. However, if you don\'t know who stays behind this, how can you know if they own a license or not?

    Their testimonials consist of fabricated photos and paid actors, so don\'t waste your time checking them out.

    More alarming things

    Don\'t forget that you have to invest at least $250 in order to start trading with Cash 365. The problem is that you\'re supposed to invest that money into one of their brokers\' account, and you have no idea who that broker is. Remember that dealing with unregulated brokers will lead to complete disaster.

    Cash 365 Scam Review - Conclusion!

    We believe that we\'ve provided enough evidence for you to realize that Cash 365 is a scam. Be careful!

    trading system, binary options, suspicious, anonymous, scam, Cash 365
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    21.10. 2017 18:00  | 

    Currently, binary options represent one of the fastest growing industries. People all around the world are opting for trading for increasing their monthly income. In order to succeed at trading, many traders and investors are looking for a genuine trading system which will help them with trading. Binary Today 5 is a trading system which we\'ve decided to investigate in order to help people realize what this system really represents. Keep reading review to find out!

    Binary Today 5: Bringing reality to light

    Supposedly, you\'ll start receiving trading signals as soon as you download their system. However, who can prove that their signals are trustworthy? There\'s not even a free trial to figure out how things work. Without a trial, there\'s not a single way for you to find out how the system is supposed to work and whether or not it\'s worth your money and your time. Besides that, they didn\'t even mention the name of a broker who would be assigned to you. If you get connected with some unregulated brokers, things could go very bad and you wouldn\'t be able to fix anything - you would simply be sitting and watching how your money fades away. Allegedly, this software works with 81% win rate, but there\'s no evidence to prove that. Supposedly, you can earn up to $1,000 per day using this system. As you can see, there are many promising claims but they actually failed to prove any of that. We can\'t just blindly fall for fake promises.

    Scam personalities behind this system

    John Kane is the owner of this trading system. The problem with John is that we have no idea who he is, nor how and if he is related to Binary Today 5. They did state him as the CEO, but there\'s no actual evidence to prove it. As you can see, it\'s all about the evidence, and Binary Today 5 failed to show any evidence. That\'s why we\'re marking it as a scam and we hope that people won\'t be falling for it anymore.

    binary options, trading system, scam, John Kane, Binary Today 5
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    19.10. 2017 18:45  | 

    Trading isn\'t easy. Forex industry has never been kind to traders and it probably never will be. People are dealing with losses in various ways, and not all of us can handle the loss in the same way. One thing is for sure - nobody likes losing, and we\'re all searching for something to change our world. This can easily be done with trading systems, but it\'s nowhere near easy identifying which systems are trustworthy and which ones are unreliable. That\'s why you should be reading our honest reviews - follow our investigations and see for yourself which systems are worth it.

    Exposing Velev Trade

    As we\'ve already mentioned, trading isn\'t easy and it requires lots of time and lots of lost trades in order to get better at it. Velev Trade offers live trading sessions every day and they guarantee you great earnings. The problem is that all of these live webinars will not generate money for you. Tips and advices can help you a bit, but nobody should guarantee that their tip will turn you into a millionaire. As soon as you sign up for an account at Velev Trade, you\'ll be offered to opt for one of their brokers. The problem is that you have no idea whether their brokers are unregulated or not, because they didn\'t give out info about any of the brokers.

    Scam Personalities behind the system

    Ventsislav Velev is the owner of Velev Trade. Even though Ventsislav owns a Facebook profile, that doesn\'t help us at all. In order to believe a system\'s reliability, we have to know for sure that its owner is an expert trader with lots of experience behind him. However, if we can\'t even identify Ventsislav\'s identity, and we especially can\'t confirm whether he\'s a trade expert or just a nobody, how are we supposed to trust that Velev Trade is trustworthy? This is perfect example of a scam which you should stay away from. Trade carefully!

    trading, trading systems, Forex, scam, Velev Trade
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    19.10. 2017 18:40  | 

    Binary options industry has seen many fraud-like trading systems, and one of those is Steal My SYstem. This suspicious offer has got our attention and we decided to investigate it and to provide you with a honest review which is supposed to help you realize what this offer is actually about.

    Steal My System: Deciphering the truth

    Developers of this fraud didn\'t want to push it too far, so they decided to ask for $47 for their system. If they are willing to sell their system for this small amount of money, we can\'t help but wonder whether their system is just bogus and they want to get easy money, or if they are benefiting a lot from it, and that\'s why they don\'t care for the sell price. Allegedly, you can earn up to $3,267 per day using this system. Their website doesn\'t seem to provide any reliable information. Unrealistic claims and unachievable promises is all that their website provides.

    Scam Personalities behind the system

    Steve is the owner of Steal My System. The problem is that we couldn\'t find any information about this Steve so we can\'t identify his identity nor the connection between him and Steal My System. We did see the testimonials that they provided but we\'re not amazed by them. The reason for this is because they most likely consist of fabricated thoughts, represented by paid actors. Rest assured that, besides verified results, user reviews are the most important thing to follow when deciding whether a system is trustworthy or not. The least thing we can say is that Steal My System won\'t give you the money you\'re expecting. At last, we conclude that Steal My System is just a fraud which you shouldn\'t get in touch with. Trade carefully!

    binary options, trading systems, suspicious offer, fraud, Steve, Steal My System
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    19.10. 2017 18:35  | 

    Another signal generator that got our attention is the Signals24. The main reason we\'re immediately marking this as a shady offer is a fact that there are many negative reviews and that\'s one of the things that we value the most. However, let\'s not conclude anything yet. Let our investigation-followed review explain everything to you.

    Signals24: Who They Are and What you Stand to Achieve from Them

    Forex traders are the target group Signals24 is trying to reach. This signal provider\'s win rate is 95% (as they claim), and you can sign up for free for 2 weeks, after which you\'ll be required to pay a subscription fee. Another reason why we\'re so insecure about this offer is that they didn\'t show us the prices - you have to either get a bill for it in order to find out the price, or you have to bother them via email or chat to find it out. That\'s bad.

    Signals24: A Total Joke, and Here\'s Why

    Large number of negative reviews helped us realize the entire picture of this offer. All of them were saying the same thing - it\'s a joke. When we signed up for free, we did receive signals, but they didn\'t specify whether we should Buy or Sell.

    Signals24 has the worst customer service ever

    The welcome email you\'re receiving upon signing up for this service, can\'t be answered to. Their \"Contact us\" page doesn\'t offer any valid email nor contact either. Their \"chat\" isn\'t live, meaning that nobody guarantees that you\'ll ever get an answer.

    Facebook fan page

    Their Facebook page doesn\'t have little followers, and the user activity seems okay, but the problem is that users aren\'t discussing Signals24 at all.

    Performance can\'t be verified

    Their past performance shows us that they somehow managed to grow from netting 700 pips in May, to netting more than 4,000 pips in June, 2017. This is way too unachievable to be further discussed. We hope that you\'re now aware of what kind of a scam this Signals24 is. Stay away!

    signal generator, Forex, scam, Signals24
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    19.10. 2017 18:30  | 

    Latest signal generator which operates with Forex, that we\'ve encountered, is Real Forex Signals. It\'s located at real-forex-signals.com and it represents the kind of signal generator that you should NOT be messing with. User reviews are something that we all appreciate the most, and this is the main reason why we\'re marking this as a suspicious offer right now - because of so many negative reviews. However, keep reading our review in order to realize what has our thorough investigation taught us about this signal generator.

    Real Forex Signals: An Overview of this Service

    Allegedly, this signal generator is able to produce signals which make up to 3,000 pips per month. There\'s also a claim saying that they can make 10,000 signals per week. The numbers are quite unrealistic and therefore we\'re not completely sure whether they made a mistake, or if they are simply promising unreachable things.

    Website Overview

    There isn\'t much of the valuable information on their website. Just tons of generic information that\'s supposed to trick us into believing that the system is genuine, but we didn\'t get much information off that.

    Who owns Real Forex Signals

    Peter Goldfarb is the alleged owner of this signal generator. The problem is that there isn\'t any information about this guy. His profiles are empty and not popular, meaning that we couldn\'t find a way to prove that this guy is some expert, worth giving money to.

    User Reviews: There is None!

    Even though they said that Real Forex Signals is active since 2007, there isn\'t any performance history to prove that. There\'s some track record from January 2017, and that\'s it. Besides that, there seem to be none user reviews anywhere on the Internet.

    Details of their Auto Trading EA

    They just mentioned their EA and that\'s it. We have no idea how this signal generator works.

    Fake Results

    On top of everything, they provided fabricated results (simple HTML table) in order to show us the \"results\". Nothing about this fraud could trick us into falling for this trap. Trade safely!

    signal generator, Forex, suspicious offer, fraud, Peter Goldfarb, Real Forex Signals
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    19.10. 2017 18:25  | 

    Forex industry has just got new trading system called QulPay. Just like other frauds, this one promises many unrealistic things along with the lack of proof. There\'s also a claim saying that their signals are 100% safe. We\'re wondering, how can anyone guarantee anything when it comes to an industry this volatile? Their website www.qulpay.me is full of unachievable promises, and because of that, we\'re going to investigate this bogus system and find out what\'s actually going on behind it.

    QulPay Review: Is this Another Scam in Disguise?

    Allegedly, QulPay features 5 different trade copiers. One of the trade copiers is a EURUSD Trade copier which helps you trade EURUSD currency pair only. Besides that one, there are All in one Trade Copier, Best Trade Copier, and Millionaire Trade Copier. The minimum initial investment is $99 per month for the EURUSD trade copier. Best Trade Copier costs $120 per month, and their best trade copiers are worth $149 and $999 per month. Besides these odd numbers, they promise that their system works with 100% accuracy.

    The Trading History Graph: Can it be Trusted?

    The results that they provided really do seem quite good and promising. However, they can\'t be trusted. First of all, how can past performance indicate that future performance will be as good? Secondly, they just posted results of demo trading, and we all know that demo trading has nothing in common with real trading.

    Free Forex signals: Is This True?

    We\'ve noticed a major contradiction which represents a huge turn-off for many traders and investors. On one page, they said that their Forex signals are free of charge, and on another page, they say that Forex signals cost $99 per month.

    Who is QulPay?

    Owners remain completely anonymous, and that\'s the last sign we needed to mark this offer as one of the frauds. They didn\'t provide any information about the company nor the owner of this offer, and they even make the \"About us\" page. We hope that you\'ll stay away from this one, in order to save your hard-earned money!

    trading system, Forex, bogus, frauds, anonymous, QulPay
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    19.10. 2017 18:20  | 

    Profit Forex Signals is the name of another signal generator which operates with Forex, that we\'ve encountered, and its website is www.profit-forexsignals.com. The reason why we\'re investigating this shady offer is that they claimed many interesting things on their website and we therefore felt the need to check it out. Keep reading our honest review to find out what this signal generator is all about.

    Profit Forex Signals: Who Are They And How Do They Intend to Benefit You?

    Profit Forex Signals is a signal generator whose signals are supposed to be 90% accurate. They claim that their MYFXBook results are verified and reliable. One of the things that bother us is that the signals can be bought for a price ranging from $200 to $1,000 per month.

    The People Behind Profit Forex Signals

    Ninoslav Golubovic is a name of the alleged owner of Profit Forex Signals. However, on their website, they said that the signal generator is being run by many employees. Ninoslav\'s wife is also involved with this, but her expertise can\'t be verified.

    Profit Forex Signals Website: Initial Impression

    We are now aware of why so many people have fallen for this fraud. Their website is really good, meaning that both designers and marketers have done a great job. One of the claims says that they haven\'t lost a trade since 2010. They went as far as trying to convince us that they won some imaginary awards for being \"the best\" signal generator for 4 years.

    User Complaints

    There are many complaints but one of these kinda includes all of them. One of the users was amazed by the promotion (which we already said was good), and he decided to pay for the most expensive package that was supposed to bring him 5,000 pips per month. He even got an advice form Ninoslav. The problem is that the entire balance, worth $2,000, went down to $0 within 9 days. Based on everything that our thorough investigation brought to you, we hope that you\'re now aware that Profit Forex Signals is a fraud which you should stay away from.

    signal generator, Forex, shady offer, fraud, Ninoslav Golubovic, Profit Forex Signals
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    19.10. 2017 18:15  | 

    Max Pip FX is a new signal generator operating with Forex, which we\'re going to investigate. This signal generator offers free signals for EURUSD currency pairs. Another claim is that the signals are getting better and better, reaching win rate of 99%. Don\'t fall for this bogus claim. None person nor software has ever achieved such high win rate. Due to these interesting claims, we decided to investigate this suspicious offer, so stay tuned to find out what\'s actually going on here.

    Max Pip FX Review: The Truth Which You\'re Not Supposed to Know

    There are many complaints saying that Max Pip FX doesn\'t support SL and TP levels for dispatched signals. There are more things that you have to worry about by yourself, meaning that this is nowhere near easy and beginner-friendly.

    Customer Service: Max Pip FX has a Very Very Poor Customer Service

    PayPal dispute was the only way we could get our money back. They didn\'t answer any of our emails, not even when we canceled the subscription. Terrible customer service is a major turn-off for investors and traders.

    What we hate about this company

    They keep claiming that they haven\'t lost a single trade, and yet, they can\'t provide any reliable results to prove that.

    How they are going round this idea to avoid being called a scam

    They dissociated from getting marked as a scam, by saying that even though they provide the signals, your job is to handle the signals and place the trade in a right way.


    There are many options for subscription - $99 per month, $89 per month for 3 months, or at last $79 per month if you subscribe for 6 months. However, nothing that we found out about Max Pip FX was able to trick us into believing that they are genuine. This scam should not be getting this much attention! Trade safely.

    signal generator, Forex, suspicious offer, scam, Max Pip FX
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    19.10. 2017 18:10  | 

    Forex Equinox is another trading platform that operates with Forex, which was developed by Russ Horn. You\'re promised to receive 554.27% gains within 30 minutes! Forex Equinox already shows signs of being a scam, along with promises of earning more than $1,000. Ridiculous promises are what made us investigate this shady offer, and therefore we recommend you to keep reading our honest review to figure out what\'s actually going on here.

    The highly acclaimed Forex Equinox trading course is a deadly scam!

    Mr. Russ is just some good salesman who thinks he can trick everyone into thinking that he is some kind of Forex guru. Since he is such a good salesman, there\'s special page forexequinox.com/vipeq1.php that\'s supposed to show how good of a salesman he is. The problem is that there is no way for Russ to prove that his trading courses are genuine. This shady offer costs $900.

    Bogus results

    Allegedly, Forex Equinox operates with 80% accuracy. There\'s also a claim saying that you\'ll be able to earn up to $100,000 by the end of this year. Besides user reviews, results are what we\'re all looking for, right? However, Mr. Russ failed to amaze us. He provided us a screenshot of his results, and we will never trust a screenshot since we all know how easy it is to edit a photo. If he can\'t show his results via MyFXBook, we have no reason to expect that Mr. Russ will ever provide verified results.

    A scam that puts fear on you

    He talks about major accidents that happened to the US, and by putting fear on you, your reality gets rocky and you\'re no more able to think rationally. That\'s his tactic!

    Qualifications for becoming a member quite ridiculous

    Mr. Russ expects us to keep Forex Equinox a secret, even though he is marketing it all over the Internet? Contradiction noticed, and nobody likes contradictions.


    We believe that we\'ve provided enough evidence for you to realize that Forex Equinox is a scam which you should never invest into.

    trading platform, Forex, shady offer, scam, Russ Horn, Forex Equinox
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    19.10. 2017 18:05  | 

    We are aware that there are many traders who have chores and things they\'d rather do and places they\'d rather be at, than to sit in front of an device, watching indicators, paying attention, etc. That\'s what Binary Options trading robot can help you with! However, there are many problems with Binary Option Robots. Automated robots are good because you don\'t have to do anything, but most traders don\'t realize that a cost for using automated robots is that you\'re losing the control over your balance. Besides that, it\'s hard finding a genuine automated robot that will provide accurate trading signals, teach you how to trade, or place trades based on proven trading strategies. All of these problems are present, and you need to know how to behave in order to not get ripped off.

    Still, Are Binary Options Trading Robots Worth the Money?

    If your goal is to find some trading tool to help you make better trading strategies and to just improve your success a bit, then yes, it could be worth the money. However, if you have no idea what you\'re dealing with and you\'re just looking for something that will do everything on your behalf, then it\'s not worth it. Even free robots will turn out not to be free, and they sure won\'t help you earn a fortune.

    The Best Binary Options Trading Robot for You

    Identifying reliable trading robot isn\'t easy, so we\'ve decided to help you a bit. Always pay attention to these things:

    • Terms and Conditions - make sure they have it and that it is loud and clear.
    • Good Reviews - definitely one of the most important things.
    • User-Friendly Approach - if you find it difficult to get around, it\'s bad.
    • User Control - if they have the control over your balance, forget about it. You should be in charge of everything.
    binary options, trading robot, automated, Binary Option Robots
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    19.10. 2017 18:00  | 

    Another trading robot that got our attention is the Binary Breakouts launched at binarybreakouts.com. Since it\'s quite new, there aren\'t any reviews yet so we won\'t have easy time investigating this shady offer. Allegedly, this automated robot generates signals for you, for free. The biggest problem regarding this robot is that it\'s brand new - meaning that they\'ll have tough time proving their claims. Keep reading our honest review in order to realize what\'s actually going on behind this offer.

    Binary Breakouts: Scam or not? Here\'s what we found

    They offered demo account and, no matter what you\'re thinking, you shouldn\'t try it out! It\'s fabricated, meaning that it\'s developed in a way that it will always grant you wins. They just wanted to trick you into thinking that their robot is genuine, hoping that you\'ll invest into them. Demo trading has nothing in common with real trading!

    Details of the person behind Binary Breakouts robot

    Unfortunately, the person standing behind this offer remains anonymous. They didn\'t give us any information nor contact info. This is a huge sign of a possible scam. They did leave their physical address, located in Texas, but that\'s it.

    Let\'s see how this robot is supposed to make you money

    Checking out their \"About us\" page helped us realize that this is just a relaunch, a CopyCat. They forgot to change the text, leaving a name \"AutoTradingRobot\" instead of the Binary Breakouts. This one is horrible enough for us to find out the truth behind all of this, but we\'re not stopping here.

    False testimonials

    This is the same software that was used for Fintechbot, which was a scam as well! Besides that, their testimonials consist of made up names with stock photos. Based on all of this, we\'re sure that now you\'re already aware that Binary Breakouts is a scam which you should never mess with.

    trading robot, shady offer, anonymous, scam, Binary Breakouts
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    12.10. 2017 20:11  | 

    Latest signal generator that operates with Forex is The Best Forex Signal. The reason we\'re investigating this one is because of the many negative reviews that this signal generator kept getting. Allegedly, they didn\'t keep updating their draw down VIP signals properly. Successful VIP signals are updated - the rest aren\'t.

    The Best Forex Signal Review: We Don\'t Like Them for These Valid Reasons!

    There\'s a claim saying that the win rate ranges between 95% and 97%. We wanted to see any evidence to prove this, and that\'s why we wanted to contact anyone. However, we didn\'t feel the need to do so - many negative user reviews helped us realize that this statement isn\'t true. Another problem is that The Best Forex Signal used members\' money to gamble - they are offering both Sell and Buy signals at the same time. What\'s the point of this \"signal generator\"? They are using the trick of not showing the losses - which are present half of the time. They are publishing positive results as past performance.

    The Best Forex Signal doesn\'t Keep Promises

    They are offering you free benefits which operate quite differently. VIP signal product targets 45 pips, with SL (stop loss) of -20 pips. This is unrealistic and will almost always end as a loss. Scalping signals may seem alright, but tight SL is still a problem. Another thing is that few users reported that they got charged for receiving the signals. So much for the \"free\" service.

    Terrible Customer Service: You Won\'t Like It

    They don\'t answer on time, they lie you to and they try to manipulate you.

    No Refund

    They don\'t have a refund policy and that\'s why you should forget about getting a refund.

    Customer Reviews

    One of the customers said that they lost $10,000 in couple of days. This is terrible. Another customer said that he lost all of the initial investment, worth $2,000. There\'s not a single reason for you to trust this fraud. Stay away from The Best Forex Signal!

    signal generator, Forex, fraud, The Best Forex Signal
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    12.10. 2017 20:10  | 

    Strategy Lab is a trading platform that offers trading manuals for $497 while taking about price action trading strategies. The trading manuals that they are selling are supposed to teach you about a successful volatility method. The problem is that it represents the market and the trading in a way that M.A Perry sees it - meaning that you\'re leaning on someone\'s point of view. The problem is that they are using many alias names and marketing themselves on Stock Twits and Twitter. Besides trading manuals, they are featuring a free chat room service as well, which turned out to be completely useless. It\'s just a place where random people meet and chat - no trading is mentioned and there\'s no professional to talk smart. Without live charts and live trading activities in general, we don\'t see point of this website.

    Scrutinizing the track record for M.A Perry

    Allegedly, Mr. Perry has earned $3,520,342 within a month and never lost anything. They are also mentioning trading record dating from a couple of years ago. Supposedly, Mr. Perry loses money once in a month. If we put numbers aside and just take a look at losing ONCE per every month? What makes you think that any alive person would ever be able to achieve such success of earning millions without any effort, and within the short amount of time. Too unrealistic to be talked about any further. Also, he promises that everyone will be earning couple of hundreds of dollars per month for nothing.

    Dr. Dean Handley, Mr. Perry and the Strategy Lab

    We decided to reach out to Dr. Dean Handley, as he was claiming that he was following Mr. Perry\'s activities and supporting his amazing trading. We were just curious if we could get any verification to prove Mr. Parry\'s earnings, but we didn\'t manage getting any. Based on unrealistic claims and the fact that they didn\'t give us any proof, we\'re marking Strategy Lab as a fraud and we hope that no more people will be falling for this fraud.

    trading platform, trading manuals, unrealistic claims, Strategy Lab
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    12.10. 2017 20:09  | 

    Another binary options trading system just got our attention, and it\'s Monaco Secret Wealth. Allegedly, you can earn $7451 per day by using this trading system. This fraud has tricked many innocent traders and investors and therefore we hope that our honest review will help you stay away from this offer, in order to save your hard-earned cash.

    Monaco Secret Wealth Review

    Earning $7451 is quite unachievable. None person nor software has ever managed doing something like that and that\'s why you shouldn\'t fall for this bogus lie. Oliver Anniston is mentioned on Monaco Secret Wealth\'s website but they failed at proving that Oliver actually is the owner of Monaco Secret Wealth - it\'s just some made up character with stock photo. In order to start using this trading system, you have to get associated with one of their brokers and to invest at least $250. Don\'t forget that this system is automated - this means that, once you deposit any amount of money, the system is getting in charge of your balance. If you fall for this fraud, you\'ll see how your invested money easily fades away as the system is doing with it whatever it wants. If you were determined, they would offer you a demo account which is fabricated and is supposed to trick you into thinking that their system is lucrative. Don\'t even bother trying that out.

    Trading results: Yes, they are fake results

    What makes anyone think that a promise like \"Earning $7k per day\" can be blindly trusted, without taking a look at some evidence? On top of everything, it\'s free to use. They did show us some results on their website but these are fake and without any evidence to back it up. The worst thing is that this is a copied system, developed and launched by the same person that launched Monaco Treasure, which is a fraud as well. Dubai lifestyle app used the same fabricated trading results. They made a mistake and left words \"Equinox system\" on their FAQ page. This fraud is terribly made and we hope that you won\'t get tricked by it! Trade safely.

    trading system, binary options, fraud, Oliver Anniston, Monaco Secret Wealth
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    12.10. 2017 20:08  | 

    We\'re all aware that most of the EAs (Expert Advisors) aren\'t trustworthy - they are terrible, to be precise. People often try to trick others into making them think that they are successful, based on the time they\'ve spent in the market. Time is supposed to teach you many things, but it doesn\'t necessarily make you better - you can\'t claim that you\'re an expert just because you\'ve been in the market for a long time. FX Stabilizer is active since 2013 and still didn\'t stop operating. There are two versions of this expert advisor, one that trades EURUSD pair and the other one that trades AUDUSD pair only. It\'s quite suspicious that this EA trades those 2 pairs only - if they are successful at trading these two, they should be trading other currency pairs as well. We are wondering why they didn\'t sell licenses for 10 pairs that Forex market features, for $265 each - it would be \"easy\" money, right? Anyways, we\'ll have to stick with the two currency pairs that they are trading with.

    FX Stabilizer: What\'s wrong about it?

    FX Stabilizer relies on the Martingale/Grid trading system, which means that it isn\'t stable at all - you could be winning greats earnings today, but losing everything the exact day after. FX Stabilizer features two modes - turbo and durable mode. Turbo mode is quite aggressive and we\'re not sure how can this mode be profitable. The durable mode is safer with smaller risks, but it comes with smaller profits. The point of Martingale/Grid trading system is that you can easily lose everything just by placing one bad trade.

    User Reviews

    There was 1 user who claimed that made profits by trading with the AUDUSD currency pair. That user encountered a huge problem one day he checked out his balance - the FX Stabilizer blew up his account, by taking the entire profit. There are users who claimed that this software got detected as malicious on their OS. Based on everything that we mentioned above, we hope that you\'re now aware that FX Stabilizer is a scam which should never be trusted.

    expert advisor, Forex, suspicious, scam, FX Stabilizer
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    12.10. 2017 20:07  | 

    This manual trading system called FX Secure Income is supposed to generate more than $10,000 per day for you. This system allegedly copies trades from some of the Wall Street traders - in real time. This is, let\'s say typical, story, and therefore we\'re not going to blindly trust it without investigating it first.

    FX Secure Income Review

    David Gofrey is the alleged owner of this trading system. Even though David claims that he\'s been trading successfully for a long time, there\'s no evidence to prove that. If Forex industry knew about him, we\'d easily find that out. David says that this system is 100% mechanical meaning that everyone can use it, you don\'t need to have any previous experience to succeed at it. Unfortunately, there is no trading analysis mentioned, nor any trading strategy. Allegedly, win rate goes from 87% to 93%.

    Breaking down the features of this product

    This manual system operating with Forex pairs costs $39 only. Question why the price is so low could have many answers and you probably wouldn\'t like any of them. Whether this system is a scam and David doesn\'t want to go that far, or if there are not enough clients and that\'s why David set the price so low, none of these answers are satisfying. However, trading results should be the most important thing, as well as their verification.

    Trading results for FX Secure Income

    David thought that it would be a good idea to provide few myfxbook screenshots as well as couple of MT4 trade setups. We\'d like to know, since where are screenshots valuable proof of anything? David also didn\'t want to give us access to those accounts so that we can verify those results.

    Summary of points discussed above

    Earning $10,000 per day by using trading system that costs $39 that was developed by a guy who can\'t verify FX Secure Income\'s results? Nothing about this offer is trustworthy and that\'s why we recommend everyone to stay away from this scam.

    trading system, manual, Forex, scam, David, FX Secure Income
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    12.10. 2017 20:05  | 

    If you\'re thinking that this expert advisor can help you generate profit, you\'re wrong. This shady offer that operates with Forex has too many negative reviews behind itself. Our goal is to make an honest review that should help you realize what this offer is actually about. They said that their draw down is less than 20%, but it\'s actually way higher than that. So, let\'s see what this offer is actually about.

    Forex Fury: Scam or not?

    Not only that there are fake(fabricated) positive reviews about this EA (expert advisor), but there are also many real negative reviews. This tells a lot about an offer. We\'re sure that, if you want to see this for yourself, you can easily find plenty of negative reviews - even this post will attract those who suffered from this EA!

    Forex Fury from our perspective

    At the beginning, Forex Fury seemed okay. As we tested it for one month, we decided to give it a try and take the second license, worth $439.99. This package came with plenty of features. We soon realized that the account didn\'t record losses - just winning trades. Once we asked questions regarding this misbehavior, we just got ignored. This tells a lot about them! There were some more misbehaviors regarding the process this EA is supposed to operate, but we didn\'t get any answers. One of the reviews got answered but it was a kind of a manipulation - they said that there are different version of Forex Fury and that the user just didn\'t update it. Basically, they said that the actual live version is supposed to work perfectly.

    Other things which you ought to know before we summarize this review

    Besides the fact that there is no trial for this product, this EA is a scalper (trading 5-10 times per day), even though Forex Fury says that trades are randomly opened by the hour. Having many positions running at the same time is dangerous. The worst thing is that they don\'t have a refund policy - meaning that you can\'t ask for a refund. Nobody can say for sure that this offer is a scam - it\'s just nowhere near genuine, and we recommend you not to waste your money on this EA.

    expert advisor, Forex, shady offer, Forex Fury
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    12.10. 2017 20:04  | 

    Dux Forex Signals is a signal generator that operates with Forex. The most interesting thing about this shady offer is that it costs $4.99 per month. We can\'t help it but mark this one as shady because, really? Less than $5 for genuine money maker? However, let\'s not conclude things too early. Keep reading our review in order to find out what has our thorough investigation helped us realize.

    Duka Forex Trading Signals: An Overview of this Signal Provider

    Their website looks quite good - it looks like their web designers did a good job. The problem is that they are expecting us to believe that we\'ll be receiving genuine signals all day, every day, for $5 per month. Their website was launched in 2014 and updated in 2016. Their system works in a way that, even after generating signals, they are being analyzed by experienced traders and analysts, and after that, they are being sent to users via email. However, we have no idea how their system generates these signals, nor who are the experts that analyze these signals. Without hard evidence, we have no reason to trust these claims.

    The product description

    Besides TP1, TP2 and SL, signals are delivered with information that consists of TP3 as well - this is the first time we see Forex signal generator offering up to TP3 levels per trade.

    Performance and what users are saying

    One of the bad sides of this signal generator is that there aren\'t any myfxbook results. They just showed a table consisting of two columns, which is supposed to make us believe their performance. Simple HTML tables do not represent any kind of evidence because they are being manually created, meaning that anyone can fabricate it. So, at the end, we have no evidence to prove their results. There are many various user reviews, but it seems that the ones being negative, are quite trustworthy because they described problems quite thoroughly.

    Other critical complaints about the signal provider

    There were more negative reviews saying that they hated that they have to be online in order not to miss opportunities, complaints about trades taking too long to happen and signals taking too long to be received, etc. At the end, Dux Forex Signals is not only unreliable but it\'s a scam as well. Stay away from it!

    signal generator, Forex, shady offer, scam, Dux Forex Signals
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    12.10. 2017 20:02  | 

    Latest trading system we\'ve encountered is the Blue Point Trading. This European company seems to be promoting some appealing offers and we want to make sure that everything is alright, in order for you to trade safely. That\'s why we\'re investigating this suspicious offer.

    Blue Point Trading: Don\'t get scammed!

    Starting trading isn\'t easy - you have to own certain amount of money which you then need to invest, and you need to know many things. We\'re aware of all of this. We\'re also aware that you might find genuine anyone who is willing to help you with all of this, but you should know that not everyone is capable of explaining the core of everything, and not everyone is willing to help you earn the money - most people just want to take advantage of innocent newbie traders. That\'s why you always need to be careful in this industry.

    Here\'s an overview of Blue Point Trading

    The company is promising great earnings to anyone who joins them. It\'s almost as if you were going to earn money just by joining them - no losses are mentioned. Allegedly, this system features everything that a person would want from a system, in order to make money. Risk management, promised profit, position management, etc. However, we can\'t ignore the fact that they are not using all of that for themselves - why would they offer us all of this, if they could just go ahead and use all of those features in order to make profit? There could be plenty of answers, but they are all heading the same way.

    How it works

    Even though they didn\'t mention this at first, there are fees to be paid and some rules and requirements. The problem is that, during the trading, you\'ll get charged whether you lose or not - like it\'s not enough that you\'ve lost money in that trade. No refunds, remember that!

    And please take note of the following:

    There are not many reasons to call this offer a fraud - they are just teaching you how to trade, and if you lose, they can\'t take the responsibility for that. However, the fact that they are not mentioning any fees and yet they require them, and the fact that you get charged for wins as well as trades, could be discussed of being reasons to mark Blue Point Trading as a fraud. At the end, we have no other choice but to warn you that Blue Point Trading doesn\'t guarantee any profit - meaning that it\'s just as risky as doing everything on your own. Good luck!

    trading system, suspicious offer, fraud, Blue Point Trading
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    12.10. 2017 20:01  | 

    BitCoin Trader is a new trading system that promises to generate at least $13,000 per day for you. This huge amount is achievable by trading with bitcoins! You can earn up to a million in two months. This story seems to be suspicious due to too high rewards for too little of investment, so we\'ll check it out to see what\'s really going on.

    Who stays behind BitCoin Trader?

    Unfortunately, we didn\'t manage finding out who stays behind BitCoin Trader. We thought that their website thebitcointrader.co will give us this information, but we were wrong. Their website didn\'t actually give us any valuable information - they just put some \"promo video\" talking about people earning via bitcoins and stuff like that, but they didn\'t mention the BitCoin Trader at all. Anonymity is a huge turn-off for most of the investors!

    How BitCoin Trader Works?

    They just said that they are using \"the most advanced programming the trading world has ever seen\" and that it\'s ahead of the Markets by 0.01 seconds. That\'s it. This is just a promotional sentence without the descriptive note.

    Disturbing things found!

    BitCoin Trader is just a relaunch of The Bitcoin Club, for which we already proved that it\'s a scam. They even used the exact same promo video.

    It didn\'t take us too long to find out that their testimonials are fake. A quick research on the \"loyal members\" helped us realize that they were just made up names associated with some stock photos.

    More alarming things!

    \"Accuracy 99.4%\" is just a ridiculous statement that made us laugh. None person nor software will ever be able to achieve such high accuracy. Don\'t fall for this!

    They didn\'t mention anything about brokers, even though you know that you can\'t trade without a broker. They were probably going to associate you with some of their unregulated brokers, which would take your money away as soon as you\'d invest.

    BitCoin Trader Scam Review - Conclusion!

    Besides all the evidence that we stated, we even found out that this is just a relaunch of another scam - that\'s why we don\'t feel the need to talk any further about this one. BitCoin Trader is a scam and you need to make sure to stay away from it!

    trading system, bitcoins, suspicious, anonymity, scam, BitCoin Trader
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    12.10. 2017 20:00  | 

    Another expert advisor that operates with Forex is the AirHopper Forex EA. This trading robot is supposed to help you generate great earnings within no time by limiting risk and guaranteeing financial freedom. There\'s also 24/7 support and a 30-day refund in case you\'re not satisfied with the robot. There are also many different products that cost differently - in order to provide something for everyone. However, all of these claims are yet to be investigated, so keep reading our honest review.

    AirHopper Forex EA Overview

    Their website is quite good - makes you think that their trading robot is actually genuine. This means that they did their promotion well. However, that doesn\'t mean that their statements are real.

    First impression of the website

    Their website airhopperforexea.com does provide lots of content but most of it is useless - just promotional stuff. There\'s very little of the useful information that would help us realize what AirHopper Forex EA actually is and how it works. They didn\'t even specify which trading strategy their trading robot uses. Some users, though, said that this trading robot uses Martingale/Grid trading strategy. This means that you need to be associated to a broker in order to place trades - and the problem is that they didn\'t mention anything about brokers. The only thing that we managed finding out for sure is that this system is a scalper, due to it\'s time frame of 30 minutes.

    Alleged results

    MYFXBook is way more trustful compared to FXBlue, since FXBlue used to show results that were fake. This is the reason why we don\'t support AirHopper Forex EA \"proving\" their results by hosting their past performance results via FXBlue. Even if we were to trust these results, they do seem stable but nobody can guarantee you that they can maintain these results for a long time. At the end, without hard evidence, we shouldn\'t just blindly trust any statements.

    What users say

    There were complaints about EA crashing in the middle of work, providing high risk to reward ratio, messing with the numbers without any explanation, and on top of everything, it requires you to invest $3,000. This scam shouldn\'t be drawing any more of your attention as you are now aware of what it actually is. Trade safely!

    expert advisor, trading robot, Forex, scam, AirHopper Forex EA
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    10.10. 2017 09:38  | 

    Trading system called Robot Cash Online is the latest scam that reached binary options industry and we decided to review it as soon as possible. It\'s automated, free of charge and web-based, meaning that you don\'t have to download anything. It generates signals and places trades on its own.

    Who stays behind Robot Cash Online?

    Unfortunately, this anonymous service remains anonymous. They didn\'t give us any information about the owner nor the company that stands behind this system. Their website robot-cash.online is full of all kinds of statements but nothing useful.

    How Robot Cash Online Works?

    You\'re allowed to choose for one of the following trading systems - Classic, Martingale or Fibonacci.

    Keep in mind that this software will be placing trades on its own - this means that you have no control over your money and you can\'t affect trades in any way.

    Disturbing things found!

    Placing trades on their own is considered giving financial advice. This represents a financial activity that requires a license to be owned in order for everything to be legitimate. How can you know whether they own a license or not if they didn\'t give you any name nor contact info?

    As soon as you sign up for an account, you\'re asked to try out their demo account. Don\'t do this! Demo accounts are fabricated in way to make all of your trades winnable. This way, they want to make you think that their system is lucrative and genuine, hoping that you\'ll invest real money into it. Rest assured that demo trading has nothing in common with real trading.

    Robot Cash Online Scam Review - Conclusion!

    Our detailed investigation was supposed to help you realize what kind of a scam we\'re dealing here. Robot Cash Online is a pathetic scam that doesn\'t deserve any more of our precious time.

    trading system, binary options industry, anonymous service, scam, Robot Cash Online
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    10.10. 2017 09:38  | 

    Stock Twits is actually name of a social media platform. Thanks to Stock Twits, investors can access plenty of trading services and products. The problem is that there are way too many negative reviews about Stock Twits. The story is always the same - people get associated with a certain hedge fund manager and, as soon as they make an investment, the hedge fund manager disappears and the money is gone. This is why we\'re making this review - to reveal the story behind this and to prevent people from losing their hard-earned money.

    Stock Twits in a nutshell

    This suspicious offer is promoting many services and products within the Forex industry. From what we could see, this is all just a big setup. First, the marketing team tries to lure you with \"professionally\" made texts (unrealistic promises usually). After that, you get associated with certain hedge fund manager and you invest in it, hoping that you\'ll soon start earning money. Soon after that, hedge fund manager is gone and so is your money.

    History of Stock Twits

    The initial idea was to make a social media platform that would be some kind of a mix between Facebook and Twitter, with goal to be oriented towards Forex. In 2008, Howard Lindzon and Soren Macbeth launched this platform and they are still in the business, but separately. Year 2014 is the most important year for Stock Twits because that\'s when it became so popular.

    How they advertise and make money

    Lots of ads - that\'s it. They advertised their platform everywhere and they also allowed others to advertise their products on Stock Twits.

    People that have gone to prison as a result of robbing investors on Stock Twits

    Mohamud Abdi Ahmed was arrested for pretending to be a hedge fund manager and it didn\'t take too long for the government to realize that Mohamud got his clients from Stock Twits. Do you see how many negative stories are related to this scam? Just stay as away from it as you can and you\'ll be safe, just like your money.

    social media platform, Forex, hedge fund manager, suspicious offer, scam, Stock Twits
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    10.10. 2017 09:36  | 

    Recently we\'ve encountered this Forex Expert Advisor called Rocket EA. TulipFX owns the property of Rocket EA. Rocket EA, allegedly, represents the supreme money-making algorithm. Based on this story, we decided that this, soon turning out to be shady, offer is worth investigating and that\'s what we did. If you want to find out what\'s going on with Rocket EA and what\'s the final outcome, keep reading our honest review.

    Rocket EA: Here\'s why this robot is not reliable

    Whoever promises you great chances of earning profit, rest assured that great chance of losing everything is present as well. Rocket EA trades GBPUSD pair only and it can trade either once a day or several times per day. The point is, if a system can trade one pair only, why would you pay $700 for it? The software basically opens many high-risk positions in order to net a huge profit, at once. Any experienced trader will tell you NOT to do this. So far, nothing that Rocket EA offered turned out to be good nor promising - they are just helping us realize how useless they are.

    A 40-50% profit each month!

    They are literally forcing you to trade with huge risk involved - it\'s not worth it. High risk - high payout is type of trading that not so many people follow and it more of a game for the big league. Forget about it, with high risk being present, you should not trade like that.

    Recommended minimum capital for trading with Rocket EA

    It\'s $3,000! The more you invest, the more you can lose - and this is something that the owner of this offer is quite aware of. That\'s his point - luring people who have plenty of money to spend(waste) on his system.

    What users are saying out there

    There were many complaints towards Rocket EA and one of them said that Rocket EA took his account down to 10% within couple of weeks of using it. This is just one out of many negative user reviews. Stay away from this scam and always trade carefully!

    expert advisor, Forex, shady, scam, Rocket EA
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    10.10. 2017 09:34  | 

    Retailed Profits is the name of newest trading platform developed by someone anonymous. Using Retailed Profits, you\'re \"guaranteed\" to earn $5,000 per week. They are promising to turn you into a millionaire within short amount of time! There are many more statements yet to be read and all of those promises are based on this \"amazing\" software that operates with binary options! We couldn\'t let an opportunity like this one slip out of our hands without us investigating it first. Therefore, keep reading our honest review in order to find out what\'s actually going on here.

    The Ultimate Retailed Profits Review: Why we don\'t like this system

    They are using every well-known aggressive trick to make you sign up. These marketing tricks are pathetic and they usually mean that the owner just wants you to quickly sign up for anything you\'re being offered, without taking a look at everything you\'re about to deal with. Next, we come to promises. 92% win rate that\'s supposed to bring you more than $5,000 per week is a pure lie. You will never be able to sit back and watch how your balance increases. Such high win rate can\'t be achieved nor maintained so don\'t sweat it, just ignore that statement.

    Who\'s behind Retailed Profits software?

    As we\'ve already said it, this system is ran by an anonymous. We have no idea what man or company stands behind this. There\'s some silly promotional video on their website which actually represented a cartoon. Imagine some mature experienced investor watching a cartoon that\'s supposed to make him invest tons of money and to trust some system ran by someone anonymous. Not going to happen.

    Reviews are fake as well

    Besides fake promises that we\'ve encountered so far, they\'ve also tried to sell us fake reviews. They used paid actors in order to promote their system and that\'s something we all hate. Retailed Profits is a scam which you should stay away from no matter what lie they try to sell you.

    trading platform, binary options, scam, anonymous, Retailed Profits
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    10.10. 2017 09:32  | 

    Latest Forex school is Profits Run Inc. Search it up on Google and you\'ll easily find plenty of information about it. However, allowing people to access your information doesn\'t mean that you\'re trustworthy. Profits Run don\'t seem like a promising offer - more like a shady offer and that\'s why we\'ve investigated them.

    Profits Run Inc: The truth about this Forex school

    Bill Poulos is the man standing behind this fraud. Their website profitsrun.com seems quite appealing to everyone - this means that the writers have done a good job. Besides learning many things about Forex, you can also learn how to trade stock options. Their extremely accurate trade indicator is what can make you into a millionaire almost overnight. The reason Profits Run is popular and often mentioned around the Internet is because Bill hired great marketing team which did what they do best. The biggest problem of all (keep in mind all of the claims that Bill said) is that there is no track record of any trading performed by Bill or anyone else. What are we supposed to trust here?

    What is Profits Run

    Long story short, it\'s a trading school that\'s supposed to teach you how to successfully trade Forex. There are many products and services offered by Profits Run but it\'s all bunch of nothing. You\'ll just end up paying tons of money for nothing - soon you\'d realize that you got ripped off.

    How are they marketing Profits Run

    All of their resources are focused on promoting Profits Run. That\'s their key to success. Make few unrealistic claims and promote it to everyone - you\'ll find enough innocent, naive people that will fall for it and you\'ll get tons of money.

    We don\'t have proof of verified performance yet

    Bunch of claims on their website, but no evidence. We need hard evidence in order to believe their statements. Unfortunately, but as we expected, there is no trustworthy evidence that would prove us that Profits Run has any successful performance. A fraud like this one should not be getting this much attention nor this much innocent investors. Keep your eyes open!

    Forex school, shady offer, fraud, Bill Poulos, Profits Run
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    10.10. 2017 09:30  | 

    Latest auto-trading system that operates with binary options is Moscow Millionaire. Dimitry Artemovich developed this automated system and he said that you can earn thousands of dollars within a day with no effort and no previous experience. We decided to check this one out.

    Who is Dimitry Artemovich?

    Alleged CEO of Moscow Millionaire is Mr. Dimitry Artemovich. One of the first problems we encountered during our investigation is that we can\'t verify Dimitry\'s identity. Soon, we found out that he is just a paid actor with a made up name.

    How Moscow Millionaire Works?

    They talked a lot about their software but we find that hard to believe or even listen to - why should we trust them if they used paid actors in order to promote their software?

    Disturbing things found!

    We realized that there are too many similarities between Ethereum Code, which turned out to be a fraud, and Moscow Millionaire.

    They used paid actors for testimonials as well! It\'s easy fabricating testimonials with paid actors and made up names, and that\'s exactly what fraudsters behind Moscow Millionaire did.

    They said that this system is automated - if that\'s the case, that means that placing trades is considered giving financial advice, and you have to own a license for that in order for everything to be legal. How can we know that they own a license if we have no idea who they are?

    Another thing worth mentioning is that, when dealing with automated system, you have no control over your balance - you\'re letting them control all of your invested money.

    Moscow Millionaire Scam Review - Conclusion!

    We believe that our thorough investigation helped you realize what kind of a fraud this Moscow Millionaire is. Trade carefully!

    auto-trading system, binary options, fraud, Dimitry Artemovich, Moscow Millionaire
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    10.10. 2017 09:28  | 

    Trading platform called Global FX Club has quite a bad reputation and that\'s why we decided to investigate it and prevent people from having possible losses. This suspicious offer has been mentioned a lot on the Internet and that\'s why nobody trusts it anymore. Now, it\'s up to us to investigate it and let people know what\'s actually going on here.

    Global FX Club: This Site is Akin to a Wolf on Sheep Skin

    They made good website, we\'ll give them that. However, that\'s not enough. Professional design is appealing but it can\'t replace promising, verified statements and good reviews. Allegedly, this website offers teachers who educate and train traders in order to learn how to trade Forex. Besides that, they offer trade copier service as well as signal generating service. Based on plenty of bad user reviews and the Internet as well, we realized that their performance results are actually manipulated - that\'s the only logical explanation. Now, here\'s a little something about users who complained about this system.

    One user said that their website doesn\'t update performance log properly. Anyone who\'s dealing with this industry knows how important logs are. Another user said that he has stood around for 3 months and never received a single signal. We also found out that they ripped off many people for more than $400,000.

    False account statements

    There are stories about people reaching to FBI but at the end, nobody knows where is the owner of Global FX Club. We just know that the website is still active and that you should be careful.

    How the money was spent

    As we could expect, this owner used all of the stolen money to change his lifestyle into something luxurious. When will this fraud end, we have no idea. We just know that you shouldn\'t invest a single penny into this system!

    trading platform, Forex, suspicious offer, fraud, Global FX Club
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    10.10. 2017 09:26  | 

    Trading platform called Ethereum Code allows you to trade with cryptocurrencies - ethereum, to be precise. They claim that you\'ll be able to earn up to $3,000 per day using this automated system.

    Who is Mark Weston?

    Their website ethereumcode.co claims that Mark Weston is the CEO and founder of this bogus system called Ethereum Code. The problem is that they didn\'t verify his identity and they didn\'t leave us any information that would make us believe them. Nobody knows this guy and there seems to be no connection between Ethereum Code and this alleged dude.

    How Ethereum Code Works?

    They just said that their system analyzes current trading trends and uses certain algorithm that automatically identifies best trades and places trades on its own.

    Disturbing things found!

    Even though there are many users who said that their system made them rich, we can\'t verify their identities. Besides their suspicious identities, their claims are ridiculous - earning almost $10,000 within a day is way too much. They also said that the system operates with 90% win rate. Don\'t fall for these unrealistic claims!

    None software and especially none person will ever be able to maintain (or even achieve) such high win rate.

    Remember how they said that Ethereum Code places trades on its own? Activity like this one is considered as giving financial advice. The problem is that, in order for that activity to be legal, you have to own a license - and since we have no idea who actually stands behind this entire system, how can we know if they own a license or not.

    More alarming things!

    In order to trade with cryptocurrencies, you have to have a broker. However, they didn\'t mention any brokers! How can you know if you\'re dealing with a legitimate broker?

    Ethereum Code Scam Review - Conclusion!

    We believe that we\'ve found out enough about this scam called Ethereum Code for you to realize that you shouldn\'t invest into it.

    trading platform, cryptocurrencies, bogus system, scam, Mark Weston, Ethereum Code
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    10.10. 2017 09:24  | 

    Latest trading software that we\'ve encountered is Bitcoin Loophole. This suspicious offer has been developed by Steve Mckay, whose identity is yet to be revealed. Fraudsters behind Bitcoin Loophole have no reputation meaning that we don\'t have many reasons to believe their greatness. Steve turned out to be paid actor so we\'re stuck thinking why wouldn\'t they want us to know the name of Bitcoin Loophole\'s creator

    Bitcoin Loophole review

    The only thing you could find online about Bitcoin Loophole is bad reputation. Maybe you wouldn\'t be able to quickly find them since they are new and not so many blogs are writing about them, but the point is, you won\'t be able to find any positive reviews. This tells us that, not only that people haven\'t talked good about them, but people also complained about their system a lot.

    Let\'s see what the dream software is supposed to offer us below

    So, they are promising to turn you into a millionaire almost overnight. They had some claims all over their website but none of those made any sense.

    Reaching out to the owners of Bitcoin Loophole system

    When someone promises you earnings of $14,000 per day, you have to check out and see what\'s actually going on behind that. We decided to reach them and it wasn\'t too hard - we started signing up and we stopped. Therefore, they noticed us and they sent us email offering us to subscribe to their system. Thanks to the email they sent us, we asked them couple of questions but, as we expected, they didn\'t want to tell us anything that would prove any of their claims. This actually helped us a lot!

    Fake testimonials

    They fabricated testimonials and there are plenty of ways to notice that - one, for example, is realizing that they blurred someone\'s name on a facebook post. Why would they do that, if they want to show us that their users have actually earned something.

    Number of spots left: 2 they are

    No matter when you check out their website, at the end, it will always say \"2 spots left\". This is another huge sign of a fraud and we hope that you won\'t fall for it. Trade safely!

    trading software, suspicious offer, fraud, Steve Mckay, Bitcoin Loophole
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    10.10. 2017 09:22  | 

    Forex industry is getting real popular for quite a time already and because of that we\'re experiencing unusually large number of \"companies\" offering their services. However, the problem is that many companies are actually fraudulent meaning that it\'s very hard finding the genuine company/service. Newest trading platform, and the one we\'re about to investigate, is \"Become a better trader\". This trading platform was launched by Rob Hoffman and we found out that Rob is promising that you\'ll become a successful trader if you invest $10,000 into his system. There are bunch of lies on his website and therefore we recommend you to check out our review first, before even thinking about this system.

    Become a Better Trader: The product details

    Daily signals can be received via email for $197. Live day trading room can be accessed for $397, as well as signals alert and video tutorials. One-on-one coaching is what you get if you pay $997. $10,000 of course means that Rob will fully dedicate himself to you.

    What Rob Hoffman has been doing all this while

    Rob has developed and promoted many other trading platforms such as Champion Setups for example. Basically - he wasn\'t jobless. He was quite active at ripping people off. Common thing for all of his trading platforms - bunch of angry customers with awful user reviews.

    Rob Hoffman: The self-proclaimed champion trader who never made a penny

    He literally gave himself 25 rewards for being the world champion trader. No evidence of victory, no evidence of participating in that championship and also no evidence of EXISTANCE of that championship.

    One on one email conversation with Rob Hoffman

    Once we tried to reach out to Rob Hoffman, we got rejected in plenty ways, except for the email. He answered us via email, telling us that he just won some competition and that he\'s very busy at the moment. That\'s all - he didn\'t tell us anything else. \"Become a better trader\" is a scam which you should NEVER fall for. Be careful!

    trading platform, Forex, fraudulent, scam, Rob Hoffman, Become a better trader
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    10.10. 2017 09:20  | 

    Another trading software that we\'ve encountered recently is The Profits Algorithm. As soon as you invest at least $250 into this software, you\'re good to go - just sit back and enjoy the \"income\".

    The Profits Algorithm Review

    One of the first things we\'d like to mention is that nothing good and lucrative will ever be free. No matter what, you won\'t encounter such generous people. Uniqueness, along with trustworthiness of course, is what a trading software needs. This one, however, doesn\'t have any of mentioned. We found out that this is actually a relaunch of 5 Binary trading system which turned out to be a scam as well. Just taking a look at these 2 softwares will help you realize the obvious.

    Overview of the website

    Their website doesn\'t offer us any promo videos, no information saying how their software works, nothing. They just want to take your info and to promise you unrealistic things which should trick you into investing into their software.

    The Profits Algorithm system has a demo mode

    Demo mode is another trick that\'s supposed to make you invest into them. They will provide fake money and they\'ll fabricate the results so that you think their software works like a charm. Don\'t fall for this! Demo trading has nothing in common with real trading so don\'t waste time on that.

    The truth that needs to be taken seriously

    Usually upon encountering a fraud, we don\'t see any broker names. However, The Profits Algorithm revealed that their broker is Stern Option. The problem is that this guy doesn\'t have any good reputation. Dealing with unregulated brokers is risky and considered as a bad financial move.

    Do you still believe you can make money with this robot?

    After everything we provided to you, we hope that you\'re aware that The Profits Algorithm is just a fraud not worth any of your time nor money.

    trading software, relaunch, fraud, The Profits Algorithm
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    10.10. 2017 09:18  | 

    Trading software called The Bitcoin Club is supposed to change your life by turning you into a millionaire within no time. By joining their club, you\'re getting free access to their software.

    Who stays behind The Bitcoin Club?

    Unfortunately, we can\'t let you know who stays behind The Bitcoin Club because they didn\'t want us to know. We didn\'t find that information even on their website mybitcoinclub.net. All we know that their software is related to trading bitcoins but that\'s it - no proof, no information about the owner nor the company, no contact info. Anonymous service at its finest!

    How The Bitcoin Club Works?

    Another thing they didn\'t inform us about - we have no idea how their software works. We didn\'t hear any formulas nor strategies were mentioned. Shady, don\'t you think?

    Disturbing things found!

    Even though there are certain \"members\" claiming that they\'ve managed to earn between $300 and $600 within 2 hours, we have no reason to believe them because there\'s no hard evidence to prove it.

    Rest assured that none software and especially none person will ever be able to guarantee you profit. Help can be given but guaranteed profit - never.

    Remember how they said that this software was free? Well, it\'s not. They ask you to invest at least $250 into it. Another thing that worries us is that they didn\'t mention anything about brokers and broker is a must-have when you\'re trading cryptocurrencies.

    What happens when you register on mybitcoinclub.net website?

    Upon filling up details for the registration, you\'re asked to provide credit card details. Don\'t do that! It\'s very dangerous because their website is not safe - your data can easily be stolen.

    The Bitcoin Club Scam Review - Conclusion!

    We believe that the evidence we provided is enough solid to make you realize what kind of a scam this The Bitcoin Club is. Trade safe!

    trading software, shady, anonymous service, scam, The Bitcoin Club
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    10.10. 2017 09:16  | 

    Recently we\'ve encountered a new trading robot called MTSoft that was developed by John Harrison. However, there are many things that are not proper in this sentence - and that\'s the word \"new\" and the name of the developer. We found out that MTSoft is just a relaunch of The Mirror Trader which was developed by the same \"guy\" whose identity is made up. This robot is \"free\" to use, you\'re just required to invest at least $250 into it and the robot will do everything on its own. With your money, of course.

    MTSoft Review: What we know about this project

    Besides few colors and logos, nothing is changed! MTSoft looks almost the same as The Mirror Trader. They even used the same testimonials! Regarding the testimonials - just like everything else, they are fake as well. Luckily, not many people fell for this scam - just the naive ones who trusted the promise of earning $14,000 per day. Another reason why you shouldn\'t trust their promises - their software was launched a day before we made this review!

    MTSoft is a white label: It\'s quite evident

    The same problems we encountered with Desert Millionaire, Blazing Speed Trader and the Mirror Trader, were encountered with the MTSoft as well!

    Think twice before you subscribe to MTSoft or any other software that makes wild promises

    Accuracy as high as 99% and earnings of $14,000 per day? Aren\'t these unrealistic promises enough for you to never again think about this robot? None trader nor trading robot will ever be able to accomplish such high achievement.

    The truth concerning this matter

    Don\'t trust these bunch of scammers! We\'ve provided plenty of evidence to help you realize that this is just a scam. Trade carefully!

    trading robot, relaunch, scam, John Harrison, MTSoft
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    10.10. 2017 09:12  | 

    FX Trading Advisor is a trading platform that promises having more than 7,000 pips as well as achieving high accuracy. This platform is operating with Forex and making its users lose their money. Their system was launched on fxtrading-advisor.com in 2016. They offered some results but they seem to be different then the real results. In order to help people realize what FX Trading Advisor is actually about and to prevent people from losing their money, we\'re doing a thorough and honest review.

    FX Trading Advisor: Are We Saying That This Is Scam?

    Besides $1 worth 14-day trial subscription, you can pay $39 for week, $99 for a month or $249 for a quarter. Promising signals will be sent to you via a phone app or the email. There\'s also a 60-day money-back guarantee. Allegedly, if you make at least 100 pips within the first month, you\'ll get access to the signals for the second month, without having to pay for anything. However, if they make you waste your money with the first signals, why would you want signals for the next month? Also, the money-back guarantee will just give you back the money you paid for the subscription - the money you lost in trades will not be returned!

    Is anyone using FX Trading Advisor?

    Even though it was launched in 2016 meaning that it\'s been around for a while, it\'s still not popular. This suspicious service has almost 0 user reviews to prove their \"81% win rate\". They do have some myfxbook results but without real user reviews we can\'t trust paper results.

    What Other Things Should You Know About FX Trading Advisor

    They are offering many bonus products that you\'ll get upon signing up for their service but we\'re sure that, after losing money to their main product, nobody would want any bonus products. FX Trading Advisor is just a scam and we hope that you\'ll stay away from it!

    trading platform, Forex, suspicious service, scam, FX Trading Advisor
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    10.10. 2017 09:10  | 

    Latest signal provider we\'ve encountered is the Full Arbitrage Trading Tool and the name of its developer is Mike Persona. This signal provider operates with binary options in away of recommending you what should be your next move in placing trades.

    Full Arbitrage Trading Tool by Mike Persona Review!

    Supposedly, Mike was a programmer before he decided to step into the financial industry. The reason why we won\'t trust him being a programmer is that he doesn\'t have a track record to prove that he\'s a programmer. There\'s a one-time fee of $49 for the Full Arbitrage Trading Tool and $19,90 per week.

    Please, stay away from this crappy trading tool, and here\'s why

    There is not a single proof that would convince us that Full Arbitrage Trading Tool is operating with binary options. On top of that, Mike said that his software is the act of buying security in one market, and selling it in another market while making profit off it. Besides promising nonsense, Mike is talking about one thing while explaining another thing. This is a huge sign of a bogus system.

    Full Arbitrage Trading Tool is stupidly dangerous

    Based on the demo video that they provided, we realized that they didn\'t tell us what are the signals that their software generates, based on. Also, there\'s no arbitrage trading mentioned either. Later on, they said that their software is based on the Martingale trading strategy. Believe us when we\'re telling you that none experienced trader will follow the \"Double the loss\" strategy. Believe us also when we\'re telling you that Full Arbitrage Trading Tool is nothing more than a fraud which you should stay away from!

    signal provider, binary options, bogus system, fraud, Mike Persona, Full Arbitrage Trading Tool
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    10.10. 2017 09:08  | 

    Daily Pips Signal is a signal generator that operates with Forex, that has been around for a while and, if you\'ve ever invested into it, feel free to say goodbye to your money!

    Daily Pips Signals Review: An Overview of What It is

    This not so popular signal generator charges between $30 per month and $499 per 3 months. Basically, you\'re buying signals which you can copy and place trades according to them. However, what makes you trust their signals? On top of everything, there are so many bad reviews that we\'re really wondering why we\'re investigating this one further.

    False Claims That Their Signals Are 100% Successful

    Rest assured that none person nor software will ever be able to guarantee 100% profits. This is just an unrealistic claim that you shouldn\'t even pay attention to.

    Past Performance: What\'s The Average Profit In The Last Few Months?

    Sure, they posted results for their performance since the 17th of May, 2017. Why are we supposed to trust these \"results\" when they can be simply fabricated. We need verified results and not some filled HTML tables. Without verification we don\'t have a single reason to trust these claims.

    What\'s their level of interaction with users on social media?

    It seems that their Facebook page is quite unpopular - they only have 200 subscribers and they are not posting too much. Without their content and without user activity, their social media activity is a 0. Without good or even bad reviews, every service is unpopular and, to be honest, shady.

    Other things worth taking note of

    Without any online mentions and with plenty of complaints we have no other choice but to mark Daily Pips Signal as a fraud and to recommend everyone to stay away from it.

    signal generator, Forex, shady, fraud, Daily Pips Signal
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    10.10. 2017 09:06  | 

    Newest trading software that trades with cryptocurrency is the Crypto Wealth Creator. They are promising that you\'ll be able to earn no less than $4,000 per day; that\'s $20,000 per week! It\'s free and easy to use.

    Who is Max Carney?

    Supposedly, he is the creator of Crypto Wealth Creator. He is allegedly a millionaire, software developer and investor. Even though he said that he\'s been in many magazines, we didn\'t find any evidence to prove that claim. We also didn\'t manage finding any connection between him and his software and there is also no mention of any company that stands behind this software.

    How Crypto Wealth Creator Works?

    It operates thanks to a system that\'s based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the Blockchain technology. This system allows software to generate best signals.

    Disturbing things found!

    Their bank statements are fake! We see different company names (\"Crypto Wealth\" and \"Crypto Wealth LLC\") and we also see that the date of the transfer is 2nd of September, 2017, and that\'s Saturday.

    Their testimonials are fake as well! They used made up names and stock photos in order to create \"identities\".

    More alarming things!

    Even though the creator is promising high-accurate trading software that will make profit for sure, their disclaimer says that they do not guarantee any profit. Contradictions like these are what makes our job even easier.

    They said that they have users all over the world who have tested their software, but right after that, we found out that they said that Option trading is not regulated within the US. Another contradiction, another sign of a bogus system.

    What happens when you register on crypto-wealth.co website?

    As soon as you sign up for an account, you\'re asked to register a new trading account for their broker. Not only that you don\'t know the name of your dedicated broker but you also don\'t know whether that broker owns a license or not. It\'s highly risky getting involved with unregulated brokers!

    Crypto Wealth Creator Scam Review - Conclusion!

    We believe that we\'ve provided enough information for you to realize that you should not mess with a fraud called Crypto Wealth Creator.

    trading software, cryptocurrency, bogus system, fraud, Max Carney, Crypto Wealth Creator
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    10.10. 2017 09:04  | 

    Crunch Tech is a new trading robot developed by Mike Freeman. Mike Freeman is also the owner of Neo 2 - a robot that turned out to be a scam. Mike represents himself as a binary options guru but he pretty much failed to prove that. Based on Mike\'s history we have no other choice but to mark Crunch Tech as a shady offer but we\'ll investigate it anyway.

    The shady activities of Mr. Freeman

    Mike is not like other fraudsters - he doesn\'t hire cheap Fiverr actors and he managed to get few positive user reviews! However, that\'s not enough to fool us. He used local actors from LA, California in order to avoid famous Fiverr actors.

    About Crunch Tech Software

    According to Neo 2, Crunch Tech could be based on ridiculous weather patterns as well. First of all, Crunch Tech\'s promo video is almost the same as the one Mike already used for promoting Neo 2. He used different actors and a bit different approach but that didn\'t affect the main things. The website is also a bit better but the similarities are still present. There are many positive reviews but we did expect that since Mike is really a rich man who has no trouble getting what he wishes for.

    Similarities in videos appearing on Crunch Tech and Neo 2 websites

    We\'ve managed to find out that the same user uploaded promo video to the Crunch Tech\'s website as well as testimonials for that website. The schemes used for videos are practically the same and it\'s easily noticeable. Mike also seems to have rented a facility whose address is revealed - LA, Gas Company Tower at 555 5th St. There are simply too many similarities and wrong things for us to trust this shady offer. Crunch Tech is a fraud with Mike Freeman, the fraudster, being behind it. Stay away from it and keep your hard-earn money safe!

    trading robot, binary options, shady offer, fraud, Mike Freeman, Crunch Tech
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    10.10. 2017 09:02  | 

    Latest trading software developed by Roger Pierce is the Auto Binary Signals. This automated system trades with binary options and promises to generate $230,000 for you per month.

    Who is Roger Pierce?

    According to autobinarysignals.com Roger Pierce is a trader who managed earning $720 per 72 seconds with Auto Binary Signals. However, we weren\'t able to see what does Roger look like so we don\'t have a way of verifying Roger\'s identity. Also, there is no connection between Roger and Auto Binary Signals on the internet - just bunch of reviews (negative ones).

    Also, they didn\'t mention any company during their promo video. Anonymity is a bad sign!

    How Auto Binary Signals Works?

    This software is based on an algorithm that uses 5 trading indicators in order to achieve accuracy as high as 80-100%.

    Even +80% accuracy is high to achieve and especially hard to maintain - reaching 100% accuracy is impossible, especially in the financial industry. Rest assured that none person nor software will ever be able to achieve such high accuracy. Don\'t trust these ridiculous claims!

    Disturbing things found!

    We need to inform you that generating signals is considered giving financial advice - and that\'s kind of activity that requires a license to be owned in order to be legitimate. They didn\'t show us any license, didn\'t they?

    They did show many \"satisfied\" users on their website but these are just made up reviews, don\'t fall for that.

    System being automated means that you don\'t have any control over your account - you can lose your entire balance within no time.

    More alarming things!

    Even though brokers are the most important thing when it comes to trading binary options, they didn\'t mention them at all.

    Auto Binary Signals Scam Review - Conclusion!

    We believe that we\'re provided enough evidence for you to realize that Auto Binary Signals is a scam. Keep trading safe!

    trading software, binary options, automated, scam, Roger Pierce, Auto Binary Signals
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    10.10. 2017 09:00  | 

    Apiary Investment Fund is the company that stands behind Apiary Fund - the trading system that operates with Forex as well as with stocks. Creators of this system require the minimum initial investment of $2,500 in order to start earning. This company has been around for a while and people have been complaining about them for a long time. This company actually performs prop-trading but that doesn\'t mean that you should blindly trust their claims.

    Apiary Fund Review: The dirty little secrets that everyone hates about this company

    You can\'t just pay for the life-long subscription - there are monthly membership fees as well. They are promising to fund your account with $2,500, $5,000, $10,000 or even more, according to your qualifications. However, this story is shady.

    Apiary Fund products in detailed description

    There\'s a 12-module course which is supposed to teach you the basics of Forex and currency trading. This is possible only if you pay monthly subscription worth $100. There\'s even a one-time fee worth $297 that grants you access to anything that Apiary Fund documents and they are documenting everything (live chats, track record, etc). Also, they say that they\'ll give $600 to anyone who pays for the $100 worth monthly subscription.

    What is the estimated return on investment for those who join?

    Besides the promised 60-85% profit, they didn\'t mention anything about the monthly returns.

    Let\'s discuss the owners of Apiary Fund Investment

    Shawn Lucas is the owner of the company that stands behind the Apiary Fund. Even though this scam is run by real people it doesn\'t mean that it\'s not a scam.

    Something fishy though is lurking on the horizon

    They hired some guy to tell his story about earning tons of money. After that story, he started begging us to sign up! This is too odd to be true. Also, one person doesn\'t make the testimonials look too great.

    Think harder!

    Even though they are promising you the profit, you can find on their website that they stated that they aren\'t responsible for your losses. This scam should be avoided big time and you know it. Keep trading safely!

    trading system, Forex, prop-trading, scam, Shawn Lucas, Apiary Fund
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    08.10. 2017 22:59  | 

    Latest signal generator that got launched into the binary options industry is the VfxAlert. This signal generator allegedly offers features such as extended stats, Heatmaps and signal power. Extended stats should help users identify the conditions of maximum profitability signals. Heatmaps represent a graphical interpretation of how signals are bound to perform in certain market\'s conditions. Signal power is one of the technical indicators. This offer seems quite technical and promising (just like others) and that\'s why we decided to investigate it.

    VfxAlert Review: Details worth taking note of

    They are offering you free and $30-worth service. Free subscription lasts for as long as you use it and the other one costs $30 per year. Free service doesn\'t feature as many options as paid one but that\'s pretty much expected. However, whichever service you opt for, you\'ll end up losing your hard-earned money. Your profit, or any greater good at this example, is nothing that VfxAlert is concerned about. All they care about is ripping you off.

    Disclaimer statement at the footer of the VfxAlert website

    Even though they are promising that by following their signals you\'ll be able to increase your income, they said that their signal generator is for educational purposes only - meaning that they won\'t take any responsibility for your losses.

    Asking them whether or not a trading record exists

    They pretty much admitted that they don\'t have any track record of their trading performance. Basically, you\'re supposed to trust and invest into someone who has NEVER traded before.

    Who\'s behind this website?

    Aleksandr Mikolyuk is the alleged owner of this website but we don\'t know anything else about this owner, except for his name. Actually, what we have here is known as an anonymous service - not much information about the service and definitely not much information about the owner.

    Summary of points highlighted above

    This signal generator called VfxAlert is nothing more than a scam - and we have plenty of evidence to prove it. Our honest review was meant for you to realize that this is a scam and to, hopefully, keep your money safe.

    signal generator, binary options industry, anonymous service, scam, Aleksandr Mikolyuk, VfxAlert
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    08.10. 2017 22:58  | 

    Latest trading system is called Trading 123, it\'s located at Trading123.net and it targets Forex traders. This trading system doesn\'t just offer various products - there are features like live trading room. Allegedly, Trading 123 can help you generate more than $40,000 per month. On top of everything, this software is automated! Patrick Moore is the guy standing behind this offer and Ron Popeil is helping him by convincing you to take this system for $3,995 and enjoy income for the rest of your life.

    Trading123.net Autotrader overview: Unmasking the dirt

    There seems to be a connection between Trading 123 and Ninja Trader. As we\'ve already mentioned, Patrick Moore is the owner of this offer and he\'s selling his product for $3,995. However, you can\'t get that system anywhere else but on Ninja Trader ecosystem. In order to get the Trading 123 system, you\'ll need to pay $999 to Ninja Trader ecosystem in order to get their license.

    Performance record for Trading 123 (Trading 123.net) system

    By thoroughly investigating their website, you might think that they are actually running a genuine system - they published quite attractive results on many web pages. We ran all of the social medias and we found many promising results. Almost as if his system could maintain 99% win rate. All of these claims are just well made with a simple goal - making you pay $3,995 for the system.

    Complaints and inquiries

    One of the complaints said that the system works extremely well on a demo account but fails to perform any good on real account.

    Getting Patrick Moore to comment on the matter

    We tried reaching Patrick in order to ask him few questions but he wouldn\'t tell us anything until we disguised as a newbie wanting to buy his system. Since we didn\'t have much luck getting information from this guy, we soon realized that our investigation is over. We believe that this scam is well made but it\'s still a scam. Don\'t let scammers fool you! Stay away from this scam and keep your hard-earned money safe.

    trading system, Forex, scam, Patrick Moore, Ron Popeil, Trading 123
    Why most people never get rich? Find out what they don't teach you in school.
    Scott Evans
    08.10. 2017 22:57  | 

    Latest managed Forex account service is the Think Huge Investments located at thinkhugeinvestments.com which promises great earnings for anyone who invests $10,000 into their service. This offer seems very suspicious because they ask for $10,000 as an initial investment which isn\'t a small amount of money, so they better offer something good. Let\'s see what\'s actually going on here!

    Think Huge Investments Overview

    First couple of problems that we noticed are facts that they showed previous performance as current performance as well as claiming that they won\'t charge you any management fees and promising no lock-in periods. First of all, why would we want to hear about perfor