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5 Golden rules for responsible trading of CFD

Rule No. 1 - Follow money management

If you do not want to be affected by a long string of unprofitable trades that ruins your account, you must follow money management. That means you must firmly set the highest percentage of your account deposit which you can invest into a single option. This percentage should ideally be low. Less experienced traders should set it to 2%, or fifty times less than the amount of money you have on yo...

Make money in three easy steps!

Scott Evans

Strategies for CFDs - Techniques of successful traders

A strategy for CFDs trading consists of two parts. First part is the actual trading strategy according to which the trader searches for interesting trading opportunities which are expected to be profitable. The trading strategy may include e.g. the analysis of price graphs or following economics news. The second part is money management - money management tells you how to wisely manage your trading capital and reasonable choose the amo...

Make money in three easy steps!

Scott Evans

Breakeven ratio: Minimal success rate you need to make money on CFDs

One of the most important numbers for a CFDs trader is the percentual success rate of trades. There is a specified minimum rate which you must exceed to be profitable in the long term. This rate is called breakeven ratio and usually lies between 55% and 60%. Read more about how to calculate it and how the trader's long term profit depends on it.

What does breakeven ratio (minimal success rate) means for me?

If your su...

Make money in three easy steps!

Scott Evans

Metatrader - usage guide for traders

MetaTrader 4 is an excellent analytical tool that can be used for free even by CFDs traders. It shows you much better price graphs than those available in the website broker platforms. Additionally, you can extend them with a wide range of technical indicators that will help you with deciding about your next trade.

How can MetaTrader help you?

It serves as a great analytical tool which you can run at the same time simultaneously with the CFDs brok...

Make money in three easy steps!

Scott Evans

Minute options - definition, properties, examples

Minute options are a specific type of CFD with a short expiration time, usually from 60 seconds to 5 minutes. When compared with regular CFD (expiration of 30 minutes or longer) they can be very risky. In such a short time period it is more difficult to predict the price development and the provided payouts are usually not so high.

Minute options (i.e. really short-term options with 1 to 5 minute expiration time) are generally not good f...

Make money in three easy steps!

Scott Evans

All You Need To Know About CFD Robots

Up until a few days ago I'd never heard about CFD Robots and it caught my attention when I did. Besides my initial hilarious mental pictures of robots actually trading CFD I was not that surprised by what I found. The software that makes Robots work are nothing more than signal providers and auto-traders. Trading with Robots is a one of its kind form of trading that encompasses lots of different types of tools and are slightly more so...

Make money in three easy steps!

Scott Evans

Profit making features of CFD robot

There are many features of CFD Robot which can be used by traders to tailor their trade settings to meet their needs. It is indeed one of the most innovative CFD software in the market. These CFD Robot features can be utilized by traders to increase the rate at which they earn and also to better understand Binary options.

Traders must be very detailed and knowledgeable in understanding the risks associated with using this robot. Tr...

Make money in three easy steps!

Scott Evans

Bollinger Bands as well as Momentum

Learn more about Bollinger Bands and also Energy combined right here. Bollinger Bands are a technological sign made to give you a sensation for expected trading variety, as well as whether prices are presently high or low in relationship to that variety. For that objective, they take a 14 period relocating average (middle line), multiply the typical discrepancy with 2, and include (top line) and also subtract it from the moving average. This pr...

Make money in three easy steps!

Scott Evans

Technical Analysis in CFD

As an investor of CFD, you need to make forecasts concerning future cost motions of an asset. In regular trading, there are various methods to do that, but a lot of commonly known is basic evaluation.

This method examines revenues, rewards, new items, research projects etc. of an asset. Unfortunately, basic analysis is not versatile to CFD. The only way to end up being an effective CFD investor is to utilize technical analysis.

Exactly how technica...

Make money in three easy steps!

Scott Evans

Candlestick Method

The candlestick method is one of the most popular means of trading CFD. When you recognize candlesticks, you can locate trading opportunities in any market atmosphere, and you will always be able to trade a CFD.

Candlestick method

In this write-up, we explain just how to implement a candlestick strategy with CFD. Thoroughly, we will certainly respond to these inquiries:

  • Exactly what are candlesticks?
  • Exactly how can I make use of candle holders to trade CFD?
  • Just what...
Make money in three easy steps!

Scott Evans

Strategies for high risk traders

If you are an investor that agrees to take some threat as long as it enables you making a great deal of cash in a brief amount of time, you ought to select among the techniques we provide you in this post.

To qualify as a high-risk strategy with high capacity, a technique needs to satisfy 2 criteria:

It needs to produce many signals. Making a great deal of lots of promptly, you have to make a great deal of professions.
It needs to produce a hig...

Make money in three easy steps!

Scott Evans

Approaches for High/Low Options

High/Low options are the CFD type that could create the highest possible gaining percentage. In order to help you earn money with high/ low options, right here are three of the most effective techniques for high/ low options you can make use of.

Trading strategies for high/ reduced options

High/Low options need you to anticipate whether the market will increase or fall over a provided time period. How far the market will increase or fall does n...

Make money in three easy steps!

Scott Evans

Trading Candlesticks

In previous articles, we already discussed candlesticks, exactly how they form and also how you could use them for your trading. For this article, we will certainly take a more detailed look at the conclusion you can attract from candle holders concerning market psychology and market phases. This will certainly help you to not only presume exactly what will occur, but comprehend exactly what the cost is doing and also why it is doing it. From that understandi...

Make money in three easy steps!

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Make money in three easy steps!

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Strategy is not as important as money and psychological management. You must learn them before seeking an effective strategy

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I see this articles have shown a clear instruction on it. Just follow and choose a suitable balance for you.

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