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All You Need To Know About CFD Robots

Up until a few days ago I'd never heard about CFD Robots and it caught my attention when I did. Besides my initial hilarious mental pictures of robots actually trading CFD I was not that surprised by what I found. The software that makes Robots work are nothing more than signal providers and auto-traders. Trading with Robots is a one of its kind form of trading that encompasses lots of different types of tools and are slightly more sophisticated than a regular signal service. Although trading with robots is not new to the investment world, it is to the world of CFD.


How do you describe a CFD Robot (BOR)?

We can describe BOR as an automated software used in trading CFD. Basically, the software gives CFD Signals continually and automatically trades them on your CFD Broker account.

I began by doing a simple Google search for CFD Robots so as to fully grasp how robot trading works and here's what I discovered. For privacy reasons, I'd leave out the details of the actual software, but xxx is an automated signal service provider as well as CFD Robot. This website provides services for CFD traders which automatically places trades into their accounts, not quite the same as copy trading but very similar. In copy trading, you chose a particular person to follow and copy their trades whereas in CFD robot trading, your account is traded automatically, incredible!

It may be hard to believe, but it’s absolutely true. You only need to download a third party robot program on your computer and open a CFD account. For this to function, you need to log into the robot and leave the account open. The robot program takes control as soon as it detects compatible trading platforms. Your robot picks up signals generated by the service and trades in your account. Trade information like amount, asset, pathway and expiration are imputed by the robot after which it clicks on the enter button and you're set to trade. We just hope it's really that good.


Could CFD Robots be Scam?

Without a doubt, there are robots that are scam. First, you must know that I don’t like anything about automated robot or signal service provider; unless they prove they have a legitimate learning experience. It's never a good idea to allow someone trade your money for you especially not an internet robot. The ones that take over your computer are the worst. It’s very similar to purposely downloading a virus on your computer, no right thinking person would do that! Your ability to use your computer while the robot is working is still not a guarantee that you know what rubbish is going on.

I'm not trying to be harsh on the businesses and people involved, neither am I trying to downplay the efforts of those trying to do a good job but people should learn to trade for themselves. If you are a CFD user, you really need to trade yourself. But if your intent is to hand over your money to someone and get profits, then go invest in an actual retirement plan.

Again, trading with CFD Robot is quite expensive. There's a heavy subscription fee to be paid just so you give someone the free reigns to lose all your money. If really don’t mind losing money, why not use all that money and go have some real fun instead of spending it on a robot? We already have more than enough free sources offering tips, strategies and signals and social trading platforms like CommuniTraders; don’t waste money paying someone for it!

Debunking the ROBOT Myth.

I'm pretty sure everyone would just love a software that magically credits their account at the press of a button right? The Reality is it doesn’t exit, at least not yet anyway. However, what we do have is a robot-or something close to it- which everyone can have. You see, auto traders / robots are just technical indicators designed to appear different and to provide signals. Although I'm not a coder, I'll try to explain how this works with my basic knowledge: if an indicator (for instance MACD) goes higher than zero, the software automatically opens a 'Call' trade but when MACD goes lower than zero, a 'Put' trade is opened by the autotrader. There are other kinds of autotraders that simply points and makes a noise when the MACD goes above or below zero. We can't really call those ones autotraders because all they do is alert you to open the trade but the term is loosely used these days so you could say they fall in the same category.

In summary: an indicator points toward a direction and the autotrader/ robot translates that signal into an arrow and a sound or the more advanced type opens the trade on your account. However, these autotraders are equally as good as the indicator they are based on so you could in actual fact be purchasing a MACD, or the cross of 2 moving averages, or any other free indicator. In as much as most autotraders and robots are free, they have some strings attached so carefully weigh your options before coming to a decision. In anyways, the message I'm communicating is that all these robots are just gimmicks used by brokers to confuse you into depositing with them.

Signals mostly generated by these autotraders are incorrect and should not be traded. You must judge signals by the trader as it is not all indicators that generate moves in the right direction and you'll end up losing money if you trade them. Never mind that there are lots of indicators capable of generating signals, it requires the right combination of multiple indicators to get a good one. I do not claim to know what these combinations are; it all depends on your skill and style of trading. The onus is on you to recognise a good signal or a bad one.

Most importantly, don’t assume that a signal is profitable simple because it tells you to either move Up or Down. Expect to hear all kinds of industry jargons like algorithmic trading, special and advanced indicators built-into the autotrader, etc, do not be deceived! There is a place of common sense! Think about this for a minute; do you really think if someone had the secret to perfect signals, that they would be willing to share it on the internet for free or for just a few change? No one is that stupid!


A Robot can't be better than its Trader.

If you can succeed at correctly identifying a profitable signal, then you can comfortably use robots to trade. It would be disastrous for a trader to totally depend on signals generated by trading software which are never accurate. The autotrader cannot enrich you! However, you the trader are actually the autotrader as well. When you think about it, all the software does is to alert you about a potential trade set up, what you chose to do with that information is up to you. Sure, there are softwares that automatically place the trade without your consent; this means you don’t get to pass on a signal, the robot trades them all.

 Super Performance and Bragging Rights

In any sphere of life, if you must get the right to brag, you must earn it by proving your performance. However, the creators of robot don’t believe this rule applies to them. They assume people will believe they are the best just because they said so. Sorry to burst your bubble but not everyone is that gullible, even though there are some who believe so. The thing is that some people fall for lies easily; instead of working hard they'd rather believe making money is as simple as dreaming about it.

They already have their "great" plans on how to spend the money holidaying and living large. The fact is that most creators of CFD Robots claim that a lot of hard work, dedication and experience went into creating their software, but the truth is it’s just another program that makes trades randomly and in most cases, bad trades. Tell me of one person who you know became financially free trading with robots, I don’t think so. But I'm sure you can point to a few people who got burned by one robot or the other. Do a little search online and you'll see hundreds of people lamenting about how they got scammed by people who sell robots. It's possible there is a good one out there somewhere but I'm yet to find it and when I do, I'm going to need some real proof before investing my money in it.

Robots may not be completely useless.

One good thing about Robots is that they can make trading hassle-free. If you choose a really good one then there's a chance that profits will soon follow. In my opinion, anything that can legally improve my trading and can give me profits continually is not totally bad. However, you must be cautious because people who create these robots are likely to be unfortunate just like everyone else. Be on the lookout for those who generate signals rooted in standard and accepted technical analysis techniques; they are usually the best.

My Final Words on CFD Robots

I have deep regards for the creators and operators of robots. You came up with an extraordinary and astonishing way to trade the market of CFD. To those who may likely use these robots, don’t be in a hurry to trust them! More often than not, they are just recycling the same old thing and giving it a new twist. Also, don’t let anyone trade that way for you. EA is a good place to get started if you need to, but always keep in mind that you need to build it into a real trading system. No pain no gain, as my gym instructor would say. Commit to doing the work, give it time and soon enough the money will follow suit. Sometimes looking for the easy way leads you straight into failure.

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