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Will you appreciate a place to safeguard your assets where governments and central banks have no control over it regardless of occasional awkward market trends and scams or bailouts or inflations? Can we conveniently make investments without the worry that we could go bankrupt someday as a result of the fall of the financial control center?

It was created by the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, an unknown programmer, as the very first type of digital currency nearly a decade ago and as the first decentralized currency, it has gained much popularity in the crypto market.

During the publishing of the white paper, Satoshi Nakamoto said “we propose a solution to double spending problem using a peer-to-peer network. The network timestamps transactions by hashing them into an ongoing chain of hash-based proof-of-work, forming a record that cannot be changed without redoing the proof-of-work. The longest chain not only serves as a proof of the sequence of the events witnessed but proves that it came from the largest pool of CPU power. As long as a majority of CPU powers is controlled by nodes that are not cooperating to attack the network, they will generate the longest chain and outpace attackers. The network itself requires minimal structure. Messages are broadcasted on a best effort basis, and nodes can leave and rejoin the network at will, accepting the longest proof-of-work chain as proof of what happened while they were gone”.

It is a peer-to-peer system that was released as open source software, and with it, transactions do not need a third party or an intermediary for validation. All transactions with bitcoins are recorded on the public digital ledger known as the Blockchain Network.

Gradually Bitcoin is fast becoming more and more grounded as an acceptable currency or means of payment all over the world. People are losing faith in banks and the traditional paper currency it circulates. Notable investment companies and financial organizations are exploring this idea and have already started to buy up Bitcoins.

The media is talking about it more than ever and with each passing day; more governments are legalizing it and accepting it as a means of exchange and payments, even implementing it in other fields of financial operations. As more people are putting faith in bitcoin, the value is increasing and it is making this digital currency more sought after in the business world today.


  1. High level of Security- Bitcoins’ ownership address can only be changed by the owner. No one can steal Bitcoins unless they have physical access to a user’s computer, and they send the bitcoins to their account. Unlike conventional currency systems, where only a few authentication details are required to gain access to finances, this system requires physical access, which makes it much harder to steal.
  2. No Charge Back Risks- Once Bitcoins are sent, the transaction cannot be reversed. Since the ownership address of Bitcoins will be changed to the new owner, once it is changed, it is impossible to revert. Since only the new owner has the associated private key, only he/she can change ownership of the coins. This ensures that there is no risk involved when receiving Bitcoins.
  3. Very Low Transaction Fees- Sending and receiving Bitcoins requires users to keep the Bitcoin client running and connected to other nodes. Essentially, by using Bitcoins users will be contributing to the network and thus share the burden of authorizing transactions. Sharing this work greatly reduces transaction costs, and thus makes transaction costs negligible.


  1. High volatility- The price of Bitcoin has a high volatility. Although the cryptocurrency has an uptrend, it\'s still risky. Good currencies have low volatility, as owning unstable currency or accepting it as a form of payment becomes too risky.
  2. Government regulations- If the government decides to declare owning Bitcoin illegal, you may find yourself in trouble. Currently, the government stance on cryptocurrencies is not clear.
  3. Competition- Other cryptocurrencies could send Bitcoin into history. Offering faster transactions, complete anonymity, storage space and other improvements could lead to lower market share for Bitcoin.
  4. Security of services/products- In order to use Bitcoin, you need wallets, exchanges, payment processes, etc. Not all of these services have perfect security.

Where/How to buy it

Since Bitcoin is the first decentralized currency ever, it translates to be the easiest to buy. The first step is to get a digital wallet and then buy Bitcoins to store on them.

In some developed lands, there are Bitcoin ATMs in strategic locations where you can easily purchase Bitcoins. Another way to buy is to use an online exchange to purchase it. With these exchanges, you can pay directly with your credit card.

Trading with Bitcoin

Many online stores now accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. For the few ones that do not accept it, relax, there is always a way around it. There are websites that can be used to buy anything over the internet from any retailer whatsoever, even if they do not accept bitcoins.

Anytime you want to make a purchase online, always make it a point of duty to check and confirm that they accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. You will be surprised to see how easy your online transactions will become. Trading in Bitcoin (buying and selling Bitcoin) is fun and simple, not only will it benefit you but also add to the stability of the digital currency.

Storing Bitcoins

This Bitcoin paper wallet is also called “cold storage” and it is the most secure of the four types of Bitcoin wallets because it lets you store your Bitcoin in any desired form of offline storage, independent of a computer, and that means hackers have no chance of reaching your funds and they can’t steal your money.

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Some have likened Bitshares to an onion that has different layers, that is it BitShares is so many things to different people and there are a thousand different ways of understanding what BitShares is. It was founded by Mr. Larimer Daniel, a visionary computer programmer. So, how is Bitshares like an onion? An answer to this question will give you the entire gist you need about Bitshares.

In terms of Software, Bitshares is one. BitShares is a distributed multi-user database with update permissions managed by a defined set of rules and public key cryptography. And it is also interesting to note that this Software, Bitshares, is in the public domain.

The Bitshares software is used to launch decentralized Autonomous Companies Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DAC), coined by Daniel Larimer. These automatic companies issue shares, generate income and distribute it among shareholders. No need to trust anyone this work, everything is programmed in the software.

In terms of being a Network, Bitshares is one.  A network of computers owned by individuals all over the world run the BitShares software and keep their databases synchronized according to the rules defined by the software. The BitShares network can survive as long as there are at least two computers that can communicate with each other over the internet.

Every single computer on Bitshares’ network maintains a full copy of the database which means no one can change the public record. This immutable public record becomes the foundation of higher layers.

Bitshares is also a public digital ledger, which means that all records are made public and cannot be altered by any centralized body. That is an important factor to consider when analyzing the accountability of digital currencies.

In terms of the company, Bitshares is one. BitShares creates companies in which people want to own shares and make a profit. Already, you can trade different tokens on the OpenLedgerDecentralized Exchange running on this platform.

And in terms of currency, Yes Bitshares is also one. In the case of BitShares, there are many different assets that can be used as money including BTS, BitUSD, BitGold, and BitSilver. All of these assets have the property of being fungible, divisible, transportable, and impossible to counterfeit.

And it is worth mentioning that Bitshares has an amazing community.  Each and every person that joins the BitShares community adds value to the ledger and gains value from the fellow community members. All things start small with just a few people. Over the past year and a half, BitShares has grown from an idea to a global community with thousands of people.


  1. It has one of the most secure wallets of all the over 900 known digital currency.
  2. It has more than one features and functions.
  3. Has one of the best transaction speeds.
  4. Its network is much secured.
  5. Low transaction fees.
  6. Can process a number of transactions all at the same time.


  1. In its former form, BitshareX, there were technological and economic disadvantages, but it is been corrected as this is an active and ongoing project.
  2. The software needs to be built for users with some advanced technological makeup.
  3. A backup is always necessary to secure your funds.

Where/How to buy it

Currently, Bter, BTC38, and Poloniex are the main exchanges where you can purchase it. The assets (BitUSD, BitGLD, etc.) are being introduced within days or weeks (currently, being bug-tested). The Poloniex exchange offers their users the feature to easily register a new account from within the exchange, while the others require a registered account to withdraw funds.

Trading with Bitshares

Bitshares is one of the most unique and innovative of the Bitcoin 2.0 projects seeking to use blockchain technology for more than just creating a digital currency. It is a ‘Decentralized Autonomous Corporation’ whose owners (anyone who owns any Bitshares, the system’s native cryptocurrency) elect a board of 101 ‘delegates’, who serve as the company’s board of directors.

At its heart is the Bitshares decentralized exchange, which can be used for trading various assets, including assets which track the value of ‘real world’ currencies, commodities like Gold, or a digital currency like Bitcoin, without the need to trust your wealth to a central bank or exchange. Like any financial market, there are plenty of opportunities on the Bitshares decentralized exchange for traders to make themselves a profit, or a loss, depending on their performance.

Bitshares has its own Exchange and the main feature of the Bitshares exchange is something called ‘BitAssets’. These are market pegged digital assets whose value is tied to that of a specific asset outside of Bitshares. To put it more simply: 1 BitUSD is designed to always be worth 1 USD, 1 BitEuro is designed to always be worth 1 Euro, and so on.

This works for commodities, such as gold or oil, just as well as it works for currencies like the USD or Euro or a new digital currency like Bitcoin. You can view the full list of available assets from your Bitshares wallet.

Storing Bitshares

The best type of wallet for storing Bitshares is the paper wallet also called cold storage. Since it is offline storage, it gives you the opportunity to write down your details and keep on your own. You are in control of your money.

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Even though the name sounds so much like the popular digital currency, Bitcoin, don’t be fooled by that as there is so much more. It is an open source digital currency that offers a very high level of anonymity, a feature that has made so many cryptocurrencies gains much popularity.

Bytecoin is a digital currency that allows for a safe and secure transaction, and it is meant to be used all over the globe. One thing that sets it apart from the rest is the convenience of use it affords users and the instant, zero-fee charges on transactions. This means that sending money, receiving money will all happen almost immediately and without any extra charge.

It is based on the proof-of-work algorithm and has a block time of about 2 minutes or 120 seconds.

Another important feature that has boosted its worldwide acceptability is because this digital currency’s algorithm will not allow anyone other than you to know your wallet balance, another facet of secure transaction and anonymity. It means that if you have clients and customers who want to send money to you or receive money from cannot check your wallet balance.

So, how can you join the Bytecoin network? All you have to do is allocate your computer some computing power and you can automatically take part in its development and its operation. Because of this special attribute, all the transactions that are processed on the Bytecoin network is decentralized, and that means a person using the network will be both a user and a participant all at the same time.

Anyone, from any walk of life, can become a user of this currency as long as the person is willing to join the network and voluntarily take part in the operations of the network. To do this, just download special software that is specifically made to download a Bytecoin wallet for you. When you have this software, you will be equipped to send money to other users as well as receive payments from them.

In addition to that, there are two ways to obtain Bytecoins. You can take part in network maintenance and get a reward for it, or buy BCN directly on online exchanges that are meant for that purpose.

Traditional money transactions between two or more people are carried out through an intermediary, a bank or financial institution. This way, transaction reliability is guaranteed by an agent who conducts the transaction.

But with this digital currency, transactions between users are carried out through the Internet. Transaction privacy is protected by secure cryptographic algorithms whereby no one can identify who sent the money, who the receiver was, and what amount of money was transferred.

Bytecoin transactions processing is done by the whole network of users. Yet no participant has access to the transaction details. All transfers are fully anonymous.The transactions processing requires a considerable amount of computational resources. Those users who joined the network may allocate the time of their computers for transaction processing. As a reward they receive BCN. That is the simple way to mine this digital currency.


  1. A high level of anonymity.
  2. Transactions are both transparent and untraceable.
  3. A strong Network security.
  4. It is one of the easiest digital currency to mine.
  5. It is based on Cryptonote technology.
  6. Guarantees a free instant international payment.


  1. Over eighty percent of this currency was pre-mined before its eventual release.
  2. Poor distribution as most coins was mined by the web community.
  3. Doesn’t have a stable working miner.
  4. Compared to other common digital currencies, its worldwide acceptance is a little below par.

Where/How to buy it

There are over ten online exchange service providers that are always ready to accept Bitcoins for Bytecoins. That simply means the best way to buy Bytecoins is to purchase Bitcoins first and deposit if in an exchange in exchange for Bytecoins. HitBTC, Poloniex, Changelly.com, and Changer.com are just some of the exchanges you can use for this purpose.

They are instant, and within minutes, your payments will be confirmed and your Bytecoins will be credited to your account. Just remember not to leave your Bytecoin with an exchange. Withdraw straight to your wallet.

Another way through which you can own this digital currency is to mine it. You can decide to mine it solo, or join a mining pool

Trading with Bytecoin

Bytecoin is oriented towards fair and open business. Bytecoin network offers fraud protection which makes automatic chargeback impossible. Once a deal is closed and payment is done no transfer can be returned automatically. The payment can be refunded only through the free will of the parties involved.

Since the data is well secured, you can easily and freely pay for goods and services with it. Since most merchants do not accept it as of now, you can also proceed to visit an online exchange trading platform where you can use your Bytecoins to pay for things.

Storing Bytecoins

The best wallet for this digital currency is the paper wallet for long term storage of your Bytecoin funds.

When it comes to Short term storage, it is recommended to use a software wallet. Remember, with software wallets, you need to encrypt your data, and have it password protected.

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This open-source peer-to-peer digital currency was formerly known as Xcoin (it\'s released name) and after just a month of creation the name was changed to Darkcoin, but now known with the General name ‘Dash’. It was created by Evan Duffield, a computer programmer, and Kyle Hagen a longtime admirer of Digital currency some three years ago, but has since gained much popularity.

It has some major innovations, some of which are aimed at increasing the level of anonymity and others aimed at improving the whole functionality. Dash enables all the important features of Bitcoin, the most common cryptocurrency, but also adds more. It can also do what Bitcoin cannot do, like Private transactions, Instant transactions, and Decentralized governance. The latter of which has placed Dash as the first Decentralized autonomous organization.

The Team that worked together to create it has since grown, and this digital currency has been observed to proffer solutions to current problems facing the cryptocurrency world like slow confirmation time, increases in block sizes, decentralized governance among others.

This digital currency makes use of two steps in its core architecture and with this powers its whole network. Step one comprises the Miners; whose function is to secure the network and write transactions into its blockchain. Without them, the whole system will be completely useless. The second step comprises the Masternodes or master user-computers. They work to enable some more advanced feature of the digital currency.

Together the above mentioned two steps have been pivotal in taking the cryptocurrency from its scratch to the height that we now see today.

It is true, compared to other notable digital currencies, Dash is not yet accepted as much by retailers, but a good number of independent businesses will readily accept it. This is because in terms of value-per-coin, it has one of the highest in the current market, and that is a great boost in forecasting the future of this digital currency.


  1. A lot of online stores and independent retailers accept it as a means of transactions and the list is ever-growing on a daily basis.
  2. It is poised to keep up with the pace of the evolution among digital currencies. This is because of its two step architecture that powers the system.
  3. It guarantees increased anonymity than other well-known cryptocurrencies. When it comes to the security of personal information and details, Dash is one of the best.
  4. Very low transaction fees and this will attract more investors.
  5. Its use of a Master node to improve its functionality will ensure that your money will not be swindled or embezzled.
  6. Increased transaction speed as deals is completed almost immediately.


  1. It is new to the market (barely four years), and so many people have yet to put faith in it as a secure means of payment. But it is expected that as more people embrace the innovation, this is expected to change soon.
  2. Presently, there is no official method of purchasing this digital currency directly.

Where/How to buy it

The very first step to buying Dash as a digital currency is to set up a Dash wallet. We will talk more about the best type of wallet you can get and for different purposes.

The next step is where you buy the currency, but let me quickly inform you that the process of buying this currency can be somewhat tricky, especially if you are a newbie. One way is if you already own Bitcoin, you can simply trade it for Dash on appropriate exchange websites.

Please try and confirm the reputation of a particular exchange site before using them. You can take a moment and read the review of past users to help you confirm this.

Another way to purchase Dash is by normal wire transfer. In some developed countries, there are Dash ATMs. In countries like U.S.A, Canada, Brazil or Poland, you can walk into local banks and simply deposit cash for Dash at near spot prices. This service is known as WallofCoins.

The final step is the part where you need to move your Dash currency to your wallet. Again, it is important not to leave your Dash coins with an exchange because it can be lost or stolen. As soon as the Dash coins reach your wallet, you are now the proud owner

Trading with Dash

Remember that it wasn’t easy for you to acquire the Dash coins in your wallet, so the best thing to do is to be careful with the way you plan to spend them. Before trying to trade (either buy or sell or exchange for goods and services), first observe the market trends. When the prices are up, that is the best time to sell so as to make a profit. Conversely, when the prices are low, you should also know that you can buy more (with discretion though), and keep till you can sell at a profitable cost.

There are good online exchanges where you can sign up and start trading your Dash coins; one of them is Avatrade. There are many others you can find out by doing a simple google search.

Storing Dash

If you plan on storing Dash currency for short-term purposes, what type of wallet will be the most suitable? Simply choose a web wallet. This is a mobile app that allows you to do all sorts of transactions on your mobile phone.

But what if you are planning on storing it long-term? It is best to go for a Hardware wallet. This is the kind of wallet that gives you total control of your savings. The private Keys is sorely yours and if you do not lose it, it will remain there for as long as you want without any fears of losing it.

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Dogecoin, as it is called, is one of the fastest rising digital currencies in the present cryptocurrency market. It is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and was introduced some nine years ago as some sort of a ‘joke currency’, but quickly rose to fame and now has its own online community. It has DOGE as its code name or nickname.

It was created by Billy Markus, a computer programmer from Portland in Oregon, U.S.A. He initially wanted to play around his profession by creating a fun digital currency that will rival, and eventually surpass the common Bitcoin in quantity. Together with Jackson Palmer, who works for Adobe systems in Sydney, Australia made some giant strides and finally announced that Dogecoin network will continue to produce indefinite Dogecoin currencies.

Officially, the creation of Dogecoin has been credited to Jackson Palmer, and she eventually announced “leave of absence” from the Dogecoin community later on.

It was patterned after the Bitcoin in that it uses a public key cryptography, which allows a user to generate both a public and a private cryptographic key as a pair. The user can then give out his or her public key without any fear of a cyber-jeopardy as only the private key is needed to gain any access to the already encrypted information. The public key act as the address to which he or she can communicate in terms of Dogecoin to other users or nodes, while the private key, accessible by only the user is like the PIN that validates transactions.

Although initially, the Dogecoin network was a victim of a cyber-attack when millions of coins were stolen during the network’s hacking, it has long recovered, and it will interest you to know that in terms of trading volume, Dogecoin has leapfrogged many other notable digital currencies in the current market.

When analyzed in comparison with other digital currencies, its production is almost the highest with over a hundred Billion of it been already mined, and it is estimated that every year, over five Billion will be mined. There are many members of the Dogecoin community and many other members of some other digital currencies are joining its community.


  1. It is one of the highly secured digital currencies available in the cryptocurrency market as it functions based on the proof-of-work scheme.
  2. It is a script- based digital currency, which means that it allows for a kind of a ‘merged mining’ along with some other compatible digital currencies. This translates to be energy efficient (can verify transactions on multiple kinds of cryptocurrency networks at the same time), and more financial reward.
  3. Faster time to complete a block (faster confirmation time) which can speed up transactions.
  4. It is one of the easiest digital currencies to mine, and the Dogecoin community (a devoted community) is one of the best as new members are joining every hour.
  5. Has a lower transaction fee.
  6. Suitable for smaller transactions.


  1. Its current value is lower compared to other notable digital currencies.
  2. It is relatively new to the game and as such many are a bit skeptical about putting faith in it because they feel it might be unstable.
  3. The overall network security is not as stronger as that of other popular digital currencies.
  4. Fewer vendors and retailers accept Dogecoin for now.

Where/How to buy it

There are basically two ways of buying Dogecoins, through a Dogecoin faucet and through a direct purchase of the digital currency. Obtaining Dogecoin for free is possible through the first method; all you will need to do is simply enter your Dogecoin address and then proceed to solve a captcha. That’s all, as this can give you between one and five Dogecoins for free.

The second method is buying from an online exchange, where you can use your credit card to buy it. One example of an online exchange is WeSellDoges. All you just need to do to buy from such online exchange is supply your email address and complete simple email address verification.

But in some other cases where a user wants to buy Dogecoins in very large quantity, they need to first buy Bitcoin, and then proceed to swap the Bitcoins for Dogecoins at an appropriate online exchange that can help with the swapping.

Trading with Dogecoin

It is a very good idea if you first take a careful look at the statistics, the market structures, and the fundamental technology behind the digital currency before investing in it. Currently, its value is not as much as other contemporaries but if you are waiting for the price to go up, you may never make money from it.

After confirming that you have a Dogecoin wallet, the next step is to search for a Dogecoin trading exchange. One example is Coinbase which is very reputable as you will be sure you are not been duped.

After you have Dogecoin in your wallet, Search for an exchange house online where you can buy and sell your coins or swap them for other things you may need. Please be careful when choosing an exchange house.

Storing Dogecoin

Create a mobile or web wallet and please, make sure to encrypt it so as to safeguard your coins. Create a password and make sure you back up your details in case of a computer crash.

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I know you might probably be confused because there is a digital currency with the known as Ethereum, and now another- Ethereum classic? Why do they share a common name? Are they really different from each other? Well, let’s see.

Ethereum Classic is a digital currency that is open-source or public distributed computing platform that runs on the ‘Smart Contract’ functionality. It is also worth mentioning that it is blockchain based- based on the public digital ledger.

It wasn’t created until just two years ago and its development is still active. To help understand why it shared a common name with another digital currency, the following brief history will aid your knowledge.

When Ethereum (another cryptocurrency) was created, there was a little disagreement about the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) hard fork, which is aimed at providing investor-directed venture capital fund. Some members of the new Ethereum community agreed with the Ethereum foundation on this while others disagreed.

The members who disagreed outrightly rejected the forking method on purely philosophical grounds. And since users already were in possession of ETH before the fork, they still had that same amount after the fork. That was how a new digital currency, the Ethereum Classic was born after going through and passing some technical examinations. They argued that the blockchain will always remain unchanged so they opted for using the unforked version of Ethereum and that is what we have today as Ethereum classic.

This digital currency also enables the execution of scripts using an international network of user-computer called nodes. This is due to its use of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

It works to provide a value token known as ‘classic ether’, which is transferable from one participant to another and can be stored in a digital wallet. The ‘classic ether’ is also used to reward participants nodes for solving mathematical problems as a means of mining the digital currency.

The internal transaction pricing mechanism in its blockchain network is called the GAS, and it has many functions including preventing spam on the network as well as awarding new coins based on requests.


  1. Provides the benefit of immutability- the blockchain will always remain the same. This is a guarantee that it will always stay in business without any outside manipulation.
  2. The Ethereum classic blockchain also is resistant to miner consensus
  3. The Transaction fees are considerably low and that is a factor that will attract investors globally.


  1. Ethereum came before this, so many people have already chosen Ethereum as the winning fork.
  2. There are fears of network security due to its minuscule hash rate.
  3. There is no active user base presently.
  4. There is no active foundation to fund or coordinate its blockchain.
  5. Trading is considered by some as dangerous and there are fears that the network will crash soon.

Where/How to buy it

Method 1- Buy a very common cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Litscoin or even Ethereum. Then you go to an exchange website like Changelly Exchange or any other and swap it for Ethereum classic currency (ETH) by giving them your popular coin. This is the easiest and safest way to acquire it.

Method 2- You can purchase it directly from an Etherum classic miner with your fiat currency.

Method 3- You can also buy it from a trading platform. There are those who already have Ethereum classic and are willing to sell them as a means of trade.

The above-mentioned methods will only be viable if you already have an ETH wallet ready. Then also remember to transfer your coins to your wallet, which is when you can confidently say they are yours.

Trading with it

Although it is quite new in the market, a number of people and quite a handful of online exchanges questioned its validity, all has changed since the biggest online Ethereum exchange added it to their market.

So carefully search out reputable exchange website, register on the site, fund your account and proceed to trade on them. Other reputable exchange includes Coinone, Bitfinex, Kraken, Yobit and so on.

Storing Ethereum Classic

The truth is that there are a few different options Ethereum Classic users can choose from; although, some are better than others. It all boils down to personal preference and choice between software or hardware options.

For short-term storage of ETH, it is best to operate a software wallet like the mobile or web wallet. This type of wallet is also good for storing very small amount of ETH value.

But for long term storage and storing a large amount of ETH value, please kindly consider using hardware wallet as it will ensure your income remains intact and without any anxiety of default forfeit.

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The Ethereum blockchain’s focus is on running the codes necessary for programming any decentralized application. In the Ethereum blockchain, miners do not mine for Ethereum coins; rather they work to earn “Ether”, which is a crypto token that powers the network. It goes one step beyond a cryptocurrency that can only be used to trade by also being used by application developers to pay for the transaction fees incurred and other services in the Ethereum network.

All blockchains have the ability to process codes, not all can do it extensively. But the Ethereum stands out in that in that it is not limited to just some operations like other blockchains, it goes further by enabling developers to create any kind of operations they so ever desire. Developers can use Ethereum to create thousands of other different supplications that go way beyond anything we have seen before.

Ethereum also has one important feature associated with digital currencies, the smart contract. What is a smart contract? A contract that is smart, is that what you are thinking? Well, the smart contract is just a phrase used in describing computer codes that can facilitate the exchange of money, property, shares, contents and virtually anything that has value. In a blockchain network, the smart contract is a computer program that self-operates when certain conditions are met. The smart contracts run as exactly as they are programmed without any possibility of expurgation, downtime, and fraud or a third party interference. “Ethereum blockchain has some extraordinary capabilities. One of them is that you can build smart contracts. It’s kind of what it sounds like. It’s a contract that self-executes and the contract handle the enforcement, the management, performance, and payment”

Some have termed Ethereum “the next internet”. When viewed similarly, “the blockchain”, or the public, permissionless blockchain protocols could be seen as a more primitive version of what could become a mature “Internet of Value”. Such a public utility could one day provide a similarly layered architecture to expand the Internet of Information or the Internet as we know it today, to deliver all manner of financial and non-financial transactional services.

If the Internet decentralized access to information, thereby increasing access to communication tools, the vision for the blockchain is that it would decentralize, and reduce barriers to establishing trust and transacting in the digital world.

Creator and inventor Vitalik Buterin wrote: “Bitcoin was designed to be a [Simple Mail Transfer Protocol] SMTP. It’s a protocol that is very good at one particular task. It is good for transferring money, but it was not designed as a foundational layer for any kind of protocols to be built on top.” In remarks, Buterin spoke of the need for a technology that was more expansive, and that replicated the functionality of Turing-complete programming languages in a way that would be so powerful as to describe any blockchain application that could possibly be built. He later added that: “Ethereum does not have features; it just has a programming language.”


  1. It is multifunctional (as a means of payment and as a programming language).
  2. Secured Network as it utilizes encryption.
  3. It is transparent as transactions are recorded on the public digital ledger.
  4. It uses the proof-of-stake functionality.
  5. Can save you much time, money and efforts by the simultaneous syncing of your systems to the blockchain network.


  1. Currently facing its biggest challenge yet: Scalability.
  2. Since it is new to the game, it is just working up its popularity in the crypto market.
  3. Using the currency requires ‘Gas’ to complete transactions. It means that when you use your token for any transaction, instead of enriching your own network, it enriches the Ethereum network.

here/How to buy it

It is like all other digital currency in that you must buy it through an online exchange. Some of the online exchanges you can use are Kraken, Gemini or Bitstamp. They are reputable exchanges with an impeccable track record.

So when you have made your choice of an exchange, you must create your own account. You might be asked to verify the account. When that is done, you will have to deposit fiat currency to acquire ETH coins and then proceed to withdraw the Eth into your Ethereum wallet.

Trading with Ethereum

This process will also require you to make use of an online trading platform or exchange. You can search for some by yourself through a normal internet search. But the exchange you decide to choose will be determined by where you live, personal preference or government laws.

Some, if not all exchanges will allow you to purchase Ether directly as opposed to some other digital currencies that will require you to first buy Bitcoin and then let you swap them for Ethers.

When you have successfully cited an exchange, register and fund your account with fiat currency and you can then proceed to pay for goods and services with the Ether tokens you have acquired.

Storing Ethereum

With Ethereum, there are basically two safest ways of storing the Ethers: paper wallets or hardware wallets.

Paper wallets are also called cold-storage and they are good for short-term transactions but are not really ideal for long-term storage. With paper wallets, you do not have to worry about computer failures.

With hardware wallets, it is very hard to fall victim to hacking and that is why many people choose it for long-term storage of digital currencies.

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You probably think it was made in China or the developer is named China, right? No. It was not created in China. It is based on the same framework as with the Litecoin. It uses the script key derivation function, the proof-of-work scheme, which is password based. It is generated in 60 seconds block, with 88 coins per block, very attractive block reward for potential miners.

Some have argued that ChinaCoin (CNC) is just another clone of Litecoin, but the truth is that it isn’t so. This digital currency boasts some other amazing characteristics that even Litecoin cannot boast of, and this new characteristic is well appreciated in various trading communities.

Another good thing about this digital currency is that potential miners have the option of either mining it single-handedly or joining a mining pool. Now let us briefly talk about the two options and the benefits it offers.

If your choice is to mine CNC solo, you will not have to worry too much about the profits. This is because CNC uses script algorithm for mining new coins. That being said, you will not need to use very expensive and extremely capable mining hardware to mine them. Remember that it was based on the Litecoin, so you are automatically assured that you can use the common consumer-grade CPUs and GPUs for the mining of new CNC.

What if your choice is to join some mining pool in other to earn new CNC coins? You will be guaranteed that even though the earning may be small compared to mining this digital currency solo, the amount of CNC coins mined will always remain constant as long as the mining pool keep solving new blocks.

The Cryptocurrency also has a CNC Coin calculator for miners with which they can compute their earnings. You can decide to compute your expected earnings hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly.

But how is it possible to compute ‘expected’ earning when you have not started mining proper? The clue lies in observing details like the mining difficulty, exchange rate, power costs, hash rate, block rewards, hardware costs and likely pool fees. These will give you an idea of how much you can earn from mining CNC coins within a time frame.


  1. The Freedom it guarantees to prospective miners is one of the best in the cryptocurrency world.
  2. More and more commercial Banks are already looking into utilizing its amazing functions to better their transaction procedures.
  3. It has a high level of anonymity, a very important feature of a digital currency.
  4. Improved level of Network security.
  5. It is a public-sourced digital currency, hence all transactions are transparent.


  1. Since mining CNC coins are easier when mining with a mining pool, some mining pools are known to charge high fees for membership.
  2. It is not too popular as some are not readily accepting it as a means of transaction.
  3. Some governments have actually limited people’s use by banning the use in some countries (developing countries mostly).

Where/How to buy it

Apart from mining this currency as a way to own it, you can also buy it from potential sellers or from an exchange website.

The easiest way to buy ChinaCoin is by first purchasing a very common digital currency, like the Litecoin, and then looking for a suitable exchange website where you can exchange it for CNC coins. This method adds no stress whatsoever to it and you are almost guaranteed you will get what you paid for.

Another way is by making a direct purchase of the coin. You can either use your credit card or other money payment agencies like Paypal, Payoneer or even use a direct bank transfer.

Another way is to go to any trading platform and search for those who are ready to totally trade it out and buy it from them. One advantage of this is that you might end up buying them for less, since most sellers on this platform are looking to cash in on the coins, and they are always desperate.

All these are said with the knowledge that you already have a CNCCoin wallet where you will keep them after acquiring them.

Trading with CNCCoins

In some developed countries, CNCCoins are readily accepted at almost every retail outlets or online stores. So you can actually do some transactions with it buy using CNCCoins as a means of payment for goods and services, either online or offline.

You can also search for some trading platforms like Avatrade, which generally allows you to do business with various kinds of digital currency. If you carefully observe market trends well and know the best time to sell, you are sure to make enough profits.

Storing CNCCoins

This best way to store CNCCoins is using a paper wallet which is also called “cold storage”, and it is the most secure for this digital currency because it lets you store your CNCCoins in any desired form of offline storage, independent of a computer, and that means hackers have no chance of reaching your funds and they can’t steal your money.

Another advantage of the paper wallet is that computer viruses cannot tamper with your documents whenever you desire. Only you can access it as it is like your own bank vault. The only way of losing your CNCCoins is if you lose the safe, forget where you kept it or in cases of a natural disaster, maybe fire or flood.

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IOTA is an open-source distributed ledger protocol launched about two years ago and it goes \'beyond blockchain\' through its core invention of the blockless Tangle. The IOTA Tangle is a quantum-resistant Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG), whose digital currency \'iota\' has a fixed money supply with zero inflationary cost.

It was created by David Sřnstebř as the founder and has Dominik Schiener, Sergey Ivancheglo, Prof. Serguei Popov as Co-Founders. Since it is no Blockchain, here are the things that make it different from other cryptocurrencies:

  • IOTA has no mining, no blocks, and no difficulty
  • IOTA has no transaction fees
  • IOTA scales almost infinitely, unlike Blockchains
  • IOTA is not solely made as a currency but as an interoperability protocol that solves the problems of the Internet of things
  • IOTA wants to enable the machine economy

IOTA uniquely offers zero-fee transactions and no fixed limit on how many transactions can be confirmed per second. Scaling limitations have been removed since throughput grows in conjunction with activity; the more activity, the more transactions can be processed and the faster the network. Further, unlike blockchain architecture, IOTA has no separation between users and validators (miners/stalkers); rather, validation is an intrinsic property of using the ledger, thus avoiding centralization.

IOTA is focused on being useful for the emerging machine-to-machine (m2m) economy of the Internet-of-Things (IoT), data integrity, micro-/nano- payments, and other applications where a scalable decentralized system is warranted. IOTA offered an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) where approximately 1337 Bitcoin were invested.

All 2779530283277761 IOTAs have been created right from the start in the Genesis transaction.

The IOTAs have been distributed among the shareholders. Not only extern investors but also the founders and developers had to invest with their private money.

All IOTAs are distributed and part of the Markets (except the unclaimed from a few ICO investors). Sometimes last year, the IOTA Foundation was announced and since then, it grew in numbers and expertise. The IOTA Foundation has the four co- founders as members and this Foundation is registered as an NGO in Germany.


To understand what IOTA really means, you have to look at the use-cases that are in development and the technical limitations we already see right now and expect in the future.

The Internet of Things, the Internet of Everything are, as parts of the 4th industrial revolution, uncharted areas, that promise lots of possibilities, but due to the mentioned limitations also uncertainties. A global network, with connections into vital infrastructures, is boon and bane. We see emerging Markets, exponential growth, and progress, but also insecure terrain.

IOTA as a data and settlement layer is able to create a system that relies on decentralization, data actuality, and temper proof algorithms.


  1. No transaction fees. It is absolutely free
  2. Validation is done through new transactions that reference yours, which is an elegant approach to transaction finality.
  3. Has a large community where new users can ask questions from experienced ones.


  1. The tangle on which it works requires proof-of-work, which means users will be spending on electricity and chips. If it was using proof-of-stake, transaction generators will not have to go through this.
  2. No smart contracts.

Where/How to buy it

For now, the only way to buy IOTA is to first purchase Bitcoins, then look for an online exchange, a reputable one with proven track record to swap it. There are a number of exchanges that allows for such transactions.

The exchange will require you to deposit your bitcoins as you bid to purchase IOTA.

Trading with IOTA

In order to trade with IOTA, you will have to make use of an exchange that is meant for that specifically for that. The reason you only have this option, for now, is that not all merchants are ready to start accepting it as a means of payment. Although there is some investment holding companies that allow for this transactions.

Here are two reputable exchange websites that can help you trade your IOTA holdings for goods and services.

  1. Bitfinex
  2. Kraken

Storing IOTA

You will need Mobile wallet for installing IOTA wallet. From this mobile application, you can send, receive, and pay IOTA on it with a simple click. It is just like your Bank app.

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Litecoin is one of the over 900 known digital currencies or cryptocurrencies in the global market, and as expected, it is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that makes instant payment possible to anyone anywhere in the world, at a near-zero transaction fee.

As true of all other digital currencies, it is fully decentralized; that is no central control body or authority controlling its creation and distribution. It is an open source software project that was released by Charles Lee, a former employee at Google, about five years ago even though there were rumors that he didn’t really develop it.

Some say Litecoin was developed by a group of programmers, while others don’t know what to believe, but the authentic information has Charles Lee as the author and creator. It was released under the famous MIT/X11 license. The interesting thing about this license is the power it gives its users to run, adjust and duplicate the software programmed. It also gives its users the option of distributing the software.

Because of its decentralized nature, individuals who choose it can embrace the financial freedom it affords as everyone will be able to control their finances. It offers a faster transaction time when compared to some other kinds of digital currencies and better storage efficiency than the traditional paper currency that we all know.

When compared to other cryptocurrencies, it also boasts the ability to handle deals or transactions of higher volume at once. There is no fear of whether the software will be modified in the future as the blockchain that powers Litecoin support more transactions at the same time. It is expected that a total of eighty-four million Litecoin will be mined over Litecoin’s mining cycle, isn’t that amazing?


  1. It is not as vulnerable to spam attacks like some other digital currencies because, on a set number of transaction outputs, there is a transaction fee (minimal) levied. Other digital currencies place small transaction fees per kB of the transaction.
  2. Can handle more transactions at the same time. It creates newer blocks or transactions about four times faster than the famous Bitcoin block.
  3. Provides much value for less payment which is good for business.
  4. Gives users the ability to store their money how they like because they are confident there is no centralized body that wields power over it or can control how it is spent. As such it offers more freedom as opposed to the current financial system.


  1. Because it is new to many people the rate at which it is accepted is slow compared to some other types of digital currency.
  2. If the government decides to declare owning Litecoin illegal, you may find yourself in trouble. Currently, the government stance on cryptocurrencies is not clear. And the danger is real as Litecoin is not taxed, and is somewhat of a competition to the government issued currency. Other regulations could also make Litecoin less attractive.
  3. In order to use Litecoin, you need wallets, exchanges, payment processors, etc. Not all of these services have perfect security. And if your funds are stolen, all you can do is to hope your service provider will be kind enough to give you refund.

Where/How to buy it

Buying Litecoin is the first thing you should do before thinking of trading with it and in just some few steps I will show you what how to buy it.

Step 1: Acquire a Litecoin wallet- This is the first step to buying your litecoin. Whats the point of buying when there is nowhere to store them? We will discuss more on types of litecoin wallets later

Step 2: Identify a suitable exchange- An exchange can be compared to an agent that you pay to get the litecoins. Most exchanges will release Litcoins for Bitcoins but there are some exchanges that allow you to purchase Litecoins directly. Some of them are Bitpanda, Bitstamp, and Coinbase.

Step 3: Withdraw to your Litecoin wallet- Some have made the mistake of buying litecoins and leaving them with an exchange only to suffer the bitter consequences. Do not make this same mistake because the exchange can shut down or get hacked.

Trading with Litecoins

Ever heard the saying that ‘Plan for the worst and hope for the best’? That is a simple rule of trading with Litecoins. If you are a first timer, do not invest all your life’s savings in it immediately. Some have found out that for the first time, they should invest only what they can afford to lose. As time goes on, you can increase your stake in it gradually.

Another thing is to study the market very well and not too heavily rely on what the guesses might be. Before investing, try to do your homework so to speak. You can contact experts and those already in the business to know when best to invest and for analysis of market trends.

If you do not love the cryptocurrency world, succeeding might not be easy. Make sure that the motivating factor should be because you have a strong belief in the concepts as well as the future prospects of Litecoin, and not just because others are doing it.

And always identify some common mistakes made by others as well as yourself with the aim of learning from them. The truth is that Litecoin has a very bright future and only the shrewd can benefit from it. Remember, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Storing Litcoins

Want to store for short term or long term purposes?

You can download any of the mobile wallets- more like your bank\'s mobile app, or simply use a hardware wallet that allows storing your Litecoins offline and you hold your private keys (which is like you four digit PIN) with which you can send Litecoins to someone else. It is the most secure way to store them and please just try not to forget your private keys.

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Monero (XMR) is an open-source digital currency created about three years ago and it focuses on three major things namely privacy, decentralization and scalability. Unlike many cryptocurrencies that are derivatives of Bitcoin, Monero is based on the CryptoNote protocol and it has different algorithmic differences relating to blockchain obfuscation.

Monero was launched originally under the name BitMonero, which is a compound of Bit (as in Bitcoin) and Monero (literally meaning \"coin\" in Esperanto). Five days later, the community opted for the name to be shortened just to Monero. It was launched as the first fork of CryptoNote-based currency Bytecoin. In addition, the Monero developers found numerous incidents of poor quality code that were subsequently cleaned and reconstituted

Monero is powered strictly by Proof of Work, but specifically, it employs a mining algorithm that has the potential to be efficiently tasked to billions of existing devices (any modern x86 CPU). Monero uses the CryptoNight Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm, which is designed for use in ordinary CPUs.The smart mining feature allows transparent CPU mining on the user\'s computer

Monero is a secure, private, and untraceable cryptocurrency. It is open-source and accessible to all. With Monero, you are your own bank. Only you control and are responsible for your funds. Your accounts and transactions are kept private from prying eyes.

Monero is secure- Monero is a decentralized cryptocurrency, meaning it is extremely difficult to hack and steal your funds. Transactions are confirmed by distributed consensus, and then immutably recorded on the blockchain. Third-parties do not need to be trusted to keep your Monero safe.

Monero is private-Monero uses ring signatures and ring confidential transactions to obfuscate the amounts, origins, and destinations of all transactions. Monero gains all the benefits of a decentralized cryptocurrency, without any of the standard privacy concessions.

Monero is untraceable- Sending and receiving addresses as well as transacted amounts are obfuscated by default. Transactions on the Monero blockchain cannot be linked to a particular user or real-world identity.

Monero is fungible- Monero is fungible because it is private by default. In its current state, it is extremely unlikely that Monero will ever be blacklisted by exchanges or vendors due to its association in previous transactions.


  1. Forking is done regularly and routinely on Monero.
  2. Provides a high level of security.
  3. Increased anonymity.


  1. The biggest con is that monero has a lot of stakeholders, and it would be a challenge to convince them to switch to a new chain.
  2. Compared to other digital currency, it is still below in the acceptability list.
  3. Few online exchanges allow the direct purchase.

Where/How to buy it

The transaction fees involved in the buying of Monero will be lower if you choose to buy it directly on the monero trading exchange like Changelly or Kraken.

But if you are interested in large purchases of the digital currency, it is highly recommended to use an exchange. As always, you will need to register on the exchange and fund the account. Some Exchanges will take a couple of business days in order to fund your account and actually get your identity verified with the exchange. So, please do take note of that.

The best option and fastest way for buying Monero are by first buying Bitcoin and then instantly swap your Bitcoin for Monero. This is especially appropriate if you are in a rush and want to take advantage of a dip in prices.

There are many exchanges that can help you do this successfully.

Trading with Monero

Monero\'s market operates like that of many other cryptocurrencies. Those interested in investing in the cryptocurrency can purchase it outright through exchanges including Poloniex, Bitfinex, and Kraken.

Carefully observe the market trends, the rise and fall of the prices before making any investments on any exchange because the goal of any investment is to make a profit. So you do well to observe this as well.

You may also be fortunate to meet those you are desperately in need of cash, so they might want to sell off their Monero coins, and this will be at a lower price. But be careful of scams.

Storing Monero

Download the paper wallet generator, Unzip and open the paper wallet generator (monero-wallet-generator.html) into a web browser on an air-gapped computer that hasn\'t been used before, or has had a clean installation of the OS.

Your paper wallet will have four important items:

  • Monero Public Address - The public address is used to receive funds to the wallet. You give this to anyone who will be sending funds to your wallet.
  • Monero Mnemonic Seed- The mnemonic seed is a method of storing the entire wallet that is easily recognizable to humans. This is all you need to restore your wallet at a later date.
  • Monero Private Spend Key- The private spend key is used to send funds from the wallet.
  • Monero Private View Key- The private view key is to view transactions entering the wallet. Commonly this is used to setup a view-only only wallet which can see incoming transactions live on the blockchain as they are sent to a cold storage wallet.

At this point, you have many options. You can print the wallet on paper, save it as a PDF or text on a USB stick, burn it to CD/DVD, etc. Most likely you will want at least two or three copies, stored securely in different locations. If storing digitally, encrypt everything with a strong password. If storing on paper, do not show the wallet to anyone else who can memorize your 25-word key, or take a picture of the wallet without your permission. Sending someone a picture of the wallet is the same as giving away all of your funds.

Whichever method you chose, be sure there\'s no copy of the Monero wallet left over on the device you used.

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This special peer-to-peer digital currency was written in Java, and it was launched along with its blockchain about two years ago. It was created with the aim that in time, it will gain an unprecedented global acceptance because of its special features. It was created by someone known as UtopianFuture, a former Bitcoin Talk Forum user.

The main inspiration behind the innovation was Nxt, an open source cryptocurrency and payment network. The software used to power it is also been tried by some already established financial institutions in Asia (majorly Japan) and also few financial organizations worldwide.

Initially, the NEM project was not entirely legal when it started, although that has changed presently. There was a call on people already on the Bitcoin Forum to participate in the project and contribute to the development of the project. But as time goes on, willing ones came out to support, and as the project blossomed, those who participated in the crowdfunding were able to redeem the stakes they paid for.

Because it wasn’t legal at the time, some left and there were fears over others about their commitment to the project. A deadline was set and at the end of the deadlines, all unclaimed funds were devoted to the development of the digital currency NEM, and that was how it became operational eventually.

One of the exciting features of this digital currency is the enhancement to its blockchain network, which includes the proof-of-importance algorithm, encrypted messaging, multi-signature accounts and the EigenTrust ++ reputation system. And as true of many digital currencies currently in the market, it is decentralized, and its issuance is based on a fixed decentralized peer-to-peer consensus.

Looking at some other digital currencies, we notice that they function based on the proof-of-work algorithm, but NEM utilizes the Proof-of- Importance. The benefit of this is that the NEM infrastructure server will run independently of the NEM community client. This allows the lightweight computer (also known as Light Client) that works to connect the system to the server, to operate fully without having to run a full copy of the NEM blockchain.

The proof-of-Importance algorithm also allows the NEM system to timestamp Transactions. Its block time is about 1 minute or a little less. And you necessarily don’t have to own a lot of coins to for to start a block.


  1. It is very profitable to invest in because of its high value.
  2. Have some powerful technological advantages over its rivals.
  3. It uses Java, which is a very common programming language, which in turn will boost its acceptance.
  4. Since it has been successfully tried and endorsed by Japanese Banks, it won’t take long before it becomes a global phenomenon.
  5. Due to its incentive to hold, it has a great prospect for growth.


  1. Compared to other digital currencies, it has a low trading volume and stability.
  2. No real notable business collaboration as of present.
  3. Its marketing is below expectations.

Where/How to buy it

Currently, it is very hard buying NEM directly as it is just developing, but the easiest way to purchase it is to buy a common digital currency and then use an online exchange platform to swap it for XEM coins.

An example is Changely, an exchange that allows you to buy a specific digital currency with another digital currency. It can also directly integrate your XEM into the NEM nanowallet.

When you get to such exchange site, you will need to create an account with them and verify the account. You also need to add a payment method in other to fund the account.

If you do not previously own Bitcoin or other common cryptos, you can first purchase it there and then go to the section where you will swap it for NEM. Since you will be buying on the exchange, you can use your credit card or MasterCard to make the payment.

Trading with NEM

There are two ways in through which you can trade with your NEM coins. The first way is to directly pay retailers who are known to accept NEM as a means of payment for goods and services offered with the NEM coins which you possess.

It will be interesting to know that a few merchants and retail outlets, especially in Asia are already accepting it. There are a couple of merchants in Europe and America who also joins this category.

A second way is by using a trading online exchange. With the knowledge that you know what a trading exchange is, here is some trading exchange where you can do transactions with NEM. They include Poloniex, Bitrex, Hitbtc, Yobit, Bter, Cryptopia, and so on.

Storing NEM

The major wallet where you can store you NEM currency is the wallet commonly known as the NEM nanowallet. It is a Mobile wallet or Mobile Application through which you can store, send and receive NEM currency. It is compatible with almost all devices. You can also upgrade it anytime there is an upgrade.

For a long term storage, you can create a paper wallet for it.

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Potcoin is another peer-to-peer digital currency, based on the open source software that was released under the MIT/X11 license. Although it shares some technical similarities with Litecoin, its main aim is becoming the standardized means of payments for industries that are authorized to legally produce cannabis.

This digital currency is decentralized, that is, not managed by any central authority or agency. It was created about three years ago by Joel Yaffe and Nick Iversen and another anonymous third entrepreneur, all hailing from Montreal, Canada. Their goal is to create a platform for legal cannabis industries worldwide, and that was why the cryptocurrency was launched at exactly 4:20 p.m. (a number associated with cannabis consumption, i.e. 420).

The growth of this digital currency was so fast that just after a year of launch, its value has risen that in the crypto world, Potcoin is one of the currencies with the highest value, and presently, nearly all retailers and online stores are accepting it as a means of transaction.

Although it hasn’t been a sweet ride all the way for Potcoin because just after a year of launch, the original developers went their separate ways for some reasons that were never revealed. The Potcoin community at that time though that will be the end of the innovation, but somehow tried to steer it away from the path of extinction by developing many other things that have kept it going until today.

Its major feature is the proof-of-stake system, and it is based on a public digital ledger known as the blockchain network. The forking of this currency is special as it offers an increase in the maximum number of coins, a shorter block generation time and a much quicker halving schedule (better than in Litecoin).

Generally, this digital currency can be mined by mining hardware like the CPUs and GPUs and on the ASIC Script. But more recently, the mining algorithm has been changed from Script to POSV. POSV is an algorithm that rewards both the ownership of the coin and also transactions made with the coins.


  1. It is the very first in the crypto market to be involved in business with legalized cannabis
  2. It is similar to Litecoin, which is a well-established coin; this will boost its global acceptance.
  3. It has a very good way of solving the banking and network problems currently facing the cannabis industry.
  4. This network has been known to support much charitable organization


  1. There are legal difficulties currently facing the cannabis industries worldwide.
  2. Since it is directly related to the cannabis industry, many people which have cultural norms against cannabis will find it hard accepting it as a means of payment.
  3. Many think it is not useful outside the cannabis industry.

Where/How to buy it

Much online exchange websites that allow for the trading of numerous digital currencies also allows for the trading of Potcoin. These sites allow and promote the private and local trades and on these sites, one can either purchase Potcoin or sell it.

There are different ways of payment for this cryptocurrency. One way is to buy first buying a more common digital currency and then try exchanging it for Potcoins. As true of all other types of digital currencies, this is the safest and easiest way to buy them.

You can also pay via your local bank account using direct funds transfer, or use your credit card.

After the purchase, get a Potcoin wallet (will be discussed in details later) and store them there.

Trading with Potcoin

Currently, there are over 60 globally-known merchants that officially accept Potcoin as a payment method for other products and services, all outside the cannabis industry. So it establishes the fact that you can actually buy and sell other products using Potcoin as a means of payment. And remember, it doesn’t have to be cannabis alone.

You can also buy and sell this currency as well to make more profits. There are many trading platforms that allow the buying and selling digital currencies that you can utilize. There will also be some very desperate owners who want to sell their coins and you can benefit from that provision by buying it and keeping them for later; many for sale or for buying other things. You can also buy other digital currencies with it as well.

Remember, in choosing an online exchange to be traded on, please be careful so as to know if the exchange is one that is known for conducting transparent deals.

Storing Potcoins

The potcoin wallet is the wallet in which you store your Potcoin asset. It is from this wallet that you also send and receive Potcoin for your transactions. Of the four types of digital wallets available, which of them is the best for storing Potcoins?

The Software wallet, which is an online wallet, is the best for storing Potcoins. It is considered the best for such because of the fact that you get to generate the Private Key or PIN with which you validate all your transactions. Your public key is the address to which other users will send money.

Because it is online, you must be careful so that computer viruses do not jeopardize your wallet. Some have found it helpful to install good antivirus programs to help them protect their computers. If you lose your date, the money is gone forever, so be careful with your computer security.

It will also be helpful if you encrypt your data.

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Ripple is a special type of decentralized digital currency, a peer-to-peer payment system, and it does more than just provide a platform for making exchanges. It does not function to swap goods and services with currency, rather it is a medium for converting one currency to another, and it does not need a central exchange for this conversion. During its launch some five years ago, it was stated that Ripple will make possible “secure, instant and nearly free global financial transactions of any size with no chargebacks.”

It was created by a group of people namely: Arthur Britto, David Schwartz and Ryan Fugger, and it works with the same consensus digital ledger that most other cryptocurrency works on; it is also mined like other decentralized currencies like the Bitcoin. This public digital ledger is shared, the contents of which is decided on by a general agreement or consensus.

Here is an interesting question, for Ripple to work, for a transaction to proceed on the Ripple network, what is required? It requires two parties: A Regulated Financial institution (that holds the funds) and the Market Makers. The first party also issues balances on behalf of the customers while the second party, the customers, provide liquidity in the currency they desire to trade with.

Some digital currency functions based on the proof-of-work or the proof-of-stake, but with Ripple, it functions with a Consensus Scheme. This allows for more trust between participating parties and it strengthens the overall Ripple network.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology emerged as one of Ripple’s major validators early on, but there are other notable companies and internet service providers that took part in the digital currencies validation.

According to a group, the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor, Ripple will “enable a peer-to-peer server architecture to facilitate the movement of value among financial institutions. This allows financial services companies to make direct payments to each other, whether across different networks, geographic borders or currencies.”

One interesting thing about the currency’s network, the Ripple network, is that it cannot be shut down, and that means putting it out of business will be very hard, and that is a big plus for potential investors and stakeholders.

It is also important to note that right from its creation, the number of financial institutions and banks to adopt Ripple as a means of payment has been increasing and that number is still on the rise. In fact, according to one reputable source,” distributed ledgers like the Ripple system have a number of advantages over cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. We will treat these advantages and the disadvantages later in this article.


  1. Ripple boasts the fastest settlement time of any digital currency on the blockchain-like network. According to reports, it can process over a hundred transactions per second.
  2. It offers a payment method without any charge, that is, it is absolutely free to use. That is a very big encouragement for those who plan to invest in it.
  3. The Ripple network is a much-secured network as it is designed to instantly reject malicious users and automatically start again. This will guarantee that your hard-earned income will not be swindled. Since nobody can shut down the network, you can be assured of continued business once you invest in it.


  1. The way it is designed shows clearly that it will never replace corresponding currencies completely.
  2. Since you can choose who you want to reach a consensus with, you need to constantly maintain that list because once broken, it can affect your trade.

Where/How to buy it

As true with any type of digital currency, you need to get a wallet, and in this case, a Ripple wallet. Then the next step is to buy Bitcoin. I believe you know how to do that but in case you don’t, you can identify a suitable exchange to purchase your Bitcoin.

Normally, when you visit the exchange, you will supply your details and add a payment method. It could be via your credit card, for example, and once that is done, you can proceed to fund your account with the exchange and then buy your Bitcoin.

Next, visit Changelly, a cryptocurrency exchange as well (You can do a simple google search for it). You need to register here and set up your account. After that, you can proceed to exchange your Bitcoin for Ripple.

It is not an easy task buying Ripple straight but it is advisable to first buy Bitcoin and then exchange it with Ripple

Trading with Ripple

Because of its infinitesimal fees and its transaction speed, it is a very popular trading currency. So try to reach out to a trading platform. An example is Avatrade. On this platform, you can be sure of actively trading digital currencies like Ripple and other assets.

Fill in your details to open an account. Once you do that, you can click on the ‘web trading’ tab and proceed to buy stuff with your Ripple coins.

Storing Ripple

To store Ripples, first, create a Ripple wallet. You can do this at GateHub.net, one of the most secured sites for that. And if you know a little bit of coding, you can actually download the wallet from the site.

After doing that, you will be asked to generate a Ripple wallet address, and this automatically comes with a PIN or a secret key. With this key, you will be able to access your account and Ripple funds, transfer funds and make a trade. Remember to always keep your secret key and if possible write it down.

ripple, secure instant transactions, financial institutions, corporate cryptocurrency, MIT, settlement layer, swift, digital currency, XRP, changelly, banking transactions
Scott Evans
13.09. 2017 00:00  | 

Stratis is an exceptional innovation because it is not a coin; rather it is simply a platform. Stratis is a Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) Platform, created to provide solutions for corporations in the financial sector that want to enjoy the benefits of Blockchain technology. Stratis allows companies to create their custom blockchain applications with the features they require, making the development process simpler and accelerating the development lifecycle for blockchain projects.

Stratis allows the creation of distinct, private blockchains, which can be launched by third party organizations which can customize them to their needs. These blockchains (sidechains) are secured on the main Stratis blockchain. They can be accessed via lite clients and APIs.


Corporations can take advantage of the Stratis sidechains to launch their blockchain applications without the inherent costs and complications of building and maintaining their own blockchain network infrastructure. Furthermore, these companies can also take advantage and combine pre-existing features found in other blockchains like Ethereum or Waves.

Stratis, the native currency within the Stratum Platform, will be required in order to create and fuel these blockchains. These private chains are based upon the code of the main Stratischain and side chains are compatible and transfer between the two is straightforward.

The Stratis platform will be built on the C# Stratis Bitcoin Full node platform and framework, which will be developed on top of the NBitcoin library, a near-complete port of Bitcoin Core written in C# and .NET by blockchain developer Nicolas Dorier. Since NBitcoin was developed in pure C# and utilizes the .NET framework it is easier to maintain and develop when compared to the traditional C++ Bitcoin Core source code.

Furthermore, the Stratis team will also provide consultancy services, advising companies on which features to use and how to implement them. Stratis will start off as a London-based consultancy firm and move to the international playing field if the demand requires it.


  1. It is a platform for programming geeks to create unlimited innovations.
  2. It combines the security of Bitcoin with the latest advancement in blockchain technology to build its own security.
  3. Highly valued by investors worldwide.
  4. Because of its proof-of-stake algorithm, it will offer lower emission and low inflated.


  1. It is not a platform for the masses, so there is an expected slower adoption.
  2. Not yet accepted by many global merchants.

Where/How to buy it

The best way to buy Stratis is by using an exchange. Some exchange will allow you to buy directly with your cash maybe via credit card or via a Mastercard. Some can also allow you to do a direct wire transfer to them.

But a good number of exchanges that are willing to sell Stratis to you will prefer you to first but a common digital currency, like the Bitcoin. When you get that, they will help you swap it for Stratis.

For example, Changelly, a renown online cryptocurrency exchange site will only permit you to swap Bitcoins for Stratis.

Poloniex is also recognized widely as the world’s largest exchange for alternative digital currencies, STRAT is trading as a BTC pairing.

Bittrex is on the forefront of innovation and expansion, they are proud to have been added to Bittrex right after launch day. They are among the world’s best crypto exchange sites.

Bittylicious, a UK based exchange allows Fiat pairing. They believe that is the best way to avoid Bitcoin based volatility. As a UK resident, you can purchase STRAT on Bittylicious.

Trading with Stratis

As true with some other cryptocurrency that is not readily accepted by merchants globally, the best platform for trading will be with some trading exchange online. With Sytratis, I have listed some exchange that will help you trade your coins for goods and services, maybe for other cryptocurrencies as well.

  • Bitrex
  • Cryptopia
  • Hitbtc
  • Poloniex

Storing Stratis

We are seeing extremely clever tactics being used to subvert the security systems in place that are supposed to protect us. Hacking and theft are becoming an increasing threat, so what can one do to protect themselves and their digital currencies?

With the value of Stratis growing at such a rapid rate, there is a high incentive for people to try to steal your Stratis Tokens, so you must use extreme caution when storing them. If you are storing a large number of STRAT on a device, securing your tokens safely should be your primary concern. While there is no perfect system for securing your $STRAT tokens, there are some steps that you can take to help prevent any malicious attempts to steal your tokens.

If you decide to use a paper wallet, that is an offline wallet for storing very large amount of Stratis, make sure you do not forget your login details as your asset could be gone forever if you do.

In case you opt for a mobile wallet, try not to get a virus, or better still, install a very reliable anti-virus program.

stratis, baas, custom blockchain applications, sidechains, nbitcoin, proof of stake, swapping bitcoin, trading crypto, bittrex, hitbtc, strat
Scott Evans
07.09. 2017 19:59  | 

Another trading school that we\'re going to investigate is run by Casey Stubbs and it\'s called Winners Edge Trading. Allegedly, Casey is a Forex trader but it didn\'t take us too long to find out that he actually has nothing to do with Forex trading. His website winnersedgetrading.com offers us many trading tools such as Strike 3.0 which costs $97 per month. You can get that exact product at lower price of $49. Buying one product grants you access to many additional tools that his website provides, such as strategies, trading rooms, etc.

Winners Edge Trading Review: The Specifics

Besides the Strike 3.0, one of his main products is a series of advanced training video courses. Rest assured that none trading tool will ever be able to help you if you have no idea how to use it. Another problem is that we have no track record proving that these trading tools have ever helped anyone.

Who is Casey Stubbs?

No matter what this Casey Stubbs offers you, you should know that he has never traded before - this is a major sign telling you to NOT trust this guy nor his strategies and tools.

Experience of their past clients

Once you get in touch with them, you\'ll soon end up losing your money without an idea of how to get it back - they\'ll just play around. There are many traders who complained that this service has actually taken lots of money from them but never gave them any useful in return. It\'s exactly what we expected to happen.

Our final opinion on Winners Edge Trading

Based on our thorough investigation we hope that you\'re now aware that this trading school is nothing but a scam run by a fraudster who\'s only aim is to rip you off. Trade safe!

trading school, Forex, scam, Casey Stubbs, Winners Edge Trading
Scott Evans
07.09. 2017 19:58  | 

Brand new fraud, a relaunch or maybe a genuine software? Tesler 2 is a trading system which we\'re about to investigate. As we found out, previous version of this fraud was launched in 2016 and today we\'re looking at another Stephen Abraham\'s system called Tesler 2. Stephen seems to be CEO of Tesler Investments, even though we found out that Tesler Investments is a non-existing company. Basically, we\'re dealing with a relaunch here and we\'ll do our best in order to make you realize that.

Tesler 2 App Review: facts revealed

Allegedly, this automated system is based on cutting-edge satellite technology which allows him to monitor the market\'s movement all day every day and to gather and analyze the data within milliseconds. There are many problems about this claim, like market being closed during the weekend (even though this dude claims that his system works 24/7) and making money while sleeping is NOT available, at least not in this industry.

Stephen Abraham and the Tesler 2 App

Stephen said that he\'s a former Wall Street investor but we easily found out that nobody has ever heard of such former Wall Street investor. We\'re within the industry that relies on reputation - and that\'s something that Stephen doesn\'t have.

Bogus earning claims

There are some contradictions regarding the promotion of this system, such as earning $237 at one moment while seeing an offer saying that you\'d be earning $208, in another moment. Later on, we see that they are asking us to invest $300 and we\'ll be earning $5,000 per day. Bunch of lies.

Fake testimonials to support Tesler 2 app website

They used paid actors and made up identities in order to create fake testimonials. Don\'t fall for this lame fraud!

trading system, fraud, relaunch, Stephen Abraham, Tesler 2
Scott Evans
07.09. 2017 19:57  | 

Chris Terry is a man who stands behind iMarketsLive (imarketslive.com) which actually turned out to be a scam. However, we\'ll do the full honest review so that you can realize what is this shady offer actually about. IMarketsLive is actually a trading school that offers many Forex courses, lessons about trading signals and many more. Chris\'s latest business plan (scam) made him $600,000,000 but it was soon stopped by the people above him.

So, what\'s iMarketsLive?

It\'s nothing more than a website offering you video courses, live Forex signals and other features. Besides other features, iMarketsLive is promoted as a service offering a trading room as well.

Why are we saying that iMarketsLive is a scam?

Forex brokers started complaining about this service and it all happened because too many users of iMarketsLive complained about its service. What\'s better user review than bunch of unhappy former users of the service itself?

So, who is this man in the real sense?

Once there was a story about a successful trader who started out as a poor trader with many losses. This story was about Linda Raschke who opened her trading room with Chris as her co-pilot and they made lots of money. At one point, everyone took different paths and continued with their lives separately. Now, Chris is trying to make a fortune based on innocent traders and unfortunately he is pulling it off.

Launch of iMarketsLive

After closing up his last scam called Zeek Rewards, he launched a new one called iMarketsLive. It didn\'t take us too long to realize that iMarketsLive was actually just a relaunch of Zeek Rewards with no new elements.

How iMarketsLive is supposed to defraud you

As soon as you sign up for an account, you\'re supposed to fund your account. After that, automated program will trade on his own using your balance and you\'ll end up with zero balance.

trading school, Forex, shady offer, scam, Chris Terry, iMarketsLive
Scott Evans
07.09. 2017 19:57  | 

Recently, we\'ve encountered a new signal generator called PaBinary Signals; the website is Binarysignalspa.com and we\'re about to make a thorough honest review about this system.

This is what you need to know about Binarysignalspa or PaBinary Signals

First of all, it\'s confusing whether we\'re getting us involved with the PaBinary Signals or with the Binarysignalspa. PaBinary Signals guarantee accuracy as high as 85% with an example of investing $200 and earning up to $2,500. This signal generator was, allegedly, developed by experienced ex-bankers and hedge fund managers. They are talking about generating 20 signals within 4 hours. There\'s also a claim saying that the number of active users of PaBinary Signals reaches 5,000. With that many users they must have received tons of positive reviews and they must have been around for a while in order to gather up that many users. However, we found out that the website was registered in February 2017 - so how could have they started gathering members 2 years ago? This is already too ridiculous and bogus to be trusted.

More dirt lying underneath this scam

Besides all of this, they are promoted as a signal generator which guarantees daily returns of 270%. Rest assured that this number is way too high for any kind of returns, especially for daily ones. Once again, we remind you that a simple insight into who.is can help us realize where they are located and when was their website launched.

Attractive offers to fool naive traders

As we found out that their website was recently launched, it\'s understandable why such new service is trying to use lame tricks such as making ridiculous and unrealistic promises in order to gather new victims. However, we do not encourage nor excuse this. This scam should be avoided big time!

signal generator, bogus, scam, Binarysignalspa, PaBinary Signals
Scott Evans
07.09. 2017 19:56  | 

We\'ll show you what a scam behind the hyperscalper.com is all about. We\'ll make it loud and clear what this trading platform can and can\'t do.

Hyper Scalper Review

Allegedly, this website will allow you learning what Deep Currency Trend Analytics is. Long story short, it\'s what Forex traders have never heard of. Basically, they\'ll be telling you that trading based on price movement is a good thing - which is not.

Inside Xscalp.com

Xscalp is owned by a trading school, Hyper Scalper, and it\'s a website to which you get redirected from the main website. Even though hyperscalper.com says that there is no monthly subscription for xscalp,com, you\'ll have to pay a monthly subscription for a VPS which costs $28 per month, in order to access all the features they are offering. Both websites are poorly made and they do not provide the much-needed information.

Pure hype, little content and lack of transparency

Trading school usually don\'t get positive reviews and that\'s the case with this one as well. Another problem is that they are talking about certain strategies and indicators that are non-existing.

They have a YouTube page

Sure, they do own a YouTube page but that page didn\'t give us any information that we haven\'t already heard of.

Trading Performance

One of the biggest problems is that this seems to be an anonymous service since we can\'t contact the owner (we can\'t contact it because they didn\'t provide any information about the owner of this service). On top of everything, they don\'t have any results or testimonials that are supposed to make us trust them. At the end, we mark this offer as a scam and we hope that you won\'t be wasting your hard-earned money to this scam.

trading platform, trading school, anonymous service, scam, Hyper Scalper
Scott Evans
07.09. 2017 19:55  | 

We\'ve encountered another managed account service handling Forex trading, and this time it\'s FXOFX. First of the things you should know about fxofx.com is that it has no track record so far - this means that nobody can confirm that this system is doing a good work. Regarding their website - it\'s too poor to be taken serious. Lots of mistakes and poor information is what made us flag this website as quite bad. Thanks to Google ads, this service got promoted throughout the entire internet quickly but that doesn\'t mean that this shady offer is trustworthy. They\'ll do anything they can in order to take over control of your MT4 account but we hope that this review will help you realize that you shouldn\'t do that.

FXOFX Overview

They talk of themselves as of some branded company with high reputation but that\'s far away from the truth - nobody has ever heard of them and they do not have any track record. One of the ways they dominated innocent newbie traders is by promising them 200% monthly returns. They don\'t even have a risk disclaimer nor Terms and Conditions - that\'s how bad they are. Probably the biggest problem regarding this offer is that it asks for a minimum investment of $10,000 in order to start using their service.

Who owns this website?

We were wondering the same thing but unfortunately we didn\'t find out the answer to this question. They remain completely anonymous. They are just talking about hundreds of different strategies but they didn\'t give us any relevant information about their owner nor their system.

Other things which you should probably watch out for

Bogus promises, anonymous owner, no track record - this is what made us realize that we should stay away from this shady offer and we hope that you\'ll do the same thing! Trade safe.

managed account service, Forex trading, shady offer, anonymous, FXOFX
Scott Evans
07.09. 2017 19:53  | 

Another managed account service handling Forex traders is FX Fin 24. Fxfin24.com claims that they\'ve developed the best risk-free trading strategy which their service FX Fin 24 (owned by FX Financial Ltd) provides. We\'ll stop immediately to tell you that there is no such thing as no risk, especially not in the financial industry. Now to continue, we\'ll just mention that their website is full of ridiculous promises which nobody would ever be able to realize.

What is FX Fin 24 or FX-Financial Ltd?

It\'s an service a.k.a auto-trader which offers a robot which uses a completely risk-free trading strategy and generates trading signals every day. This is actually one lame trick where scammers mention as many trading-related things as they can in order to lure as many victims as they can. We have some doubts that owner of forexfinancialsolutions.com which turned out to be a scam as well, is the same owner of fxfin24.com. This already tells us a lot about this offer.

Accusations against FX Fin 24 company

There\'s a claim promising us monthly returns as high as 40 - 150%. Rest assured that these returns are way too high to be trusted. They guarantee a 30% monthly profit. Another lie! We\'ve even heard from users themselves that some of them have lost around $200 within 12 hours since the moment they deposited that money.

A Free Managed Forex Account: Really?

Unfortunately they didn\'t give us any information that would make us trust them. First of all, nothing related to Forex investments is free. Also, you\'d be crazy to let them handle your entire balance - why would someone else be in control of your own account? We hope that you\'ve realized so far that FX Fin 24 is just a scam. Don\'t waste your money nor your time to this lame offer!

managed account service, financial industry, Forex, scam, FX Fin 24
Scott Evans
07.09. 2017 19:52  | 

Alleged owner of the FX Revenge (auto-trading system) is Bob Dollar. He created a system which he promoted as a highly lucrative one but we didn\'t buy that lie. This Bob immediately seemed suspicious because his stories were too optimistic (more like unrealistic) and they all seemed the same as the stories we already got used to with past frauds.

Overview of FX Revenge

Allegedly, you\'re supposed to earn up to $2,621 per day using this auto-trading system. Rest assured that this statement is ridiculous and you should be aware that none human nor software would ever be able to generate such amount of money - more than $60,000 per month just by sitting and doing nothing? Other than that, fxrevenge.net promises many more unrealistic things that are unlikely to happen. There are too many external indicators that affect trading meaning that you can\'t affect the outcome of your trades completely. There are many things happening that you may not be even aware of.

Who is Mr. Bob Dollar to start with?

He got fired back in 2016 from his job and he decided to develop Expert Advisor which he renamed to FX Revenge. The problem is that he jumped into Forex trading without having any previous experience with Forex trading.

More hype along the way to promote an imaginary Forex tool

In case you haven\'t seen it yourself, their promo video only allows us to \"hear\" the owner of this software; we didn\'t get to see his face in order to confirm his identity. This is a typical thing that fraudsters are usually doing. Also, we didn\'t hear any good or smart words during the promo video - we just heard of him talking about how life is sweet and things like that.

Fake success stories

After talking nonsense, he started mentioning some alleged users of the FX Revenge but it didn\'t take us too long to realize that he used paid actors in order to try and trick us into trusting this service. Stay away from this fraud!

auto-trading system, Forex, suspicious, fraud, Bob Dollar, FX Revenge
Scott Evans
07.09. 2017 19:51  | 

Another educational service that\'s supposed to teach you how to get into the Forex trading is called Big Trends and the owner is Price Headley. Bigtrends.com didn\'t manage fooling us and that\'s why we decide to make an honest review, hoping that we\'ll prevent people from losing their money to this bogus system.

So, what\'s up with Big Trends website and why are we treating its owner with an attitude already?

We\'re offered many things on their website regarding the Forex trading. That\'s just their way of tricking people into trusting them. Price Headley claims to be a trading guru but there\'s no hard evidence to prove that. It didn\'t take us too long before we found out that this guy stands behind many scams that happened within the last 10 years. Those scams are not too harmful but he did try to trick people into believing that he is a trading guru.

Inside the Big Trends

At the end, Price offers his secret Forex investment tool for $1,999,99 per year; the regular price however is $3,999,99.

So, what exactly does Big Trends sell?

Option Shark is a product that grants 200% return and it costs $995. Other products such as Afternoon Channel Trader and Big Trends Daily Scanner cost $995 as well.

Do you use Trade station platform?

Price\'s trade station platform costs $500. Certain indicators have been mentioned regarding this platform such as CCI, Acceleration Brands and so on, but we believe that it\'s all just a fraud.

Accountability and proof of performance

Unfortunately but as we expected, this bogus system has no ways of convincing us that it operates with high performance. They didn\'t manage acquiring any user reviews and they sure didn\'t offer anything trustworthy that users could have actually used. We end up having no proof of performance and because of that we have no other choice but to mark this offer as a fraud - stay away from Big Trends!

educational service, Forex trading, bogus system, fraud, Price Headley, Big Trends
Scott Evans
07.09. 2017 19:50  | 

Another managed account service has been launched by Jordan Lindsey is Aggressive Gains. Allegedly, your monthly return will be around 30%. Draw downs can, however, be even up to 78%. Let\'s see what this is all about.

Review of Aggressive Gains by Jordan Lindsey

You\'re promised to achieve 2000% yearly returns just by using this service. Also, you can earn up to $100,000 within no time, just by investing $1,000. However, we didn\'t get to know how this service works - none strategy was explained. Results did show that Lindsey had some good trading weeks thanks to innocent Forex traders, but that\'s it. When it comes to us asking questions about the service and its possibilities, answers come right away; however, as soon as we question the track record and the actual success, no answers show up. Another thing we found out is that this service was hosted at Tallinex Forex broker and, unfortunately, we haven\'t heard many good things about this broker.

Customer complaints

We found out that there were 152 trades that ended bad in someone\'s account. Jordan, however, didn\'t talk about these losses anywhere.

Verifying customer feedback from Jordan Lindsey

Since there were many complaints, we decided to ask Jordan directly about all of the complaints. We were asked to prove that the complaints were real and as soon as we sent him screenshots, we stopped receiving emails from him.

Our final thought and opinion on Aggressive Gains

Jcls-forex.com is a website that seems to hide any relevant information and this website promoted Aggressive Gains. Therefore, we\'d like to inform you to stay away from both this website and Aggressive Gains.

managed account service, Forex, Jordan Lindsey, Aggressive Gains
Scott Evans
07.09. 2017 19:30  | 

Trading Everyday is a new trading platform that is supposed to help you start trading futures, binary options, Forex or anything else! However, the first problem we encountered as soon as we spotted this suspicious offer is the anonymity. We have no idea who\'s the administrator of their website nor who is the person or a company standing behind this offer. There\'s no way for us to verify their company\'s identity and legitimation. This platform even offers boot camps. The price, however, is ridiculous. Their 2-week trial packaged used to cost $697 and they disabled that offer.

Trading Everyday: Points to note

Greatest problem is that they don\'t have any track record to prove their success. They even provided a risk disclaimer saying that they are not responsible for any loss and that they do not guarantee anything. They also said that they are not providing financial advice (because that kind of an activity requires a license to be owned in order to be legitimate), but they are selling advisors and trading indicators for $9,700 which definitely is considered as giving financial advice. They even have a product that guarantees a profit within 60 minutes.

Trading Courses

Trading courses are generally bad because some random people get to \"teach you\" how to become a good trader whereas becoming a good trader requires lots of time, knowledge, experience and many losses. There are many different courses like \"Day Trading Safety Net\" and \"How to get started Day Trading\" but you\'d just waste your money and time listening to these \"courses\". Rather go and learn from some real experts how to behave and what to focus on.

Complaints and broken promises

People have been complaining about this offer for many reasons - being tricked, listening to wrong courses, listening to things that don\'t make sense, etc. This is exactly why we are telling you to stay away from this scam and either invest your money into something that\'s actually trustworthy or start learning on your own.

trading platform, suspicious offer, anonymity, scam, Trading Everyday
Scott Evans
07.09. 2017 19:28  | 

Another trading system that\'s supposed to make Forex trading easier is the Trade4Me. Since this bogus offer seemed too suspicious we decided to find out as many things as we can regarding this managed Forex account service. One of the fake promises that creators of this offer made is that you\'ll get a 300% return.

Trade4Me is a bad idea: Here\'s more stuff which you probably didn\'t know

The minimum initial investment is $250 but they didn\'t explain what\'s this investment actually used for. They also promise a monthly return of 250-30%. Besides this claim is too ridiculous to be true, they also didn\'t mention anything relevant in their policy.

Consolidating funds into one Live Forex account - a bad idea

They didn\'t mention the LPOA document - this is what made things much easier for us. Also, consolidating funds is never a good idea - especially not when they are the ones who would be in charge of your balance. You have no idea what Trade4Me is going to do once you deposit your money into their account. Maybe you would trust them if they showed their track record or any evidence that would make us realize what they\'re going to do with our money.

Other disgusting things about Trade4Me service

Let us once again remind you that it\'s too risky letting anyone else get in charge of your balance. Also, we have no idea who is the owner of the Trade4Me. How are we supposed to trust a service whose owner we don\'t know? On top of everything, without real results and hard evidence, our trust shouldn\'t be gained that easily.

Any other thing worth taking note of

This scam is associated with the Autofxalert.com and Autobinaryalert.com which turned out to be scams as well. That\'s why we\'re hoping that you\'ll avoid this scam big time!

trading system, managed Forex account service, Forex, bogus offer, scam, Trade4Me
Scott Evans
07.09. 2017 19:27  | 

So-called ex-military soldier Jason Stapleton who\'s also been a Forex trader, is the owner of latest trading platform called Trade Empowered. This platform offers a software, \"magical\" indicators, training courses and many more. This guy seems to own few more websites other than Trade Empowered and, even though he claims to be a successful trader, there are no results nor a track record that would prove it to us.

Trade Empowered Review

You should know few things about this bogus offer. First of all, the minimum amount you\'d need to invest if you decided to opt for this platform is $297. However, rest assured that even though it\'s not cheap, it won\'t be enough for you to get into the Forex trading.

Jason Stapleton: who is this guy?

Sure this guy has been around since 2008, but trust us when we tell you that he\'s anything but a full time day trader. He was part of a group that went to the Iraq and Afghanistan and fought for the America, but based on everything we\'ve found (or say NOT found), we can conclude that he is NOT a Forex trader.

How Trade Empowered was born

Ex-military soldier or not, this guy decided to try out Forex trading back in 2009 but he failed because people complained that they\'ve been scammed. Four years later, he launched the Trade Empowered and decide to \"provide\" everything that Forex traders needed.

Contacting the owner of Trade Empowered

Everything was too interesting and at the same time too suspicious and that\'s why we decided to hear what Jason Stapleton has to say for us. At first he didn\'t answer our emails but as soon as we tricked him that we were a newbie trader who wanted to become a Forex trader we got an answer immediately. This was the moment we realized we don\'t need to investigate any further - we were definitely dealing with a fraud and that\'s why we recommend you to stay away from it.

trading platform, Forex, bogus offer, fraud, Jason Stapleton, Trade Empowered
Scott Evans
07.09. 2017 19:26  | 

Recently we\'ve encountered a Forex trading company called TopstepTrader. The only thing this company offers is trading on a simulator. At first we had no idea what this company was up to, so we decided to find out.

TopstepTrader Overview: A bad idea for those who want to make money trading Forex

Allegedly, there\'s a price for anyone who escapes a hamster wheel alive. Their system works like this: You deposit not so small amount of money into your account and you start playing the game. As the game goes on, you\'re losing more and more money; however, if you win, you\'ll receive some amazing prize. This seems more like some kind of lottery.

So what\'s the failure rate of this program?

Based on people who spoke for themselves based on their actual experience, we were able to come up with some real results. Traders usually spend somewhere about $1000. Around 80% of the contestants don\'t win. The winners manage getting $900.

We found out that their website generated around $186,000. This huge amount is what made us so angry - they earned so much money based on people\'s stupidity.

The testimonials/user reviews

Unlike with other scams, this time we can\'t label all of their testimonials to be fake - some traders actually did win and therefore some testimonials happen to be real. They provided only positive user reviews meaning that they didn\'t want to let others know how many people end up losing all of their money. At the end, we recommend you to stay out of this lottery that\'s been made in order to take people\'s hard-earned cash.

trading company, Forex, lottery, TopstepTrader
Scott Evans
07.09. 2017 19:25  | 

Latest trading signal service is the Top Gun Options. This shady offer was run by a Whiz Buckley and they promised to make you rich. Their website topgunoptions.com didn\'t give us any valuable information - it just helped us realize what we\'re actually dealing with.

Top Gun Options Overview

Even though we encountered this company 7 years ago, it\'s alive again and some military stories are brought up this time. Products that this service offers are worth somewhere from $45 to $115. However, the membership costs $165 and the minimum investment is $1,995. Their trial costs $28 but don\'t waste any money on that - you\'ll get a nice insight via our honest review.

According to their \"results\", they made $409,716 during the 2016. However, we\'ve encountered few statements that didn\'t quite match - like 86% success rate in 2016 and 97% win rate in 2016.

Of Verifying trade performance from Top Gun Options

As soon as we decided to contact them, they were happy to answer our questions as long as we were pretending to be a newbie. As soon as we asked for some results to verify their success, the answers stopped coming. Suspicious, don\'t you think?

So, who is Mr. Buckley?

He\'s a \"former Navy flight pilot\" who also attended Top Gun flight school. Even though we were quite suspicious regarding former Navy flight pilot joining our industry, we gave him a chance anyways. Allegedly, he implemented many strategies which he learned during his flight school, into the options trading. However, at the end we still have no hard evidence to prove that anything that Whiz is trying to sell us, actually works. Based on that, we highly recommend you to NOT get in touch with this shady offer.

trading signal service, shady offer, Whiz Buckley, Top Gun Options
Scott Evans
07.09. 2017 19:24  | 

We encountered another suspicious offer that seems to be an asset management company. They are promising to increase your monthly profit even up to 24.8% and the least monthly return on investment is 13%. They claim that the money you invest into them is collected and deposited to the Forex market but they have no way of proving that. You shouldn\'t trust this suspicious offer and we mark it suspicious because they don\'t have any evidence to make us realize what they\'ll be doing with our money.

Resonance Capital Scam: things to note

Resonance Capital Group LP is the parent company of the Resonance Capital. Once we investigated that parent company we realized that we can\'t trust it since they didn\'t make things too clear when it comes to the legitimation.

The only thing they showed is the Vanuatu Financial License but we realized that Resonance Capital wasn\'t on their list of regulated companies. Resonance Capital isn\'t registered in the UK either.

What this website really is

Once again we remind you that there are is proof that would settle things down regarding the money transactions. You could ask for broker statements but, just like everything else, these statements could be fabricated. Besides that, don\'t fall for systems which promise to triple your capital - that\'s not going to happen overnight, especially not with a scam like this one.

Because there aren\'t any actual trades performed by this system, we can\'t make sure that it\'s capable of doing what we\'ve been promised. We highly believe that, once you make an initial investment, they may or may not return the 13-24% of that money within one month, but they would probably keep the rest of the money. Rest assured that this is not a genuine system that will help you increase the monthly income. Stay away from this scam!

asset management company, suspicious offer, scam, Resonance Capital
Scott Evans
07.09. 2017 19:23  | 

New trading system that got launched on August, 2017, is called the Facebook Auto Trader. There are two problems which we encountered quickly - this system has nothing to do with the Facebook itself and there\'s already Facebook Trader system out there. It actually operates within the automotive industry meaning that it has nothing to do with binary options.

Facebook Auto Trader review

Allegedly, you can generate great earnings by this system which, once again we repeat allegedly, analyzes social media data in order to realize what to do next.

Another problem is that the so-called owner of the Facebook Auto Trader, Mr. John Thompson has no track record that would prove that he\'s a successful binary options trader.

Who is the face behind Facebook Auto Trader robot?

They said that John Thompson is the face behind Facebook Auto Trader robot but we didn\'t even see his face in the promo video. Besides his identity, we can\'t even verify his trading skills.

Fake user profiles

Even though there are some kind of testimonials, we soon realized that they used fake photos to create phony identities.

Social media reviews

Don\'t fall for their fake \"Social media reviews\". You should know that they made up those \"reviews\" meaning that you should not trust any of the reviews you see there. If you don\'t believe us, you can search for the reviewers yourself.

No trading results

The worst thing about this software, besides fake identities and fake testimonials, is that it shows no results. How are we supposed to trust a trading system if we can\'t see any results to prove its success?

trading system, automotive industry, binary options, John Thompson, Facebook Auto Trader
Scott Evans
07.09. 2017 19:22  | 

Binary options industry has received a new trading system - Automated Binary. Unfortunately the owner remains anonymous and because we\'re dealing with an anonymous service we have to have doubts about it.

Automated Binary (Automatedbinary.com): Not a convincing product

It didn\'t take us too long to realize that the owner bought a trading robot and just gave him another name. However, that doesn\'t mean that the robot is genuine. Since we didn\'t manage finding any track record, we have no evidence that this software is capable of performing successful trades and therefore we have no reason to trust it.

A demo account worth $5,000 virtual money

Binary options industry is well familiar with demo accounts and that\'s why we\'re instantly telling you to step away from it. Demo trading is fabricated so that you always win trades but demo trading has nothing in common with real trading. Don\'t fall for this lame trick!

Website owned by an anonymous person

This is probably the worst thing about this service - we have no idea who stands behind it. Not only that we can\'t contact the owner but we also have no idea who could that be.

Trading strategy of Automated Binary

Unfortunately, they didn\'t let us know of any strategies that their software uses. Actually, we have no idea how this software is even supposed to work. We believe that they didn\'t provide this information because their software can\'t actually do anything!

Where is past performance

There isn\'t any past performance! They didn\'t provide any track record meaning that we can\'t see if they have actually done something right.

Summary of points to note

Anonymous service with no track record and no strategy - this fraud shouldn\'t be discussed any further.

trading system, binary options industry, anonymous service, fraud, Automated Binary
Scott Evans
07.09. 2017 19:21  | 

1500perday.com offers $1,500 just by activating their software to the first 10 people. We decided to give it a try but we didn\'t get $1,500 for watching their video. Soon after the video ended, they started talking about promotions which offered good prizes - nobody ever mentioned the $1,500 again.

1500 Per Day System: What you Should Know

This trading system seems to have nothing in common with binary options actually. Besides earning $1,500 after watching the video, they said you\'ll be able to earn $560,000 within one year. Don\'t you think of 1500 Per Day as of an suspicious system? At the end, you are being offered a money-making system for free.

Who is Robert Mitchell?

Robert Mitchell seems to be the owner of the 1500 Per Day but we didn\'t get to see his face and we\'re quite sure that this identity is made up.

1500 Per Day scam with more red flags to follow

\"Live trades\" that were shown on their website are actually copied from a scam called Kiwi Method. Because of this, we think that the owner of Kiwi Method is the same guy who stands behind 1500 Per Day.

1500 Per Day uses fake testimonials

Rest assured that their testimonials are fake due to stock photos and made up characters.

Unrealistic win rate

Achieving 98% win rate is too hard for any human or robot. Also, if they are asking for $250-worth initial investment at least they could have gave us the real identity of the owner whose balance we were supposed to increase.

So, why didn\'t we get our $1,500 after watching the video?

It\'s simple - because this scam was never meant to give out money to anyone. We hope that you won\'t get in touch with this or any similar offer.

trading system, binary options, suspicious system, scam, Robert Mitchell, 1500 Per Day
Scott Evans
07.09. 2017 19:20  | 

New trading robot that we\'ve noticed is the ZE Forex. Allegedly, its purpose is making trading Forex easier and more lucrative, even for new traders. However, we found out that it\'s associated with other scams such as Trader\'s Formula, My Online Trading and Trader Formel. Because of this connection, we have no other choice but to mark it as a shady offer.

ZE Forex overview and proof of scam

Their sales page is what made us spot the connection between ZE Forex and other scams (Trader\'s Formula and others). The same promo video was seen within the promotion of the Trading App and Amissio Formula. We do realize the point of marketing but this is just an attempt to trick the people.

Even their testimonials were copied from other scams\' websites. Rest assured that David Jones is not an actual character. We also found out that they\'ve been using a picture which was originally uploaded to the Balance Treatment Center website. With fake photos and testimonials, how are we supposed to trust this offer?

First impression of this site

They haven\'t used anything that we haven\'t seen before. Old tricks and lame approach are not going to trick us. Fake logos as well as made up names and identities will not make us fall for this fraud.

The sales video

During their sales video, we didn\'t hear any relevant information. At the end of that video, we still didn\'t know how was their software supposed to work and who\'s standing behind this entire offer.

More promotion with empty promises

They are talking about trading Forex but they didn\'t mention the number of pips that were gained nor about the MT4 results. This is why we can\'t trust this \"trading robot\".

Reality check

Even though trading Forex includes opting for Buy/Sell options, they offered options called \"Up\" and \"Down\" - this is how we realized their software has nothing to do with trading Forex signals.

trading robot, Forex, shady offer, fraud, ZE Forex
Scott Evans
05.09. 2017 18:18  | 

Latest trading platform is called Seven Figure Cash Code and it promises us $1,000 per day. It operates with binary options and it costs $97 and you\'re good to go. This offer seems good (a little too good) so we decided to see what we can find out about it.

Who stays behind Seven Figure Cash Code?

We remain clueless of who runs this Seven Figure Cash Code offer. They didn\'t give us any information about this anonymous service, not even on their website sevenfigurecashcode.com. Without relevant information about the owner we can\'t trust this offer.

How Seven Figure Cash Code Works?

Unfortunately this is another thing we didn\'t manage finding out. All we managed to find out is that it works by using leverage effect, which means that you get a commission for selling their products online. However, this isn\'t enough of an explanation.

Disturbing things found!

Another problem is that they used fake testimonials and paid actors. Fake photos and fake names were used in order to create \"testimonials\" and they even hired actors for their promo video, who were supposed to make us trust this software. All of those reasons are helping us realize the one thing that we thought of at the exact beginning - we\'re dealing with a scam.

Seven Figure Cash Code Scam Review - Conclusion!

Our thorough investigation was supposed to help you realize the truth behind this marketing wall that they provided. Fake statements, made up characters and paid actors - this should be more than enough to throw away this offer and mark it as a scam.

trading platform, binary options, anonymous service, scam, Seven Figure Cash Code
Scott Evans
05.09. 2017 18:16  | 

Order Flow Analytics is an Forex educational service. This service talks about eliminating complexities of trading and other enthusiastic but hard-to-achieve things so we decided to check it out.

Order Flow Analytics: Fancy names mean nothing as far as your trading is concerned

First of all, you should know that Don Vaello is the name of a person standing behind this unreliable system. No matter what this guy tells us, keep in mind that he doesn\'t have any track record meaning that we can\'t verify his trading skills.

Even though he mentioned he\'s operated with 100% accuracy, when asked for track record, he said he didn\'t have any because all of this was just for the educational purposes.

Products offered by Order Flow Analytics website

Amongst many, one of the things you could have bought from their website is a $2,500 worth boot camp.

Nothing new about Order Flow Analytics indicators

So-called volume visualization is nowhere near \"unique\" trading indicators. It\'s something that people have discovered long time ago and Order Flow Analytics just put it all together. No matter what he talks about, the strategies and the algorithms, at the end we need results and evidence. However, this guy expects us to invest couple of thousands of dollars into someone\'s system without even seeing his track record or any other evidence.

Verifying results as shown in one of the videos at Order Flow Analytics

Don Vaello sure was a smart salesman but he has never traded in his life. We shouldn\'t trust \"traders\" and \"trading advices\" without them having actual trading experience. That\'s why we\'re marking Don Vaello\'s educational service as a scam.

Forex educational service, unreliable system, scam, Don Vaello, Order Flow Analytics
Scott Evans
05.09. 2017 18:14  | 

Dr. Al Larson is the owner of moneytide.com which seems to represent some kind of energy field trading. This guy talks too much about too weird things, starting with energy field trading, to day trading and astro-physics, and many other Forex related things.

Money Tide Review: This is a silly joke

Website promotes signal service and some kind of educational platform. Price range for courses advertised on this website goes from $300 to more than $2,600.

Overview of Money Tide website

Besides moneytide.com there are Larson\'s videos on YouTube as well! Generally, moneytide.com doesn\'t offer anything that would help you step up your trading skill. Rather leave it aside then spending your time on this interesting but useless system.

His alleged track record

He claims that he has never lost a trade once he found some secret energy formula. If we were to believe his records, he hasn\'t lost a trade since 2002 and he\'s earned more than $4,000,000 so far. However, we\'re not going to trust that extreme claims without hard evidence.

Speaking with Dr. Al Larson

Even though he\'s a scientist, and we\'ll remind you that scientists work with evidence and facts instead of believes and hopes, he didn\'t give us the evidence we wanted to see. We reached him and we were honestly hoping that he would prove his amazing statements, but unfortunately, that\'s not what happened. We soon realized that we shouldn\'t be spending more of our precious time arguing with this guy. We can just let you know that this system is too suspicious to be true so we\'re marking it as a fraud and we highly recommend everyone to stay away from it.

energy field trading, signal service, Forex, fraud, Dr. Al Larson, Money Tide
Scott Evans
05.09. 2017 18:12  | 

Latest trading software that operates with binary options is the GatesWay software. Allegedly, you\'ll be able to earn up to $237 per day and it\'s easy to use.

Who stays behind GatesWay?

They said that Bill Gates is the main investor. It should already be clear that we\'re dealing with a fraud since they are mentioning Bill Gates.

The alleged manager of this fraud is Mr. Michael Yantier. However, we found out that this name was made up and that we\'re dealing with a fake character. They didn\'t actually give any relevant information about the owner nor the company on their website economynews-break.com/members/.

How GatesWay Works?

It\'s, as they say, based on an algorithm that brings 77% accuracy and it allows you earnings of no more than $200 per trade.

Disturbing things found!

Thanks to fiverr.com we found out that they were using paid actors. Based on made up characters and paid actor we really can\'t fall for this lame trick.

They also mentioned that this software is completely risk free. There\'s no such thing as risk-free when it comes to anything and especially not in the financial industry.

What happens when you register on economynews-break.com/members/ website?

As soon as you sign up for an account you\'ll be offered to try out their demo account. Don\'t do this! It\'s programmed in such way that you\'ll always be winning trades - that\'s how they want you to think that their software is genuine and lucrative.

GatesWay Scam Review - Conclusion!

Based on everything we found out regarding this offer, we hope that you\'re now completely sure that GatesWay is nothing more than a lame fraud. Make sure to stay away from it!

trading software, binary options, financial industry, fraud, Michael Yantier, GatesWay
Scott Evans
05.09. 2017 18:10  | 

Latest money-making scheme is the \"Free Money System 2\" which doesn\'t even have fully deployed website (it\'s under construction).

Free Money System 2 is quite an suspicious offer and we recommend you not to take any further actions before reading our honest review.

Evidence that Walter Green\'s Free Money System 2 is scam

Their official website is freemoneysystem2.com but they, at the moment we were checking it out, still didn\'t launch it.

Don\'t get too excited about the promoters - they are just paid actors, just like Mr. Walter Green (Dennis Fitzpatrick). Check out Fiverr to realize what we\'re talking about.

More fake testimonials

Even though their website was registered on 23rd of August, 2017, there\'s some guy called Dennis claiming that he started using Free Money System 2 three years ago. We even found out that the owner could be the creator of another scam called Millionaire Blueprint.

This offer seems like a relaunch of the scam that tricked many people before. Therefore, claims like \"Earning $32,000 within 4 weeks\" are completely unreliable. Everything about this offer seems fake.

The sales pitch explaining the mystery behind the Free Money System 2 software

Allegedly, first version of this system was launched in 2013 by a guy called Mr. Walter Green who tried to sell us many stories. However, there\'s no evidence to prove trustworthiness of his stories.

Another problem is that this actor just told us a story that we\'re all used to when it comes to binary options scams - they all speak the same.

Why this software is an absolute scam no matter how you look at it

The last time we encountered this scam, it had all the elements of a pure scam - fake testimonials, promo video that\'s highly childish and unreliable and absolutely none relevant information. That\'s why we have no other choice but to mark this offer as a scam.

money-making scheme, suspicious offer, scam, Walter Green, Free Money System 2
Scott Evans
05.09. 2017 18:08  | 

Asset management firm that\'s been operating since 2011 is Forex Manager9.

Besides having no track records, they are offering you earning $6,000 within 6 months, if you invest $10,000 into their system. This shady offer doesn\'t seem as promising to us so we don\'t recommend investing that much money into it.

Forex Manager9 review and evidence that this is a scam

Even though they claim that they are operating since 2011, we found out that their website was initially registered in 2017.

One of their claims says that they are managing more than $200,000 in client portfolio.

How does Forex Manager9 manage Forex accounts?

Based on what we\'ve discovered, we can\'t let you know if they are capable of withdrawing money from your trading account, or not - this is because they haven\'t mentioned LPOA.

Trading performance

They didn\'t provide any evidence of their \"hard\" and \"successful\" work, and yet they expect us to trust them when they say that they operate with $200,000 in client portfolio. Quite unimaginable. Evidence is the key to success when you\'re trying to gain someone\'s trust.

We can\'t let you know of their trading performance when there\'s no actual sign of active trading by this firm. We even believe that their results in the myfxbook are messed up since there are some unusual records and stops. This is too suspicious.

Who\'s behind Forex Manager9 website?

Unfortunately, the people or the company that stands behind the Forex Manager9 didn\'t introduce themselves. Without relevant information about the owners, there\'s no way we would ever trust such bogus company.

asset management firm, shady offer, bogus company, Forex Manager9
Scott Evans
05.09. 2017 18:06  | 

Here\'s a trading system that seems to be a relaunch of Dream Profit System and Dream Profit Survey scams. However, since we found this out later on, we first had to investigate this offer and we\'ll show you what we\'ve encountered. Allegedly, this system promises earnings of $150,000 per month. The reason why their website is popular is that they have a great salesman but they sure won\'t help you earn $150,000 by trading binary options.

Dream System: the product description

Not only that they didn\'t explain how their system actually helps you generate $150,000 but they also didn\'t give us any evidence that their system actually IS capable of doing such thing for us. On top of everything, they mentioned that their system uses Fiber network (currently fastest network that\'s still under development and in the testing phase).

Who owns Dream System?

The first name we encountered on their website is Matthew Warner who seems to be a owner of this offer (or just a salesman). This guy is offering a chance for becoming a millionaire to 15 people.

One of the problem, besides not knowing if this is the real identity, is that you don\'t know where would that money come from - one survey isn\'t enough to set things down! Also, if his system can help you generate $150,000 then why would he offer additional money to some people?

He also mentioned that he was working for the Wall Street but he didn\'t show us any track record, names of companies that he was involved with, etc. Regarding his offer, rest assured that at some point you\'ll have to invest $250 into your broker\'s account.

Dream System is part of a larger scam circle

Dream Catcher is just one of the scams that were launched by the same group of scammers that stand behind the Dream System. We believe that you\'ve seen enough of evidence (or, better said, lack of their evidence) to realize that this scam should be avoided big time. Trade safe!

trading system, trading binary options, relaunch, scam, Matthew Warner, Dream System
Scott Evans
05.09. 2017 18:04  | 

On DiamondSetups.com you can find a day-trading room which seems to be the signal generator as well. However, we found out that Diamond Setups isn\'t associated with the Diamond Investments at all. The membership costs $99 per month and the owner\'s name is Renato Santos.

Diamond Setups Review: what you should know

Renato Santos guarantees that his day-trading room can help you earn $300,000 with investing as little as $5,000. His signals are successful 99% of the time. However, it\'s hard enough to believe such high numbers, but it\'s even harder once you hear his \"wild\" stories that sound too ridiculous and movie-like to be trusted.

Another problem is that there are no records of Renato\'s past trades. Either he\'s never traded before or there\'s something very strange about all of this.

Diamond Setups owner

Trading diamonds in the forests of Brazil is just one \"wild story\" that we\'ve heard from Renato. Based on many contradictions and senseless claims related to his story, we realized that this suspicious offer is actually a fraud.

Even though he claims to be a professional trader at Diamond Setups, we highly doubt that he\'s any kind of a trader, and especially a professional diamond trader.

Claims that he has proof of performance

Allegedly, he promises 99% success rate. This is too ridiculous and unachievable to even discuss. We can also see many \"winners\" and \"winning trades\" on his website but there\'s no actual proof of that. He\'s also talking about an account that had $10,000 in 2015 which would have, by Renato\'s words, earned more than $10,000,000 by this moment. However, no sign of that account for now.

Reaching out to the owner of Diamond Setups

Once contacted, Renato said that his trading results as well as any other evidence isn\'t important. This is the last thing that made us stop any further investigation and finish this review with marking it as a FRAUD. Trade safe.

day-trading room, signal generator, suspicious offer, fraud, Renato Santos, Diamond Setups
Scott Evans
05.09. 2017 18:02  | 

Invest into a bogus system can be as bad as throwing money into the river. That\'s exactly what would happen if you invested into the Binary Trading Experts trading system. You can easily spot fraudulent offers just by noticing if they are using any of the extreme luxuries such as Lamborghini, models, big houses and so on. That\'s exactly how we realized binarytradingexperts.com was unreliable.

The Binary Trading Experts Review: the truth

Even though, at the beginning of their promo video, they said that nothing can turn you into a millionaire within short amount of time, they soon started \"guaranteeing\" such thing. They mentioned binary options but they don\'t seem to have any records that would make us believe that they are operating with binary options.

Binary Trading Experts and the person pulling the strings behind the scenes

Travis Cane seems to be the owner of this fraudulent offer. He talks about great wealth without any broker statements to prove it. Also, he talks about that wealth moments after saying that you can\'t become a millionaire overnight. There\'s also certain guy Michael mentioned, but we didn\'t even see Travis in the promo video and we sure didn\'t see Michael either. We can\'t just blindly trust faceless characters.

The win rate: it\'s quite unrealistic

They claim that their software operates with 97% win rate. We hope that we don\'t have to mention that 97% win rate has never been achieved and especially not maintained by any human or software. It\'s simply impossible to reach.

Another reason we don\'t trust this bogus system is that they didn\'t give us any information on how this software actually works. Without such relevant information, we have no other choice but to mark this offer as fraudulent.

trading system, binary options, bogus system, fraudulent, Travis Cane, Binary Trading Experts
Scott Evans
05.09. 2017 18:00  | 

Binary Robot WS is the new auto-trading software that got launched into the binary options industry. It\'s free of charge and easy to use.

Who stays behind Binary Robot WS?

We didn\'t manage finding out who stands behind the Binary Robot WS. Because of this anonymity (due to lack of information), we need to be careful about this shady offer.

How Binary Robot WS Works?

They didn\'t say anything regarding the strategy or the algorithm. They just said that their software never loses trades.

Disturbing things found!

This software is actually based on generating signals. We remind you that generating signals is considered as giving financial advice and that\'s kind of activity that requires a license to be owned in order for the activity to be legal. They, however, didn\'t even introduce themselves and they sure didn\'t show their license.

91% winning rate was mentioned as well. There\'s not a single thing that could convince us that a software can achieve and maintain such high winning rate.

More alarming things!

They showed us some records that occurred way before the June 2017, which is the moment when their website got registered.

On top of everything, we\'re dealing with an automated software. This means that, no matter what you think, you\'re not in charge of your account.

Binary Robot WS Scam Review - Conclusion!

This shady offer had us thinking whether our doubts were right or not and that\'s why we decided to investigate it. Our deep investigation helped us realize what we\'re actually dealing with. Thanks to everything we found out, we find it easy to conclude that Binary Robot WS is just a scam which you should stay away from.

auto-trading software, binary options industry, anonymity, shady offer, scam, Binary Robot WS
Scott Evans
31.08. 2017 11:18  | 

New trading platform that seems to be social media is a new thing in the financial industry. There are three different ways of trading binary options.

United Trading Network Scam Review - All you need to know!

Young entrepreneurs came up with this easy-to-use trading platform.

Who are the people behind this UTN invention?

The creators are Matt Kirby, Jaleel Bashir, Adam Fletcher and Lydia Williamson.

How United Trading Network Works?

Automated and semi-automated trading methods are based on sentiment reading algorithm. This means that the system trades trends which are supported by the news from social media.

Last type of trading is based on manual trading which is guided by expert\'s trades.

You can trade commodities, stocks and indices, etc.

Educational Center of United Trading Network!

Registration is free and you immediately get access to the educational trading center. There are all kinds of tutorials and guides.

What is our experience with the system?

By testing trading with this system we managed to achieve 80% accuracy.

United Trading Network - Endorsements and Testimonials?

Feedback is the most important thing.

Based on everything that we found online while investigating this trustworthy offer, we can conclude that this offer is worth trying!

United Trading Network Scam Review - The Conclusion!

Because we encounter tons of shady offers every day, it\'s hard recognizing a trustworthy offer once in a while. However, United Trading Network is definitely one worth trying. See for yourself and increase your monthly income!

trading platform, social media, financial industry, trading binary options, trustworthy, United Trading Network
Scott Evans
31.08. 2017 11:16  | 

Success Circle software is the newest trading software that operates with low risk. It\'s free of charge and completely automated.

Who are the people behind Success Circle Software?

We\'ve heard names such as George Soros, Warren Buffet, John Paulson and many others, but we didn\'t actually realize who was the owner of this offer nor who is the company that stands behind this shady system.

How Success Circle Software Works?

It\'s all about systematic method, knowledge and persistence but that\'s all that gave us. They still didn\'t say how this software works.

Disturbing things found!

In promo video they shown us how $250 of initial investment turned into $14,417 without winning any trades.

On top of phony promo video, they used fake testimonials as well. On successcircle.co we can see people \"joining\" this system way before the 31st January 2017, which is the day that this site got launched. They used stock photos and made up names to fake testimonials.

What happens when we register on successcircle.co website?

As soon as you sign up for an account, they will get some broker associated to your account without your knowledge nor permission. Not only that you won\'t get to choose the broker but you also won\'t know who is the broker that got associated to you. If you can\'t make sure that the broker owns a license, you shouldn\'t trust nor invest into this shady system.

Success Circle Software Review - Conclusion!

We believe that we\'ve showed enough evidence for you to realize that Success Circle is a scam which you should stay away from.

trading software, shady system, scam, Success Circle
Scott Evans
31.08. 2017 11:14  | 

Latest trading system that got launched into the binary options industry is the Retired Millionaire. You\'re guaranteed to earn $500 per day using this simple automated system.

Who stays behind Retired Millionaire?

Mr. Greg Larson stands behind this software. However, we can\'t confirm who this guy is, whether he is real or just a made up character, and we also can\'t confirm whether he actually stands behind this offer. Not even retiredmillionaire.co could give us any information. Anonymity is a major turn-down.

How Retired Millionaire Works?

This is the biggest problem - we have no idea how this software works. How are we supposed to trust it and know for sure that we\'ll earn $500 if we have don\'t know how it works?

Disturbing things found!

They used paid actors in order to promote this system and that\'s the reason why we can\'t trust this entire offer.

Another problem is that they faked testimonials as well. They showed some records occurred on 3rd January 2017 but we found out that their website was registered on 8th January 2017.

More alarming things!

Broker is one of the most important things when it comes to trading and the binary options industry, and they haven\'t mentioned it at all. You have no idea who is their broker that you\'ll get associated to and you also don\'t know whether the broker owns a license or not.

Rest assured that once you invest money into this system, you won\'t have any control over it.

Retired Millionaire Scam Review - Conclusion!

Unfortunately we didn\'t find any promising information that would make us trust this offer. We mark Retired Millionaire as a scam and we hope that you\'ll stay away from it.

trading system, binary options industry, anonymity, Greg Larson, Retired Millionaire
Scott Evans
31.08. 2017 11:10  | 

Allegedly, this trading system can generate you $5,000 within 1 day and also $1,3 profit within 30 days. Not only that they guarantee you great earnings but the owner of this software, Angela Stevens is \"ordered\" to pay you $500,000 via wire transfer. It\'s free to use and seems lucrative.

Who is Angela Stevens?

The alleged Robert Stevens\' daughter. She claims to be quite successful with her stories published in all popular news medias. However, we didn\'t find any of the popular \"stories\" meaning that we could be facing a phony system here.

How Guaranteed Money System Works?

All we\'ve heard of is that this software guarantees 100% winning rate, great earnings etc., but they didn\'t give us any details on how this software is supposed to generate us money.

Disturbing things found!

Alleged Joshua Goldberg who showed up in documents works for the Goldberg Cohen and Associates which turns out to be a non-existing company. This is a huge turn-down for us.

They tried to fake testimonials by showing some records that occurred way before the site was launched, which happened on 29th December, 2016.

More Alarming Things!

The way they showed us how their software works is pathetic. They used bad Photoshop skills to show us how this software \"works\". They even used pounds instead of dollars. The presentation also seems to be launched before the site and system itself.

Another lame thing Angela showed us is earning $5,784 while being offline. Don\'t fall for this pathetic claim.

They showed us some fake numbers on guaranteedmoneysystem.com but that didn\'t fool us. On top of that, they used paid actors which were used for other scams before, like Obcasio and Insured Trading.

What happens when you register on guaranteedmoneysystem.com website?

After completing the registration, you\'re asked to invest $250 into your account. They didn\'t mention brokers at all, even though they are the crucial thing when it comes to trading in the financial industry. Also, you don\'t know names of their \"brokers\" so you can\'t make sure whether their brokers are unregulated or legitimate.

Guaranteed Money System Review - Conclusion!

Unrealistic claims, fake testimonials and bunch of unreliable information is what made us realize Guaranteed Money System is a pure fraud! Stay away from it.

trading system, phony system, financial industry, fraud, Angela Stevens, Guaranteed Money System
Scott Evans
31.08. 2017 11:08  | 

Latest money-making scheme is the Fintech Profits, which was created by George. Allegedly, you can earn up to $550 just by watching their promo video and promises to give you $1100 if you don\'t get your $550 right away.

Our investigation on fintech-profits.com will show whether these were true promises or fake ones.

Fintech Profits Scam Review - All you need to know!

They didn\'t even give us the last name of the so-called owner and CEO of this suspicious offer. Because we have no further information about this owner nor the company, we can\'t trust this system yet.

How Fintech Profits Works?

All we managed to find out is that this is a trading system which copies trades from other traders.

  1. This means that the system is not automated/
  2. We have no idea who are these \"traders\" whose trades we are about to copy.

Testimonials of Fintech Profits?

They used paid actors in order to create fake testimonials but they didn\'t manage fooling us and neither should manage fooling you. It\'s too lame to actually trick anyone.

Outside endorsements?

Feedback is crucial and there isn\'t any feedback regarding this software. We couldn\'t find any mentions of this so-called money-making scheme online. The golden rule is - if the Internet doesn\'t know about it, it\'s most likely that nobody knows about it.

Fintech Profits Scam Review - Conclusion!

We hope that we\'ve provided enough statements for you to realize what this is all about. This \"money-making scheme\" is actually a lame scam that is supposed to trick people into wasting all of their hard-earned money on this system. Don\'t fall for this scam!

money-making scheme, suspicious offer, scam, George, Fintech Profits
Scott Evans
31.08. 2017 11:08  | 

New trading system is Forex Maverick and it was developed by Frederick King. The creator of this system claims that you can earn $100,000 using this system.

Who is Frederick King?

He is the CEO of the Forex Maverick. We found out that Forex Maverick company doesn\'t exist. We\'ve also seen many marketing tricks used on their website meaning that we can\'t trust it just like that. It\'s too shady to be trusted.

How Forex Maverick Software Works?

Unfortunately, we have no idea how this software is supposed to work.

Disturbing things found!

Even though Forex Maverick is supposed to be MT4, it\'s represented as a binary options trader.

They also said that you\'ll be able to earn money while being offline. Do not fall for this ridiculous promise! When operating in the financial industry especially with trading assets, you won\'t be able to earn anything while being offline!

Even though traders are promised to earn $100,000 the owner didn\'t leave any contact info which we could use in order to get to him. Howe are we supposed to know and trust that we will be paid?

More Alarming things!

They used fake testimonials and it wasn\'t hard to figure it out. We can see Mr. Charles Newman earning $123,268 way before the website was even registered and launched, which occurred in February 2017.

What happens when you register on forexmaverick.com and forexmaverick.co website?

As soon as you sign up for an account on forexmaverick.com or forexmaverick.co, you just get stuck with bunch of promo videos. Eventually, you\'ll be asked to invest into broker\'s account without knowing who your broker is. On top of that, our broker seems to have none connection with meta-trader 4, which we heard about during their promo video.

The fact that you have no idea what\'s the name of your so-called broker, you can\'t make sure if the broker owns a license or not. That\'s a huge turn-down.

Forex Maverick Software Review - Conclusion!

Based on everything that we found out during our thorough investigation, we can easily conclude that Forex Maverick is nothing more than a lame scam. Keep trading safe!

trading system, shady, binary options trader, scam, Frederick King, Forex Maverick
Scott Evans
31.08. 2017 11:06  | 

Latest investment opportunity is the Agora Financial and it\'s specially made for North American citizens.

The Agora Financial Review - All you Need to know!

The creator of this system is Mr. Jim Rickards.

Allegedly, the Agora Financial was supposed to reach its high-point in April 2017 and that\'s something Mr. Jim promised.

Agora Financial Review - Who is Jim Rickards?

Regular financial commentator and American lawyer as well as author of bestseller called \"Currency Wars: Making of the News Global Crisis\".

What Agora Financial Is?

After predictions made by Jim, the system is created in a way to provided strategies involving the gold commodity. Based on everything Jim showed us, it seems that the US Dollar will lose power.

What we\'ll be looking for?

  • Banks emptying their volts.
  • Market experiencing a breakdown similar to one in the 2008.
  • Credit cards losing their value.
  • US losing leverage by many means.
  • US tax soaring.
  • China, among others, buying tons of gold.

Agora Financial is actually 200-pages document explaining what\'s going to happen and how to react according to it.

Few important topics covered - The Agora Financial manual!

  1. Page 169 - \"old but gold\" secret about gold being the storing value.
  2. Page 154 - how to store gold.
  3. Page 165 - revealing most common mistakes that gold investors made.
  4. Page 154 - how to avoid gold confiscation.

Why we think that Agora Financial is a good investment opportunity?

Based on our history, we should\'ve learned that investing in gold during the time of crisis is a good investment. Jim Rickards and his strategy is all about handling crisis and doing it the right way.

The reason why we should trust this system is because they are revealing facts and not promises or unchecked statements.

Agora Financial Scam Review - Summary!

What Jim Rickards told us will happen sooner or later. Better be prepared than surprised!

investment opportunity, strategy, predictions, Jim Rickards, Agora Financial
Scott Evans
31.08. 2017 11:04  | 

Kam Dhadwar is the CEO of trading school called Trading Framework. This platform also offers live trading room which, by the way, has nothing to do with live action.

There are even tracks of people demanding a refund which they never received. All of this alludes that we\'re dealing with some unreliable offer.

Overview of the Trading Framework

Allegedly, live day trading room is located in the UK, and it\'s a place where Kam tutors newbies. By investigating this Kam we found out that he\'s been in the trading industry for a long long time.

His website was renamed many times and he advertised it on the most popular social medias.

The offer seems to be quite expensive, costing $3,500 and he also asks users to join his \"religious dancing ritual\" which is really creepy.

Complaints against Kam Dhadwar and his trading school

Many people have complained about not achieving any success even though they paid the entire amount to Kam Dhadwar.

One of the interesting things is that Kam Dhadwar seems to have never actually rolled a trade even though he\'s been around trading for a long time. This is the information that came straight from Trading Framework users.

Users claimed that they\'ve heard too much talking from this guy but never seen any real action. Allegedly, he encountered many situations where he could\'ve done much just by making a smart investment but he failed. How are people supposed to trust a trading school ran by a \"trader\" who never made a trade?

trading school, trading industry, unreliable offer, Kam Dhadwar, Trading Framework
Scott Evans
31.08. 2017 11:02  | 

Steady Capture FX is a trading system that operates with Forex signals. It\'s associated with ForexSignals.com and it offers Forex accounts as well.

This system has been up for some time and you should know what it\'s all about.

Review of Steady Capture FX

Based on some thorough analysis, their system offers various financial instruments. It usually operates during the market\'s ranging mode and it offers trading gold and silver.

Eventual trades would be opened lasting for even a week, even though the trades usually last 12 hours.

Allegedly, draw down percentage is under 30%. You should know that this represents a very high target that few people would opt for. Also, the leverage ratio is 150:1 with running 14 trades at the same time.

Who is behind this trading service?

This is actually an anonymous service because we couldn\'t find out who stands behind this offer. They just kept talking about things that aren\'t nearly as relevant as information about the owner or the company we\'re dealing with. We also have no idea about their previous activities.

Pricing and other truths that you need to know

They haven\'t mentioned a single price on their website and that\'s one of the huge turn-downs.

However, the lowest price for managed account service is $1,000. On top of everything, they deduct 30% performance fee right before the beginning of next month.

Steady Capture FX myfxbookresults

Even though they do have mfxbook account, their past results are not that great. They didn\'t even verify their account - this is one of the turn-downs as well.

Affiliations with ForexSignals.com

Steady Capture FX seems to redirect clients to ForexSignals.com. However, we investigated ForexSignals as well and we don\'t think it\'s good idea to invest into them. At the end, we have no trustworthy information about the Steady Capture FX nor about the ForexSignals.

trading system, Forex signals, anonymous service, Steady Capture FX
Scott Evans
31.08. 2017 11:00  | 

8 Binary Robot is a trading platform ran by people who remain unknown to its users. They used Option Robot\'s brand and \"made it\" theirs. This means that they still don\'t have any specific name for their own product. Another problem is that their website is filled with things from other websites - plagiarized content is a major turn-down.

Biggest problem is that they didn\'t tell us how is this robot supposed to work.

8BinaryRobot.com/en review and shocking truths

Allegedly, their system is using some risk-managing algorithm. This means that you can choose between Martingale, Classic and the Fibonacci system.

We remain clueless of what this software is capable of doing and whether it can do anything or if it\'s just a bogus system.

The alleged winning trades

On their website they used same video that was used for Option Robot. This is another proof that the creator of this offer just copied everything he could\'ve found and didn\'t even try hard to make it look like it\'s his.

They just edited some pages and pictures so that it looks like it\'s related to 8 Binary Robot but they didn\'t do it properly. Also, they don\'t have any evidence to prove that the software can achieve 83% win rate.

Demo account

Do not try out their demo account! Trading with demo account has nothing in common with real trading due too many reasons such as real market flow, real money, etc. You\'ll just end up losing your hard-earned cash.

Who owns this site and robot?

We know why they didn\'t want to tell us who stands behind this offer. It\'s because they didn\'t want us to find the owner of this scam! We couldn\'t find the information who hosted their website and they didn\'t even offer the About Us page which would tell us any relevant information or contact info.

Are there any reviews or testimonials?

Even though other platforms didn\'t mark this offer as a scam yet, it doesn\'t mean that we won\'t. We might be one of the few who noticed this scam and decided to bust it.

trading platform, unknown, bogus system, scam, 8 Binary Robot
Scott Evans
30.08. 2017 21:20  | 

new automated software Roulette Bot App has been released into the world of betting. It\'s free of charge and it allows experts as well as newbies to bet in one of the best casinos in the world.

Who stays behind Roulette Bot App?

The first problem we encountered while investigating the roulettebotapp.com is that they didn\'t provide any relevant information. We have no idea who stays behind this offer nor how to contact that person or company. Anonymous service should never be trusted.

How Roulette Bot App Works?

This app allows you to switch between multiple strategies such as Reverse Martingale, Fibonacci, etc.

Allegedly, Roulette Bot App tracks and analyzes all past bets.

Disturbing things found!

As soon as you sign up for an account, they offer you to try out their demo account. Do not do this! Demo trades are programmed in a specific way which makes all trades / bets winnable for you. This is their way of trying to make you think how their software is genuine and they hope that \"demo trading\" would be enough to make you invest into them.

The house always wins - and this is exactly why casions won\'t let any software like this stick around.

Roulette Bot App Scam Review - Conclusion!

We believe that we\'ve provided enough evidence for you to realize that Roulette Bot App is a bogus app that won\'t bring any good to you. Stay away from it!

automated software, betting, anonymous service, bogus app, Roulette Bot App
Scott Evans
30.08. 2017 21:18  | 

This auto-trading software analyzes popular posts from social media and predicts market movement. It operates with 87% accuracy and guarantees that you\'ll earn $1,492 within a day. They even offer to lend you $250 for the initial investment and you can pay it back once you earn $10,000. It\'s automated, almost free of charge and you don\'t need to be a trading expert.

Who is Jason Clark?

They claim that Mr. Jason is a CEO of RefFeed, but we found out that there is no such company. We also didn\'t find anything on reffeed.net that would give us any information about the owner or the company that stands behind this fraudulent system. On top of that, Jason, the person we saw in promo video, is a paid actor.

How RefFeed Works?

By analyzing popular posts from social media, it somehow connects them to stocks and predicts movements. We are not buying this story, especially since they say that the software analyzes 15,000 GB of data every hour.

Disturbing things found!

They used paid actor and they also promised to give you money which they\'ll later on take it back? When did you ever hear about a company that offers money to its members without asking them to do something first.

What happens when you register on reffeed.net website?

There\'s a catch if you want to get $250 from them - you have to invite 10 friends.

After you sign up for an account, you\'re offered to try out their demo account. Do not do this! Keep in mind that they are programming demo accounts in a way that it will always grant you winning trades, hoping to trick you into trusting this software and waiting for you to invest in it.

Don\'t forget that trading requires a broker and they didn\'t mention any broker names. How are we supposed to trust them, if we can\'t find out whether their broker owns a license or not?

RefFeed Scam Review - Conclusion!

RefFeed is a bogus offer that some people had to invest into in order to find out. On the other side, you have the chance not to please the scammers! Our review should be more than enough for you to realize how fraudulent RefFeed is and we hope that you won\'t make the same mistake that other people have made.

auto-trading software, fraudulent system, bogus offer, Jason Clark, RefFeed
Scott Evans
30.08. 2017 21:16  | 

Another auto-trading robot has been released into the binary options industry, and it\'s the Profit Maker Method. It\'s automated, free of charge and it guarantees that you\'ll be earning $2,300 per day just by investing $7.

Who stays behind Profit Maker Method software?

The alleged developer of Profit Maker Method is Mr. Timothy Hollingdale. Besides information on profitmakermethod.biz we couldn\'t find anything else about this guy, and he is supposed to be some important guy related to big banks. Without any information nor contact, we assume that this is just a paid actor pretending to be some made up character. Anonymity is never good!

How Profit Maker Method Works?

This software promises 96% profit by working 24/7. Financial industry is a place where profit won\'t go over 75% - 80%, and it especially won\'t reach 96%. Earning $2,300 per day is a ridiculous statement!

Disturbing things found!

On profitmakermethod.biz we can see fake testimonials. They used stock photos and made up names such as Sally Garcia for example.

They claim that withdrawals can be made every morning. You should know that withdrawals usually take up to 2-3 business days to be processed.

Rest assured that when you\'re using the automated mode, you have no control over your balance.

Profit Maker Method Scam Review - Conclusion!

Based on everything we found out, we are afraid that Profit Maker Method is a fraud that ripped off many people. That\'s why we hope that our scam review will help prevent those fraudsters from scamming more people! Trade safe.

auto-trading robot, binary options industry, anonymity, fraud, Timothy Hollingdale, Profit Maker Method
Scott Evans
30.08. 2017 21:12  | 

New signal generator that has been around the financial industry is the McDonald Millionaire App. Operating with 89% accuracy, this software guarantees that you\'ll earn up to $7,000 per week. It\'s automated and free of charge, and previous experience is not required.

Who is Robert Mfune?

They said that Robert Mfune is a CEO of this app, even though there is no such thing as CEO of a software. We didn\'t find out who stands behind this suspicious offer but we did find out that there is no such company called McDonald Millionaire App.

How McDonald Millionaire App Works?

This signal generator uses some extremely good algorithm that analyzes all past trades. However, they just said WHAT their software does, but they didn\'t explain how it manages doing all of that.

Disturbing things found!

Rest assured that generating signals is considered as giving financial advice which is considered as a activity that requires owning a license in order for the entire process to be legitimate.

When you are in the financial industry, trading binary options to be precise, you need a broker to execute trades. However, they didn\'t mention anywhere on the mcdonaldsmillionaire.com any broker names. How are we supposed to trust them when we don\'t know anything about it?

McDonald Millionaire App Review - Conclusion!

We\'re not happy to announce to you that McDonald Millionaire App is nothing more than a bogus system that you need to stay away from, unless you want to waste all of your hard-earned money.

signal generator, financial industry, suspicious offer, bogus system, Robert Mfune, McDonald Millionaire App
Scott Evans
30.08. 2017 21:10  | 

Legal Profit Review! Is it reliable trading solution?

Trading binary options is now available through this trading software called Legal Profit. It\'s automated and free of charge. On top of everything, it promises 600% profit per day.

Who stays behind Legal Profit?

Mr. James D. Davis is the alleged creator of Legal Profit. However, legal-profit.cc didn\'t convince us that James is a real character. They didn\'t provide any owner nor company name or contact info. Unknown system shouldn\'t be trusted no matter what.

How Legal Profit Works?

It uses \"legal spying\" algorithm that operates with 100% accuracy and gets latest market movements off the bank servers before anyone else.

Rest assured that banks are not related to the market meaning that the \"servers\" they are accessing are not relevant to trading binary options.

100% accuracy is definitely something that helped us realize how ridiculous this whole offer is. There is no such thing as 100% accuracy, especially not when it comes to trading binary options.

Disturbing things found!

During their promo video they showed us how one of the users of this software invested $250 and earned $2,200 within a day.

Even though they said that they have been operating since 2015, we found out that their website was registered in July 2017.

Legal Profit Scam Review - Conclusion!

Legal-profit.cc didn\'t provide us any trustworthy information that we could use. Legal Profit turns out to be a scam that you need to avoid if you want to keep your money safe.

trading binary options, trading software, unknown system, scam, James D. Davis, Legal Profit
Scott Evans
30.08. 2017 21:08  | 

We\'ve encountered new binary options trading system, and it\'s the Kiyosaki Formula. Supposedly, you\'ll be able to earn up to $1,900 per day.

Who stays behind Kiyosaki Formula?

At first, people might think that Robert Kiyosaki stands behind this offer, but that\'s not true. This is just what the scammers wanted people to think, in order to trick them into trusting this shady offer. We have no idea who actually stays behind this system.

Disturbing things found!

The first big problem we\'re encountering is a fact that Robert Kiyosaki, the famous trader, has nothing to do with the Kiyosaki Formula - they just used his identity in order to promote their offer. Besides that, they tried to use stock photos on kiyosakiformula.com to try and trick people, but we\'ve managed to blow their cover.

Upon completing the registration, you need to invest into one of their (unregulated) brokers. Just because they are forcing you to opt for their broker instead of having your own, proves that they are trying to rip you off.

Even though they mentioned during the promo video that they guarantee you profit, the terms & conditions that they showed on kiyosakiformula.com prove that they do not guarantee any profit.

Kiyosaki Formula Scam Review - Conclusion!

Based on our detailed investigation, we have no other choice but to mark Kiyosaki Formula as a fraud, which it is. We hope that you will listen to our advice and stay away from this system.

binary options, trading system, shady offer, fraud, Kiyosaki Formula
Scott Evans
30.08. 2017 21:06  | 

Latest trading platform is called eCom Crusher and it\'s a easy to use. It guarantees that you\'ll be earning $,2000 per day.

Who stays behind e-Com Crusher?

Thanks to ecom-rusher.com Robin seems to be the owner of this shady offer. The problem is that their promo video didn\'t actually show us who actually stands behind this offer. Anonymity is a bad sign!

How eCom Crusher Works?

Allegedly, this software is supposed to generate massive incomes but we don\'t know exactly how.

Disturbing things found!

Rest assured that you won\'t ever be able to get any money-making software for free! That\'s a ridiculous statement.

On top of everything, they offer you trading via Shopify. You should know that Shopify, the online store, isn\'t related to eCom Crusher in any way. This is just a trick they use to make you trust them.

eCom Crusher Scam Review - Conclusion!

Unfortunately, eCom Crusher didn\'t impress us. Not only that we didn\'t find any trustworthy information but we also found too many bad sides of this offer. At the end, we mark this offer as a fraud and we hope that you will never fall for a scam like this. Trade safe!

trading platform, shady offer, fraud, Robin, eCom Crusher
Scott Evans
30.08. 2017 21:04  | 

Lates trading software that trades crypto currencies is the Bitcoin Millionaire Today software. It guarantees that you\'ll be earning thousands of dollars every day. It\'s easy to use and promises great earnings.

Who stays behind Bitcoin Millionaire Today?

The person that allegedly stands behind this offer is Mr. Victor Gray. The problem is that bitcoinmillionaire.today couldn\'t ensure us that this is a real guy. Another problem is that they didn\'t provide any company name nor contact info. This shady offer is yet to be discovered.

How Bitcoin Millionaire Today Works?

This software places trades only when it\'s 99% sure that it will result in a win. Rest assured that there is no such software that can determine such difference between losing and winning trades and place trades on your behalf.

Disturbing things found!

We realized that everyone who took its place in their promo video turns out to be a paid actor. They also used stock photos and made up names.

Bitcoin Millionaire Today Scam Review - Conclusion!

What was a shady offer at first, turned out to be a bogus system at the end. Bitcoin Millionaire Today has no chances of achieving 99% success score while trading on your behalf and it will definitely not turn you into a millionaire. Investing into this system will mean losing all of your hard-earned cash.

trading software, crypto currencies, shady offer, bogus system, Victor Gray, Bitcoin Millionaire Today
Scott Evans
30.08. 2017 21:02  | 

Latest auto-trading software, Algofficial, is launched into the financial industry. Allegedly it\'s quite easy to use and highly lucrative.

Who stays behind Algofficial Software?

We didn\'t find any relevant information on algofficial.com meaning that we still have no idea who stays behind Algofficial Software. No owner\'s information nor company\'s name or any contact info. Anonymity is one of the first signs telling us to be careful.

How Algofficial software Works?

This system supposedly provides signals and places trades on its own. One of he features is that this software can trade commodities, stocks, forex and even indices. However, they only told us what this software is \"capable\" of doing, but they didn\'t tell us how this software actually works. Without any strategies, algorithms or formulas, we remain clueless.

Disturbing things found!

Don\'t forget that generating signals is considered as giving financial advice, and this is a kind of activity that requires license in order to be legitimate. However, we don\'t know the name of the company behind this offer so we also don\'t know if they have the license or not.

Upon completing the registration, you\'re offered to try out their demo account. Do not do this! Demo accounts are programmed in a specific way, making all the trades go in your favor, tricking you into thinking that their software is genuine. They hope to make you invest real money into their system, but do not do this! They didn\'t do anything trustworthy enough to earn our trust.

They said that they hit the benchmark ROI 4 years in a row but that\'s not true simply because their website was registered in 2016 - if you want to see for yourself, check out whois.com.

Algofficial Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

Unfortunately, Algofficial couldn\'t offer us anything that would make us trust them and invest into their system. This scam is revealed and we hope that you\'ll always be careful.

auto-trading software, financial industry, anonymity, scam, Algofficial
Scott Evans
30.08. 2017 21:00  | 

Ackman Capital is the name of the latest trading robot that showed up in binary options industry. It\'s easy to use and doesn\'t require previous experience in trading. It\'s also automated!

Who stays behind Ackman Capital?

The first problem we encountered during our investigation is that we don\'t know who stays behind Ackman Capital. Without such relevant information, we can\'t trust this possible threat.

How Ackman Capital Works?

They speak about combining various indicators (MACD, RSI, etc) and combining both technical and fundamental analysis.

No matter what, there will always be one problem - how to trust any software again, if so many offers turned out to be a scam.

Disturbing things found!

First of all, they offer you a demo account. Rest assured that trading with a demo account has nothing in common with trading with a real account! Real market and real money are harder to handle, especially when compared to virtual money and some made-up market.

Generating trading signals is considered as giving financial advice - and this is a kind of activity that requires a license in order to be legitimate. How can you know if they own a license if you don\'t know the name of the company that stands behind this offer?

We couldn\'t even find any relevant information on their own website ackmancapital.com. No broker names indicate one thing - they don\'t want to give names of unregulated brokers.

Ackman Capital Scam Review - Conclusion!

We highly believe that our thorough investigation helped you realize that Ackman Capital is nothing but a scam that needs to be avoided. Trade safe!

trading robot, binary options industry, threat, scam, Ackman Capital
Scott Evans
27.08. 2017 00:00  | 

If you agree to this trading procedure you will be outfitted with helpful data about yourself and whether you\'re trading.

You now know how to peruse the market in the wake of getting the correct education. You additionally have an elegantly composed trading plan. There are as yet various parts that should be set up before the trading procedure can start. These parts make up the structure. Once the structure is set up the trading procedure can start.

These are the parts that make up the system:

1. Trading Plan

2. Trading Log

3. Trading Journal

What I might want to do is to plot the trading procedure without really expounding. I will likewise feature the significance of a trading journal.

Following is the day by day trading process:

1. Write a passage in trading journal

2. Prepare yourself to trade

3. Analyze the market/sector you exchange with a view to discovering trading opportunities

4. Wait for the market to demonstrate to you a trading opportunity in your trading plan

5. Take trade

6. Take picture of trade entry

7. Write a passage in trading journal

8. Manage trade as indicated on the trading plan

9. Take picture after trade closed out

10. Take picture of what occurred next

11. Enter trade on the log

12. Write an entry on the trading journal

If you agree to this trading procedure you will be armed with a ton of valuable data about yourself as a trader and whether you\'re trading plan is working for you. You additionally need to figure out how to utilize the information you have gathered in the trading procedure to enable you to enhance as a trader. You have to know how to assess your trading results and executions. When you get this procedure down, the market will be your greatest educator. The market will show all of you that you have to know.

I will concentrate on the significance of keeping trading journal. You could even call your trading plan a mental log. A trading plan is something where you monitor your thoughts and sentiments all through the trading process. I think it is best to demonstrate the power of a trading journal through various situations where a trading journal can reveal an insight into what is keeping you away from turning into a successful trader.

Scenario 1

You take a trade precisely as per you trading plan. You had the tolerance to sit tight for the correct conditions to occur as spelled out in your trading plan. The trade quickly conflicts with you. You finish off the trade early. You at that point watch in amazement as the market goes ahead to hit all original targets without you on board. When you experience the assessment procedure you can investigate your trading plan and see what was happening in your mind that made you not keep to your trading plan. You see written in your trading journal that you were anxious about the possibility that that the trade was not going to work, so why lose a full $500 when you could simply lose $300, so you closed out the trade.

On the off chance that you had recently assessed your trades without the trading journal you would have seen that you had a lapse in discipline which made you veer off from your plan and close the trade early. The issue is you don\'t recognize what caused lapse in discipline. Furnished with your trading journal you now know why. You realize that the dread of losing money made you break your guidelines and close the trade early. You now realize that you need to take a shot at this dread so as to prevail as a trader. Simply being ambiguous and saying that it was an absence of discipline is sufficiently bad. You need to get to the base of the issue and fix it.

This is crafted by an aspiring trader. I tell every one of my customers previously I start to prepare them that they will take in a ton about themselves. They will reveal their qualities and shortcomings and learn things about themselves that they didn\'t know previously. An intriguing side result of turning into a successful trader is likewise improving as an individual. Trading resembles a mirror that reflects you back to yourself. This is the power of a trading journal.

Scenario 2

You have been sitting at your trading station for 4 hours and presently can\'t seem to take a trade. You contemplate internally that you are the ace of discipline and even record that in your trading journal. All of a sudden the market detonates and you hop into a trade on the purchase side. The market instantly turns on you and you are presently down $500 which is your risk per trade. You gaze at the screen in dismay and watch the market move more against you. You are currently down $1,000 and rapidly close the trade. The market quickly reverses. It goes past your entry price and keeps on rising until the point that you would have been up over $2,000. You feel irate and disappointed. When you come to assess this trade you see that it didn\'t meet the entry necessities.

It was not even in your plan. You have a discipline issue, however what is causing it? You investigate your trading journal and see that toward the start of the trading day you were doing incredible with the discipline. You just sat for 4 hours sitting staring you in the face as there was nothing to do. You made a decent showing with regards to, so what was the deal? You saw the market abruptly take off and thought you would pass up a major opportunity for a big move so you just entered the market without a stop or target or any planning whatsoever. On advance assessment of the trade you see that the correct place where you at long last pulled the plug on the trade was precisely where you ought to have entered the market as per your plan.

You didn\'t see that entry as you were blinded with dread of losing more than you ought to on the trade. You now know why you trade discipline and took a trade not in your plan. You feared missing up a great opportunity for a tremendous move. This is the thing that made you simply jump into a trade. You have likewise taken in the outcomes of making such move. Somewhat more persistence to sit tight for the right minute would have delivered a major winning trade.

The principle point is that we may recognize what issues should be tended to with the goal for us to end up plainly successful traders, yet that is recently the \"what\". To settle the issues at the root expect us to ask \"why\". We need to know why we are doing certain activities in the market that are hurting us. A trading journal encourages us to focus on the \"why\" of our activities. When we are outfitted with this data we would now be able to take a shot at what should be dealt with and proceed on our way to end up plainly a reliably profitable trader.

finance, trading, binary, stocks, investment, lose, win, broker, trader, education, strategy, plan
Scott Evans
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One can nearly hear the sound of the EUR/USD sliding. The pinnacle of April 30th, 2014 at 1.3867 resembles an antiquated historic point, before the colossal surge of Quantitative Easing (QE). Just a single year later, inside sight is the EUR/USD parity with the US dollar.

The last time the EUR/USD was at parity with the dollar was in October 2002. With the EU\'s Draghi spending almost $67 billion every month on purchasing bonds, bonds yields have fallen leaving the EUR/USD with no crucial motivations to reinforce. The question now before us is: How can the forex trader join the ride down to parity? We should investigate a few ways.

To begin with, we can consider partaking in the spot forex market. It is not very late to take a position trade and enter a sell on the EUR/USD. The question is timing. Perfection here is the foe of the great. The run of 3 is a sensible approach. At the end of the day, whatever amount one chooses to put on a trade, divide that amount into three sections.

  • One-third could be utilized to enter the market on a short.
  • The second third can be triggered by a swing disappointment, where the EUR/USD follows back, maybe 100 pips and after that begins continuing the ride down.
  • A last third, simply leave as an afterthought for future passage.

While this is not an exact approach, it keeps away from a win big or bust approach. There is a great deal of time to be spot on the 900 pips distance to parity.

Another approach that adds some risk management to trade the slide in the EUR/USD is to put a week by week binary option on the EUR/USD. This should be possible at any binary option platform that offers longer-term durations. For instance, the NoaFX binary platform offers 5 day lengths, which is basically a end-of-week play on an underlying market.

How about we quickly review some further facts about binaries. The Weekly binaries are fixed payouts and the trader gets a fixed return.

An advantage of this approach is that there is a known and maximum risk and it enables a trader to not miss a drawback move by just putting on a trade on a Monday morning and giving it a chance to work. Obviously, one can simply escape the way if a bullish move happens. Most importantly there is a one of a kind chance of utilizing binaries and playing the EUR/USD to parity. Try not to miss a major opportunity for it!

finance, trading, binary, stocks, investment, strategy, broker, trader
Scott Evans
26.08. 2017 00:00  | 

Any experienced day trader sees precisely how horrible drudgery can be, especially when monitoring open positions for the duration of the night

Recently there has been a surge of new and stress-free day trading mobile applications hitting the financial market. Towards the end of 2012, an absolutely new type of mobile applications were offered for download onto prominent mobile gadgets like Google\'s Android and even Apple\'s iPhone mobile operating systems entered the market. This unassuming and low-cost day trading mobile applications have slowly changed how traders invest today, as well as where and when.

Actually Trading Anywhere and whenever

Ordinarily, financial Markets trade worldwide twenty-four hours consistently, for five and a half days a week. Any experienced forex day trader sees precisely how awful the five and a half days drudgery can be, especially when monitoring open positions for the duration of the night. All things considered, it is the anxiety that is overpowering as well as the trader\'s sense of duty regarding remain stuck to the PC, monitor, watching and overseeing margin positions to keep their account from heading off to a margin call status.

These days, investors with the average to high end series of smartphones, for example, Apple\'s iPhone or any high-end Google Android cell phones can undoubtedly download one of the numerous accessible applications for day trading and really bring their brokerage accounts with them all around and anyplace they go. This has without question conveyed colossal help to individuals from both the retail and small brokerage certified investment community.

Multifaceted Investments Never Lend Themselves to Going Mobile

While the advantage of settling on crucial investment choices while out and about is a definitive opportunity of travel, mobile financial applications don\'t really have the level of modernity to give all the expected actualities to make legitimate decisions on the fly. Furthermore, that is not by any means the only thing, the Android or even iPhone user must be exceptionally capable with regards to shifting between brokerage account trade order screens and screens of data expediently in order to process that information and act quickly in the market. Do the trick to say that the more complex the asset being sold or purchased, the more excellent the battle in dealing a portfolio of the assets on an Android or iPhone device – irrespective of the software application running it.

Stress-free Investments for Day Trading Phone Applications

A portion of the short-term investors have executed a less demanding to oversee strategy for investment which still pays out the tremendous profit however is some way or another better designed for mobile devices. While forex and futures Markets might be fairly ill-suited to mobile investing devices, different less intricate securities may seem very much coordinated. Among these simplified short-term assets, binary options contracts and related hybrid imitative securities have a tendency to be the most common. This has been the primary reason behind why most pioneers in that industry have supported for their services to be mobilized.

The significant components of this type of mobile trading system need to not just consider the bounds of the gadgets themselves yet in addition the speed of the market movement. Indeed, it is a direct result of this reason leading platform of binary options trading have come up with mobile applications for top device smartphone operating systems and even gave them to download at definitely no cost.

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Without a trading plan it is practically difficult to succeed, so why trade without one?

Trading is a business and must be drawn nearer and keeps running as a business. As I would see it, there is just a single approach to prevail as a trader yet numerous approaches to come up short. There is considerably more to trading than simply taking in a strategy. Obviously you need a strategy that puts the odds to favor you; however the strategy alone won\'t make you a fruitful trader. What you need is a system and a well ordered process in which you can develop as a trader.

Prior to the procedure can start, you have to get the correct education. That education must be comprised of 2 sections:

1. The most effective method to read the market

2. The trading procedure

It is essential to know how to read the market accurately in light of the fact that once you figure out how to do this you will have the capacity to distinguish where the best odds are in any market. When you know where the best odds are you would then be able to and at exactly that point build up a strategy to take advantage of those odds. On the off chance that you simply learn a strategy alone you are restricted. It is much similar to figuring out how to play a melodic instrument by simply figuring out how to play one piece of music. Without figuring out how to read music you will dependably be constrained.

The primary trading education I got wasn\'t right. Give me a chance to clarify. I began trading just about 10 years prior for a prop trading firm, trading the company\'s capital. I needed to take the Series 7 exam and was instructed an in-house technique for trading. When I passed the Series 7 and finished the in-house trading, I was given an account to trade with a purchasing power of $500,000. The technique we were educated depended on reading the tape and the NYSE Openbook. The primary defect in the approach was that it didn\'t stand the trial of time. It functioned admirably until the point when the NYSE went hybrid – part of the specialist\'s job was presently computerized. This is the reason it is so imperative to take in a strategy that is ageless. I needed to begin once again once more.

Another element that should be set up is a well-written trading plan. Without a trading plan it is better not to trade. On the off chance that you can\'t keep to your trading plan it is better not to trade – this is called teach. Without a trading plan it is difficult to have discipline as discipline is characterized as the capacity to follow a plan. I have coached numerous traders and the primary inquiry I ask them is – \"Do you have a trading plan?\" If the appropriate response is yes, which it once in a while is, the second inquiry I ask them is – \"Are you following your trading plan?\" The response to both of these inquiries is for the most part \"no\". This is the place the coaching normally starts. Without a trading plan it is practically difficult to succeed, so why trade without one?

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What makes China and the Chinese economy relevant? Furthermore, how did China get to this point?

Numerous investors consider China as a key player in forex, which is essential because of the significance of China and its economy of $3.98 trillion daily trades. One totally has to know when to panic if China panics. So we should go over the following few facts worth thinking about this incredible country.

Not exclusively does the Chinese civilization date back 4,000 years, however it speaks to more than 20% of the world\'s population, with a noteworthy presence in the worlds commerce, production and exports. These factors make China one of trader’s principles concentrates, particularly observing that China could be named as a potential contender of the US, yet not at this time.

The Chinese economy has endured numerous disappointments on their long-run running towards improvement and development, despite every one of the endeavors contributed by the nation to join the most powerful economies and to guarantee a front row seat. China has done well and positions among one of the quickest developing nations around the world, with records broken and a few supernatural occurrences that have made China a legend and a story to be told to what is to come.

Be that as it may, what makes China and the Chinese economy essential? Furthermore, how did China get to this point?

  • China is the fourth biggest nation in the world with 9,596,960 SQ of land, a shoreline of 14,500 KM making it the world\'s tenth biggest shoreline, and a phenomenal mix of topography.
  • Despite the fact that drove by a communist party, the Chinese have demonstrated gigantic gratefulness and a liberality to the world and to international exchange.
  • The enormous population and cheap labor made China a goal for worldwide companies from around the globe to settle, produce and trade around the globe.
  • China is one of only a handful couple of countries that has put its principle push to join the world trade leaders, yet in the meantime saving their customs and traditions. As of now, China is a standout amongst the most loved tourist destinations because of its long history and achievement in saving their civilization and heritage.
  • China has prevailing to expand education to 86% of the population, a high rate compared with post-World War II.
  • China\'s emphasis on a socialist economy started in 1984. China has never stopped to help and invest into accomplishing growth, paying little heed to the weights the government experienced, making the socialist economy a dream China needed to accomplish.
  • Despite the fact that it has kept to the communist style, China has figured out how to guarantee foreign investors and obtain their confidence, something the biggest democracies in the world couldn\'t ensure.
  • \"Made in China\" has spread generally as China\'s low cost pulled in the largest companies worldwide to settle and produce. China has shown participation with foreign investors by their daily operation smoother.
  • The way of life of Chinese citizens has enhanced on account of their government\'s constant effort to develop from a communist government into the government of the people.
  • Natural disasters, for example, earthquakes have not obstructed foreign investors on account of the government’s quick reaction and support. China has endured the greatest disasters around the world, but at the same time keeps on making improvement.
  • The Chinese items, or items made in China, reach more than half of our life\'s day by day supplies.
  • China heads the list of countries in trade volumes took after by the EU and the USA, yet positions third after the USA and the EU. China\'s GDP is thought to be around USD 400 Billion (2014) speaking to 16.70% of the world\'s economy.
  • China has figured out how to increment foreign investment within its outskirts by making charge exclusions and expanded outside foreign investor benefits.

Every one of these factors, and some more, make China a powerful tool and a reason for trader concern. This year began with the Greek crisis and is by all accounts proceeding with the uneasiness over China.

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With Triple Lock Profit System, you can earn up to $15,000 per day! The original promised earnings for using this trading software are $10,000 but you also get $5,000 for testing AlgoPremium Software. It\'s free of charge and it takes only few minutes to set up.

Who is William Maynard?

Mr. William Maynard is allegedly a successful trader. However, we didn\'t find any information about him. How come nobody knows of this William, if he is so successful? Because of that, we realized that it\'s just a made up character with a stock photo. They didn\'t leave any information on triplelockprofits.com regarding the company that stands behind this suspicious offer. We can only send an e-mail, but nobody guarantees us that we will get the answer.

How Triple Lock Profit System Works?

There are 3 different income sources - Mr. William\'s personal account, William\'s company, and at the end, the income from testing AlgoPremium Software.

Besides Maynard Financial Software LLC being an non-existing company, AlgoPremium Software is in beta phase so it\'s quite impossible to get $5,000 from them. On top of that, we have no idea what this AlgoPremium Software is all about. No explanation was given.

Disturbing things found!

Even though they provided testimonials on their website, we realized it was all fake. We found the certain \"loyal user\" on fiverr.com meaning that they used paid actors.

What happens when you register on triplelockprofits.com website?

As soon as you sign up for an account, you can see some \"live\" trades\" but they are fake as well. They showed placing both put and call option at the same time, together. This is not possible. Also, you won\'t be able to earn $15,000 with depositing as little as $250.

Don\'t forget that you need a broker in order to trade. However, they didn\'t mention any brokers so we don\'t know if they provide any brokers, and if so, whether or not are they legitimate.

Triple Lock Profit System Scam Review - Conclusion!

Because of too many lies and unrealistic promises, this scam called \"Triple Lock Profit System\" should not be trusted! Make sure to stay away from it.

trading software, suspicious offer, scam, William Maynard, Triple Lock Profit System
Scott Evans
24.08. 2017 10:20  | 

Samba Binary Options represents a trading platform which allows you to copy trades that experienced BO traders made and earn money of their trades. Allegedly, they will take your money only after they are sure that you made some money! It\'s free of charge and doesn\'t carry any risk with it.

Who stays behind Samba Binary Options?

We didn\'t manage finding out who stays behind Samba Binary Options. There wasn\'t any information about owner nor the company, except for an e-mail address for which nobody guarantees us that we\'ll get an answer from. Because of lack of the information, we\'re thinking that we\'re dealing with online fraud.

How Samba Binary Options Works?

They just told us that we\'ll be able to copy trades that other experts have made, and that\'s it. They didn\'t inform us which algorithm is their system based on. How are we supposed to trust anonymity?

Disturbing things found!

First of all, forget about no-risk thing. There is no chance that you\'ll ever meet anything in the financial industry that doesn\'t carry risk with itself. Having no risk means that you\'ll always end up with a successful outcome, and that\'s impossible. They also said that their system operates with 778% accuracy? Who came up with this number? Achieving and especially maintaining high accuracy is very hard, but accuracy higher than 100% is just ridiculous - there\'s no such thing!

Even though they offer you a trial account, you have to fund it with $500 if you\'re an US citizen, or $250 otherwise, in order to start trading. The biggest problem with this is that they ask you to email them a screenshot of your deposit - who would ask for such thing when they can just check the transactions on their account.

More alarming things!

Even though the usual ROI is around 25% to 30%, they are promising 160% ROI. Don\'t fall for this ridiculous promise.

On top of everything, we\'re still dealing with an anonymous service - don\'t forget about that!

Samba Binary Options Scam Review - Conclusion!

Based on everything that we found out, this trading platform is nothing but a money-stealing service that bunch of fraudsters launched in order to \"earn\" some money. Don\'t fall for this fraud!

binary options, trading platform, online fraud, money-stealing service, Samba Binary Options
Scott Evans
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Latest trading system in the binary options industry is Robot FX.

Who are these people behind Robot FX Software?

We didn\'t even get any information from their robotfx.com website. No idea who created this offer, this website or the company that stands behind this bogus offer.

How Robot FX Software Works?

As we\'ve heard before, it combines 3 different methods and plenty of signal combinations. However, we end up being completely clueless. None strategy nor algorithm was mentioned. This entire anonymity makes us very suspicious, but that won\'t stop us from fully investigating this offer.

Disturbing things found!

Even though they promised a completely secured transactions via their website (they said that they are using secured protocol), their website clearly warns us that they do not have SSL, meaning that any data that you provide on their website can easily be stolen.

One of the last trades that they showed as \"proof\" of trustworthiness, allegedly occurred on 12th March 2017. Quick look at the calendar will show you that 12th March 2017 was Sunday. Now, let us remind you that the market is closed during the weekends! So how could their system place a trade on Sunday? This is clearly a bad scam.

Because of the FX in the name of this system, we all jump to the conclusion that we\'d be dealing with Forex, but the truth is that this system offers trading binary options. As soon as we start trading with this bogus system, we\'ll end up losing all of our money. Even their demo trades are developed in a wrong way so we wonder - who would fall for a scam this bad?

Robot FX Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

Based on our thorough investigation, we hope that you\'re now aware that Robot FX is nothing more than a scam that\'s supposed to take away all of your money. Trade safe!

trading system, binary options industry, bogus offer, scam, Robot FX
Scott Evans
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Raptor Robot Software represents auto-trading software that operates with +90% win rate. It trades binary options and it seems too good to be true, so we decide to take a more thorough look at it.

Who stays behind Raptor Robot Software?

At the end of our investigation we still didn\'t get the name of owner or the company that stands behind Raptor Robot Software. Nothing we found on raptorrobot.com was useful nor relevant to our investigation. This anonymity indicates that we could be dealing with a fraudulent offer.

How Raptor Robot Software Works?

Allegedly, the software does everything it can in order to provide high return. It works on its own and cooperates with some \"experienced\" brokers of the binary industry. However, without proof, we can\'t trust a claim like this. We didn\'t hear any algorithm nor strategy that this software uses and we also didn\'t get names of the so-called experienced brokers.

Disturbing things found!

First of all, promising +90% win rate is ridiculous. None person nor software can even achieve, and especially not maintain such high win rate. Even if this statement was promising (but it isn\'t!), it still comes from an unknown person standing behind completely anonymous service - how are you supposed to trust it?

Even though they provided some information about alleged users of this system, we have no proof of actual testimonials. This is just a simple text which can\'t be trusted just like that!

What happens when you register on raptorrobot.com website?

Upon completing the registration, you\'re asked to opt for one of their brokers. The problem is that they won\'t let you use your own broker but they rather force you to fund one of their brokers with at least $250. Keep in mind that this is a auto-trading software meaning that we can\'t predict what\'s going to happen to our capital!

Raptor Robot Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

We hope that we\'ve provided enough information to bust this fraudulent offer. Raptor Robot is a software that you should never invest into!

auto-trading software, binary options, anonymity, fraudulent offer, Raptor Robot
Scott Evans
24.08. 2017 10:14  | 

ProfitBall is a trading software that\'s supposed to help you earn $7,000 per week. It\'s completely automated and free of charge. All they ask for is either a testimonial or screenshot of your profit.

Who are Terry Mason and Joshua Ethan?

They are the athlete and designer of the ProfitBall. Their system which determines best trades allegedly operates with 100% accuracy. First of all, we didn\'t find anything about this financial analyst and co-designer, except for the information that was shown on the profitball.co. If they were any famous, the Internet should know about them. The next thing that represents a real problem and a deal breaker is the fact that the binary options industry will never be able to face 100% win rate, no matter what software or person it\'s all about. On top of everything, none company name was mentioned meaning that we end up having no idea who runs this suspicious system.

How ProfitBall Software Works?

It supposedly analyzes tons of data coming from major events that have high impact to the market. Based on the data, the software is able to determine best stocks for investing into. There\'s a claim saying that first users of this software managed to earn $7,000 per week.

Disturbing things found!

One of their claims is that they earned $6,4 millions within last 4 years. The reason we don\'t believe this is that we found out their website was registered on 6th February, 2017. If they didn\'t exist 4 years ago, how could have they operated back then?

Their testimonials actually consist of paid actors and made up profiles and statements. One of the alleged users is the same person that was used for promoting another scam called Bank Tracker Bot.

What happens when you register on profitball.co and profitball.cc website?

After completing the registration, you need to invest at least $250 into your broker\'s account. They say that you can withdraw the money at any time.

The Scam!

At the beginning, they said that this offer was free, but then they ask you to invest $250? They also talk about certain \"gift\" but your account actually can\'t be accessed until you meet all of broker\'s term. Another problem is that they didn\'t list those terms.

They talk about your trading account as if it was your bank account, but it is not. You can\'t make immediate withdrawals and you are not in complete control of your account, because the broker is. Keep in mind that usual withdrawals take 2 to 3 business days.

They didn\'t mention any brokers, but they do expect us to trust and invest into one of them? Definitely not going to happen.

ProfitBall Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

ProfitBall was, at first, a highly suspicious system that turned out to be nothing more than a lame scam. We don\'t know who stands behind it, how does it work, and we certainly can\'t trust it. Therefore, we highly recommend you to stay away from it!

trading software, binary options industry, suspicious system, Terry Mason, Joshua Ethan, ProfitBall
Scott Evans
24.08. 2017 10:10  | 

Omnia App is the latest auto-trading software that guarantees to generate more than $1,350 per day, for you. This is more than million dollars within 6 months. It\'s free of charge and you don\'t need to be experienced in order to trade with this software.

Who is Matthew Hammersmith?

Alleged multi-millionaire, Matthew Hammersmith, is the CEO of Omnia Investments. We quickly found out that his company Omnia Investments doesn\'t exist and we also didn\'t find anything online regarding this so-called multi-millionaire. If he was so famous and successful, how come the Internet doesn\'t know anything about him?

Mr. Matthew is actually a paid actor whose goal was to try and trick us into believing this bogus system. In order to realize what we\'re talking about, we\'ll inform you of trades in which he represented as the CEO. \"Richard Heffner\", the CEO of GPS Trader; David Hefner, the CEO of Safeguard Trader; CEO of Terabit Trader! After we realized that he showed up in so many scams just under different names, we realized that this must be a paid actor.

How Omnia App Works?

Allegedly very simple software that never loses trades. We can\'t believe that this bogus system analyzes tons of data and determines perfect trades.

Disturbing things found!

In their promo video, they showed how Sarah earned $5,700 within a day of not logging in to her account. So not only that she didn\'t do anything but she was also offline!

On the day we were checking out this offer, we found a \"testimonial\" proving that some guy earned $45,267 within 30 days. The problem is that their website was registered on 27th February, 2017, meaning that from day that, their website wasn\'t even online for 30 days!

More alarming things!

We encountered another lie! There\'s some Matt Palmer who earned 1 million dollars within 7 months, but once again we remind you that their website, at that current moment, wasn\'t online for that long!

Another lame thing that we discovered is that one of the transactions that were shown on omniaapp.co was showing a payment to 4 Advanced LLC. The problem is that 4 Advanced LLC is a non-existing company! On top of that, they showed the name Tesler instead of Omnia. This means that the people standing behind this scam are the same people that developed Tesler, Omnia and Zeus scams!

On top of everything, they promise that the software operates with 97% win rate. This is not possible! Financial industry has never experienced such high win rate, so don\'t fall for this bogus claim.

What happens when you register on omniaapp.co website?

After the registration, you need to create new trading account that will be associated with one of their brokers. They also promise you a 1-minute withdrawals!

Don\'t fall for those fake promises. The broker is in charge of your balance and there\'s no such thing as 1-minute withdrawals because this is not a bank account!

We do get one of their brokers associated with our trading account, but we don\'t know anything about that broker. Without his name, how can we find out if he owns a license or not?

Omnia App Scam Review - Conclusion!

We believe that our thorough investigation will help you realize that Omnia App is nothing more than a bogus system which creator tried to use in order to scam innocent traders.

auto-trading software, bogus system, scam, Matthew Hammersmith, Omnia App
Scott Evans
24.08. 2017 10:08  | 

Duplicash represents the first social network where non-traders and traders can meet and discuss anything, even events regarding the financial industry. You\'re promised to increase your daily income by $1,000! It\'s free of charge and it\'s automated.

Who is Eduard Mason?

Former restaurant manager, Eduard Mason is now the owner of Duplicash Software. However, we couldn\'t find anything about this guy except for the information that was shown on duplicashapp.com. We also don\'t know how he looks because he didn\'t even show up in their promo video. Later on, they even used a stock photo on their website. This shady offer should be further investigated.

How Duplicash Software Works?

They only said that the software copies trades from experienced traders, but that\'s it. We end up having no idea how this software actually performs anything.

Disturbing things found!

First of all, they showed some Steve Van Der Glass\'s balance that reached $389,412 from a 0, meaning that he was somehow trading with 0 investment. The expiration time was 0.5 minutes even though the minimum expiration time should be 1 minute. This means that they made up this entire situation.

Let us remind you that the market is closed during the weekends, and yet somehow they promised that you\'ll be earning every day! Contradiction spotted.

More alarming things!

They showed a situation where a student of Warren Buffet earned $142 with initial investment of $250 and 74% return rate, but the profit should have been $435 instead of $142. This is just a lame mistake that scammers made.

What happens when you register on duplicashapp.com website?

Upon completing the registration, you\'ll get a free trading account with one of their brokers. However, for some reason you\'re being told that you\'re in charge of your \"bank account\" even though that\'s not a bank account but rather a trading account, and your broker gets the control of it, and not you. Withdrawals can\'t be made immediately, keep that in mind.

In order to start trading, you need to invest at least $250 into your broker\'s account. This means that, even though they promised a free of charge software, you still have to invest in order to start using it!

Duplicash Software Review - Conclusion!

We believe that we\'ve proved enough for you to realize that the scam called Duplicash should never be invested into. Always trade safe!

social network, financial industry, shady offer, Eduard Mason, Duplicash
Scott Evans
24.08. 2017 10:04  | 

Latest 24/7 automated trading system is Daily income method. Allegedly, this system can generate you $500 per day.

Who stays behind Daily income method?

As they claim on dailyincomemethod.com, Mr. Mack is a millionaire standing behind the Daily income method. However, we still didn\'t get the name of the company nor any other contact information but Mack\'s phone.

We weren\'t able to confirm who Mack is - if he is a \"millionaire marketer\" as he said, we should be able to find any information about him. This shady offer should be further investigated, and that\'s what we\'re about to do.

How Daily income method works?

Supposedly, it uses the leverage effect. This means that they are giving you the 200% commission. They also promise you $6 of earnings for every sale that a client which you brough makes.

200% commission is unfortunately too high to believe it. We can\'t just blindly trust this offer.

Disturbing things found!

In case you decide to invest into this Daily income method, you should know that the money you pay is going directly to Motor Club of America, instead of this \"Mack\".

Even though investing into Motor Club of America isn\'t illegal, they however offer their services to citizens of Canada, United States and Puerto Rico only. This is the reason you shouldn\'t trust this shady offer.

Daily income method Scam Review - Conclusion!

Based on everything we provided to you, we hope that you won\'t fall for this scam! We believe that Mack is just a made up character and that Daily income method is just a frame with scammers standing behind it. Trade careful!

automated trading system, shady offer, scam, Mack, Daily income
Scott Evans
24.08. 2017 10:02  | 

Binary Today Secret is the new signal generator that operates with +80% win rate. The license costs $169,99 but they promise that it\'s worth!

Who are people behind Binary Today Secret?

Unfortunately, we don\'t know who is the owner of Binary Today Secret. THeir website binarytodaysecret.com didn\'t give us any information about a company or person that stands behind this shady offer.

How Binary Today Secret Works?

We just know that this signal generator generates more than 14 trading signals per day that can be used for placing any kind of trades within the binary options industry. Signals are received via phone, e-mail or MT4.

Disturbing things found!

Remember how they told us that it\'s definitely worth investing into this system? This means that they guarantee that we\'ll make profit. However, there\'s a disclaimer saying that they do not guarantee anything. This contradiction is something they did not want to show.

They also said that everything they provide is not in a way of giving financial advice, even though generating signals is considered as giving financial advice.

More alarming things!

They showed us some claims for \"verified analysis\" and \"verified trading results\" but this is something that a third party has to prove in order for us to believe it. However, they didn\'t show any evidence meaning that we will not fall for this lame claim!

Another problem comes as soon as we try to buy this software - we get redirected to some other page showing a price that is different than the one we heard at the beginning.

Binary Today Secret Scam Review - Conclusion!

We believe that we provided enough evidence for you to realize that binarytodaysecret.com is poorly made and that you should not fall for this lame scam. Trade safe!

signal generator, shady offer, binary options industry, scam, Binary Today Secret
Scott Evans
24.08. 2017 10:00  | 

Latest binary options trading software is the Binary Robo X. It\'s automated, free of charge and you\'re guaranteed to earn $2,000 per day.

Who stays behind Binary Robo X?

Unfortunately, binaryrobox.com didn\'t give us a name of the owner of Binary Robo X. Allegedlyt, French company developed it but there\'s no evidence to prove this claim. This could be a fraudulent offer but we\'ll continue investigating.

How Binary Robo X Works?

We\'re just told that it uses \"best\" algorithms and strategies and that it trades on its own, but that\'s it. They didn\'t explain how it works.

Disturbing things found!

When you visit their website binaryrobox.com you\'re actually redirected to the BinBot Pro software and this is a big proof of a scam.

They mentioned that withdrawals are available immediately. Don\'t fall for this! Usual withdrawals usually take 2 to 3 business days, with a regulated broker.

What happens when you register on binaryrobox.com website?

After the registration, you\'re offered to try out their demo account. Don\'t do this! Demo accounts are developed in a way that you\'ll always end up winning trades, and this is their way of making you believe that their software is successful. After thinking that, they will ask you to fund real account with real money. Once again, do not fall for this! You\'ll end up losing all of your money to this scam.

Binary Robo X Scam Review - Conclusion!

We hope that we provided enough evidence for you to realize that Binary Robo X is a fraudulent offer which you need to stay away from. Keep trading safe and don\'t waste your hard-earned cash!

binary options, trading software, fraudulent offer, scam, Binary Robo X
Scott Evans
24.08. 2017 00:00  | 

A glance at probably the most influential reports that have been released up until this point.

Over the previous month or somewhere in the vicinity, the huge discussions in the market have spun around the Greek debt crisis and Chinese market crash. Be that as it may, those issues are not any more the spotlight of the finance world. Presently, everything is by all accounts on profit. Actually if earnings are positive, odds are that we will keep on seeing overwhelmingly bullish movement in the market.

Adversely, if earnings reports are negative, we\'re probably going to begin seeing declines. Today, we\'ll see probably the most influential reports that have been released up until now, reports that are coming soon, and what we can hope to see from the market therefore.

Influential Earnings Reports Already Released

We are now somewhat more than seven days into earning season and I need to concede, things are looking superior to anything I anticipated. Here is a couple of influential earning reports that have been released up until this point…

Google – Last week, Google earnings overwhelmed investors in a decent manner; totally overwhelming analyst expectations. Thus, Google shares moved by almost 16% in the biggest single day gain the company have ever observed. In actuality, gains were big to the point that they pushed the stock so high that the companies surge had an overwhelmingly positive effect on the NASDAQ all in all; pushing it to another record high.

Intel – Intel likewise delivered an extraordinary earnings report. In the second quarter, Intel created earnings per share of $0.55; $0.05 higher than analysts anticipated that would see. The company\'s revenue likewise beat analyst expectations by $180 million!

Banking Industry Overall – Overall, the banking industry in general delivered positive earnings results about for the second quarter. JPMorgan beat earnings expectations by $0.10, Bank of America was ahead $0.09 per share, and Citigroup generated $0.10 more than anticipated. With everything taken into account, each report we\'ve found in the banking and finance industry has been overwhelmingly positive.

Influential Earnings Reports To Come

Considering what we\'ve seen up until this point, things are looking entirely useful for a continuation of the bull market. In any case, for this to happen, earnings reports should proceed on the positive trend. This week, I\'ll be giving careful consideration to the following earnings reports…

Apple – Apple has a fantastic reputation with regards to their capacity to deliver positive earnings. Actually, for as long as previous 7 consecutive quarters, Apple has beaten analyst expectations. Be that as it may, there have been worries over developing rivalry in the smart phone space; so this will be a fascinating one to watch.

Microsoft – Microsoft additionally has a fantastically positive record as to earnings. In the course of the last 7 quarters, the company has produced superior to expected earnings per share 5 times. Notwithstanding, analyst at RBC Capital are indicating a diminishing interest for PCs as a reason Microsoft may not wow financial investors this quarter.

What Can We Expect To See?

On the off chance that you would have made this inquiry even two weeks back, my answer would have been a considerable amount different. Be that as it may, with the overwhelmingly positive reports we saw a week ago and the solutions being found for major financial issues far and wide, I\'m beginning to trust that we might be proceeding with the bull market.

While I don\'t believe we\'re very out of the woods yet, I do imagine that things are looking somewhat better for the market. All things considered, watch out for one week from now\'s earnings. In the event that they turn out to be as positive as what we\'ve seen so far this earnings season, we can hope to see a continuation of the bull run.

finance, trading, binary, stocks, investment, bull, market, trader, broker
Scott Evans
23.08. 2017 18:53  | 

Latest auto-trading system is called Wealthy Trader and it\'s supposed to earn us $2,000 per day. It seems to be free of charge and easy to use for newbie traders.

Who stays behind Wealthy Trader?

The alleged creator of Wealthy Trader robot is Mr. Nelson Roosen. Unfortunately, we didn\'t find any information about this guy on wealthy-trader.co and we also didn\'t find any information about the company. At the end, we don\'t have the idea who stays behind this offer. Because of this anonymity, we can see that we\'re dealing with a shady offer.

How Wealthy Trader Works?

It provides signals that are executed immediately on your account. Since providing signals is considered as financial advice, they have to own a license in order to make that activity legal. However, they didn\'t tell us who is providing those signals and they sure didn\'t show us their license!

Disturbing things found!

They are promising you a \"free\" system that\'s supposed to make you $2,000 per day? Nobody would give you such program for free. They are also limiting the system to first 20 members, but this is just another thing that\'s making us question the trustworthiness of this system.

Besides those lies, they have also used paid actors and fake testimonials. Even the \"creator\" profile is made up.

During their promo video they showed how Nelson earned $1,170 within few minutes. Just remember that the expiry time is 60 seconds, so how could have he made more than thousand dollars within minutes?

What happens when you register on wealthy-trader.co website?

Even though they said that their system is free of charge, you still have to invest $250 in order to start trading. They even promise you immediate withdrawals.

Rest assured that withdrawals can\'t be made within minutes, especially not immediately. There\'s a large process that needs to be done in order for your balance to become available to you.

They also said that you\'re in complete control of your money that you invested in your trading account. Don\'t fall for this - your broker is the one who controls the money because, after all, the money is on his account.

Another problem is that we didn\'t hear the name of the supposed broker. How are we supposed to trust him? We also didn\'t get to see if he owns a license or not.

Wealthy Trader Scam Review - Conclusion!

Our investigation was meant for you to realize that this fraud can take away your money if you invest into it. Don\'t fall for this shady offer!

auto-trading system, robot, shady offer, fraud, Nelson Roosen, Wealthy Trader
Scott Evans
23.08. 2017 18:50  | 

Traders Matrix Software is trading software that places trades based on other\'s trades. It\'s free of charge for the first 3 months and after that it takes 20% of your profit.

Who are the people behind Traders Matrix Software?

Chris Amado and Robert Michaels, ex Forex and commodities traders, are now owners of Traders Matrix Software. However, we didn\'t find any information about these 2 guys except for the correlation between them and their website tradersmatrix.com. We also found out that the Traders Matrix company doesn\'t exist. This shady offer should be investigated further!

How Traders Matrix Software Works?

Allegedly, it follows trades that expert traders make. Software then copies trades and sends them to you. Since those signals are not generated automatically but rather copied from human beings, why should we consider this as an automated trading software if it won\'t implement any complex algorithm?

Disturbing things found!

At the beginning they promised us great earnings but later on we found out that they said Traders Matrix doesn\'t guarantee any profit. This contradiction really got us thinking.

They added the \"Verified by Third Party\" on their website but they didn\'t show any evidence.

More alarming things!

As soon as you sign up for their account, you\'re recommended to try out the demo mode. However, you can\'t use the demo mode before funding your account with some money. Another lie and another evidence proving that we were right from the beginning.

Traders Matrix Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

Thorough investigation helped us realize that Traders Matrix is nothing but a scam and we need to stay away from it. Keep trading safe!

trading software, shady offer, scam, Robert Michaels, Chris Amado, Traders Matrix Software
Scott Evans
23.08. 2017 18:50  | 

Tratika offers us 3 types of trading - social, semi and auto trading. This peer-to-peer trading platform is free of charge for 500 testers.

Who stays behind this Tratika Software?

There is no information about the owner of the Tratika Software. Since tratika.com didn\'t give us any information, we have no other choice but to suspect that it\'s a scam.

How Tratika Software Works?

There are three methods - Social Trading, Semi-Automatic and Auto-Trading. THere are also three different algorithms - Investo, Rush Options, and Basers. Investo is a long-term trading (expiry time - 3 days), Rush Options is a short-term trading (expiry time - 2 minutes) and Basers is a medium-term trading (expiry time - 4 hours).

Disturbing things found!

The Social Trading represents a method in which other users of this software vote for signals and then you can trade in a way other non-experts suggested.

Semi-Automatic trading will generate signals for low-risk trades and guaranteed high returns. However, there\'s a Risk Disclaimer notifying us that they do not guarantee any profit. Encountering this contradiction helped us become even more confident about our assumption from the beginning.

Auto-Trading will place trades on its own and there\'s no way for you to have impact on it. On top of everything, you still don\'t know how the software works so you\'ll end up losing all of your money.

What happens when you register on tratika.com website?

As soon as you sign up for an account, you\'re automatically associated with one of their brokers and you have to invest at least $250 into broker\'s account. We can\'t confirm the legitimacy of the so-called broker because we don\'t even know their name!

Tratika Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

Based on everything that we provided, we can easily conclude that Tratika is a fake offer and we highly recommend you to stay away from it. Watch out on your hard-earned cash - find better ways to invest it!

peer-to-peer, trading platform, scam, fake offer, Tratika Software
Scott Evans
23.08. 2017 18:48  | 

The 1Option is an easy-to-use auto-trading system. This system provides binary options signals and then places trades on its own. It\'s free of charge and even newbies can use it.

Who stays behind The 1Option?

They didn\'t mention on their website the1option.com the name of the company standing behind this offer, neither the name of the owner. We have to be careful when dealing with such suspicious offer.

How The 1Option Works?

Allegedly it uses 3 different methods along with 500 signals combinations, but they actually didn\'t explain how their system works. They just used numbers in order to try and trick us into thinking that the system is complex, but we still don\'t know how it works.

Disturbing things found!

The 1Option generates signals and you should know that generating signals is actually an activity called giving financial advice, and without a license, this kind of activity is considered illegal. We don\'t know who owns The 1Option and we also don\'t know whether they have the license or not - so how are we supposed to trust them?

They are offering you the demo account. Don\'t try it out! Demo accounts are made just to trick you into thinking that their software is trustworthy and successful. Real trading has nothing in common with trading with demo account so don\'t waste your time there!

Remember how, at the beginning, they said that the system is free of charge? Well, guess not, it\'s not, they lied to us. You need to invest at least $250 in order to start trading.

How are we supposed to trust such suspicious offer that\'s filled with lies and anonymity?

The 1Option Scam Review - Conclusion!

Based on everything that we encountered during our investigation, we hope that you\'re now aware that this scam is something you should stay away from!

auto-trading system, binary options signals, suspicious offer, scam, The 1Option
Scott Evans
23.08. 2017 18:44  | 

One of the latest trading platforms that\'s been launched into the binary options industry is the Simple Auto Trading robot. This robot provides signals and places trades on its own. It\'s free of charge, automated and operates with 83% win rate.

Who stays behind Simple Auto Trading software?

Unfortunately, we couldn\'t find anything on simpleautotrading.com regarding the owner or the company standing behind this offer. We already think that we\'re dealing with a scam, but let\'s see what else can we find out.

How Simple Auto Trading Works?

This robot uses well-known indicators such as CCI, RSI, WILLIAMS and others. Those indicators are used for trading binary options and that\'s what this robot uses.

Disturbing things found!

We\'ll remind you that providing trading signals is considered as giving financial advice - and that\'s an activity that requires a license in order to be legal. However, we don\'t know if they own a license or not because we don\'t know who they are!

At the beginning, they said that this system is free of charge but you end up having to pay $250 in order to start trading. We\'ve already been lied to!

What happens when you register on simpleautotrading.com website?

As soon as you sign up for an account, you\'re offered to try out their demo account. Don\'t do this! Demo account is designed in a way that it always wins trades tricking you into thinking that their software is highly successful. They use this trick hoping that they\'ll lure you into investing into their system. Don\'t fall for this!

Simple Auto Trading Scam Review - Conclusion!

We hope that we\'ve delivered enough evidence for you to realize that this scam called Simple Auto Trading should not be invested into! Don\'t waste your money on offers like this one.

trading platforms, binary options industry, robot, scam, Simple Auto Trading
Scott Evans
23.08. 2017 18:42  | 

Profit Harvester System is the latest trading platform launched into the financial industry. It\'s free and easy to use but we don\'t know what assets does the system trade.

Who stays behind Profit Harvester System?

Phssystem.com didn\'t give us any information about the owner nor the company standing behind this offer. Unfortunately, we\'ll have to mark PHS as an suspicious offer.

How Profit Harvester System Works?

Allegedly, PHS reduces risk and increases the reward. With such minimal risk and high profitability, the financial industry must have heard about it, but that\'s not the case. It seems that nobody has heard of this \"successful\" trading platform.

Disturbing things found!

On their website, right under the sign saying \"Risk free\" is a statement saying that trading carries a high level of risk. This contradiction made us realize what we\'re actually dealing with - we\'re not letting them fool us!

They used made up characters with stock photos in order to create fake testimonials. Don\'t fall for those lies!

What happens when you register on phssystem.com website?

Even though the system is \"free\", they ask you to invest at least $250 into our broker\'s account in order to start trading. First of all, keep in mind that giving credit card information to an anonymous service is a dumb move to do - your data can easily be stolen! Another thing is that you should never trust a broker if you don\'t get an insight into his name and legitimation.

Profit Harvester System Scam Review - Conclusion!

After showing you all of the above, we hope that you won\'t waste your money investing into this phony system. Keep your cash safe!

trading platform, financial industry, suspicious offer, phony system, Profit Harvester System
Scott Evans
23.08. 2017 18:40  | 

Newest money-making system is called HBSwiss App and it \'s free of charge and easy to use.

Who is Hans Berger?

We didn\'t find out any information about the Hans Berger but we did find out that his alleged company HBSwiss doesn\'t exist! Besides anonymity and made up company, they also used paid actors in their promo video and they even said that themselves.

How HBSwiss Software Works?

Allegedly their technology runs on Quantum computers, but besides that, we don\'t know any further details.

Disturbing things found!

They claim that you need 3 minutes to set up their robot and you\'ll start making money within an hour. Why should we blindly trust their story? They didn\'t provide any evidence proving that.

They also claim that their software operates 24/7. Let us remind you that the market is closed during the weekend meaning that the statement saying \"trading for 24/7\" is fake.

What happens when you register on hbswiss.com website?

As soon as you sign up for an account, you\'re asked to provide relevant phone number and e-mail.

The problem is that we didn\'t get the broker\'s name so how are we supposed to trust and fund him?

HBSwiss Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

Unfortunately, nothing that HBSwiss offered us could change our mind. Even at the beginning of our investigation we started questioning the trustworthiness of this system, but we still decided to give it a chance and keep investigating. However, as we kept finding out bad things about this offer, we were just more confident that we didn\'t go wrong with our assumption. We hope that you\'ll stay away from this bogus offer!

money-making system, bogus offer, Hans Berger, HBSwiss
Scott Evans
23.08. 2017 18:38  | 

Latest trading software FX Sniper Robot is completely free and automated.

Who is Simon Reed?

Mr. Simon Reed is allegedly experienced Forex trader. The only thing we managed to find regarding this Simon is the correlation between him and his website fxsniper.co. Besides anonymity, they presented him as Simon Reed, the Forex trader, in one promo video and Joshua Ethan, financial analyst, in promo video of different software called ProfitBall Trading Software. Because this character seems to be associated with another scam, we are forced to mark FX Sniper as a shady offer.

How FX Sniper Software Works?

Supposedly, FX Sniper uses complex mathematical equations in order to identify profitable trades. The software analyzes decades of data. Unfortunately we can\'t believe such ridiculous lie. There\'s no way any powerful computer could analyze and process that much data, especially not in matters of seconds. Besides, they promised that you\'ll be earning money every day, and as traders already know, market is closed during the weekend, meaning that they tried to lie to us again.

Disturbing things found!

Mr. Simon said that he\'s been using this software for years but whois.com showed us that fxsniper.co was registered on 9th March, 2017. He also showed us some \"transactions\" that occurred before the 9th March and therefore we can\'t trust this statement either! The worst thing he did is showing a transaction that \"happened\" 3 days after the day we noticed that lie.

Even certain Nicole showed up in the video presentation and she showed us how she earned $127 while she was offline. Don\'t fall for this lie - it\'s impossible to earn offline!

Even though they showed how the software acts in action, we realized it was all staged. We realized that FX Sniper account equity didn\'t chage during the trade, only pips do. Keep in mind that during the active trades, even pips are seen as wins or loses.

More alarming things

They used fake testimonials and we found that out by finding stock photos that they used along with made up statements.

What happens when you register on fxsniper.co website?

As soon as you sign up for an account, you\'re asked to open a new trading account which will be associated with one of their brokers.

Even though they said that this system is completely free, you still have to fund broker\'s account. On top of that, you have no idea who is your broker and whether he owns a license or not. Never trust unregulated brokers!

FX Sniper Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

We hope that our detailed investigation helped you realize that FX Sniper is just a scam that\'s made for one goal only - to steal your hard-earned cash. We highly recommend you to stay away from it!

trading software, Forex, shady offer, scam, Simon Reed, FX Sniper
Scott Evans
23.08. 2017 18:36  | 

Fast Million is a new binary options trading system. Allegedly, this system is combined with the Sigma Pro system and together they are supposed to turn you into a millionaire within no time. It\'s easy to use and you just have to invest $300 into it and you\'ll start earning money.

Who stays behind Fast Million?

As they say, Nikolay Potanin, the Russian scientist developed Sigma Pro trading system for some major US bank. Somehow, his system \"leaked\" to the market and it became accessible to everyone. The problem is that we don\'t have information about the company nor the owner of this offer so how are we supposed to trust such suspicious story? We could be dealing with a scam here so we should be careful.

How Fast Million Works?

This trading system uses Sigma Pro software in order to analyze tons of data and generate signals and place trades on its own.

Disturbing things found!

Thanks to Google search by Image, we managed finding \"members\" of the Fast Million which Fast Million used for creating phony testimonials. Realizing that they used paid actors made us never trust this offer again.

Even though the expiry time is minimally 60 seconds, during their promo video they showed trades with 12-second expiry time.

What happens when you register on fastmillion.co website?

You\'re supposed to fund your account with at least $300 and you\'re good to go.

Since we don\'t know anything about the company standing behind this offer, we shouldn\'t give our credit card information to them - this data could easily be stolen!

If you think that you\'ll be able to withdraw any money while dealing with unregulated brokers, you\'re wrong. If you\'ve invested your money into some unregulated broker\'s account, consider that money gone.

Another thing is that, by using auto trading systems, your entire balance can easily be spent and there\'s nothing you can do about it.

Fast Million with Sigma Pro Scam Review - Conclusion!

Thanks for reading out thorough review! Hopefully, you realized that Fast Million is just a scam which you should stay away from. Keep trading safe!

binary options, trading system, scam, Sigma Pro, Fast Million
Scott Evans
23.08. 2017 18:34  | 

Latest trading system called Copy My Cashflow can allegedly make you $1,000 per day.

Who stays behind Copy My Cashflow?

Unfortunately, copymycashflow.com didn\'t give us any information about the company nor the owner of this offer. There\'s some guy named Josh that showed up doing their promo video but we don\'t know anything about this Josh either - and they didn\'t show any correlation between him and the Copy My Cashflow. Because of this situation where we end up having no idea who we\'re dealing with, we\'re marking this Copy My Cashflow as a bogus offer, but we\'ll see what else can we find out.

How Copy My Cashflow Works?

During their promo video we just heard that it operates with binary options but that\'s it. They didn\'t even prove it - they just said it, and we\'re just supposed to blindly trust everything we hear?

Disturbing things found!

We realized that they used paid actors from fiverr.com and because of phony statements and paid actors we really can\'t trust this fraudulent system!

They said that their system operates with 0% risk. Don\'t fall for this lame claim - you won\'t ever be able to encounter 0% risk within the financial industry.

They are also trying to hurry you up with opting for their choice and investing into them - don\'t fall for this trick. They just want to confuse you and not let you know find out what you\'re dealing with.

Copy My Cashflow Scam Review - Conclusion!

We really hope that we\'ve showed enough evidence for you to realize that this fraudulent system is not the kind of system that you\'ll invest into and increase your monthly income - the complete opposite will happen! Don\'t waste money on this.

trading system, bogus offer, binary options, fraudulent system, financial industry, Copy My Cashflow
Scott Evans
23.08. 2017 18:32  | 

Latest trading robot that trades binary options is the Centobot App. Allegedly you\'ll be able to earn tons of money with 90% return-ups. It\'s free of charge and easy to use even for newbie traders.

Who stays behind Centobot Software?

This is the first problem we encountered - we don\'t know who stays behind Centobot. We didn\'t find any information on centobot.com so we don\'t know who is the owner or the company standing behind this offer. We might be dealing with a phony system but let\'s see what else can we find.

How Centobot System Works?

There\'s no information saying how this software works. They just told us that it\'s automated and that\'s it.

Disturbing things found!

Rest assured that the usual percentage of return rates is around 70% to 80%, and they are promising us 120% profit rates. Don\'t fall for this trick because Binary Options industry will not meet 120% profit rates, ever.

On centobot.com we can see many rewards dating from long before the 2017. However, thanks to whois.com we found out that their website was registered on 16th February, 2017. How could have they achieved awards long before this date?

They mentioned that one of their rewards came from the Tech Finance website. We decided to check it out and guess what - they lied! Tech Finance didn\'t give them any award.

What happens when you register on centobot.com website?

Remember how they said that this robot is completely free of charge? Well they lied again! Not only that they are asking you to invest $10 but they are also talking about 10 cents being the minimum amount you can trade with. This is a pure lie! The usual initial investment is $250 and the minimum trade investment is $5.

Centobot Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

Based on everything we mentioned above it should be quite clear that Centobot is a scam which we need to stay away from. Keep trading safe!

trading robot, binary options, phony system, scam, Centobot
Scott Evans
23.08. 2017 18:30  | 

Latest completely automated trading system is the Binary Option Auto Trader system. This binary options trader is, allegedly, treated like a VIP. It\'s free to use and it doesn\'t require download. The best feature this system provides is the stop loss.

Who stays behind Binary Option Auto Trade?

Unfortunately, binaryoptionautotrading.com didn\'t give us any information about the owner nor the company standing behind this offer. We\'ve heard of some guy named Jerry but we can\'t find any correlation between him and this system. We also have no idea who this Jerry is, where does he come from nor what does he do for living.

Because of this anonymity, we are forced to be extremely careful and suspicious towards this shady offer.

How Binary Option Auto Trade Works?

We didn\'t hear a word about any algorithms, strategies nor formulas that their software might be based on.

Disturbing things found!

We found fake testimonials on their website binaryoptionautotrading.com. We realized that because they used photos from the Internet and made up some stories.

Another bad thing is that they said their software operates 24/7. How is that possible if the market is closed during the weekend? They either have no idea how the market really works or they just want to scam people with poor lies.

What happens when you register on binaryoptionautotrading.com website?

After the registration, you\'re asked to fund your broker\'s account by giving credit card details via their form. Don\'t do this! Nobody guarantees you that your data will remain secured.

Binary Option Auto Trade Scam Review - Conclusion!

Based on everything that we provided to you, we hope that you are now aware that you shouldn\'t invest into this fraudulent system.

automated trading system, binary options trader, shady offer, fraudulent system, Binary Option Auto Trade
Scott Evans
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As an expanding number of binary options brokers enter the market, let’s see how traders can hook

Binary options have obtained generous following recent years and numerous binary options brokers have therefore developed to claim their share of the market in this very lucrative market.

There\'s almost certainly that binary options trading are an inviting method for creating alluring profits on your investment. They offer a simplified version of trading which is perfect for novice and it is maybe this simplicity that has made them so appealing to beginner traders and caused a spike in their popularity. There are currently well over a hundred binary options brokers in presence… and counting!

Regardless of whether you\'ve traded binary options, as most financial establishments, they have turned into the subject of much scrutiny, not at least in light of the fact that they have gotten what\'s coming to them of negative press, most strikingly for specific parts of malpractice, for example, withdrawal issues. In any case, are for the most binary option broker the enormous scam that a few traders claim and who have gone ahead to post their disappointment on the different industry forums?

I have reviewed binary options broker for quite a while and since I have been associated with researching about them, I have created my own conclusions of who are the best in the business. I trust it\'s not so much reasonable that every single binary options broker ought to be discolored with an indistinguishable brush from the individuals who have obtained themselves terrible press. Binary options is much similar to any industry as in there is the great and the terrible. Take computer software, for instance. There is extraordinary software and there is awful software. The similar goes for the auto and banking industries, actually, practically any industry you want to take a gander at. Things being what they are, in this regard, why should the binary options industry be any extraordinary?

Do Your Research

It is obviously vital to filter out the most respectable brokers and that implies doing your research. When I review a broker, I don\'t simply examine their site; I likewise take a look at other reviews and search out any online customer feedback. It\'s not generally simple for a would-be trader, in any case, since numerous probably independent reviews are written by affiliates and might be one-sided towards at least one binary option brokers.

Frequently I observe these to be ineffectively written so I tend to leave the site as fast as I arrived. There are, be that as it may, a couple of trustworthy review sites that deliver reasonable and legitimate reviews and these can be exceptionally profitable in giving an outline of the services offered by a broker, and in addition featuring the upsides and downsides.

All the more relevant, it is best to begin with the broker\'s site itself. While it can be hard to track the unwavering quality of a broker specifically from the site, there are things you can pay special mind to. As a matter of first importance, and in particular, is to check whether the broker is regulated. Since binary options are generally new to the market, having just been around since 2008, they have properly turned out to be liable to strict regulations likewise to banks.

The significance of regulation can\'t be focused on enough and it is the best tool a trader can be outfitted with. A legitimate binary options broker ought to have an industry-recognized license trading license including a list of rules and regulations which brokers need to hold fast to all together that traders may dependably and unquestionably utilize their services, for example, CySEC and FCA. In the event that a broker is regulated, you won\'t need to spend long checking out their site for proof of certification. It will be unmistakably shown on the homepage.


This leads me to another vital aspect that a prospective trader should pay special mind to – transparency. This is not simply as far as uncovering the correct potential percentages on their platform, yet entire transparency in each aspect. Full account transparency, for instance, is imperative and having the capacity to review every one of your transactions, including deposits, withdrawals and in addition winning and losing investments can give valuable help with your own individual risk and money management strategies.

Traders ought to likewise hope to tick other boxes. Keep in mind, it\'s not just about picking a broker who offers the most astounding payouts. Different things that I pay special mind to while reviewing a broker is the manner by which proficient a site looks, regardless of whether the trading platform is anything but difficult to utilize, whether the trader gives a best of-the range education centre, a extensive FAQ library, clear purposes of contact for client service, secure payment methods, track record/history and clear access to a free demo account.

Most importantly, it is relevant that traders read the broker’s terms and conditions. Inability to comply with the terms and conditions is one of the primary reasons for most complaints so it is essential to completely comprehend them before going into any trades. This likewise applies to bonuses and incentives which dependably have terms and conditions attached to them.

One last tip and one which I generally make utilization of is a broker’s chat line. Regardless of whether I\'m hoping to check whether they offer a demo account or keep an eye on their minimum deposit amount, whatever it is I don\'t know about, I generally get in touch with them along these lines, and you ought to as well. The speed and way in which they react is a decent indicator on the mastery and demonstrable skill of the broker being referred to.

Generally, I have reviewed numerous binary options brokers and these are the means I for the most part attempt to set up a reasonable and honest evaluation of them. There are many brokers who tick most of these boxes and I trust that on the off chance that you know precisely what to search for, you can without much of a stretch get rid of the so called \"scammers\" and discover a totally authentic and professional broker. In doing as such, you will guarantee that you\'re in the most ideal hands and can go ahead to trade with certainty.

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Unless your product offers each trading tool on the face of the earth without such an extensive amount an idleness of

Trading platforms have recently observed the hugest changes in an era. Let’s see those advancements and their implications.

For more than 10 years, the basis for all trading platforms has spun around Flash, Java and .NET technologies. This has recently changed as HTML5 is rapidly and clearly turning into the favored markup language for platform providers. With the percentage of mobile traders and Mac users quickly rising, the lightweight and multi-platform HTML5 has normally been distinguished as the main technology supported most devices and operating systems.

In spite of the fact that this move is not constrained to platform providers, we can\'t deny that the financial industry has gigantically profited from this change. Mutuality, consistency, upgraded availability; enhanced collaborations, cross-browser and mobile optimization, and higher responsiveness are quite recently a portion of the advantages that accompany a HTML5-coded trading platform.

Platform providers can gloat advanced charting tools, incorporated video feeds, fluid trade responsiveness and customizability which go far towards enhancing user experience. In spite of the fact that huge numbers of these advantages could be found in past Flash/Java/.NET-based trading platforms; coding a HTML5-based trading interface is presently a less difficult undertaking which rearranges multimedia and graphical integration, and improves software semantics.

On the trading side, users are getting a charge out of speedier platform responsiveness, fully integrated tools, customizable chart views, and in addition an improved mobile trading experience, among others.

What’s happening is that platform providers can pack an ever increasing number of tools and features into their trading platforms. Different customizable charting systems, technical indicators, trading robots, social trading, and different option types (for binary options platforms) are presently fully-integrated into trading platforms.

As a trader, having these tools and features in one single interface and having the capacity to connect them in real-time can limitlessly enhance one\'s web and mobile trading experience.

Brokers never again need to import these tools and features from third party. Platform providers are currently ready to effortlessly integrate them into their platform without the bother related with Java/Flash/.NET coding, while traders advantage from a wealthier trading platform with enhanced execution. It\'s a win-win… win.

Facilitate Advancements

The development of Geolocation tracking as of late has likewise enabled brokers to offer a superior execution and response rate to their traders. On the off chance that a broker has a few servers situated in various geographical areas, a trader from a particular country will then be straightforwardly connected with the correct server and appreciate swifter trade executions because of lower latency.

With the utilization of the node.js runtime environment (which similarly keeps running on most major platforms), the data feed showed on trading platforms is by all accounts altogether speedier. The convenience of node.js, alongside its speed and adaptability, makes it the perfect runtime environment for platform providers to utilize as to real-time data feeds on the trading interface, without stressing over any blocked procedures given that node.js essentially never executes I/O in a split second.

To put it plainly, what node.js does is send data to the software’s front-end when the server gets data – at greatly high speeds.

The most recent couple of years have seen software developers and, all the more particularly trading platforms provide, practically constrained into a reconsider of their trading interface\'s general system. As is just about a cliché at this point, innovation continually advances thus should your software.

With the present demand of this regularly developing industry, unless your software offers each trading tool on the face of the earth without such a large amount of latency of one microsecond, you\'re ancient.

Give it five years and we may very well arrive.

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What win rate is a reasonable expectation for a relatively new Binary Options trader?

Anyone who has ever considered trading Binary Options will be mindful of the claims that are created by brokers and the different vendors of software and training. I will not repeat them here. Suffice to say that they frequently promise fairly eye-watering returns.

This is relevant because these claims can turn to very high expectations among traders. This kind of will usually bring about poor risk control and a failure to make a reliable trading strategy.

Are the claims false? And what should a trader reasonably be prepared to achieve? It is probable to earn high returns. Obviously you can get lucky.

But could it be probable that you\'ll achieve this? And although you may do get a lucky streak, how much time does it continue? And what then?

Your Goal as a Trader

Your goal as a trader is to earn profits. If you believe its other things then you will need to believe again. Therefore the question is how you may maximize your likelihood of gaining a good return.

Most top traders and authors on trading give the similar answer - don\'s lose much and earn above the long-term. Which means that traders must protect themselves up against the \'forget risk, earn quickly\' mentality that appears to dominate a lot of the advertising in Binary Options sector.

The Significance of the Win Rate

The key drivers of profits when trading Binary Options is the ratio of winners. In the event that you trade without a good trading strategy then you should expect that 50% of your trades, at best, will be winners. In the end, you\'re just tossing a coin.

Vendors of signaling software or robots often claim success rates of 80% or higher. The implication is the fact that in the event that you take the trade with the signals they offer then you\'ll have a winning trade 80% of that time period.

This sounds good, but could it be too good? How might you evaluate a claim like this?

To start, suppose you purchase a signaling product that claims 80% success. Now take a look at what you ought to expect in terms of profit from something with successful rate of 80%.

Suppose you take 100 trades with $10 risk on each and the average payout ratio of 75%. This trading makes revenue of $400.

Now suppose you were trading quite conservatively so you put only 2% of your finds at risk on each trade and also you took 5 trades per trading day. It could take in regards to a month to attain 100 trades.

For $10 risk per trade then your fund will need to have been $500 to start out. So you could have made a profit of 80% in per month.

How Does That Sound to You?

Quite great. So you prop it up just following the signals that are given by the software you have bought.

The next month your fund is currently $900 so you can expand your trade size to $18 and still keep in the 2% for each trade limit.

Keeps this up, continually adding your winnings to your fund and expanding your trade size as needs be. In 1 year your fund will have developed from $500 to around $1 million.

Thus, in a year, you\'re a millionaire. Without truly doing particularly as far as figuring out how to trade or to break down Markets. Signals are anything but easy to put trades. So your only input is a couple of minutes a day.

Does this still sound like a sensible expectation? Obviously not.

Why should you hope to earn money so effectively. All things considered, another person must be losing that money. In the event that it\'s that simple, why isn\'t everybody doing it?

There\'s something incorrect here. What\'s wrong is that you can\'t expect that any strategy will reliably give you 80% winners, with the exception of very short periods.

What Is Your Success Rate?

On the off chance that you are trading with an average payout in the region of 75% you will require near a 60% win rate, simply over 57% to be exact, to be profitable.

In this way, disregard making 80% success, or even 70%. Winning 60% would mean you are profitable, regardless of the possibility that the average payout ratio is low.

Since it is sensible to expect that random trading will deliver a 50% success rate, the inquiry you should address is the means by which you can get this up from half to 60% or above.

A few Questions to Ponder

Do you know what success rate you are getting with the strategy you are at presently utilizing to distinguish trades? On the off chance that you can\'t achieve 60% wins, why might you expect 70% or 80%?

Your goal is to earn a positive return. You may gain huge however it is not plausible. Ensure you stick to great risk control. Do you have this set up?

You won\'t do this unless you have sensible expectations. You are not going to accomplish a win rate of 80% or returns of 40 or half for each month unless you simply hit it fortunate for a brief span.

Expect to build up a strategy that will get you over 50%wins and afterward works from that point. View 60% as successful. Obviously you can establish further from that point however that is a decent target.

At that stage you ought to have the capacity to answer a key question regarding your trading completely. What is it about you that imply you should hope to be reaching good returns?

What is your edge? Until the point that you can give a good answer to this and point to the evidence you are still in the underlying learning stage. Maybe you will be a star trader one day. Be that as it may, not yet.

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Numerous forex traders are making numerous small profits over a couple of vast losses. Binary options alleviate the losing part of

As the greater part of the readers definitely know, binary options trading has obtained monstrous popularity in the course of the most recent couple of years because of its inherent simplicity. Giving a trader two decisions and telling to them precisely the amount they stand to win or lose before the trade is even launched, abandons them with no place for wavering.

We\'ve read many articles about which strategy is the most gainful one of all, and which one is well on the way to exceed the negatives with positives. Let\'s be realistic: there isn\'t and there never will be any secure recipe for boundless trading success. All that exists is a little set of trading strategies which may enable traders to acknowledge more profit than losses in a single trading session – that is conceivable.

Let’s look at two separate strategies: Trend Following and Reversal/Ranging procedures.

As a general rule of thumb, Markets trends at around 20% of the time, and the other 80% sees them in a non-trending – or ranging state. This doesn\'t imply that Markets return to a mean each and every time as such, yet rather that they oscillate. Certain research, or technical indicators, enables traders to recognize certain target oscillation levels.

Trend Following Strategy

A Trend Following strategy is encapsulated by longer-term trades, i.e. catching a trend. A not too bad Trend Following strategy will be profitable about 30% to 40% of the time, with losses happening the other 60% to 70% of the time. The name of the game is to have those winning trades more than make up for the losing trades. Also, one needs the \"stomach\" to lose 60% to 70% of the time; it requires perseverance and a genuine measurements of discipline to simply wait for that profitable trade to come along while looking at your balance shrink.

Basically, most traders who receive a Trend Following strategy do as such with the expectation of gaining by market movements, paying little heed to their direction. Traders who utilize the Trend Following strategy will wait for a trend to set up itself, at that point jump on it and ride it until the trend never again perseveres.

As a general rule of thumb, we can begin discussing a \"trend\" just when an asset’s direction is managed over a specific timeframe. Contingent upon the extent of the trend, this can be anyplace from a few hours to a few days.

The larger part of traders would be inclined to utilize Moving Average indicators with an end goal to identify a trend. Commonly, the trader will utilize anyplace between a few moving averages set to various periods with a specific end goal to affirm the presence of a trend.

Distinguishing an entry point is generally accomplished with the assistance of momentum or \"swing\" indicators, (for example, Stochastic or RSI), which will be utilized to enter the market on counter trend corrections.

Once the trade is placed, the trader will attempt to keep his potential losses tight while expanding his take profit level as the trend develops.

Reversal/Ranging Strategy

Markets have a higher tendency to \"range\" or move sideways with no unmistakable direction. A Reversal strategy is encapsulated by taking short term trades with the anticipation that prices will bounce back to past levels. This strategy enables the trader to catch considerably more profitable trades (a not too bad mean reverting strategy should demonstrate a win ratio of between 60 to 70%). This strategy is more prevalent among amateur traders because of their mental inclinations (i.e. winning more regularly than losing).

While applying a Reversal strategy, traders will most usually utilize key levels, (for example, old highs and lows from past trading sessions, key Fibonacci retracement levels and other) and additionally technical momentum indicators, (for example, the Bollinger Band indicator, CCI, RSI and other) to identify entry levels from which the price is probably going to bounce back once again from.

Nonetheless, numerous traders end up making numerous little profits over a couple of substantial losses. In reality, keeping in mind the end goal to have a higher win rate, the trader will normally convey more extensive stop loss levels and more tightly take profit levels.

Binary Options + Ranging Strategy = Winning Strategy

Binary options are perfect for Mean Reverting strategies as they extensively mitigate the losing portion of the equation. Why? How about we discover refuge in numbers:

Consider a Mean Reversion strategy where you put a Call option at whatever point the market rate is underneath the lower Bollinger band, and a Put option when the market price is over the upper Bollinger band. Such a strategy could give the trader a win ratio of 70%.

Expect you trade the strategy with binary options, giving you a 80% payout on the off chance that you win, and a 100% loss on the off chance that you lose. Each trade is for USD 1,000. Out of 10 trades, you ought to be making 7 gainful trades of USD 800 payout each (or a total of USD 5,600), while losing 3 trades of USD 1,000 each (or a total of USD 3,000). The strategy should net you USD 2,600 after 10 trades – not terrible for full time work! Generally, binary options enable you to restrict your negative outcome by evading those painful extensions when you\'re off-base.

It is along these lines clear that the Mean Reversion strategy is more versatile to binary options trading, notwithstanding going the extent that saying that binary options impeccably suit this strategy due to the previously mentioned factors.

Between the two strategies talked about here, I have my money on Mean Reversion.

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To separate themselves from new brokers mushrooming each week, some chose to go the additional mile to prove their financial

Binary options used to be in vogue and innovative when they entered the market. They made options trading open to everybody, with a known ROI, no need to comprehend complicated charts, no hidden charges nor extensive sign-up processes. The trader was up and running, and prepared to trade only a couple of minutes.

That hasn\'t changed. What has changed is that now the binary options market is immersed with copycats. Lamentably, there may likewise be various companies out there which are a bit underfunded to be in this space. However, there is likewise uplifting news and indications of development originating from present and emerging brokers that are standing out.

Binary Options and the US Market

Are binary options legal in the US? The short answer given by trades which are authorized in US: it depends. Binary options themselves aren\'t unlawful, or legal besides, in the US. The lawfulness relies upon who gives them. On the off chance that it is a US-licensed entity, at that point it can lawfully offer binary options to the US public. On the off chance that the entity does not have a license, at that point no binary options, nor other financial product, can be offered to the US market.

A couple of binary options were introducing themselves as US-based, however the SEC put an end to that. The huge news is that, the partnership between the binary options platform SpotOption and the US-licensed Cantor Exchange enables companies to offer binary options to the US market. 100% legitimate.

Binary Options Going Social

From operators to affiliates, social trading is developing in prominence. This makes opportunities for the copiers and the duplicated alike. Is this a practical trend? It will all rely upon the success rate of such trades. Numerous successful traders \"take care of business\" just somewhat over half. In any case, despite everything they profit from their trades since they know how to deal with the amounts invested and the related risks. They may go for broke on smaller amounts, if the math says that there is an opportunity, and invest progressively where the margins are slimmer, however the predictions are more solid.

The overall public still need to comprehend the position of a successful trader is not really an indication of where the market is going. Copiers need to comprehend few trades are to test new methodologies, to edge existing trades, and so on. One needs to see the entire picture, not just an individual, disconnected trade.

Binary Options Promotions

There are a few promotions that are presently making it simpler for novices to acclimate themselves with binary options. Notwithstanding the usual bonus, brokers are putting forth premium-tools and the chance to put some risk-free trades. These trades enable clients to encounter how binary options trading works, without risking money, however with the possibility to profit from the trades.

These promotions can be extremely profitable, or turned into a big headache for brokers and traders alike. The distinction between the two more often than not relies upon how clear the terms and conditions (T&Cs) are. A few promotions are 100% risk free, without any strings attached. Some refund the traded amount as bonus for future trades. Both methodologies have their advantages and disadvantages, what is vital are the manner by which unmistakably the T&Cs are communicated to, and comprehended by, the trader.

Major Sponsorship and National Licensing

To separate themselves from the many new binary options brokers mushrooming each week, a portion of the first movers in the industry chose to go the additional mile to prove their financial stability. This is making a more dependable presence, conveying binary options to a bigger audience, making a welcomed and important atmosphere to keep the industry growing.

AnyOption chose to get licensed in Italy, with CONSOB. Around one year before that, CONSOB requested that the Italian authorities stop a few binary options sites, as AAMS did numerous prior years with online gambling sites. Before that, one of the leading brokers, 24bOptions, chose to connect itself with Juventus, investing into prominent partnership where sports and trading introduces as a way to success.

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Changes with spasmodic impacts can happen at any minute, traders should know about any conceivable dangers to their

Money management is a necessary part of trading. No trader can anticipate winning each and every trade, and in this manner needs to get ready for any losses that may happen amid the trading session. Strings of losing trades happen to the best of traders, and what isolates the experts from beginners is a productive money management strategy. The minute one begins to get greedy is the minute one\'s trading portfolio definitely begins to endure.

The primary idea behind powerful exposure management is to save your trading portfolio in a feasible and productive way. In the event that you begin your trading session with $1000 in your account and make a few $200 or $300 trades one session, you can make sure that two or three losses will hit you hard and in the end wipe out your whole capital. Smaller and more calculated trades will, as a matter of first importance, enable you to trade placidly realizing that any losses may be insignificant; making the recovery trades less demanding to approach.

With a specific end goal to profit in the financial Markets, there are two primary ingredients which should be utilized simultaneously. The initial ingredient is a fair trading strategy – be it a systematic, fundamental, or technical strategy. Whatever the strategy, it should be tested by the trader to confirm validity.

Once the trader verifies the strategy\'s legitimacy, it should be deployed reliably with the second ingredient: a computed Money Management strategy. The money management strategy includes mindfully and sensibly dealing with the amount of funds invested in trading session.

On the off chance that a trader has a better than average trading strategy yet a feeble money management strategy, or the other way around, he/she will most likely lose their whole trading capital at some point or another.

Numerous traders will tend to \"tilt\" on the off chance that they encounter huge winnings or huge losses. A few traders will panic when their strategy doesn\'t go as planned, and will quit before they\'ve had an opportunity to affirm their trading strategy\'s validity; similarly as regularly as traders get excessively certain when on a winning streak, and choose to expand their investment – just to be hit with a major loss which wipes out the larger part of their capital.

Words of Wisdom

Benoit Mandelbrot, a main authority in the Fractal geometry field, enables us to look at conceivable situation results through his portrayed \"Noah\" and \"Joseph\" effects, as a component of the Chaos theory.

The Noah impact insinuates the notable biblical tale in which Noah needed to construct an ark to survive a huge storm. Mandelbrot utilizes this story as comparison for events which once in a while happen, yet for which one should be prepared. Changes with discontinuous impacts can happen at any minute, and traders should know about any conceivable dangers to their trading strategies.

The Joseph effect makes reference to an Old Testament story in which Egypt encounters seven years of prosperity, instantly took after by seven years of dry season and starvation. Mandelbrot utilizes that story to imply the way that one\'s trading strategy is constantly helpless to consecutive strings of losses or wins. Any money management strategy needs to consider a most extreme running drawdown – an aggregation of continuous losses. The level at which one\'s account balance is adequately beneficial to endure a progressive keep running of losses and in the end recover them.

Let’s take a look at two kinds of basic investment strategies that traders can utilize when beginning a trading session: a conservative approach and an aggressive approach.

The conservative approach is likewise called the 5/15 rule, and is the most reasonable method for accomplishing a steady trading session with low risks. The 5/15 name alludes to the percentage of funds you are encouraged to trade a single trading session. On the off chance that you have $1000 in your account, you are suggested to trade a maximum of 5% of that sum in one trade, and a maximum 15% of your total account balance in at the same time open trades.

At the end of the day, once you enter your trading session with a $1000 account balance, the maximum amount you are encouraged to put in one single trade is $50; and it is suggested not to surpass 3 trades, achieving a consolidated total of $150. While lower amount trades involve lower rewards, this guarantees you are not risking more than you can stand to lose – therefore conveying your risk levels down to a reasonable degree.

The aggressive trading approach includes a more risky method for moving toward your trades, as an end-result of higher returns. Set with rates of your portfolio simply like the conservative approach, the aggressive strategy utilizes a 10/30 fund management plan.

Any experiences trader will say to you that having a preset game plan is vital before beginning your trading session. A trader who indiscriminately opens positions without having a steady trading strategy and a money management strategy set up can truly just be known as a gambler. As already said, this kind of behavior will bring about having your capital wiped out eventually.

Consistency is vital.

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Trading conditions once in a while change from demo to live accounts, it\'s a trader\'s capacity to deal with the pressure from losses that

There is a common denominator among most novice traders, which is that the majority of them begin trading in order to go amiss from their normal every day routine. A few people go bungee bouncing, others trade the financial Markets – stupid things have happened.

At whatever point somebody\'s observation withdraws from their expectations, their heart rate definitely rises – a few people handle deviations superior to others, however everybody at last has a limit.

The excitement of trading is all playing around until the point when you begin losing your capital, notwithstanding. Anyway, how can one ensure that their capital stays in place, while conceivably turning a sensible profit?

As explained in my past article, traders need to know how to respond when losses happen and above all; how not to get eager when that sweet winning streak occurs. I expressed that a productive trading strategy, combined with a money management strategy, are of principal significance if a trader is to stand a battling chance in real market conditions.

Those two ingredients are intended to be established keeping in mind the end goal to support the trader’s trading psychology. As basic as it sounds, traders frequently neglect to remain consistent with their trading and money management strategies – very few individuals figure out how to remove the emotion from trading.

Managing Expectations

The reason individuals utilize those strategies is for them to remain in their \"comfort zone\", in a manner of speaking. A trader’s expectation should be set up to a degree and on the off chance that one redirects all over; this perpetually infers a specific level of risk. At the point when traders move out of the comfort zone of their trading strategies, they\'ll definitely begin to feel apprehensive.

The primary premise of trading psychology is that the more relaxed you are, the better you trade. In case you\'re amidst your trading session and things aren\'t going as arranged, the most exceedingly awful thing you can do is panic – this will just prompt mistakes which will bring about more losses.

The most widely common mistake made by novice traders is terrifying when their trading strategy hits a little bump, and going for the \"double when in trouble\" approach. The Martingale strategy directs that traders should get serious about their next trade in a desperate move to recover their losses.

The issue with that approach is that as much as you will undoubtedly win a couple of trades, the Markets can conflict with you longer than you can remain fluid.

Peter Brandt, a veteran trader with over 5 decades of experience added to his belt, broadly expressed that a trader’s first challenged in the financial Markets is to figure out \"how to lose appropriately.\"

Stay away from Distractions

Traders who begin off utilizing a demo account never genuinely get the vibe for the real conditions that anticipate them on the opposite side of the coin. Envision somebody who plays poker and feigns with fake money – what amount of pressure do you feel that player is under? Trading conditions once in a while change from a demo to live accounts; however it\'s a trader\'s capacity to deal with the pressure from losses that is measured.

A generally utilized strategy which helps isolate one\'s emotions from trading is to overlook the area of the trading platform showing the present P/L of the open positions. Think about that evolving profit/loss show as the gauge for a trader’s trading emotions; the main thing which should interest the trader is the monthly P/L. Much else short-term than that will fill in as a distraction from the bigger picture.

Greed is likewise one of the fundamental mistakes traders gullibly make. How about we take a poker player who begins off a game with $5,000 and a brief course of action at the top of the priority list. After around 60 minutes, the player progresses toward becoming chip leader with $20,000. As a rule, that individual will begin going out on a limb keeping in mind the end goal to wipe out the table and take the part, overlooking how he got the opportunity to make that $15,000 profit in any case – tolerance and consistency.

The issue with the scenario above is that the player will be running on pure fortunes. For whatever length of time that a trader adheres to the strategy, the thrill of fortunes is killed. We\'re discussing consistency and detailed calculations made so as to limit risk and promote the likelihood of profit. At the point when 90% of traders accomplish a significant profit, they regularly overlook the factors which got them there in any case: a trading strategy, a money management strategy, and a patient attitude.

As usual, consistency is important

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Disney is a firm that flourishes when other stocks are experiencing considerable difficulties. The main thing that brings this

At the point when was the last time you heard anybody discussing Disney being bearish? Odds are that it has been years. Actually Disney is one of those stocks that just climbs, climbs, and climbs some more.

Be that as it may, that is not the case at the present time. Indeed, some news sources are utilizing the expressions \"Disney\" and \"Bargain Hunt\" in a similar sentence. That is on the grounds that Disney is down; and bigly.

Today we\'ll discuss why Disney is such a strong stock, the seriousness of decline’s we\'re seeing from the stock, and what it educates us concerning the seriousness of the United States market crash.

Why Disney Is Such a Strong Stock

There are two major reasons that Walt Disney is a decent place for investors to have a retirement fund…

  • Disney Has Captured the Industry of Imagination – Disney is a mind blowing brand that has caught creative imaginations by getting on the heart series of buyers from the time they are young through their adulthood. Through great brands like Disney Channel, Walt Disney World, Disney Land, and even ESPN, on the off chance that you need entertainment, odds are that you\'ll swing to Disney.
  • Disney Has Turned Their Captivation of the Imagination into Profits – Time and time once more, Disney produces strong income reports. Actually it\'s one thing to have a strong product; however it\'s another to sell it. Disney has both! Not exclusively do they possess the copyrights to a series of in-demand prodcuts; they know how to make their clients return for additional.

Because of the two factors said above, Disney is quite often edging up in the market.

What We\'re Currently Seeing from Disney

Basically, we\'re seeing a record-breaking decrease in the value of Walt Disney stock. There have been no two days in succession that the stock has fallen so hard! Before the end of trading session on Monday, Disney was trading at just $95.39 per share after a decline of 3.49%.

That decline takes after another over 3% decline on Friday; making it the quickest loss in Disney history; the decline didn\'t move this quick amid the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009.

What This Tells Us about the Severity of the US Market Crash

While Markets see declines all over, it is unimaginably uncommon that we see declines this way. Basically with such a solid development record, when Disney\'s stock is down, it\'s a great opportunity to be concerned. This discloses to us two things…

  • This Crash Is Real – First and principal, this isn\'t one of those downtrends that will occur for two days and leave. This crash is digging in for the long haul. As I would like to think, it\'s a noteworthy amendment that is long late.
  • Be Prepared for an Economic Downturn – Disney is a firm that flourishes when other stocks are experiencing considerable difficulties. The main thing that cuts this stock down is economic pressure. Accordingly, if the general market crash isn\'t sufficient to caution you that something is going ahead the economic front, the way that Disney is falling with the others ought to be the sign.
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Marketers need to experiment with various social media channels to discover precisely which ones best suit their plan of action.

Around 99% of marketers say that they market their business utilizing social media. Yet, the social networks they organize vary for business-to-customer (B2C) marketers, contrasted with business-to-business (B2B) marketers, as indicated by a current study.

Facebook is unquestionably the perfect platform for B2C marketers. Truth be told, it is ranked top by around 67 percent of B2C respondents while around 11 percent of B2C respondents lean toward blogging, and just 10 percent of B2C respondents think tweeter is useful for B2C marketing.

Why Is Facebook the pioneer for B2C Marketing?

  • Accessibility of a personalized fan page – The fan page is rapidly supplanting the personal fun page. It is less demanding to personalize a fan page in more methods than a personal profile. Fan pages can be personalized in more methods than a personalized profile, and, starting at recently, anybody can post comments and even share stories under the firm name as opposed to utilizing an individual name. This is ideal for utilizing a few people to deal with the communication of a business online.
  • Simple communication with followers – Facebook is a distinct advantage with regards to communicating with followers – you should simply press the \"Like\" button or simply add your comment to something in their News Feed, so they truly don\'t need to get to your page.

Be that as it may, as per the current report from B2B content marketing, LinkedIn rules the B2B roost. The recent shows that around 94 % of the B2B business utilizes LinkedIn, with B2B marketers seeing the social platform to be the best.

So, Why Is LinkedIn Best for B2B?

In spite of the fact that it is obvious that both Twitter and Facebook have come miles with their targeting on and social advertising abilities for B2B, LinkedIn still stands to be more applicable for B2B marketers for a few reasons, one: A greater possibility of targeting your audience. Without the distractions Twitter and Facebook bring along, LinkedIn gives a greatly improved platform on which to communicate with the correct prospects. Indeed, this is vital in light of the fact that you obviously need a more engaged strategy in your campaigns when you are spending money.

Another real reason behind why LinkedIn is profoundly recommended is its Sponsored Updates, the native and feature. With this feature, you can launch more particular and targeted campaigns to your coveted demographics than through daily advertisements. Furthermore, obviously, if your campaigns are more targeted on, you stand a decent possibility of obtaining from your marketing efforts since the ROI gets better.

Cost-effectiveness is another reason behind why LinkedIn is as yet a superior alternative. For instance, on Twitter, one is charged for practically every interaction engaged with a sponsored tweet. In the meantime, LinkedIn does not charge you additional in the event that anybody shares likes or even comments on your sponsored updates. Obviously, all that extra sharing is constantly valuable.

However, over the long run, B2B marketers need to experiment with various social media channels to discover precisely which ones best suit their plan of action. However, commonly, it is the stoic \"grandfather\" of the group that ends up being the best from the beginning. In this circumstance, LinkedIn has not lost its superiority in the B2B social marketplace.

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Productions levels are as of now on the decline as prove by the declining number of active rigs.

Energy prices, regardless of their late rally in the week, stay at depressed levels as developing worries about the condition of the global economy exceed geopolitical risk factors and demand for commodities.

US production stays high and all the more significantly storage levels keep on rising, harming producers\' expectations for a bounce back in energy prices in the midst of developing turmoil in financing the US energy patch.

Trouble in getting to the capital Markets could prompt a flood of defaults and bankruptcies in the energy patch which see some production taken offline until the point when firms are solidified, merged, and rebuilt to reflect to new reality for the industry.

The Fundamental Picture

Natural gas prices have from numerous points of view followed the similar price pattern as oil over the most recent a year as elevated production abilities sees the supply-side develop while the downturn in global trade sees the demand side stagnate or shrink.

From multiple points of view, the conditions are intelligent of the blast to include limit amid the earlier couple of years as zero interest rates reinforced by higher prices made risky exploration and production growths more appealing in to the investors.

Banks drove the charge, giving a considerable measure of credit to the sector, fueling the production blast and from numerous points of view stirring the abundances that characterized the industry throughout the previous couple of years. Since prices have been depressed for a drawn out timeframe and producer hedges are expiring, credit for firms that borrowed at high return rates is rapidly becoming scarce.

Banks are reassessing credit commitments implying that financing at sensible rates will demonstrate unattainable for by far most of companies. Production levels are as of now on the decline as prove by the declining number of active rigs.

The quantity of operational rigs has dropped more than 75% from the 2012 peak which saw a 811 active drill rigs. Expanded efficiencies and yield have seen inventories just become in the course of the most recent a while with storage figures demonstrating stock more than 15% higher compared with a year back. The most recent Department of Energy information from the Energy Information Administration demonstrated that the amount of gas away rose more than 17% from the levels seen one year prior.

While natural gas accounts almost 25% of American power generation, the real driver of price momentum in the close term has stayed moving climate conditions with warmer conditions prone to drive demands as air conditioning units require expanded yield. With no other domestic source of demand driving prices higher, they are probably going to stay curbed excepting a disaster or sharp change in climate conditions.

The Technical Take

From a technical point of view, natural gas is right now trending lower over the long term as prove by the lower peaks and lower valleys in the course of the most recent 16-months.

Gains in production because of the American shale boom joined with lower demand have seen prices fall by very nearly 60% since achieving 2014 highs, well past the 20% correction threshold that demonstrates a bear market for gas prices. The moderately insulated nature of the American gas market implies that the catalyst for a sharp rises in prices is impossible until the LNG export market is additionally created.

On a more profound technical level, prices encountered the death cross the previous summer when the 50-day moving average crosses the 200-day moving average to the drawback, commonly bringing about a precarious descending move. Quick forward to the present and prices are as yet trending beneath both the shorter and longer-term moving averages, a bearish sign for natural gas.

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Will proposed changes in UK regulation mean bigger consumer protection and prompt binary options getting to be standard trading tools?

As a moderately new investment vehicle, binary options have experienced a poor reputation previously. Mostly attributable to the actions of a small minority of brokers, yet in addition because of these options being classed as betting in a few jurisdictions.

The regulatory scene has changed fundamentally since the initiation of binary options, and it keeps on advancing. In the UK, changes in legislation now look to a great degree likely, and consumers may at last be offered a level of protection which they have not beforehand delighted in. Binary options could soon be classed close by other financial instruments – bringing them into the financial standard.

Regulation of binary options brokers as of not long ago, has fallen to a great extent to the Cyprus Securities and Exchanges Commission (CySEC). Brokers sticking to the CySEC regulations (particularly the MiFID elements) could utilize this \"passport\" to trade anyplace in the EU.

The CySEC regulations do have a few teeth, and have absolutely enhanced the security of traders. As far as customer security for those in the UK nonetheless, regulation by means of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) would give far predominant significant serenity – and it might be en route.

The UK government had already left control of binary options brokers in the UK to the Gambling Commission. This arrangement has not helped the reputation of binary options, and similarly, the Gambling Commission is badly prepared (and do not have any genuine longing) to regulate brokers successfully.

In the mid year of 2015, the UK government set out on a consultation exercise to judge whether regulation of binary options would be better dealt with by means of the FCA. Significant stakeholders, and the more extensive public, were asked their perspectives on where regulation ought to sit.

The consultation procedure finished in July, and we comprehend that the findings will be later. The normally held view is that the government might want to adjust itself to whatever remains of the EU, in classifying binary options as financial instruments, and not as bets.

Legal Implications

The significance of regulatory obligation moving from the gambling Commission to the FCA can\'t be overestimated. Key necessities of FCA regulation are probably going to incorporate;

  • Suitability checks (or \"wealth\" checks) to guarantee items are not mis-sold
  • Segregated funds between broker accounts and trader funds
  • Dispute resolution procedures

Numerous responsible brokers will as of now hold fast to a hefty portion of the requirements that FCA regulation brings, or will have the capacity to actualize them. So the true value in these progressions will be in at last guaranteeing high standards of any broker operating in the UK.

Improved client protection, combined with a more prominent respect for binary options, could see a gigantic increase in their utilization.

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The rise of binary options lately has been downright astounding. Five years back, Forbes conveyed an article entitled \"Don\'t Gamble On Binary Options,\" which alluded to binary options platforms as \"betting sites… most likely simply an issue of time before regulators move in on them.\" Although the article went ahead to the industry as a \"financial wild west,\" it acknowledged that until the point when that happens, they appear to be doing awesome business.

Fast forward five years, and yes, they are as yet doing awesome business. Be that as it may, are binary options only a fever set to fail out as fast as they burst onto the scene? Many individuals are under the impression that the current blast denoted the beginning of the business, yet the starting points of binary options trading goes back a considerable measure further.

Binary options were initially traded at exchanges and it is still really conceivable to trade them at exchanges, for example, the Chicago Board Options Exchange. In any case, it was 2008 that denoted the beginning of the industry as it is today when it ended up plainly open to retail investors by means of online trading platforms. This was after a decision by the Securities and Exchange Commission in the U.S. expressing that binary option never again must be traded on an exchanged.

Various online brokers rose, making binary options standard and more available. The digital age in this manner arrived, and altered the financial Markets, while improving the course for binary options into the financial world.


The binary options that we know today have a reputation for simplifying the trading of currencies, commodities, stocks and indices. When trading binary options, traders have a simple, clear-cut choice to make between two conceivable results. Binary options expire either \'in the money\' with an effective trade or \'out of the money\' with an unsuccessful trade. In the event that a trader predicts accurately, they will get a predetermined return for their investment, more often than not up to 85%.

Of course, this type of trading has demonstrated exceptionally appealing and is viewed as a simple approach to profit on the web. With a substantial scope of various expiry rates available to them, for example, the famous 60 second options, traders hoping to benefit from short-term market trends can make a profit close to a win or loss.

The chance to make high profit in a short measure of time is without a doubt the principle attraction of binary options. The other preferred standpoint of binary options is that traders know the potential risk associated before they begin the trade.


There is obviously, a drawback in that and having the capacity to profit in a brief span, you can likewise lose money. Traders can lose up to 95% of their investments in a brief timeframe in the event that they make a wrong forecast, as binary options brokers just return in the vicinity of 5% and 15% of the investment in case of an unsuccessful trade.

Another drawback is a portion of the marketing strategies used to pull in customers, for example, giveaways like iPads and reward schemes, for example, 100% deposit bonuses. Numerous traders who acknowledge these sorts of rewards for the most part wind up losing their money since brokers keep clients from withdrawing money until the point that a specific volume of trading has been accomplished, regularly x30. This implies traders need to create thousands in trading turnover.

A portion of the terrible press they have gotten has been mostly down to the way that some of them guarantee traders implausible expectations. Accidentally, many individuals join and wind up losing the majority of the money they have saved and don\'t understand that they need to put in a considerable measure of effort and research to be fruitful.

Furthermore, last, however not minimum, in spite of the reality numerous binary options brokers are currently regulated, there are still a lot of unregulated or offshore regulated ones who utilize underhand practices or have little involvement in trading the Markets.

Looking forward

Cons aside, binary options are hugely prominent and have unquestionably turned into a standard online trading activity. In all actuality, most binary options brokers are honest to goodness business and as an ever increasing number of brokers wind up plainly regulated, we should hope to see more attractive services in the industry.

The development of binary options contracts with longer expiration times of up to a few days or weeks is another positive, as they offer traders higher winning opportunities since they can foresee the future movement of assets with more precision over a more extended time period.

The development of binary options has for sure been wonderful and looks set to become significantly further. With an ever increasing number of brokers entering a profoundly lucrative market and no lack of traders needing to grab their share of the profits, there\'s most likely that binary options will keep on doing \"great business\".

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Is the simplicity of traditional binary options the significant strength of the investment? Or, on the other hand could exchanges give an alternative?

One of the enormous advantages of trading traditional binary options is the straightforwardness, and the simplicity with which risk can be overseen. Binary options are, by definition, win big or bust. However, as brokers enhance with trading tools that permit, in addition to other things, doubling up investments or cashing in for trades early, are the lines getting to be noticeably obscured?

Especially for beginner investors, knowing precisely how much money is at risk at the start of a trade is consoling. This is the thing that has enabled binary options to develop so quickly. High returns are another undeniable draw, yet the simplicity is the main attraction. As these brokers start to utilize extra features, for instance cashing in a trade early – either to take a profit, or limit losses – does this facilitate the route for finding the benefits of trading binaries by means of an exchange?

The Standard Model

With a traditional binary option, a trader can expect one of two results. Either a trade finishes \'in the money\' and returns a profit. Or, on the other hand the trade completed \'out of the money\' and the majority of the underlying investment is lost. With an exchange, the trade will \"settle\" with a value of either \"0\" or \'100\'. \"0\" speaks to an event that did not occur, \"100\" something that happened. Along these lines, for instance, if the option taken was \'Will asset x complete higher than 150 at 16:00?\', and the price was 148 at 16:00, the trade would settle at \'0\'. In the event that the close price had been 155, the trade settles at \'100\'.

The result stays \'binary\'. The final product will be either \"0\" or \'100\'. The real advantage of an exchange notwithstanding, is that the value can be traded up until the point that the expiry time. In the above illustration, presume that the asset price was 148 at 15:45. There are 15 minutes until the point when the trade closes – and the present value is underneath the option price of 150. So trader may be stood up to with a trading spread of something like: 44-46 (44 to sell, 46 to purchase).

In this case, a trader anticipating that the price should finish over 150 would \"buy\" at 46. In the event that they were at last right, the market would settle at 100. The trader would make 54 times the per pip value. On the off chance that the market moved against the trader, he would lose 46 times the pip value, as the market would settle at \'0\'. The extra issue for dealers here, is figuring what 46 times the pip value is, and along these lines the financial exposure they encounter. They may likewise notwithstanding, incorporate a stop loss to limit losses and control risk further.

Complexity versus Flexibility

It is clear at that point, that trading a binary option by means of an exchange includes a layer of complexity. Not an immense amount, but rather surely more than the high contrast circumstance of a traditional option. However, is the additional complexity worth it?

Trades offer some relevant advantages. Right off the bat, the spread is by and large tight. This makes the trades exceptionally alluring when compared with a traditional option payout. The real advantage notwithstanding, is the capacity to \"trade\" the option. While a few brokers do enable binary options to be \'cashed in\', a real trade offers significantly greater flexibility.

Proceeding with the example above, our trader puts in a buy order at 46. In 5 minutes, the asset price has climbed to 153. The spread has moved in like manner. With 10 minutes left until expiry, and the price over the target of 150, the spread may now be 63-65. Our trader could sell the option at 63 – collecting 17 pips. The profit is locked in, paying little mind to what happens to the price in those closing 10 minutes. Once more, the tight spreads imply that trading in and out is reasonable – a traditional binary options broker is taking a considerably bigger piece of significant worth at each trade – dissolving the profits of any trader moving all through a trade.

So utilizing binary options over a trade truly makes its own when a trader favors the utilization of longer term expiry times, and is additionally quick to trade the positions, as opposed to simply giving them a chance to keep running until expiry. A similar trader may exit a trade that has moved against them in the very same way, and diminish potential losses. Having the capacity to trade through an exchange is an additional tool that most binary traders will need in their arsenal, and is well worth exploring.

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Would you be able to maintain a strategic distance from the mistakes made by other brokers? The business today is over populated with decisions; ensure you\'re

The online trading industry in general has seen exponential development in the course of 5 years. In the present competitive market place there is a new broker launching each day. This expanded fame in operating a binary options brokerage has reinforced the matter of leading service providers and introduces new players in the game. Everybody want a slice of the profits from this high income industry, and why not?

Nonetheless, the development of this excessively soaked market has presented two issues. Beside the industry\'s greatest names, brands today are experiencing issues with either launching or taking it to the next level and standing out among the numerous. These troubles are symptoms of launching a brokerage without having the correct data, plan, assets and direction.

There are numerous aspects associated with arranging and building an operation that can now and again be neglected or thought little of. The real truth is that when you\'re launching a brokerage you don\'t have room schedule-wise to be associated with everything about. Let\'s be honest, with building operational structure, recruiting, preparing, pay rates, office administration and a personal life, there is very little time for the fine print.


Brokers repeat the similar yet avoidable errors amid the pre-launch step just on the grounds that they don\'t know generally. Indeed, even the decisions you make in the underlying planning stage are relevant to your prosperity.

One of the first and most vital decisions in launching a binary options brokerage is selecting a platform technology provider.

With the expanding rivalry among platform providers, it is getting to be plainly less demanding and less expensive to open a white label platform.

In the present-day market, the first mistake made by brokers is looking for the least expensive or fastest set up. Now and again, radically low set up charges can show a lower level of help or innovative capacities. An offer with competitive pricing can be extraordinary, however take note, you get what you pay for.

Rather than doing a price comparison like you\'re shopping on Skyscanner, do the correct research on every supplier and settle on an informed decision. Now and again simply knowing the correct things to ask can have a significant effect. Any broker selecting a platform provider ought to consider the following:


The three S\'s: Stability, scalability and security. You hear these words however do you truly comprehend their importance? A platform provider with stable technology can deal with an abnormal state of activity and transactions and scale as required.

Your information is the center of your business so picking a safe and dependable partner is important, particularly in this industry. Your back office and CRM ought to be shielded from potential external attacks or hacks and internal database theft. Shockingly, we have all heard excessively numerous stories about stolen information.


Integration with leading third party solutions has turned into an industry standard. From affiliate tracking systems to online education centers, ensure your operational needs are secured with your new technology partner.

A few brokers have particular prerequisites that may not meet with standard integration. If so, ensure your selected partner has the adaptability to support extra third party providers. The greater part of the bigger providers will be stricter in adhering to their pipeline and are less inclined to do supplementary integration.

Regulated Solution

One clear approach to emerge in the market today is regulation. Be that as it may, with the high expenses and point by point process related with acquiring regulation, also the requirement for ongoing compliance, more brokers are looking for a regulated white label solution. For this situation, the platform falls under the umbrella of a regulated entity that is in charge of all banking and compliance operations.

It is ending up increasingly basic for brokers to take this heading. In any case, it is essential to take note of the current announcement from CySEC and the risk it postures on brokers utilizing regulation through another entity. Clearly the solution offered through a platform provider appears to be steadier for now.

Only one out of every provider offers this regulated model and only one out of every broker is attracted to it. Having compliance and related divisions in-house can even be more proficient when done right. Without the right KYC practice can influence your retention efforts, result in more chargeback cases and prompt a lessening in your player value.


More and more it appears as though brokers are seeking platform providers for technology, as well as for direction through the pre-launching procedure. Service providers ought to be viewed as experts in their fields. Notwithstanding, remember that they additionally have elective intentions when they send a prologue to their \"suggested\" payment service provider. It is imperative to discover the relationship balance between product licensing and partnership.

With all the hazy area and dull rear ways this industry brings to the table, I suggest working with a dependable channel to effectively launch every single operational side of a binary options brokerage. Now and then all we need is somebody to lean on, after all we\'re just human and we as a whole commit errors.

Having the correct data and planning ahead can have the effect in keeping away from the preventable yet regular mistakes broker make, prompting a more successful launch. The industry\'s quick development has brought enormous new service providers; ensure you pick yours for the correct reasons.

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Client service reps got higher ratings when demonstrating emotions with customers. Read more on the most proficient method to enhance your team

Client service, it must be the total mantra of any company making business in the present Forex/Binary market place that has evens the smallest hope for survival. Consider it for a moment – in the global financial marketplace, what differentiators do companies truly have left to separate themselves from their opposition?

In the event that a company banks on price as their lead selling point then they are as of now too far behind. They\'ve lost before they even began. In a crowd market, prices will have been pushed down and set by the ones that arrived first as business jockey to place themselves into the sweet spot between inexpensive and perfect profit margin.

The main inquiry that stays for a price-driven business is how much margin they will lose with a specific end goal to undermine their competition. For others, margins may as of now be tight to the point that competing on price is basically impossible.

The legitimate reality is that in the present Binary/Forex world, a company\'s capacity to give client service well beyond that of their rivals is likely one of the main things shielding those clients from escaping and heading off to another provider.

For some in the financial business, this puts call center representatives on the cutting edge of the fight to keep clients. As clients contact call centers with inquiries and concerns, and sales agents make outbound calls to endeavor to secure new business, these agents are particularly situated to put your company\'s sense of duty regarding prevalent client service front in a client\'s or potential customer\'s mind.

Subsequently, many companies try to take full control of the client/agent relationship. Scripts are created to guarantee that every agent is telling the similar thing to every client; to guarantee that every client has a similar client service experience paying little heed to the agent they\'ve reached that day.

While it is anything but difficult to see the legitimacy in such a strategy at first look, it doesn\'t represent what can happen when you enable agents to do extraordinary things all alone. It doesn\'t open the way to the likelihood of your agents going astray from the script and utilizing their own particular judgment and assessment of every discussion to give an ordeal well beyond what the script would have permitted.

Recollect the last disappointing client service experience you had. It was likely exacerbated by the way that the agent on the telephone was unequipped for seeing your concern as extraordinarily yours. You and your call were just another excursion through a procedure flow chart for that agent as every reaction prompted another inquiry.

Close your eyes sufficiently tight and you could practically observe the agent flipping through script books to decide how the company needed your issue took care of. Listen sufficiently hard and some of the time you can really hear those pages turning.

Researchers concur that enabling agents the flexibility to orient themselves to the necessities of their clients and afterward to act autonomously on those requirements produces more elevated amounts of client satisfaction than when agents are required to remain on-script constantly.

A research from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign titled \"The Impact of Call Center Employees\' Customer Orientation Behaviors on Service Quality\" characterizes and measures these minutes, known as COBs.

The author summarizes COBs into five key classifications:

1. Anticipating client demands

2. Offering clarifications/justifications

3. Educating the client

4. Providing emotional help

5. Offering personalized data to the client

For each, they inspected the utilization of COBs in particular client service circumstances and the net impact on the circumstance\'s result. Furthermore, what was that net impact? The whole thing can be abridged in one sentence:

Client orientation behaviors prompted clients rating their service experience and fulfillment with these organizations higher.

At the point when agents were permitted to autonomously expect the necessities of the clients that they were working with, to demonstrate compassion, and to profit by chances to teach their clients, those clients rated the service they got as high quality. The experience felt personalized and customized. They were clients; not simply numbers.

Putting it another way, every bit of client service advice you\'ve read for as far back as decade is as yet precise. You can put the same number of layers of innovation into your client service framework as you need however unless the human factor is available, prepared, and enabled, you are headed for average quality, best case scenario and degraded disappointment even from a pessimistic standpoint. What\'s more, when each client has a voice with possibly worldwide reach through social media, client service disappointments are to be maintained a strategic distance from no matter what.

Telecommunications and call center management software keep running in a hosted PBX environment is ideally set to help guarantee the selection and execution of COBs all through corporate call centers. Innovative software solutions that incorporate into top CRM suites work as something beyond an automated call distribution system. Predictive dialers are genuine call center management software solutions. These items incorporate into the call center itself, overseeing call volumes for incoming and outgoing calls while at the same time guaranteeing that every client or prospective customer finds a human voice on the other side of the telephone instead of silence or hold music.

What\'s more, when you give call center supervisors the capacity to drop into a call and listen or to offer coaching to an agent in real time through instant message, you add another important layer to the company\'s general capacity to legitimately serve its clients.

We know for a fact that call center automation running on hosted PBXs, predictive dialers, and click to call solutions can radically expand a call center’s production levels, particularly when legitimately integrated with the call center\'s CRM. The next stage in this advancement, and a stage of crucial significance, will be to guarantee that call center agents have the essential instruments available to them to guarantee complete client orientation.

Acknowledgment of, and preparing for, client orientation behaviors now will guarantee that the additions acknowledged by intelligent call center automation are not lost as disappointed clients search out different vendors that are more tuned in to their needs.

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Some regulated brokers do a wealth check before opening accounts for traders. Should traders consider doing this for themselves?

Where they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, binary options broker must execute a ‘wealth check’ on any potential new customers. It is no place close as difficult as it sounds-there are no credit checks or top to bottom verification procedures.

The broker basically asks a set of questions in regards to every single new customer\'s economic status, to find out in the event that they are in a fit financial state to trade, and furthermore to guarantee that trading is in their financial means. Remember, the last thing a broker wishes to do is disregard a potential client.

So these checks rotate around things like disposable income, existing obligations and financial dependencies. The questions have been set up by regulators to guarantee that any financial products are just given to clients where they are reasonable. It expects to stay away from any misselling or leveraged items being made accessible to individuals who don\'t completely comprehend the financial risk.

There is, obviously, a small chance that potential new customers might be \'conservative with reality\' while answering these inquiries. The regulations, nonetheless, are there to secure the customer. In the event that they distort their financial means to the broker, the broker is no longer to blame – they did every effort to double check that their products were proper.

Notwithstanding, in the binary options sector not very many brokers are regulated by the FCA. While this may change later on, at this moment the majority of binary options brokers are under no commitment to check the financial health of any new traders. So should new customers consider executing out the checks themselves, proactively? The realistic answer is \'Yes\'.

As mentioned over, the real wealth checks are minimal more than a couple of basic questions regarding income, outgoings and general financial health. It ought not to take long for a potential trader to judge whether they are in a decent financial position to begin investing. While considering their current financial status, it merits enlarging the subject excessively consider these inquiries:

Why am I investing?

What are my points?

What are my timescales?

When some of these inquiries have been viewed as, different answers may likewise move toward becoming clearer. For instance, a trader ought to consider early what level of risk they are set up to take. That answer ought to be all the more obvious once the points and timescales for investing have been set up.

Binary options are a high risk investment vehicle. They offer elevated amounts of return keeping in mind the end goal to balance the risk, however they sit solidly in the high risk bushel of financial products. The point of a wealth check at that point, ought to incorporate whether binary options meet the investing needs of every trader. Where they do, a trading strategy may likewise rise up out of this thoughtfulness, and this will without a doubt enhance the prospects for new traders.

So in the event that we modify the original question to \'should traders perform their own particular wealth and investment checks\', the appropriate response is currently straight out \'Yes\'.

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There are considerable contrasts in the way men and ladies trade. Discover who is better prepared for the exciting ride

Today we discover an ever increasing number of ladies in key positions of the economy and financial Markets, despite the fact that the common view is that trade in the capital market are commanded by men.

The change began in the previous decade, and recent research demonstrates that ladies are superior to men in the field of trade and investment. Qualities, for example, tolerance, care and long term vision are the reasons why women can and will turn out to be better investors.

The majority of women do not trade

It is assessed that division of the genders on stock Markets is 5% female and 95% male.

A survey made by a major international research firm inspects the contrasts between the genders with regards to information and trust in the investment field.

The survey covered 2,000 family units and found that 55% of ladies guaranteed to have almost no knowledge in the field of investment and capital Markets. 42% said they have some knowledge, while just 3% of ladies said that they were completely sure of their knowledge regarding the matter.

We can gain from this that the main obstruction for ladies is basically an absence of expert learning, or enthusiasm for a customarily \"masculine\" field.

Then again, an alternate survey that was taken the previous summer discusses 326 investment bank understudies that traded on an trading simulation software. Their outcomes were joined with past outcomes from around 400 trading juniors. The junior traders lost cash – this is standard. Yet, the outcomes demonstrated that female traders lost less money than men.

They likewise demonstrated that men were significantly more prone to transgress particular trading limits.

Is it genuine that ladies don\'t know how to deal with their investments? Not in the least the opposite is valid.

Studies contrasting yields of investment handled by ladies contrasted with men, demonstrated that brokers of \'the fairer sex\' accomplished higher outcomes than their male associates.

So in a reasonable battle if ladies represented to half of all investors we\'d hope to see better outcomes from ladies.

What are the advantages of ladies in stock market investments and trading?

Another study (by Merrill Lynch) found that there are significant contrasts in the way men and ladies invest. The study demonstrates that the dominant part of men experience the ill effects of fretfulness, insatiability and over confidence and particularly ego. By differentiate, ladies have a tendency to be considerably more patient and ponder. They were better at considering dangers and investments and, obviously, at maintaining a strategic distance from rash investment choices.

Extensive research held by the University of Berkeley in 35,000 families affirmed these claims and found that men have a tendency to have an excess of confidence with respect to investment and in this way perform more trades, causing noteworthy disintegration of their yearly returns.

As indicated by estimates of market factors, investment channels don\'t change significantly by sexual orientation however investment patterns do.

Gut versus Brain

While male traders tend to utilize their \"gut\" instead of their head, female traders have a tendency to deliberately handle emotions and act all the more professionally. Men will absolutely put their sense of self first and at times they will battle market trends pointlessly just on guideline. Women develop and look after positions; they will give them additional consideration. Likewise, a few women are notable to be risk avoiders, and in this way they deliberately consider their means before trading.

In the next year, I\'ll be cheerful to see more ladies leading in financial Markets, investments and key positions.

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Scott Evans
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It\'s continually shocking to hear repeating stories of brokers who neglect to get off their feet just in light of the low quality of their leads. Or maybe, the astounding component is the brokers\' powerlessness to distinguish sufficient affiliates, or even IBs, in the vast pool they have from which to select.

Regardless of whether you are a forex or binary options broker, investing into marketing campaigns with quality affiliates can truly do ponders for your brand. An excessive number of brokers concentrate on different aspects of their business while disregarding the significance of getting their name out to whatever number channels as could reasonably be expected. This incorporates marketing your brand on a third party media channel, keeping up a solid social media presence, and working with different IBs to support a predictable stream of leads and expanding your retention rates.


Comprehensively, an affiliate can be considered as an IB who exclusively depends on website traffic. An Introducing Broker regularly has an office and keeps up a more regulated approach whereby potential leads advantage from a more personal connection, while an affiliate runs at least one sites through which its visitors will then be redirected to the broker\'s site or landing page.

The redirection is tracked with the assistance of a tracking link, so the affiliate can watch which customer has gone to the broker\'s site. As a broker, you can settle on either – or even both. Commission and payment schemes differ with one Affiliate/IB then onto the next and from CPA, RevShare, to Hybrids. It is then up to the broker to recognize the most gainful opportunity.

While some lead providers like to be paid at every referral with costs up to $25 per lead, you continually risk getting poor leads which have almost no possibility of being converted.

A cool lead could register on a landing page with fake details, regardless you\'d be under commitment to pay the lead provider for the referred lead – something to pay special mind to. Normally, the next inquiry focuses to which one of the two is most useful to the broker.

Let’s take a look at this way. Your objective is to market your brand, get quality leads and yield the most ideal ROI. Notwithstanding whether you go through an affiliate or an IB, my recommendation is to initially ensure that your leads are qualified.

Are you being sold leads which comprehend what truly matters to trading, or would you say you are risking getting a trader who deposits $100 on your platform, loses it similarly as quick, and vents their dissatisfaction over your broker on forums? Everybody clearly wants the best leads accessible; however that is what you\'re eventually searching for.

A few affiliates run call centers with the sole reason for qualifying the leads before selling them to you, at a marginally raised price compared with their rivals – obviously. In any case, that is the thing that you need.

You can even say the affiliate what things to ask those leads when they do the cold calling for you. Your sales team will then have the capacity to convert them all the more effortlessly and through the span of their help, your retention team will get more out of them than they would with \"lower quality\" leads.

Introducing Brokers

IBs commonly work like all the more a store-front business, in the sense that they keep up a considerably more personal approach with the traders that they refer to brokers.

One of the key points is that IBs keep up a personal approach with their leads, which adds to a more elevated amount of trust between trader and broker – something which is maybe underestimated by a lot of brokers.

Regularly, an IB is somebody with a specific level of trading background and capability, and is somebody who can trade for the benefit of the customer. That last part is imperative to worry, as it drastically changes the game for brokers.

Dissimilar to an affiliate who just refers the customer and proceeds onward to the next one, the IB watches out for his portfolio of customers and, as a rule, trades on their behalf through a power of attorney or a same declaration permission. What does that mean for the broker?

An A-Booking broker\'s main interest is for the trader to continue trading for whatever length of time that conceivable – a bigger trading volume at last advantages the broker. In this sense, it would be more useful for the IB to trade on behalf of the beginner trader that they have recently referred.

Furthermore, retaining the customer for future, bigger deposits is a substantially more achievable target in this situation. On the off chance that the trader is a novice and loses the majority of his/her funds in a short measure of time, he/she would be debilitated and would in all likelihood not deposit funds once more.

Then again, an IB trading for a trader is probably going to grow the trader\'s portfolio by winning a couple of trades, in this way reassuring the trader to remain with the broker, as well as re-invest winnings into his account.

A B-Booking broker would clearly favor that a beginner deposit funds and loses them in a short measure of time. All things considered, maybe an Introducing Broker won\'t not be the preferred option for a broker.


As said over, the perfect answer for a broker is to distinguish a reliable source of qualified leads for both conversion and retention purposes.

In spite of the fact that it is less demanding said than done, and unquestionably does not come as shabby as one may trust, investing into marketing campaigns and obtaining verified leads will go far towards putting the greater part of the odds on the broker\'s side as far as converting over potential customers and broadening the life saver of those customers.

At last, what you\'re going for is accomplishing a sound profit for your investment, while expanding your income however much as could reasonably be expected. This all begins with the quality of your leads.

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Building a solid presence for your brand takes a while. Here are a couple of tips to kick you off.

In one of my past articles, I quickly said the significance of a company’s online presence and its advantages. Very separated from the benefits it offers, being available crosswise over significant social media channels is practically anticipated from audiences these days. Nowadays, a social network page is similarly as relevant as a company\'s site as far as obtaining data about a specific brand.

It is no cliché to imagine that first impressions are everything, and time is much more valuable in the digital arena. Individuals are continually being shelled with promotions and proposals for many new sites and social media pages each day, additionally reinforcing the requirement for your page to emerge. This begins with a solid design and forceful duplicate; with both of these angles supplemented by alluring content which urges the viewer to additionally browser your page and what your brand offers.

Building a noteworthy online community clearly requires a long time to fulfill but once you have accomplished that, the prizes are precious. Not exclusively does it enable you to advertise your brand through more channels, yet captivating with your current and potential clients once a day fabricates a specific level of trust that money can\'t purchase. You have a front-row seat to constant perspectives on your brand, which therefore enables you to concentrate on what you may need to change so as to fulfill your clients, or what your general positives are.

Helping give your brand an identity enables you to separate yourself from others. On the off chance that your set of instruments and services are equivalent to your rivals, your one shot of standing is to adopt an individual strategy and construct an enduring relationship with your audience.

Positively associating with users who thusly have an extensive number of followers could undoubtedly work to support you in the event that they choose to share/retweet your posts, which are then circulated to a huge undiscovered audience who will come to learn about your brand through these users.

Not exclusively would you be able to broaden your general audience reach with a solid online presence, however those new followers could in the end transform into leads.

Know the instruments

The main three social networking sites – Facebook (1.49 billion active users/month), Twitter (316 million active user/month) and Linkedin (100 million active users/month)- have over and again been recognized by companies (broker included) as the best networks to advertise their products and connect with their users. I surely trust, for your company, that you know how to utilize these sites and all the great instruments they bring to the table. If not, let’s go through a quick list of these perks.

For example, Facebook\'s Page Promotion tool enables you to make an in-site promotional campaign with a couple of clicks. You can focus on your audience by area, interests, age, sexual orientation, their capacity to adjust a bowl on their head, and how much slower they definitely are than Usain Bolt.

Insane, I know.

You can upload your creative and advert content, and obviously tailor the campaigns cost and duration as per your company\'s financial plan. When you set your day by day spending plan and the campaigns duration, Facebook will let you know the estimated likes every day. Presuming your sales team accomplishes a 10% conversion rate, at least 28 leads for a €5/day campaign gives you great incentive for your money. Include a \'refer-a-friend\' reward incentive to newcomers, and you can perhaps enhance your sales more.

Twitter likewise enables you to set your financial plan for objective-based campaigns including obtaining followers, site clicks/conversions, tweet engagements, or getting leads through Twitter. And in addition advertising your account, your tweets and your trend (#yourbrandissuperb), you just pay when a user makes a move (signs up, follows you, and so on).

Linkedin enables you to make the same banner placement and objective based campaigns with some all the more interesting channels including the users profession (helpful in case you\'re running a B2B campaign), and the business in which they work.

Is one of them superior to the others? Most likely. Am I going to disclose to you which one yields the best outcomes? Not a chance. To each their own, I say. A few companies have a more noteworthy Twitter presence than others, while the rest discover more achievement in Facebook and Linkedin campaigns. Experimentation, my friends.

All in all, are paid campaigns the best way to increase my social media presence?

Gratefully, no. I\'ve seen a hundred-and-one companies begin off with a small marketing budget which just couldn\'t suit these kinds of campaigns, regardless of how valuable they could prove to be.

What they did was put their social media buttons on their site, and made promotions which included interacting on those pages. For instance, you can tell new or existing customers that keeping in mind the end goal to get a $200 reward, they should simply Like your Facebook page, or follow you on Twitter, follow your company on Linkedin, and in extraordinary (matter of national security) cases, similar to your page on Google +.

What was that joke about Google + users just being Google employees? That was it really; punchline demolished. Too bad.

Thus, as specified above, utilizing social media pages as incentives for rewards, or even channels on which to host particular competitions (quiz winner gets a FREE Pez dispenser – but no Pez sweets) can do ponders for your social media pages. Individuals dependably want free stuff, that is no mystery. Indeed, you can do a couple of giveaways, insofar as the user accomplishes something in return. Want that $200 reward? RT to your 50,000 followers (and say how much you adore us).

It\'s a two way road, people. Give your new or existing followers something to stay and interface for, and you\'ll get those firm new leads who\'ll call you at regular intervals since regardless they can\'t make sense of how to put a trade. Happy days.

As much as I wish there was a mystery to getting 50,000 followers in seven days, there isn\'t. I mean beyond any doubt, you can purchase fake followers from those completely dodgy sites, yet a little diligent work never slaughtered anyone, which is the thing that my totally genuine grandpa from Mississippi used to state. Scout\'s respect what not.

I trust it\'s simply an issue of combining couple of various strategies and finding that sweet spot of coming to the point where the likes and followers land independent from anyone else. It\'s tied in with putting the diligent work in and enjoying the produce. There are innumerable books on social marketing out there, which will have the capacity to reveal to you significantly more than a blog entry could. I truly trust, in any case, that I planted the correct thoughts and pointed you the correct way.

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Styles vary yet the one thing that stays consistent is that traders are a unique breed.

I was reading an article that talked about whether women are better traders than men. Women are more pervasive in financial Markets than any other time in recent memory which isn\'t shocking in light of the fact that as meager as 15 years prior they were nearly non-existent in the male dominated field. Women started going into the trading spaces as trainee/associates similarly as men did.

In the late 1980\'s and mid 1990\'s trading rooms were particularly an unregulated environment. There was no specifying of political accuracy or lewd behavior. Traders said what they said and that was it, on the off chance that you didn\'t care for it you left, on the off chance that you couldn\'t deal with it you got fired so it was a troublesome work environment for a few people and especially for women.

A portion of the stronger women survived and demonstrated they had a place, taking care of the circumstance and getting to be plainly strong team members. After some time things started to change and the trading rooms were subjected to the similar guidelines and rules as other industry. More women were looking for opportunities in the regularly extending business. In time they ended up being as capable as their male partners.

Well I am surely not insane or strong enough to get drawn into a gender debate here, nonetheless I will CAREFULLY and politically effectively opine regarding the matter.

Discoveries in recent surveys demonstrate that ladies are more patient than men (insert your own particular sexual orientation related joke here at your own hazard) and they have better long term vision. It proposes that men experience the ill effects of impatience, covetousness and over confidence (women the ball is in your court to insert a joke).

The Real Test

In an investment banking intern trading simulation activity the ladies interns lost less cash than men. Side note-interns dependably lose cash so losing less is an achievement I presume. The discoveries recommend that men and ladies trade in an unexpected way.

It demonstrated that ladies will probably consider the dangers and stay away from rash investment choices. They dealt with their feelings superior to their male partners. Men were more inclined to trade with their \"gut\" and will probably transgress trading limits.

Well truth is told I discover the gender debate in trading to be very strange. A female trader who is patient and risk disinclined may miss a huge market move in view of her understanding and long haul vision. A man who rushes into trades can be considerably more powerless to paying highs and hitting lows. Then again a similar move might be gotten by the man who responds rapidly without much idea.

Let me recommend an experiment here… . we insert \"trader\" wherever we said male or female. Brokers, male or female, trader diverse styles, methodologies, and risk. Throughout the years I\'ve seen traders with little positions with predictable profit and some with constant losses. Vast risk takers indicate enormous profit and furthermore lose huge money. Styles vary yet the one thing that stays consistent is that traders are a unique breed.

A trader who can profit and set up an effective reputation remains a trader. The ones that can\'t trade, don\'t last. It\'s that simple; overlook male, female, dark, white, purple or two-headed outsiders. No leader of a trading room thinks about any or that. You either add to all that really matters or you don\'t. It\'s truly that simple.

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With binary options anticipated that would fall under FCA control eventually, what value will that bring for

As a rule, regulation is talked about as far as the advantages to the consumer. Bigger security, better dispute resolution and expanded certainty, for instance. There is additionally another arrangement of considerations obviously – those of the firms set to be regulated.

The primary response of operators complying with new regulations may be one of disdain. Regulation may be seen as another set of guidelines and limitations that will retain time, effort and money.

In truth in any case, there are a pile of advantages that better regulation conveys to brokers – and numerous in the binary options sector are anticipating enhanced regulation. Here, we look to recognize some of those advantages.

Enhanced consumer confidence

At first look this seems like an advantage to the consumer, not the broker. It is obviously, an advantage for both. There could well be an entire swathe of individuals presently taking a look at binary options, comparing brokers, assembling trading strategies, considering how to utilize binaries for hedging or enhancing their technical skills abilities – however they are not trading, on the grounds that they need confidence in the present scene.

That could speak to a big increment in clients and turnover for binary options brokers, once stronger regulation is presented. The correct impact is an obscure – however the same regulation in Japan by means of the FSA saw an extensive increment in the utilization of binary options. This speaks to the single main reason brokers would welcome FCA regulation.

Clear meaning of what \'Binary options\' are

Again, that statement may seem weird; however a clear meaning has quite been made as far as regulation. Binary options have been defined, however it can be contended that current financial instruments offer a similar thing – if organized with the pure plan of reproducing a \"binary\" option.

Those current instruments as of now fall within the regulations, so the issues maybe come from binary options being forgotten in any case.

Keeping in mind the end goal to regulate binary options, the FCA should first characterize them. While this represents a few challenges with expiry times, payouts and structure, a workable definition would be respected all round. Expecting it is right…

Lessened cost of doing business

A regulated business is probably going to appreciate a superior level of good confidence and trust than a business with question marks hanging over it. Binary options brokers, however all around worked, are as yet experiencing a discolored reputation caused by others amid the times of zero regulation.

Expenses of banking, borrowing and money transfers are probably going to enhance where a firm can cling to FCA regulations and show their transparency and obligation all the more effortlessly.

Furthermore, the new regulations may open up new roads for brokers as far as where they base their staff and workplaces. This adaptability at any rate offers the long term plausibility to guarantee operating expenses are as productive as could be expected under the circumstances.

Opportunities for development

The capacity to work in new jurisdictions is incredibly upgraded with advance regulations. The CySec regulations started this procedure, and it can just enhance with the conceivable FCA offering.

MiFID and the impending MiFID II will support the expectations of firms hoping to grow crosswise over Europe, and cement the operations in existing Markets.

There is little uncertainty that at present, binary options is looked downward on by a significant part of the financial services sector. Once more, to a great extent because of historical issues, and as specified above – there is no clearness on what isolates binary options from more established instruments.

Certain media outlets and established sites tend not to cover binary options – through decision – however all that is probably going to change if these options are classed, and regulated, along the very same lines as other financial products and services.

There will obviously be drawbacks to increased regulation for binary options broker. Be that as it may, most by far are as yet quick to see them presented. As are related service providers, for example, trading platform operators.

The topic going through the binary options sector is one of out-dated perspectives and suppositions keeping down the development of this specific financial vehicle. Much has changed over the most recent 5 years, and FCA regulation could be the catalyst for those outside of the sector to take a look at binary options once more, and judge it on what is occurring at the present time.

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It\'s essential to figure out how to utilize most recent technologies for your mobile strategy as a key blue sea differentiator.

In such an innovative driven world, the utilization of mobile gadgets has nearly turned out to be important keeping in mind the end goal to be seen. As a marketer\'s primary objective and focus is expanding traffic, targeting audiences, and building brands, discovering practical and effective solutions are vital.

All agree that binary option as a simplified online trading product is an ideal fit for high conversion rates. What are the hindrances that marketers encounter working with mobile, and in what capacity can new technologies be adjusted?

Having the capacity to use mobile devices and social media platforms and having the capacity to enhance the conversion of customers through the marketing funnel enhances revenue. Marketers are continually experienced with consistently evolving trends, which makes completely understanding how buyers think and what they covet move toward becoming tedious and troublesome, particularly once every competitor is using a similar technology.

Regardless of what a marketers primary objective is from the potential prospects-downloading, registering, or depositing the greater objective is to change over rapidly in light of the fact that this thus expands income.

Mobile is king

It has gone to a point where the fundamental channel road block is mobile conversion. Marketers comprehend the progression of powerful campaigns however are working towards contacting individuals rapidly, and all day and all night. How would they obtain full funnel self-conversion from lead to self-deposit?

Considering the everyday routine of individuals around the world, most everybody utilizes a mobile device and has one on them consistently. In the morning they will utilize their mobile devices while travelling, once in the workplace – desktops and additionally laptops are principally utilized and afterward back at home in the nights it has returned to tablets and mobiles.

Advantageous and enabling most to have the majority of their data readily available constantly, there are still some minor hiccups with mobile that can change the way things work definitely once they are made sense of. Mobile devices remain the most generally utilized on the grounds that they are reduced, effectively achievable and the vast majority, once they possess one, has it on them – dependably.

Mobile traffic is substantially less expensive

Presently, how do the marketers exploit the low cost acquisitions by using the cross device phenomena? Gmail has this down truly well when one contemplates the opportunities that it accommodates everybody. One can just begin making an email in the workplace, save to draft, and after that complete and send it later on from other device. The conversion is consistent from desktop to mobile device and the user experience is not just straightforward, it is additionally exceptionally viable and helpful.

Cross device reach

A deterrent that numerous marketers are running into as of now is guaranteeing that their broker and their marketing sources are using a similar kind of channel. Knowing how important mobile marketing has turned into, the principle question to be addressed is following the patterns and attitudes of the consumers between their devices What are their own inclinations – mobile devices are ample between various platforms, and operating systems, size and shapes, and so forth.

The ascent of the phablets and ascent of mobile conversion

There is another trend in which shoppers are partaking, and this is the most recent and most prominent upgrading their own smart mobile devices to Phablets. Phablets\' screen sizes run in the vicinity of 5 and 7 inches, and are viewed as one of the smartest investments in cutting edge wireless users. At the rate that things are going, it is thought that in only a short measure of time the refinement amongst tablets and mobile devices will decrease, and vanish as though it never existed.

User experience across devices and functionalities

The way that individuals and organizations alike depend on their mobile devices, PCs, tablets, and so on, it just bodes well to have the capacity to convey a similar user experience over all channels, in light of the fact that those without this ability are beginning to fall behind their opposition. Looking at the fulfillment of a visit, one will have the capacity to truly observe what the user’s experience resembles. While checking execution and the shortcomings of the user experience is relevant, it is considerably more significant to take a look at the entry and actions too. At exactly that point would one be able to analyze your users general experience more than one or different channels.

While mobile devices are not completely equipped for everything that the web is, there are as yet going to be questions with respect to whether businesses need to build up a mobile presence or not. The content and the objectives coveted by a business will help separate which way is the best possible one to pick. In the event that the fundamental objectives encompass promoting and connecting with however many individuals as could reasonably be expected, at that point what needs to happen is a smooth and consistent change, and in addition a wide appearance on mobile devices.

For the ability to share data and convey content between devices (as said before with Gmail), having the capacity to get to data, share data and use search engines, mobile sites end up noticeably important. In the event that connection is required and wanted by a business, at that point a more personal, hands on computer based application bodes well to use.

With these thoughts, marketers are as yet faced with how to utilize the mobile conversion funnel from lead to deposit, auto login, and after that trading all on one single device. At exactly that point will marketers be capable pick up information and use that window of chance to expand their conversion rate. At last, the objective is to give a similar functionality over mobile and desktop devices to improve traders’ satisfaction, and in addition expanding the lifetime value.

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Leads that experience modern sales funnel like a marketing campaign running by a predictive dialer are significantly more probable

Recall, for a minute, to the first time when you saw a webpage. You opened a web browser – likely Netscape Navigator – wrote in a few characters and, interestingly, saw the Web in its early stages.

Your first email encounter was most likely truly near a similar thing. You blundered through addressing the message; utilizing foreign symbols and terminology like @ and .com. You most likely made the email simply like a written letter and thought for a considerable length of time about how to think of the subject line.

Sentimentality is fun, would it say it isn\'t? However, consider this:

Why are you basing the center of your affiliate marketing strategy on something so old that it takes into consideration that sentimentality? We\'ve been surfing the web and sending messages for more than two decades now – would it say it isn\'t time that your affiliate marketing efforts made up for lost time and exploited new methods of communication?

The Current State of Affairs

It\'s straightforward why you may be comfortable with the outcomes you\'re seeing – nobody is blending the pot. Everybody is pushing the typical suspects – email, landing pages, SEO, SEM – and they\'re keeping desires tempered at a stale and negligible three percent action rate.

How about we look what that three percent gets you.

Landing Pages

For each 300 visitors you take in to our landing page, you\'re impeccably upbeat when nine fill out the form or add themselves to your conveyance list.

Nine. Out of 300.

What happens to those nine valuable leads is currently in the hands of your sales team. A decent sales team with a great product ought to have the capacity to make the Hubspot average of 5-15%.

5-15% transformation doesn\'t sound half-awful, isn\'t that right? Yet, when you\'re beginning with nine leads, that lone means one conversion. Keep in mind, it\'s 5-15% of your leads; not your visitors.

One single conversion out of the 300 that saw your landing page. Still glad?

What about Email?

\"An email goes straight to a beneficiary\'s mailobox! They get a caution and everything! They\'ll need to see my message, won\'t they?\"

Indeed, what number of sales emails do you open?

Presently, truly, financial and gaming businesses show improvement over average responses on marketing emails – upwards of 20% open with a 3% average click rate. Thus, out of 900 messages sent, around 180 will really open the email. Nine will click and one will agree to register for an account or spend some cash.

One out of 900.

\"Be that as it may, you may be saying, \"we will send out significantly more than 900 emails.\"

That may in all likelihood be the situation. In any case, measurably, your conversion rate will remain about the same. In this way, in the event that you want to send 20,000 emails for under 18 conversions, proceed.

All in all, What\'s the Answer?

Happy you finally inquired.

This is what not the appropriate response is: Changing the font in your email. Doing three days of research into a good subject line. Creating your landing page images larger.

In the event that you\'d jump at the chance to continue wasting your time searching for an answer in view of a similar way you\'ve generally gotten things done, at that point you\'ve already lost. The key here is to at long last begin to innovate.

The key is to consider voice.

Aaron Friedman, Director of Innovation of FiveBlocks, a digital consulting and reputation Management Company, includes, \"Innovation implies detecting the change in the industry and moving with it or even better, staying ahead of it. Current strategies for achieving your target market in digital marketing need to consistently evolve to the conduct of your target demographics, not to mention the extraordinary changes in the industry. Search Engine Optimization, PPC, and Email all drive traffic and help brand discoverability, the objective regularly being lead generation.

This is incredible, yet quick reaction enhances your chances of conversion. Without it, you are leaving everything to risk. Companies, who can react rapidly, will be enormously rewarded by making that instant connection and reaching clients at the time of need. At the point when a voice is used in conjunction with digital marketing, you change the game and enhance the chances.\"

All things considered, when incorporated into the rest of an extensive affiliate marketing campaign, voice capacities can massively affect profitability, as well as the conversions that accompany an increased capability to contact and interface with pre-qualified sales.

Take, for instance, that same landing page we discussed earlier. As leads register and give their contact data, you\'ll see that a voice broadcast in general has a three percent conversion rate. It\'s what occurs with that three percent; nonetheless, that has a significant effect.

At the point when a lead is reached by means of a voice campaign and is given the choice to act on the call (press \"1\" for sales, for instance) that action is a similar thing from a \"click.\" So, of 900 visitors, nine will have acted by pressing \'1\'. For those staying aware of the math, that is as of now 9 times over both email and landing page efforts.

Notwithstanding, when you include improved VoIP capacities like a cloud-based PBX with a predictive dialer, you can successfully raise the profitability of your sales agents by 400%. This is on the grounds that the predictive dialer is just going to contact the leads whose data was submitted from similar efforts that prompted the production of the landing page.

Just live calls are sent to available agents which implies that your agents aren\'t misusing time for calls to be connected – they are continually talking with pre-qualified leads who want to be reached by your agents. They volunteered their data and were waiting for your call. You should simply close them.

The conceivable outcomes don\'t end there, be that as it may. Make \"unknown number\" a relic of days gone by and link an appropriate CLI to your predictive dialer campaign so the recipient sees that the call began from a \"local\" area code.

Not as much as 33% of phone users answer their devices when \"unknown number\" or \"withheld number\" flashes over their screen. In any case, 54% will answer the phone if a real number comes up – regardless of whether it is one that they know about. They don\'t need to know its identity – they simply want to see a local number.

Maybe most curiously, in any case, is the way that lead conversion keeps on expanding proportionately with the quantity of outbound calls.

Pulling It All Together

Ideally at this point you\'re beginning to see that it\'s less what number of leads you have, yet rather, it\'s your main thing with them when you get them. Better qualified and better quality leads that experience a modern sales funnel like a voice-powered marketing campaign running by a predictive dialer are significantly more prone to become customers. You\'ll have less missed calls, less disconnects, higher conversions, and an essentially more effective sales infrastructure.

Or, then again, for the individuals who lean toward a more compact clarification: you will make more sales.

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One of the latest signal providers that generates binary options signals is VorteXz Signals. This software allegedly operates with +80% win rate. This signal provider is free to use!

Who stays behind VorteXz Signals provider?

We have to inform you that we didn\'t find out who stays behind VorteXz Signals. We didn\'t find anywhere on vortexzsignals.com the information about the company or the owner of this software. We already thing that we\'re dealing with a fraud here but we\'ll keep investigating.

How VorteXz Signals provider Works?

This signal provider allegedly analyzes the market for 24 hours per day, 7 days in a week, to determine lucrative trading opportunities. As soon as it spots them, the software sends signals to all members.

Disturbing things found!

Rest assured that generating binary options trading signals is considered as providing financial advices, and that\'s a financial activity that you need to own a license in order to do it legally. However, we don\'t know anything about this company and we especially don\'t know if they own the license or not.

Even though they provided many testimonials on their website and they were all positive, we have to inform you that those testimonials are fake! All of those \"satisfied members\" are just made up characters with stock photos. Howe are we supposed to trust someone who tries to sell us lies?

VorteXz Signals Scam Review - Conclusion!

Based on our thorough investigation we hope that you realized that you should avoid this fraudulent software. VorteXz Signals has nothing to offer to you!

signal providers, binary options signals, fraudulent software, VorteXz Signals
Scott Evans
07.08. 2017 21:19  | 

Newest signal generator is the Signal Samurai System. Allegedly, it\'s completely free of charge and easy to use even for newbie traders.

Who is Kinjo Oda?

Kinjo Oda represents himself as quite a successful Tokyo Stock Exchange broker who left his business in order to focus on developing a samurai code called bushido. However, even though we searched thoroughly, we didn\'t find any information about this guy except for his website signalsamurai.com. On top of that anonymity, we realized that they actually used a stock photo in order to represent this made up character. We found out that the company Tokyo Stock Exchange doesn\'t exist! Anonymity and fake claims already indicate that we\'re dealing with a fraud but let\'s keep investigating.

How Signal Samurai Software Works?

This software is based on so-called Bushido code. The problem is that we still don\'t know anything about this code nor this software in general.

Disturbing things found!

Giving trading signals represents giving financial (investment) advice, and that\'s a financial activity that requires a license in order to be legal. However, they said that they do not offer any investment advice. Running into this contradiction made us realize that we were most probably sure about this fraud from the beginning.

Also, they said that they can\'t guarantee you that their software isn\'t affected with a virus. Why would anyone, after reading such claim, download their dangerous software?

More alarming things!

Even though they promised us great earnings, on their website we can see a claim saying that they do not guarantee any profit for the members of Signal Samurai software. Why should we invest into this system if they admitted that they do not guarantee it, even though they already promised us.

What happens when you register on signalsamurai.com website?

After registering for an account on signalsamurai.com you\'re asked to fund your new broker\'s account with at least $250. The thing is that we don\'t know the name of our so-called broker - so why should we trust it and invest into it? They are just trying to trick us.

Signal Samurai Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

We believe that we\'ve provided enough evidence for you to realize that you should not invest into this fraudulent system called Signal Samurai. Keep your cash safe and don\'t waste it on offers like this one!

signal generator, fraud, Kinja Oda, Signal Samurai
Scott Evans
07.08. 2017 21:17  | 

Public Millionaire App guarantees to generate you anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 per day. It\'s completely free of charge, completely automated and it\'s easy to use.

Who is Pat Bruce?

We didn\'t manage finding any correlation between Pat Bruce and this so-called trading software; we didn\'t find ANY information about this \"respected investment analyst\"! Their public-millionaire.com website turned out to be quite useless. We already find this offer phony but we\'ll see what else does it have to offer.

How Public Millionaire App Works?

Pat, the idea-man and Barry, the software developer, developed Public Millionaire trading software that \"predicts\" the market movement. On top of that, it operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Let me ask you something - how can this software trade 24/7 if the market is closed during the weekend?

Disturbing things found!

Thanks to some of the \"live accounts\" we\'ve seen on their website, we found out that some of their trades occurred on the day that was few days AFTER the day they showed those trades. On top of that, they showed the date which was Saturday. Once again, we remind you that the market is closed during the weekend!

Even though they claim that their trades are approved by a third party, we didn\'t see any evidence for that meaning that we can\'t trust them.

More alarming things!

Even though they said that they got published in news, we didn\'t manage finding those news.

They tried to trick us with fake testimonials but we\'re smarter than that. They used paid actors and made up characters. Don\'t fall for this lame trick!

What happens when you register on public-millionaire.com website?

After you\'ve signed up for an account, you\'re automatically assigned to one of their brokers and you need to fund broker\'s account with at least $250.

We\'re afraid to spend our money like that because we didn\'t get the broker\'s name - so how are we supposed to fund someone whose name we don\'t know? We also don\'t know if the so-called broker owns a license or not!

Public Millionaire App Scam Review - Conclusion!

Based on everything we found and showed you, we\'re sure that you are now aware of how dangerous this offer is. We really hope that you won\'t fall for this scam!

trading software, phony, scam, Pat Bruce, Public Millionaire
Scott Evans
07.08. 2017 21:13  | 

Infinity App represents the latest money-making software that\'s based on the NSA\'s technology. Allegedly you can earn somewhere between $15,000 and $50,000 per day. It\'s completely free of charge for first 35 beta testers and it also works on a complete auto pilot mode.

Who is Mark Stevenson?

Mr. Mark Stevenson is one of the ex NASA\'s engineers and also the creator of Infinity App and the CEO of Infinity App Enterprises. The problem is that we couldn\'t find any information about this so-called ex engineer and we also found out that his company Infinity App Enterprises doesn\'t exist. This offer seems to be a fraud but we\'ll keep investigating.

How Infinity App Works?

Unfortunately we didn\'t get the information saying how this software works.

Disturbing things found!

They claimed that 500 companies wanted to buy this technology for $20,000,000 back in 2015. The problem is that we found out (thanks to whois.com) that their website was registered on 14th March, 2017. How could have anyone heard of this company if their website didn\'t exist back then?

We also encountered another website theinfinityapp.com that shows the same software but with different promo video and different CEO - Michael Crawford. Finding out this, we are now quite sure that the Infinity App is just a bogus offer.

During their promo video, they showed some trades that happened on 23rd January, 2017, which were supposed to expire on 30th May, 2016. Unfortunately this lie is quite lame for us to believe it.

More alarming things!

This software is supposed to earn you money 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. How is this possible if the market is closed during the weekend?

Their promo video consists of Mark walking up to a guy named Robert and asking him to make a bet that Robert will earn $1,500 within 30 minutes or otherwise Mark would give him his McLaren 570GT. That\'s how Robert became first beta tester.

The Fiction!

As soon as Mark placed the trade, he earned $437. Half an hour later, he earned $1,580. On top of everything, he said that the money can be withdrawn within 10-15 minutes from the moment you request it. Rest assured that the regulated brokers withdrawals usually take 2 to 3 business days, so you really shouldn\'t fall for this lame scam.

What happens when you register on theunlimitedsystem.com website?

As soon as you sign up for an account on theunlimitedsystem.com, you\'ll be asked to sign up for one of their brokers. How are you supposed to trust their \"broker\" if you don\'t get his name? Besides, you should be able to find out whether the broker owns a license or not.

After filling up two forms, you\'re asked to fund your broker\'s account with at least $250, through their form. The problem here is that their website doesn\'t use secured protocol (https) meaning that the data that you\'re giving them (credit card details) can easily be stolen. Don\'t do that!

Infinity App Scam Review - Conclusion!

Our investigation helped us realize what kind of a bogus offer this Infinity App is. We highly recommend you to stay away from it!

money-making software, fraud, bogus offer, Mark Stevenson, Infinity App
Scott Evans
07.08. 2017 21:09  | 

Hydra is the latest trading software that trades binary options. Creators of Hydra promise to generate you $5,000 per day and they say that this software is free.

Who is Abraham Epstein?

Mr. Abraham is allegedly former Facebook\'s employee. However, we didn\'t find any information about him except the one that hydraapp.biz offers. At the end, Mr. Abraham is nothing more than a made up character whose role played paid actor. This is the reason why we already find this as a bogus offer.

How Hydra App Works?

Allegedly, Hydra app analyzes tons of data and based on the gathered data, places trades on its own. If the software recognizes a hint that the trade might go wrong, it immediately places another trade but in the opposite direction. Any experienced trader will know that it\'s impossible making this work.

There\'s no way to break even trade because the return rate is not 100% but rather 75%-80%. Simply do the math and you\'ll realize that with 80% return rate, you can\'t make an investment, lose it, and then make the doubled investment and win back all the money.

Disturbing things found!

Symbolically, Mr. Abraham hires 7 best financial analysts making 7 team that analyze the data flow and trends and publishing it online. Don\'t fall for this claim as nobody publishes such useful data online so that everyone can see it.

Rest assured that there is no such thing as guaranteed profit, at least not when it comes to trading Binary Options. Therefore, you shouldn\'t believe their claim saying that they guarantee you $5,000 per day.

We realized that we\'re dealing with a scam once we heard their claim saying that their software trades 7 days per week. How can you place trades 7 days per week if the market is closed during the weekend?

More alarming things!

During their promo video, we saw Abraham funding his account with $250 and placing trades but the problem is that we didn\'t see the name of the alleged software. How can we know that this is the Hydra App?

What happens when you register on hydraapp.biz website?

As soon as you sign up for an account, you\'re redirected to another page where they show you how one of their members earned $15,340 within 3 days. The mistake they made is that they showed balance on this so-called trader\'s balance without placing any trades or using the software at all. This is what we call a fake testimonial.

The Scam!

At first, they ask you to fund your account with $250.

Then, they make you think that you are in charge of your money, but you are not. Keep in mind that, even though you funded your account, the broker is the one who has the control over your money, and not you!

Remember how they said that you can withdraw any amount of money at any time? This is a phony statement. You won\'t be able to withdraw money from regulated brokers for at least 2 to 3 days - that\'s the usual period you have to wait. Don\'t fall for this lie!

Hydra App Scam Review - Conclusion!

Based on our thorough investigation we concluded that the Hydra App is nothing more than a scam and we hope that you won\'t fall for the tricks they\'ve been using on innocent people!

trading software, binary options, bogus offer, scam, Abraham Epstein, Hydra App
Scott Evans
07.08. 2017 21:06  | 

Honest Forex Signals is a signal provider that, once installed on your device, places trades on its own. They mentioned that it\'s not a robot, even though it\'s a software doing person\'s job. We already noticed contradiction but we\'ll investigate further this offer anyways.

Who is Robbie Newton?

Mr. Robbie Newton is a Forex trader who pulled off earning 46,000 Pounds with investing as little as 5,000 Pounds.

We searched online for this guy and we didn\'t find any information about him, except for the correlation between him and his website honestforexsignals.com. We also didn\'t find the name of company standing behind this offer. Anonymity, besides contradiction, also means that we could be encountering scam so we need to be careful.

How Honest Forex Signals Works?

Mr. Robbie places trades on the Meta Trader 4 platform. As soon as he places the trade, he emails you that trade and then the trade is automatically copied onto the Meta Trader 4.

Disturbing things found!

Keep in mind that generating Forex trading signals represents giving financial advices, and you have to own a license for such activity. Not only that we don\'t know if they have the license or not, but we also don\'t know anything about their company!

More alarming things!

We found out that Robbie\'s picture was a stock photo and so we figured out that the entire Robbie Newton is just a made up character.

Honest FOrex Signals Scam Review - Conclusion!

We\'ve searched for things that matter to us the most and we didn\'t find any relevant information. Honest Forex Signals seems to be a scam and we highly recommend you to stay away from it.

signal provider, Forex, scam, Robbie Newton, Honest Forex Signals
Scott Evans
07.08. 2017 21:03  | 

FX news Robot represents a Forex trading system that generates signals. This signal generator is free of charge and works on his own.

Who stays behind this software?

We\'ve searched entire fxnewsrobot.com and we didn\'t find out who stays behind this offer. Because of this anonymity we have no other choice but to start questioning the trustworthiness of this offer - maybe it\'s a fraud?

How FX News Robot Works?

As soon as you activate the auto-trading button, the FX News Robot will place bets on its own and that\'s it. We didn\'t find out what algorithms or strategies is this software using.

Disturbing things found!

There\'s a claim that FX News Robot has SSL encryption meaning that all of its transactions are completely safe. The problem is that, as soon as you reach their website fxnewsrobot.com you\'ll find out that they are not using the secured protocol (https). This means that they lied and that the data you provide them can easily be stolen.

We can\'t even read the terms and conditions that they asked us to agree with. How can we know what we\'re dealing with if we can\'t read terms and conditions?

More alarming things!

They provided the demo mode for you. The problem with this demo mode is that you won\'t be trading on the real market but rather on a fake one with fake money. This means that you\'ll be winning all of the trades and you\'ll end up thinking how good that software is and you\'ll eventually invest into it. Don\'t fall for this lame trick! Demo mode is not trustworthy, you should not make your decision upon trading on that mode.

FX News Robot Scam Review - Conclusion!

Based on the things that we mentioned above, we hope that you are now aware that FX News Robot is a fraud which you need to stay away from!

Forex trading system, signal generator, fraud, FX News Robot
Scott Evans
07.08. 2017 21:00  | 

One of the latest money-making softwares is the Binary Copier System. It\'s completely free of charge and even newbies can use it.

Who stays behind Binary Copier Software?

We didn\'t manage finding any information about the company that stands behind the Binary Copier Software nor about the owner of this offer. Because of the anonymity, we already suspect that we might be dealing with a fraud but we\'ll keep investigating in order to provide as many details and evidence as we can.

How Binary Copier Software Works?

Binary Copier trades binary options signals with high win rate. You can follow other traders and enjoy the signals you\'re receiving.

Disturbing things found!

Rest assured that whenever you\'re dealing with trading and signals, generating trading signals is considered as an financial advice and you have to own a license for that - otherwise, it\'s an illegal action. However, they mentioned that they do not offer any financial (investment) advice. This contradiction is what made us even confident with our assumption.

Even though they are promising you great earnings, they claimed that they do not guarantee any profit. Another contradiction spotted.

What happens when you register on binarycopier.com website?

As soon as you sign up for an account, you need to fund your broker\'s account. The problem is that they didn\'t say who your broker is, and if you don\'t know his name and if you can\'t check whether he owns a license or not, how are you supposed to trust him?

Binary Copier Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

Everything that we mentioned above should be more than enough for you to realize that we\'re dealing with a fraud and that not only should you avoid this offer but you should also be more careful when opting for trading softwares.

money-making softwares, binary options signals, anonymity, fraud, Binary Copier
Scott Evans
07.08. 2017 00:00  | 

Going to trade shows has dependably been an awesome approach to raise brand awareness, develop lasting relationship, build up a company’s lead portfolio, and even rejuvenate your brand – all before digital marketing was even a thing.

Consider trade shows – or expos – as online adverts\' big brother; the kind that escapes the house more. Which one of them will probably make more essential partnerships and sales?

Why trade shows?

Expos, rather than online advertising, give you the likelihood to develop more personal relationships with your potential customers. With the excess of online scams and unlimited popups, investors will probably believe a company they can meet up close and personal with which they have a \"legitimate\" discussion.

You are in this manner ready to make a long-lasting impression, if your participation at the event is a success. What you generally want to do is to attract attention to your booth keeping in mind the end goal to allow individuals to learn more about your product.

With regards to pushing that sale or even doing a notorious 180 and persuading somebody to buy your product, nothing beats a face-to-face meeting. You can utilize the best sales strategies in the book, yet insofar as you\'re stuck behind a telephone or a screen, you lose the individual approach that can turn a \'let’s talk\' into a let’s sign\'. There are no ifs ands or buts.

Any risks?

The way I see it, there are two primary risks related with going to trade shows:

  • Cost: Attending expos isn\'t shoddy by any methods, particularly in case you\'re keen on securing a booth or some kind of sponsorship. Contingent upon the expo itself, you\'re hoping to spend an average of $3000 on either one. Include travelling and accommodation cost for you as well as your staff, and the way that you have to fill your booth with stock (different giveaways, for example, leaflets, branded products, and so forth). This will all add up around $7,000. You need to ensure that:
  • a) Your company is prepared to deal with this type of investment, and
  • b) Your participation at the expo will yield a sound ROI which will in any event cover your expenses.
  • Competition: Depending on the expo, you\'re taking a gander at least 50 exhibitors. This implies, contingent upon your company’s activities, will undoubtedly have a couple of contenders a couple of meters far from you. What this involves is a danger of potential customers either choosing to visit your rival’s booth before yours (or subsequently selecting their products over yours), or basically choosing that your rival\'s product fits their necessities more than your product does. In any case, you can\'t get them all. You simply need to ensure that you pull in whatever number individuals to your booth as could reasonably be expected – and convert them.

Pre-Show | In-Show | Post-Show:

Neglecting to legitimately get ready for an expo can harm your odds before the event even starts. Getting individuals excited for your participation at the expo by telling them how they can benefit by going to your booth will without a doubt stand you in great stead come show time. Do you have any exceptional giveaways? Is there a limited time offer amid the show? Convey a couple of mailers get on forums – make some clamor.

What is your in-show strategy? Are you just going to show your product, or do you have something exceptional in store for the meeting participants? An unexpected revealing of another product maybe? That is completely up to you. The one brilliant rule for the duration of the expo is to ensure that you draw in individuals to your booth in any case. Regardless of whether you have an in-booth game in which individuals can win a gift associated with your product, or you\'re recently giving without end stock; individuals need reason to go to your booth. Infrequently, something as unimportant as a brisk game can give you an edge over your rivals. Consolidating fun and expert atmospheres can do ponders for your brand.

On the other hand, talking at the event can likewise raise impressive exposure for your brand. While the speeches are never promotional; showing mastery in your field will attract individuals\' consideration regarding your brand. On the off chance that your speech answers a portion of the industry’s central issues, individuals will look to your company as one which can help them in their business.

Your occupation isn\'t done when the show closes, be that as it may. Strike the notorious iron when it\'s hot, and shoot out a subsequent mailer to every one of the contacts with you made at the expo – settle any negotiations you couldn\'t wrap up amid the event.


At last, it comes down to going to an event in which you know precisely what kind of audience you\'re dealing with – whether you\'re doing B2C or B2B sales. With digital marketing campaigns, you generally risk focusing on clients who basically aren\'t interested on your product – with an average conversion rate of 5%. On the other hand, you can make sure that individuals going to the similar expo from you are interested on what a company, for example, yours can offer.

finance, trading, binary, stocks, investment, emails, clients, trader, broker
Scott Evans
06.08. 2017 16:26  | 

Signal Snipe is a signal generator that provides Forex signals and sends them via e-mail. Allegedly there\'s a team of experts analyzing the Forex market for a long time.

Who stays behind this provider?

Signal Snipe\'s website didn\'t give us any information about the owner nor about the company standing behind this shady offer. The reason we\'re calling it a shady offer is because anonymity is always suspicious.

How Signal Snipe Works?

Allegedly, signals that this generator provides are sent to you via e-mail and all you have to do is to pay your $60 monthly subscription.

Disturbing things found!

Rest assured that generating Forex signals is considered as giving financial advices and that kind of a financial activity requires a license. If we don\'t know who\'s the company that provides signals, how can we know if they own a license or not?

Something that really bothered us is the fact that we didn\'t hear names of the so-called experienced Forex traders.

More alarming things!

They are using fake testimonials on their website signalsnipe.com. They used made up characters along with stock photos is a stupid thing to do.

Even though they promised high accuracy and great earnings, they said themselves that they do not guarantee any profit and that the investment comes with a certain level of risk. Encountering contradiction is very unpleasant experience that turns down everyone.

Signal Snipe Scam Review - Conclusion!

Based on everything that we listed above we can easily say that Signal Snipe is nothing more than a scam used in order to trick you into wasting your hard-earned cash into this lame system. Stay away from shady offers like this one!

signal generator, Forex signals, shady offer, scam, Signal Snipe
Scott Evans
06.08. 2017 16:22  | 

U.S. Binary Signals system generates signals for binary options, for the Nadex platform. This signal generator has a trial that costs $14 and the monthly subscription costs $97. No previous experience needed!

Who stays behind U.S. Binary Signals System?

Even after we\'ve seen the promo video we can\'t tell who is the owner of this system and we don\'t know company\'s name nor contact info. Anonymity is one of the first signs that indicate a scam.

How U.S. Binary Signal Software Works?

They just mentioned that their signal generator operates with 80% accuracy and that it sends signals via SMS, but they didn\'t say anything about the algorithm their software is based on.

During the promo video they showed how \"good\" their software operates with short-term trades but that can be staged so we are still not sure how it works.

Disturbing things found!

Generating signals actually represents giving financial advices and you have to own a license for such financial activity. If they remain anonymous, how can we know if they own a license or not?

Even though they said that their signals are generated for the Nadex platform, they said that they are actually not associated with Nadex - contradiction should not be tolerated!

On their website they said that they have many members but they didn\'t show any evidence so we shouldn\'t just blindly trust anything they claim.

U.S. Binary Signals Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

Unfortunately, we couldn\'t find anything that would make us trust this signal generator. Based on the contradiction and the anonymity we have encountered, we\'re throwing away this scam and hoping that nobody will fall for their lame tricks.

binary options, Nadex, signal generator, scam, U.S. Binary Signals
Scott Evans
06.08. 2017 16:18  | 

Latest money-maker was launched into the binary options industry and it\'s called Sapphire M System. This system earns with the help of crude oil trading. Free $500-dollar demo account is available to you, and this entire system is free for the first 1,000 members.

Who is the creator of Sapphire M Software?

Software developer is Jason while Lisa is the trader. Allegedly, they are a brother and a sister who work together in order to achieve success for them as well as for other people.

We didn\'t manage finding any information about these two. On top of that, we found out that they used a picture from bestonlinedate.com. Unfortunately, we didn\'t even find the information about the company because they didn\'t show it on sapphire-m.co.

How Sapphire M Software Works?

The algorithm their software uses allegedly analyzes price movements, determining good entry points.

Everything about their software seems user-friendly and everything is well secured.

How this scam works?

Don\'t fall for their demo accounts! If you try out their demo account, you\'ll end up winning all of the trades - they tried to trick you that way, making you think that their software is successful and hoping that you will invest real money into their system.

They didn\'t mention any brokers on their website so we ended up having no idea who are the brokers we can opt for, and whether they have a license or not.

Sapphire M Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

Sapphire M is a fraudulent company which we need to avoid in order to keep our hard-earned cash protected. They\'ve promised fake things and used pictures from the internet, therefore we have no other option but to mark it as a fraud and end this case.

money-maker, binary options industry, crude oil trading, fraudulent company, Sapphire M
Scott Evans
06.08. 2017 16:16  | 

Monaco Treasure Software is allegedly completely free, completely automated and completely risk free trading software. You\'re guaranteed to earn $20,000 per day.

Who is Alfred Malone?

Unfortunately, we didn\'t even get to see how Mr. Alfred Malone actually looks because he didn\'t show up in the promo video. We also didn\'t manage finding out anything about him because the internet doesn\'t associate him with anything else but his website monacotreasure.co. Thanks to the photo he showed, we realized that he used a stock photo so that helped us realize that we\'re probably dealing with a fraud.

How Monaco Treasure Software Works?

Allegedly, Monaco Treasure is an AI that performs trades on his own. However, we still don\'t know how it actually works.

Disturbing things found!

Using a trading software is the same thing as if someone gave you financial advices and one must own a license for giving financial advices. However, they said that they do not offer any advices - contradiction is another sign of a fraudulent activity!

Their \"live\" trades that they showed on monacotreasure.co seem to have happened in 2016, but we found out that their website was registered on 3rd March, 2017, so how could have those trades happened in 2016?

More Alarming things!

They used fake testimonials and we realized that as soon as we searched fiverr.com to find people who claimed to be \"loyal members\" of the Monaco Treasure software.

What happens when you register on monacotreasure.co website?

When you register for an account, you\'ll have to fund your alleged broker with at least $250.

The Broker!

The first problem we encountered was this so-called broker. We don\'t know if he has a license and we also don\'t know his name! How are we supposed to trust and fund him?

Second problem is that their website doesn\'t use secured protocol (https) meaning that all of the data you\'re giving them (credit card details) can easily be stolen.

Monaco Treasure Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

Our thorough investigation helped us realize that Monaco Treasure is a fraud which we shouldn\'t mess with no matter what they promise us.

automated, trading software, fraud, AI, Alfred Malone, Monaco Treasure
Scott Evans
06.08. 2017 16:12  | 

Equinox is auto-trading software that promises $10,000 of earnings per month. New users are also promised to make more than $2,000 per week. On top of everything, Equinox is completely free of charge.

Who is Anthony Johnson?

Mr. Anthony Johnson is the alleged CEO of EQuinox Holdings. Right now, Equinox is available for the first 50 members that decide to try out Anthony\'s software. Unfortunately, we didn\'t find any information about this character and we also found out that Equinox HOldings doesn\'t exist.

How Equinox Trading Software Works?

We didn\'t find out how does the Equinox work because they didn\'t say anything about it on their website nor during the promo video.

Disturbing things found!

Thanks to whois.com we found out that equinoxtrading.co was registered on 2nd May, 2017, while they are talking about earnings of $14,000,000 and 96% win rate which they achieved within last 2 years. How could have they traded 2 years ago and earned this amount of money if they didn\'t exist back then?

They talk about opening trades as soon as you sign into their software but the truth is they just show some signals you should follow, making Equinox a signal-generating system.

The worst thing they did was showing how they made $210 while they were offline for 5 hours. We believe that there\'s no need to talk much about \"earning offline\".

More alarming things!

If you check out the dates of alleged trades happening \"live\" on equinoxtrading.co you\'ll realize that some trades were happening on Sunday - did they forget that the market is closed during the weekend?

What happens when you register on equinoxtrading.co website?

As soon as you register for an account, you\'re asked to fund your new broker with at least $250 and allegedly you can start trading within a day, even though the withdrawals usually take 2-3 business days.

We didn\'t hear any broker names during the promo video. Why should we trust someone whose name we don\'t know? We are also insecure whether this so-called broker owns a license or not.

Equinox Trading Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

We\'ve did our best in finding out as many things about this scam as we could. Based on everything that we encountered, we can easily say that Equinox is a scam which you should stay away from.

auto trading software, signal-generating system, scam, Anthony Johnson, Equinox
Scott Evans
06.08. 2017 16:10  | 

The creators of Elite Gold Profits promise that you\'ll be earning $1,300 per day because their trading software operates with 98% success rate. This software is completely free and you don\'t have to be experienced in order to use it.

Who is Nigel Pearson?

Nigel Pearson is just a name they said is the owner of the Elite Gold Profits but we didn\'t manage finding anything about this guy. Moreover, we realized that they used stock photo to represent his profile so we\'re sure about this suspicious offer.

How Elite Gold Profits Works?

They didn\'t explain how their system work and we\'ve seen their promo video until the end.

Disturbing things found!

Even though they are showing some records of their software\'s results dating from 2015, we found out thanks to whois.com that their website was registered on 12th April, 2017. So how could have they made any results 2 years before?

More alarming things!

We realized that they used fake testimonials. Take a look at the people they showed in their video and then compare them to actors on fiverr.com and you\'ll realize that they used paid actors.

They also showed some \"live\" trades which happened in 2015, but as we\'ve already found out, their website wasn\'t live back then.

What happens when you register on elitegoldprofits.biz website?

Upon registering for an account, they ask you to fund your broker\'s account with at least $250. They dare not to mention the name of the broker you\'re supposed to fund and not to show his license, knowing that none smart person would invest into such anonymous service.

Elite Gold Profits Scam Review - Conclusion!

Thanks to all the evidence we showed to you, we hope that you\'re well aware that the Elite Gold Profits is a fraud which you shouldn\'t invest into! Stay away from this software.

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The creators of Delta App claim that you\'ll be able to earn $22,005 per day by using this trading software. It\'s free of charge and even newbies can use it.

Who is Jake Hammel?

At first we were curious why didn\'t Mr. Jake Hammel talk about himself but soon we realized why - it\'s a made up character! We even found out that his company Delta Investments doesn\'t even exist!

How Delta App Works?

Allegedly, it uses some financial algorithm which we don\'t know anything about. After registering for an account, you have to fund your broker and then you\'re free to start trading.

Disturbing things found!

Rest assured that there isn\'t a single thing nor person that can grant you $22,005 per day for not doing anything!

On the date when Mr. Jake said that he kept gaining new members every day for the past 47 days, his website wasn\'t even active for that long. Whois.com can show us that deltaapp.co was registered on 4th April, 2017.

They provided fake testimonials on their website. The alleged Piere Maurice is nothing but a phony character with stock photo. This just means that we\'re dealing with a fraud so we should be more careful.

More alarming things!

They promised that we\'ll be earning $22,005 every day, but the market is closed on the weekend. They just keep lying to us.

They didn\'t even show their trading software during the promo video. They even shower a certain profit of almost $100 within a single trade.

What happens when you register on deltaapp.co website?

After you register for an account, you have to open new trading account that\'s associated with their broker which you didn\'t opt for - they made you sign up for him. The problem is that we didn\'t get to choose between any brokers and we also didn\'t get the name of our alleged broker.

Delta App Scam Review - Conclusion!

Based on everything that we found out during our investigation we can easily say that the Delta App is nothing but a phony system that we need to stay away from.

trading software, fraud, phony system, Jake Hammel, Delta
Scott Evans
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Cobalt Code Software, the scam we\'ve already encountered in 2016, just got a relaunch on cobalt-code.co with the same last-year video.

Disturbing things found on cobalt-code.co webpage!

For some reason, they decided to use the same promo video that they used for Cobalt Code which they launched in 2016. Thanks to the whois.com we found out that they registered this new domain on 21st April, 2017.

Besides same promo video, they also used fake testimonials on cobalt-code.co. Their so-called Melissa S. who lives in Israel and earns more than $15,875 per day is actually a made up character with a stock photo.

What happens when you register on cobalt-code.co website?

As soon as you sign up for the account, you\'re redirected to another member\'s video which is, again, the same as the one they used in 2016. They showed \"live\" trades but we noticed that some of those trades happened on Sunday, when as we all know the market is closed.

After seeing that video, you\'re asked to sign up for a broker whose name you don\'t know. Why would agree on teaming up with some unregulated broker? On top of everything, we don\'t know what\'s the name of company that stands behind this scam.

Cobalt Code Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

As soon as we saw the promo video we knew right away that we\'re dealing with the same online trick that we\'ve seen in 2016. Nothing about this relaunch would trick us into thinking that this is an opportunity that we shouldn\'t miss.

relaunch, scam, online trick, Cobalt Code Software
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Alex Radulescu has developed the Binary Orders Signals which offers services regarding trading binary options. This software is free of charge and even newbies can use it.

Who stays behind these signals?

Allegedly, Alex Radulescu is a professional binary options trader, actor and market analyst. However we didn\'t find any information about this guy, and we should have if he was such a successful person. It\'s quite suspicious who is the person in the picture that they showed in their promo video. He said himself that he uses another names for other companies and that\'s quite shady.

How Binary Orders Signals Works?

Alex\'s software provides you a indicator that helps generate winning trades. This unique indicator is based on Forex market as well as some advanced algorithms. However, none legal document was shown so we can\'t just blindly trust this shady offer.

Disturbing things found!

Even though we heard that the sign-up process is free, it turns out not to be free.

Allegedly, we\'re dealing with a team of professionals but we end up having no idea who we\'re actually dealing with. We also don\'t see any licenses!

We still don\'t know what company stays behind this entire system so unfortunately we can\'t trust this suspicious offer.

Binary Orders Signals Scams Review - Conclusion!

Based on our thorough investigation, we realized that Binary Orders Signals is a fraud which we shouldn\'t invest into. The lack of information regarding company, owner, expert team as well as the lack of licenses indicates that there is no way this system was trustworthy.

trading binary options, shady offer, fraud, Alex Radulescu, Binary Orders Signals
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Aria seems to be auto-trading system that will generate you $237 per hour, promising you earnings of $5,700 - $10,000 per day. They promise to turn you into a millionaire within 6 months. For the next 41 days, the software will be completely free of charge. They also mentioned that they are earning as little as 0.5% from all of your earnings.

Who is Matthew Bradbury?

The alleged CEO of the Aria Investments is Mr. Matthew Bradbury. His company, as he claims, is worth $637 millions. However, we didn\'t find any information about Mr. Matthew and we also found out that his company doesn\'t even exist (thanks to Division of Corporations). Anonymity and fake claims are one of the first signs of a scam.

How Aria App Works?

Allegedly, there are 6 indicators which you can adjust in any way you want. The software will generate a signal only if all of the indicators are showing the same movements.

Disturbing things found!

Mr. Matthew promised you withdrawals within one minute. Rest assured that withdrawals usually take 2-3 business days, so this is just a bogus claim.

They used fake testimonials during their promo video. We found that out because they said that certain member made almost $500,000 within 90 days, while in that exact moment, their website wasn\'t even active for that many days.

What happens when you register on aria-app.co website?

When you register for an account, they\'ll ask you to fund your broker with $250. The problem is that we don\'t know who is this alleged broker so how are we supposed to trust him and fund him?

Aria App Scam Review - Conclusion!

Unfortunately, nothing related to aria-app.co seemed promising to us. On top of that, we just kept encountering lies and unrealistic promises. Therefore, we\'re ending this case by announcing that Aria is nothing more than a scam!

auto-trading system, scam, Matthew Bradbury, Aria
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Convergence is a term I use to portray a point in time in which trends meet. This is a vital

We are all acquainted with the term \'trends\'. For instance, there is a trend in binary options to offer all the more long term options and better charting for analysis, for example, candles. There is a trend in forex to provide lower barrier to entry for new traders using social trading tools.

Convergence is a term I utilized to portray a point in time in which trends meet. I see these as key moments to dissect and act. Having the capacity to distinguish a convergence is like knowing when the housing market is going to explode, and in this way having the capacity to invest at the perfect time. The examples I specified above are plainly a convergence in the financial trading sector. Binary options technology is ending up more like forex trading and forex trading platforms are streamlining in likeness to binary options.

Hindsight is 20/20

When you take a gander at an event after it has occurred, the purposes for it are generally extremely consistent and straightforward. The same is valid with convergence analysis – the reason behind why convergence happens is basic and logical. On account of Binary – Forex, the primary point is that they are the same in their fundamental nature – predictive trading on currency pairs or different instruments.

The simplicity of Binary fits less demanding conversion, however a high attrition rate with the absence of capacity on the part of the trader to actuate long term trading strategies. Forex then again enables traders to execute profitable strategies in light of market analysis, however the complicated nature of the platform and registration process makes conversion more harder. Each is endeavoring to leverage the strengths of the other while relieving their personal particular shortcomings.

Next steps to acting on this knowledge

There are three unmistakable group of individuals who need to take a look at this data:

1. Existing binary brokers

2. Existing forex brokers

New brokerages who have not chosen which way to take

For existing brokers, regardless of whether they are binary or forex, a choice to execute the other platform ought to be on the table. From what we see at Leverate, this is as of now occurring with binary brokers, and some homework is being finished by forex brokers.

The individuals who move initially will have market advantage as we can add to the equation of convergence the trend of higher and more grounded competition. Brokers should merge and develop so as to contend, and including the other platform will give them the instruments to do as such.

With regards to new brokers, there is a significantly more interesting discussion to be had. At last, most new organizations don\'t have boundless budgets, so taking both from the very first day is not a suitable choice. Which platform to pick first and when to include the second one is an exceptionally individual choice that should be made. My own recommendation is to take a look at two main factors and offer weight to each:

The character of the business – Determine the business\' and the management strength as far as having the capacity to create traffic. In the event that your main competence is attracting forex traffic, open a forex brokerage, and the other way around for binary.

Your planned strategy – Decide whether acquisition or retention is more relevant to you. In the event that conversion is more essential, consider binary, if retention is more imperative, at that point consider forex.

The primary concern, as usual, is having a go to market plan, including your differentiator and how to leverage it.

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Raise your cognitive capacity and acquire than 10% of your brainpower with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

I want to share a magnificent insight from Jordan Belfort, the real Wolf of Wall Street: \" “Sales is what makes the world goes round…if you want to succeed in sales you must learn how to change the way you use your brain and your subconscious mind.”

As indicated by Belfort, there is a logical approach to build sales performance, where the primary thought is to extend your cognitive capacity. Rather than mainly utilizing your conscious mindfulness as many people does, you have to take advantage of your subconscious mind. When you work with your conscious mind, you just use 10% of your brain power; BUT, when you move your attention to your subconscious mind you can expand this level up to 90%!

Extending your ability and utilizing your subconscious mind will empower you to communicate better with traders and it will enable you to effectively change traders’ point of view about your brand. Without a doubt, it requires some serious time and practice to get there, yet you will observe the investment to be extremely advantageous. By utilizing your subconscious mind, you can end up noticeably nine times more capable and persuading.

Put more effort in your sales team preparing regarding the matter of their subconscious mind and show them how to get to the greater part of their brain\'s assets. You will be amazed to find the numerous new ways and strategies you can use each day with your clients. I have exhibited this idea to numerous binary and forex brands and they were astounded by the outcomes – and they drastically expanded their sales soon thereafter.

From door-to-door sales, to promoting deals worth millions at Google

I began my profession 20 years prior as a door-to-door sales person. I knocked on doors endeavoring to persuade individuals to purchase kids\' newspaper memberships. To start with, I found the occupation extremely convoluted and I was startled. Simply the prospect of going into somebody\'s home and influencing them to purchase something they had never at any point considered purchasing made me restless. In any case, I was resolved to learn as much as I could about the art of sales.

I chose to end up the sales champion, and with a specific end goal to do as such I programmed my mind for progress. I went through extended periods talking with my supervisors, learning and rehearsing new strategies, and reading books. And afterward one day everything was clear – I had discovered the correct approach to approach customers and be a great sales representative; I was way superior to my associates and surprisingly better than my supervisors.

After ten years, the remarkable sales abilities I developed helped me to end up plainly one of the founders of Google\'s Israeli office, where I closed a great many dollars of publicizing deals including big corporations. One day I was asked by one from Google\'s top executives, \"I see that you have a wonderful capacity to get enormous deals, how would you do it?\"

I answered, \"Sales is an enchanted procedure and I adore it since I appreciate new difficulties – I think that it’s exceptionally energizing. I am constantly inspired by adapting new instruments, better approaches to enhance my sales skills and how to speak with clients. Above all, I assume that my subconscious mind will help me to succeed. Today I realize that keeping in mind the end goal to push ahead with my customers; I need to utilize both creative energy and innovativeness. I think that it’s simple to talk specifically with individuals uniquely, utilizing language patterns that their subconscious minds will effortlessly get it.\"

In what capacity would NLP be able to enhance your team capacity to influence and convince new and existing traders?

Forty years prior, the genius Dr. Richard Bandler built up the best cognitive method in current time. Bandler thought of the term NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and made weighty technique to program the subconscious for human greatness.

As indicated by Science Digest, \"NLP could be the most relevant synthesis of learning about human correspondence to rise since … the sixties,\" and Psychology Today depicts NLP as \"the most intense vehicle for change in the 21st Century!\"

All in all, what precisely do we have here? On one hand, we have the most relevant human communication instrument at any point discovered, and then again a capable strategy for change. Both are relevant for an effective sales process. Using NLP in sales makes prevalent communication with traders and it is the best approach to change their perspective about your brand.

What is NLP?

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) has changed the lives of million individuals helping them to make emotional achievements in the way they think and perform. This is the best tool we know to expand certainty and inspiration, notwithstanding beating fears and tensions. Dr. Bandler figured out how the brain is wired and built up a special technique for human greatness. In his exploration, Bandler concentrated on neurological configuration and linguistic structure, and after that made new innovation for accomplishment.

When NLP is appropriately executed, you can make boundless success. This approach enables individuals to program their main a similar way you program a PC in view of understanding. Learning through NLP makes a fast change in perception and conduct; it takes individuals to a more elevated level of cognitive thinking and enhances execution in business and in our everyday life.

In the previous 10 years, I have mastered NLP and built up a remarkable strategy that Forex and Binary Options brands promptly grasp. In such profoundly competitive environments, brands are more dedicated and open to actualize remarkable innovation and instruments. For instance, in his book, \'Persuasion Engineering\', Bandler discloses how to utilize and use exceptional communication patterns that make exceedingly powerful sales process. \"It\'s insufficient to convince other individuals, you need to begin with yourself,\" writes Bandler. With a specific end goal to persuade others, you should manufacture your certainty and change the way you talk – improving your tone and speed of conveyance. You should figure out how to utilize the correct words and expressions, and how to expand your vitality level. Bandler found the most effective linguistic patterns that sales team can use in various circumstances.

Do This Now

You can simply discover better approaches to approach traders subconsciously; ask yourself what kind of linguistic patterns may enhance your sales scripts. Put additional time and effort in your sales team training – show them how the brain works and the significance of the subconscious mind. Utilize NLP methodology that reinforces your sales teams’ certainty. Show them how to change the way they talk, how to change their tonality and speech delivery. Test various patterns and streamline your scripts.

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There are various advantages that you will appreciate as a trader once you choose to trade utilizing bitcoins or when

With a specific end goal to see how the connection between bitcoin and binary option works, we have to investigate the historical backdrop of financial trading. We should take a look at the development of money Markets, financial Markets and the various types of trading that we have today.

The financial Markets have been evolving for a large number of years now. In prior years you could have traded money with gold or silver effortlessly. As time go by this ended up plainly inconceivable, and today you essentially can\'t get gold from the bank worth the money that you deposit in your account. The financial market then again has for quite a while now been available to just a couple of investors who know about them. This has achieved an extraordinary connection between bitcoin and binary options.

The basics

What are binary options trading and how can it function? This is a platform where you can anticipate how an underlying asset, for example, Google, Amazon or AT&T, will carry on. You select a strike price and place a call or a put trade and after a predetermined time get a payout relying upon whether you were ideal in your prediction or not. The nice thing about binary options trading is that you can trade regardless of the possibility that you have as meager as $10. The payouts are normally in the scope of 70-80% in the event that you win and 0-15% if your prediction turns out off-base.

What is a bitcoin and how can it function? This is a type of electronic currency that was made by the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. It is made and held electronically and this makes it decentralized. It has highlights quite recently like traditional currencies, for example, the dollar, euro and yen. The contrast between bitcoin and other currencies is that bitcoins must be traded carefully and are not held or controlled by any bank. Dissimilar to conventional currencies, which depend on gold and silver, bitcoins depend on an online mathematical application.

By what means can bitcoin be merged into binary options trading?

We have just observed that both bitcoin and binary options are better approaches for doing things that veer off from the traditional way. As of late when bitcoin began getting to be plainly famous around the globe and among traders, it began to be viewed as an alternative currency on a few platforms. This is the place binary options came in.

Binary option brokers have for quite a while been showing their clients/traders with conventional assets, commodities and currencies, for example, the AUD/EUR, JPY/USD, USD/CAD et cetera. With the presentation of bitcoin, a few brokers find an opportunity for their traders and acquainted them with their long list of tradable currencies. It is currently regular to discover BTC/USD, BTC/EUR et cetera among the currency options being offered by various binary options brokers.

The conceivable outcomes presented by trading bullish bitcoins

Bitcoin is typically bullish. It is practically difficult to discover bitcoin going down in value notwithstanding when set against a high performing currency. In many examples in this way, you will find that trading bitcoin against another currency is more on the bullish side than the bearish one. Here are the options you have when you choose to trade utilizing bitcoin;

1. As an investment currency – The initial option is to open an account with a binary options broker and deposit bitcoins. Since bitcoins are presently generally acknowledged as a method of trade, in any event electronically, many brokers will acknowledge them as a currency when you are trading. You will along these lines have the capacity to put bitcoins similarly as you would put dollars in an option investment. You will remain to earn the 70-80% payout if your prediction is correct or lose the bitcoins if your prediction wasn\'t right.

2. As an asset – The other option is to trade the bitcoins as an underlying currency. As a binary options trader, you are accustomed to trading on underlying assets, for example, Google or Amazon stock and additionally currencies, for example, USD/EUR et cetera. In these trades, you never get tied up with the real shares of the underlying company or needed to trade the genuine US dollars with the euros yet rather predicted the way their relationship will be. A similar story applies with bitcoin. You will predict how it will carry on in connection to the US dollar, Canadian dollar, franc or euro.

There are various advantages that you will appreciate as a trader once you choose to trade utilizing bitcoin or when you pick it as an underlying currency.

These advantages of utilizing bitcoins in binary options trading are:

1. Bitcoins are decentralized not at like conventional currencies that are controlled centrally. Bitcoins are available from anyplace and there is no danger of being informed that your bitcoins might be accessible as and when the bank has cleared them.

2. Setting up a bitcoin account is simple. You should simply access to a bitcoin making PC and begin mining your bitcoins. As a binary options trader, you will likewise discover the way toward setting up a trading account simple since you can interface it effortlessly with your nominal account. This makes it simple for the deposit and withdrawal of your bitcoins to and from the binary options broker platform.

3. When trading bitcoins, you will see that it is very elusive it going reverse in value. This implies in many instances, you can appropriately predict that a BTC/USD will be bullish and subsequently put a call trade option. The main thing you have to be careful with is to restrain the amount it can go up in your prediction.

The deposit and withdrawal of bitcoins from your binary options platform is fast and simple, regardless of the possibility that some part of the entire system is offline. In addition, there are no charges associated with bitcoin transactions.

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On the off chance that you are trading without a strategy or technique to help you with binary options, you should

Trading in binary options is one of the prominent trends in the financial Markets today. Both experienced and amateur traders are racing to incorporate them in their investment portfolios. Much the same as whatever other trading platform or business, you should have a strategy to utilize with a specific end goal to reliably be profiting.

If without a strategy or technique to enable you to trade binary options, you should see yourself as gambling. Depending on fortunes is not exceptionally safe in trading binary options as it will in the long run not work for you and might wind up losing the majority of your investment. You will need a strong strategy that you can utilize without fail, which will enable you to make the correct predictions. Additionally, you have to utilize a technique that you see well and which reliably builds your odds of winning.

Bet or Trade

Strategies are classified into two groups in general. These classifications are;

  • Betting model based strategies – In these strategies, it is presumed that the investment will utilize wagering techniques, regardless of whether they know about budgetary Markets or not. These procedures utilize a few strategies that are intended to build the possibility of winning. Strategies in light of the news are the best example in this classification.
  • Market behavior strategies – In these strategies, the investor depends completely on technical and statistical information that are promptly accessible or that which they have investigated and worked on. While these strategies are somewhat harder to comprehend and master, they are the most dependable ones since they are objective. There are strategies created to enable you to comprehend some of the information, for example, charts and which will make it less demanding for a new trader.

The well known strategies to go for are:

I – Fundamental Analysis Strategy

This technique is focused about the analysis of the behavior of the general performance or attributes of a company. As an investor or trader in binary options, you are occupied with thinking about the wellness of the balance sheet, income statement and the cash flow statement of the company before you consider purchasing an option. Alternate factors that you should look at incorporate the employee and the business partners\' fulfillment. To put it plainly, this strategy tries to take a look at the general picture of the business they want to invest into their stock and now and again the general industry.

II – Technical Analysis Strategy

This is a very prevalent technique in options trading. It is fundamentally concerned about the study of the past, utilizing diverse parameters, for example, charts keeping in mind the end goal to predict the future price of an asset. This strategy is not focused about getting the intrinsic value of an asset. It\'s very helpful in options trading because as a trader, you don\'t need to dive into the company’s financial statement. Among the instruments utilized in technical analysis incorporate Bollinger bands and Moving Average among others.

III – Basic Options Strategy

This strategy is quite known among options traders. It is designed and utilized by a trader to protect him/herself from acquiring all out losses on their investments. You will pick an underlying asset or currency that you are keen on and after that if the market movement of the strike price is heading towards a decent direction, say upwards, you put a call option. In the meantime, you will put a put option on a similar asset.

Lets utilize an example:

The GBP/USD currency option is going at 1:4000. You put the call option of $100 which will expire in 30 minutes. The payout is 70% and 15% in the event that you lose. In the initial 15 minutes the asset is at 1:4015 which is great up until now. At this particular time, you purchase a put option for a similar asset at 1:4015 expiring in 15 minutes at $100. The payouts are similar as those of the call option.

Toward the end of the 30 minutes there will be two results;

  • Your 30 minutes call option wins and the 15 minutes put option losses. You will have earned $185 from the 70% call winnings and the 15% consolation refund from the put option (the inverse can happen, put option wins and call option losses).
  • Both the call and the put options wind up in the money. You will get $340 ($170+$170). Since it\'s practically difficult to lose on the two options, the overall risk of loss in this strategy is just $15 keeping in mind the end goal to win $140.

IV – Algorithmic and signals

There are applications which are sold and which are great at trading or analyzing the market information. You may think that it’s suitable to invest into such an application. This application is installed in your PC and collects information that you need and after that analyzes it to concoct the most ideal results. Technical and fundamental analysis information is utilized here.

The PC will then select a trade for you to trade. You could even simply ahead and design the application to be really trading for you. You will however should be routinely updating the raw data that the application picks its breaking down details from.

V – Co-integration Trading Strategy

There could be two stocks in the market that have a high connection relationship. This could be on account of they are in a similar industry and are traded a similar market, consequently influenced by many elements a similar way. Given the high connection between\'s such a pair of stocks, you will find that at whatever point there is a gap between them it will close before long. The gap can be caused by the debilitating of one stock temporarily. The fundamental undertaking here is to distinguish the gap.

After distinguishing the gap, you should purchase the call option for the stock that is frail or a put option for the asset if the stock higher in price will undoubtedly descend. In the end, the two assets will go to the connection way and that ought to be the \'point of exit\'.

Final Word

Strategies, much the same as investment options, are numerous and you could wind up with one which gives you steady winnings. On the off chance that you are a novice trader, research well and distinguish the one strategy that best suits your trading portfolio and pattern. On the off chance that you are more experienced, you can make your own particular strategy or consolidate two existing ones to create a hybrid.

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Crossing over from FX to binary and the other way around is an inexorably suitable alternative for traders thanks to merging technologies.

It utilize to be that you must be either a forex broker or a binary options broker, yet with the extensive variety of innovation offerings right now available, there is no reason behind why a broker can\'t have it both ways.

For quite a while, brokers have been searching for approaches to grow their portfolios and invest into another industry, going too far from FX to binary options and the other way around. It appeared well and good that established broker in one industry or the other would exploit their current database, marketing endeavors, call center, comprehension of the market and learning of the business to expand their ROI and enhance their main concern.

Today, with merging innovation, the extension between forex and binary options is smaller than at any other time and with the correct strategy, a broker can bridle the simplicity of change that parallel brings together with the solid maintenance of forex, to create a sublimely gainful plan of action.

What are the advantages of crossing over?

Advantages of Crossing from FX to Binary Options

  • Conversion: conversion in forex is significantly harder than with binary. For a trader, the idea of gaming is considerably less demanding to get a handle on than reading a chart. Including a system can add to a simpler and more affordable conversion process. Once a customer has been converted, the retention group can move their enthusiasm towards forex to take advantage the higher deposit potential in forex investments.
  • Simplicity: binary systems are considerably more simple to work than forex ones. Binary trading is as simple as clicking on a green or a red button, much like picking a number on a roulette wheel.
  • Cost: binary options conversion process is considerably less costly than that of FX

Advantages of Crossing from Binary Options to FX

  • Investment: first investments in binary options are generally little. By crossing over to FX, a broker can tempt customers to make bigger deposits.
  • Prestige: gaming might be seen as less prestigious than investing and binary options might be losing customers who comprehend the impediments of gambling. By crossing over to FX, these customers can be pulled in also.
  • Retention: FX investments may triple the lifetime value of a customer, increment deposits, retention and at last, the broker’s P&L.

Profiting from this crossover is not constrained to existing brokerages, however. A start-up brokerage can build up a plan of action in which it consolidates the advantages of forex and binary options from the get go.

Since these two industries are meeting to an ever increasing extent, and the tools to help this merging is accessible, in what manner can a broker advance and consolidate the two industries to build their ROI and primary concern?

Using a similar database of customers, a broker can essentially execute a system that can serve the two industries with one platform that is effortlessly switchable forward and backward from binary options to FX. The correct innovation ought to follow for one wallet, one CRM that is completely automated giving full control over warnings, one web access and one mobile access. Besides, a platform ought to unite the qualities and tools of every industry and apply them to the next, for example, binary options offering candle charts, or FX offering a one-click actions.

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With a specific end goal to better comprehend what a binary option is and how you can trade it, you should

Trading has without a doubt evolved. A portion of the recognized types of trading can be followed back to the ancient Chinese dynasties of the BC years through to the Babylonian times and down to the nineteenth century when stock Markets became possibly the most important factor. In present day times, there is the option market, which has breathed in fresh breath into the business and which is getting to be plainly well known consistently and quick. Binary options are one of those new fresh breaths that make the finance world trade energizing and brimming with shocks!

So what is a binary option?

A binary option can essentially be characterized as that type of \"option\" whose predetermined payout altogether relies upon a yes or no suggestion. The two results can either be you gaining money or losing your initial capital. It is therefore that many individuals allude to them as money or-nothing options.

You may be pondering what an option is in financial trading. Indeed, it is a type of contract whereby you get the privilege to sell or purchase an underlying asset at a specific given price knows as the strike price on a specific date and which will expire at a given future date. Notice that you have the privilege and are not under commitment to purchase or sell the option. You can withdraw you investment before the expiration time comes. There are various sites that one can visit to increase better understanding on the diverse options that you can trade today.

An underlying asset is relevant in the trading of options. It is the asset or commodity that you will determine the price of what you are trading from. A great example would be, a man purchasing 100 shares of Facebook Company. The underlying asset is Facebook.

Relevant terms utilized in binary options trading

For us to comprehend in a good way what a binary options is and how you can trade it, you should see a few terms. They include:

Strike price – This is the price of the underlying asset that you are keen on at the time you are buying the option.

Call – When you foresee that the item that you are trading will increment in price by the expiry time of the contract that you have selected, this is known as a call option. You will earn money in light of the percentage provided.

Put – If you foresee that the cost of the hidden resource or item you are trading freely fall by a given time, you will win cash in view of the given percentage.

In the money – If it happens that your forecast was correct and the cost of the benefit went towards the heading you stated, at that point you win the cash. You are then thought to be in-the-cash.

Out of money – If it happens that your prediction wasn\'t right, you lose your investment and it\'s said you are out-of-money.

At-the-money – If when the choice contract is lapsing, the advantage\'s value (strike cost) has neither gone up nor down, at that point this is called at-the-cash and you hold the underlying speculation you had. This once in a while happens.

Stock –Stock, as a few people allude to shares of a company, implies the normal stock of a company that are traded the financial Markets, for example, Dow Jones, NASDAQ or NIKKEI. Examples of stock incorporate Google, Vodafone, Coca-Cola, Barclays, and Facebook.

Expiry time – This is the time that the option that you have chosen will expire. Once an option has expired, it winds up noticeably void and can\'t keep trading. Expiry times differ starting with one broker then onto the next and they can begin from as short a period as 60 seconds, 15 minutes, 1 hour or 24 hours.

A broker – This is a firm that goes into an agreement with a speculator, for example, yourself to empower you to trade choices. Note that the intermediary is not a representative essentially on the grounds that they decide the payouts and don\'t follow up for the benefit of anybody. There are various choices to browse and one ought to explore the accessible roads.

Investment money – This is the amount of money that you have invested in an option.

How about we take a look at an example

To obtain a good comprehension of what a binary option is, suppose you have with you $200 and you choose to try trading at trading one of the numerous binary option platforms accessible today. You will be creating an account where you will deposit the $200.

In the trading field, you will discover numerous underlying assets including commodities, for example, gold and silver, and currencies, for example, CAD, GBP, AUSD, JPY, USD et cetera. There will be a call option and a put option for each other underlying asset. The call and the put options for Vodafone say that you will get 70% of your investments on the off chance that you are correct. Be that as it may, in the event that you predict that the share price of Vodafone will go up (call) and it doesn\'t when you anticipated, you will lose all your money (a few brokers offer a 15% consolation payout in the event that you are incorrect in your forecast.) You choose to take $20 off your $200 from your account and click on \"call\" button which has a last payout of 70% of every 15 minutes.

The money will be charged from your account and following 15 minutes if the chart line demonstrates that the \'strike price\' is lower than the current price, you are in the money. Your account will be credited with $14 in addition to the underlying investment of $20. This implies your account will have a total of $214. If however, the market price of the Vodafone shares is underneath the \'strike price\' you will lose all the $20 you invested relying upon the broker.

finance, trading, binary, stocks, investment, trader, broker, money, commodity
Scott Evans
03.08. 2017 20:51  | 

Latest trading system, 247 Cash Bot, offers trading in both manual and automated mode. It\'s easy to use for newbie traders and it doesn\'t require to be downloaded.

Who stays behind this software?

We didn\'t find out who\'s standing behind the 247 Cash Bot. We didn\'t even find any information about the company on their website 247cashbot.com. This is one quite suspicious offer which we\'ll keep investigating.

How 247 Cash Bot Works?

247 Cash Bot uses 3 different methods, combining them in order to provide profitable signals. Unfortunately, we don\'t know how this system actually works. They didn\'t mention any algorithms nor strategies.

Disturbing things found!

They promised to refund your money in case you don\'t double your initially invested money within a week. However, we can\'t trust this claim because the company remains completely anonymous - so who guarantees us that we\'ll get our money back?

They also promise 100% security, but they don\'t even use the secured protocol (https).

More Alarming things!

Keep in mind that giving financial advices (such as generating trading signals) requires a license. But, at the bottom of their website, they said that they DO NOT give financial advices. They also didn\'t show any licenses.

What happens when you register on 247cashbot.com website?

As soon as you register for an account, they\'ll assign you one of their \"brokers\". The problem is that we don\'t see any names so we don\'t know who we\'re dealing with. Howe can we know that the broker owns a license, if we don\'t know its name?

247 Cash Bot Scam Review - Conclusion!

Thanks to our thorough investigation, we have to inform you that the 247 Cash Bot is nothing but a fraudulent system which we should all stay away from. Keep reading our reviews in order to stay in touch with latest frauds!

trading system, suspicious offer, fraudulent system, 247 Cash Bot
Scott Evans
03.08. 2017 20:16  | 

We just got new automated software that seems to be the money-maker. It\'s Xpress Money Bot. Allegedly, newbies can use it and it\'s quite simple.

Who stays behind this Xpress Money Bot?

They didn\'t provide any information on the xpressmoneybot.com website. We end up having no idea what\'s the name of the company or the owner standing behind this bogus offer. Anonymity is one of the first signs indicating that we\'re dealing with a fraud.

How Xpress Money Bot Works?

We only know that you can opt for either real trading or demo account. Besides that, we have no idea how this software works nor how did they develop it.

Disturbing things found!

One of the problem is that as soon as you sign up for an account, they let you start trading with demo account.

Trading with demo account is very bad because it will trick you into thinking that trading is easy and it always grants profit. The reality is a lot different from that. They want to lure you into funding your account with real money which, soon after that, you won\'t see ever again.

On top of everything, keep in mind that you need to have a broker in order to trade binary options. THey didn\'t mention any brokers and they certainly didn\'t mention whether their brokers own the license or not.

Xpress Money Bot Scam Review - Conclusion!

We didn\'t go through too much trouble investigating this bogus offer. Xpress Money Bot is nothing but a fraud which we highly recommend you to stay away from! Don\'t let scammers trick you and take all of your hard-earned cash. Just think of the opportunities that you may have missed because you invested into this scam!

automated software, money-maker, bogus offer, fraud, binary options, Xpress Money Bot
Scott Evans
03.08. 2017 20:13  | 

Latest trading platform that\'s been launched into the binary options industry is Traders Junction. This platform is made in a way that offers you to even gain profit from other traders. Joining this system is free for the first month. It can operate in both manual and automated mode.

Who stays behind this Traders Junction system?

We\'ve tried hard but we didn\'t find out who is standing behind the Traders Junction. They didn\'t even provide company\'s information on thetradersjunction.com. Based on this kind of anonymity, we started thinking that we are dealing with an online fraud, but let\'s keep investigating.

How the Traders Junction system works?

Besides the claim that it allows us to copy other trades, we have no idea how this system works. Also, it\'s impossible to copy someone\'s trade without a delay - and you should be aware that any delay means that the things have probably changed already.

Disturbing things found!

Keep in mind that any kind of generating trading signals actually represents giving financial advices, and one must own a license in order to give financial advices. However, none license was mentioned!

They offer you to try out their demo account, but the problem is that trading with a demo account will result in 100% win rate which is far from any possible outcome in the financial industry.

Trading with demo account is bad because you\'ll be winning all the time and you\'ll end up thinking that Traders Junction is a good software. The truth is that, as soon as you\'d reach real market, you\'ll end up losing all of your money because demo trading has nothing in common with real trading! Don\'t fall for this lame trick.

More Alarming things!

We found out that they are using fake testimonials! It wasn\'t hard finding out that the photos on thetradersjunction.com are stock photos.

Don\'t forget that you need a broker in order to trade. Did you hear any names of the brokers that you can opt for? No, because they either don\'t exist or they are fake ones. If they provided names, we could\'ve easily checked online if those brokers own licenses or not. Without names, we shouldn\'t trust this bogus company.

Traders Junction Scam Review - Conclusion!

Encountering first problem, we didn\'t want to skip to the conclusion right away - we decided to give it a second chance. Unfortunately, as we kept investigating Traders Junction, we just got madder. The anonymous company standing behind this fraud should be ashamed for tricking people in such a bad way. Based on everything that we found out, we can easily mark this offer as a FRAUD. Make sure to stay away from this offer.

trading platform, binary options industry, online fraud, bogus company, Traders Junction
Scott Evans
03.08. 2017 20:08  | 

Allegedly, Rio Trader Software can make you $237 per hour, guaranteeing to make you $5000 per day! Even newbie traders are welcome to use it, and it\'s completely free of charge.

Who is Andrew Reynolds?

Mr. Andrew Reynolds seems to be the creator of Rio Holdings. As he says, he was a member of the Wall Street trading. The problem is that we didn\'t find any information about this guy, and if he really was a member of the Wall Street, there should have been information about him online. The only thing we encountered was the correlation between him and his website rioprofits.co. Also, Division of Corporations shows us that the Rio Holdings company doesn\'t exist. Since we don\'t have any idea who we\'re dealing with, we\'re going to assume that this is a bogus company, but we\'ll keep investigating.

How Rio Trader Software Works?

As they say, this trading software is based on an algorithm that analyzes the trades that occurred in the past, in order to improve current results. However, we didn\'t hear any details about this algorithm nor about their strategy.

Disturbing things found!

They claim that Rio Trader hasn\'t lost a single trade. They implemented the RCM (Rapid Counter Measure) feature which places another trade in the opposite direction, in case of a failure. Anyone who has any kind of experience regarding trading in the financial industry should know that there\'s no such thing as a break even, when it comes to trading binary options. 100% return rate can\'t be real so don\'t fall for these lies.

Keep in mind that the return rates are usually 70%-80% and that there\'s also the expiry time of the second trade, which is at least 60 seconds. Because of all of that, don\'t believe that the software can break even your losses.

More Alarming things!

Unfortunately, same stock photos which scammers behind the Tesler App used for \"testimonials\" were used for Rio Trader as well.

What happens when you register on rioprofits.co website?

As soon as you sign up for an account, you\'ll see the video showing \"live trades\". However, by having a look at the date of the trades we realized that it was fake. They showed \"trading\" on 14th May, 2017, which was Sunday. How could have they traded on Sunday if the market is open from Monday to Friday?

Never forget that you need a broker in order to trade binary options, which you\'ll need to fund with at least $250. As we expected, they didn\'t mention any brokers - so how are we supposed to trust them and fund the broker, if we don\'t know who he is? We don\'t even know if he owns the license or not.

Rio Trader Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

Based on everything that we found out during our investigation, we can easily conclude that the Rio Trader is just a scam with a bogus company standing behind it. Don\'t fall for their scams!

trading software, Wall Street, binary options, bogus company, Andrew Reynolds, Rio Trader
Scott Evans
03.08. 2017 20:06  | 

Newest trading software offers trading binary options and it\'s called My Cash Method. It\'s completely free of charge and it can even be used by newbie traders.

Who is Michael Thompson?

Mr. Michael Thompson is allegedly the developer of My Cash Method and an experienced binary options trader, trading for 6 years already. If he was so experienced and so long in this industry, how come the internet doesn\'t know anything about him? Nobody has ever heard of him nor his trading software. Also, mycashmethod.com didn\'t mention any information about the company standing behind this system. We got quite suspicious regarding this possible scam so we kept investigating.

How My Cash Method Works?

Just like we don\'t know who is Michael Thompson nor who is the company standing behind the whole idea, we also don\'t know how is this software supposed to work. Anonymity spotted again, and on top of that, they even claim that we\'ll earn money every time we trade - which is absolutely ridiculous. How can anyone promise us to gain profit all the time?

Disturbing things found!

Mr. Michael was hurrying up people during his promo video so that you go and immediately join his system. Rushing people usually represents one of the signs that we\'re dealing with a scam. Also, he says that the monthly fee would be $3000 unless you signed up immediately.

During the promo video, Mr. Michael also said that he doesn\'t use a broker. Just remember that you MUST have a broker in order to trade binary options - so how can such an experienced trader say such ridiculous thing? Bunch of lies were said during the promo video and that should already be enough for you to realize what we\'re dealing with actually.

More alarming things!

They even used fake testimonials. Want to know how? Just check out fiverr.com - you\'ll then realize that they used paid actors.

What happens when you register on mycashmethod.com website?

As soon as you sign up for an account, you\'ll see a claim from a \"member\" saying that they are earning $3000 per day. Fortunately, we found out that they just used a stock photo along with a made up claim in order to try and trick people. Don\'t fall for this fake statement!

Remember how Mr. Michael didn\'t mention any broker\'s name and on top of that he also said that he doesn\'t use a broker? Well, after the registration form, a broker will be assigned to you. Not only that they didn\'t tell you the name of the broker, but Mr. Michael also said that you don\'t need a broker! Lots of contradiction means that the scam is a failure.

My Cash Method Scam Review - Conclusion

Based on everything that we found out, we believe that you\'ve already realized that My Cash Method is nothing but a scam. Stay away from suspicious and ridiculous offers like this one!

trading software, trading binary options, scam, Michael Thompson, My Cash Method
Scott Evans
03.08. 2017 20:03  | 

One of the latest trading robots that came into the binary options industry is the Free Robot Signals. Apparently, it operates with a 87% win rate and can work on manual or automated mode.

Who stays behind Free Robot Signals?

Unfortunately, we don\'t know who stays behind Free Robot Signals. We didn\'t get the owner\'s name and we also couldn\'t find the company\'s name on freerobotsignals.com. We\'re afraid that we are going to have to mark this offer as a scam, but let\'s keep investigating.

How Free Robot Signals Works?

As we\'ve heard it many times before, this system too uses an algorithm which analyzes 6 trading indicators and generates signals based on his analysis.

They are mentioning the free demo account and 87% win rate. However, this win rate is not easy to achieve and it\'s even harder to maintain it.

Disturbing things found!

Don\'t forget that generating trading signals actually represents giving financial advices and you need to have a license for such activity. However, since this company remains anonymous, how can we know that they do own a license?

They offer you to use a demo account. Keep in mind that scammers offer demo accounts for one reason only - to trick you into funding a real account with real money. Trading with demo account will bring you high \"profit\" because you will never lose. They want you to think that Free Robot Signals is an amazing software and that trading with it is highly easy and lucrative. However, trading with a demo account is nowhere near close to real trading!

What happens when you register on freerobotsignals.com website?

As soon as you sign up for an account, you have to use a new broker and fund it with at least $250. Don\'t fall for this scam!!

Free Robot Signals Scam Review - Conclusion!

Based on our thorough investigation, we can easily say that Free Robot Signals is a fraudulent offer which will leave you with no money! Don\'t invest into this scam and keep your eyes open as many fraudulent offers are yet to be discovered.

trading robots, binary options industry, scam, fraudulent offer, Free Robot Signals
Scott Evans
03.08. 2017 19:59  | 

Latest news is that Fincrowd Software got paired with One-Click auto trader, creating a platform that generates signals and operates with 89.7% success rate. On top of everything, it\'s completely free of charge.

Who is Sam Maxwell?

Sam Maxwell is the founder of Fincrowd. The problem is that we didn\'t manage finding any information about this guy. We didn\'t even find the information about the company on the fincrowdapp.com. Anonymity is the first sign of a scam!

How Fincrowd Software Works?

Team of experienced traders does all of the research and sends you the best trades. You can either trade on your own or let the software do it for you.

You should know that generating trading signals is considered as giving financial advices and you have to own a license for that kind of activity. Besides not showing the license, they also didn\'t explain how does their software work, meaning that at the end of the day, we have no clue what we\'re dealing with.

Disturbing things found!

They\'ve used paid actors for their promo video and on top of that they even said that the video is fictitious.

Another lame thing is that they mentioned many awards that they\'ve \"won\" over the years, but we found out (thanks to whois.com) that their site was initially registered on 22nd March, 2017. So how could they possibly win those awards?

More alarming things!

There are certain \"users\" of this software that left some feedback on their website but we found out that those were just made up stories along with stock photos. Because of that, we can\'t trust any claims coming from the Fincrowd Software.

What happens when you register on fincrowdapp.com website?

As soon as you sign up for an account, you\'ll get in touch with a broker which is promised to be one of the top Binary Options brokers. However, they didn\'t mention any exact names - so how are we supposed to believe that they are providing best brokers if we can\'t even get their names, and especially not the insight into their license.

Fincrowd Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

Basically, we didn\'t encounter any positive sides of the Fincrowd Software that would make us trust it and start trading with it. We recommend you to avoid this scam, and to always stay alert.

scam, One-Click, auto trader, binary options, Sam Maxwell, Fincrowd Software
Scott Evans
03.08. 2017 19:57  | 

Latest auto-trading software that operates in the binary options industry is Binary Tradeo Software. It works on a complete automated mode and it doesn\'t require any previous experience. You\'re also free to test their demo account with $1000 on it.

Who stays behind Binary Tradeo Software?

Too bad we didn\'t find any information about the owner nor about the company. Since binarytradeo.com didn\'t provide us this much-needed information, we don\'t have other choices but to mark this offer as a possible scam. We\'ll keep investigating though.

How Binary Tradeo Software Works?

There are three money management strategies to choose from - Classic, Martingale and Fibonacci.

Classic - it\'s perfect for newbies since it won\'t do anything that you don\'t ask him to, and you can change the trade amount at any point.

Martingale - it\'s all about regaining the money after the loss. When you lose a trade, you simply double your investment on the next trade, and that way, if you win, you\'re back at where you started from.

Fibonacci - allegedly, the system uses Fibonacci\'s long-discovered mathematical system in order to predict the assets movement with high precision.

Disturbing things found!

The reason those methods won\'t work is because of the return rate, which is usually around 70%. Imagine losing $100, then investing $200 and losing it too, then investing $400 and winning - you\'ll get $280 off that, meaning that you still lost $300. Without the 100% return rate, you\'ll never manage achieving what they promised you, and there\'s no such thing as the 100% return rate!

Another bad thing is that their demo account will provide wins only. They made it like that so that you start thinking of Binary Tradeo Software as of an amazing software. This way, they want to trick you into funding real money into it. However, real trading has nothing in common with trading with demo account! In real trading, you\'ll soon end up losing all of your money!

More alarming things!

We encountered another bad side of the Binary Tradeo Software. They ask you to open a new trading account and fund it with at least $250. This \"broker\" story seems like a scam so don\'t fall for it!

Binary Tradeo Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

We\'ve run a detailed investigation on the Binary Tradeo Software and we found out that it\'s nothing more than a scam with bunch of liars standing behind it. We hope that you\'ll avoid this offer!

auto-trading software, binary options industry, scam, Binary Tradeo Software
Scott Evans
03.08. 2017 19:56  | 

One of the latest automated trading softwares that was launched into the binary options industry is the TBO Trading Software. Allegedly, it works with 100% accuracy and is able to make trades throughout the entire day.

Who stays behind TBO Trading Software?

Since tbotradingsoftware.com didn\'t mention any company name, contact info nor the owner\'s info, we can\'t conclude who stays behind this offer and that\'s the first sign of an online scam.

How TBO Trading Software Works?

THere are 6 indicators that you can watch and, as they claim, if the MACD and RSI are at the same direction PUT or CALL, the software generates the signal and the trade can be executed. Basically, they say that their entire strategy relies on watching only 2 indicators.

Disturbing things found!

Their main tool which they use to trick you is demo trading, which is made in such way that you\'ll always win trades. They want you to believe that their software is highly profitable so they can trick you into funding real account with real money. However, keep in mind that real trading has nothing in common with programmed demo trading that they offer to you.

On top of everything, they are using one of the well-known schemes in the binary option scam industry, and because of that, they don\'t stand any chances at tricking us into marking them as a trustworthy company.

TBO Trading Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

Our thorough investigation helped us realize how fraudulent this entire offer is, and the only thing left to say to you is - stay away from this offer! There\'s not a single good thing regarding TBO Trading Software so it would be the best to avoid it.

automated trading software, binary options industry, online scam, fraudulent, TBO Trading Software
Scott Evans
03.08. 2017 19:55  | 

Binary Diploma is a learning platform which is designed in a way to help you become better at trading. They\'ll introduce you to the binary options industry and teach you everything you need to know.

Who is Brian Davis?

Even though there\'s a promo video on binary-diploma.com, we\'re still not sure at the Brian\'s identity. Allegedly, you would get a certificate after finishing the course, and he promises you that as a senior instructor. However, we didn\'t find any information that would confirm this claim. We actually didn\'t find any information about this so-called senior instructor. Also, we don\'t know if there\'s any company standing behind Binary Diploma. Anonymity usually indicates that we\'re dealing with a fraud.

How Binary Diploma Works?

Live demonstrations is all you can get from this platform.

Disturbing things found!

We encountered some fake testimonials on binary-diploma.com. We realized that those were fake testimonials because we found out that they used stock photos with made up names and claims.

What happens when you register on binary-diploma.com website?

As soon as you sign up for an account, you\'re required to provide credit card details in order to invest $250. Not only that you have no idea what you\'re invest into, but the credit card details are not secured meaning that it can easily be stolen (they don\'t use the secure protocol https).

Binary Diploma Scam Review - Conclusion!

At the end of our investigation we found out that the Binary Diploma platform is nothing but a fraudulent system made to steal your money. Don\'t fall for this fraud!

learning platform, trading, binary options, fraud, Brian Davis, Binary Diploma
Scott Evans
03.08. 2017 19:54  | 

Arab Money Machine beta version is available for 100 testers. This auto trading software operates on the automated mode and it doesn\'t require any previous experience. It works with an amazing 99.8% accuracy! So we decided to see what this baby can really do.

Who is Daryll Graham?

Mr. Daryll Graham is the owner and CEO of Arab Money Machine. First problem we encountered is that they didn\'t show Daryll in person, during the promo video. They just used the stock photo! Also, we didn\'t find any information about him nor about his company, except for the correlation between him and the arabmoneymachine.co website. On top of everything, thanks to the Division of Corporations we found out that there\'s no such company as the Arab Money Machine. Because of what we encountered so far, we are thinking that the Arab Money Machine is nothing more but a scam, but we\'ll keep investigating.

How Arab Money Machine Works?

We only know that the algorithm that Arab Money Machine uses is based on some oil trading strategy, but that\'s it. We don\'t know anything else, and we also don\'t know anything about that oil trading strategy.

Disturbing things found!

They showed some trades on arabmoneymachine.co that are from last year. However, whois.com allowed us to find out that their website was initially registered on 31st March, 2017. So how could have there been any trades before that date?

More alarming things!

They went as far as showing fake testimonials. We managed to find this certain \"Darnell S.\" on fiverr.com - meaning that he\'s nothing more than a paid actor!

What happens when you register on arabmoneymachine.co website?

As soon as you register for an account, you\'re automatically assigned a broker, which you need to fund with at least $250. However, the problem is that you won\'t get the name of the so-called broker and therefore you can\'t check whether that broker has a license or not.

The worst thing is that they require you to make the deposit through their form. Keep in mind that they don\'t use the secured protocol (https) meaning that your data (credit card number, etc) can easily be stolen while filling up the form.

Arab Money Machine Scam Review - Conclusion!

Arab Money Machine is nothing more than a fraudulent offer which you need to stay away from! We found too many bad things and not a single good thing regarding this system. Avoid this offer and keep your hard-earned cash safe!

auto trading software, beta version, scam, Daryll Graham, Arab Money Machine
Scott Evans
03.08. 2017 19:53  | 

One of the latest automated trading systems that\'s been launched into the binary options industry is the Smart Simple Bot. Allegedly, no previous experience is needed in order to trade with this system.

Who is the creator of Smart Simple Bot?

We tried, but we didn\'t manage finding any information about the company nor the owner standing behind this offer. If we don\'t know who we\'re dealing with, how are we supposed to trust that service? Pure scam alert!

How Smart Simple Bot Works?

It combines the profitability of the Fibonacci, Price action and the Pivot points, with indicators such as Stochastic Oscillator, MACD, RSI and others.

Disturbing things found!

Even though the usual return rate is 70%-80%, they promise you almost 90% return rate. This is a pure lie!

As soon as you register for an account, you\'ll realize that you\'re dealing with fake trades. The reason for this is that they didn\'t provide any brokers, and trading without a broker isn\'t possible.

Remember that we\'re dealing with Smart Simple Bot here? Well, it looks like they forgot what they\'re dealing with! We\'ve noticed \"AlgoRobot\" instead of Smart Simple Bot in the middle of their text. This mistake helps us realize what kind of a fraudulent company we\'re dealing with.

Smart Simple Bot Scam Review - Conclusion!

Based on everything that we\'ve found out, we can easily conclude that Smart Simple Bot is nothing but a scam which you should stay away from. This offer didn\'t manage fooling us, and we hope that we\'ve provided enough evidence for you to realize what we\'re dealing with here!

automated trading system, binary options industry, scam, fraudulent company, Smart Simple Bot
Scott Evans
03.08. 2017 19:51  | 

Quantum Binary Signals is a trading platform that generates signals for you and with those signals you can trade forex, binary options, commodities, etc. It operates with 75%-85% success rate, and it doesn\'t require any previous experience.

Who stays behind Quantum Binary Signals?

Unfortunately, we didn\'t find out who stands behind Quantum Binary Signals. We didn\'t even find any information on quantumbinarysignals.com except for their e-mail. Anonymity is one of the first signs telling us that we should be more careful as we might\'ve encountered an online fraud.

How Quantum Binary Signals Works?

You can either buy the 7-day trial for $9.99 or subscribe for the entire month for $99.99.

After the purchase, they\'ll start sending you signals via mobile and e-mail, with all the required details.

Just paste the details to your account and that\'s it. Now, all you have to do is to sit back and enjoy the increased income.

Disturbing things found!

Trades, as they mention, can be executed 24/7. This just proves that we\'re dealing with scammers who have no idea how the market works. We\'ll remind you that the market is closed during the weekend, so the whole \"24/7\" story is a lie.

Susan Parker, the alleged user of the Quantum Binary Signals, is a made up character! They used Flora Baumbach\'s photo and just some made up text. Fake testimonials are quite a clear sign telling us to avoid this offer.

More alarming things!

Besides the $99.99 monthly subscription, you\'ll also need to invest $250 - $300 into your broker. On top of that, they didn\'t even mention any brokers name so we remain clueless of who we\'re dealing with.

Quantum Binary Signals Scam Review - Conclusion!

Our thorough investigation helped us realize that Quantum Binary Signals is nothing more than an online fraud ran by scammers who are not too clever. We highly recommend you to stay away from this offer!

trading platform, binary options, forex, online fraud, Quantum Binary Signals
Scott Evans
03.08. 2017 19:46  | 

Nova Star represents one of the latest trading softwares. They talk about historical data, $5250 earnings per day and 100% accuracy. Allegedly, the software is based on the \"Trend Pattern\" data analysis and it also offers the \"Click and Forget\" option. This option is supposed to set the software on the complete automated mode, so yu can just sit and enjoy the income.

Who is Michael Newberry?

Michael Newberry is the CEO of Nova Holdings. Not only that we couldn\'t find any information about Mr. Michael except for the correlation between him and websites nova-app.co and nova-star.co, but we also found out that Nova Holdings doesn\'t exist. On top of everything, Mr. Michael is the same person that stood behind the Nova App offer, which turned out to be a scam as well. They even used the same promo video for both scams.

It\'s not a new scam!

Since Nova Star represents nothing more but a relaunch of the Nova App, we didn\'t go through much trouble finding out how it works and why it is or it is not a trustworthy company. During the promo video, many fakes promises were said, including more than 100% return rate.

Nova Star App Scam Review - Conclusion!

People standing behind the Nova Star represent the worst kind of people that expect people to be dumb enough to fall for the exact same trick over and over. Nothing regarding the nova-star.co can be trusted and because of that, we recommend you to stay away from this scam.

trading software, relaunch, scam, trick, Michael Newberry, Nova Star
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New auto-trading system Management Software was developed by Christopher Fernard.

It\'s hard finding a trustworthy binary options trading system, but looks like we did it. We\'ve managed to earn $2700 within last 40 days. For now, the registration is completely free but soon they\'ll start asking for a fee.

How Management Software Works?

Long story short, bunch of experts are using well-known trading methods to execute trades, which are then mirrored on all of the traders accounts.

Also, there\'s a semi-automated version for experienced traders who want to choose what happens with their trades.

What the industry says about this service?

We\'ve encountered many good reviews regarding this trustworthy system and we are quite satisfied with that. On top of that, we\'ve tested it ourselves and we are more than happy to say that it really is trustworthy!

How much money I can make?

We can only tell you that the minimal initial investment you\'ll have to make is $250 and after that, it all depends on you and your capital. The more you invest, the more you can earn. With the minimal initial investment, you\'ll be able to earn up to $2000 per month.

How can I register, without mistakes?

Just go to their official invitational page and provide your name and e-mail address. After that, you\'ll be redirected to sign up a new form, and that\'s it, you\'re ready to start earning money.

Management Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

Today, the binary options industry is full of fake offers and fraudulent companies. With such amount of negativity, it\'s hard finding and trusting new systems, even if they do end up being trustworthy. However, thanks to the social media and several engine searches, as well as our own experience, we highly recommend you to try out this trustworthy system. It will pay out!

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Trading binary options is promised to become easier with the Legit Broker Software. This trading system can operate on both manual and automated mode. It\'s literally this easy - sign up, deposit, start trading. However, they offer a list of few brokers to opt for.

Who are the creators of Legit Broker Software?

Unfortunately, first sign telling us that Legit Broker might be a scam is the fact that they didn\'t give us any information about the company nor about the owner. Legit-broker.com only gave us e-mail, and that\'s it. This is very bad for a company trying to lure people!

How Legit Broker Software Works?

They didn\'t mention any formulas, strategies nor algorithms. At the end of the day, we end up completely clueless of how this software works. How are we supposed to trust such suspicious offer, if it remains completely anonymous?

Disturbing things found!

As soon as you sign up for an account, you\'re required to open new trading account and fund it with at least $250. However, funding new account means that you\'ll fund a broker, but they didn\'t say the broker\'s name!

If such anonymous company doesn\'t even tell us what broker we\'re dealing with, why should we invest into them?

Legit Broker Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

Unfortunately, our thorough investigation just proved our suspiciousness. Legit Broker represents a pure scam and because we didn\'t find anything promising, we need to warn you about this fraud and to recommend you not to mess with it. Not only that you won\'t be able to earn anything, but you\'ll also end up losing all of your hard-earned cash.

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One of the latest trading softwares launched into the binary options industry is the IO System. This algorithm allegedly analyses many market variables 1 millionth of a second before the expiration of the trade. It also works on a complete auto pilot mode and you\'re promised to earn $18000 per day.

Who is Oliver Breitner?

Oliver Breitner is a millionaire and the CEO of Insured Outcome (IO). If Oliver\'s software will give you $18000 per day, then people must have heard of such creation. However, nobody has ever heard of him nor his software and this represents one of the first indicators that we\'re dealing with a scam here.

On top of the anonymity, Oliver turns out to be the same person who promoted both Insured Outcome Software and Insured Trading Software. Since those 2 offers were classified as scams, we have no other choice but to mark IO System as a scam too.

How IO System Works?

It\'s based on an algorithm which analyses many market variables 1 millionth of a second before the expiration of the trade. If there\'s any risk detected, the software places another trade but in the opposite direction - making it even. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as breaking even trades and 100% return rate. People who promote this kind of stuff seem to be completely clueless of how the binary options trading works.

Disturbing things found!

They even made up a transaction on Oliver\'s account, dating from 14th April, 2016. We know that it\'s made up because whois.com showed us that iosystem.co was registered on 18th May, 2017.

Mr. Oliver also says that his app has been launched in 2014, but remember that we found out that his website was registered in 2017!

More Alarming things!

Testimonials that are listed at the bottom of iosystem.co are fake! It\'s just bunch of fake claims and stock photos.

What happens when you register on iosystem.co website?

As soon as you sign up for an account, they ask you to invest $250 in order to open a new broker account. The problem is that we don\'t know who is the broker that we\'re funding. How are we supposed to trust someone whose name we don\'t know, and especially a broker in whose legitimation we don\'t have insight?

IO System Scam Review - Conclusion!

Unfortunately, there wasn\'t a single good thing regarding this offer. Even the iosystem.co is full of lies and fake promises. Based on everything that we\'ve encountered, we recommend you to NOT invest into this bogus offer called IO System.

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Fortune Bot is an automated software that trades binary options with 93.4% win rate. This software doesn\'t require any previous experience in trading and it\'s completely free of charge.

Who stays behind Fortune Bot?

Unfortunately, we didn\'t find out who stays behind the Fortune Bot. Fortunebot.co doesn\'t tell us anything about the company nor about the owner, except that they mentioned an e-mail. Anonymity is one of the first signs telling us that we\'re dealing with a fraud.

How Fortune Bot Works?

They only said that you\'ll become rich within no time, but they didn\'t say how their software works. None formula nor algorithm was mentioned, so we remain clueless of how this system is supposed to earn us money.

Disturbing things found!

Their testimonials are fake! They used made up profiles with stock photos to claim how their software brought them large amount of money.

What happens when you register on fortunebot.co website?

After you register for an account and fill up another form, they ask you to fund the broker with at least $250. The problem is that they didn\'t mention any brokers, meaning that we end up having no idea if the broker has a license or not.

Fortune Bot Scam Review - Conclusion!

We\'ve done a thorough investigation and realized that we need to avoid this bogus company. Fortune Bot doesn\'t offer anything good to us, and because of all the lies and fake promises, we mark this offer as a scam and we highly recommend you to stay away from it.

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This automated trading software, Binary Money Manager, allegedly has the ability to generate you $1005 per day, while being free of charge.

Who is Jim Wallace?

Unfortunately, we didn\'t find out who is Jim Wallace and we also didn\'t find any information regarding the company. No names, no contact info; nothing! This is the first sign of a scam.

How Binary Money Manager Works?

The only thing that they mentioned was that the software copies trades of expert traders. However, they didn\'t say how does it to that and whose trades does it copy. Basically, we end up having no idea how this software works.

Disturbing things found!

Generating trading signals represents giving financial advices. You may already know that you need to have a license in order to give financial advices. However, the Binary Money Manager itself says that they don\'t offer any financial / investment advices. If they are not offering that, what are they offering? Lies, that\'s what.

What happens when you register on binarymoneymanager.com website?

As soon as you sign up for an account, you\'ll get notification saying that the broker has signed the contract and he will cover all of your losses. Why would anyone believe such ridiculous statement? None broker will ever trade on your behalf and also cover your losses. This statement is too unrealistic to spend any more time talking about it.

Binary Money Manager Scam Review - Conclusion!

After our investigation, we can conclude that Binary Money Manager represents a fraudulent system which we should all stay away from. Not only that you won\'t earn any money, but you\'ll also end up losing all of your hard-earned cash.

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Binary options industry just got new trading system, and that\'s the 30-Day Challenge. Allegedly, it can generate you $30000 per month. On top of that, they promise to pay you $1000 in case you don\'t make $30000 within a month.

Who is Joey Altair?

The alleged founder of 30-Day Challenge is Mr. Joey Altair. After we\'ve run some searches, we couldn\'t find any information about this guy, meaning that he is not in touch with trading nor the financial industry at all, because otherwise, there would be some information about him. Also, his website 30k-challenge.com doesn\'t give us any information about the company. Because of this anonymity, we have no other choice but to mark 30-Day Challenge as a suspicious offer, at least until we find more evidence.

How 30-day Challenge Software Works?

Based on a modified Fibonacci sequence, Joey made an online system. Thanks to the software that Joey made, you\'ll be able to trade with an amazing 99.3% accuracy.

As long as you\'re thinking straight, you\'ll know that there\'s no way that anyone nor anything will ever be able to achieve such high accuracy. Achieving this accuracy is hard, but maintaining it is even harder. Don\'t fall for this unbelievable promise.

Disturbing things found!

Their testimonials are fake, and in order to realize that, just remember their faces and then check out fiverr.com and you\'ll realize that they used paid actors. Nothing indicates a fraud as strong as bunch of lies and paid actors.

They are also using the washed-out trick saying that this software can only be used by 25 people, making you think that you should hurry up and get it while you still can.

What happens when you register on 30k-challenge.com website?

As soon as you register for an account, they ask you to invest $250 so that they can arrange you a broker and then you can start trading. We do agree that a broker is required, but since you\'ll be paying your broker, you should at least know whether the broker has the license or not. How are you going to find that out, if you don\'t know his name? They didn\'t mention any brokers, so once again, they maintain their anonymity.

30-Day Challenge Scam Review - Conclusion!

Based on our thorough investigation, we can easily conclude that 30k-challenge.com is nothing but a fraud with fake promises and paid actors. Whenever you encounter some lies or paid actors, run away from that offer as far as you can.

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In the event that you are a broker, you should simply comprehend which trader has a place with which of these five.

Based on the research we made, around half of traders quit before making 40 trades, contributing around 10% to the whole re-deposit rate. These figures rely upon the inception of traders.

Before we begin diving into the million dollar question of why, I think we have to inquire as to whether high turnover is great or awful in any case. From the brokers\' eyes – the appropriate response would most likely be HELL YES IT\'S BAD.

My first statement in this analysis is that high turnover might be normal: it bodes well for somebody to take $300 and attempt his fortunes in 20 trades \'just to figure out it\'. Stopping after that is seen by the broker as stir since he needs to pay high CPAs. Yet, perhaps it is not stir by any means? From grandparents to exhausted housewives to students – possibly a huge bit of the trader population comprises of one-timers who appreciate the surge, lose their cash and proceed onward with their lives (maybe even with a positive sentiment that they preferred the experience). Much the same as a day in Disney Land.

So once we have gotten that out – now we can endeavor to summarize the topic of why traders quit into little pieces and see what we find. Merchants who are not one-timers most likely quit as a result of different reasons: it may be the case that they didn\'t prevail with regards to trading (afraid of loss) or they had a negative involvement with the broker or a million different reasons. In the event that we prevail with regards to getting inside the traders heads, maybe we could embrace better maintenance practices that would make traders remain longer in trading.

In addition to one-timers I would separate traders into a few profiles:

1. One-timers who will go for another round of exchanges

Traders who did not expect to spend more cash on trading but rather could be interested in proposals. On the off chance that they get an offer that would sound good to them they might be more disposed to keep trading.

2. Traders who are searching for an investment

Individuals who have additional money for investment and are hoping to make fast and high gains while thinking about high risk. These individuals will most likely make a few deposits en route with the sole expectation of endeavoring to make a high score.

3. High rollers

Traders with the expectation of spending a lot of cash only for the excitement.

4. Irrational traders

Traders that are act in opposition to all reason, for the most part with no clear strategy; the more they lose the more they attempt. They end up noticeably not interested in their losses and gains but instead trade with no evident control.

Another intriguing finding was that under 1% of traders made more than 1000 trades in general, in any case, they contributed 47% of the trader’s general deposit rate.

Presently in the event that you are a broker, you should simply comprehend which trader belongs to which group. Not a simple errand on the off chance that you ask me. The most ideal approach to know is to inquire as to whether they will talk about that or you could take a look at their trading patterns and make an informed conclusion. On the off chance that you can be correct the greater part of the circumstances than maybe you could be more compelling in backing off agitate rates for the correct accounts.

What\'s more, one final word: be as genuine as conceivable with traders and don\'t push them past the point they can manage. This will expand the odds that they will return to trade with you and not with a contending brand.

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Forex trading and binary trading are very extraordinary and it is imperative to comprehend these distinctions keeping in mind the end goal to turn into

Binary options are option contracts with fixed risks and fixed rewards. In binary options trading, the trader must choose whether an underlying asset, for example, a stock, a commodity or a currency, will go up or down amid a fixed timeframe. Traders are appeared front the value of their earnings if their forecasts are correct.


Binary trading works similarly as roulette: if your prediction isn\'t right, you lose all the cash you risked, yet in the event that your prediction is correct, you get your cash back in addition to a return. A typical set-up is for the trader to make 80% of what they bet on any trade that they get right. For example, if a trader puts in $10 dollars betting on the value of the USD/EURO going up, and the figure is right, he would get $8 dollars in addition to his initial investment. In the event that the value of a similar currency drops, nonetheless, the trader loses 100% of the cash that they put in.

To profit in binary options over the long haul, you should win most of the bets. Since forex trading enables users to set their own profit targets versus stop loss orders, traders can in any case make a profit regardless of the possibility that they don\'t win the dominant part of their trades.

There are obviously a few likenesses between binary trading and forex trading. Both financial trading Markets are tradable online, and they both enable clients to begin trading with small amounts of capital.

In the two types of business Markets, users are conjecturing on which direction an asset moves in. On account of speculating effectively, both trading options give solid profit potential.

Be that as it may, there are a few differences between binary options and forex. In a binary market, traders just figure whether an asset, for example, a foreign currency, will go up or down in a value over a fixed timeframe. In this sense, there is no inconstancy in the risk or in the profit potential. The binary market is named after the binary system, in which the main two input options are 1 or 0. Correspondingly, in binary trading, the main two options are up and down.

Higher fluctuation, more risk

Forex Markets offer higher fluctuation and more risk for traders. In forex Markets, infrequently known as FX Markets or currency Markets, traders must choose not just in which direction an asset will go, however should likewise foresee how high or low that asset goes. Therefore, a definitive risk and profit is obscure.

In forex, there are no restrictions to how much money a trader can make or lose, unless they utilize certain instruments to control trading. One instrument is a stop loss, which keeps traders from losing more than a specific amount. At the end of the day, once the trader has lost a specific amount, the trade consequently closes. So also, the potential reward may likewise be fixed in advance. The trader can conclude that he needs the trade to close once it has achieved a specific profit value.

The maximum loss in forex would be all the cash on your trading account. In forex, the two losses and profits can be dealt with limit/stop orders.


Binary trades work on particular timelines. The trader has no power over when a trade starts or closes once a trade has begun. Prior to a binary options trade starts, users must choose when the order expires. Every option has a begin time and an end time.

At the expiry time, the trade naturally closes. A few brokers enable you to close early however you will exit your option at a level of the expected return. Not all brokers offer this option.

Thus, a few brokers enable traders to postpone the expiry time to the next expiry time. This is called \"rollover\" and is just conceivable if traders increment their investment by a specific percentage.

In forex trading, users can take trades enduring from one second to numerous months, since they can open and close the trade at whatever point they feel like it. This adaptability has both advantages and disadvantages.


Forex likewise has a tool known as margins. Each broker distinguishes the maximum margin. Margin enables traders to build their investment capital with the goal that they can make a bigger profit if the trade is a winning one. Margin is not a tool accessible for binary options.

There are five kinds of binary options you can trade. These are high/low, 60 seconds options, touch/no touch options, boundary options, and option builder. There are a wide range of types of orders in forex. Purchase/Sell is the most vital type. Be that as it may, there are more cutting-edge types, for example, limit, stop, OCTO (one cancels the other), trailing stop, and hedge orders, among others.

Forex trading and binary trading are very unique and it is essential to comprehend these distinctions so as to wind up noticeably a successful trader.

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Old techniques won\'t work any longer and it\'s the ideal opportunity for companies to think of an honest agenda.

With the current shut down of Banc De Binary, one of the biggest binary options brokerage firms, the online marketing community is in a condition of turmoil. It\'s difficult to promptly accommodate the aftermath.

Be that as it may, looking past the current closure, online marketers alongside affiliates are frantically investigating their own operations for imperfections in their long-running plans so as to conform to another environment. What precisely this environment involves is liable to investigation anyway unmistakably binary options should advance in an alternate world.

The tide has been turned

Just to make things clear, the circumstance has effectively changed and there\'s no going back now. An arrangement of bans and limitations imposed on the contracts-for-difference (CFD) based financial products during that time have at long last produced results, and it is contracting the business to the point of non-existence.

Also, there are just unregulated brokers with mischievous online marketers to blame for that. It is so baffling to observe how these ruthless substances hurt venues and additionally customers – at last the effort expected to police these has been inadequate. However now it\'s the ideal opportunity for the honest party to ascend.

Old techniques won\'t work any longer and the opportunity has already come and gone for the majority of companies to concoct new ones, or greatly honest marketing schemes. A far better exercise is removed the techniques altogether and adhere to a more genuine worldview.

Undoubtedly, as indicated by a current analysis on the binary options industry: \"The affiliate messages about gaudy autos, new houses and new lives ought to stay in the past if the binary options industry is to succeed.\" I wholeheartedly bolster this perspective, and the same can be connected to a wide range of financial products, regardless of whether it be binary options, FX or for example PDL.

Traffic sources shift

Previously dominant referral and organic search traffic sources are additionally bringing a secondary lounge with social sources climbing front. Social networks are currently a noteworthy asset for online marketing purposes like never before some time recently.

This is considerably more the case with the change to mobile platforms. The entire story of online advertising is not about what clients need, it\'s about what clients wouldn\'t mind. What\'s more, what they wouldn\'t mind at the present time is a bit of promoting all over while surfing Instagram or Facebook applications, something that is flawlessly mixed into regular online habits.

In the past social networks weren\'t considered as sources of financial traffic, but that is just not the case any longer. Because of harmful advertising guidelines and rules it was close difficult to advertise forex or binary options offers on social networks utilizing the rough techniques that deceptive online marketers were practicing.

Currently, these companies essentially must choose the option to forsake their ways and adjust to another reality. The very idea of financial products should be transformed with a specific end goal to be important. That is a straightforward fact, which many appear not to be figuring it out.

What\'s Next?

The future of financial traffic exists, despite the fact that it is not the truth that everybody is getting used to. The initial thing is denying products that depend on obsolete strategies, for example, impossible promises, shady schemes, straight-up lies, and so on. Gratefully, those are history now and will never be compelling again. That is somewhat putting us over the promoting natural way of life, yet we generally welcome healthy rivalry.

We are venturing into a time of honesty and virtue. What does this mean precisely for financial offers? It implies that marketers must give an opportunity and obviously express that there are dangers included.

It is relevant not to capitulate to fundamental senses or to urge acting on an incautiously, but to make an accentuation on the knowledge of the client offering partnership. At exactly that point financial traffic can be reclaimed from the impression of something negative and contemptible. This thus will concede access to a tremendous community that had previously been staying away from binary options and such.

Furthermore, there are a few methods for transforming the awful folks into the great ones:

Signal-based software

Something that has been around since the start but not acknowledged by many. It is presently a decent moment for signals to venture forward. Not at all like automatic trading software, have signal-based applications given users a chance to settle on a choice for themselves. Additionally, they are more appropriate for the mobile platform, which is to a great degree convenient.

Education programs

It is a smart idea to concentrate endeavors on creating online courses, ebooks, educational videos, and so forth. Just now they need to contain significant data, which clients would pay for.

Investment opportunities set

The advertising targeting on the individuals who look for investment opportunities is the need here. Any binary options or forex product should express that it is not a \'get-rich-quick scheme\' but rather a strong long haul investment. In the end individuals will be thinking about it similarly as another method for putting savings something to do.

Generally I might want to cheer up every single online marketers and affiliates. It is never an opportunity to desert your calling, particularly when the conditions are critical.

It is genuinely energizing to watch the changes in your industry continuously. Furthermore, it is very challenging to change in accordance with them, however that is the thing that makes our profession so fun. The conceivable outcomes for online marketing are really unlimited and thinking ahead is an important quality to have that characterizes achievement.

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Be straightforward, prepare and make the best of this rule to make the next leading brand!

In the event that \'bonus, \'account manager\' or \'wasn’t able to withdraw\' complains sound natural to you, you\'re likely not doing it right.

Launching another binary options brand? Already have one? You\'re not the only one. There are handfuls, may be even hundreds, much the same as you. Everybody appears to want their own brand; everybody wants to be a broker, to have their own armed force of Agent Smiths as personal accounts managers and sales representatives.

Binary options is the hottest topic these days, however don\'t be tricked, there\'s a furious breeze outside: news of lawsuits, fines being dispensed like candy, e-magazines shouting \"scam!\" and regulators forbidding binary options in their countries are only a couple of notices. As yet considering opening a binary options brand? Lately launched a brand? You\'re not the only one. Give me a chance to enable you to do it right.

Why do Complaints Make a difference to such an extent?

A study demonstrates that the possibility that you will share an awful experience is 30 times higher than sharing a positive affair. Individuals dependably grumble, a considerable measure, and that\'s true.

As a brand owner, your objective is not to keep away from complaints; it\'s more about maintaining a strategic distance from complaints that have nothing to do with the inclinations of the complaining customer.

At the point when a customer is complaining about a lot of salt in his food, it needs to with his own taste. Be that as it may, when a customer complains about an odd scent and finger nails in his food, it has nothing to do with his inclinations. No customer wants to eat inside a stinky eatery or to discover stuff in his/her food.

Presently how about we perceive how it functions for paired alternatives objections. The following 3 sorts of objections are presumably the most well-known; here is the manner by which you keep away from them.

Bonus Related Complaints

The Problem

Broker: \"Deposit and we\'ll give you a bonus!\" Client: \"Awesome!\" A couple of days after the fact, customer loses two or three trades, now he needs out. Broker: \"You\'re not allowed to withdraw. You should fulfill the bonus guidelines.\" Client: \"What? I didn\'t know I need to trade $3000 to redeem it, I need my cash back!\".

See the issue? Presently your customer is profoundly not happy, he feels cheated, and he knows he\'ll never have the capacity to accomplish that objective which he had no clue about. He is additionally tied to weird guidelines which keep him from withdrawing the cash he deposited. A few people don\'t hold up to get things dealt with; they simply go out and begin complaining.

The Solution

I don\'t find any justifiable reason purpose behind such demanding bonus guidelines, and unquestionably no reason to hold the $200 the customer deposited like it\'s the keep going pay on earth. You need to have informed customers – after all they can\'t grumble about something they knew about and have acknowledged appropriate from the start. What\'s more, it would be ideal if you cut them some slack, utilize a pending bonus* module and let go of unhappy customers. You needn\'t bother with that inconvenience.

*Pending bonus: trader gets with every point of reference a part of his bonus, thusly the trader can simply withdrawn his funds. Stockpair for instance utilizes the pending bonus and it has right around zero complains concerning bet/turnover.

Managed Account Complaints

The Problem

I may make some brand owners and business people irate, yet I should state it: managed accounts are a major no-no. This selling strategy is being utilized by an excessive number of brokers, of all shapes and sizes alike, and it\'s the main source of terrible complains. Truly, I don\'t perceive any space for managed accounts in the business of binary options.

Brand owners once disclosed to me that their customer needed it, and there is nothing they can do about it. Nothing? Tell your customer no, it\'s his money, and we can\'t deal with your account for you. I\'ve seen complains about account managers who guarantee 10%-half return every month… that is crazy! As I would see it, it\'s likewise deceptive.

The Solution

Maintain a strategic distance from it no matter what, it\'s smarter to educate your customers a couple of essential strategies and instruments they can utilize, or simply let them have a great time. Taking a look at the complaints originating from clients who lost a huge number of dollars on managed accounts; it will kill your brand.

On the off chance that you ask me, I think managed account isn’t ethical by any means. Presently on the off chance that you outrageously need to offer your customers a managed account solution, you should just permit it through a third party company that has practical experience in binary options managed accounts.

Unable to Withdraw Complaints

The Problem

One of your customers happens to wind up plainly a successful trader, and figures out how to make some $1000 out of his $250 account. Your customer had enough, and now he needs out. What might you do, brand owner? Will you release him, or make it hard on him? On the off chance that you pick the second option, you\'re absolutely not here for the long run.

I know that it is so costly to get customers, and I likewise know how remunerating a decent customer could be however don\'t freeze, hold it together. On the off chance that you continue thinking little, your business will remain little.

In the event that you choose you\'re not going to release him without a battle, your armed force of Agent Smiths goes vigorously: they begin calling him, nearly imploring him to stay, support continues requesting papers, shading or no shading, what\'s the distinction?

Amid this procedure, your customer begins complaining. He goes all over, destroying your company, filing complaints to regulators and ensuring the world recognizes what happened. The harm has been now done.

Try not to waver and do what\'s best for the business ideal from the start, without being reluctant to lose some for the time being. There\'s significantly more where that originated from, and you can utilize the positive criticism.

The Solution

Give your traders a chance to withdraw, it\'s that straightforward. Think about the long run!

Last Tip – Damage Control Could Work Miracles

Each brand is inclined to complaints. Regardless of the possibility that you\'re the most genuine binary options broker ever, individuals will complain. Because of that, ensure you keep a damage control group (even 1 devoted individual could be a group). It wouldn\'t hurt on the off chance that you had a company delegate registering to forums, responding complains, unraveling issues and advancing your brand in a non-forceful way.

I adore brands that attempt to answer to complaints or simply straightforward inquiries on the forum that I direct. It doesn\'t make a difference your identity and what your brand is, you\'re generally welcome to join and speak what’s on your mind.

Having somebody say \"Hello, we\'re the support group. We\'ve gotten your dissension, and we\'re attempting to tackle it. It would be ideal if you get in touch with us through X or Z, we\'re sorry to know your story yet that is not our identity\" makes customers feel that you give it a second thought.

Regardless of the possibility that you didn\'t explain the customers\' issues, it demonstrates others you\'re there, and you\'re willing to offer assistance. Be well mannered, official, and deferential, and you\'ll pick up the regard of potential customers and site owners. Who knows, you may even discover another contact to work with.

Main concern: Invest in Your Brands\' Future, Invest in the Future of Binary Options

Trading binary options is cool, it\'s fun, it\'s addictive and I\'m cheerful to be a part of this industry. We\'ve seen brokers travel every which way, brands progress toward becoming sponsors of football groups and brands charged in official courtrooms. Wanting to launch another binary options brand? My suggestion is to consider your customers, not about a direction that will give you a stamp of trustworthiness. Be straightforward, prepare and make the best of this rule to make the next leading brand!

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In case you\'re still uncertain whether binary options is more similar to betting you should read this article.

Binary Options are a hotly debated issue right now. There is a great deal of false information out there and conclusions are being drawn in light of an absence of learning as opposed to being based on a profound comprehension.

This article will cover the fascinating point about how to organize whether the movement you are doing is considered trading or gambling and will reveal how to discover whether what you are trading is a financial instrument or not.

It appears, in view of a current article, that regulators in various countries don\'t know whether to arrange binary options as a financial instrument or gambling. This statement demonstrates a shallow comprehension of binary options and also financial instruments. There are various kinds of binary options and this article seems to suggest that there is just a single. For instance, there are completely regulated binary options that trade on the NYSE and NADEX.

Gambling or financial instrument

As per the Merriam-Webster word reference, gambling means as \"to wager on a dubious result\". Isn\'t trading any financial instrument as per this means gambling? All things considered, it is whether you are recently taking a look at the result of one individual trade isolation. In the event that then again, you are trading a system that has a positive expectancy then the result of a sufficiently huge number of trades is not dubious any longer – you will profit!

I might want to offer an alternate and novel way to deal with understanding the idea of trading and gambling.

The approach depends on a two prong analysis that takes a look at both the idea of the \"instrument\" that you are trading and how you are trading.

1. What are you are trading? In the event that there is no system that can be produced that has a positive expectancy, at that point you are gambling and what you are \"trading\" is not a practical financial instrument.

2. How are you trading? On the off chance that you trade any financial instrument without a system that has a positive expectancy, at that point you are betting.

Give us a chance to look a couple of example to see whether you are gambling or trading.

1. Playing the slot machines in a casino. This is obviously betting as the odds are in the support of the slot machines after some time. On the off chance that you play sufficiently long you will dependably lose. The casino dependably wins.

2. Trading options with a system that has a positive expectancy. This is unmistakably trading and not betting as you will profit after some time despite the fact that the result of any one trade is obscure.

3. Trading stocks without a system that has a positive expectancy. This is unmistakably betting as indicated by our 2 prong test above, as it is indeterminate whether you will profit after some time. So in this case, you can see that despite the fact that you are \"trading\" a financial instrument, what you are doing is as yet considered gambling. Expectancy kind could settle the dilemma

To address the problem in the matter of whether binary options are gambling or trading, you have methodically take a gander at every classification of binary options and choose whether you can build up a system that has a positive expectancy or not. In the event that there does not exist a system of trading that has a positive expectancy, at that point you are betting and what you are trading is not a financial instrument. On the off chance that then again, you can build up a system of trading that has a positive expectancy, at that point you are trading and what you are trading is a practical financial instrument.

On the off chance that you investigate, the surface, at trading binary options through an OTC (over-the-counter) binary options broker, doubtlessly you might be gambling. This is on account of, on the opposite side of each of your trades, is the broker.

The odds are in the brokers favor. This is on the grounds that you must be the purchaser of the binary options. You can either purchase a put or a call. In the event that you win you will dependably profit not as much as what you risked. For instance, in the language of most binary options brokers, you can make 80% return on the off chance that you are correct. This implies you should risk $100 to make $80 and on the off chance that you are correct half of the time, you will have a negative expectancy. The broker, then again, will have a positive expectancy.

The main way that you can profit after some time when your reward is not as much as your risk is ONLY in the event that you can build up a system of trading that expands the level of winning trades to a time when you will have a positive expectancy.

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Binary options signals is a service which you can utilize to expand your profit in binary options trading.

Binary options trading have increased enormous esteem since first introduction with the market.

Most investors wants to shift to binary options from traditional trading as it offers a substantial number of advantages like controlled risk, fixed payout, less complexity, and large number of assets to select from. As the market of binary options trading is developing at a quick pace, services associated with it are additionally expanding.

One of the services which you can get to build your profit in binary options trading is binary options signals.

What are binary options signals?

Binary options experts and automated robots that are prepared to analyze market condition do their analyses and make suggestions.

These suggestions, which are after total evaluation of the market, are known as binary option signals. With these signals or suggestions, a new trader can likewise trade like an expert. Traders simply need to put their trades as per the signals produced by the service providers.

The vast majority of the signal providers offer forex signals, on the grounds that the asset will dependably be in a pair like EUR/USD or GBP/USD and henceforth it turns out to be anything but difficult to monitor and analyze future price movement direction.

Example of binary options signals

Asset – GBP/USD = 1.2000

Option – CALL Option

Expiry Time – 1 Hour

There is couple of things to think about while utilizing a signal. The most essential thing is time. A signal ought to dependably be utilized instantly as it is gotten. The market changes quickly and subsequently a good signal would be of no value on the off chance that it is not utilized at right time.

Binary options signals: legit/scam

We have seen large number of scams in binary options thus it is true blue to be stressed over your investment.

There are many signal service providers in the market today, some of them are genuine however there are additionally a few convicts who are continually holding up to ransack you. Being a beginner trader, it is difficult to recognize a real and scam SSP (Signal Service Provider). Gratefully, today we can read distinctive blogs about binary options scam and abstain from being a scam victim.

It is advised that you never exclusively depend on a signal, dependably attempt to follow a strategy and enhance your trading abilities. In any case, trader ought to guarantee that the signals they are selecting are legit and take after some proven strategies.

Why select to follow signals

A good signal provider will charge you $80-$100 a month however the profit that those signals will produce, will be commonly more than their expenses. Binary options signals can give extraordinary help to new and intermediate level traders.

We generally suggest not going for some automated trading platforms, select those signals which have some proven strategies behind them and help you to feed your trading abilities as well. New traders ought to dependably be anxious to learn, rather than simply putting a robot to do all the work for them.


Binary options signals can be a productive choice and could quicken your profit, but they ought to be utilized smartly. You are additionally educated to do entire background check regarding your SSP before utilizing their services.

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How might you make people 16.5 times more inclined to click to open links in marketing emails?

In the event that you need to remain on top of things in the binary options marketplace, at that point you have to guarantee that you outfit the power of the best marketing instruments. With regards to captivating visitors to your site, urging those visitors to wind up noticeably paying clients and afterward holding those customers, you should make certain that you are dynamic in all types of marketing engagement.

Within the present marketplace, there are various sellers battling for consideration. It can now and again appear to be hard to make yourself heard over that level of background noise. This is the place personalized videos can truly have any kind of effect.

Consider your experiences a buyer: you presumably get huge numbers of email every day, as marketers endeavor to catch your attention. A large number of us, on receiving end of such a consistent stream of endeavors at contact, basically respond by choosing to overlook them all. Those marketers who aren\'t getting reactions are regularly inclined to react by conveying but more emails. As consumers, we may well disregard those subsequent messages as well. Basically, our enthusiasm for getting such contact is low and our capacity to focus is every now and again constrained.

Be that as it may, as a marketer, how might you connect with potential clients? How would you get that underlying foot in the door? As a beginning stage, there is an abundance of confirmation that demonstrates that we are for the most part more prone to respond in a positive way to somebody who addresses us by name. Personalization must, accordingly, be at the core of any marketing effort.

Mentioning somebody\'s name, nonetheless, is just piece of the story. All alone, this strategy will have a restricted effect. It\'s important that your whole message ought to be customized, which is the place video content can truly convey results.

With a personalized video, you can put a person\'s name inside the content yet you can likewise go so significantly further: you could make reference to their job title, or to the city where they live; you may even incorporate a review of their bidding history with important tutorials for better future speculations. As you envision those conceivable outcomes, you can begin to perceive how rapidly this kind of content could change your way to deal with binary options marketing. Here is your opportunity to truly draw in with potential clients.

Does this style of marketing automation produce results, or is it just a passing fad? Is there a peril that we persuade ourselves, as marketers, that personalized videos look extraordinary, without truly checking the effect? Understanding the measurements is fundamental to any marketing campaign and it\'s the same for this situation.

We\'ve run our own particular examinations, giving an immediate correlation personalized videos and generic video marketing campaigns. The outcomes that we have seen have been minimal short of remarkable.

We found that an individual getting an email that incorporates a personalized video was 4.5 times more prone to click on the given link. More than this, our analysis exhibited that they were an inconceivable 16.5 times more prone to click to open. By any measure, those outcomes are noteworthy.

Given the potential that is offered by personalized video campaigns, with straightforward estimation of results, they offer a solid presence inside the binary options marketing toolset.

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It\'s an ideal opportunity to take control of our industry and quit giving a couple of rotten ones a chance to ruin the group.

We\'ve heard numerous stories about binary options, from news reporters, financial bloggers, regulators, scam victims, innovation suppliers and brand proprietors. This time I\'m upbeat to bring you readers something new, an alternate view on binary options.

Here\'s somebody whose idea you forgot to ask for, a regular trader, just somebody who needs to trade without fear. \"Trader Joe\" has a live account with one of the greatest binary brands and he\'s an active participant of our community. This is a letter from a real trader.

Traders need better binary options regulation

We, the trader, need better regulation! Yes, there are real traders, savvy investors, who need to trade binary options and didn\'t get sucked into the trading scene in view of a fishy ad they saw some place, traders who don\'t hope to get rich overnight and who might just giggle at the idea that an auto-trader could profit with no exertion.

Parallel to this world of scam brokers, scam signal services, trading masters, fake controllers and controllers who simply couldn\'t care less or concentrate on the wrong things, there is a group of legit traders who perceive a chance to have a decent time and to potentially profit.

A few of us appreciate binary trading and basically need a secured, regulated environment to trade which we can believe the brokers, the brokers aren\'t anxious about the regulators the overall public is secured and the traders are upbeat.

Bad regulation is harming the binary options community

Bad regulation is harming the binary options community and it\'s been doing as such to the extent we, the group of traders, can recall. As far back as binary options ended up noticeably prevalent, cheats and fraudsters skillfully adjusted their techniques to incorporate them, exploiting potential traders with almost no deterrent from regulators or any other individual. From scam autotraders to scam brokers and fake anti scam sites, we, the real trading community, have seen everything, on account of the lazy response from experts.

At first there was no regulation, and that was truly awful. Almost every broker available on the market, genuine or not, was utilizing pushy strategies in any event and outright scams and thievery at the very least. In the end CySEC came along, and they have been doing a considerable measure to help control the tide of scammers and swindlers, however even they experience serious difficulties the surge of \'off shore\' brokers enlisted in tropical island banking havens and working crosswise over outskirts and jurisdictions with exemption.

In any event now there is a movement among regulators in Europe to better control the scams and swindlers however the issue now is that many (will most likely) take regulation too far.

The real issue is binary. An absence of worldwide regulatory organization and furthermore on the grounds that binary options was for quite a while considered a \'victim free\' industry. How might it be victim-free when individuals get scammed?

Since not every person who gets scammed runs to their neighborhood police headquarters to make a complain, and those that do, discover that there is nothing the local authority can do about a rebel site offering binary options get-rich-quick schemes. What it will truly require is a global effort and collaboration among the wide range of regulators, and types of binary options trading. All things considered, I assume it\'s the ideal opportunity for every one of us traders, as a group, to request better regulations around the world!

It\'s fun however pervaded with scams!

Binary options are enjoyable! Doubtlessly there, regardless of whether you simply need to play around and attempt your fortunes in the market or in the event that you are a sincere trader, there are fun times to be had trading binary options. You can simply trade on your hunch or what your companions think, or invest some time learning technical and fundamental analysis like a professional investor. For the latter group, it is conceivable to develop your account and acquire money however it requires investment and devotion, for the previous, you may gain some money but you will without a doubt have a decent time and you will learn things about the world, the market and yourself!

Lamentably, a long way from everybody is a sincere investor and the interest for making speedy and easy money welcomes scammers to make and elevate pipe dream offers that are dependably scams.

How does terrible regulation open the entryway for crooked brokers?

Above all else, I need to concede that the regulators worldwide have been harder with regards to binary options and firms asserting to offer services for traders. Their viability however can be reprimanded. In a few countries, binary options are inside and out prohibited which implies that even offshore regulated brokers that work with no contribution with any scam get blocked, and the ones that are scams are frequently ready to work there in any case.

This isn\'t really the best approach in light of the fact that the bucket-shop firms that couldn\'t care less about maintaining a real business will proceed with their solicitation of customers, ignoring bans and laws. Another type of regulation that numerous authorities are actualizing is requesting a permit for any firm that offers financial services yet once more, the emphasis is more on making it hard for firms that will work legitimately than making an environment where genuine, open and fair binary options trading can occur.

That is to say, we have legitimate casinos to continue betting off the boulevards and out of the back rooms, we ought to have the same for binary options.

The binary options industry needs better regulation

The binary options industry needs better regulation, regulators need to coordinate and the industry and the regulators need to cooperate with each other.

By doing this, forming strong connections inside the group of traders, regulators and brokers, we can make a secured, regulated trading environment in which the traders are upbeat, real brokers can remain in business and the overall population is free from scams.

All things considered, killing binary options won\'t annihilate extortion or scams, the terrible folks will simply make sense of another approach to do it, and it will presumably be much more awful than what they do to individuals for the sake of binary options. It\'s an ideal opportunity to take control of our industry and quit giving a couple of rotten ones a chance to ruin the cluster.

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Who is murdering the binary options industry - brokers, platform providers, regulators or affiliates?

It\'s not breaking news any longer that the binary options industry is under flame. The inquiry on many individuals\' minds is who is at fault for the negative disgrace that has created and what has caused the decay of this fledging industry? The other real issue on many people minds is will this trend spoil the officially well set up FX industry?

Consistently, an ever increasing number of binary options brokers are being hailed as scams and with such a variety of brokers closing their doors lately, plainly the industry need a decent shakeup to dispose of the spoiled apples that have discolored the whole binary options industry.

The Platform Providers

The business began with a modest bunch of imaginative tech companies that saw a chance to fabricate trading platforms and to give turnkey answers for the individuals who wishes to be brokers. While the goals were great, the forceful marketing to would-be brokers opened the way to numerous corrupt businesspeople who needed to make a brisk buck, with no idea to the medium and long term manageability. Then again, there were additionally numerous business people who accepted the opportunity to manufacture quality, service-oriented business.

In view of this, should these platform providers not have accomplished more due industriousness with reference to their identity offering their solutions for, or if nothing else made a system and checking system to guarantee that business was kept perfect and ethical?

The Brokers

Presently, in the event that we turn our consideration regarding the brokers and how they have been working, many have made a good work with regards to of \'keeping it clean\' however tragically there has been no deficiency of traders who basically went for the quick buck. What began the tumor developing in the business, were those brokers who guaranteed the inconceivable and whose sole purpose was to empty each and every penny out of their traders. They likewise particularly went after the individuals who didn\'t have the way to try and begin trading.

This foolish approach took into consideration the tumor to develop and many brokers, who were endeavoring to keep it clean, got themselves rapidly losing piece of the overall industry and adopting a similar shady strategies. Subsequently, everybody is paying the price now. So now the inquiry is whether it\'s the questionable routine with regards to many brokers that has enabled the tumor to wind up plainly lethal?

The Regulators

The following potential offenders in this chaos are the regulators. Presently you are likely thinking about by what method the regulators can be to be faulted. All things considered, the principal potential reason is that many brokers essentially didn\'t have sufficient time, cash or assets to meet the consistently changing regulatory requirements. Subsequently, many brokers basically dismissed the possibility of this investment in regulation and those that did, in many occasions, shot themselves in the foot. Why, you may ask.

Well there are such a large number of various regulators with various requirements, but the greater issue is they have all been fairly responsive, in making a move just when they get a complaint. As the familiar axiom goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’. Things being what they are, what has been the most ideal route for a broker to keep away from issues with regulators? Just don\'t get regulated and work without it. There are many brokers now who are swinging to the more settled and organized gaming industry regulators, as this has been significantly more powerful and successful than the financial regulators.

Perhaps the financial regulation bodies ought to have framed a more durable and unified approach, while working intimately with governments, to make an appropriate lawful, regulatory and licensing process.

Affiliates and Marketers

Affiliates are a piece of the soul of movement to brokers; however they are additionally to blame for the developing tumor. It’s a dependable fact that a few affiliates utilize not as much as ethical marketing methods with a specific end goal to profit; from manufactured reviews and testimonials, unconfirmed systems and bots, to promising unending wealth. The other significant marketing strategy, that has truly put an objective on binary options, is the scam sites. In the purest frame, these kinds of sites ought to keep traders from being misled. Rather, they have basically moved the trader starting with one \"dirty\" brand then onto the next, where the affiliates are improving commissions.

The more concerning issue is that when somebody with almost no learning of the industry reads the word \'scam\', it draws consideration and inquiries whether binary options are genuine or really a scam.

Shouldn\'t something be said about the FX brokers?

FX, throughout the years, has turned into an established and consistent industry and has experienced its agonies, yet all the awful reputation of binary options has now begun to move some of this negative assessment to the FX space. The other test that is sustaining the effect on the FX broker is that a large number of the binary platform providers are presently offering FX as a feature of their bundle, and numerous binary brokers, who have been running not exactly real businesses, are exploiting this FX offering and applying their same shady strategies.

The Bottom Line

Things being what they are, who is to be blamed and what will happen to the binary options industry? Unmistakably the four principle players, platform providers, brokers, regulators and affiliates, all have their share of accountability.

Platform providers need to understand that they can\'t just give out their like candy, and they unquestionably should not abandon their duty regarding good ethical business practices by passing the buck to regulators. This childish approach of selling their solutions for anybody and everybody must stop and measures should be set up to regulate, to a degree, at the provider level.

Brokers likewise need to venture up and take a long haul perspective of not promising the unimaginable, honing good business ethics and conveying on their promises. Ideally, brokers shouldn\'t require regulators to disclose to them what is good and bad; any sensible, genuine individual can assess what they are doing.

Regulators likewise need to start acting responsibly and cooperate to fabricate a uniform approach that is sensible, legitimate and sufficiently basic for brokers to execute and cling to. The transient, dodgy brokers should be berated and disposed of and guarantee that when a brand is closed, funds are returned to traders.

The affiliates and marketers need to understand that on the off chance that they don\'t make some level of moral marketing, they will slaughter the goose that lays golden eggs. There are a large number of niches out there that have developed and keep on flourishing, without all the soil, which demonstrates that great business practices today will guarantee the goose continues laying golden eggs for quite a while.

Where to from here?

There is no opportunity to keep blame dispensing or talking in circles – every one of the stakeholders now need to pull together and begin cooperating to balance out and tidy up the business. On the off chance that we don\'t make a move now, everybody will feel significantly more agony before it can improve, if at all!

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Bitcoin is the rave of the moment. It is what every business is considering adopting or not. In a recent video, Bill Gates was spotted talking about Bitcoin. Many people want to know how to earn money from Bitcoin. One of such ways is to first, make Bitcoin and then sell them.

In this post, you will get to learn several ways to earn Bitcoin which you can, in turn, sell for money. Bitcoin is very fragile, and you must handle yours with care, to keep your fund safe, you must not reveal your address unless unavoidable, your wallet must be kept safe. These and a few more are precautions you must take to keep your coins safe from hackers.

4 simple ways to make money with Bitcoin

1. Try Faucets

This is for anyone who does not mind games or performing simple activities. All they need is have a Bitcoin wallet. Then they have to go to some websites to solve their captcha, and they will be rewarded with Satoshi, these are fragments of Bitcoin, (just as the Cent is to the dollar). Usually, owners of these sites make money from ads placed on their websites. Anyone who visit their sites to complete the captcha or complete short survey questions receive a fraction of what is collected from the advertiser by the site owners.

Each turn takes around five minutes in usual cases. Although it may take longer to collect a significant amount of Bitcoin, the faucet programs surely give bits of Bitcoin to everyone who is new to the world of Bitcoin. And getting this digital money for free is cool. There are some big and trusted Faucets that have repeatedly sent out payments to their users, and many of them include the Bitcoin Zebra, Free Bitcoin, Pocket dice and moon Bitcoin.

2. Play Mobile games

There are some important and cool applications have come into existence in the Bitcoin and Android world. Some of them have already been written about on CCN. A typical example is Oh-Crop. The game is similar to Plants vs. Zombies, where the player must defeat the evil plants in the game. The Players gain free Bitcoin, and the game has scenes akin to that of faucets where they need to see a video ad and receive a payment. There are also coin flipper which offers a situation for recovering flappy birds lovers to play and get some rewards, for the time spent with a free Bitcoin balance. You can also earn by playing multiplayer games, and refer others. Battlecoin.org is a source of earning free bitcoins in this manner.

3. Get Bitcoin by watching or seeing Short Videos

One of the platforms for earning Bitcoin by viewing short videos is vidybit. All required of you is an email account for XAPO or any Bitcoin address. Then, you are expected to watch some short videos which last for less than a minute and get free bitcoins. Your account will be credited instantly for any video you see. Those who decide to use a Bitcoin address to receive payments must earn about 5430 satoshis before receiving their payment.

Vidybit is about the first and remains the only video system that instantaneously pays users with Bitcoin while providing unlimited videos, and also provides a higher amount. It provides multi-channel and unlimited ones too, making earning bitcoins comfortable while watching videos all day. BitcoinGet also allows the user to get free Bitcoin for seeing videos, performing tasks, and completing offers.

4. Get involved in Bitcoin trading

Apart from the fear of hackers and stolen funds as it happened to Bitfinex and a host of others, you can earn bitcoins by trading them as well, and also with other digital currencies. The Basic speculation is to buy when it is low, wait for the price to rise and then sell them at a higher rate to generate profits. Repeat the process again and again. Understanding market trends and price models are vital. Bitcoin profit could also be through arbitration, which buys cheap here and sell it at a higher price there. These are cool ways to earn money from Bitcoin. Feel free to join into anyone, or you can simultaneously try all. There is a need for multiple streams of income you know.

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Latest automated forex robot is the WinForexBot. You\'re only required to download and install this robot and you\'re good to go.

Who stays behind WinForexBot?

Unfortunately, winforexbot.com didn\'t provide any names so we don\'t know who we\'re dealing with, and that\'s the first sign of a scam.

How WinForexBot Works?

Just like they didn\'t provide any names, they didn\'t mention any formulas nor algorithms either. This means that we have absolutely no idea how this system works, and because of that, we shouldn\'t trust such anonymous system.

Disturbing things found!

While investigating their website, we discovered quite a mistake. Once you click on the \"sign in\" button, you\'re redirected to some WordPress template website - meaning that they didn\'t set up their website correctly.

We found out that the robot trades binary options, yet they said that it trades with forex. Lies here, anonymity there, how are we supposed to trust them?

What happens when you register on winforexbot.com website?

After registering for an account, you\'re offered to try out their free demo account. This demo account is made in such way that you\'ll always be winning. However, you\'re trading with virtual money on an non-existing market. This way, they make you think that trading is easy and very lucrative, and soon enough, they expect you to make a real account and fund it with real money. However, trading with real money on real market has nothing in common with trading with demo account. The real market can be cruel and requires experience and knowledge. Don\'t fall for this scam!

WinForexBot Scam Review - Conclusion!

Based on our detailed investigation, we can easily conclude that we\'re dealing with a fraudulent system and we recommend you to not opt for this robot. There are other ways to earn money, and one of them certainly isn\'t investing into the scam. Stay away from this offer and remember - trade safe.

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XTrade Binary Robot represents one of the latest auto trading services that trades binary options. Allegedly, it\'s completely free and operates with 90% win rate.

Who stays behind Xtrade Binary Robot?

Even though they provided some contact info on Xtradebinary.com, we still didn\'t find company name nor the owner standing behind this. This is a first sign of an online fraud.

How Xtrade Binary Robot Works?

Unfortunately we didn\'t find any information saying how this service works. Not a single algorithm nor formula was mentioned.

Disturbing things found!

As soon as you sign up for an account, you\'re offered to try out their demo account. Keep in mind that with this account, you\'re trading with virtual money on an non-existing market. They made demo trading in a way that you\'ll always be winning trades. The reason for this is because they wanted to make you think how trading is easy and lucrative and to make you fund real account with real money. However, as soon as you\'d do that, you\'ll be facing the real market which has nothing in common with the virtual one used for demo trading. Without the experience and knowledge, you\'d soon lose all of your cash and end up crying and thinking where did you go wrong.

More Alarming things!

On their Xtradebinary.com website you\'ll see some awards dating from 2016. However, whois.com reports that this website was registered in 2017 - so how could those awards be earned in 2016 if they didn\'t exist back then?

One of the worst tricks they tried to pull off are fake testimonials. They just used stock photos with fake names and made up earnings.

XTrade Binary Robot Scam Review - Conclusion!

We\'ve encountered so many bad things that nothing can change our opinion now. Xtrade Binary Robot is a scam offer which should be avoided by any matters. Not only that you won\'t earn thousands of dollars with this system, but you\'ll end up losing your hard-earned money.

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New trading software was launched to the binary options industry, and it\'s Trade Bot Plus. This automated system can be used even by newbie traders.

Who stays behind Trade Bot Plus Solution?

Not a single name was mentioned on tradebotplus.com. We don\'t have the name of the company, we don\'t have the name of the owner and there\'s no contact info. First major flaw and an indicator that we\'re dealing with a fraudulent company.

How Trade Bot Plus Works?

Allegedly, this system analyzes the market and then executes trades on his own. However, you get to opt for a trading method - Classic System, Martingale System or Fibonacci System. The thing is that you need to pay for a broker in order to execute trades. They didn\'t mention any brokers and that\'s quite suspicious and it means that we shouldn\'t trust them.

Disturbing things found!

As soon as you sign up for an account, you\'re offered to try out their demo account. Don\'t! This is just another way to scam you. With the demo account, they\'ll easily trick you into thinking that trading is easy and lucrative (since they program demo trading to always end up in your favor). Soon, you\'ll be funding real account with real money. Keep in mind that real trading has nothing in common with demo trading! You\'ll end up losing all of your hard-earned cash.

The worst thing is that we\'ve already seen such scams just under different names such as Option Robot and TBO Trading.

Trade Bot Plus Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

Our thorough investigation helped us realize that tradebotplus.com has nothing to offer and that we should stay away from this scam offer called Trade Bot Plus.

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Latest trading tools used on the Markets is the TNT Trading Software. Allegedly, daily profits start from $100 - $200 but that amount keeps growing.

Who is Timothy Tibbits?

The creator of TNT Trading Software is Mr. Timothy Tibbits. Unfortunately, we didn\'t manage finding any relevant information about Mr. Timothy, except for what we\'ve found on his tnt-trading.co website. Anonymity is one of the first signs that indicate a fraud.

How TNT Trading Software Works?

It uses the Support and Resistance technique. Even though they are not allowed to mention any more details, they said that the average win rate is 80%. They\'ve even got few people and companies \"proving\" that the win rate really is around 80%, but since we didn\'t even hear the name of the company standing behind this fraud, how are we supposed to trust anything they say?

Disturbing things found!

The alleged attorney for Timothy Tibbits, Mr. Greg Morris, is actually a made up character who works for an non-existing company.

They even said themselves that they are using actors (at the bottom of the tnt-trading.co).

More Alarming things!

As soon as you register for an account, you\'ll have to opt for a broker, and yet, not a single broker was mentioned during the video promotion. Without names, we can\'t check if the broker has the license or not. On top of that, without the company and owner\'s information, if we end up being scammed, we won\'t know who to sue!

TNT Trading Software Scam Review - Conclusion!

Unfortunately, tnt-trading.co didn\'t provide any trustworthy information. Bunch of lies and fakes promises led us to concluding that this online fraud called TNT Trading Software should be avoided.

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Latest trading algorithm is TAI Robotic software which was developed by Alex Knecht. For the first time, AI (artificial intelligence) is integrated in trading binary options. This trading platform seems good even for newbie traders.

What\'s Special?

As soon as you sign up for an account, you can opt for one of many brokers that they provided for us.

TAI Robotic Trend Indicator - How it works?

It\'s using the same technology that\'s being used by Tesla (AI). Because of that, high performance is guaranteed. Also, the fact that people are comparing TAI Robotic with SIRI, Tesla and other successful companies just proves how trustworthy this offer is.

How the platform of TAI Robotic works?

You\'re offered to opt for one of the two trading methods - Long Terms or high frequency trading(HFT). HFT represents trading turbo positions (expiry time - 60 seconds to 5 minutes). Algorithm skips trades that don\'t offer good strikes and looks for another correlation. On the other hand, we\'ve got long-term algorithms which rely on long trades.

Alex Knecht - the creator?

Since Alex is not part of the financial industry, we didn\'t find much information about him, but we do know that he works for great German company that\'s oriented towards the car industry.

What the industry says about this system?

TAI Robotic shows quite good results. If you try searching up them, you\'ll only encounter positive feedback, and that\'s a big plus.

Our experience with TAI Robotic?

The winning rate was somewhere between 70% and 90%. Even though this range seems quite wide, we still managed to earn $1500 within 5 days, with an initial investment of $250.

TAI Robotic Review - Conclusion!

TAI Robotic doesn\'t require any additional investments! All you need to do is to invest the amount of money you want to trade and you\'re almost guaranteed to win with this amazing trading algorithm. We hope that you\'ll try out this system on your own and that you\'ll earn even more money than we did!

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Nasa Trader Project is apparently based on mathematical methods that enable real-time market analysis. It\'s also free and it only requires you to register.

Who stays behind Nasa Trader Project?

Even though we\'ve run a thorough investigation, we couldn\'t find any names nor contact info. The only thing we encountered was the face of the alleged \"presenter\" which we\'ve already seen with other scams, like Crack Brokers Software and High Frequency Trader. On top of everything, we found that exact face on the fiverr.com meaning that we\'re dealing with paid actor. This scam offer seemed suspicious from the first moment, and the fact that they use paid actors just proves that we weren\'t wrong.

How Nasa Trader Project Works?

This software allegedly takes data from the NASA itself and operates with 94% win rate. This is by far one of the worst lies ever. There\'s no way that any bogus company will get access to NASA files, and on top of that, 94% win rate? I don\'t think so.

Disturbing things found!

Strong evidence against the Nasa Trader Project is the fact that they claim they have access to NASA files.

94% success rate is too high for any program or person to achieve. It\'s hard reaching something like that, and it\'s especially hard maintaining that.

More Alarming things!

Generating trading signals actually represents giving financial advices, and you need to have a license in order to do so. However, Nasa Trader Project didn\'t prove to have such license.

What happens when you register on nasatraderproject.com website?

As soon as you sign up for an account, you\'re automatically assigned a certain broker which you need to fund with $250 or you won\'t be able to start trading. The bad side of this is that they didn\'t mention any brokers meaning that we can\'t investigate whether those brokers have the license or not.

Nasa Trader Project Scam Review - Conclusion!

We\'ve found enough evidence to prove that the bogus company standing behind Nasa Trader Project should be avoided big time. Don\'t sign up for this offer, don\'t invest $250 in it, and that will be your best investment at the moment.

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FinTecBot is a new auto-trading software which offers demo account with $1000 on it. Since it\'s \"completely free\" and automated, we decided to investigate this offer.

Who stays behind FinTecBot?

Unfortunately, we didn\'t find any valuable information on fintecbot.com. No information about the company nor the owner.

How FinTecBot Works?

FinTecBot is based on the ATR 1.0 (Auto Trading Robot) which makes decisions on his own. Allegedly, this system has overcome all the issues that are well-known with trading binary options. ATR implements the so-called trade-on-price trigger which allows you to get the strike rate you want.

Disturbing things found!

Generating trading signals represents giving financial advices and a company must have the license in order to provide financial advices. They even said that they don\'t have the license to provide investment advice. This is a first sign of a fraud.

Testimonials listed on fintecbot.com are fake! We know that because we\'ve seen some of the exact people as \"loyal members\" of some other offers which turned out to be scams as well.

More alarming things!

You are offered to try out their demo account with $1000 on it. However, this is not a good idea. You\'ll be trading with money that\'s not yours (nor real) for trading on fake market. After winning many trades (because you can\'t lose when trading with demo account), you\'ll think that trading is easy and soon you\'ll go and fund a real account with real money. Keep in mind that trading with real money on real market has nothing in common with trading with demo account. Real market requires lots of knowledge and experience in order to win trades. As soon as you fund your real account, you\'ll lose all of your hard-earned cash in no time.

In order to trade, you need a broker, and yet, fintecbot.com didn\'t mention any brokers. Not only that you don\'t know whether they\'ll provide any or not, you also can\'t make sure whether their brokers are licensed or not. If not, you shouldn\'t trust them.

FinTecBot Scam Review - Conclusion!

Unfortunately, we\'ve encountered too many bad things related to this scam offer and we didn\'t find any promising words. Based on our thorough investigation, we can easily conclude that the FinTecBot is a fraud which we should all stay away from.

auto trading software, trading binary options, fraud, scam offer, FinTecBot
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Crypto Trader promises to generate you more than $5000 per day. Allegedly, it\'s completely free and can be used from any computer. Besides that, this is an automated system. Since they promised the unachievable (becoming a millionaire within no time), we decided to investigate this offer and see whether it\'s real or if it\'s just another scam.

Who is David Richman?

The developer of Crypto Trader, David Richman, seems to be a \"hacker\", breaking codes and making a profitable software. However, the only information we managed to find regarding David Richman was the information coming from his website crypto-trader.co. We didn\'t even find company\'s name. Anonymity is strong reason for marking offers suspicious.

How Crypto Trader Works?

As David claims, this system uses algorithms to scan all of the Markets. After that, system tries to generate trading signals based on the data that the analysis brought. Also, David says that there\'s no investment risk, and the system operates with a 100% win rate.

Disturbing things found!

One of the things that should make you run away from this system is the fact that we found out their testimonials were fake. They even admitted that they used actors.

As you may already know, generating trading signals represents a financial advice. However, in order to provide financial advices, one must have the license. Did anyone mention that Crypto Trader owns the license for that? Not really.

More Alarming things!

Earning $5000 within a day? This is as ridiculous as it is stupid. Nobody can generate such money, whether it was a robot or a person. Besides that, 100% win rate is unachievable by all matters, so we won\'t even waste time explaining how stupid this claim is.

Crypto Trader Scam Review - Conclusion!

We\'ve run a deep investigation on the Crypto Trader, but unfortunately we didn\'t manage finding any evidence proving the trustworthiness of this system. We highly recommend you to stay away from this offer and remember - always do a thorough investigation before deciding to invest into some bogus system.

automated system, scam, suspicious, David Richman, Crypto Trader
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One of the latest automated trading systems is the Binary Options Robot 24. This system helps with trading binary options, promising huge amounts of money. This system generates trading signals and can even trade on his own.

Who stays behind Binary Options Robot 24?

Unfortunately, binaryoptionsrobot24.com didn\'t provide company name nor contact info. This is one of the first signs of a fraudulent company.

How Binary Options Robot 24 Works?

Allegedly, this system offers 3 different trading methods and 500 signals and signal combinations.

Disturbing things found!

First serious problem we encountered during our investigation is that generating trading signals represents giving financial advices, which you need to own a license for. However, Binary Options Robot 24 doesn\'t mention any licenses.

Second serious problem - this system is available for free of charge? Keep in mind that nobody will ever offer you a method for earning great amounts of money, without having to pay for it in the first place. After all, you need a broker in order to start trading, and you\'ll usually have to invest at least $250 into your broker.

What happens when you register on binaryoptionsrobot24.com website?

As soon as you sign up for an account, you\'re offered to start trading with demo account. This is their way of making you believe how easy trading is and tricking you into funding real account with real money. However, trading with their \"demo\" account is nowhere near close to real trading. Don\'t fall for this scam!

Binary Options Robot 24 Scam Review - Conclusion!

After our thorough investigation, we realized that Binary Options Robot 24 is nothing but a scam with bunch of anonymous fraudsters standing behind it. We highly recommend you to stay away from this offer.

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The name Auto Trading Robot speaks for itself. This trading robot offers 100% ITM 0-risk trading robot that could automate trading binary options.

Who stays behind Auto Trading Robot?

Unfortunately, we didn\'t find any information about the company or the owner standing behind this bogus offer.

How Auto Trading Robot Works?

Auto Trading Robot is a trading robot that executes trades on his own. It analyzes the marketplace and trades binary options on your behalf. This offer seems good even for newbie traders that don\'t have the experience that softwares usually require.

Disturbing things found!

As we\'ve already mentioned, because of lack of the information, it\'s obvious that we\'re quite suspicious towards this offer.

As soon as you register for an account, you\'re offered to try out their demo account. We hope that you won\'t fall for this trick! When trading with demo account, you\'re not using your own money and the trades are not real - they are made in a way that you\'ll always end up winning. They want you to trick you into funding real account with real money. However, keep in mind that real trading has nothing in common with trading with demo accounts, so please, stay away from this lame offer!

Even though they provide certain brokers, how are we supposed to trust them if we don\'t know who\'s standing behind all of this?

Auto Trading Robot Scam Review - Conclusion!

Based on our thorough investigation, we can easily conclude that a fraudulent company stands behind autotradingrobot.com and that we should avoid this offer. Not only that it won\'t bring any money to us, but it will also make us lose all of our hard-earned cash!

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To pull in binary options traders to forex, you have to summarize forex trading into its most basic components.

With the written work is on the wall for binary options, numerous brokerages are picking not to forsake ship together, yet rather simply hop ship from binary to forex.

Yes, they\'re totally extraordinary financial instruments, however as insane as the thought sounds; the traders themselves may not be such unique individuals. The variables that pull in traders to binary options can be emphasized, and now and again recreated, in forex trading. In this article we consider ways that binary options brokerages can utilize their current marketing tools to now target forex traders, as they get ready to make their hop.

Online Accessibility

Similar traders who are pulled in to binary options due to its online availability are likewise prone to be pulled in to forex for a similar reason. Both trading instruments have a tendency to be traded online and have the adaptability of being traded whenever, as long as the underlying asset market is open.

This part of online accessibility which you are probably going to as of now be emphasizing for your mobile trading applications ought to be applied to how you advertise your forex services. Profitss can be made for both financial instruments by grabbing a brilliant opportunity at whatever point it comes up. Elevate your capacity to enable customers to keep their finger on the budgetary heartbeat, and you\'ll keep your customers keen on knowing more.

Trade on Small Capital

Not at all like huge numbers of the other trading instruments, be they commodities, indices, stocks or futures, is the advantage of trading forex, similar to binary options, that it just requires a little amount of beginning capital. The usual amount for a trade in both these industries is $100 and all the time even not as much as that. Because of risk considerations in the two instruments, traders tend not to need to put a considerable measure on every individual trade, however this has a tendency to illuminate their trading style, which will move pleasantly into forex.

Trading Strategy

The contrasts between trading binary options and forex can be tended in the way you support your traders in building up their trading strategy. A big distinction between forex and binary options is the variability. In binary options you know your risk and reward potential from the start, in forex you don\'t. Be that as it may, what you can do in forex is build up a trading strategy with clear stop loss and profit margins, so the trade is sold when one of these is hit, constraining the potential for a loss to raise.

Marketing campaigns should concentrate on helping customers to create vigorous trading plans. This can incorporate blogs on tips for creating trading plans, educational videos on executing a trading plan and promoting the utilization of a forex demo account for customers to find out their trading style.

Simplicity and Transparency

Most binary options traders are pulled in to the simplicity and transparency that accompanies trading this instrument. To pull in these same customers into forex, you have to summarize forex trading into its most simple components.

To improve the traders point of view of transparency, you can clarify the advantage of defining the limits of their trade themselves where they can predetermine the measure of risk that they will go up against. What\'s more, regarding the matter of risk, you ought to likewise emphasize the better chances in forex trading where you can win everything set in your profit margin, while in binary options a win ordinarily just pays out 60% to 80% of your trade.

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Best Trading Software! How can one approach looking over the plenty on offer? Free or Premium trading software are today offered by brokers or tech companies. Nonetheless, picking the best trading software can be overwhelming to new day traders. This post will concentrate on the features of the best products in the market.

Instructions to Choose The Best Trading Software

Binary options signal software or automated traders are instruments which new traders can utilize with a specific end goal to facilitate their day trading.

Diverse Types of Trading Software – Choosing the Best Trading Software

With a specific end goal to locate the best trading software, we initially need to comprehend which are the kinds of software systems accessible to day traders in binary options.

Here is an option of the best trading software systems available in the business:

1. Signal software system: Signal software is a system whereby a trader will get cautions to take trade set ups. The trader will then need to act physically on the signals on the broker’s platform.

The advantage of such software is that they are typically very precise and depend on analysis made by expert traders who are scanning the Markets for trade opportunities. The disadvantage of signal software is timing. In the event that the day trader does not act in a convenient way, the chance of entering at the appropriate price might be lost.

2. Semi-automatic software systems – semi automated systems work in essentially an indistinguishable way from signal software. Be that as it may, a trader will have the capacity to execute the trades from the platform of the product itself, instead of login to broker’s platform and manually take the trade.

The advantage of this system is that if a trader is signed on to the system, he can take the trades a similar minute that they are transmitted.

The hindrance is that if the trader is not signed on, at that point he can\'t execute any trades.

3. Fully automated software systems. A completely automated system is a robot which takes trades for your benefit. A signal is triggered from the software, and in view of the parameters which the trader will set, the software at that point naturally trade on the day-traders-account.

The upside of this is that a trader with little or no learning can turn into an active trader. There is no compelling reason to devote whenever to trading once you set your parameters.

The downside of automated trading is that you have to know when to deactivate the product. A robot can\'t trade amid time of outrageous volatility because of news releases with high effect.

Which is the Best Trading Software for Me?

Above all else, in the event that you are new to trading, you should choose which type of software is most appropriate for your way of life and trading skills.

Are you involved in trading and have sufficient time to trade, or would you say you are trading \"in a hurry\"? Another inquiry you have to ask yourself is whether you are sincere about trading and might want to take in more about it and end up plainly successful.

On the off chance that you are recently searching for some additional money online, at that point most likely automated trading is the best trading software for you. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you need to obscure regular income, and give yourself consistent profits, at that point you have to wind up noticeably more engaged in trading.

Whatever your own circumstance is, there are some vital elements that stay genuine, whatever your stand.

1. User-Friendly software. A key factor that makes remain above others in meeting all requirements for the \"best trading software\" class, is a platform that is generally simple to utilize. On the off chance that a platform is natural, and does not require ability, it positions high in getting the best trading software award. On the off chance that you are a rookie and you can deal with a software without much learning, this is a key qualifying factor.

2. \"Trade on the Go\" of the Mobile application work is another commonsense and vital element. For most merchants, setting up trades, is not their bread and spread, and they are more often than not on the run. Given how feverish life is, you should in this way pick a framework which is 100% synchronized and practical on your advanced cell or tablet.

3. Systems which offer extra data. As a rule today, the best trading software will provide real time charts, and news releases. Both are essential factors keeping in mind the end goal to get great value information. Today even rookie traders know that they ought not to trade without consulting the Economic Calendar. Having this essential data accessible at the tip of your fingers, saves you time. You additionally have a superior probability of getting trades at the fortunate time. In this manner if more data that is given by the software, at that point it turn out to be more significant.

How can I maintain a strategic distance from Scam and locate the Best Trading Software?

On the off chance that you are new to trading, you should comprehend those binary options is a generally better approach for trading the Forex and commodity Markets. Fortunately today the binary options market is ending up noticeably more regulated. Be that as it may, this does not imply that the business is not pulling its fair share of scam software systems.

Here are a couple of speedy tips which can enable you to stay away from scam, and recognize the scam from the genuine systems.

  • Try not to trust that you can turn into a millionaire overnight. Systems that guarantee you untold fortunes are scams.
  • Try not to be brought in with heavy tactics. This is an exemplary move from con artists. Try not to be rushed to make a quick membership however being informed that you are near losing your space. This is a fake counter.
  • Cheap actors and stolen stock pictures are generally used to pretend that genuine traders are making heaps of cash. On the off chance that you don\'t know how to recognize genuine and fake testimonials, simply register with a forum and discover what every other person is stating.

Instructions to Choose the Best Trading Software – Additional Tips.

On the off chance that you are considering adding software to your trading toolbox, at that point you ought to likewise include these extra tips of data to your hunt:

1. Is the software a promotion by the broker to get you on their platform? Or, then again is it independent software which has been intended to go about as an appropriate signals tool? Brokers can be real or scam. Moreover their software system will as needs be either scam or real. If all else fails, make inquiries on discussions.

2. Is the software free for a couple of days, as a promotion to pull in new clients, or is it at an expense? Look out for systems which seem, by all accounts, to be free but later will approach you for a monthly membership. Knowing your dedication is constantly essential. Knowing how to unsubscribe on the off chance that you are not content with the software is considerably more vital.

3. Try not to open yourself to superfluous risk. Most systems give you the choice to diminish trading. Meaning, that you can control the value of the trades and additionally the recurrence of the trades. Do appropriate Money Management and never confer more than you can bear to lose.

Conclusion – What is the Best Trading Software?

Similarly as with everything else, the best trading software is generally the flavor of the month. In any case, software systems, for example, Copy Trader and Lexington Code that have been in the market for adequate time and tried and tested by genuine traders, would be a decent bet.

You should likewise know that a few systems begin off on a decent performance level, and later may experience technical issues. In this manner, never underestimate any software, and do stay large and in charge by looking at the performance level all the time.

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Second Investment offers us many things - financial advisers, education, daily analyses, as well as trading with their platform. All you have to do is to opt for a type of account and you\'re good to go.

Who stays behind Second Investment?

There\'s no information saying who owns this company and who stands behind those promises.

How Second Investment Works?

They didn\'t explain how this system works and how are you supposed to trade and earn the money. Secondinvestment.com doesn\'t provide any valuable information, except that it provides trading signals which you\'re supposed to follow. We still have no idea what strategy they are using and what algorithm are their methods based on.

Disturbing things found!

Because we have no idea who runs this company and how do things work around there, we have no choice but to mark this as fraudulent offer. On top of everything, they dare to ask for $500 in order to access their platform. Not to mention that $500 represents the minimal possible initial investment which grants you nothing but access to their academy and some e-books - if you want more things, you\'ll have to invest even more. You\'ll also have to invest some money into your broker\'s wallet in order for him to start working with you.

They didn\'t even put effort in providing you a broker, meaning that you have to hire it on your own. This scam just reveals way too many bad sides and not a single trustworthy one.

More Alarming things!

Thanks to fiverr.com we found out that they were using paid actors, meaning that the testimonials that Second Investment provided are fake.

Second Investment Scam Review - Conclusion!

Unfortunately, we weren\'t able to find any promising fact that will make us trust this system and invest into it. Based on everything that we found out, we can easily conclude that you should stay away from this system no matter what lies you hear about it. Trade safe!

financial advisers, trading platform, fraudulent offer, scam, Second Investment
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Millionaire Methods represents a completely automated software which is able to generate great amounts of money for you. Allegedly, it\'ll turn you into a millionaire quickly. Your job is just to register an account and enjoy the yield.

Who stays behind Millionaire Methods?

Owner of the Twin Peak Profits, Mr. Ryan Dennis, is the creator of Millionaire Methods as well! However, we weren\'t able to find any valuable information regarding Ryan Dennis nor his company. Also, his website millionairemethods.biz lacks a major amount of information - they didn\'t provide any names, contact info, nothing. This is very suspicious!

How Millionaire Methods Works?

The only thing we managed to find out regarding how this system works is that it uses more than 4000 combinations, and that\'s it. It\'s very unprofessional and suspicious that they didn\'t tell us more details on how their \"genuine\" system works. Based on this anonymity, we can only conclude that we\'re dealing with a bogus offer.

Disturbing things found!

Thanks to the fiverr.com website, we easily found out that the Millionaire Methods was using paid actors, stock photos, and so on.

Here\'s one of the most ridiculous stories we\'ve ever seen. In promo video, Ryan picks up \"random people\" of street with his limousine, introduces them to the Millionaire Methods and just like that, people start making money. Not a single normal and rational person would ever agree to something like that even on the streets of any safe cities - especially not on the streets of New York!

What happens when you register on Millionaire Methods website?

After you give them your e-mail, you\'re asked to pay $47 in order to continue the registration. After that, you need to provide your credit card number - don\'t do that! Their website does not use secured protocol (https), meaning that the data you\'re providing them is not secure and can easily be stolen.

Another bad thing is that they didn\'t mention any broker\'s name. How are we supposed to trust them, if we can\'t run a background check on their broker in order to find out if he has a license or not?

Millionaire Methods Scam Review - Conclusion!

There isn\'t a single thing that tells us that we should trust this company. No names, not enough information, everything remains blurry. Long story short, you should avoid this system no matter what. Good luck and keep trading safe!

completely automated software, genuine system, bogus offer, Millionaire Methods, Ryan Dennis
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Option Robot Pro represents a new automated platform for trading binary options. This software comes with reduced risk and high win rate.

Who stays behind Option Robot Pro?

Nobody provided information regarding the company standing behind the Option Robot Pro. Not even optionrobotpro.com gives any names, contact info, not even an e-mail. Without this basic but crucial information, this platform instantly becomes suspicious.

How Option Robot Pro Works?

We get to set up our own strategy by choosing 6 indicators that they provide. However, this is just a way for them to secure themselves in order of your losses - they\'ll say that you came up with the strategy on your own and they had nothing to do with it. Besides that, they didn\'t talk about any formulas nor algorithms, so we still don\'t have any idea how this whole thing works.

Disturbing things found!

This software offers you the option to cut down the losses. This is the most ridiculous and stupid thing ever. In the financial world, there is no such thing as cutting down the losses. Because of this, we find it very hard not to label this as a pure scam.

What happens when you register on optionrobotpro.com website?

As soon as you sign up for an account, you\'re redirected to the demo trading account. There, you can trade with fake money on fake Markets. This whole idea is made just so they trick you into thinking that you\'ll always be winning and they make you transfer to a real account which you have to fund with your own, real money. However, real market trades with real money have nothing to do with demo trading! Real trading requires real experience and lots of knowledge.

In order to trade Binary Options, you\'re required to have a broker. Yet, optionrobotpro.com didn\'t mention any brokers, and without names, we can\'t check their legitimation. How are we then supposed to trust them?

Option Robot Pro Scam Review - Conclusion!

Unfortunately, we didn\'t manage to find any positive signs that this system is trustworthy. All we\'ve encountered was fake promises and ridiculous statements. Based on this, we mark this system as a pure scam which you should stay away from!

automated platform, trading binary options, suspicious, scam, Option Robot Pro
Scott Evans
26.07. 2017 20:12  | 

ICoin Market is a trading software that allows you to trade with cryptocurrencies. Allegedly, this platform makes trading quite simple, but we\'ll see if that really is the truth.

Who stays behind ICoin Market?

Not a single name was mentioned on their website. They did provide an e-mail and an address, but still no company\'s name, phone number, owner\'s name, nothing. Quite a suspicious company, without contact information and names.

How ICoin Market Works?

There was no information on how does the ICoin Market works. No formulas, algorithms, strategies were mentioned.

Disturbing things found!

They are talking about 200% profit. This means that you can buy 1 BTC for $2487 and sell it at least for $4974. 200% profit is a big deal and you shouldn\'t trust anyone who promises you that kind of easy money.

They are even offering financial advices, but they need a license in order to do such thing. However, just like we don\'t know anything about them, we also don\'t know if they have that kind of license or not. Point is - this bogus system can\'t be trusted.

ICoin Market Scam Review - Conclusion!

We\'ve run through the entire icoinmarket.com and didn\'t find any trustworthy information. Bunch of lies and unrealistic promises. ICoin Market is definitely a scam, so make sure to avoid it!

trading software, cryptocurrencies, suspicious company, bogus system, ICoin Market
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One of the latest platforms for trading binary options is Direct Signals. It allows you to trade with multiple assets. Allegedly, this software works with 90% win rate.

Who stays behind Direct Signals?

We couldn\'t find any information saying who\'s the owner of the company. We also didn\'t find any contact info, not even e-mail. Anonymity is a first sign of a bogus system.

How Direct Signals Works?

The only thing they said is that they combine some great strategies and indicators, but they still didn\'t reveal any formulas nor algorithms. They didn\'t explain anything!

Disturbing things found!

This system is supposed to generate signals for you, which you\'re then supposed to follow. However, generating signals is considered as giving financial advices, and you need to have a license for something like that. However, they didn\'t show their license!

Allegedly, their system can determine opportunities in up or down Markets, meaning that you\'ll always be able to figure out the profit, no matter what\'s the state of the market. Even though this seems tempting, anyone who has ever trader before will easily tell you that this is just bunch of lies. The fact that they claim how the market\'s state has no impact on your trade is one of the dumbest claims ever.

More alarming things!

At first, they offer you to try out their demo account. Trading with demo accounts represents trading with virtual money on a virtual market - this means that you won\'t have any idea how the real market behaves! Besides that, they want to lure you into creating a real account and funding it with real money, which you\'ll lose in no time!

On top of everything, keep in mind that you must have a broker in order to trade Binary Options. We didn\'t find any brokers mentioned on directsignals.com. How are we supposed to trust a company and its brokers, if we have no idea what\'s the name of the company and the name of a broker? Also, without the name of a broker, we\'re not able to check for the broker\'s legitimation. If you end up being scammed, you won\'t be able to sue them as you have no idea who\'s standing behind this bogus system!

Direct Signals Scam Review - Conclusion!

Without a single good thing, we have no other choice but to mark this as a bogus system which we should avoid no matter what. Don\'t let fake promises lure you into investing into this fraudulent system - you\'ll end up losing all of your money.

platform, trading binary options, bogus system, Direct Signals
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Looking to \"earn\" $3000 today? Try out Certified Profits! This offer allegedly promises that you\'ll turn into a millionaire within no time. Just sign up and start earning. However, all of this seems way too good to be true, so we\'ll do some investigation.

Who is Phillip Diamond?

Phillip Diamond started his own binary options trading company - certifiedprofits.co. Only two things we were able to find were relation between the certifiedprofits.co and Phillip Diamond, and customer service\'s e-mail on that website. Without information about the company and it\'s owners, as well as contact info, we shouldn\'t trust anyone.

How Certified Profits Works?

They didn\'t mention any formulas nor algorithms that their system was based on - this is a huge sign of a scam.

Disturbing things found!

By checking out whois.com, we found out that certifiedprofits.co was registered on 14th June, 2017. This means that testimonials saying that someone\'s life has changed in January are a complete lie. Besides, people standing behind these testimonials are fabricated users (fake names with stock photos).

Claim saying that Certified Profits earned more than $10 millions last year is bogus as well - just remember that we found out that their website was registered in June, 2017!

More Alarming things!

The highest-class member of Certified Profits, John, seems to be a paid actor (check out fiverr.com). Another evidence showing that we\'re dealing with a fraudulent company.

What happens when you register on certifiedprofits.co website?

As soon as you sign up, you\'re asked to invest $250 in order to activate your broker\'s account. However, they didn\'t tell us the broker\'s name so we can\'t trust someone we don\'t know.

On top of everything, they ask you to make an investment via their form. If you take a good look, you\'ll see that they are not using safe protocol (https) meaning that the data which you provide them (credit card number) can easily be stolen.

Certified Profits Scam Review - Conclusion!

We\'ve made a thorough investigation on this company and we\'ve only found bunch of lies and unrealistic promises, meaning that the Certified Profits is nothing but a fraudulent company. Stay away from this offer!

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One of the latest trading platforms that allows us to trade cryptocurrencies is the Crypto Robot 365. You can trade ethereum, bitcoins, ripple and others. All you have to do is to opt for a cryptocurrency and the software will do every else.

Who stays behind Crypto Robot 365?

Unfortunately, they didn\'t provide any names nor phone numbers. The only thing they left is their e-mail. Based on this, we got quite suspicious as they didn\'t want to allow users to contact them - maybe because it\'s all just a scam? We\'ll see.

How Crypto Robot 365 Works?

First of all, you\'ll have to make an initial deposit of $250. The \"good thing\" is that they promise you a good win rate, because their software works in a way that waits for the best volatility and than either sells or buys cryptocurrency.

Disturbing things found!

Internet offers so many useful things! For example, thanks to the free domain age checker, whois.com, we found out that the cryptorobot365.com was registered on July, 2017. However, the creators claim that they launched it in August, 2016. Why would they need to lie, especially knowing that today you can find everything online?

As soon as you visit their page, you\'ll see people claiming that they\'ve made some good money via Crypto Robot 365. Unfortunately, if you run some checks on the Google, you\'ll find out that the photos of alleged traders are actually stock photos, meaning that Crypto Robot 365 tried to scam us.

What happens when you register on cryptorobot365.com website?

At first, they offer you to try out their free demo account. Thanks to that, you can see how \"easy\" it is to trade and on top of that, even if you lose, you won\'t lose real money. However, this is just made in order for you to believe how easy and interesting is to keep win trade after trade. After that, you\'ll want to make a real account and fund it with real money, and that\'s when the real tragedy starts. As soon as you meet real market, you\'ll lose your money in no time.

When you\'re dealing with financial Markets, you need a broker. Suspiciously, cryptorobot365.com didn\'t provide any broker\'s name meaning that we can\'t find out whether the \"broker\" is legitimate or not. Also, another bad thing is that, without a broker\'s name, you can\'t sue them in case they scam you.

Crypto Robot 365 Scam Review - Conclusion!

We literally haven\'t found anything good related to this software. Phony promises, fake testimonials, no broker\'s name. Based on everything we listed above, we highly recommend you to avoid this software and keep your hard-earned money safe.

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Bitcoin Code allows you to earn more than $13,000 per day, by trading bitcoins. It\'s free and promises you to start trading within few minutes.

Who stays behind Bitcoin Code?

The designer and developer of Bitcoin Code trading software is Mr. Steve McKay. Allegedly, this software has generated him more than $18 millions within 6 weeks. Since we wanted to find out more about this guy, after thorough researches, we didn\'t manage finding any valuable information about Steve McKay meaning that this is a phony character, represented with a stock photo.

Besides that, we haven\'t heard any company name, meaning that we have no reasons to trust this bogus offer.

How Bitcoin Code Works?

We didn\'t find any information about how this method works nor what it\'s based on.

Disturbing things found!

They did an awful thing - they hired paid actors and took stock photos in order to create fake testimonials. How do we know that? Just check out Google and Fiverr.com !

Remember how Steve McKay said that he\'s made more than $18 millions within 6 months? How could have he done that, if his website was registered on 19th June, 2017? Check out whois.com and see for yourself!

More Alarming things!

You\'re promised to earn $550 per hour! Think straight - do you really believe that anyone or anything can win that much money every hour? Not a chance!

What happens when you register on thebitcoincode.com website?

As soon as you register an account, you\'ll be asked to deposit an initial investment of $250. First of all, remember how they said that everything will be free, and now all of a sudden, they ask for $250? Besides that, in order to deposit your money and keep trading, you\'ll need to get in touch with a broker. However, they didn\'t mention any broker\'s name, so how are you supposed to trust someone just like that?

Bitcoin Code Scam Review - Conclusion!

Even though we did our best in looking for good sides of this offer, we only found suspicious leads and fake claims. Bitcoin Code is a scam for sure, so don\'t mess with it no matter what.

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Auto Binary Trade represents an automatic binary options trading system. Allegedly, all you need to do is to register an account and make an initial investment, and you\'re good to go. Let\'s find out more about this potential scam.

Who stays behind Auto Binary Trade?

Unfortunately, they didn\'t provide any names, contact info, nothing. This is first sign of a scam, but let\'s keep investigating.

How Auto Binary Trade Works?

Another suspicious thing is that we have no idea how this software works. They didn\'t mention anything about the algorithms this system is based on, no formulas, they didn\'t talk about the process of development - nothing. How are we supposed to trust something that represents a complete black box to us?

Disturbing things found!

They claim that this software generates trading signals and on top of that, makes trades on his own. However, there is some contradiction here.

Generating trading signals can be seen as giving financial advices. In order to give financial advices, you need to have a license. The problem is that we didn\'t see any names nor licenses and because of that, we can\'t sue anyone in case of a scam.

Another thing that seems both fraudulent and ridiculous is their claim that their software has a 96% win rate. This means that their software wins 96 out of 100 trades. As long as your mind is working correctly, you\'ll know for sure that something like this is highly unachievable.

What happens when you register on auto-binary trade.com website?

As soon as you register an account, you\'ll be offered to try their free demo account. The purpose of this account is to show you how easy and interesting trading can be. However, you\'re not trading with real money nor on real market - meaning that you won\'t get any idea of how the real market acts. After you get too confident, you\'ll soon jump into opening a real account and funding it with real money and soon after that, you\'ll end up losing all of your money.

Auto Binary Trade Scam Review - COnclusion!

We believe that we\'ve listed enough bad sides of this \"automatic trading system\" for you to realize that you should not mess with it. Not only that you won\'t earn great amounts of money, but you\'ll also end up losing all of your hard-earned cash. Trade safe!

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There\'s a claim saying that you can earn more than $1000 within a day, by using Anonymous Trade System. Anonymous (the group of hackers) are getting their hands on \"leaked\" information of the stocks 4 minutes before that information reaches to others and by that they are able to make such amount of money.

Who are the creators of this Anonymous Trade System?

The creators seem to be the Anonymous hackers. Especially because of that, we should never trust anything coming from such group. Also,anony.trade didn\'t provide any trustworthy information that should make us trust them.

How Anonymous Trade System Works?

We didn\'t find any information regarding how their trading software works. They just said that they are getting the actual prices before everyone else, and that\'s it.

Disturbing things found!

First of all, it would be illegal to participate in such actions that require hacking Stock Exchange servers. Secondly, we\'re quite sure that the Markets would be closed if the government realized that the servers got hacked. Also, there are things like ridiculous promises ($1000 per day, seriously?) and awful typos on their website.

What happens when you register on anony.trade website?

As soon as you register for an account, you\'re being redirected to their software and offered to try out their demo account. No matter what, you should never build an opinion regarding trading softwares based on demo trading. Once you trade with real money on the real market, then you\'ll be able to see for yourself whether something is good or not. Demo trading is just supposed to lure you into investing real money and losing all of it.

Another bogus thing is that you have to opt for a trading method - Classic, Martingale or Fibonacci. Just think about it - if we already know what\'s going to happen, why would we need to choose a trading method?

On top of everything, you\'re of course required to have a broker in order to trade binary options, and yet, they didn\'t mention any brokers on their website. So how are you supposed to trust them if you have no idea who you\'re working with? Not only that the entire company and software are anonymous, but you also don\'t know who your broker is!

Anonymous Trade Scam Review - Conclusion!

Not a single good thing is related to this bogus offer. Bunch of ridiculous promises and anonymity - we just can\'t trust anyone based on this. Long story short, Anonymous Trade System is a bogus offer which we should all stay away from.

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On the off chance that you are wanting to day trade and profit trading online, there are some vital trading tips to take after for your success. This post concentrates on the 10 Best Trading Tips for Beginners.

As a novice or beginner, the world of trading may look exceptionally entangled. Assuming, in any case, you follow the 10 Best Trading Tips for beginner you can be guaranteed of beginning on the best street to progress.

Figure out How to Trade – 10 Best Trading Tips – Essential for Beginners

Day trading is an exceptionally famous method for profiting online. Earlier trading was limited to the world class few. Be that as it may, recently we have seen the presentation of binary options trading and new easy to understand forex platforms. All things considered, day trading has turned out to be available to any individual who is serious about profiting.

What is Day-Trading and how might you benefit from the Forex Market?

Day-trading is normally, opening positions which are closed around the similar day. This idea turned into a favorite with numerous traders in the mid nineties yet soon got a bad reputation. The reason being, that numerous traders were not ready to follow the 10 Best trading tips for novices. Numerous traders felt that they could simply remain in their night wear and rake millions from home. Nothing could be further from reality.

Day trading can be straightforward however you have to knows the basics. You should have the strategy set up. In this way here is our rundown for the 10 Best Trading Tips for Beginners.

The 10 Best Trading Tips for Beginners

1. Do Not Be Hasty in Your Trade Set Up – Find for the Best Entry Point.

Unfortunately, patience is not a virtue with numerous beginner traders. The market is loaded with circumstances in view of its sheer apprehension. Along these lines, the waiting game, and the right entry points is the important key.

The market works on supply and demand. On the off chance that the price is high however there are purchasers as yet ready to purchase, the price is pushed higher. Sooner or later, the price will turn out to be excessively costly, and the sellers will kick in and push the price down once more.

2. Set Yourself Realistic Price Targets

It is insufficient to know when to bounce on the temporary fad. On account of Forex trading, knowing when to exit, is similarly as essential. In binary trading, setting your expiry, is a key factor that numerous day traders neglect to get a handle on. Beyond any doubt you may figure whether a currency pair will rise and fall against each other, however a rough market may dissolve your officially acknowledged profits.

In this way setting the right expiry time, or building up your \"take profit\" as far as possible is an essential second of the 10 best trading tips for beginners.

3. Join a real social trading community.

Trading can be a great deal additionally fulfilling on the off chance that you join a social trading group. It is essential to join a group that convey legitimate trading signals and not one which is comprised of trading dabblers.

Copy trading can be a phenomenal type of education for a learner. It can likewise be a substantially more secure method for trading, until the point that you figure out how to build up your own particular strategies.

4. Trade on a Demo Account

Demo accounts, offer you the risk free trading, which you require as rookie. The brokers which offer a free trading demo account are not very many. Most brokers will anticipate that you will open a live trading account before they will offer you a free demo account.

Be that as it may, binary options broker like IQ option, will give you a free trading account, without requiring to open a live trading account. These training accounts are significant over the span of your preparation procedure.

For U.S. Traders, Nadex offers a free trading account once you have experienced their careful verification process.

Numerous Forex trading brokers will provide you the free MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. Be that as it may, these might be overwhelming to a novice trader, and excessively confused, making it impossible to get it. Once more, we find that the platform facilities offered by Etoro are the most easy to understand for novice. Etoro will give you a demo account for $100,000 once you open a live trading account, with a minimum opening balance of just $50. They have no expiry time for trading with their \"paper money\" account, and you can explore different avenues regarding their copy trader for outcomes in the process.

In spite of the way that Etoro is regulated by CySec and CFTC – they don\'t acknowledge traders in the United States.

Regardless of whether you are counseling with the best 10 trading tips for beginners, these are largely essential considerations and playing safe is certainly of key significance.

5. Assess your Money Management appropriately.

This tip is as legitimate to be No 1 best trading tip of the Best 10 Trading tips for novices as it is no 5. It is additionally valid for seasoned traders – who have positively just turned out to be successful in their trading for having respected their risk management and their money management.

6. Do Not Be Afraid

On the off chance that you have practiced demo trading for some time, yet feel certain that you can trade on your live account, have confidence in yourself and don\'t be hesitant to hit the \"order\" button.

On the off chance that your trade set up has been relied on the information you have learned in your technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis, and you have taken the money management precautions, at that point don\'t delay. Simply hit the transaction button.

\"Paralysis by Analysis\" is a most loved proverb for beginner traders. You have to comprehend, that you won\'t generally win every one of your trades, regardless of how well you have analyzed. You just need to calculate a few losses the equation. For whatever length of time that your portfolio demonstrates an expansion in its entire value, it is alright to take a couple of losses.

7. Do Not OverTrade

Overtrading is a simple trap to fall into. Particularly in this way, on the off chance that you begin having trading success. See yourself as another driver who has quite recently been given your driving license. It is likely that you will have your first accident, the moment you begin getting to be noticeably presumptuous and over confident with your vehicle.

Trading is fundamentally the same as. Try not to wind up noticeably arrogant and don\'t overtrade. Set yourself every day targets, and once they are accomplished, move yourself far from your trading station. This requires trading discipline. It is additionally an exceptionally normal mistake which beginner traders make, and which could wipe out their accounts.

8. Invest in the Correct Trading Tools

Robots and signal software system, as long as they are legit, are created for the particular reason for improving your trading. Robots are trading instruments, which each trader needs in his trading kit.

Abstain from falling into the trap of going for systems, which guarantee to be \"get rich quick schemes\" they are generally scams. Ensure that your utilize signal software systems, which have been tried and tested by genuine traders.

Tools are by a wide margin another imperative tip in the best 10 trading tips for beginners.

9. Set a Risk Reward Ratio

Your risk vs. reward ratio ought to be set to no less than 3:1 Learn how to risk small and reward huge. Regardless of the possibility that a trade is not going your direction, you should know when to take care of business and take your stop loss in great time. As you obtain experience your risk reward rate should increase even to as high as 5:1

10. New Trade Money That You Cannot Afford to Lose.

Trading can expose you to risk. Along these lines before you put yourself on this money making on the online scheme, ensure that you have your \"savings\" of risk capital. Try not to utilize funds that you need for your education, or your retirement. Extremely successful traders never hit their tallness of accomplishment in the initial couple of months. It takes practice and diligence.

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The market is open 24/5 and everything depends on the time of the day.

Experienced traders are well aware of which asset is more profitable at what time of the day. During the weekend, however, you can trade Bitcoins for example.

Certain trading sessions can overlap, and that represents a good opportunity for traders, since those periods are easier to analyze. Also, the very start and the very end of trading sessions represent a great opportunity too.

Pacific trading session:

The market starts with the Pacific trading session at 21:00 GMT. This trading session is the least volatile so don\'t expect huge price movements.

Experts usually don\'t trade during this session, as they rather analyze the market, making sure that everything is happening as they expected.

During the Pacific trading session, NZD/USD and AUD/USD assets are the most popular ones.


Next trading session is the Asian one, and it starts at 23:00 GMT. Tokyo\'s stock exchange is the first one to open, with Singapore and Hong Kong following it an hour later.

Most popular assets during the Asian trading session are EUR/JPY, USD/JPY, GBP/JPY. Coming right after those, EUR/USD and AUD/USD.

Even though that the market isn\'t too alive during the Asian trading session, the most popular period is closer to the end of it.


The most popular Markets in the Europe are Moscow, Frankfurt, London and Paris - they hold 30% of the total volume of the financial Markets.

The European trading session overlaps with the Asian trading session in the morning, and with American trading session in the evening. However, no aggression is present in the market.

There are many assets available for trading. The ones paired with EUR, CHF and GBP are the most popular ones.


The American trading session starts either at 12:00 GBT or at 13:00 GMT. Keep in mind that the American trading session covers the Canada and Brazil too, besides the US.

Unlike other trading sessions, American trading session is quite volatile and aggressive as participants care about news way too much. News have a huge impact on currency conversion rates and they are announced between 12:00 and 14:00 GMT.

Most traders pay attention to assets that are paired with CAD or USD. The ones who like rapid rate movements often go for the GBP/CHF and GBP/JPY.

In order to achieve success, you need to be able to trade and act right during various trading sessions.

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Turbo options represent a type of binary options, but with a shorter, limited term. Those are the options that you trade on 1, up to 5 minute time frames. Traders trading turbo options are called scalpers.

No matter how you define a scalper, scalpers represent the elite of the market.

Scalping (trading turbo options) is a good method for traders who can\'t afford big initial capital.

If you\'re trading options with short expiration time (1 to 5 minutes), you\'re a scalper as well.

Trading turbo options requires you to act fast, or you\'ll easily get drowned.

In order to survive amongst other scalpers, make sure to find out more about turbo options, and the strategies as well.

Benefits of trading turbo options

First thing you should know is that a scalper and pips-traders are the same people (no difference).

On some sites you can find both average time within a position and the average profit per deal parameter. No matter what, you can\'t \"outsit\" so you must finish the deal at some point. That\'s one of the advantages - you\'re limited in terms of deal time.

First thing you should learn as a newbie trader is that it\'s all about the turnover. You\'ll spend less than 70% on paying the stock and brokers.

You\'re aware of the profit before the deal ends, so you know that you won\'t be paying anything else.

Regular trading terminals require more time, but scalpers have such terminals that you\'ll be spending time on closing deals, rather than on deal completion.

Many softwares are suitable for scalpers, and with IQ option, all you have to do is to choose the direction and determine the time frame.

Economic Calendar

Scalpers can\'t trade on the new because the times that news are announced and time frames just can\'t match - scalpers can\'t prepare for big events.

The calendar can be very useful as it can warn you of the upcoming events that might affect market in a bad way, or the events that will shut down the market (holidays for example).

Rigorous movements shouldn\'t scare you or mess up your balance. Find out what caused these movements.

Too many traders don\'t pay attention to these things that we mentioned above, and they keep losing money without realizing what\'s happening.

Risk management in trading turbo options

Keep in mind that your profit comes of the high turnover. If 6 deals are profitable, out of 10, that is a good situation. Scalping doesn\'t tolerate mistakes, so you\'ll need to step up your game.

Money management is one of the keys to success. Without patience and knowledge, you\'ll be just spending money. But, if you focus, keep stable and wait for the right opportunity, relying on a strong strategy - just wait for it, and you\'ll earn the money. However, strategy is not the only thing that can help you win trades. Trading small amounts and having 10-time margin on your deposit is a good and safe strategy. Also, learn when to stop trading. If you\'ve lost more than 3 trades, 5 in the worst case, leave that session.

Training helps you learn more and prevents newbie losses. Analyze past trades, put yourself in those traders\' spot and see how you\'d do. This is a great step-by-step training which will teach you many things. After the training, you should be prepared for all kinds of situations, and that\'s very important.

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Even though the financial industry can be very complicated, binary options aren\'t that hard to figure out. Thanks to the easy-to-use IQ option platform, trading binary options seems like a piece of cake. The mobile phone application is available for both Android and iOS and you also get a demo account, a minimum deposit of $10 and an intuitive interface.

If you\'re a complete newbie, go to any Forex trading platform and try out the demo account on your own. You\'ll probably encounter many unknown words and charts but you\'ll soon get the hang of it.

In order to be successful at trading, you need to understand what\'s going on. In order to understand everything, you should watch courses, read some literature and focus on seminars. Long story short, you need to work very hard in order to gain knowledge.

There are many different options to choose from, and you can just focus on one thing and become successful at it. Opt for one financial instrument (binary options for example) and soon you\'ll be trading with no trouble.

IQ Option platform was developed specially for trading binary options. If you\'re not familiar with it yet, try out your free demo account and soon you\'ll realize that it\'s not that complicated.

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The moving average (MA) represents one of the most popular technical indicators, and that\'s because it\'s both simple and effective.

\"The moving average is based on past prices and can be categorized as a trend-following indicator. It measures the average price for a particular trading instrument over a specified time period\".

The MA is used for smoothing out the price action, as well as reducing the price noise. There are actually four types of MA. SMA - simple moving average. WMA - weighted moving average. EMA - exponential moving average. SSMA - smoothed simple moving average.

SMA and EMA represent the most popular types of MA. EMA pays more attention to recent prices, assigning them with bigger weights, while SMA represent a simple average of asset prices. SSMA isn\'t used in trading so often, and the WMA is quite important for candlestick chart.

How to set up?

For setting up the indicator within your platform, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the \"Indicators\" section and pick \"MA\".
  2. Then go to the \"Set up and Apply\" tab.
  3. Set the time period and opt for a type of MA, and click \"Apply\".

Long-term trends can be caught by combining SMA with longer time period, while short-term trends can be determined with shorter period EMA. However, long-term SMA will look smoother.

How to use in trading

Even though the MA is quite simple, it can be implemented in many areas of trading.

Determining the existing trend is the area that MA can be implemented in. Thanks to the MA, you can see the real picture.

Besides trend determination, it can be implemented as a resistance and support line. It\'s all about buying if the MA line is located under the price chart, or selling if the MA line is above the price.

MACD, Bollinger Bands and many other indicators are actually based on MA.


Since the MA analyzes the past, we can\'t expect it to predict the future. However, we can get the information that we can use in order to predict future movements.

Keep in mind that, even though the MA is a simple tool, it needs a lot of practice in order to profit from its capability.

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Thanks to the innovations in psychological science industry, traders can now use a technique of introducing essential behavioral changes. According to scientists, mindfulness can be useful in many areas of life, which can directly or indirectly affect your trading. It\'s all about minimizing stress, concentrating, overcoming psychological problems and improving performance in any kind of activities - even trading.

Because of the way the financial industry works, stress is always present and we\'re required to be fully concentrated in order to achieve success.

Improved concentration

By developing mindfulness, you\'re improving your concentration as well as your focus. Also, being mindfully aware, you\'ll be able to notice certain things that you couldn\'t notice before and that might be profitable for you.

Awareness of the present moment

Traders are usually easily distracted by events that occurred in the past, or imagining what might happen in the future. Because of that, they can miss the opportunity to enter good-looking trade. They also often avoid taking risk even though the market provides good opportunities. Anything but focusing on the present is a bad idea and should be avoided. Mindfulness helps eliminating distractions and focusing on the present.

Reducing stress and managing emotions

If you let your emotions control your decisions, you won\'t be earning any money - you\'ll just lose your capital and end up thinking what went wrong. Mindfulness helps you put aside emotions and be objective while making decisions regarding trading or anything else that requires you to not be led by emotions.

Developing mindfulness will come in handy in many areas of your life, and there\'s not a single bad side of it. You\'ll be able to put aside emotions and focus on the facts at the current moment, you won\'t let anything distract you from focusing on the present and you\'ll be able to handle stress which is, unfortunately, present everywhere.

By working on yourself, you\'ll become a better independent person and you\'ll be able to make smart decisions anytime, anywhere. By working on yourself, you\'ll improve your performance and you\'ll step up your trading to a higher level.

mindfulness, trading, concentration, present, managing emotions
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No matter what kind of business you\'re dealing with, the financial innovation is changing how the money is being seen. The technology has a high effect on the finances.

Just like the technology changes very often, so do our needs and possibilities.

One of the niches that technology has affected a lot, is the financial industry. Thanks to the technology and financial innovation, those two areas have affected each other during the years. The way we handle finances now is a lot different from how we used to do it just couple years ago.

Take a look at some of the changes that innovations brought.

Cash to Cards

Long time ago, paper money and coins were the only thing you could\'ve payed something for.

Later on, thanks to cards and credit, you got the option to stop dragging money everywhere you go, and there\'s also a delayed payment now.

Online transactions have helped everyone and now it represents a popular payment method.

Digital Currencies

Thanks to the internet, more methods have been developed too. Today, you\'re able to pay for stuff with currencies that are decentralized and have no physical representation.

Perfect example of a digital currency is bitcoin. Since it\'s decentralized and digital, everyone is allowed to use it.

Online Platforms

We are all aware that sometimes you just didn\'t feel like getting up and walking down the bank to withdraw or deposit the money. Now, any money transaction is few finger touches away from you.

Thanks to the great development of technology, everyone is trying to make user-friendly apps and platforms, meaning that you can control the flow of your finances anywhere, anytime.


Just like many other areas, the Security has been influenced by the innovation as well. However, new changes have affected the security both good and bad.

Even though you\'re able to instantly perform any actions, it also creates holes for security-breakers. Therefore, you should always be cautious.

New features also come with new threats. Online platforms as well as banks keep fighting hackers, but the hackers are winning way too many battles. New security levels are being developed every day but hackers see it as a new challenge which they keep accomplishing every day.

Financial Innovation in the Future

The world seems like a smaller place now, as you can instantly access anything, anywhere. We couldn\'t imagine none of those things few years ago, and we definitely cannot predict what will happen in the future.

We can only rest assured that the financial industry as well as the technology will keep growing.

financial innovation, technology, cards, digital currencies, security
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Trend represents a ratio between the general position and its average values. Because of that, MA indicator is a must-have when you\'re identifying the current trend. However, the MA won\'t help you entering the deal. That\'s what CCI oscillator is used for.

It\'s quite simple. In order to identify the trend with the help of MA indicator, just make an entrance based on crossing the +100 level on the CCI indicator curve.

Indicator settings

Whenever someone is setting up a trading system, these are the things to pay attention to:

  1. Work time frame.
  2. Indicator settings.
  3. Option expiration.

Different types of moving average have different flaws, but the EMA (exponential moving average) is the best one, since the influence of the nearest average value grows exponentially.

The natural selection easily deals with disputes regarding the usage of MA investor periods of 50, 100 and 200.

Upward trend

The candlestick shows the signal of an upward trend\'s inception which is crossed and closed above the SMA line. It\'s good if CCI readings are above 100. An example of upward trend inception - price crosses the MA and quotations are closing above the line.

As soon as the CCI indicator shows a value of 100 or more, you\'re good to go. Traders usually buy options 3 to 4 candles ahead, using this method.


In case of a Put option, you should wait for:

  • Congruence of quotations crossing the SMA line, from top to bottom;
  • Closing price below that line;
  • Decreased CCI (readings below 100).

Indicator periods

This method can be adapted to different time frames. If you want to apply this method on small time frames, the MA should be:

  • 100, for 4-hour candlesticks;
  • 200, for 1-hour(or less) candlesticks.

Newbie traders are trying to come up with the perfect systems and indicators by searching online or by brute force, and we totally get that, but it\'s not something you\'ll find that easily. Mathematicians are doing that. You should use use what people have already provided to you. For starter, take books of trading classicists and use the period values for analysis.

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Bitcoin represents a digital currency (cryptocurrency) that has its own payment network. It\'s made in a way that you can trade it only peer-to-peer using the encryption system which provides both the security and anonymity.

The Bitcoin was released in 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto launched it. The Bitcoin doesn\'t belong to any state and it represents a start of new cryptographic currency era.

Thanks to the Bitcoin Index which is related to 3 most popular currencies (USD, euro, yuan), you\'re able to determine the value of the cryptocurrency on your own.

Right now, its price is somewhere around $2750.

The Bitcoin doesn\'t have a physical representation. Computers with amazing performances around the world are used for sending Bitcoins peer-to-peer, and trading Bitcoins is called mining.

Mining is becoming harder day by day, as the creator has implemented such code which requires more resources for creating Bitoins, and the requirements are increasing constantly. However, there are other ways of making profit with Bitcoins - you can trade binary options! Just predict the Bitcoin Index movement, buy a Put or Call binary option and earn money.

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Based on JP Morgan Stock reports (JPM:NYSE) for the 1st quarter of 2017 which show earnings on April 13th, 2017, we\'re providing some indicators you should pay attention to, before trading.

1. Shares seek momentum

Since the beginning of 2017, shares have dropped down 2%. JP Morgan shares\' price has gone up by 39% during the past 12 months. Traders are waiting for the momentum to develop throughout the current year.

Based on the earnings report, there\'s a great probability that the momentum will develop soon. Current US financial situation indicates the same thing too, and so does the Brexit situation.

2. Earnings

Reports from the 4th quarter of 2016, by JP Morgan, show earnings of $1.53 per share, which is higher than $1.44 that Wall Street analysts predicted. This means that they achieved 19.7% improvement, according to the last year. Predictions for the 1st quarter of 2017 were saying that the earnings will be $1.51 per share.

3. US Economy

Ever since Trump won the elections, market\'s inconsistency has increased. The volatility, however, has been a secondary trend, according to the US market and economy.

Thanks to Fed policy and positive sentiment, during the past nine months the US market has benefited from increased incomes. Positive momentum took credits for this.

4. Entry Opportunity

It seems that JP Morgan shares represent quite a popular buy, regarding current price levels. Their shares are at 13.11 which is only a bit lower than the industry\'s average of 14.30.

5. Brexodus relief

Jamie Dimon, the CEO, said that the Brexit will cause mass departure of financial sector services and jobs, from London, all the way up to Europe.

Even though the CEO predicted quite the damage, capital Markets and labour didn\'t suffer so much from the aftermath of the referendum vote from last June.

6. Attractive Dividend

JP Morgan provided a dividend of $1.88 in 2016, which represents a 9.30% improvement according to the previous year.

7. US Banking Giants Gain Ground

Because of the increased US financial performance, global investment banking fees were increased to 10-year high in first quarter of 2017. More than half of the income came from North America. JP Morgan managed to maintain first place for 8 years in a row, defeating Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

This current trend will keep improving financial performance for JP Morgan, at least during 2017.

8. Increased market share

Since Goldman Sachs\' revenues decreased by 15%, their market share was 6% in 2016. In the meantime, JP Morgan\'s revenues increased from 6.6% to 6.8%.

According to many indicators, JP Morgan\'s shares tend to rise during 2017.

However, things like Brexit and the execution of banking sector policy (which is under the Trump\'s decision) might change JP Morgan\'s situation.

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Here are 6 indicators that you should pay attention to, before trading Nike (NYSE: NKE).

1. Price Action

Nike\'s stock price has been going down approximately 7% from year to year.

The beginning of 2017 seems like a recovery period for Nike, as the shares have gone up 14%.

Based on the past reports and the analysts predictions, things are not looking good for Nike.

2. Trailing the competition?

Another thing showing how bad things are going on for the Nike is the fact that one of Nike\'s main competitors, Adidas (AG:XETRA), got his share price increased by 78% within the past year.

Nike still didn\'t lose the battle - he holds 45% of the US market share, while Adidas holds less than 10% within all regions.

3. Financial Performance

Nike\'s dividend was $0.6 in 2016, which is increased by 15.38% according to previous year. Analysts believe that it will increase up to $0.71 within the next fiscal year, and that would represent an increase of 18%, according to previous year.

Because of the increased competition as well as the reduced margins, analysts expect a 4% decline in profit, which means that the Nike\'s dividend would be $0.53.

Nike\'s price per share on June 28th, 2016, was $2.16. In December, they predicted earnings of $0.5 per share within the 2nd quarter of 2017, but the consensus predicted earnings of $0.43, which still represents an increase of 11.11%.

Nike reported revenues of $8.18 billions per quarter in 2017, which would be an increase of 6.43% according to the 2016 quarter\'s revenues. Also, Nike reported revenues of $32.38 billions for the fiscal year 2016, which was 5.8% above the last year\'s results.

4. Growth Expectation

Analysts expect Nike\'s growth of 7.6% which would beat the industry average expectation of 6%.

5. Entry Opportunity

According to industry peers, Nike shares are quite expensive.

According to Price/Earnings, Nike\'s value is 50% higher than the industry average. This means that shares are quite expensive and the investors should capture relatively cheaper entry positions.

6. Nike Vision

Nike\'s latest strategy is supposed to help Nike meet market demands and beat the competition easier. Their strategy is based on launching new Men\'s Training SUnglasses Collection, and that\'s classified as Nike Vision brand.

Considering short to medium term, things are looking good for Nike shares. However, considering long term, because of how the sportswear industry behaves, it\'s quite hard to predict the outlook.

The competition is getting stronger day by day, meaning that Nike has to step up the game in order to remain the dominant sportswear brand.

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Binary versus Forex – which is the better answer for online trading? It is safe to say that you are taking a look at profiting online trading? We exceptionally suggest that you read this broad review on the diverse options accessible for online earnings. Binary versus Forex is an unprejudiced post, being composed for the sole reason for clarifying the similarities and contrast between Binary versus Forex and to give an unmistakable investment guide for both new and experienced traders.

Binary versus Forex – Make Money Trading Online

Regardless of whether you are novice trader, or even a seasoned one, finding the best alternative for investing your extra money and creating a wage online is not a simple decision.

Binary Options trading is made to appear as though it is super-straightforward, yet when traders attempt their good fortune, they wind up utilizing the platforms like slot machines. Numerous new traders wind up betting off their venture, rather than trading appropriately.

Then again, Forex is introduced as super-complicated, when actually, if the fundamentals are tailed, it is effectively aced.

These days, Forex trading platforms are being outlined in such a natural way, that even new traders can figure out how to explore rapidly. The essence of the issue is just a single! Would you be able to profit online trading Binary versus Forex trading?

Trading Binary versus Forex Trading – Which is The Better Option?

The first and exceptionally evident drawback to the \"simple to trade on\" binary options, is that there are a lot of scam brokers.

Hence distinguishing how to stay away from binary option scam brokers, and scam auto traders, is your first key answer.

On the off chance that you are new to trading, you should read our post of \"What are binary options\". Basically, binary option trading, is picking a trade and choosing whether the currency pair or the asset will be heading \"UP\" or \"DOWN\" inside a selected time frame. All the trader needs to choose, is direction and hit the \"execute\" button.

Notwithstanding, this is not every bit of relevant information! The truth of binary options trading is to some degree distinctive. When trading binary options, you are not trading on the public market. You are in viability trading against different traders on the broker’s platform. The broker needs to adjust off between \"players\" on their platform. They will net the distinction between the pay-out and the first investment. In the event that for reasons unknown in any case, every one of the \"players\" are picking on a similar side, the Broker is the net loser.

Hence, it is of extraordinary significance that you select a legitimate broker when trading binary options. A broker who is appropriately subsidized, and can bear to be the net payer, on the off chance that numerous traders win on a similar side.

Of specific significance it is basic that you contribute your underlying capital with a Broker that is appropriately licensed and regulated in your land territory.

Rules to Safe Investment in Binary Options

  • In the event that trading the United States – you should just trade with NADEX – this is the main Binary Options Broker that is authorized by the CFTC to request U.S trading Binary Options.
  • On the off chance that you are trading in other countries, especially Europe, you should look at 24 Option. 24 Option are licensed by CYSEC and have a faultless notoriety for pay-outs.
  • Figure out how to trade binary options by opening a FREE DEMO ACCOUNT with IQ options. IQ options offer a no commitment free demo account, which is financed with \"virtual money\" and is in this manner completely helpful to another trader. It is the main risk free path by which to trade and learn.

Primary concern, remain safe and trade just with the most quality brokers. Small and non-regulated brokers, despite the fact that not generally the situation, can go belly up. They may not pay you, on the off chance that they happen to have a major player winning against them. They simply become bankrupt.

Trading Strategy – Binary versus Forex – Is it Really Complicated?

We will now rapidly assess Forex Trading. Forex trading, is trading the currency Markets. Today, most brokers will offer additionally an extensive variety of different assets, which incorporates commodities, shares and other financial instruments.

In this review of the Binary versus Forex for and against strategy, we will however likewise demonstrate to you the contrasts between trading binary and trading forex.

Though in binary options you are trading against the broker, which is likewise called \"in-house\" trading, in Forex you are trading the open market.

In Binary you are \"betting\" in the eventuality of the currency pair going toward the direction you selected. While on account of Forex, you are picking the directon that the currency pair will go, in the open market. On the off chance that your direction is right, you will make \"pips\" or \"profits measured in fractions\" contingent upon how far the direction goes to support you.

The broker just furnishes you with the platform you trade on, and makes a few pips of profit off your trading.

With regards to the inquiry of whether trading Forex is truly complicated, that is another inquiry. Forex depends on leveraging.

So how does Forex trading differ from Binary Options?

In the event that you are managing the correct brokers, there is very little difference. The standards of trading are the same for both binary options and forex. Primary concern, you have to figure out how to trade. You should comprehend the basics like \"Fundamental Analysis\" \"Technical Analysis\" and \"Sentiment Analysis\" Picking the correct entry price, is the most significant basics of successful trading.

Basically on the off chance that you are picking between Binary versus Forex, what you have to tolerate at the top of the priority list is the following points.

1. Pick the correct Broker and AVOID SCAMS!

2. On the off chance that you are beginner Trader – utilize features like \"Copy Trader\" on Etoro or \"Lexington Code\" for Binary Options. Both have been tried and tested with genuine trading results. Consider these are the \"tools\" in your trading toolkit.

3. There is no genuine substitute to working hard. Seeing how to utilize the best trading strategy requires expertise. Invest into your own Education, and you are as of now on the best road to progress.

Would I be able to Make Money Trading Online?

Without a doubt the appropriate response is YES! Trading stays a standout amongst the most genuine and simple method by which to profit on the web. When we say \"simple\" we imply that everybody can do it. Nonetheless, it is liable to the stipulations clarified previously. You should likewise consider your \"money management\" before trading. Never trade what you can\'t stand to lose. You may conceivably pick up a great deal with trading. You are similarly gain to possibly losing your capital. This is particularly valid on the off chance that you trade without the right tools! What\'s more, remember the advantages of joining a Social Trading Group – where you will meet traders who have similar issues and inquiries on trading strategy and investment as yourself.

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Binary options are a rapidly growing market that allows you to conveniently, at home, invest in instruments such as currency pairs, stock exchange indices, commodity contracts, or stocks. As more and more people are trading in foreign exchange options, let's take a look at some of the myths and give facts that anyone who wants to enter the market should know.

To invest in binary options, a small amount of money is enough - it's a fact. Unlike standard brokerage accounts where deposits often start with tens of thousands of zlotys, to buy and sell options is enough even a few hundred zlotys, although of course if we can invest more, the better. For this reason, it is the perfect opportunity to start the stock market and currency exchange for beginners with even small capital. This allows the leverage that binary options brokers use, ie multiplying potential gains and losses by a certain factor, such as x10 or even x200.

Playing binary options requires economic studies and extensive stock market knowledge - this is a myth. Thanks to a wide range of brokers, we can choose one of the instruments in which we specialize, such as the GBP / USD currency pair and play only on it. It is enough that we read the news only about these two currencies and we can already earn. Economic knowledge is useful for investing, but the ease of use of the tools offered by good brokers makes it unnecessary to be a business shark to get your first investment.

Investing in binary options lets you grow - fact. What is natural, investing we need to read and learn as much as possible to make good decisions and buy or sell in the right direction. This allows you to gain new market knowledge and better understand the mechanisms that govern the modern economy. This is a very useful hobby that will be useful in life and work, and of course stock exchange knowledge can be boasted to colleagues or on a date of auntie reception.

Binary options are very difficult and you can only lose them - the myth. It is true that many inexperienced young investors start rash their adventure and quickly lose their invested capital. Reasonable play and clever opening positions prevent losses and make them a lot of money. That is why it is so important to explore the market beforehand, check the charts, read the currency pair or the index in which we invest.

Binary options are a great introduction to other investment tools - it's a fact. If you want to invest but do not know where to start, best to open an account at the broker's binary options first and carry out some test transactions. The options are very user friendly: the user interface, the panel where we buy and sell the options is most uncomplicated and many of the information we find on the web will help us to start this adventure. And if you are already making money, why not start investing in stocks in the brokerage or investment funds later. This is a great training for both the young investor and the more experienced players who want to try something new.

Binary options are a kind of gambling - it's not true. Because many brokers are licensed to conduct this business, we can be confident that we are investing in a company that operates on a market basis. In Europe, the most popular brokers have CySec licenses, which are compatible with European Union law. This ensures that we can count on fair treatment and transparent activity, which has nothing to do with gambling. It is worth the moment to choose a broker and see if he has the required legal consent. This will allow us to minimize the chance of hitting the wrong company.

In order to start investing, you must send proof of identity to the broker - that is true. This is an absolute necessity and every broker operating a license is obliged to charge them. This allows us to immediately confirm our identity and associate it with a bank account for the payment of our profits. Reliable and reliable broker will always demand our documents, which of course are safely stored.

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As in many areas of life, even stock trading is increasingly moving to the virtual world. And whereas, first of all, two decades ago for the trading of shares, a personal contact and a professional broker was needed, today the trading of shares is mostly digitized and automated, and thus much simpler and faster, and more accessible. In spite of this, many people still view stock trading as something difficult, incomprehensible and difficult to access. This article will show you how it does not always have to be that way.

Online stock trading is actually very simple, there are many online stock exchanges where it's enough to sign up, open an account and start trading. In addition, such trading has advantages over classic trading, as it is not limited to working hours, working and non-working days, holidays and the like. As long as you have an internet connection, you can trade anytime and anywhere you are.

As online trading lacks the need for a broker, this will save you a brokerage fee that you would pay in other circumstances. In this way, you also have greater control over your money, both invested and earned, because in classic trading it often happens that you invest your money, and you have no idea what the broker is the decision maker. This may also be a disadvantage because the broker is a professional and has more knowledge of you about the market, and can make potentially better decisions. Also, although you have avoided brokerage, there may be some other costs that you will have to pay, so before you open an account, read the terms and conditions of use well. Yes, I know that nobody is doing it, but when it comes to money, you'd better make it.

If you go into online stock trading in order to buy Ferrari for the second year, think again. You may have read somewhere an ad of a brokerage house that offers you overnight coverage, or about Google employees who have received shares in the company and have secured their offspring in the next three generations. Let's be realistic, things like that happen, just like people get a week at a lot. However, they are equally rare and unrealistic to expect them. So, if you expect something like that, you will be followed by a rough grounding and disappointment. It is not impossible to earn online trading by shares, but it requires time, patience, knowledge and discipline.

Before you start trading, examine the way each system works, learn about its features, and learn to use them appropriately. Pay special attention to security, because it's the last thing you want to invest your money and time, earn something and then your hackers steal everything. Also, pay attention to "too good to be true" offers that promise you richness overnight. Use your common sense. In most cases, if something is too good to be true, it is generally not true.

And for the end, do not do anything without the plan. Before you start trading, identify a few important things - how much money you will invest, what, when and why you give up unprofitable investment, what you will do with any earnings, and so on. Also, invent a reserve plan in case something goes wrong.

It is absolutely impossible to plan everything and take into account all the possibilities. So we have just listed here a part of the things you should take care of. Before or after, you will encounter some situation that no one has told you about and you have never even dreamed of happening. In that case, take advantage of previous knowledge, as well as common sense in order to make the best possible decision. In this way, as well as with the help of somewhat patience, discipline and learning, they could really benefit from online stock trading.

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The SEC denied the Winklevoss Twins offer for launching Bitcoin ETF. This occurred as a stun to the investment world. There is most likely much suspicion has been put on the Bitcoin ETF launch. There is a developing enthusiasm for this digital currency. Notwithstanding, while a couple of days back Bitcoin was besting Gold, we now examine the future of Bitcoin after the ETF Rejection.

Bitcoin ETF Rejection Sends Bitcoin Price Tumbling

Speculators holding up in reckoning of the Bitcoin ETF launch, were additionally in stun and enduring losses when the news provoked a major bitcoin sell-off. The price of Bitcoin fell radically to $1060 from the overwhelming highs of $1300 only a couple of hours prior.

SEC Reasons for Bitcoin ETF Rejection

The SEC issue a STATEMENT expressing

The commission is dismissing this proposal since it is conflicting with Section 6(b)(5) of the Exchange Act

This section of the Exchange Act is intended to avoid extortion and control. It is proposed to ensure investors and the public in general.

Despite the fact that this sounds shocking, the Exchange Commission additionally disclosed that keeping in mind the end goal to get approval, a Bitcoin ETF would require

Surveillance-sharing agreements with important Markets for trading the underlying commodity or subordinates of that commodity.

All the more imperatively, the SEC demanded that the Markets trading Bitcoin must be regulated. There were no further remarks beyond the Statement.

The Winklevoss Response to the Bitcoin ETF Rejection

In an email statement, Tyler Winklevoss, the CFO of Digital Asset Services asserted that his company stays idealistic to convey Bitcoin to the market. They are intending to keep working intimately with the SEC staff. This is, all things considered, a four-year travel. This Bitcoin ETF dismissal won\'t stop the organization not seeing the ETF go through next time. On an exceptionally positive note, Tyler Winklevoss made it clear that his Company concurs with SEC that regulation and oversight are needs for the wellbeing of all investors.

Market Reactions on Bitcoin ETF Rejection

The cryptocurrency has just bounced back to $1100 in the following days. In spite of the fact that the underlying drop was 10%, the price has officially recuperated by 3% since.

The thinking behind the general positivity stems from the way that the SEC Bitcoin ETF Rejection won\'t influence the price too contrarily. All things considered, Bitcoin did not have an ETF for the initial 8 years of its life. In this way, notwithstanding the dissent, the development of the cryptocurrency is not anticipated that would be damped.

There is no doubt that this decision was a frustration to the Winklevoss twins who have effectively voyage four years not far off to be the main makers of the Bitcoin ETF. In any case, the currency is creative and there is no denying its advantages

Bitcoin was made by a baffling mathematical genius thought to be Japanese eight years back. The cryptocurrency can be mined by solving complex mathematical puzzles and equations. While it was moderately simple to \"mine\" Bitcoin for the principal couple of years, today, it is presumably more costly to \"mine\" Bitcoin than to get it in the open market.

What Are the Advantages of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has made an entire achievement in the path by which money can be sent by means of the web. Bitcoin can be transferred anyplace in the world in a speedy and shoddy way.

The beneficiary of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency can, thus, pay any other person in a similar way. The simplicity and adaptability by which Bitcoin can be transferred anyplace without the need of banks are what driven it to end up noticeably an appreciation to online drug market.

Those days are finished, and today an ever increasing number of banks are \"vaulting\" the currency. Follow can\'t help thinking that the eventual future of the Bitcoin as a genuine digital currency looks pleasant and brilliant.

This is not to state, that the security concerns encompassing Bitcoin are not approved. It additionally implies, notwithstanding, that there are alternatives. The Winklevoss Twins have now a more solid purpose behind which to keep pushing for an ETF. Making security, regulation and ensurance are the areas which will now must be focused on. It is an issue of to what extent. It is not an issue of whether it will happen.

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Retirement preparations in the past were an aspect of your job description. You would accept a position with an organization. You would focus on a lifetime of work for somewhere in the range of twenty odd years. After that you would retire on a pension plus in addition to Social Security benefits.

In the past diligent work and responsibility were remunerated by a generous pension. The benefits would secure your monetary future as a retiree.

Tragically those days are before.

Today corporate pensions have been changed by different plans, for example, the 401(k) plans. The most essential portion of this change is that it has moved the onus of duty from the employer to the employee.

On the off chance that you are an official, this might be all hunky dory. It might be as simple as ABC, be that as it may, on the off chance that you have never been in a position to settle on financial decisions for your retirement, this could be confounded.

Retirement preparations are not made less complex by the way that data is thrown at you like soil. Social media, TV and not minimum undesirable counsel from companions are truly in your face. It can confound you, and will no doubt prevent you from making retirement preparations notwithstanding when you realize that it is your need to do as such.

What make Sensible Retirement Preparations?

Imagining your \"Picture Perfect Retirement\"

Above all else you should picture your retirement. Retirement preparations are not a one-size fit! What fits you doesn\'t fit your neighbor regardless of the possibility that you have carried on with an indistinguishable life.

So how would you envision your retirement? Is it true that you are intending to live in a similar house with similar duties? It is safe to say that you are intending to move smaller? Would you envision moving to another nation? For instance living in Bali can be considerably less expensive with an awesome personal satisfaction than living in New York.

Setting aside opportunity to recognize what is on your basin list as far as how you see yourself when you retire is a genuine business. It is an issue that benefits extraordinary family exchange with your partner or spouse. Knowing out your \"picture perfect retirement\" is your initial step.

Long Live the Queen!

In the event that there was ever a genuine saying it would be this! Queen Elizabeth the ruling British Monarch has hit 91 and her partner is 95 lastly gave word that he would retire in August 2017.

There is probably that life expectancy is currently higher than at any other time. Along these lines, you have to make retirement plans that contemplate a more extended life. Plan for a longer retirement. All things being equal, retiring at 65 today may permit you as much time in retirement as you may have put into the labor market. Subsequently, plan well and don\'t scam yourself and feel that you may have overstayed your welcome!

How Deep Are Your Pockets?

In the event that you felt that all the surprising expenses in your young and solid days will be a relic of days gone by when you retire reconsider!

You should not have to anticipate emergency funds for kids\' school trips, nor may you have to visit doctors for their eyesight, however you should visit experts for yours! As we grow old out emergency funds needs great padding. Afflictions and ailments are more incessant. Medical care is practically non-existent and in the event that we plan to live as long as the Queen – we positively need a decent support for wellbeing and different issues that manifest.

Your retirement preparations ought to incorporate plans for expansion and charges, not barring new ones as we slide into the 22nd century.

Furthermore, bleak as it might sound we may need to deal with final arrangement for a spouse! If not, you might need to rationalize your companion to make final arrangements for you without money related concern!

What Will You Retire On? Plan Your Retirement Income

The delight of retirement is that you don\'t need to wake up and go to work. You are allowed to relax, read the papers, have your cultivating time or travel. Whatever it is that you jump at the chance to do best with your time is your choice. You are the ace of your time.

Be that as it may, once you retire there is no more pay-checks or direct credits to your account.

So what are you going to live on? Last I heard, Moses was not dispensing any more bread in the desert, so that is never again an alternative.

Your retirement preparations incorporate assessing your choices. This can incorporate investments that you are making in your working life, low maintenance work, standardized savings and a 401(k) retirement account. Each source of retirement income requires early planning. It is not an issue to dawdling, imagining that you have plentiful time to settle on choices later. Time has an uncanny method for melting quickly. So begin investigating your choices today.

As Good as Gold

Retirement Preparations are as great a gold. Having a reasonable investment strategy must be based on two steps.

  • Step 1: Accumulating riches when in health
  • Step 2: Distributing Wealth when health doth failth!

Now that is my poor endeavor at poetry and cleverness. However your young and healthy working days, you are brimming with testosterone or progesterone so far as that is concerned. You are fuelled with vitality and have the animosity it takes to collect investments and grow a differed portfolio. This is a portion of your imperative retirement preparations procedure.

The moment you retire, your investment plans will totally change. You will require access to your investments, and along these lines they should be sufficiently fluid to give you a strong income.

You will likewise need invested astutely enough to compensate for any market rectification and inflation that may happen after some time.

I titled this part of the article as Good as Gold since it is frequently imagined that Gold is the most secure asset in which to invest for what\'s to come. It holds its price in a calm situation. It is not government based and has soared in price despite any precariousness.

Better Late Than Never

Life has an uncanny method for acting as a burden.

It is surprising to see surveys with the accompanying titles:

69% of Americans Have Less than $1000 in Savings

or, on the other hand

1 in 3 Americans Has Saved $0 for Retirement


Just 40% of U.S Households are Saving Enough

Most importantly it is never too late. Stressing over not starting your retirement preparations is not going to settle the issue. Attacking the issue head-on and getting down to planning is the thing that should be finished. Regardless of what age you are in.

Get guidance from the appropriate sources. Try not to fall into the section the 47% section of Americans who have saved under $25k for their retirement. This won\'t take you far.

Rather work with one or better still more advisors who will help give you point of view on what you should accomplish for what\'s to come.

Try not to leave for tomorrow that what should be possible today.

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Scalping in trading is a strategy. Numerous new traders ask \"What is Scalping?\" In basic terms, scalping is a strategy whereby a trader selects a trend as it structures and leaves it as it reverses. With this trading strategy, a trader can make a lot of rehashed profits on little market movements.

While looking for What is Scalping, you will find that the traders who utilize this methodology in trading, put numerous daily trades. This could be anyplace from a modest bunch to several trades a single day. Scalping is not about making enormous profits. It is not tied in with sitting on your profits and watching them develop. Scalping is about getting little market moves. Scalpers as traders who do this sort of quick trading are known believe that it is less demanding to get little profit than bigger ones. Scalpers trust that taking numerous little profits will effortlessly transform into expansive profit compounds. The most urgent factor about scalping knows when to leave a trade. Strict strategy when to leave a trade is essential to scalping. On the off chance that it is not very much executed a scalper can bring about big losses.

Advantages and disadvantages of Scalping

What is Scalping Explained – Do You Have What it Takes to be a Scalper?

You are set to be a scalper – here is the thing that it takes to end up plainly an expert scalper

1. You appreciate the fervor of quick trading, Scalping will give you a joyride

2. A Professional Scalper has sufficient energy and mental ability to concentrate for various hours every day examining charts.

3. If you get a kick out of the chance to see brisk outcomes and don\'t prefer to wait for long trades to see capital development you can be a scalper. A scalper likes to see his extra profits in his pockets quick and develop the profits in his bank account as opposed to by riding on a single long trade.

4. so as to end up plainly a good scalper you needs quick reflexes. You should have the capacity to settle on snappy choices and close trades or change strategies without a moment\'s notice.

5. You should be clinical in your reasoning and never be emotionally acquainted with your trading.

Then again, this is the thing that you can\'t have on the off chance that you need to be a scalper!

1. If you get effectively worried from changing environments you are not cut out to be a scalper

2. If you are an individual who loses concentration rapidly and can\'t resolve to extend periods of time stuck to your screen, at that point try not to be asking what is scalping?

3. As a trader you like to see long trades with enormous profits – then scalping is not your trading style

4. You are prepared to utilize diverse kinds of analysis and see the general picture before settling on any decisions. On the off chance that this is your trading style then you can\'t turn into a professional scalper

What is Scalping – Important Considerations

In the event that you are thinking about scalping as a system of trading here are few significant considerations to make.

a. Search for liquid currency pairs that will give you maximum trading volumes.

Example in the event that you trade the Euro against the U.S Dollar or even the Sterling against the Euro or the Dollar, you are taking a look at currency pairs that give you tight spreads. Selecting on an asset with tight spreads is critical when you are entering and leaving a trade rapidly. You would like to make a few pips over the broker with a specific end goal to see some extra change.

b. Successful Scalpers search for trading sessions that are extremely active.

Along these lines whichever session you trade on, you should dependably search for the busiest time to trade effectively as a scalper. The best circumstances are those where two sessions example Tokyo Session and European Session overlap. The overlap gives you more volume of trading.

c. Monitor your spread and ensure that you consider it in your profit sheet.

When you are trading quick and incensed in scalping, you should recollect that the first couple of pip profits \"your spread\" go to the landowner i.e., The Broker!

d. Slowly and carefully.

What is Scalping if not a Speedy Gonzales type of trading? In the event that you are new to trading and are thinking about turning into a scalper, it pays you to concentrate on one currency pair at once. Understanding the connection between a currency pair can give you a superior opportunity to end up plainly a professional scalper. You will take in the pace. When you acclimate yourself with one pair, you can take a look at adding another pair to your group.

e. Breaking News and Major Updates Can Wreak Havoc in Your Scalping Trades.

Ensure you counsel with the Economic Calendar for any news updates. The expectation of News Updates can without much of a stretch change trends and throw you off track. You would prefer not to see an excellent North trend you just selected head south! This can without much of a stretch happen when essential updates are going to be declared. Along these lines be set up to expect this by checking news time periods.

f. Be Disciplined. Be Focused. Exercise Proper Money Management.

Despite the fact that this type of advice applies to any style of trading, it is much more imperative in studying what is scalping. On the off chance that you will be taking different trades amid a day you should dependably adhere to your Money Management.

What is Scalping? Conclusion

In the event that you need to see how the best Scalpers profit you should read \"The Alchemy of Finance\" by George Soros. Soros is thought to be one of the world leading Scalpers and has without any assistance \"Broken the Bank of England\" and made $1 Billion in a single day of Scalping.

Scalping can be an exceptionally inventive method for trading strategies. It can be suggestive, energizing and a decent trading strategy. Notwithstanding, it requires discipline, focus and nerves of steel.

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Any type of trading opens you to potential losses. Binary option losses are the same. In this article, we will talk about how to cope with trading losses. Acknowledging losses on investment can be a hard pill to swallow. Despite the way that losses are a piece of the trading game, we have to take in more about this hard lesson we need to learn in the trading game.

Binary Option Losses – Who is to Blame?

It is simple for any of us to either legitimize losses or to move the fault on somebody.

  • Binary Option Losses – Justification can be a mental method for facilitating our inner voice. This is for the most part because of absence of knowledge. How frequently have you justified yourself with knowledge over a lost trade, considering, I acted too quick, or too moderate? The real main concern here is continually rotating around our insight into trading or absence of it.
  • Binary Option Losses – Shifting the Blame

Kicking ourselves in the foot rear area and saying how unfortunate we have been in a specific trade is not a savvy method for trading. There is no such thing as fortunes with trading. There is just such thing as strategy. Trading is not a speculating game. Trading is a work of art. Another simple method for justifying our binary options losses is by putting the blame on the broker of any signal software system that we are utilizing.

In this article, we will concentrate on

1. Step by step instructions to maintain a strategic distance from Binary Options Losses

Step by step instructions to get back on track with the best trading strategies.

Binary Option Losses – The Main Problem

The main problem with binary options losses is that there are numerous things that can turn out badly amid a trading session. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned trader or a beginner trader, you will experience diverse situations that could possibly open you to losses once a day.

In any case, another trader is positively more exposed to losses that are because of lack of experience. The possibility ratio of binary options losses on the off chance that you are novice trader versus experienced trader is more than 5:1

The main problem with binary options losses is generally associated with trading strategy. Essentially we have to concur and ensure that we are working with a reputable broker that is Regulated and Legit.

When we have gotten that off the beaten path, and are secure in the learning that our investment is secured on the trading platform that we are dealing with, at that point we can move onward to our main problem.

The most effective method to Adopt the Best Trading Strategy

We have to begin on the preface that \"nobody trading day is indistinguishable to another\" Therefore, despite the fact that we can settle most issues with an extraordinary trading strategy, we may not essentially have the capacity to evade binary option losses eventually in time.

The classic Bulls and Bears fighting over price will dependably be appearing in the trading field. Be that as it may, in the present extremely unstable world, we are additionally managing numerous political and financial issues that perpetually affect the following pip movement.

Price fluctuations can be a genuine bitch. One minute you have an exquisite trend and the following, you are taking a look at a price spike in an opposite direction.

At the cost of rehashing myself perpetually, before any kind of trading, you should dependably counsel with the Economic Calendar. Unless you are an exceptionally sharp trader and are set up to trade the charts amid outrageous volatility, at that point I recommend that you abstain from trading some time recently, amid and after news declarations.

There is No One Best Trading Strategy yet there are Various Best Trading Strategies

Contingent upon one specific trading strategy won\'t be sufficient to hedge for binary option losses. You need a bunch of instruments in your trading tool kit.

For instance, lately, we have been attempting a couple of new trading strategies including \"Scalping\". Actually, this is dependably in conjunction with

  • Checking the Economic Calendar
  • Practicing Proper Risk Management

Scalping has turned out to be a decent trading strategy, IF, and just in the event that you have a great deal of time to devote for trading. Else, we find that utilizing the classic trading strategies would be quintessential.

Here is a portion of the classic trading strategies that any trader must be extremely acquainted with so as to have successful trading

  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis

Avoid Binary Option Losses By Utilizing Legitimate Sources

For some new traders, enveloping all the learning that is out there and absorbing it can be a test. Be that as it may, here are two essential tips that can stay away from a great deal of financial heartaches.

  • Register and Open an Account with an Approved and legit broker. Ideally, open a demo account BEFORE submitting your capital. Money is difficult to procure, and practice trading gives you an incredible knowledge to trading with no hazard.
  • Register with signal software systems and trading robots that have been tried and tested. Ensure that you do appropriate due diligence before conferring your capital with unknown quantities. There are a lot of entanglements that can endanger our trading and they should be stayed away from. In the event that you are taking a look at avoiding binary options losses make a point to involve in just in legit software system.
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Try not to leave for tomorrow that what you can do today. Retirement saviings is regularly postponed until some other time. We live under the false thought that despite everything we have a lot of time to save. It is never too early to begin putting something aside for your retirement. On the off chance that you are closing your late forties, you may as of now be significantly late to plan your retirement savings. If you are in your fifties, your retirement is more impending than it might appear. There is my two pennies worth of the Top 3 Retirement Savings Tips that you ought to consider.

Planning Your Retirement Savings

In this article, we will plunge straight into the more financial aspects and what is vital keeping in mind the end goal to arm your future with retirement savings.

1. Financial Assessment – Are You Ready for Retirement?

With a specific end goal to have the capacity to do an appropriate financial evaluation of your retirement savings you should need to prepare the following information.

  • Your Current Income
  • Your Income Tax Rate
  • The Rate of Return on your present investments
  • The projected income you should live easily amid your retirement.
  • Regardless of whether you are partaking in a retirement plan– be it a private plan or a state design.

Give us a chance to begin bottom to top!

Your Retirement Plan

In the event that you are on a retirement plan you have to recognize how much money you will be getting from this plan once you retire.

Government plans are least safe to predict. On the off chance that you are as yet sufficiently young, there is no assurance that state plans will at present be in drive – whichever part of the world you live in. Retirement age is always being reached out by governments. Particularly those with severe budget deficits. Along these lines, on the off chance that you are depending on your retirement savings and wage from a government pension, you might need to reexamine your strategy.

Your Projected Lifestyle and Spending Habits

Next is the manner by which are you anticipating to live amid your retirement. Your present spending may give you a sign of what your future necessities will be. Granted that few expenses will be decreased. You should not have to visit the dentist with the children any more, nonetheless, you should factor in that the older we grow; our doctor\'s visit expenses are likewise going to be higher. You will likewise need to fence against expansion.

Independent Income for Retirement Savings

On the off chance that you are at present on a savings plan, or you have taken an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) you should comprehend what type of return you will get for retirement. This is an exceptionally important part of your retirement savings assessment process.

Your Present Income and Income Tax Rate

This vital part of your evaluation will enable you to see whether you are in a position to make a move for a superior retirement savings plan. When you have evaluated the greater part of the above, you will soon acknowledge whether you will have a surplus or a shortage of income arranged for your retirement savings. You should choose at what age you are arranging your retirement. On the off chance that you list down all these pre-requisites when making your assessment, you will have the capacity to reasonably choose whether you can continue with your way of life as it may be, or whether you have to roll out uncommon improvements.

In the event that You Plan Your Retirement Savings Early Enough – There is No Cause for Panic

In the event that your personal financial assessment is showing that you are in a deficiency on retirement savings, here are a few hints for lifestyle changes you may slowly need to consider.

  • Decreasing the extras. This may sound sufficiently simple, yet is really difficult at all. The most ideal approach to eliminate the \"extras\" is to keep a rundown of what you are spending consistently. It is likely the best eye-opener. Eliminating the additional items is less demanding on the off chance that you distinguish what you can manage without. The pennies saved money on the stuff we can live without, can go towards extra savings. Beginning from as meager as $20 a week – which amounts to $1040 every year at a compound interest of 4% will sum up to $32,206 in twenty years. Just $20 a week!
  • Consider supplementing your income with part time job. You can have extra aptitudes like trading on the web or blogging. Both should be possible from the solace of your home. Profiting Online is likely one of the least demanding approach to supplement your income. Online business can without much of a stretch produce somewhere in the range of $10-$50k per year of income that can go towards retirement savings.
  • Increment and match your contributions. On the off chance that you are on a 401(k)plan,

at that point consider adding your contribution to match that of your employer. Matching top level contributions under salary deferral programs will imply that you will wind up with most maximum income.

  • Look into your own IRA. Gold is thought to be an exceptionally safe choice for Savings – Request your Free Gold IRA kit – without commitment – now and figure out how saving only an extra $10k a year will gather to a large portion of a million of every twenty years.
  • Try not to Procrastinate! The more extended the time you permit to escape you, the more exceptional your way of life should change to suit your retirement savings.

2. Is it High Time to Re-Assess Your Current Portfolio?

What strategy have you followed with your present retirement saving portfolio? In the event that you are young and a high-pay worker, there is no mischief in allocating a segment of your portfolio to stocks and shares. Stocks and Shares give a high rate of return, yet they are likewise high risk. In the event that you are as yet young, willing and capable, you can bear to go out on a limb with your portfolio – on the grounds that the potential return can be high. On the off chance that you lose few, you are as yet sufficiently strong to recuperate from it. In the event that then again you are as already near retirement age, you unquestionably need to adopt a significantly more moderate strategy with your investment portfolio.

Invest into a safe and great financial planner. On the off chance that you don\'t know what a financial planner is, you have to ask safe guidance. A financial planner is a qualified investment expert. Such planners will evaluate your status and set projects to accomplish your retirement objectives. They will contemplate your tax planning, your risk management, and how to designate your assets. Guarantee that you believe your future in protected and legitimate hands before committing on a \"Financial Planner\".

3. Kill Your Credit

Consider paying off high interest debts when is sensibly conceivable. High interest debts affect your capacity to save. They affect your entire personal satisfaction. In the event that need be tear up your credit card. Credit card debt is a silent killer. You streak your plastic card and get instant satisfaction. The long term impact of high interest credit cards can adversely affect your capacity to achieve your objectives for retirement saving. In the event that you are finding that you can\'t meet with your month to month repayments, consider paying off high-interest loans by taking out a lower-interest long term loan. One essential thing that you have to consider while doing this activity is the way it might impact your credit rating. Again this would be a very retirement savings tip that you should talk about with your financial planner.

Retirement Savings Tip – Conclusion

Despite the fact that this article is in no way, shape or form thorough it covers the more striking tips for investment and retirement saving strategies. There is nothing more fulfilling than keeping your savings on track and realizing that you can have a safe financial environment for your future. On the off chance that you get diverted not lose heart. On the off chance that you are on a steady update on the fact that it is so vital to protect your future; you will dependably get up to speed and make useful for lost months. Might you want to figure out how to trade with no financial risk? Begin now by figuring out how to trade.

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There are various ways in which you can make money as a stay at home mom. All you need do is to explore and venture into anyone which you are comfortable with. In this post, you will get five amazing ideas to how you can make money as a stay at home mom. These are simple ways to earn money for yourself at home

How to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom

1. Take online surveys

Taking online surveys can be a relatively quick method to make money from home. Harris Poll Online, for instance, awards points for surveys completed online, this survey may take from five to twenty-five minutes to complete. The Survey Takers are paid based on an aggregate of points collected during a period, and these points can be redeemed for certain gift cards from shops such as Starbucks and Amazon. Other online survey sites like survey club, Swagbucks, global test market, etc. will pay you to take surveys, and the good thing is there is no charge for the registration.

2. Become a student’s tutor

If you have a specialty in any academic field and can sacrifice a few hours during the week, maybe while the kids are taking a nap or are out to play baseball, you can share your wealth of knowledge with those students finding it difficult to cope with their studies in your field. You can search for kids looking to improve on their academics maybe in your children school or in your neighborhood – you can check for listings on Craigslist.org or other classified sites in your country.

And you should be prepared to deliver a certain amount of hours weekly. You can also register with an online site specialized for tutoring. Sites like tutor.com. A tutor must have at least 5 hours weekly and must have bagged a certain degree to teach certain subjects. Tutoring is practically from home on a computer, and it is not done in person. Tutor.com pays their tutors per hour, and the rates are different depending on the subject.

3. Get paid to Evaluate websites

Another great way to make extra money in a short time is to evaluate websites, you get around $ 10 for around twenty minutes of work. To get started evaluating and testing websites, you need to have a computer and a good internet connection, and a microphone might also be required. Added to this, you must complete a demographic profile (of about one page). You will receive offers if your profile satisfies the requirements of the target audience of the tested sites. Then all you need do is just to use the user recording screen recorder, which you need to download into your computer to capture your movements and verbal comments on the screen, as you move through the website. Website and forum owners are constantly making changes to their site, and they are always on the lookout to know if their websites are easy to navigate or not.

4. Become a blogger

To make extra income from home, you might consider setting up or starting a blog. You might want to sacrifice your free time between changing your baby’s diapers, to washing and all the house chores to starting a blog that interests you. There is a huge potential in blogging, and it can generate a huge source of income too. And because you are a mom does not mean you should write about the problems or fun associated with parenting. As a matter of fact, there are many blogs on that, and that niche is almost overly saturated. You can consider another niche that you are very passionate about. You need to be very original, informative, creative and entertaining to make a name for yourself. And you need followers online. The more followers you have, the more money you’ll make.

5. Sell your photos

If you are skilled with using a camera, you might decide to sell your photos by selling them on stock image sites like Shutterstock.com. If the pictures you have submitted is accepted, they stand a chance to be downloaded by Shutterstock subscribers worldwide, and you might earn from 25 cents to $ 120 for any image downloaded. Other websites which accept photos from users include Sqeeqee,iStock, and Dreamstime.

These are simple ways to earn as a stay at home mom. Earning in any of these areas might require you learn some little techniques to be effective. You will get all you need in subsequent posts. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter and like our social handles for a follow-up